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Judge won't let Fort Hood suspect plead guilty

Trump.".My mother was a great beauty”.

This Man Is A Leading GOP Contender For The Presidency And THIS Is How He Dresses For A Big Speech!?

Pope on the "today's hypocrites"

Thunder Storm

Connie Schultz: Resist the Chardon Killer's Taunts

Texas Senate passes $195.5B two-year budget plan

Easter is on my birthday this year.

Imagine what it's like

She's born-again. She's homophobic. Moreover, she's quite possibly insane. She's SHOCKED.

Child Shooting Review

The Bears cut Urlacher.

Toon- How to mark a 10th anniversary

Rise of the naked female warriors

Congressman Louis Gohmert Really Has No Clue How Gmail Works

Big Soda goes on the offensive against the Harvard sugary drinks report

Again the great American past-time is mouthing off and not doing anything

From Henry Healy

Bloody Tide: How Puerto Rico Affects the U.S.

Banks on the Brink: ECB May Cut Emergency Funding to Cyprus

For those who don't know -- the origin of MFM's name (how'd you decide on yours?):

How do I continue job search after taking temp position?

The First Day of Spring is on my birthday this year

Richard Perle Doesn't Understand What Regret Is: The Rude Pundit

Andrea Mitchell Slams Obama's Relationship With Israel, "Worst She's Ever Seen"

While some DUer's are busy charging Catholics here with every crime

(fumble-fumble-fumble) AH... THERE it is -- now things won't be so scary!!!!!

Don't drinkdrink and tell people not to driinkdrink, you hypocritical idiotidiot!!!

A truly Utopian dream:

Usually, a cock doesn't frighten me.

OK, OK... MiddleFingerMom went a little OCD in college -- like YOU didn't.

One of MiddleFingerMom's "drinking philosophies":

Porn legend Harry Reems dead at 65

OMG Phantom of the Paradise is on!

Spiral Beauty Graced by Fading Supernova

LOFAR Captures Giant Galaxy

Happy First Day of Spring!

Five ex-officials from Bell, California, convicted in corruption trial

Gun control groups turn focus to ‘riders’ backed by NRA

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Church Night. Get Right With God

Rachel is casting the Perle to swine

Social farting -- best PSA ever?

Sheriff vows not to enforce Colorado's tough new gun-control bills

Ever hear of a Gallinipper?

I need help with an interview talking point that I know they will ask.

Senate approves funding bill to avert government shutdown

Strange headlines coming out of Korean news agency within past hour.

Uh oh...

Family Portrait…

Senate votes makes Nat'l Science Foundation's " of democracy & public policy out of bounds"

U.S. offers reward for capture of two U.S.-born alleged Islamic militants

U.S. charges Saudi in al Qaeda plots against Americans abroad

Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed...

Guantanamo hunger strike stems from frustration: U.S. general

Catholics are tough--don't you know!

I would be a lot less critical of the Catholic Church if it removed itself from public life...

Report: State Education Cuts Causing 'Surge' in University Tuition Prices

U.S. seeks swift transfer of Congo warlord to Hague court

ATA Edit Reveal Feature/Bug

I saw the Northern Lapwing March 9

Iditarod plans changes after sled dog death

"Justified" ***spoiler***

''Unpredictable" pope worries security team

Australia PM Gillard sorry for 'shameful' forced adoptions

Do you know why Catholics put money in the collection plate at Sunday mass?

Maryland’s Future Transit Hub “Severely Compromised” by Construction Errors

Bird Waking Cat Video

How soccer explains Israel (from


Pray that Molly Maguire gets a new sister

Check out HarveyDarkey's Another Cool Tattoo thread! A miracle happened!

Esquire Editor Explains: Women Are ‘There to Be Beautiful Objects’

Don't You Just Love Those Regular DVDs That Advertise Blu-Ray?


Never fails -- you buy one, and the next day you see it on sale. :(

Sweet Dreams!

Did anyone else think the Duck Dynasty guys were ZZ Top

DID YOU KNOW that Atheists didn't exist until after The Enlightement

Help with a hecksher

Man accused of slapping child on flight pleads not guilty

WTF? Car Alarm in Car Without Car Alarm Went OFF today! Help...

Open water on the Barrow webcam:

Biden plans to fight as gun provisions struggle in Senate

My wife was "in-other-words" told by her work place that they will not be looking to provide her

American Football

Did SPJ's "Black Hole" Award fall into a black hole?

Red headed woodpecker

No replies needed..

GOP MA Senate Candidate Stands By Sheriff Who Joked About Killing Obama

Pension freeze tops S&P plan to create a worse workplace

They do it in Europe... (updated)

North Korea's military threatens U.S. bases as "within target"

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by Anonymous on Twitter?

Light up the darkness

Cuomo Favors Easing New York’s Newly Passed Gun Law

Fresh Air: 'Sex And The Citadel' Peeks Inside Private Lives In The Arab World

This is What Happens When You Run Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave

Keeping track? Ending tax breaks on unearned income would pay for everything Paul Ryan wants to cut

Obama's 2012 digital strategy left us in the dust, Republicans admit

Westboro Baptist Church Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Kool Aid!

Know your Enemy Part 2: NRA Board member physically assaults civil rights leader (plus zombies)

First Nations say they will fight oilsands, pipeline

Steubenville and the online bystander effect

The Social Security retirement age: Who’s really living longer?

Matt Kahn

Republicans are like a shitty tasting can of soup......You can change the label but....

Thousands Of Dead Prawns Washed Up On Beach

"RCAF asked to fly Toronto zoo elephants to PAWS"

Australian PM Julia Gillard has called a leadership spill for today (in three hours time)

98 arrested in union protest on Las Vegas Strip

Portland scientists' new malaria drug looks like a breakthrough, outside experts say

Harry Reems dies at 65; porn actor starred in 'Deep Throat'

Forbidden Planet!

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

"Michael Rennie was ill the day The Earth Stood Still..."

Chicago Bears won't be bringing Brian Urlacher back next year...

Are you ready to RUMBLE?! Epic battle: cat vs. hairdryer

*****Final Poll for March Photo contest***** Please come, Vote, and K & R

***** March Finals are posted in GD*****

Joe Biden: Assault Weapons Ban Push Will Continue For Obama Administration

Horror author James Herbert dies. Author of The Rats, The Fog, '48, Ash and The Secret

Eric Prince's Blackwater/XE/Academi or whatever they are calling themselves --

Another day in the (gun crazy) U.S.A.

CHILDREN'S WORLD MAP! Countries where children are legally protected from violence, even in the home

Horror author James Herbert dies. Author of The Rats, The Fog, Ash, The Secret

Compassionate Dog bottle feeds orphaned lamb

"White Falcon Fuzz"

Cyprus has Plan B:

Colorado Rocks!

Al Sharpton Demolishes Hannity on Left Wing Birther Claim.

Arundhati Roy on Iraq War's 10th: Bush May Be Gone, But "Psychosis" of U.S. Foreign Policy Prevails

Gazan Woman Killed In Suspected Honor Crime

These links show your State's expected time of arrival of migrating birds...

Saw my first robins a week ago...& great link

More record high temps in Canada's eastern Arctic

Biden Not Giving Up on Assault Weapons Ban

A North Korean Version of Operation Linebacker II

Tomas Young and the End of the Body of War

Erickson Air-Crane to acquire Evergreen Helicopters in $250M deal

Please read immediately, but don't reply

Man regrets getting face tattoos of famous porno websites

Nepalis 'American dream' turns to nightmare

Is it against the terms of service to accuse Catholic Church laity

Embattled boss of Chicago charter-school operator UNO has 3 relatives on payroll

London museum cancels appearance from heavy metal band Napalm Death

Shocked says alleged anti-gay comments were misinterpreted

Why Republicans don't play the blame game

Chicken Cabbage Teatherball

No box is too small

Good night

Republican Donner Party

None of us, not one, are as good as this man - no text.

Coastal insurer could be headed for receivership

Newspaper's publication of racist and homophobic rant causes controversy in WV

Fired teacher denies trying ‘to turn them gay’

Nation's most influential pediatrician's endorses gay marriage

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 21st

Too ill to travel, Hawking will appear in Houston by video

Atlas Shrugged Part ][

Too ill to travel, Hawking will appear in Houston by video

Question submitted by Ken Burch

The ONLY Requirement (you don't have to adopt ANYone's beliefs to recover)

General: Gitmo buildings in need of major repair

The GD forum went off-line around 1:30 am PDT.

What do YOU think Pres. Obama should say about the WB settlements while in Israel?

Where is the General Discussion forum?

GD's disappeared...!

How Obama Became Netanyahu

Chimps and Teamwork: Scientists Find Origins of Teamwork in Our Nearest Relative, the Chimpanzee

Welcome To Palestine: What's Your Faith?

Did I leave my glasses in hear again ?

Reconsidering the two-state solution

Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan declares ceasefire with Turkey

ECB: cannot help Cypriot banks after Monday unless European-IMF aid program in place

Rockets hit Sderot as Obama visits Israel

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare on the Ryan budget

This state and its leadership. What can I say.

March 21, 1925 The Butler Act is signed into Law in Tennessee

March 21 Is California Strawberry Day

March 21 Is National French Bread Day

Grandma Dora would have been 102 today. She passed late last Saturday night.

March 21, 1788 The Great New Orleans Fire destroys most of the City.

Is GD permanently dead?

Roggensack: "We Otta Get Some Credit" For Going 19 Straight Months Without a Prosser Strangling

6:30 a.m. EST 03/21/2013 - GD is offline?

Wisconsin: Democrat Rob Zerban announces exploratory committee for 2014 (vs Paul Ryan)

Chipotle's Gift For Nationals Star

Wisconsin: In the spring a Governor’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of crackdowns

Where's the "General Discussion" Forum?

Wisconsin: "Never have so few ignored so many."

Coldwater Creek in north St. Louis County not linked to cancer, report says

How Obama Became Netanyahu by Peter Beinart

It's back.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Senator Portman Experiences Hunger; Now Opposes Spending Cuts

Bruce Sterling Closing Remarks - SXSW Interactive 2013

How to Turn Your State Liberal


Iraq War Anniversary: Birth Defects And Cancer Rates At Devastating High In Basra And Fallujah (VIDE

I bet Tom would think this applies to empty houses and homeless people too.

The 21st-Century Version of Slavery Is Widespread In America

Big Oil, renewable fuels advocates point fingers at each other for high gas prices

The M$M case against Ashley Judd has begun

Jail, probation for writing bomb threat on job application

37 Percent of People Don't Have a Clue About What's Going on

anybody here on facebook? what is your opinion?

What Recovery? Across America, People in Distressed Cities and Small Towns Face Economic Catastrophe

USS Freedom becomes first LCS to reach 7th Fleet's Pacific turf

Grandparents 'may relay autism risk to grandchildren'

Selling the Store: Why Democrats Shouldn’t Put Social Security and Medicare on the Table

House on track to pass budget plan with deep cuts

How to lobby a State Senator (Disney version)

Where do you keep your passwords?

Rockets hit Israel as Obama meets Palestinians

Rap Culture

Joe Biden Schools NPR Reporter, and squashes NRA talking points

John Boehner finally conceded President Obama 'didn't want' sequester cuts

Ballet dancers forced into prostitution or told they would not be able to dance with company

"When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men"

Visas for high-skilled workers could double under bipartisan Senate plan

With all of these god damned invasion & terrorism movies and TV shows...

Yoko Ono's Plea For Gun Control Expressed In One Image: John Lennon's Blood-Splattered Glasses

Harry Reid is tougher on Dianne Feinstein than he is on Mitch McConnell and repugs.

The Psychology of Effective Workout Music

Myth: CCW Guns Don't Kill

Boston Globe article says Kerry will play a pivotal role in Middle east negotiations

Gulf War Syndrome may really be in their heads.

Obama in West Bank: Palestinians 'deserve a state of their own'

Pope Francis' left-hand man is - Cardinal Rupert Murdoch???

Anti-Obama protesters scuffle with Palestinian police

Tsunami warning test set for next week

Guess what this is.

Obama condems new Israeli settlements - live updates

6 new paintings by George W. Bush

Obama and the Blessing of Israel's Government of Settlers

No soda ban here: Mississippi passes 'Anti-Bloomberg' bill

Report: State Education Cuts Causing 'Surge' in University Tuition Prices

Most Awesome Wisdom from a 9-year-old

Religious freedom act = freedom to discriminate?

Latest Onion: Where Satire Ends and Crying At the Cold Truth of it All Begins.

D.O.J. on the case (cartoon)

"We won't have a functioning democracy until more of our representatives . . ."

Dear Abby

Amy Goodman: Tomas Young and the End of the Body of War

Myth: Chicago and DC Are Worst for Gun Violence Despite Gun Safety Laws

25 classic science fiction movies that everybody must watch

Bolivia Establishes the World's Largest Protected Wetland

Jobless claims inch up, but remain near five-year low

The good news is Excellence in Mental Health act moves forward...

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.19.2013

Epic drunken Irish puppet fun.

Why 44% of Parents Don't Get Their Kid a Vaccine That Can Prevent Cancer

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.20.2013

Discount Drug Plans for May Not Be Saving Medicare Money

Hit by food, medicine shortages, Venezuela to auction dollars to businesses for imports

Chileans Said “No” to Pinochet

Please send healing/supportive thoughts/prayers to my friends

Yoko Ono: 'A Hollowing Experience'

Poll: Florida Governor Rick Scott Is In Deep Trouble

The Sequester Hits the Reservation

UN calls on Colombia to resist granting amnesty to FARC

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Cheney and W can go F themselves

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The biggest loser party

My dog has his own prescription drug card at Costco now...

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- Obama goes to Israel

Chavez's Death, Like His Life, Shows The World's Divisions

Big banks engaging in payday lending, report says

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

I have some bad news for anyone planning on gay-marrying Saxby Chambliss (UPDATED)

"I'm not (black). So I'm not going to marry one"

German union backs UAW effort to organize VW's Tenn. plant

First Lady~

Climate Change Denier Switches When Land Taken by Keystone XL Pipeline

Men! Get These Fashion Accessories for your AR-15 Now!

Bosco Ntaganda, ‘The Terminator,’ Surrenders to the U.S.

BlackBerry ex-exec deported for boozy tantrum on Air Canada flight

Peanutbutter & Jelly layer-cake

Universe ages 80M years; Big Bang gets clearer

basketball question

Krugman: the Cypriot government isn’t willing to give up on its role as a banking tax haven

High school asks students to ax the Axe

Cyprus 'scraps bank levy' in new bailout plan

'Falluja Babies' and Depleted Uranium -- America's Toxic Legacy in Iraq

China IP address link to South Korea cyber-attack

Obama turning to executive power to get what he wants

Hyeonseo Lee: My escape from North Korea

Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked to Conservative Think Tanks

Iran will destroy Israeli cities if attacked: Khamenei

Canadian and US aboriginal groups vow to block oil pipelines

Americans’ View on Economic Outlook Climbs to Three-Month High

SoCal CEO Says He Was Fired for not Being Gay

Eastern Michigan University sued over denial of funds for anti-abortion display

N.C. Won't Get Disabled Girl's Settlement

Tea Bagger Statue of Liberty

rodeo austin

Halliburton Whistle-Blower Gets 2nd Chance

Eating locusts: The crunchy, kosher snack taking Israel by swarm

The Engines That Propelled Us Into Space, Recovered From the Ocean Floor

Stimulus Improved Infrastructure, But U.S. Needs $3.6 Trillion In Investments By 2020

2nd most extreme March jet stream pattern on record extends winter

Israeli Embassy celebrates Obama visit with animation and Golden Girls theme song

NYT’s Rhodes to Nowhere: A Cipher in the Oval Office

For opera buffs AND cat lovers: Rossini's cat duet

Federal Reserve Chair: ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks Still A Problem

Oregon youth softball league raffles AR-15 rifle

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 21, 1960

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 21, 1960

Overland Police Giving Out Free Gun Locks

from Chronicle of Higher Ed: "Senate Moves to Limit NSF Spending on Political Science"

Turkish Prime Minister Says Speech Calling Zionism ‘A Crime Against Humanity’ Was Misunderstood

Fuck W's paintings. The only time I want to hear his name is in the same sentence as the word PRISON

Slashes in signature. How do I get rid of them?

Michigan RTW Protest: No Charges Filed Against Man Who Punched Fox News Contributor On Video

Survey: Low-wage workers missing out on training

Stall On Immigration Reform Causes Trouble On U.S. Farms As Growers Seek Workers And Crops Rot

(Onion) The Time For Watered-Down And Effectively Meaningless Gun Laws Is Now

More Corporate Socialism for Big Oil?

“I’m not gay. So I’m not going to marry one.”

I'm angry at Catholics for one reason and one reason only

University of Tennessee pulls Sex Week funding

Iraq, Sandy Hook, and America

Rocket Victim: We're 'Victims of Obama,' And Nobody Cares

POTUS doing roundtable with eight Palestinian students in Ramallah

Oh good! Up to a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow...

It's a mystery.

Obama: Israeli Settlement Building Not Constructive To Peace

Death of a Battery

Vulnerabilities Continue to Weigh Down Samsung Android Phones

Every assault weapon rampage should have PBS-like announcer: These deaths made possible by the

President Obama is addressing the Israeli people now, 10:50am.

House Republicans vote to end Medicare, again (passes Paul Ryan's Budget)

Syrian Rebels Advance On Areas Near Israeli-Controlled Golan Heights

So you’re tired of hearing about “rape culture”?

The danger of using Twitter irresponsibly. NECN announces Patrick's running for a third term.

Forty-Eight Years After Selma: The New Fight for Voting Rights

LaBarbera: Treat Gay Family Member Like a Drug Addict

Obama's speech in Israel right now - is Awesome...

If you carry a blood donor card

The parable of the good Samaritin

Vulnerable senators face lose-lose scenario on assault weapon vote

This gave me a chuckle:

New images confirm Big Bang theory

Middle School in Southgate (MI) releasing students after on-campus suicide

Huge LBJ Fan Planned to Run on Court

EXCLUSIVE: State Dept. Hid Contractor's Ties to Keystone XL Pipeline Company

"Ted Cruz voting against Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week was his way of promoting Republican

A quick and handy guide explaining Big Oil's monumental tax subsidies

A video for this group. You'll love it...

Tina Fey revives Sarah Palin--Funny

Chicago Public Schools expected to announce closing of 50 schools

Whatever happened to Peace Patriot?

Obama urges Israelis to compromise for peace

As Obamacare Turns 3 Years Old, Americans Still Have Big Misperceptions About What It Does

Shame! NYC Cops Spent One Million Hours on Marijuana Arrests Over 11 Years

today in women's herstory

Obama Speaks in Jerusalem: 'This is a blunt speech that is going well, right over Netanyahu's head,'

No, seriously!

My heart is breaking as I

Lowbrow Limpball again ...

Equal Rights Amendment sent to states for ratification-21 mar 72 (first proposed 1923)

Congress Averts Government Shutdown

Miss Israel

Deficits are the new Iraq - David Atkins - Hullabaloo.

Scottish independence: Referendum to be held on 18 September, 2014

Construction Union Health and Pension Funds Taking Banks to Account for Mortgage Malevolence


Corbett Defends His Previous Comments on Mandatory Vaginal Probe Bill

Obama tells Israelis: 'peace with Palestinians is possible'

Jane Doe has more class in her little finger than can be found in the entire city of Steubenville

Thank you from Elizabeth Colbert Busch

Library of Congress makes 25 additions to National Recording Registry

Happiest and most miserable states

How are you going to fix the Catholic Church? Or any church for that matter?

Pope Francis' somewhat non-dogmatic comments on Celibacy

Cyber security is being pushed to the forefront. Beware, be very aware.


Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Pass Rehashed Ryan Budget; All Democrats Vote Against

These photos from the 1800s prove Kevin Spacey and John Travolta are vampires

U.S. Congress set to force Postal Service to keep Saturday delivery

Many blanched when Cuomo said: People who have mental health issues should not have guns

Stephen Colbert: 'It's my sister and I'm willing to help her'

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 6 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

White House Petition: Make Lawmakers Wear Logos Of Financial Backers On Clothing, Like In NASCAR

I need DU help. My heart is breaking. My partner of 17 years passed the 28th of last month

Mobile users, help me win a prize, please!

Who is Doing the Laundry Now? Since HSBC got their hands slapped for laundrying drug cartel money

The curious case of Yoani Sanchez

33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

(Watch) 12-year-old Writes Letter To Supreme Court Justice In Support Of His Two Dads

Papantonio: Fox News Coming To Your Child’s Classroom

Who knows Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)

What are your bracket picks?

Meet the Lumper! (the spud that caused the Irish famine)

N.R.A. Can’t Believe How Well National Conversation About Guns Is Going

Obamas visit to Israel - Runup to War?

What does Mitch McConnell look like??

Also, I'm thinking about getting a cow this year, a Jersey. any thoughts? cow owners? dairy guys?

One way lanes in parking lots exist for one reason alone:

I alerted on a thread an hour+ ago, but there are still no results

Ann Jones, The War Against Women

Never, ever, ever, ever install a 'required plug-in' that a random web site tries to 'give you.'

Senate Panel Approves Obama’s Choice for Interior Dept.

I believe that, when he does announce that he's going to run, we should refer to Jeb Bush as

Did Hugo Chavez Actually Die In Cuba?

Does anyone here see anything beneficial in the Old Testament?

The Minnesota senator, Al Franken is facing a potentially tough reelection campaign in 2014

A suggestion to President Hillary Clinton.

Cyprus rules out deposit tax in bailout plan

D.U. Bird Lovers vs. Fox Lovers!

Saw a really dumb statement in a "item"

On The Necessity of Geology

middle east peace process = flogging a dead horse. when will people get it?

New York state budget deal includes minimum wage hike, tax cuts

Seattle cat the star of 'Henri le Chat Noir' films

Pentagon delays furlough decision while analyzing funding bill

Did you ever get a gift when you voluntarily left an employer?

How did Colorado legislate gun safety? It was popular.

Arwa Damon's Iraq: Suffocating in a cloak of sorrow By Arwa Damon, CNN Senior Intl. Correspondent

Starbucks CEO Comes Out In Favor Of A Minimum Wage Increase

Obama urges Palestinians to drop settlement precondition

Thom Hartmann: It's time for our media to offer us - and the people of Iraq - an apology

Who else here thinks this guy should take a chill pill?

Does anyone have an opinion on Rick Dees?

Obama urges Palestinians to resume peace talks with Israel despite settlement activity

How The Internet Is Erasing The Religious Right’s Political Power

Bird crashes into glass windows - preventable

Winter is Coming

A call to arms for 'common sense' gun control - CNN

It's mile high and outta here! >>

19 prisoners freed by comando group (Spanish)

Posting on D.U. hurts Like Hell!

Risë Stevens, Stalwart Opera Star at the Met, Dies at 99.

Another Feel-Good Server Story :)

Post a Great Old Commercial!

India Passes Sweeping Bill on Crimes Against Women

Education activist Zack Kopplin: We have to fight 'science denial' bills across the country

Advisory: Congressional Labor Committee Democrats to Hold Forum in NYC on Cablevision Labor Dispute

Bolshoi ballet was 'giant brothel' claims former dancer

Post something random from your subject line cache.

Registration of all handguns.

Phil Donahue on His 2003 Firing from MSNBC...

Someone hold me.

The Communication Workers Of American (CWA) Are Pushing To Bring Jobs Home....

Chris Christie Undecided on Pseudo-'Therapy' Practices that Electrocute Gay Children

Michele Bachmann: Obamacare Will ‘Literally’ Kill Peopletle

What Amanda Hill Knows About Jobs

HA! This Letterman quote on the Obama/Satan lookalike is Priceless!

If We Can Bring Jobs Back To Detroit...

Drunk teenager gets stuck in high chair, requires fire fighters to use jaws of life

I see Arkansas' elected Republicans are following the ALEC plan.

UCF attempted mass murderer had 110-round magazines for his assault weapon

Religion in Israel: secularization Israeli-style bends rather than fights religious regulations

Why WPost’s Hiatt Should Be Fired

Dumb criminals: Taiwanese fugitive wearing "WANTED" t-shirt gets brought down by police

" made me feel at home."

I guess I don't know a lot about ancient civilizations.....

4 Life Lessons from Episode Two of Preachers’ Daughters

Faith Leaders Calling for an End to Gun Violence

CEO: 'As long as the unemployment benefits continue, why is somebody going to go out and get a job?'

Pope to hold major Holy Week service in youth jail

Glenn Beck shows his respect for the American Flag

The Rude Pundit: Judge in Louisiana Says People Convicted of Violent Crimes Can Own and Carry Guns

XPost from Pets: I need DU help. My heart is breaking. My partner passed the 28th of last month

Trailer - The call of Cthulhu movie

Thom Hartmann: Cyprus - Is this the next phase in austerity - naked theft?

Hmm, are things starting to heat up in Mass?

Obama, Peres & Netanyahu LIVE, now, at award dinner for Obama:

Was there ever a time that Gene Simmons really cared about the music?

Watch all tournament games live online for free

All I ever asked for was to have frickin' sharks with lasers attached to their frickin' heads

The unstated background of this Israel trip is fascinating

The best thing about the Earth from Steve Stockman(R-Dumbass)

BREAKING New Hampshire House of Representatives calls for a constitutional amendment (citizens unite

Bully Budget

State by State: Implementation of Obama Health Law

McCain, Levin Urge Obama To ‘Take More Active Steps’ In Syria

Haitian police arrest three foreigners at airport

Remember, it is never to early

Texans support banning assault weapons by a margin of 49-41. Yes, that Texas.

I'm undefeated in my bracket so far! I went out on a limb and picked MSU!

Oops, not gonna happen…

The greatest thread of awesome that you will ever see.

Keiser Report: Financial Fascism

Flaws in Arizona criminal-background-records system imperil public, study finds

Miss Israel prepares for Obama date

Equal time for Dogs! They need love too!

US Pediatricians Back Gay Marriage, Cite Research

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

Megavolcanoes Tied to Pre-Dinosaur Mass Extinction…Could Have Analog Today

Kansas: Native American lawmaker smacks down anti-immigrant SOS Kris Kobach

An Anti-Poverty Contract For 2013? The Nation's Greg Kaufmann Explains

Alliance representatives ejected from Post-Fukushima seismic workshop!

Alliance representatives ejected from Post-Fukushima seismic workshop!

I'm Thinking The Only Way The Repugs Will Remain A Viable Party Going Forward Is For.....


Too much starch

Dying Veteran Writes Letter To Bush & Cheney On The 10 Year Iraq War Anniversary

Is the term "Jesus Freak" bigoted?

Thom Hartmann: Sequester...effects on small business

Lawrence O'Donnell's anti Clinton propoganda last night

Harry Reid, they deserve a vote.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Do you ever have to stop yourself ---

Chavez backers, protesters clash in Venezuela

WTF? Ezra Klein is blaming "old people" for deficit

How to properly store an old Mac

New rules for General Discussion forum

Finally found a good psychiatrist...again.

9/11 and the Cheney Conspiracy (follow-up to The Dirty Secrets of George Bush)

I do not want a vote on Gun regs that will fail UNLESS

British nuclear support plans flout EU rules - lawyers

PyCon and harassment, or, why social media is a bad thing

Poppy "outraged that someone would think she’d do such a thing" re her Pro-Rapist Coverage on CNN

Hugo Chavez Myths, Latin American Socialism (video)

President Obama takes on a heckler in Israel

Bad ass of the day: WWE star rips tree by roots with bare hands to save mom from burning house

Taxidermist turns roadkill cat into "mancave rug", sells it for $1000

Slashes in signature. How do I get rid of them?

Huckabee Hints at 2016 Presidential Run

Senator Wyden discusses drones, targeted killings, and the secret laws that allow

My preferred article on the ESA Planck Space Telescope data...

Right this way, your table is waiting...

What will the sequester do to science in the US?

Most unhappy states are in the bible belt

Hasta siempre Comandante (versión HD)

Tazi, my beloved deaf and blind cat, died quietly today.

goodbye cvs

Right-Wing Media Downplay Spending Cuts, Then Blast Obama For Inflicting "Pain"

West Virginia commenter shows his true colors...

UN to probe use of chemical weapons in Syria

Working out...since summer is around the corner..

so let it be written,so let it be so

Home sales hit highest rate in 3 years

U.S. cyber plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic

Former UT regent pledges $25M to business school

The Problem With Mostly Male (and Mostly Female) Workplaces

Downward Trend in U.S. Manufacturing employment mirrored in other developed nations around the World

GOP stalwart Tom Pauken to run for governor, says Texas needs “a different style of leadership”

What does your church do for Holy Week and Easter celebrations?

Bruce Reynolds funeral: Ronnie Biggs attends Great Train Robber's sendoff

Ralph Nader: The Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney

Syria: 42 killed in Damascus mosque bombing

Scott Walker wants Martial Law at the Wis. State Capitol

New Film Spotlights Religious Intolerance

Presiding bishop’s Easter message 2013.

Rejected license plates in Texas

Conservative radio host slams Joe Scarborough for calling Ted Cruz ‘utterly ignorant’

Apple Says Data Centers Now Use 100% Renewable Energy

State Rep. Oliveira hospitalized after car crash

Haitian Police Arrest 3 subversives with US $350,368 for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles

What ads do you see on your DU page upon logging in?

Gay Teen Allegedly Stoned To Death In Somalia For Sodomy

Obama stance setback for Palestinians

More money for public schools in House budget

Phil Donahue on His 2003 Firing From MSNBC, When the Network Wouldn't Tolerate Antiwar Voices

Two firefighters rescued after ceiling collapses in Omaha fire

I'm confused. Is Michelle Bachmann 'filibustering' in the House???

Remarks by President Obama and President Abbas of Palestinian Authority in joint press conference

Chris Christie slammed for 'ambivalence' on gay conversion therapy ban

Torture Victims in El Salvador Speak Out

Slab of Marble Falls From Truck, Shatters on I-35E

Sedona Housing

Small Arizona City Will Likely Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions

WOW! Martin Bashir closes responding to o'leily,

Even Though The GOP Lost In 2012, They Are Still Winning Because Their Agenda Is Still Moving Ahead.

From LBN: Pope to celebrate Holy Thursday Mass in youth jail

Dear Senators McCain and Levin

Obama Urges Israeli Students To Lead Grassroots Movement For Peace

Isle of Man TT: Watch this video


College debate professor asks students to stomp on piece of paper with Jesus

Bowing to Second Amendment Myths

Found a job, but what a letdown.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Proposed new forum for DU: General Discussion

A strange stat from an unknown source.

Serious hankie time. The amazing power of music. Even Dr Oliver Sacks

"Even the lunatics at American Thinker laughed at the RSC budget."

Is gun control racist? (Warning: graphic/disturbing content in the video)

Jim Robinson Is A F***ing Idiot

More bread porn

Sedona Housing

Robert Reich: Selling the Store: Why Dems Shouldn’t Put Social Security and Medicare on the Table

The first person that says this is not really spiderman can go to GD!

50 Signs You are in the Tea Party-- Based on Real Events!

Question to my friends here.

Retro Photo Thread! Post Pics From Your Past!

You don't need to be a rocket therapist ----

Louie Gohmert unable to understand Google ads

Why Are Depression Medications Often Ineffective? Brain Theory Explains New Role for Serotonin

Michele Bachmann Crashes, Burns, and Takes The Republican Party Down With Her

Democrats Plot Strategy for Vote-a-Rama

Majority Leader Harry Reid to include background checks in gun bill Senate debates in April

Closest thing to an upset so far. #3 Marquette 59 - #14 Davidson 58

Cyprus: Could it Happen Here?

Are you a morning person?

2 shipping firms admit to illegal ocean dumping

My Precious

what rape culture means

Leaked Video Of Captain Pepper-Spraying Restrained Inmate Riles Maine Officials

Feline Mind Meld

Donating on a gift card. Can it be done?

BREAKING... Remember the 22 fired/rehired LBN story? DC Dems coming to Brooklyn to investigate!!!

Are health care and education really free markets? If not, government has a role in pricing them.

Elizabeth Warren: Too Big to Fail

West Virginia Newspaper Shares Reader’s Awesome ‘Kill Everybody’ Voicemail

MSNBC Reports ‘Victory For Gun Control Advocates’ In New Gun Bill: They’ll ‘Get The Fight That They

How to troll the cops

When Jay Leno is not busy dissing NBC....

They don't always

It was so easy getting in...

Officials: Preliminary Results Show Chemical Weapons Not Used In Syria

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts: We must cut food stamps to save them

Texas shootout might be tied to Colo. slaying

Hillary Clinton 2016 Quinnipiac University poll: Clinton would win Fla. over Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio

GOP plan includes stalking Democratic candidates for video gaffes

Gun control forces push for background checks

Brother of hedge fund founder indicted in NYC

Re-forming church life

Highway pileup near Edmonton leaves 100 injured

Nicolas Sarkozy to be investigated in Bettencourt scandal

Average for US jobless claims at fresh 5-year low

Let me ask you something regarding villain CEOs:

Grieving Father Confronts "Pro-life" protest

Oakland University Student who wrote "Hot For Teacher" essay gets his work made into a porno flick

I would like to put something in GD about...

Official Unfinished Portrait of George W Bush.

Colorado governor signs law to allow same-sex civil unions


Mother and child together for apology

CO2 could produce valuable chemical cheaply

Seriously Michelle Bachmann is batshit crazy

NRA affiliate files lawsuit challenging New York's gun control laws

DU a poll

Why the Rich Don't Give to Charity

DUer Cracklin Charlie: I just got a call from my insurance agent's office.

Obama's Speech: Israel's Left and Right Can Be Happy, And The Occupation Is Here To Stay

About Bachmann's Rant On ACA Today.....

Iran threatens to destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa if Israel attacks

WATCH: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone Series Produced By National Geographic

Understanding the continuous corn yield penalty

Some K9s trained to ignore pot in Washington

This visual needs infinite reblogs, fb posts, etc....

Volunteers in the lawn

Special judge to handle Ohio rape investigation

Town poised to be first in Ariz. with civil unions

US Military Launches New Missile Defense Satellite

Bernanke does it again!!!! " the Cyprus problem with "be contained" to Europe."

latest CNN poll.

Global nitrogen availability consistent for past 500 years, linked to carbon levels

Ladies and Gentleman... my very first cartoon!

Here we go again!!! Boehner vows to manufacture another debt ceiling crisis in the next few months.

Michelle Bachmann runs from reporter, again, when confronted.

Imagine a World Without Hate (80 seconds of awesome, by Anti-Defamation League)

Roger the Hutt is scared...

Lost my best friend Tuesday.

For those who welcomed the entry of Michael Bloomberg into Democratic primary politics...

Imagine a world without hate

Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks said today on CNBC....

Watching Belmont vs Arizona on CBS feed.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 March 2013

Nate Silver and March Madness.

Coldwater Creek in north St. Louis County not linked to cancer, report says

NYT: Linking Past and Present in Nuremberg (BEER!!!)

Wedding Bells by Linda Greenhouse

Battery, stalk charges for ex-tennis star Capriati

SPOILER ALERT "Life of Pi" is like the GOP. You know in "Life in Pi",

VP Biden: Dignity Trumps Ring-Kissing Etiquette

trip down memory lane

What will the sequester do to science in the US?

Barack Obama: A Great Father and Husband

Chained CPI: A direct attack on middle class and working class people

That awkward moment...

Someone made me spanacopita for dinner. I'm eating the leftovers as we speak. What are you noching