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The Heritage Foundation might just be everything that is wrong with America


Aurora shooter converted to Islam????

Get over it

Our Common Wealth: Jonathan Rowe's Collected Writings on the Commons

Spring/Summer 2013 premiere dates:

11 Reasons to Ditch Processed Foods: Rodale Press

Wingers post the damndest things (3)

This is how it feels to listen to Republicans…

If we so rich...

Bill Moyers: What Big Banks Are Getting Away With

Bill Moyers: The Dark Side of Capitalism

Texas bill could effectively close most abortion clinics

UN: More humans have cellphones than sanitary toilets

Maybe Its Time To Take Federal Funds From States Restricting Abortions.

Luckovich Toon: No Peeking!

Orson Scott Card has jumped the shark

Robert Parry: The WPost’s Unbridled Arrogance

A cat

Sign the petition: Friday the Senate voted #noSScuts now tell Obama #noSScuts

Baseball predictions.

Mistaken food can scar you for life

Judge lets Cincinnati stun-gun death suit go forward

Pinned threads with premiere & season finale dates...

Mother Nature is pretty wonderful


Have you ever purchased a skin care product that met or exceeded your expectations?

Charleston County deputy charged with assault

Cardinal Keith O'Brien's accusers deny they are part of 'gay cabal'

‘Fresh Pup Of Bel-Air’

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93


Police officer in YouTube video placed on paid leave

Broke and ashamed: Many won't take handouts despite need

Tea Party group boycotting Fox News for becoming ‘too liberal’

Feds Propose Reforms to Speed Interconnection of Renewables, Solar

Rihanna Keeps Kids Waiting Over Four Hours for School Appearance

Today I learned: Heroin is a trademark of Bayer

Have you heard how renewables cost a lot to add to the grid?

Character you related to as a teen? I felt a kinship with Melanie of "Gone With the Wind"

The Worst Star Trek Parody EVER, Costing $60,000, Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service

I just lost it...

What Is Love

"The 1% aren't like the rest of us"

Watching "The Men Who Built America."

Create your own personal Zombie attack scene at home…

"The Republican Class War Has Contributed Greatly To America’s Growing Inequality"

Lawmakers try to shield Army Corps of Engineers from cuts

The difference between birds, beaks, storks and weaves.

Kali learns a new way to primp up her pony's tail

Keystone XL Pipeline Concept Gets Senate Support

"National Gun Fever Shows No Sign Of Breaking"

Anti-Smoking PSA from the Ontario Ministry of Health - Social Farter...

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Harry Reid, it's time, reform the filibuster rules or get out

Denver zoo celebrates first ever gerenuk birth

Costco has 60w equivalent and 100w equivalent LEDs for 4.99 and 5.99

Butler-Marquette (Spoiler)

"The Morning Plum: No, the Ryan vision is not a winner for the GOP"

U.S. and Afghans Reach Deal on Bagram Prison Transfer

Tell us about your sincerely held religious beliefs!

NASA or MOMA? Play the Game!

Spring Could Be the Worst Allergy Season Spring this year could be the worst season ever

Observations on talking to a man and his wife tonight.

"States at Work: Progressive State Policies to Rebuild the Middle Class"

Bwhahaha! This cat had it all planned out...

"Who are those guys?"

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the Highest.

CSX train derails in Haysi in Dickenson County (Virginia)

Making "Gone With The Wind" Part 4/5 ("Our World," ABC, 1987)

Wichita State!!!

Did you know?

It is hard to fathom........but it is reality for too many

iCivics educational video games:

"Hey man, what's up?"


Jesus laughed ’till he cried: Why comedy is the conscience of new

The one-state plan according to Israel's top settlement council

Game of Thrones Exhibit Coming to NYC, 3/28 to 4/3

They stayed delighted . . . he loved them, as only Obama can do

Nigeria: 'Boko Haram Has Destroyed 50 Catholic Churches in Borno'

Have you heard the one about the kangaroo and the wombat?

Seems like yesterday...

Reflection / Confession from a DU'er from 1999

Her majesty....

10 Years Later, Dixie Chicks Right All Along

Saturday Night Blues: Freddie King - Big Legged Woman

a new definition of Libertarianism

New Rules - Religion is like Wikipedia Edition

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 24th

Stop TPP-NAFTA on steroids

*****Announcing the Winners of the March Photo contest***** "A Photographer's favorite"

*****Winners for March contests are posted in GD*****

*****Submissions and all names of entrants March contest*****

The marginalization of "The Left" through the years. Not hearing us now at all.

Boris Berezovsky death: Chemical hazard police search house

When I need to smile I put on Laurel & Hardy

Juanita banana

My rescue kitty who was feral never let anyone else pet him until tonight.

Sunday Talk Shows

Game maker: Apple banned our sweatshop iPad game

Bogus 'bingo' earns no jail time-Man, 18, forbidden from saying word for 6 months

Viriginia town bans dog tethering

County attorney fights to bring dog to work

New Policy For Me as of 09:00 PM PST Tonight

Now it's jazz,

YELP: Dr. Ben Carson: All I’m hearing is how brilliant and what a great Pediatric Surgon

I remember the Iraq war

I went to a deli with a llahma & Kenny Rodgers

Community college cancels talk with gay porno star but he gives it anyways

I went to the Shark Reef Aquarium today...

'Jon Hamm penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Jon Hamm penis".

Mandalay Bay catching the late afternoon rays...

You Can Call Me Al...

United removing Boeing 787 from immediate flight plans

Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

Sometimes,...the fucking you get,...ain't worth the fucking you get!

This is blasphemy. Let’s kill this lover tomorrow

The world officially now has more cell phones than toilets

California: How a $25 traffic ticket ends up costing $194.

Don't call me Shirley

Perfect date...she came up to me as my bike was warming up...

Roe v. Wade looms over gay marriage cases

Prof or Hobo?

Little Walter

Flashback in eloquence

Techie delight then big setback - my $60 Android 4.1.1 PC/TV box saga

Federal appeals judges, meeting in Miami, question state’s controversial Cuba law

Some Inspiration Mars updates

Mars weather for March 23


Would you use a bank with these rules?

Images That Will Give Meaning To Your Sad, Pointless Life (or make you smile wherever you are)

Act of sportsmanship gives Texas high schooler shot at glory (great update on this story)

Who will rape an old woman? cop asks (Rape in India)

Israel says fence-mending with Turks does not end Gaza blockade

Here Are The Next 8 States That Could Legalize Marijuana

William Boardman: Stewing in Steubenville

Is DCCC chief Steve Israel telling House Dems to vote against Dem budgets?

6 Ways to Fuel the Cooperative Takeover

What if Texas really did secede?

MArch 24th is Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Musharraf returns to Pakistan amid death threats

3 Things that make War today different than War previously...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hellfire And Dalmatians Edition

Diplomat was banned from talking about Dr David Kelly when giving evidence at Iraq Inquiry

5 New Reasons Not to Buy Matzah at Walmart

MSN homepage "19 fastest growing temp. jobs"

Have We Ever Gotten to the Bottom of Exactly 'Why' Bush and the Neocons Disastrously Invaded Iraq?

U.S., Afghanistan Reach Prison Transfer Deal

the tuberculosis front

Psychiatrists Top List of Big Pharma Payments Again

Social housing residency test introduced by David Cameron

Glamorous Photos of Kids Smoking

Michale Moore: The real cause of Columbine

Corporate Profit Margins Could Stay Fat For A Long Time

Flies, Maggots, Rats, and Lots of Poop: What Big Ag Doesn't Want You To See

On this day in 1921, Katherine Mansfield wrote a letter to her husband's mistress:

Of Hope and Pain: Rachel Corrie’s Rafah Legacy

NetFlix now lets you "share" your viewing history on FB

In Zurich, and Across Europe, Squatter Communities are Strengthening

When did Instant Watcher get rid of the "Upcoming" feature?

It's snowing

Now on UP: Stop and Frisk in NYC.

Budget Deal Opens ‘Age of Austerity’ for Federal Agencies

Syrian opposition leader resigns

Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin

Profit for the one percent, that's all it takes----Wall Street sees opportunity in marijuana

Severe U.S. Storm to Bring Heavy Snow, Possible Tornadoes

Central African Republic: Rebels 'take palace as Bozize flees'

Doing the backstroke (humor)

I had no idea that there were so many people in New York who have no sick days allowed on

Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil

Note to Equality House

New pope cites grandma's folk wisdom at his first Palm Sunday

So the BIL just lost his 8th job in the last three years

Bombay duck: iconic fish fast disappearing from city's coastal waters

Ramsay's walkout sparks sexism row in Hollywood

Excavating a future in Afghanistan

How difficult would it be to replace a fuse?

Manatees Dying in Droves on Both Coasts of Florida

A guide for women on how to speak up about sexism and misogyny on the internet

Doubts about black youth's reported "suicide" not being reported by America's largest newspapers

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Not Ready for Combat Until at Least 2019, GAO Says

Advert turns air into drinking water

Hans Blix on the terrible mistake of the Iraq war.

Terry MORAN just *pwned* KKKarl on This Week!1 (over gun control fear-mongering)

I'm tired of people saying marriage law has a personal effect on everyone. As a divorced Catholic

Cyprus faces last ditch chance to save economy

Stop Whining About Privacy, Michael Bloomberg Says

LOL! Doomsday Preppers to the extreme....

Jeb Praises George W. Bush For "Not Having An Opinion" In Past 4 Years

question about feeding birds

Turkey warns Cyprus of 'new crisis' if gas revenues included in solidarity fund

The art of sleeping (This is so cool!)

Amy Pascal Asks Hollywood To Eliminate Gay Slurs And Stereotypes From Movies

Young man makes anti-rape PSA: ‘How to treat a drunk girl’

Israel vows 'immediate' answer to Syria fire


Not JUST Cyprus...

Charitable type Graduation Gift Ideas for Super Spoiled Brat Nieces???

Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin (Live From The Basement 2008)

Love for the Magical Mr. Obama

Arab-Israeli belts to #1 on 'The Voice Israel'

Former Bush Official Slams Social Conservative Leader For Opposing Marriage Equality

Doonesbury: "FREEEDOM!!"

Pack of dogs attack helpless man

(CA) Battery recycling plant in Vernon ordered to cut emissions (cancer risk increase)

the insane wayne lapierre is on MTP

Lake Michigan shoreline in winter

Congratulations on Your New Gun Laws

Lossless & HD music - For some an ear opening experience

Israel says Syria reason for restoring Turkey ties

Dog people: what mix do you think this dog is?

Florida wildlife

Volcano-induced die-off paved way for dinosaurs

Senate Opposes ‘Chained CPI’ Cuts to Social Security, Veterans’ Benefits

Men expect sex after expensive dinner dates: study

Has anyone watched the series "Bomb Girls" on the Reelz Channel?

GI Lament - I Went To War For Democracy And All I Got Was This Lousy Walmart Job

High Court Urged To Bar Fees For Untimely Vaccine Claims

Man sentenced to having balls cut off, repeated anal rape for life...

I wonder how many here had me and Lionessa confused

"he's not backing down or playing it safe this time"

That's not faith. That's insanity.

ABC Journalist Calls Out Karl Rove: ‘Stop Scaring People’ About Background Checks

an experiment in motion

Bill Moyers: The Dark Side of Capitalism

ANALYSIS: How long will the pope’s honeymoon last?

We Must Believe in Magic

Countering Democrats who support Keystone

Judge rejects bid to withdraw guilty plea in mosque arson

70 firms devise strategy to quash EPA's plans for Passaic River cleanup

Got Pallets? Hate weeding?

Flip of a single molecular switch makes an old {mouse} brain young

New Middle East Needs Fusion of Islam and Feminism

I like this graphic, so I'm sharing it...

Obama’s Israel visit wins over Jews at home

Apple Says Data Centers Now Use 100% Renewable Energy

From Eastern Congo to Cape Town: African Women, We Salute You!

Saplings from Anne Frank's tree take root in US

Opinion: Israelis have no need for debate on peace

U.S. still paying Civil War veterans' families

Renewable Energy's Hidden Costs?

Papantonio: Austerity Is An Utter Failure

Why the "My bad sex wasn't rape" editorial is so utterly, utterly vile.

Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris got slimed. Looks like Kristen Stewart presenting.

For Blacks in Cuba, the Revolution Hasn’t Begun - NYT opinion

oh. a different picture thread for you to add your favorites:

Does studying science make you a better person?

Not just Cyprus! Who Else Has Plans To Grab Small Depositor Savings To Bail Out Failing Big Banks?

Can you all send whatever will help

You know how much I love the Cool section. So my question is...

20 Embarrassingly Bad Book Covers for Classic Novels

Senate Gone Wild: Vote To Approve Keystone Passes, Decision Still Lies With White House

A Capitalism alternative? The Mondragon Cooperatives with Professor Fred Freundlich

THIS WAY OUT: A Step By Step Guide To Starting A Workers Cooperative

Battery recycling plant in Vernon ordered to cut emissions

Standing On The Right Side Of History: 16 Year Old Jack Andraka Is ‘The Edison Of Our Times’

Did one of your Democratic Senators vote to support the Keystone pipeline

Silvio Berlusconi With A Trunk Full Of Tied-Up Women: Worst Ford Ad Ever?

Travel Japan: 10 railway IC cards now interchangeable

Agencies Ordered to Keep Property Open to Homeless

BOB DOLE: GOP "Needs A Timeout" To Tone Down The Antigovernment rhetoric.

Supposedly dead MMA wrestler alive and busted for armed robbery

Join with me today in recognizing the loss

today in women's herstory

Fukushima reactors status 24 Mar 2013

Advert turns air into drinking water

City of Copenhagen legalizes public urination

a biography of the day-dorothy height (women's rights and civil rights activist, educator)

Thinking about rape, misogyny, domestic violence...

Punxsutawney Phil ‘indicted’ for botched Groundhog Day spring forecast

Graywarrior -- could Boston be far behind?

a biography of the day-dorothy constance stratton (coast guard SPARS, exec.dir. GSA)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 26: Henry Mancini

Acceptance by Example, on the Field and at Home - By SCOTT FUJITA

Dinosaur-killing space rock 'was a comet'

Lindsey Lowe, Tenn. Mom, Confesses To Smothering Newborn Twins

I need some national perspective (from the Arkansas front lines)

Ravitch backs NC teachers targeted by ‘reform’

But They’ll Never Take - Our Freedom!!! (As long as you have nothing to hide.)

Fuck the Massachusetts media. A political race is not entertainment, or at least should not be.

One Nation Under The Gun: Thousands Of Gun Deaths Since Newtown

"We were trying to kill a snake with fire… It done caught the house--"

So I found this nice Suede jacket

Well well well look who is back in Pakistan

Experts: North Korea training teams of 'cyber warriors'

I Hate EVERY INCH of You

I have what we need this morning.

Need kitty advice . I have a 3 year old adopted kitty.

Justice Thomas, Do The Right Thing!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 27: The Need for Speed

pork ribs


Israeli Military Responds To Fire From Syria In Golan Heights

Gun deaths shaped by race in America

For Cannabis Entrepreneurs, Industry Expansion Brings Growing Pains

"Red Line Has Been Crossed" In Syria, Rogers Says

Washington Post Defends Not Running Article On Iraq Media Failure

Lapid: Israel has monster overdraft, I'll have to become 'Mr. No'

Pwning a Crazy Conservative

Ford Apologizes for Offensive ‘Berlusconi’ Figo Ads

Wayne LaPierre?

Israel dismantles Palestinian tent city built at start of Obama visit

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 24, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 24, 1965


Hugo Chavez's voodoo economics

Ford Apologizes for Offensive ‘Berlusconi’ Figo Ads

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan: No Quick Restoration of Ties With Israel

Wealthy, business-savvy Mexican immigrants transform Texas city


The Lumineers : Live Set

Jeb Bu$h Praises George W. Bu$h For 'Not Having An Opinion'?

It may not matter now that the inventor of the pancreatic cancer detection test is openly gay but

Kerry Tells Iraq It Shouldn’t Allow Iranian Overfights To Syria, Calls For Unity

'The more one dissents from political orthodoxies, the more attacks focus on personality...'

TN Bill That Would Have Placed Some Limits On Mountaintop Mining In Areas Above 2,000' Dies

Muslim Activist Confronts Pamela Geller Over ‘Absurd’ Anti-Islam Ads

The Amazing Super-Colossal All-American Enormous Huge Oil Boom That Wasn't (Now With Daniel Yergin!)

The openly gay kid who is our next edison, and who has already invented a test for cancer

Never underestimate the Amish

DOH Asking All Gay New Yorkers To Get Meningitis Vaccine

Oh-noes, Justice GINSBERG, what're ya gonna do?!1 (re: Roe v. Wade, DOMA & marriage equality)

2014 US Senate Election- Freshman US Senate Class.

Israel “Peace Activist” and Hamas Celebrate Death of Israeli Pilots

Teenager Mistakes Little Brother for Intruder, Shoots Him

HipChick - did you get your electrical problem fixed?

Who Loses In Latest Budget Deal? EPA, NASA, The Rural Poor, Forest Fire Protection, FBI

Kamala Harris Defends Assault Weapons Ban

Postpartum Depression Underidentified, Undertreated


Lift the restrictions on the Gaza fishing range

Hatch Valley (NM) Irrigation In Trouble; Runoff Outlook 39%/Avg; Onion Yields Off 30% Due To Salt

The violent sexist,racist internet shaming of Adria Richards.

1,600 students expelled in Bihar for cheating

65 Dams Removed Nationwide In 2012 In 19 States, Restoring More Than 400 Miles Of Rivers

Match Game Story: Matilda Bleat was sunbathing _____ at the nude beach.

Beneficial Ways That Civilian Drones and UAVs May Be Used

Your Daily Chinese Rotting Pig Carcass Update - 16,000 Swine, 1,000 Ducks & Lots Of Local Jokes

Caption this bunny.


Why did no one ever tell me about this major problem with crock pots!?!?!

Fixed Magazines - Compromise?

ALEC Is Now Deciding What You Eat

What is the worth of a gay, autistic life in the UK, 3.5 years

Mitt Romney Is Still Around

NYPD Housing Boss Mocked 'Spanish Hair,' Women and Minorities, Cop Claims

Not an exaggeration as I see it - Cartoon about the predicament of Cyprus.

"Ending special corporate tax breaks would pay for the sequester cuts twice over."

He's ready to serve and protect donuts, I guess

Good read from Matthew Tully on lobbyists at the statehouse

Women in science: know your limits!

Second NYPD whistleblower testifies he was called a 'rat' for protesting stop-and-frisk quotas

Tackling Concerns of Independent Workers,

Action Kid is on the case

So how desperate is Chase Bank?

Some questions about stop and frisk -

The Flaming Nutjobs Are Out In Force

Baby's death marks 2nd time Georgia mom loses a son to violence

Søren Kierkegaard fans, check in!

ABC Journalist Calls Out Karl Rove: ‘Stop Scaring People’ About Background Checks

Cicadas 2013: '17-Year Locusts' To Descend On D.C. This Spring

Jon Hamm Penis So Large ‘Mad Men’ Star Asked To Wear Underwear To Cover Bulge

Something cool for your Sunday enjoyment...

Gay couple wins $100K Maine wedding contest

GLADD Affirms Commitment To Trans and Bi People, Alters Name

GLADD Affirms Commitment To Trans and Bi People, Alters Name

'There is no right to protest': Montreal police deny Charter rights

Chess mania captures Armenia's attention-chess mandatory in schools

Kerry: Iraq Helping Syria's Assad By Allowing Arms Flow

UK Guardian: Why UKIP, the Tea Party and Beppe Grillo pose a threat to the mainstream

He pussyfoots over in open mouthed curiosity and...

New Orleans judge rules statute forbidding felons from having firearms unconstitutional

Stand With Dianne (for gun limits)--Daily Kos, Mar 24

Laments of the Renaissance

The Planck data threw up a few questions which require "new physics" to explain

10 Things NCAA Basketball Won't Tell You

The True Story of the Government Programs That Tried to Build an Atomic Heart

Howard Dean on the health care law

xPost from GD: Radio show this week: Aftermath/Costs of Iraq, Losing Gun Control Fight, Steubenville

Ohio Anti-Gay Leader Encouraged Portman to Put Son in Ex-Gay Therapy, Vows to Fight His Reelection

Francis to faithful: Give up your riches to help the poor

Khaliff Wyatt is having a great game

Adopted hometown helps Matthew Gooch piece life back together (domestic gun violence)

The Women's Ice Hockey Finals are on - watch it here live.

Bill Maher takes on Michelle Rhee

Michigan Govenor Snyder says Right-to-work is about choice

Lesbian spouses angered by Navy’s word choice (won't use spouse/wife on certificate)

Multiple active accounts.

Cheviot parents angered by flier (Ohio school choice group calls public school low rated)

Sedimentation, Drought , Blue-Green Algae, Failing Fisheries All Taking Toll At KS, MO Reservoirs

anyone know which senate dems

John C. Liu. I'm really impressed with this guy.

Police officer left off memorial because her husband killed her

Temple vs Indiana is a great game right now, n/t

Is it bad for Registered Nurses right now?

Jesus so abhorred homosexuality

Karl Rove jokes that black Democratic strategist ‘owes me some fried chicken’

Until Workers Own Their Jobs, We're Only Rearranging Titanic's deck chairs - this IS the rEvolution

Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach

Assault weapons ban: from The Onion.

Five Palestinian children killed in Syria

This is how stupid libertarians are.

How Karl Rove fixed the FBI investigation of his theft of the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio

I hate this for profit, price gouging, health care system

Ravens to sign Elvis Dumervil

Chevron fuel spill in Utah much worse than thought

Missing virus vial raises concerns at UTMB facility

Life often is lonely in the 'trailerhood'

How Karl Rove fixed the FBI investigation of his theft of the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio

"For Blacks in Cuba, the Revolution Hasn’t Begun"

Chinese Leader Vows Stronger Military Ties With Russia

Russia Denies Plans to Abandon Syrian Resupply Base

7 Deadly Amendments That Would’ve Protected Dirty Energy And Trashed The Climate

Will Elizabeth Warren Go All ‘Rand Paul’ On The GOP’s Filibuster Of Cordray?

Have you ever purchased a skin care product you used for another purpose ?

Tax havens like Cyprus, Caymans the modern-day Pirate Treasure Islands

Donating to the DCCC means helping Dems who vote like Republicans by Gaius Publius

Mursi Warning Stirs Fears In Egypt Opposition

Toon: Selling the Grand Bargain

A candidate that DU should support

Midwest Sees Spring Transform Into Winter Weather

Religions of the World

You know we all talk about the rape..but there is an aftermath

A Lottery, and a Tense Debate on Health Care in Tennessee

The GOP wouldn't accept everything it ever wanted, if it came from Obama

Population trivia - how many people live there? You may be surprised ...

Terry Moran (ABC) To Karl Rove: ‘You’re Scaring People’ On Gun Issue

Anyone else have to outsmart their DVR to record Walking Dead?

President Obama’s trip to the Middle East (photos)

Art, music, and gym teachers get the ax in Lansing

Watch This Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Took All His Struggles And Turned Them Into Art

Former Obama Organizers Meet In San Antonio; Texas Turns a Shade Bluer

I love this chopper

xPost from GD: Radio show this week: Aftermath/Costs of Iraq, Losing Gun Control Fight, Steubenville

It is as it always has been...

Syrian Opposition Plunges Into Disarray As Leader Quits And Military Chief Rejects New PM

Karl Rove Suggests Stephen Colbert May Need 'Anger Management'

The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat! The human drama of athletic competition.

EPIC cop prank...

The whole basketball country will be pulling for FGCU today

Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama

(Former Dr.) Michael Brown Says He Got E. Coli in Jail, So He Needs Out -- Now!

And a few people have asked me why I call Faux "news" the sewer?

Photos: Arizona Wildcats in NCAA Tournament: Photos of the University of Arizona's

Coming Out...

Great car repair resource...

WATCH: IDF Does Not Want You To See What Occupation Looks Like

Phil Donahue on his firing from MSNBC. Donald Rumsfeld was GEs's greatest customer

Reeducation: The Department of Education Pulls Mao Quote

Today my Pop lost his battle with cancer

The Real News: Cyprus Should Let the Banks Go Bankrupt

Must be some sort of secret cat gang

Hell yes! This woman has an excellent message....

U.S., Israel To Negotiate Military Aid Extension

California AG Harris: Gay marriage is a 'fundamental right'

It's about time we found some good non-Christian religious humor....

PA removed monument in shape of map of "Palestine" that encompasses Israel so that Obama....

Immigrants Held in Solitary Cells, Often for Weeks

Whew, my 10,000th post.....Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

"If you want to maintain the current Western, the current suburban lifestyle"

With strippers, the Rodeo I (prison) opens a disco

Fallen Jewish Oligarch Boris Berezovsky Found Dead, Amid Depression and Mystery

Wash. Post Fails to Print Article Critical Of Media Leading Up to Irag War

Prisoner X Suspected of Handing Israeli Agents to Hezbollah; Branded 'Israel's Biggest Traitor'

French Bulldog vocalizing

I knew Anderson Cooper is crazy, but THIS crazy?

The Walking Dead 3.15 - This Sorrowful Life (Spoiler Alert)

Hickenlooper calls Colorado assault weapons ban a "hard sell"

interesting karma kickback yesterday at work

Moderate face of Syrian uprising quits

Are some truths about humanity inherently bigoted?

Missing virus vial raises concerns at UTMB facility


Vanilla Pudding Robbery (The Dublin Times March 2)

Cats. You just can't go wrong with cat photos.

Inside job? Video

The 12 Worst Party Schools In The US

ALERT: Bomb explodes at the Bank of #Cyprus. Confirmed

One epic adventure: Helena men explore the state one microbrewery at a time

Just saying...

Aaron Craft's shot that won the game over Iowa State ..... really you can't see it enough

UN Human Rights Council Passes 5 New Resolutions Condemning Israel

Amnesty International: The Separation Wall Is An Ongoing Violation Of International Law

They hate me, now I want you to too.

My cats love to play with the palm from church.

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

I almost lit my Aunts house on fire with a burning(Texas) cockroach-true story...

Cyprus in last-ditch bid to agree bailout (40% haircut)

Here is a blatant plug for a candidate for Mi's 32nd district

Red Shouldered Hawks: Spring Housecleaning Edition

As seen on facebook: It's not a crisis. It's a scam.

Did they just say, "Do not tuch the butt" on the Restasis commercial?