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£1.5m for the secret of life.

Spin Alert! Slate's Matthew Yglesias Gets It All Wrong on Cyprus ( William K. Black )

Research-based cookbook for cavemen and Vikings

Michael Moore is on Ed's show with Dyson

Jeremy Bentham

I nominate Ed Schultz for.....

Was Syria’s Revolution Climate-Driven?

His name was Antonio Santiago.

"Has Obama Turned a Generation of Voters Into Lifelong Democrats?"

The NRA is making robocalls and sending pro-gun postcards to Newtown residents

Michelle Obama

Obama’s Nixonian Precedent

U.S. still paying survivor benefits to children of Civil War vets

My bad sex wasn’t rape

Sexual Assault Survivors Resources and Links

I want to thank every DUer who has survived/endured sexual assault and discussed it here.

Mass arrest of Palestinian children on their way to school in Hebron –

Memo to GOP: You Can’t Put Lipstick on an Elephant - by Robert Shrum

Is the fact that they are killing the middle class killing the GOP? I mean with fewer people

I have two 1957 silver certificates (1 dollar US value)

FU Howie Carr - Boston Herald Teabagger Hack jealous of Senator Warren takes shot at DU

FLASH: Reports of a possible meteor seen on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard; sightings range from upstate

About that shooting in Quantico.

A heartfelt message to Dick Cheney from the nicest man that I had ever known…

The team that beat "The U" has a big lead on Georgetown

New York City Cop Testifies That He Was Told To Target Young Black Men

What's your favorite Easter candy?

NRA Robocalls In Newtown Spark Outrage From Local Gun Control Group

Number of dead pigs found in Shanghai rivers rises to 16,000 (graphic pic)

What is a good gmail extractor?

National Guard Sent Out Furlough Notices In Error

In my humble opinion...I'm going to say something very radical...

Leaked Video Of Captain Pepper-Spraying Restrained Inmate Riles Maine Officials

William K. Black: Spin Alert! Slate's Matthew Yglesias Gets It All Wrong on Cyprus

Well look what Obama achieved -Netanyahu apologises to Turkish PM for Israeli role in Gaza flotilla

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kitty gif

Ala. airport sign falls on Overland Park, KS family, killing 10-year-old boy

Capitalism Hits the Fan Film Screening and Q&A with Richard Wolff - MUST SEE

Is This Site Called Legit

Senate Gone Wild: Vote To Approve Keystone Passes, Decision Still Lies With White House

Friday Talking Points (250) -- Happy Sestercentennial Column!

Police Brutality in Omaha, Nebraska

Dominican official links Daily Caller to alleged lies about Menendez

Anyone familiar with basic child support law?

Illinois Gets $808 Million Train Business Walker Destroyed Here

One of the highlights of my day is MiddleFingerMom. Thank you...

Chicago DUers with kids in school:

This is an unbelievable responsse I got from a post in Huffingdon Post.

Live blog: Gunman on University of Arizona campus

"Tomorrow, Wendy" by Concrete Blonde.

Zero Dark Thirty Sucked. nt

A Powerful Voice Pays Off for Maryland During Federal Budget Cuts.

How rich “moochers” hurt America

for graywarrior


WTF: Senate votes to "repeal or reduce the estate tax"?

Do you "visualize" time ??

Marijuana tourism regulations up for discussion in Colorado legislative committee

Seal pup slip and slide

Geopolitical shifts from the Second Gulf War

I'm getting a little worried now

I suppose by today's standards even Democrats would call Humphrey

Culture shock for Amazon chief's son who left rainforest for New York

Tonight's 20/20..Steubenville Rape Trial: Football Stars Convicted

Feds OK coal slurry dam expansion

Oh, my. The visual on the Huffington Post homepage is gripping.

Michael Henderson- Wide Receiver 1981 (Funk/Dance Music)

Thank you for this group...I hope I can post...I started to then chickened out..

today in women's herstory

Some recent pictures from Sea World Orlando & Busch Gardens Tampa **PIC HEAVY**

Weekend smiles

Where the Wild Things Are

Before it changes - Check out the top headline/image on the front page of HuffPo

a biography of the day-ruth page (ballerina, choreographer, pioneer creating american-themed works)

Elizabeth Warren (2008): The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

If you are young, you will reap the fruits of this technology

Man, you people are dredging up all this crap...

The Fall of a Syrian Pagan

10 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

George Takei has this rapist thing nailed down

Dallas Hopes to Head Off Future Occupy Protests by Tightening Anti-Camping Rules

Police: 4 people shot, 1 fatally, in Coney Island

So, a woman's right to choose will never be overturned..

Brigid's Arrival

Thank you so much for this group

Allied Parties Give Backing to Venezuela's Maduro

We are being invaded...Bright streak seen in sky from Boston to Virginia..

ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & The CW Season Finale Dates...

US makes up 5% of the world's population, and

What are Hill Toppers?

Hidden master: the best guitar player you never heard of

Steubenville: Humiliation Was The Point Of The Exercise

*If interested, after Hubris etc.,


Arctic Ice Breaks Up in Beaufort Sea

Senate on record opposing use of chained cpi

98 days since Newtown. 2,244 dead.

Vinyl kitteh......

I know you've been asking yourself, whatever happened to Huey Lewis?

'State and Main' just started on Sundance Channel (PDT)

PTSD and Diabetes

Autism prevalence is reported to be 1 in 50, and the antivaccine movement goes wild…again

Anyone remember the guy who built a lawn chair airship and went up 16,000 feet?

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

Where is the DU appreciation for "Talking Hubris" tonight?

I kiss my girl by the factory wall

Gov. Hickenlooper friends with father of dead white supremacist

Support Letter Carriers.

I didn't know stingrays had feet.

For those of you on Pinterest

GOP To Poor People - All You Need To Do Is Work Harder So You Can Get Out Of Poverty - It's The

Letter carriers demonstrating Sunday, March 24.

There's always one that never wants to leave home.

New York City Cop Told He was to Target Young Black Men...Think Progress

Comedian Bill O'Clown: Jesus Died For Our Taxes.

Meet Awkwafina: an Asian Female Rapper on Vaginas, Tackling Racism & More

Is it wrong to appeal to someone to 'hang in there' and not give up? (RE: Tomas Young)

Do not miss Bill Maher tonight. Excellent piece by Alexandra Pelosi.

Jimmy Fallon’s 7 Best Political Impressions

Zuckerberg pledges up to $20M to form SuperPAC with far-right GOP help

The GOP Will Do What It Intends To Do - No Matter What John Q Citizen Does They Are Not Going To

Man charged with drinking $102K worth of pre Prohibition era whiskey

Punxsutawney Phil 'Indicted' Over Spring Forecast

On into March Madness

***DUers, Support Letter Carriers, USPS. Rallies SUNDAY!

Personhood Vote In North Dakota In Nov If Gov Signs Bill - Will They Be Smart Enough To Reject?.

Donglegate, and why we don't have more women in tech

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Chuck Norris Shaves Beard, Loses All Mystical Powers!

my favorite song with a feminist message

Found this little jem, Ingraham and Hitchens in 2008

China Punishes North Korea as US Asks for More.

Armed Buddhists, including monks, clash with Muslims in Myanmar

Bill Maher Streaming

The end of Chavismo

Police Brutality in Omaha, Nebraska ...WTF

Obama slams anti-semitism, racism, at Holocaust Memorial

Flash reported in East Coast sky consistent with meteor shower, NASA says

Dumb criminals: Man tries (and fails) to rob CVS pharmacy with ball point pen

Liberated Woman vs "Chirp Chirp" girl.

Even the choir needs a kick in the rear.

Chevron Using 60 Law Firms and 2,000 Legal Personnel To Evade Ecuador Environmental Liability

Chevron Using 60 Law Firms and 2,000 Legal Personnel To Evade Ecuador Environmental Liability

It is after 4am in D.C. and they are still voting in the Senate - anyone watching?

2012- Gingrich/Santorum or Santorum/Gingrich

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 23rd

CA Bill to seize registered assault weapons dead, author says

Just sit back and enjoy. Guy is just freaking crazy!

Ted Johnson, asshole

An Evening with Julián and Joaquin Castro in Austin

Mom Claims Son Was Put In Body Sock Without Permission

My own version. (a warning that there may be triggers here)

It's National Chips & Dip Day

The day they took the Cheese out of Cheez Whiz

GD gone again, I think it takes off each night to fool around with meta (nt)

Key US Decision on Cuba Terror-Designation Coming

Key US Decision on Cuba Terror-Designation Coming

About OneGrassRoot's Question about auction stuff.

Senate nears pre-dawn OK of Democratic budget

UPDATE 1-Biofuel worse for climate than fossil fuel -study

Syncora Opposes Forcing Jefferson County to Pay Warrants

Death Grips: "About as intellectual an experience as a scraped knee."

Opposition Intensifies Campaign against Venezuelan Electoral System

Men Who Kick Down Doors

A Safe and a Shotgun or Publicly-Owned Banks? The Battle of Cyprus

Abortion debate suppresses pregnant inmate bill in Iowa Senate

Baby panther

Mine! - Disclaimer: Not responsible for possible effects of cute overload

Cat has good taste

like the devil, the left has the best tunes.

Dreaming Kitty

David Cay Johnston Explains How Big Corporations Withhold Your Taxes and Then Pocket Them


Obama Administration withdraws Caitlin Halligan

The Osmonds Hate Gay Marriage

From Detroit to Cyprus, Banksters in Search of Prey

Iraq contractor tells of his year of hell in a 'futile, stupid war'

Zack Kopplin Why our campaign against creationism in schools matters for science in the US

US government sued over use of pesticides linked to bee harm

The Sheeple Wake Up II

Education "Reform" with David Sirota

The anti-choicers have won. Abortion rights no longer exist for millions of women.

Who killed GD again?

Bronowski's ethical argument.

Tell me again, why did we invade Iraq?

Jimmy Smits returning to "Sons of Anarchy"

Noam Chomsky: ‘No individual changes anything alone’

Ohio oil tank explosion

Obama vs. House Republicans: Who will blink first?

Pennsylvania fracking spill

Lawsuit claims United Technologies cheated laid-off employees out of stock

*PSA* It's back!

GD has been let back in...

Sequestration forces NASA to hold up educational and outreach efforts

Anti-Choice March Madness: The Worst State for Women

2 teens arrested in Ga. 13-month-old's killing

The Killing Of America (Uncut)

Michael Moore and Michael Dyson on the EdShow last night - MUST SEE

Sorry - wrong forum.

Anyone see the meteor last night?

Rethinking David Bowie: Rock against Racism

"Reagani Lincolnus"

This whole thing that Obama has to solve all the problems or that makes him the problem

NRA Robocalls In Newtown Spark Outrage From Local Gun Control Group

Switch off your lights . . . love, yoko

Pope holds historic meeting with predecessor Benedict

Solar Will Be Second-Biggest Source of U.S. Power Added in 2013

Drug Makers’ Push Leads to Cancer Vaccines’ Rise [Gardasil]

Interesting Ratings...CNN

The suicide component of the gun debate

Chinese Solar Panel Giant Is Tainted by Bankruptcy

"Make me do it." President Obama wants you to demand the Progressive Caucus Budget

Rick Perry doesn't :heart: Madonna


Today and Next Week RE. Gun Violence

DUers, would you use a dedicated area for GOOD NEWS? (w/edit)

Your Daily Chinese Rotting Pig Carcass Update - Now With Dead Ducks!

Pharmaceutical Companies' Role in State Vaccination Policymaking



Havasupai Tribe Wins Appeal Upholding Decision Upholding Uranium Mining Ban In Grand Canyon

Drastic fall in value of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant

Phil Donahue Was Fired For Threatening Tweetie's Manliness?

Hello, Beautiful - Two New Brilliantly Colored Woodlizard Species Discovered In Peruvian Amazon

Army Issues RFP For $6 Billion M113 Replacement: Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle Program

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: John Kasich

NRG Energy chief says gas is killing off coal and nuclear; next up: electric grid won't be needed.

Scientists Find Eight New Frog Species In Sri Lankan Refuge; Nearly All Critically Endangered

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.22.2013

Senate Passes Budget After All-Night Debate

The 49ers’ plan to build the greatest stadium Wi-Fi network of all time...

France claims warlord Abou Zeid killed

Prez at Petra

More Than 1,600 Archeaologial Finds In Norway, From Pre-Viking To Medieval, As Glaciers Melt

Updyke receives 3 years for Auburn tree poisoning

Cherry Blossoms, The Colors of Holi and More Stunning Photos From This Week

WaPo: The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America

Air Force: Fantasy Football Could Help Boost Spirits in Uncertain Times

Let's create an anti-NRA lobby and give the same amount of money they give - to anti-gun candidates.

What do our feline friends really think of us?

Skinner, there is a really ugly rumor going around . . . .

Tofu fried rice

Petition to the Daily Mail to fire Richard Littlejohn for victimizing Lucy Meadows

Why I am no longer a Republican

Other than being homeless, this has to be the smallest carbon footpring living arrangement

RNC Concludes Women Voters Need To Hear “Softer” Voices, Fewer “Facts”

Photo: 'OMG' Microscope Lives Up to Its Name

Line forms for Supreme Court marriage equality cases four days in advance

First dog Bo gets YouTube date proposal

Peabody Builds Shell Company (Patriot Coal) To Fail, Then Dump Health, Pensions For 10,000 Retirees

I think I killed my green anole.

Toon- When we Completely and Utterly Blew It

Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox News

From The Hockey Stick To Going Vertical With The Wheelchair - From 20000 BCE To 2100 AD

Sent over by a friend of mine. Couldn't agree more

4-Year-Old Blind Boy Takes a Giant Step. He can do it! He can do it!

Toon- A Mea Culpa

Hey y'all, I am looking for an abortion charity.

Have you ever had to come out as a Democrat to someone who you were developing a close friendship?

Girl Can’t Afford School Lunch, So It Gets Thrown In Trash

White House Praises Senate Budget

February 2013 Atmospheric CO2 Content 396.8; February 2012 393.54; February 2011 391.82

Criminal justice system's 'dark secret': Teenagers in solitary confinement

First African-American to lead the U.S. Central Command

Anyone know if this cartoon about jeb bush is accurate?

Anti-Choice male HS teacher escorted from school, put on paid leave

If there weren't ESA, NASA, CNSA, JAXA, RFSA how much earlier could we have had this??

This penguin that really just wanted to give you a compliment without you FREAKING OUT

Abortion Ban Even For Genetic Defects Troubling In An Era Of Budget Cutting

Judge Rules No ID Required to Ride NYC Subway

From I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President's Facebook

At 40 Years, San Francisco’s Transit-First Policy Still Struggles for Traction

What It Means To Be A Progressive: A Manifesto

In Many Markets, Rail Beats or Competes With Air Travel

Letter by Letter, Keeping a Catholic Outpost Alive

"Pope Francis did not denounce me to Argentinian junta, says priest"

Well- this should just about do it. STOP RAPE that is

Yeah - good news about Photobucket upload options.

117,000 handguns are stolen every year. That is more than enough to commit all the murders.

"Surrogate Valentine". Another indie gem!

Edinburgh Airport Asks Passenger What Religion He Follows During Security Screening

Will Big Highway Projects Have to Consider Climate Change?

McCain and Graham: Two wacko birds caught out on a limb

Rest in Power, Derek Watkins

Many Unitarians would prefer that their polyamory activists keep quiet

Half thought out idea about the "Blame the victim" mentality

RuPaul has some wise advice for all:

Possibly the greatest Facepalm of all time.

Statement by the President on the Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

BBV on proven Miami computer hack for absentee ballots

Austerity for US, Insanity, Europe, and Albert Einstein

Computer software thwarts election fraud scheme

Judd Hints at Senate Bid

The Republican Coup, ongoing since 1994

Toon: Pop goes the Bachmann!

Toon: Old War Stories

Toon: GOP Outreach

Duke Law School Presents 'Voter ID Laws: Preventing Fraud or Promoting Disenfranchisement?'

Reached my tolerance level for Facebook "Sponsored Ads." Firefox to the rescue.

Does anyone know what amendment was added to the Budget

Pile-up on I-25


Costa Rica is pissed.

In a Reversal, Senate Intelligence Panel to Release Vote Tallies

New group - Interfaith

It's evil to force you buy health insurance, but it's OK to force you to buy a gun?

BBC-Guardian Exposé Uses WikiLeaks to Link Iraq Torture Centers to U.S. Col. Steele & Gen. Petraeus

Does anyone else every feel like this?

Mixed messages......

Michigan Woman’s Effort To Keep Farm Animals Draws Support

Just sent to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, and Joe Barton.

Gun Lobby Bombards Newtown Families With Robocalls Against Gun Regulations

What happened to GD? I got a message it was not online. n/t

cross post from gun control activism

Palestinian Activists Frustrated By Lack Of US Action As Obama Ends Visit

Despite "Foul Smell Of Corruption, Everywhere", CITES Rejects Biostitutes, Most Lobby Pressures

Good for Corey....

Tweety and Andrew SULLIVAN: No amount of rehab will ever make them forgiveable

The day I posted something terrible in GD.

Obama ends Middle East trip with visit to Petra ruins

Online Threats Against Women Aren't Trivial and Don't Happen in a Vacuum

Saving Children From Guns

today in women's herstory

Bill Maher about all the aspiring OBGYNs amongst Republican lawmakers . . .

Turkish PM Erdogan: Conciliation With Israel Could Hasten Assad’s Fall

CNN quote about Hitler's art career

I wonder what they're thinking

I always wondered how Tom Cruise would age.

a biography of the day-bette nesmith graham (typist, artist, inventor of liquid paper)

U.S. Has Pinpoint Attack Ready On Iran, Says Israeli Official

found on craigslist

Left Homeless By Sandy, Residents Take Shelter In FEMA Trailers

Imagine A World Without Hate (video clip)

Richard Burr BURIED in dirty coal, oil, Koch money...

Obama: U.S. Will Provide Jordan With $200 Million Aid Package For Syrian Refugees

a biography of the day-florence ellinwood allen (musician, lawyer, pioneer woman judge, feminist)

News report: Ashley Greene & Emma Watson.

Evolution via Roadkill

a biography of the day-emmy noether (german mathemetician)

Doctor Who

Tomas Young is being harassed on Twitter by the Phelps family

Skyrim cover singer Malukah.

Bomb found near G8 site in Northern Ireland

GOP Lawmaker Seeks 'Virtual Congress' With Telecommuting Plan

Rebel Wilson up for a role in Mocking Jay? (Third installment of the Hunger Games)

21 Dogs Who Don’t Know They’re Big

Papantonio: Ten Years Of Lies, Fraud, and Death In Iraq

Rough night last night

Riddick (Third installment of Pitch Black) teaser

Sprawling and Struggling: Poverty Hits America's Suburbs

Is it spring yet?

we get to have some fun with our tax refund

Man forbidden from “all libraries on the face of the earth”

so, my daughter has a new friend...

Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in dispute

So I suppose in their zeal to repeal all abortion....

A passing thought: I wonder if the spirit of Camp Casey could help shine

How they play in Taipei

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 23, 1984

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 23, 1984

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 23, 1984

Yoko Ono Details Why She Posted Lennon’s Bloodied Glasses on Twitter

Interesting Quiz about localities

NPR's New War on SSI, Disability Reciprients

Fox: Americans Need Assault Weapons To Protect Themselves From An Iranian Invasion, Al Qaeda

TCM Schedule for Monday March 25 - Star of the Month: Greer Garson

Rise Stevens Dead: Mezzo-Soprano Opera Star Dies At 99

The People Don't Know Their True Power

The MegaBank Cycle

Pope Francis spoke of being 'dazzled' by girl, possible change of celibacy rule

Enough of this winter! I've had it!

Saturday, March 23rd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Secrets of the right-wing conspiracy playbook

Republicans love poor people now

Seven New Ways For Women To Stay Healthy Without Co-Pays

Bill Maher & Alexandra Pelosi: Republicans Want Spending Cuts But Can’t Name One. (VIDEO)

Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox News

Acrophobics might want to avoid this thread...

Uses for used pallets in the garden and outside




OK, fess up: who else used to call it "Waterburger"?

In Vermont a 15 year old can legally have sex with a 19 year old.

This cat expresses my life in a few words

8 Mummy Finds Revealing Ancient Disease

President's Weekly Address: "Protecting our kids by reducing gun violence"

Any advice about a puppy who bites?

High-ranking cop testifies he set monthly quotas at Brooklyn precinct

Sins of Omission

So I participated in a local "clean up" to pick up trash in a wooded area downtown

Do politicians ever retaliate against online activists?

Red Dawn in Big Orange: TNGA Rep. Rick Womick wants to create Tennessee Secret Security Council

Radio show this week: Aftermath/Costs of Iraq War, Losing the Gun Control Fight, Steubenville

With affectionate regard for RandomThoughts: I am due beer and travel money.

Music for Palm Sunday.

A day late... Eisenstadt v. Baird

House Science Committee Hearing: 'THREATS FROM SPACE' !! Track & Mitigate ASTEROIDS & METEORS

Could New York Be the Next Chicago?

Gun Culture = Blame-the-Victim Culture

There is only pro choice or anti choice

What are you reading the week of March 24, 2013?

Hey kids! Get the F off my lawn!

Palin is all for equal rights! Check out the picture.

for those who doubt the efficiency of the post office

"House of Flying Daggers" now streaming and DVD

France Confirms the Death of a Qaeda Leader in Mali

When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry

Gates McFadden likes to play with here Beverly Crusher action figure

Five positive points in Obama’s Jerusalem speech

US aids Honduran police chief despite death squad claims; assures Congress he was cut off

US aids Honduran police chief despite death squad claims; assures Congress he was cut off

The Lives of Others

Palestinian Authority Newspaper: Freemasons Behind Sept. 11 Attacks

Tea Party Group Boycotts Fox – For Going Too Far to the Left!

Washington state eyes 1st abortion insurance mandate in nation

A World Where Milk And Shepard Still Live

Man freed after 23 years in prison has heart attack

Please help me mend relations with a Turkish dude trying to kill me in an online game

Ed Miliband says government has no ideas left on economy

Re-design? US requests $49 mn to renovate Gitmo instead of shutting down

A simple fact: we have no control over other people's actions...

American Winter: Middle-Class Fear: Disaster Capitalism and the Threat of Poverty

NJ Republicans Want Cuts But Can't Name Any

One from Peru that I really like.

Enhanced mental health may not want a gun, how about your driver's license?

Funny Anti-Gun Memes and Quotes


So,....I'm taking a cab home last night when we pass some dumb ass walking in the pouring rain,

Reproductive Health Care Provider Uses Stork Costume To Prank Anti-Contraception Protesters (PHOTOS)

Modern American Proverb

Bill would limit whistleblower activities on PA farms (and possibly gas drilling sites at farms)

Why Congress Needs to Act

It was a three-tour Iraq combat Marine and his war-protestor wife who pointed me in a new direction.

Nutribullet: do you have one?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to still believe it is true.

An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell, From a Kentuckian

Someone said to cross post this from general discussion.

Learn A little Japanese (part three)

The irony of Wal Mart

Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" - Original Lyrics Scrubbed For Content

I forgot how to cat.

Air purifier sales surge amid China smog warning

Is hypocrisy a sin, negative vibe, whatever? Has your church/temple/group..

Sinister. How scary is it? 6.7 stars on IMDB

An Open Letter To Mitch McConnell

Fukushima blackout investigators examine dead rat

Started watching Lost Girl on Netflix

Hannibal..Series Premiere..

Kerry and Obama sent an elegant holiday message to Iranian people.

A-bomb museum to remove human replicas

Toon: D+ solutions for D+ problems

WTF? Obama says Senate has taken steps forward to help protect our kids by reducing gun violence?

Fever Sick

I promise you this is the funniest headline you will read today:

What's Wrong With America, You Ask?

oh yes!

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Deutch press for New Democracy Amendment

Fox: Americans Need Assault Weapons To Protect Themselves From An Iranian Invasion, Al Qaeda

The differences between nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs

armed dobbs vs armed syrians

Russian Oligarch and Sharp Critic of Putin Dies Near London (Berezovsky)

World Turns A Blind Eye To Israeli Apartheid

So I got dumped last night by my rich boyfriend and his uber expensive suede jacket.

What Did You Do in the Civil War, California? (NY Times)

Possible glitch - update on another one I just encountered.

Iraqi Birth Defects Worse than Hiroshima - WARNING: graphic images

Saw Stoker today. Very good mystery-suspense.

Another has-been performer joins the far-right.

Bloomberg’s TV Blitz on Guns Puts Swing Senators on the Spot

IMF Blocks Cyprus Bailout Agreement: Report

Anachronism, much?

Biden: Republican Party is leaderless

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

The audacity of trust

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

So my story is really two stories, about two different people

Britain's Most Accomplished Cat Burglar Gets An Awesome Obituary

Senate Opposes ‘Chained CPI’ Cuts to Social Security, Veterans’ Benefits

I won a bundle in a poker game last night!

Statement by President Obama on the Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Senate Republicans Unanimously Support Repeal of Student Loan Reform Law

Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Taipei Prosecutors Rule

Where is Dubya? BBC Tracks Him Down...Funny!

Iraqis? What Iraqis? (Digby)

Mathematical proof that Barney the Dinosaur is the Antichrist:

I just bought the new iPad

Afro-French opera star Magali Leger

The little ones that got away:

How do we get out of here?

NYPD Illegally Raids House of Man They Brutalized For Throwing Gay Pride Party

Holy puddles of poop Batman! Hows this for a prescription drug price?

Just add up all the numbers

No, Obamacare is not making your insurance premiums go through the roof.

On a warm springtime evening, in a thread bound for nowhere

"Not these workers" (UW-Madison Chancellor Ward Said What?)

Doggy knows his stuff…

MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently

Cat helping out with the Laundry

In Many Markets, Rail Beats or Competes With Air Travel

The Judge's Score is 7.4

Whilst playing Angry Birds and listening to Pearl Jam it came to me

90 Percent Of The U.S. Kids Who Died From The Flu This Year Didn’t Get Their Vaccinations

628,606 codes entered since 1.11.13 = 628,606 free meals to hungry children

Hardcore… Ukulele Style

U.S., Afghanistan reach agreement on prison transfer: Pentagon

Ramona Goldendoodle asks Bo Obama for a date (too cute!)

41 years ago...Why it still matters.