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Archives: March 2, 2013

Texas Lesbian Beaten on playground in front of children...

Judge Tells Lindsay Lohan Her New Attorney Is Incompetent

"A Little More From The Chambers" by Charles P. Pierce at Esquire

Texas school employee shoots self at training class to arm teachers

If the sequester DOES destroy the GOP, will we be able to save the country in time?

The Last Word - SCOTUS inflames civil rights activists

Gypsy Jazz/Swing

Time like these...

10 Biggest Banks Get Almost As Much Money From Taxpayers As The Sequester Cuts"

Please see the new Protocols for bringing Firearms to the gunshow (heard today on a radio ad)

Massachusetts 1, John Roberts 0

Economist Richard Wolff Warns of Potential Civil Unrest if Cuts Continue

How many times have you loved in your lifetime?

Conservatives Mixed On Continuing Resolution To Avoid Government Shutdown

Keystone: 35 permanent jobs?

Satire and Defenses of (De Facto and De Jure) Oscar Misogyny

"Multiple Conservative bloggers, writers engaged in paid propaganda for the Malaysian government"

Some Cablevision Attorneys Walk Into a Hearing...

*****HERE'S HOW WE'LL DO IT***** Submissions and time line info March contest

Sequestration cuts could hamper efforts by Cleveland Foodbank


Puppy Gets Thrown Away and Saved By Garbage Man

Governor blocks parole for Manson family member Bruce Davis

The unequal right to water in unrecognized Bedouin villages

*Shelby County v Holder (Voting Rights Act) Oral Argument audio

The Israel lobby at its intimidating worst – in Britain

In Praise of Income Inequality(conservatives are eating this up)

Sources: Flacco to be highest paid player in NFL history

WWII veteran takes trip in time in B-17

Rockin' out, When the levee breaks

this is what happens when computers do our jobs...

Japan Sentences 2 U.S. Sailors To Prison for Rape on Okinawa

So it's austerity at midnight.

Have you seen Youtube do the Harlem Shake yet?

Lone Star Shift? A Daughter of Texas Speaks Out

Thread to list businesses that OPPOSE the sequester & right-wing politicians....

Thread to list businesses and corporations that SUPPORT the sequester fetishists

Post YOUR guesses as to what will happen next with the budget

Why should anyone get a tax cut for hiding

The Republicans certainly look dumb on this sequester thing

Sad day

2013 House work schedule--just shown on The Ed Show.

Ashley Judd's speech today in D.C.


Vermont House committee approves GMO food-labeling bill

When you care enough

Why is Michelle Obama praising Wal-Mart in Springfield, Mo.?

Ok, the faucet is fine, but really, dude, you've got to replace these tiles

Former tea party candidate’s sewage rant gets him booted from school board meeting

College football player acquitted of rape

"East Coast rapist" gets life sentences for Halloween attack

I think we're stuck

Adopted Russian boy's death ruled accidental in Texas

Homegrown tomatoes

**Voting Rights case, Shelby County v Holder, audio, on C-SPAN coming up at 9:00.

Breaking: Obama Signs Sequestration Order to Begin $85 Billion in Spending Cuts

Here's my fantasy

Post a tune that gives you happy feet

Within Temptation - Wish You Were Here

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Sequester This . . . . & a new kitty gif

George Takei just called Cantor a Klingon...

This is one of the saddest, most disturbing tweets I’ve seen in some time:

Silver threads!

LOL, Rachel Maddow is naming manufactured political crises as if they were storms.

You know? I want to know...

Good news... I got this in an email today: +O:-)

Iraqi forces attack FSA positions inside Syria

Of course this took exactly five minutes to happen.

Why do people still defend capitalism?

Friday Talking Points (247) -- When Universes Collide

I'm Crazy for Loving You

Shark kills number 100 million annually, research says

Today I officially became a 47%er .. a TAKER.

Save Li Yan from execution

Favorite English King

Explaining Obama's actions re: the sequester

'Marijuana cannon' used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico

See The Teacher’s Resignation Video That more than 415,000 People Have Already Watched

40 years ago, today

Why am I still confused about ACA?

A different take on my strange concept.

Adoption offers pouring in for 37-pound cat

Va. governor restores Scooter Libby's vote rights

A few bird pictures...

omigod! "they" actually WENT there! - Every so often they slip up and tell the truth...

Republican Bathroom Sign!!!

Mr potato head is a guest on bill maher tonight!

WATCH: Jewish settlers await destruction of Bedouin village in Negev

Obama to refocus attention on immigration, gun control

Danny Vanzandt May Have Died From Spontaneous Human Combustion


The GOP is going to hurt so many over not wanting to close tax loopholes. (another LFR rant)

(Manning) Soldier to Face More Serious Charges in Leak

Roller Skating Babies

A Sexual Atheist

I need some advice from people who are cat savvy (UPDATED WITH PICTURES)

Lawrence show, Ezra discussion w voting rights expert:

Head of Calif. Republican Assembly: Pregnancies by rape are rare 'because the body is traumatized'

Remember this? A window into the mind or soul, perhaps?

Bill Maher And Panel Go After CPAC For Rejecting Chris Christie In Favor Of Gingrich And Palin

The most amazing circus act I ever saw.

What is it again one should not do with yellow snow?

Just found out the manager at a place I like to eat at is getting fired because he has bad teeth.

Youtube by state department of Kerry's trip

Does anyone remember who the poster was that said his Mom was having surgery and that he

EU introduces illegal timber import controls

Romney's a little more "visible" than I'd expect, considering a CPAC appearance, Fox interview etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words- But a dollar...? Maybe not.

I think there should be repercussions for this sequester.

Bonnie's Song!

The Sky is Pink- Short doc on fracking by Josh Fox

as congress fights over how rich the rich may be regardless of the plight of the poor

Friday Night Catnip: C.A. Quintet--Trip Thru Hell

To get my heart beating in a steady rhythm again, one of the things they did...

As per the salary cuts for Congress

Tight power reserves expected this summer

Gun Nut at Teabagger/NRA rally takes a stand against "Comunism, Nazism, Dictatorism, Cuomoism"

Republicans, Democrats make purple statement

Disaster relief? Dealing with Oklahoma City bombing fund 'horrible,' victim says

The war on drugs summed up in a single image

Bill Maher To Panel: ‘Maybe The Voting Rights Act Is Not Helping Minorities’

48,000 marijuana plants found in Washington County

BIRTHDAYS - biggest SCOTUS problem

Dear President Obama,

Proposed law would replace Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

Funny or Die: The Sequester Explained

Huzzah! Austerity will be Raining it's Blessings Upon Us

Adobe Flash player

"These dogs don't hunt." Cartoon critique of media by 2 DUers in 2003. Jen6 and SoCalDem. Kudos.

Cancer Risk From Fukushima Found in Japanese Infants

"Venezuela says Chavez receiving chemotherapy" By FABIOLA SANCHEZ at AP

Hannity Still Crying About his Ass Getting Kicked by Ellison, TYT's Explains.

Four words that prove teabaggers don't care about liberty

What's going on with MSNBC? It's Thursday night (Fri am) and the stupid prison shows

Supreme Court retirements?

In loving memory of Davy Jones

Christian school fires pregnant teacher for premarital sex. Then hires father.

uh, like where is my star?

Prison Healthcare better then a regular citizen's healthcare, TyT.

Seventy years ago this year, the Normandie Niemen was formed

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 2nd

Thermodynamic footprints

City Of Rio De Janiero builds "obesity" section for upcoming World Cup

A happy, happy dance video from Slovenia

Rid ourselves of Scalia-sign a White House Petition: Impeach.

Annoy Lindsey.

X-Troop - the real "Inglorious Basterds"

Just FYI, in my unfortunately conservative leaning circles, President Obama is being annointed

Mass. woman sues FedEx over marijuana delivery

Mass. woman sues FedEx over marijuana delivery

I wish I had Snoop Lion's medical supply!

I am so blown away...

Colombia’s state council condemns army’s complacency in 1998 massacre .

Are Millennials a "lost generation?"

Many Venezuelans believe in Chavez recovery

Sea Shepherd says the Japanese whaling fleet has left the Southern Ocean.

Student Debt Crisis play FOR PROFIT to be put on and livestreamed at College of Wooster

Hawaii Sign Language found to be distinct language

Atoms For Peace - Ingenue

What an odd coincidence... right after my water faucet broke, this hit my local paper.

Cuomo As Hitler Posters Defended By NRA President

Alexis Wiley: When will the nightmare of crime in Detroit stop?

More Groovin' with Thom Yorke

Republicans 'Would Love To Avoid' Entitlement Reform, GOP Member Of Congress Says

We The People Petition: Make Election Day A National Holiday and Have Early Voting In All 50 States

Watching a planet’s birth

Human Rights Violations Attributed to Military Forces in the Bajo Aguan Valley in Honduras

If Animals Would Eat at McDonalds

Heard the One About Lazy French Workers?

Former Haiti President ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier grilled in court over his regime

If the sequester remains in place, what happens after September 30, the end of the sequester period?

Hugo Chavez Keeps Showering the Poor

Brennan High Schooler says pulled pic is discrimination

Brennan High Schooler says pulled pic is discrimination

Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaça

Venezuela Chavez having chemotherapy, says VP Maduro

Venezuela Chavez having chemotherapy, says VP Maduro

Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due

Researchers uncover earliest tobacco use in the Pacific Northwest

The Destruction of Conscience in the National Academy of Sciences

Argentine president rejects constitution reform, backs judicial changes

With Kerry on the way, Egypt liberals angry at US

My Unwanted Advice to People in the News This Week

Swiss vote on bosses' pay could hit offshore firms

McKibben: fight back against Keystone whitewash.

Get set for a knock-down, drag out primary in Pittsburgh for the office of Mayor.

Colombia soldiers jailed over cash hidden in Farc camp

40 years in solitary confinement? What in fucking HELL have we become?

You know, the cardinals are about to sequester themselves...

Non-existent politician turns 80, receives official congratulations from parliament.

Wisconsin: State Democratic Party Leaders not helping

Hallmark doesn't make a card for this.....

Greening of high rise buildings - very creative urban architecture in Milan.

Did UFO Shatter Russian Meteor?

Truth in Labeling: This should be called the Iraqi War Sequester

Jewish Democrats Launch Campaign To Defend Obama At AIPAC Conference

Rosalind Creasy

Private Jet as Security Write-Off? 10 Most Insane Tax Loopholes

Time to Stop White-Knuckling It -- America Opens Up on Anxiety and Panic Attacks

42,500 - The Holocaust just got way more shocking.

‘The Republicans have a fully functioning marionette in the Speaker’s chair’

Skin cancer 'able to fight off body's immune system'

report: campaign law changes hasten power imbalance between rich and poor

Time To Play Hardball-Target Heaviest Cuts In GOP Safe Districts. Make It Clear What You Are Doing

For: Survivors and all of you who support us ~

Parking lots not trouble-free for gun carry permit holders

puls gladiatorum

Company apologises for 'Keep Calm And Rape' T-shirts

Shop for Good (help and be helped)

Post in GD of interest to the DU Marketplace -- Shop for Good


As of (Thursday) Yesterday, Investigating and Enforcing Fair Pay for Women Got a Little Bit Easier

Forget Sequestration' Lockheed Scored Another $7 Billion To Get The Aging Raptor Into Service

Crossing the desert

The Tuskegee Airmen Discuss Their Battle During WWII With Discrimination

Harvard Economist: Legalizing Drugs Suits Ideal of American Freedom

The new Photobucket sv#%s!!!

Lying Sack of S*** of the Week: Antonin Scalia

WWII Nazi Bunkers Stand the Tests of Time, Vandalism and Livestock

Keystone XL: Cynicism on the Potomac -- Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

The Thread in which We Dedicate A Song to Someone.

The Coming Climate Exodus: What We’re Doing to Help Wildlife’s New Migration

The Last Great Race: The Iditarod 2013 begins today

The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

Democrats Have Been On The Defensive Since Ronald Reagan - Nothing Has Changed

Christians Recruited to Battle Atheists on Facebook by Evangelist Ray Comfort

U.S. Says Cuba Still a Global Sponsor of Terror

I qualify!

is it just me?

Can someone please explain the difference between fiscal cliff and sequester?

Child Sexual Abuse: It's Not Just a Catholic Issue

Steak Flambe Moutarde

Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs: Eliminate the Sequester Now

Rep. Curry Todd lived rent-free in lobbyist's home

Pistorius bought, collected guns in Olympic year

On Quvenzhané Wallis

TIMELINE: Shell's Year of Arctic Screwups

Does any state in the US have cities that start with all letters of the alphabet?

Mirror in the Forest

U.S. Rep. Schwartz to set up political panel, a key move in run for governor (PA)

Photo Essay: When a Kid's Bedroom Isn't a Room

"Here". Subtle but beautiful film.

I know there is a Jupiter, FL. There is a Moon, PA.

Some Ruthlessly Stupid People Are Pushing Guns

Al Qaeda issues English-language advice magazine for militants

'The Afghan People Are Fed Up': An Interview with Malalai Joya

The Kitty Litter in Your Cigarette Allows Tobacco Companies to Avoid $1.1 Billion in Taxes

NATO says troops kill two Afghan boys due to mistaken identity

The real winner of the sequestration

Number of the week: 21.9 million U.S. government workers in Jan., the lowest total in seven years

I wish we could name/title our own bookmarks...

Creating a safer home plate

Profiteers of Education as a Business Fails Our Children

How to Stop the GOP from Stealing the White House

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge, "Window Treatments!"

Anyone heard from rug?

Nope, misogyny is not religiously motivated. Not at all. No way.

Budget cuts to hit military school districts first

The Up With Chris show on the food industry is very interesting. I had no

Would The Gun Debate Have Been Any Different If "Gabby" Had Been A Hard Right Republican?

Schwarzenegger to be executive editor of muscle magazines

Jewell attacked for giving money to environmental groups

There is an Egypt in Georgia.

NC House Republicans to unveil voter ID plans

Don't monkey with guns!

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer: Why Is Obama Is Picking On Me?---Sequestration In Place To "Punish AZ"

Woodward In A Nutshell

Weekend Toons

DOCUMENT: OMB's report to Congress on sequestration

We shouldn’t expect answers to tough problems when politicians in DC have no skin in the game.

Eight Year-Old Gets Return Letter from President Obama

Right-wing housecats (cartoon)

Yes, I found religion.

The Way of the Mister: Mormonism is Racism

Tired of having to explain

It says so much when a working family can't even afford to bury the dead

Even though I've missed his 70th birthday by 4 days, here's a tribute to George Harrison...

Bob Woodward's new book (cartoon)

California billionaire bets on rentals with Wake home-buying spree

Cutest commercial - gorgeous strangers: man & woman reclining at the beach discussing

A Crazy Person and a Moral Pillar of Society

OMG, I Just Clicked On A Link To World News Daily. Please Hold Me


Brace Yourselves, Drone Journalism Is Coming

George Takei: POTUS Got It Right Coining "Jedi Mind Meld" Phrase

NATO 3 Case Challenges Constitutionality of State Terrorism Statutes

Saturday, March 2nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Why Don't We Ever Hear From Registered Repug Voters That Are Feeling The Pain Of This Economy?....

Brazilian president confirms nuclear sub project as ‘defense deterrent’

If you want to see your government again...

I'll show you my jugs if you'll show me your moonshine.

Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over Internet

The sequester and your tax refund from the IRS...


Jon Stewart Teams Up With CODEPINK Against Drones!

WaPo Fact Checker Gives Obama 4 Pinocchios For Janitor Claim (pay cuts)

Take a seat & make a friend...

Who is with me about having everybody in Congress and the POTUS take a 20% pay cut ....

Mini Nuclear Reactors Earn Golden Fleece Award For Government Waste

Urgent action needed!

Duke CEO confirms threat renewables pose to their business model

Occupy the sequester

Toronto: 66% would pay more to cut their trip to work or school, new poll finds

This sequester is going to hurt our local economy if allowed to drag on into furloughs and layoffs

Cleveland city lawyers want to join Teamsters, citing years of low pay and job insecurity

Things to do while there is no Pope

Looks Like The Repugs Outplayed The Dems On This Sequester.....

Comedic Commentary from noted media "critic" Howie Kurtz...

Helpful Website

US May Face Inevitable Nuclear Power Exit


This post has nothing whatsoever to do with politics

The case of the Missing Sarcasm Tag (WND suit against Esquire)

I like Howard Dean however...

New Book Digs up the Dirt on Processed Foods

Russian demonstrators rally in support of U.S. adoption ban

TCM Schedule for Monday March 4 - Star of the Month: Greer Garson

El Paso Vice: When Drug Cops Become Criminals

Order from Chaos

Need roll-call vote on Violence Against Women Act in House

Fighting Creeping Creationism: Two fantastic interviews on Bill Moyers & Company last night.

Republicans Who Get A Paycheck For A Living Are Like A Canary Who Trusts A Cat's Good Intentions

212 congressional Dems call on court to overturn DOMA

I'm so angry about this whole sequestration and all the other manufactured crises

Bill Maher–Cannot Complain About Horse Meat In Burgers If You Vote No On GMO Labeling (VIDEO)

Why won't Du let me like something on face book?

RIP Van Cliburn.....Anyone else remember hearing him?

ashley judd poll in tennessee....

Scale of sequestration cuts becomes clear as Obama attacks Republicans

My visit to the ER yesterday

China Turns Prisoner Executions Into Reality TV

How Much Will The Sequestration Affect Your State?

Kerry urges unpopular reforms in Egypt

7 year old suspended for shaping breakfast pastry into gun

Candidates for mayor of Los Angeles take aim at business taxes

Study Demolishes the Myth That U.S. Workers Lack Skills

New VR Campaign:

The cycle of fear that drives assault weapon sales

Syria's Assad 'will take part' in 2014 presidential poll

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies – Sequester To The Pope - Chicken Littles and the History of Gun Regulation

Dems should use the Sequester to rake in more votes.

has anybody heard from rug? (or know him off DU?)

Two Afghan Boys Accidentally Killed by NATO Helicopter

Giving credit where it is due S E Cupp will not go to CPAC until they let GOPROUD in

Wingers post the damndest things....

Zing: Its the coverup, not the crime.

Oh god

Is the John Doe investigation into Walker still on-going?

Reccing the submission thread

KRUGMAN Explains Sequestration: “This was designed to be stupid”

I'm loving all the anonymous posters calling Dawkins a "coward", among other things.

Drinkingwithbob Pwnathon

"The Republicans always do what's right for Amurika" (at the post office earlier today)

Quotes from Dr. Seuss on his birthday

LIVE hummingbird nest cam, w bird NOW!

Day 37:

does the post office ship international other than

The Sequester! Brought to you by these guys...

I think Skittles will want to kick my ass...

Just passing through...


The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

POTUS and Congress 20%Cut?

Show off your independent streak today, Texans!

Journalists took secret money for critical pieces about Malaysian opposition candidate

Will Scott Walker run for president in 2016?

Former Boy Scouts seeking $15 million in sex abuse case (Austin)

The Librul Media: Sunday Show guests since 2010

Newtown tragedy inspires Texas mental health bill

Deep Throat explains the Sequester

In an effort to cause grief to the NSA some fool once again went through my email

Live stream from Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

This fall... (The horror! The horror!)

At U-Va., tensions persist between Sullivan and Dragas

Stephen Colbert talks about the big gay sandwich...

Legislature likely to debate statewide property tax to fund public schools

Detroit Queer Muslim Gathering aims to empower gay, lesbian Muslims

Traffic laws are starting to get a bit ridiculous...

Blue Lights at my Kitchen Window

My baby, well he is coming

87,000 Texans facing cut in jobless benefits

Australian troops killed two Afghan children: governor

I can has cheeseburger...OMG!!!

President Obama VINDICATED!!!!

Black cougar sightings have neighborhood on alert

Paying for Two Wars

SpaceX rocket launched but problem with thrusters

Texas Senate Bill would raise smoking age to 21

The GOP got what they voted for... We should not forget!

What are you reading the week of March 3, 2013?

Why juvenile incarceration reached its lowest rate in 38 years (CS Monitor)

Golden Fleece Award for Federal Spending on Small Modular Reactors

California Gun Confiscation Program Heralded As Model For Nation

Lawmakers Get (more) Violent Emails Over Gun Control

Troll Alert

Van Jones: Keystone XL would be ‘the Obama Pipeline’

'Nightly Business Report' to leave Miami after CNBC purchase

42% of Cancer Researchers in U.S. are Immigrants

Labor Unions Join States In ‘DOMA’ Constitutionality Fight

Seized Chinese Weapons Raise Concerns on Iran

Visualize bottlebrush before clicking on this Poll (Poll)

Casey Anthony out of hiding Monday, faces questioning in bankruptcy

Michigan repubs furious their new law being dodged

More Fun with food (cinnamon roll snails)

I am an even bigger fan of Tom Colicchio after his appearance on Up with Chris Hayes

Texas police officer terminated after shooting at suspect 41 times

The Biggest Lie that the Republicans have sold to this country

GSA (fomerly NRA) in full panic mode...

Markey, Blumenauer Reintroduce Legislation to Close Tar Sands Tax Loophole

A new Documentary out discussing hunger in America.

(UK) Doctors cry foul at NHS 'privatisation by stealth'

(USDOJ) Lawyers Go to Cambodia Over Statue

Honduras: The most violent country in the world

The Twelve Points of Conservative Power Worship

Holocaust Researchers Catalog 42,500 Nazi Ghettos, Camps; Numbers Are 'Unbelievable'

Pie Chart- Conservative Christian Facebook Posts

Syria and Iran condemn US for offering support to anti-Assad rebels

Another flawed environmental review on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Edible wedding dress made entirely of cake


Link to integrated audio & transcript of Supreme Court oral argument in Voting Rights Act case

Fracking on Ice

Fly me to the moon

Bachmann: "I didn’t get anything wrong that I said during the course of the debates"

I was gone for a few weeks and obviously missed something - why are flags lowered today?

Guy thinks he's Mary Poppins, uses umbrella as parachute

Duke Energy won't be repaid $10 million from DNC

Fear and loathing in...

So fracking gets approval from State Dept Study - Just released study Mar 1st

Ark. police photograph license plates, store data

GOP antics will not damage Obama one bit

House Republicans Congratulate Themselves On Killing a Million Jobs

Oh yeah, just a beer light to guide us...

Looks like Gavin Newsome is running.

Latest GOP shocking rape gaffe

Austin goes cold turkey without plastic shopping bags

Disgusted and angry -- and gone is a RW/Libertarian website?

Obama campaign releases list of top fundraisers

Michelle Obama, they're called "rights" for a reason

Experiment on growing edible crops on NASA flight

Two Afghan Boys (11/12 yrs old) Accidentally Killed by NATO Helicopter, thought they were insurgents

Mokhtar Belmokhtar: Gas Terror Chief 'Killed'

Buzz off: Pa. honeybee colony getting new home

Rachel Maddow - Michigan gives up on democracy

At this juncture. What we need is a more intelligent. ethical, socially mature Congress. Just like..

Loophole in Obamacare exploited – Pharmaceuticals- Coventry Health

Cuomo Held Off on Fracking after Talks with RFK Jr.

Lynching coloring assignment for Atlantic Beach second grader spurs investigation

Public wary about sequester cuts, but Obama in stronger political position than GOP

Obama on the minimum wage

My Fantasy DU Feature: Ignore List Notations

It's scary how right this is

Raymond Allen Davis, Ex-CIA Contractor, Pleads Guilty In Colorado Assault Case

Bill Maher: New Rule

Devo ?

Rachel Maddow - SCOTUS conservatives unmoved by broad support for Voting Rights Act

'WikiLeaks is dead'

Wisconsin salon shooter sought cabbie's advice before killings

What's involved in making your can of Coke

Rescuers end effort to find body in Fla. sinkhole

Big cuts spur calls to Congress from irate constituents

Jose Armando Moreno, 13 Year-Old Mexican Cartel Hitman, Found Murdered, Tortured

Environmental Groups Slam Keystone Pipeline Report

Why, Arizona

On bullying, allies and all that stuff.

The real reason that causes racism?

El Paso Vice: When Drug Cops Become Criminals

On bullying, allies and all that stuff.

I think this is actually a graywarrior/CaliforniaPeggy collaboration.

Your dog is actually more sophisticated than you've been led to believe.

As you can plainly see... your cat owned YOU from the very start.

The Svengali-like power of fastfood:

MiddleFingerMom was not only a horndog... he was a PRAGMATIC horndog.

Applying this misguided practice, MiddleFingerMom had 400-500 mini-strokes last night.

Ezra Klein: This is why Obama can’t make a deal with Republicans

Rachel Maddow - Series of GOP crisis stunts undermining American standing

Here are the Senators pushing Kerry to approve the Keystone pipeline

How much do you spend on groceries per month?

The Republican Party Summarized In 58 Seconds!

Is the skyrocketing sale of firearms driven by fear or is it simply human nature? ...

can the President nix the keystone pipeline?

Anyone familiar with where to file a complaint against a rural electrical coop? Besides at their

Fan club

Sequester Stupidity

Not the Brightest Bulbs

Spending Cut Debate Casts Pall Over Obama's Second-Term Agenda


Study: BPA exposure linked to asthma in children

The comedic genius of Louis de Funes - France’s greatest comedian

Palestinian Film Maker Doesn't Win Oscar, But He's Still Dancing On Rooftops

Petition: MSNBC: Disclose Fix-the-Debt co-chair Ed Rendell's conflicts of interest when booking

Right wing tactics

Chuck Hagel: U.S. Should Only Provide 'Non-Lethal Support' To Syria's Opposition

Dyslexia and Perception

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

I was talking to a biologist and he told me he expects 4 to 5 Gray Wolves to migrate to California

Toon- Scalia in "The Injustice of Racial Entitlements"

Young Brazilian dancers wow visiting Royal Ballet

EPIC FOIA - US Drones Intercept Electronic Communications and Identify Human Targets

Servicers Committed Loan Error Rates of Either 4.2% or 97.2%, Take Your Pick

Peres Gives Netanyahu Two Extra Weeks to Form Israel Coalition

Bradley Manning is a true American hero.

Dick Cheney Tears Into Condoleeza Rice For NOT Bowing To His Will