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More Red Shouldered Hawk photos...

A Steelworker’s Personal Fight To Beat John Boehner In 2014

Richard Hayes Phillips --- A Citizens' Audit of an American Election

Who has my veggie tofu salad recipe?

Should Health Insurance Premiums cost as much or more as one's mortgage or rent?

Is "Hubris, the Selling of the Iraq War" available anywhere online for viewing?

Beat The Reaper! Going for the Big Disease!!1!!

Cyprus deal reached....anyone know how the Russians will react to THIS?

Workers comp

Chicago: Homeless evicted from Uptown viaduct

Breaking: GOP Rep. Jessica Upshaw found dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Your favorite thread? {Poll} Poll Edited Poll; 72 hours.

I own guns, and I am your friend.


Just who really are illegal immigrants?

DU Recommended Listening

First look at rated XXX parody of Wonder Woman

Four years after Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay, $195.7 million renovation in works

WWF smackdown...of a climate science denier on his own radio show!

she's still a mystery to me lovin spoonful

The 1800's Wild West Had Stricter Gun Control Than We Have Today.

Cross-posted from GD - Recommended Listening

What is your favourite pizza? I just had one with siciliano pepperoni, italian tomatoes,

Where did the word "crap" come from?

Russian teacher turns to Satanism after rejected by student

Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw found dead at former legislator's home

Do you think he will ever catch her?

Dumb Criminals: Man caught stealing live lobster from Red Lobster - twice at the same location!

Early malnutrition bodes ill for adult personality

Financial advisers to the legions of wealthy foreigners with bank accounts in Cyprus

Syria Chemical Weapons: Opposition Says Syrian Forces Fired Chemical Weapons At Rebels

The Amazing Race issued an on-air apology to Veterans

looks like the hawkeye women are going to win!

For those who have never been to a tea party rally

Another song dedicated to In_The_Wind:

Who thinks WilLIARd Rmoney and the other 1%ers are pulling their money

WE, the people are being sequestered (cut) yet....

ePull-Tabs to fund Vikings' stadium .... OOOPS!

Question about ACA:

I did a big segment on gun control during my show tonight.

Divorce is sad. A Mittens billionaire advisor is SO rich even Mittens wouldn't get a pic with him

President Obama sends Kid President a Message


GD. 2 popes. Vietnam. ---------I'm *exhausted*!1 n/t

Disease threatens garden impatiens

"Republicans Love Poor People Now"

Dr. Will Durst on the GOP Autopsy Report

Minimum Wage Earners Would Need To Work Over 100 Hours A Week To Pay The Rent

Vegan tofu scramble--any suggestions to change it up?

Bill Maher vs. the new Pope.

Dallas Promo for Monday- Cliff Barnes is a dead man!

West Point Meatballs Stolen; Woman Charged

Cyprus secures bailout, avoids bankruptcy

The "bad sex" threads in GD

Disparities in gun deaths

Put me in Coach!

After car wreck kills her dad, 9-year-old climbs out of canyon, walks mile to find help

Did I hear that right? "Walking Dead" marathon all week?

Alien Planet "Full Documentary"

Delivering for America's rallies today!

I own kittehs and I am your friend.....

It's Sunday night......

We the People Petition: Award Aaron Swartz a posthumous Citizens Medal

NYT: In Tennessee, a Desperate Telephone Race for Medicaid

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 March 2013

Anyone ever use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)?

E-mails link Bush foundation, corporations and education officials

When unit is fully charged it will take a nap.

Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?

An open letter to myself about being a man

This afternoon Jews, Muslims and Christians gathered for an interfaith Seder.

Take Their Word For It Republicans Always Know What's Best For Everyone.

C. African Republic president overthrown by rebels

Salvadorans urge sainthood for martyred archbishop

Salvadorans urge sainthood for martyred archbishop

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) Backs Gay Marriage

We know it and smile - but a visual helps make it more real. (Pat Bagley cartoon)

This Palm Sunday I would Like to share with DU the Words of a Fellow Christian

What should we do to push the country to the left?

Mental-health officials clash on N.Y. gun law reporting

Most of those whose attitude toward Pope Francis is good will

When the moon is in the seventh house

an old Tucson band

"Next Time" - Things Bill Maher didn't say this week but wishes he did...

Scott Walker tells local GOP to be optimistic, courageous

Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw found dead

Do you like pepper steak (with green

Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw found dead

NBC to air rape and pedophile apologist's interview

Pro-Obama Group Enters Immigration Fray

Happy Anniversary

Infants Are Fed Solid Food Too Soon, C.D.C. Finds

Introducing eLEGS - a truly awesome technology offers real hope to those who would never walk again

The great Titan Atlas was hijacked by Ayn Rand...

sweet dreams

Santorum to Naples audience: Obama, Bush not strong enough against Islam

Daily Kos March to Madness Tournament

Hulu boldly goes all out with complete Star Trek series

George Zimmerman’s Brother Pimping Comparison Of Trayvon Martin And Alleged Georgia Baby-Killer

Guy has a drunk girl passed out on the couch...

Alien Planet Full Version in HD 720p [01:33:43]

The same Republican Party that used hate for Gays to get Shrub re-elected in 2004

Online Bullying – a New and Ugly Sport for Liberal Commenters--The UK Guardian--Oct. 2012

Great sign supporting gay marriage LOL

Cyber warfare between the two Koreas

And Rhee Shall Have No Dominion

The MOST IMPORTANT BLOG you MAY never EVER be able to actually READ!

News of Assad Assassination is greatly exaggerated

Happy Pass over

U.S. Seeks Answers in Liechtenstein on Tax Cheats

U.S. to handover Bagram prison to Afghanistan

Chag Pesach Sameach

March 25th is National Pecan Day

Waiting for this mini-split heat pump to arrive

Just great. Drones Over California.

Just had to post these furries

Firefighter's Knack for "Thinking Like a Kid" Saves Little Boy, Inspires Students

Chicago Schools Still Under Attack

Side stitch update

US judge prompts outrage after saying: ‘If she didn’t want sex, her body should have just shut down’

A school-friend of Rob's gave a concert this weekend and dedicated this song to him

Inside Nasa’s hurricane drone lab

The county where no one's gay

Tennessee health care lottery

Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend Prop. 8 hearing

A poet says goodbye to poetry

Fuck you Dan Senor

Lost Virus (Guanarito virus) Vial Likely Destroyed, University President Says

A school-friend of my late husband Rob's gave a concert this weekend and dedicated this song to him

Providence 6th grader testifies in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage

The Day That TV News Died

Civic, business groups oppose grass-roots initiative inspired by Honeywell plant

The ever-destructive fantasy of air power

Morning Joe criticizing IRS for silly training videos.

Study warns on mobile location data privacy

As casinos struggle, tribes seek more federal aid

The five biggest lies about "entitlement" programs

Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America-- The Contrasts Will Drop Your Chin to the Floor

Chris Hedges: The Day That TV News Died

One Reason the GOP Loves the Sequester: It Punishes Union Workers

Happy Monday and Happy Spring!

Kerry arrives in Afghanistan on unannounced visit

Bill Moyers: Are the Monster Banks on the Verge of Unleashing Fresh Economic Disaster?

Experts: NKorea training teams of 'cyber warriors'

Meredith Kercher: no clear justice for her?

Drone Warfare is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive

10 Lawsuits Filed against Border Patrol for Abuse. “Citizenship Checkups”

Foxwoods plans $1 billion Milford, MA casino

Gaza court sentences convicted collaborator to death

5 Palestinians confess to attack that critically hurt toddler

Seattle boom an inconvenient truth for Republicans

The Day That TV News Died - By Chris Hedges

Drone Warfare is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive

Why Does No One Speak of America’s Oligarchs?

March 25th is National Waffle Day

Former SC GOP Director Kincannon to Iraq War Vet: “Shame You Didn’t Come Home in a Body Bag” Sick

Skelos: Gun-clip limit on 'indefinite postponement'[NY]

Putin orders Russian government to restructure Cyprus bailout loan

Dem identification, up, republican identification, down

The Preschool From Hell - 2 yr old hogtied for not sleeping, teacher took pics

Seriously??? Today I learned an ancient Easter tradition that I didn't know about.

Unfit For Work: The startling rise of disability in America

I'll admit it--I really want to see the movie "Spring Breakers."

Pro-Democracy Movement Rises Against 'Disaster Capitalism' in Detroit

Down's syndrome 'linked to brain protein loss'

First ever 'Edible Hotel' offers sweet life: cake carpet, fudge sills, macaroon walls

Amniotic fluid 'may heal premature baby gut'

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahah when draft dodgers aren't draft dodgers!!

Rove: "I could" see a 2016 GOP candidate supporting same-sex marriage

Laurence Tribe on 2ndA, post Newtown

My 40,000th post.

US shale gas to heat British homes within five years

Sen Elizabeth Warren writes in email:

Post a picture of something colorful from your home

New energy rated double window with unique substance between double panes of glass

The NYC Subway's indestructable rats

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

fuck 'the today show' and it's infotainment

Monday Toon Roundup 2-Gun Vote

NYC School Bus Workers Facing Major Pay Cut

Monday Toon Roundup 3- They Lied

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

NYT: Life After Oil and Gas

Punxsutawney Phil Indicted!

March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City

That sobering day when you realize the song you enjoyed over the loudspeaker at McD's was....

Need More Cowbell!

George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘Black Teens’ Are Killers

The Other Side of the IACHR Reform Debate

Moms Demand Action -- Events

Picturing Inequality

Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend Prop. 8 hearing

Oh, dear. When I thought the series "Californication" couldn't possibly push the

Pitch Battles: How a paranoid fringe group made musical tuning an international issue.

Fox News has joined our leftist conspiracy

Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves & African Americans are far more likely to be shot at

Rev. Al took Dan Senor to the woodshed on the "deficit hysteria" on the Right today

Tucker Carlson, you’re no Andrew Breitbart! - By Joan Walsh

Saw Argo last night. What did everyone else think? (Discussion might contain spoilers)

Are aircraft carriers about to become an endangered species in the United States?

84 House Democrats Say ‘No’ to Austerity

How to avoid the Friend Zone? Get her drunk.

Google's Trust Problem - - - Ezra Klein

Wendell Potter: Gaming Obamacare to Benefit the Few

April contest theme ideas

Arguing with anti-gay bigots - By David Sirota

Dear Mr. President, Make Israel Stop Arresting Kids. Thank you, Faris Abbas

Justice Roberts Has a Gay Cousin and She's Coming to Prop. 8 Trial

Little progress in last couple decades getting more people with disabilities into workforce

Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend Prop. 8 hearing

Dirty Money

PORTMAN: Coming out - By Will Portman

"90% of the guns in America are owned by White people in the suburbs."

Why Your Skyrocketing Rent Is Bad for the Economy

March 25 Big Episcopal Prayer Vigil Against Gun Violence in DC

TSA wants to (well, by court order has to) hear from you about body scanning

New pope revives question: What is a 'Latino?'

How Unwed Mothers Feel About Being Unwed Mothers

The Wisconsin Voter-- Polls, trends point to tough re-election fight for Sen. Ron Johnson

NPR: How Vermont's 'Civil' War Fueled The Gay Marriage Movement

If You Oppose Gay Marriage, You Are a Hateful, Hypocritical Bigot. Period.

What I am seeing is a purposeful plot to destroy public schools, and to profit from the destruction.

Sirius XM to carry new Glenn Beck channel. just what satellite radio needs, another r/w wackco

It's snowing... You guys sure it's spring?

Netanyahu Sends Message, Releases Hold On Transfer Of Israeli Tax Revenues to Palestinian Authority

Yes, Libertarians Really Are Lazy Marxists

George Zimmerman’s Brother Pimping Comparison Of Trayvon Martin And Alleged Georgia Baby-Killer

Jeffrey Sachs: How Not to Make America Great

Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend landmark gay-marriage argument

"This game will unlock in approximately 14 hours."

Spread: Imagine Reince Priebus accidentally tells the truth about failure of GOP economics

Tell President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act

a RW conservative walks into a lawyer's office...

In Stephen King's Kitchen…

Anti-stigma Programs Would Improve Mental Health Laws

The Long, Long Wait

Sandusky laughs off witness testimony, implies Paterno didn’t believe he was a pedophile

Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World.

Happy Passover from Henry! (photo)

Support a New Federal Law That Has Meaningful Redistricting Reform to Prevent Gerrymandering

Pa. groundhog's handler taking blame for forecast

Anyone watch Phil Spector on HBO last night?

Apple's has the greenest data centers of all, is the largest supplier of online media for U.S.A.

Wisconsin Rep Evan Goyke says proposed Gogebic mine would be larger than his Assembly district (True

Defeating Useless Rich People

Some Bailouts Taxpayers Seldom Ever Notice

Italian Supreme Court to rule whether Amanda Knox should be retried

Hot Money Blues (Paul Krugman)

It's hard to find nice things on a four-sided cow. (a mis-heard lyrics thread)

triangle shirtwaist fire-25 mar 1911

Claire McCaskill Announces Support For Gay Marriage

Utah’s real ‘land grab’

i just want to say-wow

Anti-Gay Marriage Rally Turns Violent In France

interesting Anne Ortelee w/o 3/25 with a 2nd finger of god/goddess

Here we go again: Militant atheism has become a religion

list of victims of triangle shirtwaist fire

Pallante: Large-Scale Illegal Internet Streaming Should Be Felony

Worst Company In America Round 1: Bank Of America Vs. Capital One

Some guys actually get it…

Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" Cartoon on the Pundits who were wrong about Iraq

So My wife can't get unemployment benefits (Didn't make enough) and Her supervisor's supervisor

today in women's herstory

2nd Uribe security chief investigated over alleged drug links .

Yahoo spends 'millions' on UK teen Nick D'Aloisio's Summly app.

The G.O.P.’s Bachmann Problem

New Zealand bans foreign students from working as prostitutes

If we edit a thread a lot of times..

Mackeeper. Guidance please.

If you believe in Heaven do you have to believe in Hell?

I don't usually post requests for Facebook "Likes", but this is good

It's not the weekend, and I'm not Salmon Enchanted Evening, but

Why art and religion are natural bedfellows

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to deliver coffee and food to folks camped out in front of SC

Do your doctors require you to sign arbitration agreements?

Using the Ipad mini/with cellular to replace my cell phone?

LIL Barack

Senate: Rand Paul's lunatic budget gets 18 Republican votes

4 things pop psychology gets wrong

Two types of property

Guns and ammo sales spark jobs boom

It's still February in Russia

Rigged, obscene drug company profits

Hours of videos of Pope Francis' first day as Pontiff in Rome (dial-up warning):

The sick joke is that George Bush actually ended up as a kind of reverse-Chauncey Gardiner


Pic Of The Moment: Polling Expert: "The GOP Is Estranged From America"

Supreme Court agrees to hear Michigan affirmative action case

Gloria Steinem and Friends Want Obama to Appoint a Female to Head FCC

Big anti-gay marriage protests hit Paris as legislation nears passage

The Mechanical Transmission of Power: Endless Rope Drives

A few more from florida....

Israel to resume transfer of PA tax revenue

Better route planning cuts fuel use in freight sector

Dems and GOP hint they are close on Medicare Cuts

Wealth Redistribution? Who gains? Who loses?

A is for...

Why a Near-Death Experience Isn’t Proof of Heaven (Sci Amer)

Tea Partiers boycott 'too liberal' Fox

Over 10% of a single tortoise species' population found in smuggler's bag

Don't Glass and drive -- lawmakers seek to ban Google Glass on the road

On the upcoming Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriate

Remembering Oscar Romero, El Salvador and Iraq

Faith Hill ~ There Will Come A Day!

Remembering Oscar Romero, El Salvador and Iraq

Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend landmark gay-marriage argument

Guantanamo shame

Protests by Indians cost Bolivia $350k a day in gas sales

Happy 10th Birthday to Hugh

Hubby made an observation about 3-D printers


Embryos of world's most endangered cat preserved (Iberian Lynx)

Why the SCOTUS is likely to rule for gay marriage: Clue: His name begins with "K"

Supposedly dead prostitute comes back to life while in coffin

Stratasys seizes (revokes lease) 3D printer from man who tried to make gun

Citing Impact on Competitiveness, Delaney Votes Against Ryan Budget.

Magic Jack Plus vs. Ooma vs. Obi

After Cyprus, eurozone faces tough bank regime - Eurogroup head

Another introvert related blog

Why are we letting the war on women happen?

New trailer for World War Z.

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 25, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 25, 1965

Congressional Ethics Probe Adds to Michele Bachmann’s Political Woes

Defending the sanctity of marriage...

New Republic: Phil Griffin Wanted MSNBC to Be Conservative after 9/11 and Mocked Olbermann

Thelma and Louise. Well almost.

Who wants a Greek Haircut? Euro Zone official: "Haircut" possible template for other banks.

Dear Victoria's Secret letter from a father

Governor Cuomo Blasts "Propaganda" Lawsuit Against State Gun Law

South African minister backs legalisation of rhino horn trade

ALEC/NRA Bill Introduced to Stop Cities from Banning Machine Guns

Gun Permit Condition in MD Upheld by 4th Circuit

Worse than mental illness? Wash. State Sen says:The moritorium against discussing it

I Went to the Playboy Mansion (and It Was Kinda Depressing)

Italian prosecutor: Amanda Knox should be retried for murder

Senate Unanimously Votes Against Cuts to Social Security: Media Don't Notice

The Racism That Fuels the 'War on Terror'

Watch It Here: Michael Moore And His Esteemed Panel On Common Sense Gun Control

Bay Area's lowest-paid workers struggle to get by as debate rages over minimum-wage hikes

Saving Cyprus Means Nobody Safe as Europe Breaks More Taboos

The 2013 WSSA US National Sport Stacking Championships/Maryland Open

Greatest golf shot ever? One-handed backwards shot from halfway up a TREE.

Canada to modify its General Preferential Tariff and raise tariffs on 72 countries.

TV Show host Rick Steves: Sequester People like Me, Not Struggling Americans

Motor City Revived as Detroit Withers to Motown Shadow

Jim Carrey’s anti-gun music video: Charlton Heston had an ‘itty-bitty gland’

so the GD thread got locked, but atheism as a religion?

Police training exercise draws criticism

1969 Ford Mustang Reinvented With Computer Printer

Rick Steves: Sequester People like Me, Not Struggling Americans

I like the term "National Republican Armory". Feel free to use it!

Science finally figures out how to get rid of ear worms!!

Subpoenas issued in California probe of Koch-backed political group: report

Report: Federal investigators target Bachmann in ethics probe

Dumb Criminals: Mother who picks up son after DUI arrest is arrested for same offense

Has anyone seen the MSNBC secret memo that Amy Goodman obtained?

CIA Helping Boost Arms Shipments To Syria Rebels

Missouri school investigates urine prank by girls team

Voter ID laws posed big hurdle for minority youth in 2012 elections, study confirms

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Papantonio: Pfizer’s Dangerous Antibiotics Harming Consumers

We have remarked that one reason offered for being a progressive...

Accident leads to school completely banning triangle oatmeal snacks

Some Believe Atmosphere Is Safe For Gay NFL Player To Come Out

Vial of deadly virus missing from Texas lab? No problem!

Costa Rica wants replay of World Cup qualifier against the USA

does this song promote date rape?

How the Koch brothers launder dirty oil profits to buy our government

Is this dude for real?

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible pt. 1

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible pt. 2

What's a fair Return On Investment for pitching in $6,800,000,000.00? Oh, that much?

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible pt. 3

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible pt. 4

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible pt. 5

Mansion caretaker charged with drinking $102K whiskey

Dairy pranks?

'Jamie Dimon Agrees With Occupy Wall Street: 'Too Much Inequality'

Russia to Retaliate If Magnitsky Act Goes Ahead – Putin Aide

My "WTF?" news story of the day...

Mitch McConnell: Wrong then, wrong now.

Don't know about you, but I'm still FURIOUS about Selection 2000.

please don't use your fingers...

The plan isn't really complicated ...

Keystone Public Comments Won't Be Made Public, State Department Says

64% Of Americans Want Military Action To Stop Iran

Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Lewis dies at 85

Salt Sugar Fat How the Food Giants Hooked Micheal Moss in the Guardian

Solar Sales Surge Through Home Depot

Diplomatic negotiations have been exhausted. There's no progress. I'm recommending that we invade.

NABET-CWA and ABC-Disney Reach Tentative Agreement

Russian officials raid Amnesty's Moscow headquarters

Tamron Hall on MSNBC just reported that Michelle Bachmann is under investigation by the

Israel Closes West Bank For Jewish Holiday

Exxon Hates Your Children

i'm a little horse

China’s Wind Sector Eclipses Growth in Coal

Former S.C. Republican official: ‘C*cksucker’ anti-war vet should have ‘come home in a body bag’

Right To Work laws are about giving workers a voice

Graft Personified

Palestinian Christians Protest Israeli Permit Regime During Palm Sunday Procession

AMC's Low Winter Sun Trailer

If Only We Could Talk About Abusing Women Like We Do Abusing Cats

Please Sign Petition: Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

Venezuela Regional Leader in Human Development, According to UNDP

Garden State a Solar Eden: New Jersey Hits 1 GW

I'm sick of all this commercialization of Holi

E-cigs... anyone have a favorite?

Random observation: Firefox plays Youtube videos better than Chrome

The War On Entitlements

.Senate Banking Chair Johnson to Announce Retirement.

Throwing the First Cyber-Stone

Cleveland National Air Show canceled for 2013 because of federal cuts (Repubs in meltdown mode)

I got dem Existential Blues

David Beckham wipes out on a promo soccer kick. Funny.

Chavez's Death, Like His Life, Shows the World's Divisions

JP Morgan Chase's Shocking Fail Whale Report & Criminality - David Dayen Discusses

The Parliament of Canada......

A cyclone of crap ...

Torrington, CT students rally in favor of child rapist. And blame the victim, of course.

International students attending Canadian universities - 3 times the number in 2000.

KC will consider 'ban the box,' taking criminal history questions off job applications

Life After Oil and Gas

Sometimes, getting off the train isn't so easy.......

Here is a book on the physical side of sugar salt fat addiction

fire hydrants are so yesterday

Alexa Meade - Performance as Painting

Dems who say "Deficit" are pushing a Republican agenda! Use "Revenue" instead.

NPR's Erroneous Show on Disability/SSI

59 dollar raise

Jim Carrey Mocks The Late Charlton Heston And Gun Nut Penises In ‘Cold Dead Hand'

If YOU were making an argument for same sex marriage before the SCOTUS, what would you say?

Is Caiden Cowger Buying Views?

A Rail Accident Proves That Amtrak Is The Only Way To Travel

Chávez Target of Media Scorn. His independence, help for Venezuela's poor will not be forgiven

Durbin wants new fiscal commission. Wants to raise retirement age, cut COLA.

…And yet, America continues to give sooo much deference to Wall Street

Wyoming Wins Fracking Lawsuit When Judge Sides With State Oil And Gas Conservation Commission

Aaaaah! I just found out that on old school friend took his teenage daughter to a "Purity Ball"

On this date one year ago....

Actually, they were born a year apart… But it's still no excuse

For those familiar with Detroit, how would you try to fix things?

Tea Partiers boycotting Fox News because it's too liberal

The Rude Pundit: The NRA Reaps Its Own Whirlwind in Facing Bloomberg

When Libertarians Think They're Clever (Found On Facebook)

BREAKING! FL + PA gov. races TOSS UPs!

Troopers Indicted After Roadside Cavity Search Of Two Women

'We Have Not Forgotten Your Suffering': (Gitmo Prisoners Hunger Strike)

John Ziegler's "Framing Paterno": THIS is why the Today show had the Sandusky interview!

JA Solar Posts Big Loss; Chinese Solar Stocks Look Dim

G.W. Bush presidential library set to open...

Majority of Rhode Island mayors call for legalizing gay marriage

Lebanon's Pro-Hezbollah Government Collapses

Monday cooking tunes - laid back stuff

Ted Cruz (R-TX): Joe McCarthy comparisons mean ‘we’re doing something right’

The Guardian UK takes on the History Channel's The Bible series

I hate arguing - ---

American Exceptionalism: now dear god there's a "health care lottery" for disabled, poor Tenneseans.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but plagiarism ain't

State senator to propose bets on federal elections

Influence of camera angle on evoked empathy different between sexes

You, Me and Mickey Mouse

i dont think this google glass thing is going to catch on

Guns don't offer protection – whatever the National Rifle Association says

Wesley Wesley Clark: Time to Invest, Get Over Austerity


Did you ever decide you just wanted something different to drink?

Wingnuts like "choice" when it rips the public fabric (school vouchers) not for individuals (bodies)

Are cats ... (gulp!)... Republicans

Happy Passover

Ayn Rand And The Sociopathic Society or ‘How I Learned To Stop Loving My Neighbor And Despise Them

"Present Shock". It's the tyranny of now

Evolution Doesn't Work - James Tour, Phd.

Black atheists search for sense of belonging

Labor Attorneys Agree: The Adria Richards Firing Will Be Hard to Defend

what's the deal with S.E. Cupp's backless dress today?

Militant atheism has become a religion

On a lighter note... John Kerry and Beatles visual association

Sen. Mark Warner Announces Support For Marriage Equality

What's for Dinner ~ Monday March 25th

Gun evidence links Ebel, Clements' death

Rand vs. Rubio

Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal and Christopher Murphy Slam NRA

Albany police: SWAT used poor black neighborhood for training because it’s ‘realistic’

Anybody going to DC tomorrow

Japanese food company Mr. Donut serves customers bleach instead of water

Is Clipping Articles Fair Use? U.S. Court Says No

Jim Carrey takes out Charleton Heston and the NRA in one fell swoop!

British man goes to extreme lengths to keep people from parking outside his house

a quick 3 questions sirs.....

Tim Johnson South Dakota Senator not running for re-election

Bank on Being Bilked

Nebraska Police Chase Down Man Video Recording Their Abuse While Second Man Video Records It All

As if I needed another reason to have a crush on Norman Reedus ("Darryl" from The Walking Dead):

New Studies Suggest the Speed of Light is Variable

Minnesota fires coach Tubby Smith

Mayors of America vs. the NRA.. I wonder if the NRA will release a video of Mayors..

Jeannette Wing

Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

Papantonio: A Free Pass For Big Pharma

Paraguayan Farmers to Occupy Land

President Obama Designates Five New National Monuments

Scott Walker is writing a book

Scott Walker is writing a book

Will SCOTUS transform the national landscape on gay rights?

Rove loves Ginsburg now?

US Senate Unanimously Votes To End Unfair Subsidies For ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks


Absolutely FANTASTICALLY acted scene on the Walking Dead: Morgan and Rick

Judge denies (former hand surgeon) Michael Brown's request for early release from jail

George Zimmerman's brother says 'black teens' are 'risky'

Georgia Senate Passes Measure To Move State Line, Claim Tennessee Water

Why would a man be driving this car?

Battle Cry of the Red Stater

Gay NFL Player 'Strongly Considers' Coming Out

KPRC Weatherman Frank Billingsley to Speak at Marriage Equality Rally Monday Night

Ceremony breaks ground for Vietnam Monument

House sets budget debate rule: Undoing school cuts off limits

Pew: Republicans Don’t Think Supreme Court Is Conservative

Thom Hartmann radio today: Anybody else hear that winger woman caller about the USPS?

God Damn it Tweety let your guests answer the question!

Find groundhog. KILL HIM

New rule when checking in to the lounge...

Irving city manager Tommy Gonzalez’s employment could end Wednesday with special meeting, big buyout

Meanwhile, we just had our Gas shut off...

Push to open scouting to openly gay adults and youth may have awakened a sleeping conservative giant

Rochester, NY Police officer Tells Rape Victim, "Blow me, wh*re"

A good argument can be made that the GOP is the most destructive force in US history.

Why I take a break from DU in between elections...

Does anyone know Acrobat X 10.1.6? I can *not* figure out how to flatten a file.

BIG NEWS: University of Virginia Stops Harming Cats!

Thank you,Joe Biden (Same sex Marriage)!

In re: the debate on tipping, I bring you the last word

Journey of Nishiyuu march arrives in Ottawa

Rep. Ron Reynolds (D), several lawyers charged in ambulance chasing scheme

Senators To NRA: Stop Berating Newtown Victims’ Families

When It Comes To Migrant Workers, Israel's High Court Is All High-Level Babble

Scooter Store could close its headquarters by Sunday

Scooter Store could close its headquarters by Sunday

A Sad Distance

Vladimir Putin Sings Blueberry Hill. I shit you not.

Rand Paul budget amendment: Use Foreign Aid Funds to Pay for Bridges

Austerity's Cruelest Cut: Democracy Denied in Detroit

Prisoner protest at Guantánamo Bay stains Obama's human rights record

Mike Beebe Vetoes Voter Photo ID Bill

Spoonamore - Sep 2008 - Part 5 - "Mike Connel: Bush IT Guru." On the The Connel anomaly

NYT editorial: Report Card on Health Care Reform

Steven Spoonamore BUSTING the 'Man-in-the-Middle' of Ohio Vote Rigging

some background to the triangle shirtwaist fire--1909 uprising of the 20,000,1910 cloakmakers strike

MFM poll

In which I praise the very conservative Detroit News editorial page.

Tennessee lawmakers confuse mop sink for Muslim foot-washing sink

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004

Gov. Corbett To Meet With Sebelius About Medicaid Expansion

NPR Gives Focus on the Family's Jim Daly a Pass

Camera Finds Way Back to Owner After Drifting 6,200 Miles from Hawaii to Taiwan

Vanderbilt study: Soy diet improves lung cancer survival odds in women

Multiple People Stabbed At East Liberty (Pa.) Target

Automakers Pitch In To Help Detroit As State Takeover Begins Donating $8m For Ambulances,Police Cars

Nearly $3.7M spent by taxpayers on ex-presidents in 2012

Cold Dead Hand

Monday Child Shooting Review - 5 and under edition

Live squid bomb found in Guangzhou, South China market

UMWA action leading the way for Economic Justice against Vampire Capitalists

Dad turns son into police for £3,700 (USD $5,615.31) iTunes bill

Cyprus Bailout: Banks To Stay Closed Until Thursday

Man gets 18 year jail term for US military center plot

So, Bush (useless) gets 1.5M of support from US taxpayers per year...on the news tonight.

Shamwow guy makes movie "InAPPropriate Comedy", 2nd biggest box office flop of all time

Question to Tiger followers..

Popeye's or Pizza Delivery...

Welfare to Disability. The Great State Scam?

Suspect tied to African, Yemen militants pleads guilty to U.S. charges

Forget 'panda diplomacy'; it's the Journey of Nishiyuu that deserves our full attention

Rights groups slam new U.N. arms trade treaty draft

About that "rebranding" thing...

From "The Simpsons Already Did It" files: NYC restaurants hit by grease thefts

Dumb Criminals: Man rolls joint while sitting at stop light next to cop

Boris Berezovsky died by hanging, police say

Welcoming the Newcomer: How Faith Groups Are Rallying the Religious Behind Immigration Reform

Academic calls for pay-as-you-weigh flight fares

Lt. Dan Choi brings SCOTUS campers coffee, donuts and conversation

Ae you ashamed that your taxes go to war?

Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin

Flotilla 3.0: Redeeming Obama's Palestine Speech with Gaza's Ark

(NY) State Official Out With New Book On Mental Illness

Toxic ‘Honey Laundering’: Proof That Free Market Libertarians Like Rand Paul Are Morons

Peru declares Amazon oil contamination emergency

fluff on a towel

I don't know you.

If Voters Continue To Vote GOP They Deserve To Work For Dirt Because The GOP Will Make

A question, would rock music be the same if Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens lived.

Wal-Mart sues grocery union, others over trespassing in Florida

The 147 People Destroying the World

APNewsBreak: $1.7M penalty proposed in Exxon spill

#HandsOffSS DK Social Security Defenders Blogathon started today

Brazil supermarkets 'to avoid Amazon meat'

Don't Be Naïve. That Speech Was a Revolution

Teabaggers boycotting Fox for being too liberal?

Welcome to the Daily Kos Social Security Defenders Blogathon

Does studying science make you a better person?

M 6.1 - GUATEMALA - 2013-03-25 23:02:14 UTC

Shall we play Atheist Bingo?