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Archives: March 27, 2013

It's Srping Break! Everyone who is tired of cold weather and SNOW, Come on

What if North Korea does attack?

When did Alex Wagner get the 7 pm slot on MSNBC?

Slovenia’s New Cabinet Under Pressure to Avoid Cyprus Fate

Britain's energy strategy in disarray

Keep the Ball Rolling in Illinois!

Monash University trial to test if cough mixture ingredient could help Down syndrome

Hey Gang! The Intellectual Heavyweights at the NATIONAL REVIEW have a really neato new idea...

Fraternity Fails: ASU Frat member burns teenage girl at party, then kicks her out to cover it up

Colombian Eco-village Thrives

Butterscotch espresso

"Is that too much to ask...?"

I only know 1 thing about this. I cannot get over the fact A BABY WAS SHOT IN THE FACE!

In Memory of Dr. Henry “Hank” Oyama

Pig latin for dough = O'day. Boogie Ride!

Man arrested in connection with assault of Tobacco Hut clerk (remember the big guy punched a girl)

Climate Change Impact on Sea Ice Decline

This gadget makes (could make) our health-care projections obsolete

Can Charlotte Danielson "cure" Down's Syndrome? (No.)

Dating Deception Tactics Men And Women Use

U.S. Transport Workers Union and U.K. National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Form...

Golden Gate Bridge to go to digital toll system, 9 lose their jobs, others assigned elsewhere

Six Charts That Illustrate Just How Much Higher Health Care Costs Are For Americans

I am finding this all hard to believe...

My story a basic outline

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Homophobia & a new Kitty gif

The Adventure Cruise to Nowhere

My fuggin physician is useless. I go to him with my medical problems, and all he does

Minor League Park To Have Urinal Gaming

Sweet Transvestite or Executive Transvestite?

Conference Realignment summed up in one word...

I love Ad Block because: (poll)

Road rage nut, chases teens for 40 min, throws first punch then when tables turn, wife pulls a gun

Open A Jar Lid Of Any Size Easily With Duct Tape (VIDEO)

Do you think doing away with cash is a good or bad idea ?

Justice Sotomayer Takes Down An Anti-Gay Marriage Argument In 1 Minute - actual exchange on video

Surrounded by 8 pit pulls today, I barely escaped with my life

Let's all keep our eyes on Kamala Harris,

The best rejoinder I've seen yet to the anti gay marriage folks

ted olsen - wow

Government extends new nuclear power station timetable by five years, confirms first plant will cost

Authorities seize computers from Catholic parish office in Independence, MO

Trapped: The Plight of Palestinian Refugees From Syria

U.S. Signs Contingency Plan With South Korea for Attack by North

Tucson shooting records from Jan. 8 rampage to be released Wednesday

Could this work?

Harold Pinter spelled out why we need to prosecute the war criminals who run Washington.

"Mike Huckabee: Evangelicals Will 'Take a Walk' if GOP Supports Marriage Equality - VIDEO"

A Devastating New Look at Corbett's 2.5 year delay in filing charges against Sandusky, as Atty.Gen.

I Finally Found Proof Of "The Gay Agenda".

Blue Cheer live B&W on American Band Stand in 1968 YouTube

Proposition 8: What I heard today and what I expect from it in a nutshell.

Claire de Lune from Walt Disney's Fantasia

The lie of 'state lands': Whitewashing the confiscation of Palestinian land

I just got a letter today from my Aunts

I'm a sucker for happy dog stories.

Anybody else watching the Walking Dead.

Missile Defense Arc Being Created Across Asia-Pacific

It's All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married)

New Prostate Cancer Tests Could Reduce False Alarms

"Biden: 'No Leadership' in GOP" by Arlette Saenz at Yahoo

Who watches Face-Off? Tonight was the finale.

Scrappers: The Heartbreaking Photographic Tale of An Economic Disaster

today in women's herstory

What You Need To Know After the First of Two SCOTUS Marriage Equality Cases

So, Colorado DUers, when can I drive from Kansas City and try Pot for the first time?

a biography of the day-dr. bertha van hoosen (obstetrics, gynecology, feminist)

MRI in Omaha $2,800

Having a ball

Politics rule everyday govt in Venezuela

Betty Boop - Minnie the Moocher

I just had my first two gardening articles published!

Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moocher

**Fox News Warning**: Fox Hates Jim Carrey.LOL

Eight Year-Old Ambassador and the Prez

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday March 27th

Pupil's cannabis prank lands teacher in hospital, flaps arms thinks he is a bird

WinXP to Win7 X86

Alabama Church puts up "Strip For Me - Jesus" signs, stirs controversy

LA Vietnamese Fusion restaurant turns the tables on Twitter - exposes names of no shows

The fruit slice is supposed to be the G

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into Ted Cruz: ‘So Perfectly And Childishly McCarthyesque’

Health risks of obese mothers-to-be

If Texas Latinos had same turnout rate as Anglos, the state would already be ‘purple’

‘We Are F*cking Powerless!’: Stewart Laments Obama’s–And Every Other President’s–Failure In ME

Self-harm pupil given razor at Unsted Park School

Scientists confirm first two-headed bull shark

Purple to Blue Project

Creator of Drone Causalities Visualization Hopes Data Will 'Shock' People

Things that make you go hmmm.

Brings tears to my eyes:

Obama advisory panel: achieving low-carbon goals without nuclear would be "extremely difficult"

"The G.O.P.’s Bachmann Problem" by CHARLES M. BLOW at the NY Times

Kentucky Legislature has OK'd industrial hemp. one caveat and fixed link

This (just) happened!

CW Banishes ‘Cult’ to Fridays After Two Weeks of Ratings’ Failure

It All Started Innocently Enough

Taiwan Supreme Court Says Porn Not Covered By Copyright

Star Trek into Brickness - Yah I'd see it.

Western KS moderates weigh in on the theft of agency funds to pay for Brownback's tax plan

Saw George Bush and my namesake Laura tonight !

A Letter from God on Gay Marriage (The Onion)

Conservatives At Anti-Gay Marriage Rally Undercut One Of Their Primary Talking Points

Moderate Republicans get object lesson in what Disaster Capitalism means

New Book fm National Academy "Transitions to Alternative Vehicles and Fuels"

Cat and baloons


Study: Health overhaul to raise claims cost 32 pct

Texas ranks No. 1 in inappropriate student-teacher relationships

Help turn VA from Purple to Blue.

Jon Stewart Tears Apart GOP Autopsy Report For Changing Tone But Not Policy: ‘Good Luck In 2020′

o please o please o please o please o please o please o please o please o please o please o...

Nearly All My Facebook Friends Have Posted Messages Supporting Marriage Equality

Funniest Marriage Equality Memes

Howard Dean Launches Campaign To Flip State Legislatures

Man's car lands on neighbor's roof in strange accident

Did I miss something? Why all these North Korea threads?

Allegri-Miserer mei, Deus, music for Tenebrae during Holy Week.

Former Employee Says Tom Thumb Forced Him to Work Through Broken Hand, Fired Him

Rachael is going to interview a guest re VA backlog after the break.

George Jarkesy: Conservative Talking Head, Host to Radio Show in Investments, Gets Slammed by SEC

I just invented a new word:

Anyone drink apple cider vinegar?

Venezuelan Youth Denounce Violent Opposition Plans

Light Texas 130 traffic prompts credit review of toll debt

Venezuela Creates Over 3,000 Committees Against Speculation

Texas House votes to reduce high-stakes testing, change graduation requirements

'Marriage Equality Now' message projected onto the front of the Supreme Court building - image

Even the Freepers are fed up with Wal-Mart.

Bill to test welfare applicants for drugs approved

30 of 288 giant bolts on new SF Bay Bridge have snapped, even before opening

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

$61 billion payoff from Eagle Ford

Sinkhole swallows more trees

Do you know who had straight parents?

State health chief Greenstein is a “no show”

Why are "gun safety advocates" so poor at actual gun safety?

I“m having a cocktail party for 19. I

a simple economic test of whether a "green" choice is really green

FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as 'Top Priority' for 2013

Elected Republicans' Anti-Gay Stance Out Of Touch With Actual Texans

If you want to go out to eat, consider the public interest a tax on your freedom.

I think I might have lost a sister tonight... over facebook :facepalm:

The Kennedys were big Joe McCarthy supporters

The CyberCemetery is an archive of government websites that have ceased operation

Ted Olson, Gay Marriage's Unlikely Legal Warrior (As good an explanation as you will find)

I would never argue against maintaining the anonymity of those who put me on ignore.

China, tired of North Korea?

Any one remember generic foods?

Asian hot sauce taste test: Beyond Sriracha

Clean Electricity from Bacteria? Researchers Make Breakthrough in Race to Create 'Bio-Batteries'

Man subjected to 'It's a Small World' song on stuck Disney ride awarded $8,000

A cynic's support of gay marriage.

Venezuelan acting president touts technology transfer with China

USA Soccer, Mexico Tie, 0-0: U.S. Earns Point At Estadio Azteca In World Cup Qualifying

High Voltage Audio

Why Walmart's Death Grip on Our Food System Is Intensifying Poverty

2006 ABC interview with Stephen Spoonamore, technology guru, DESTROYS Diebold on Election fraud

Hundreds of Greek seamen unpaid for months

Man wins $8K after Disney "Small World" breakdown

Gun lobby helps block US from signing UN arms treaty: Use these online tools to fight back!

Help promote Medicaid expansion in WA State

Tony Rabbitt

North Korea cuts off military hotline with South

Is it just me or has the republicon leadership been laying low lately

Bank of England tells banks to raise £25bn

Scots give Trump the finger

The GMO that Could Have Killed Nearly All Life on Earth

Suggestion submitted by DetlefK

The joy of moving with cats: ER edition

Woman has seizure while driving, saved by good Samaritans (video at link)

"early neolithic longhouse" - does this remind anyone else of how barns are still made, a little?

Mo. Attorney General to make announcement about Bridgeton Landfill

Professor says Ballpark Village is historic, artifacts could be lost

“Hometown Hero” changes elderly man's life

Child porn linked to St. Ann Parish in Independence

Parent: Topless photo of female student circulating among students at Northland middle school

Your evolution is totally gay, Mark Morford

Miserere Me, Deus

Supervalu Slashes 1,100 Jobs

Bi-Lo Laying off 130


There's a GOOD NEWS Group now...

NYC Council Members Back Locked-out Union Meat Workers

No Real Difference Between HFCS and Sugar: Article

Senate Sales Tax Fairness Vote a ‘Victory’: Retailers

Honda Odyssey: The minivan with its own vacuum

Work underway to digitize 1500s Fla. records

DUer running for school board

Tipping my toes back into the DU pool.

6 Ways the 7th Richest Man in America Has Screwed the Poor

Win-win squared: Dogs on the college campus

Is the Supreme Court Going to Take the Cowardly Way Out on Marriage Equality?

Girl honored for good deed

Visited the Facebook page of an old High School friend...

1 in 6 US Kids Has Unemployed or Underemployed Parent

Ted Olson wins court of public opinion on California's same-sex marriage ban

Erdogan: Homosexuality ‘contrary to Islam’

$30,000 Found in Clothes Returned: ‘I Believe in Karma’

Wastewater leak from oilsands plant enters Athabasca River

China's exploitation of Latin American natural resources raises concern

Show me the money. Small sampling of military contracts for Afghanistan (some up until 2018)

Peru declares environmental state of emergency in its rainforest

Saudi prosecutor demands death penalty for Shi'ite cleric

"From Detroit to Cyprus, Banksters in Search of Prey"

Carlsbad NM Farmers Push For Priority Call On Water Rights - "Nuclear Option" In World Of Irrigation

Rare Australian possum could be continent's first climate change victim

Climate On Agenda At Upcoming G-8? No, Thanks To Key Cameron ("Greenest Gov. Ever") Advisor

Susie Sampson does CPAC

What happened to the Bill Press show? It has been interrupted with a broadcast about cartel

My friends over at Rainbow Warrior Community shared this on FB, thought I would pass it along:

Members Of Indonesian Parliament Pin Blame For Sumatran Deforestation On . . . . WWF, "Foreign" NGOs

So that's where I am…

Pension Funds Wary as Bankrupt City Goes to Trial

American Girl helps raise money for children living with cancer

Pint-sized Chihuahua helps save girl during pit bull attack, w/pic of bad ass Chihuahua

I'm amazed by who all in my Facebook feed is turning out to be pro-marriage rights

‘Extreme Kids’ help other kids by donating food, entertainment

Jim Greer to get sentenced today. Expect a slap on the wrist.

"Pwned"--a word that should be summarily kicked out of the language.

Marysville Middle School kids have heads shaved to raise money for cancer research

Here's a summary of the Democratic budget

Sheboygan man's video game history helps him stay in U.S.

Man Helps Girlfriend With Spinal Injury Across Marathon Finish Line

Man Helps Girlfriend With Spinal Injury Across Marathon Finish Line

Corporate Kangaroo Courts Supplant Our Seventh Amendment Rights by Jim Hightower

Local Airport Closures Cause GOPers Sequestration Anxiety

Is it real? or is Dr. Oz pulling our Garcinia Cambogia?

What are some of your favorite dog breed NAMES?

Thousands of employees occupy Bank of Cyprus headquarters

Conservatives Promise 'DEFCON 6' If The Supreme Court Overturns California's Gay Marriage Ban

Gown Town helps girls go to prom in style at no cost

Suspicious Transactions: Cypriot Parliament Investigating Capital Flight

Cyprus crisis: capital controls to be agreed - live

Lie detector helps town screen out racists

Has anyone used 3rd party testers?

I'm... dreaming.... of a white.... Easter...

keystone pipeline: u.s. pays foxes to assess henhouse as delicious

Oklahoma lawmakers pass horse slaughter bill

Where's Joe and Mika??

Boss pledges to help sick kids

Local gay couple anxiously awaits Supreme Court decision on constitutionality of gay marriage laws

JPMorgan Chase Still Going Strong Despite Paying Billions for Long List of Misdeeds (w/partial list)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Marriage equality

Britain loses bid to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-War and stuff

The Violence of Neoliberalism and the Attack on Higher Education

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

'Feminist' Porn Star Nica Noelle Interviewed

Venezuela defeats Colombia in WC qualifying, and boos Chavez

Wisconsin's government receives 'F' for financial transparency online

Another prison disco to open Thursday on Margarita Island

Iowa plays Virginia at 6Pm tonight

Why a Democratic Majority Is Not Demographic Inevitability (Part Three: The Fungibility of Fears)

A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On - Children are not cruel. Children are mirrors.

OK, this makes me feel somewhat better about being a T-Mobile customer.......

I have a question....

(9th Circuit) CA City Council Prayers Didn't Endorse Jesus

What about George and Martha Washington? They only procreated a country.

Philly police officers kicked in the teeth of a 60-year-old auto mechanic,robbed him of $34,000

Lookit this cool little mechanical guy.

Global internet slows after 'biggest attack in history'

Under Prop 8, My Straight Marriage Would Not Be Legal

Duggars with 19 kids may now adopt

Draw Your Own Conclusions: Religion and Gay Marriage in the Senate

SCOTUS: Uncharted Waters

"They are essentially dead men who just happen to breathe."

Flint Balances Books at Cost of Services Citizens Need

Picking New York’s State Soil? Not So Fast

It just never stops...Regulators Find British Banks Must Raise $38 Billion

2 yr old Bedtime Bandit.....

Ten cops that your kids should avoid at all costs:

We now have the red and pink Marriage Equality avatar image.

Just thought I'd take this new avatar out for a spin to see how it fits...

Gaza Reporters Boycott Forum On Hamas' New Laws for Media

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 27, 1966

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 27, 1966

Dare we hope?????...........JPMorgan Chase Faces Full-Court Press of Federal Investigations

How to Buy Dirty Bombs on the Black Market (Documentary)

Happy Birthday, Viagra (aka Nina Turner Day?)

Remembering Harvey Milk's Passionate Refrain 35 Yrs Ago: “Come out . . . come out . . . come out.”

Bangladesh widens crackdown on atheist bloggers

I couldn't find a parking space when I got to the office this morning

Groups Balk at Paying $1.3 Million Cop Killer Reward

Bet on Red! Nevada May Legalize Gambling on Federal Elections

Latest: mainstream media ignores"what the corporate state wants ignored'" Chris Hedges

'This Is Working': Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs

Budget Cuts Hit E-Verify

2013 - the Year without Spring

Hunters, Anglers, and Climate Change

Facebook Is Keeping Track of What You Buy at the Drugstore

Unbelievable pictures - from atop the Great Pyramid of Giza

Clorox's "Green" marketing strategy: mock the people you want to buy your products

Furloughs Could Endanger Feds’ Security Clearances (financial troubles endanger your clearance)

Great prognostications in American conservative history.

Why should I speak up?

Thom Hartmann: SCOTUS - Gay Marriage - It's Time!

Ecuador auctions off Amazon to Chinese oil firms

Post analysis of Dow 30 firms shows declining tax burden as a share of profits

Coming To The Fiction Section Of A Bookstore Near You (Cognitive Dissidence) Too frkin' true!!

SMBC: Culture Warriors

SCOTUS, Whose Side Are You On?

Supreme Court rules for Comcast in class-action case

Italy Bersani: PM job 'only for mentally ill'

A serious question, for a change.

There's one in every crowd…

Pollution trial of New York coke producer wraps up

SCALIA: Have gays and lesbians tried NOT having homosexual sex?

Jesus Had 2 Dads Too!

"The 60 Best Signs Against DOMA And Prop 8 At The Supreme Court"

Cyprus - Capital Controls announced

A small thing you can do to help in spare time, without leaving the computer/home

I'm In Need Of Advice - Am Turning 65 In August - What Do I Need To Do To Apply For Medicare?...

Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion

Jenna Wolfe comes out, reveals pregnancy with NBC co-worker

Shugo Tokumaru - "Katachi" (Official Music Video) .

NATO head urges Syria political solution, rules out intervention

Star Wars in religious iconography

Comcast pulls all advertisements showing weapons and firearms

Bo Obama on Easter egg hunt. (video)

Sen. Kay Hagan Announces Support For Marriage Equality

Fruit flies fed organic diets are healthier than flies fed nonorganic diets, study finds

Thom Hartmann: Healthcare lottery...may the odds be forever in your favor

Overheard: Stupid Reason #423 why same sex marriage is a bad idea

Functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet (100% selfmade)

What famous internet cat are you?

19-Year-Old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From the World'

Question, when asked about "in name only" why didn't Olson respond regarding all of the legal rights

Groups Balk at Paying $1.3 Million Cop Killer Reward

I just read you are thinking of getting rid of the think that tells you how many people

Trees Used to Create Recyclable, (2.7%) Efficient Solar Cell

Turkish military police fire teargas at protesting Syrian refugees, many hurt

Oklahoma earthquake linked to oil extraction wastewater

Bullied teenager compiled guns and a list of people to kill at his school....

This Is How An Electronic Iron Man Helmet Is Made!

Tommy Haas beats Novak Djokovic - Oldest Man Ever to Beat a #1 Player

Edie Outside Supreme Court

Bioshock Infinite: I'll Just Leave These Here Without Comment (DIALUP WARNING! IMAGES!)

Johnson Senate Exit Puts Control, Bank Chairman in Play

Why I made an Iron Man Suit - 16-year old Tony Stark builds homemade Iron Man Suit

Imprisoned Iranian-American pastor gets push from State Dept.

The Robot Reality: Service Jobs Are Next to Go

Bangladesh strike: Shoot at sight orders issued

Iron Man 3 -- Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD

"10 Non-Religious Reasons to Keep Marriage Traditional" Or: same old shit sammich, different mayo

Hit Cable Series on the Rise as Broadcasters Suffer Record-Low Ratings

My half brother....

Bioshock Infinite (IMAGE WARNING!!) Crossposted from Gaming due to Awesomeness and Importance

Study links fracking wastewater to massive 2011 Oklahoma quake

Oklahoma 5.7 earthquake linked to oil extraction wastewater

FDNY EMS Lt. spews racist, anti-Semitic tweets, but cried when confronted

so "conservative" judges are troubled by Obama not support DOMA. This is why the media sucks today

Bill and the penny barrel...

The corporate ‘predator state’ - Katrina vanden Heuvel

Deserves to be Treated Equally!!!

The next four days will be grueling.

These guys should start their own league…

Two Peas…

The Rude Pundit - SCOTUS and Gay Marriage: Cowards on the Bench

What if SCOTUS upholds Prop 8, but strikes down DOMA?

How Getting Rid Of The Defense Of Marriage Act Will Boost The Economy

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan declares her support for gay marriage

Occupy Sandy builds worker power in Far Rockaway

Krugman - So here it is: yes, Cyprus should leave the euro. Now.

Lounge lizard experiment: Bourbon soaked dried cherries

Big Experiment Under Way With Hard-Right Republican Seeking Victory In Swing-Voting Virginia

How Chain-Yankers Hijack the National conversation

Rent-A-Mourner Service Makes Sure Plenty Of People Will Cry At Your Funeral

serial marrier/divorcer COMEDIAN pig boy now explaining marriage to his minions

Grand jury rejects criminal charges in death of Robert Saylor, man with Down syndrome

DOMA just took a beating at SCOTUS. Four liberal justices & Kennedy highly skeptical it's constituti

Kerry heads for home after going back to France

New rules announced for Cyprus bank depositors.......gulp.

Supreme Court conservatives target Obama on marriage law

At least EIGHT federal agencies investigating JP Morgan...

Legislators ask court to shield them from having to testify over maps

Amsterdam to fly rainbow flag for Russian President Putin’s visit to the capital

Hundreds of thousands take to social media to support equal marriage

Meet Ropits, the Japanese robot car that drives itself

question on DOMA ruling ?

The country’s voter ID laws, in 1 map

Rhode Island city drops fine for allegedly foul-mouthed cockatoo

The BRILLIANT legal argument made by DOMA supporters in the Supreme Court today...

Utah's first co-op health plan provider cleared by state

Just saw that Kay Hagan has endorsed marriage equality

GOP Senators Threaten Filibuster on Guns

DOMA just took a beating at SCOTUS

BREAKING: Supreme Court likely to strike down Defense of Marriage Act - @PeteWilliamsNBC. #DOMA

He failed us - Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act! It's Time to Label GMOs!

JUST IN: Today's Arguments Suggest DOMA in Jeopardy; 5 Justices Imply Unconstitutional

AI: ‘Keep up international pressure against abuses in Syria’

Thieves steal $35K of human hair wigs

Science teacher being investigated for using the word 'vagina' during lesson on reproductive system

Vote Love…

Idaho Boy Detained After List, Weapons Found

Kim Jong-un, George W. Bush and pre-emptive wars of choice:

GOP Soul Searching

The Senate & House Roll Call Votes Enacting DOMA Into Law in 1996:

"Trigger" - See the Movie at U of Wisconsin-Madison Union South April 10th

"Trigger" - See the Movie at U of Wisconsin-Madison Union South April 10th

Next stop New York: wealthy Russians hurry money from Cyprus to US

Boo! Hiss! For once, Krugman says something really Wrong.

How Does It Feel to be Stopped and Frisked?

I am trying to upload an avatar and it reverts back to an old uploaded one

Recommended Authors and/or Books/Blogs/Magazines/Journals/etc

Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act! It's Time to Label GMOs!

Majority of Justices Skeptical of Federal Ban on Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses

Brazilian model breasts feeds animals....

The greatest musical performance you will ever see or hear!

Landlocked Midwest Farmers Raise Saltwater Shrimp (Illinois)

10th Grade High School Sex Ed Suggested Textbooks

Death to the enforced Happy Face

It is only the tyranny of the theist that requires me to be called an atheist. Why must I be

Almost there!

Inspired by Post #10 here;

Almost there!

Congressional involvement in the DOMA case (almost) has standing, IMHO

There is Hope in this troubled World.

Do they really believe their own B.S.?

I realize that it is "irregular" to sing praises for Luke Russert, but when they are due

Bosch dumps solar business as losses mount

Game of Thrones, Lannister Siblings photo's

Cornyn, Cruz to join Perry to rally against Texas Medicaid expansion

I just posted this on FB with the comment:

Does anyone else get the feeling...

Barack Atah Adonai

U.S. Citizens Arrested for Refusing Border Patrol Questions, while boarding a domestic flight

The Lucy Show is now on Hulu

Depressingly, has the best piece on guns I've read in a while

What Star Trek would look like if Pixar made it

New equality avatar is available!

Quitting Religion, But Not the Practice of Prayer

Supreme Court Justices Brought To Tears By Heartfelt Testimony

Chinese video game addict spends six solid years at internet cafe

Real wages decline; literally no one notices

Australian school's answering machine

Obama Energy Secretary Pick Outed For Conflict of Interest in MIT Fracking Study

Rant: Victim Blaming

Audio/Transcript Supreme Court oral arguments on DOMA

Meet The Fuckers: Companies Profiting From War

Okay's what the Court is going to do

Oh happy days! Tim McCarver announces he’ll retire after 2013

Every picture tells a story, don't it? Today at SCOTUS:

HR advocate: 4,500 people killed in Venezuela under Nicolás Maduro

Edie Windsor's remarks on the DOMA case at the Supreme Court

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin : ‘DOMA is in trouble’

Swiss designer invents portable, roofless hotel room

No changes in literacy in Venezuela since 2003

Liberals are winning the culture wars

Tenn. gov. won't expand Medicaid to cover uninsured

Off-the-wall question (informal market research for new novelty, yet functional, item)

Gas Industry Report Calls Anti-Fracking Movement a "Highly Effective Campaign"

Police: Slain Baby, Mom Victims of Random Crime


X-post from GD for you gardeners :)

Its not every day you get to dance with a Rock star...

loaded bacon cheddar bread

Police: Sherry West and baby were victims of random crime

Obama Israel Trip Destroyed Any Pretense U.S. Can Be 'Honest Broker'

Brother of George Zimmerman unleashes racially charged Twitter rant

Tree golf

"Bread And Circuses" Worked In Roman Times & Still Works Today - Nothing Has Changed

NBC Is Said to Offer Lauer’s Job to Cooper

U.S. general ‘predicts’ problems for Cuba, Venezuela

Anti-drones activists plan month of protest over Obama's 'kill' policy

Cuba: Backroads to offer educational exchange trips

Slate: My Train Fantasy Where’s our high-speed rail?

Boston College threatens to punish students for giving away free condoms

Ex-Florida GOP Chairman Gets 1 1/2 Years For Stealing

Nike 'winning takes care of everything' Tiger Woods ad draws critics

Science Teacher being Investigated for using the word "vagina" in a class on human reproduction

Limits Sought On Information From Newtown Warrant

Idaho boy detained after list, weapons found

Did we learn nothing from Newtown?

Discovery Institute says "Teach the Controversy" on global warming.

On Ed Schultz Right Now - 58% Of Jobs Right Now Low Wage Jobs - We Are Going Wrong Way

NJ To Investigate Agency Visit To Home Of Man Who Posted Photo Of Son With Military-Style Gun

I think the GOP secretly would like the scotus to legalize gay marriage everywhere .. here is why

NYPD Officer Says At Stop-And-Frisk Trial That He Taunted Crying Boy, 13, After Detaining Him

Michigan seeks criminal charges in meningitis outbreak

When Anthony Lewis Stood Up To The New York Times And The Clinton Crazies

Utah’s nature-made subway ride

Get your consent on, muthafuckas!

Kansas bill calls for HIV positive people to be quarantined

Jim Greer, former Florida GOP chairman, sentenced to 18 months in prison

Supreme Court Justice Takes Down An Anti-Gay Marriage Argument In 1 Minute

I didn't know that Kenny Loggins was dead…

will there be a flood of Tax refilings that IRS will have to deal with if DOMA is repealed?

World Social Forum in Tunisia: anti-globalisation event, the first to take place in an Arab country

Question that involves compression socks

Westboro Baptist Church Humiliated in Vegas

Did I just see a blurb on an NFL player comming out?

The old All Creatures Great and Small TV series is streaming on Netflix.

Obama Energy Secretary Pick Outed For Conflict of Interest in MIT Fracking Study

Wearing Clothes Sucks

Pay-what-you-want Panera called a success

NBC's Jenna Wolfe, Stephanie Gosk expecting baby

Question: My 2-yr. old asparagus roots had sent up nice, big, tall

Good news is the Good News Group!!!

Forbes -- MLB teams see historic 23 percent surge in average values

You know those screaming thingies you can buy for security? You pull something out of a cylinder

Some interesting offerings for "great guns for hog hunting"

Dear Justice Thomas (Photo)

Lol oh lol ABC! Venezuela Election is a High Stakes Affair for Local Vigilante Groups

Another Cutie

The Wonderful World Of Whisky Art

The Monsanto bill is a perfect example of focusing on a Presidential veto FAIL

Anyone near Fredericksburg?

Mrs. Loving stopped giving interviews, but last year issued a statement on the 40th anniversary

US-Israeli Stuxnet Cyber-attacks against Iran: “Act of War”

Dionne Warwick, down to $1,000 cash, files for bankruptcy

From Bangui To BRICS: If You Carve Africa, Africa May Carve You Too

Papantonio: Equal Protection Should Prove DOMA Unconstitutional

Are African Land Grabs Really Water Grabs?

Hump Day Blues Break: Coco Montoya ~ Women Have A Way With A Fool

A little slice of Boston politics...

Do not allow Central Expressway (US 75) to be named after George W. Bush.

O'Reilly: Gays Have A Better Argument Than Bible Thumpers

Starbucks donates coffee

Petrocaribe: Paying beans for Venezuelan oil

Ex-Florida GOP chair gets 1½ years for stealing

Elena Kagan proves that DOMA's original intent was bigotry, not tradition

Arguments For And Against Same-Sex Marriage (The Onion)

Chihuahua defends girl from pit bull

Happy Birthday to JCMach1

Canadian Pacific train derails, spills oil in Minnesota

Why A BA Is Now A Ticket To A Job In A Coffee Shop

Sigline question

'This Is Working': Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs

President Obama just called on Congress to tighten our nation's borders

Rick Perry: LGBT rights advocates fighting for marriage equality are intolerant

"You just want the Word"

Whadda got to say now?

Ohio Northern University's College of Engineering to host robotic football game against Notre Dame

Happy EastOver! Happy Paster! The Talmud and other Diet Books

Israeli Defense Officials Worried Over Cuts To US Military Aid

What drives the news.

Bud Light joins the Marriage Equality Fight

(LMAO)Someone projected, "Marriage Equality Now" onto the Supreme Court building last night...

Obama the Antichrist? - Austin Sanders

Myth: Pass Gun Safety Legislation, Get Recalled

"a TX rethug whined that spending cuts under the sequester may--wait for it--hurt the economy"

Normal is an illusion

FBI Joins State, Local Police In Investigating 3 Shootings On Michigan Roadways

Town Hall Meeting with Rep Cory Gardner (CO 4)

Former Florida GOP Chief Sent to Jail

CNN is Worse than Fox, they defend Zimmerman's Racist Brother

C-SPAN link to AUDIO of Tuesday's DOMA oral argument at SCOTUS - includes photos of who is speaking

Boy, do I hope this starts a shitstorm with my neighbor.

Falkland Oil Claimed by Argentina Sees Islanders Join 1%: Energy

Same-sex marriage is not "newer than cell phones"

Climate change models predict remarkably accurate results

Santorum Stumps for Sanford Opponent

Hawaii Monitor: Time To Ban Campaign Donations During Session?

Scientists find cancer-causing DNA mutations

John Roberts Takes A Swipe At Obama Over DOMA

Use These, Share These, Post them on facebook! They're Yours!

New Type of Solar Structure Cools Buildings in Full Sunlight

major camera problem

Republican Congressman Attacks Sasha And Malia Obama

National day of action April 11 to keep U.S. out of Venezuela

It’s a Seder, Y’all

State Department Keystone XL Pipeline Scandal - Report Written By Ex-TransCanada Contractor

New Hampshire House Vote To Repeal Stand Your Ground Law

Republicans Outraged That HealthCare Application Includes Legally-Required Voter Registration Effort

War crimes court convicts Bosnian Serbs

I think North Korea is photshopping their new marine assault weapons

Health Care Costs: The Rip Off That Bankrupts America

"We are doing what the Roman Empire did right before it Collapsed"

Sarah Palin releases a vitally important video about.....Sarah Palin

South Carolina: Pat Boone Endorses Bostic Over Sanford (SC-1)

Wall Street Lobbyists Worried Sherrod Brown Could Become Banking Committee Chairman

Jim Dean: Progressives must focus outside D.C.

How the UN Arms Trade Treaty could prevent future Syrias

Republicans Decry Sequestration-Related Airport Closures In Their Own Districts

Banks find a way to screw the poor again.

I just got new choppers! Ask me anything...

Brace Yourselves...

Piers Morgan, Susie Orman, and GOPer debate marriage equality

Coalition of concerned citizens details concerns about Palisades with NRC Commission Magwood

1,000 Google employees exposed to toxic vapors above Superfund site

Steven Crowder is a Liar

Freepers: Roberts is gay

14th Amendment. Section 1. 'nuff said.

Ashley Judd won't run for Senate

Ashley Judd is NOT running for Senate

Russia raids human rights groups in crackdown on 'foreign agents'

So this Good Friday is anybody traveling?

Saying no to nuclear power will not hurt Taiwan-US ties: MOFA

Slow Learners

Saw this truck at the grocery store today...

Can't have profits without demand

April cover of NRA's American Rifleman magazine

A Real Patriot

an example of how bad teh TSA is

Ladies and gents. Meet Puddin. Mah new puppeh!

Solar Power: US, Germany both rank #1

Crap.. Ashley just said she won't run.

If the SC turns down DOMA

You've heard of "single issue" voters. How about single issue politicians?


Dolphins confirm new logo

Top 10 Reasons to OPPOSE Marriage Equality

You can check Webster, but I don't think it changed.

U.S. Swipes At China For Hacking Allegations

EU eyes 40 per cent carbon cuts by 2030

Venezuela conducts de facto devaluation

JUSTICE ALITO: Gay Marriage Is 'Newer Than Cell Phones Or The Internet'

Packages Sealed with "Atheist" Tape Go Missing 10X More Often

If you have MS, or know anyone with MS...

Watch The 1940 Comedy "His Girl Friday" Free...Right Now.

Why Illinois Is Roaring Mad About Lion Meat

Public opinion polls mean zilch, nada, without followup.

Do you agree that social media is forcing businesses to do good?

Please sign this petition for Tomas Young

Cop moonlights in punk band, gets injured, collects pension, continues to tour

DU Member "alp227" Steve King post. Hates 1st family vacations.

If you believe Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous animals, & you support BSL to ban them

'What are those 'suspended' coffees ?'

I saw a great bumper sticker at CVS pharmacy (on a pick-up)

American Politics 101

James Holmes offers guilty plea to avoid death penalty

The Wedding Invitation That Ends All Debate On Marriage Equality (4 Eva n Eva n Eva)

JUSTICE ALITO: Gay Marriage Is 'Newer Than Cell Phones Or The Internet'

Nanowire solar cells raises efficiency limit

Man subjected to Rush song on stuck Disney ride awarded $8,000,000,000.

Does Crysis 3 (PC) have a manual save game option at all?

Keystone XL pipeline public hearing will be held April 18

Should our party get rid of caucuses?

Russia Offers S. Africa Help With Nuclear Power

Pres Obama on "Every Single American-Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual. Transgender..

Ashley Judd isn't running.

Russia Slams Arab League’s Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels

Indiana GOP Drops Forced Ultrasound Requirement To Focus On Shutting Down Abortion Clinics

Want to cut federal spending? End the F-35.

Call for opinions, not facts: How do you think the case heard today by the Supremes will go?

Bill Mahar comment

today in women's herstory

Many "christians" will be in for quite a shock when they cross the Great Divide...

Economy Remains Top Concern For Americans: Poll

German Village Offers Blueprint for Rural Green Energy

U.S. Rules Out Deploying Patriot Missiles In Syria

Chicago Teachers, Supporters Converge Downtown to Protest School Closures

Julia Pierson Is Sworn In As First-Ever Female Director of the US Secret Service - (photo included)

Chris Christie slams ‘selfish’ homeowners blocking coastal protection measures

Here's the way the Democrats can give Republicans a real headache...

a biography of the day-sarah lois vaughan (the divine one, sassy, singer extraordinaire)

Biden says gun control votes 'only the beginning'

UK nuclear requires extra fossil back-up generation - and they want renewables to pay for it

More Than Half of U.S. Rivers in Trouble

U.S. Asks Liechtenstein For Data In Tax Evasion Probe

VP Joe Biden says gun control votes 'only the beginning'

The Nine Senate Democrats Who Still Don't Support Gay Marriage

Pro-Palestinian Group Unveils New Metro-North Ads Calling For End To ‘Israeli Apartheid’

More information on the Monsanto rider. Also Democratic budget supports labeling.

a biography of the day-jane (jenny) colden (america's first female botanist)

NEW: Limits Now In Place For Re-Opening Of Cyprus Banks - text of decree included

There is a rather bitter irony . . .

Beware the New Corporate Tax-Cut Scam: LIFT Is a Big Lie

New York Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn Embraces ‘Pushy Broad’ Label

Boehner spent $3M+ in public funds to defend DOMA. Now, as the case hits the Supreme Court...

Pres.Obama on rights of gay couples: 'It is time for the justices to examine this issue.'

Music for Maundy Thursday

Peace, bro

So is Leviticus relevant, or not...?

My neighbor just called asking if I knew where her husband was...

Where do I find the threads that I have DU bookmarked?

Did you know that "Automated Message" has a 20% chance of serving on a jury?

Poison pill? Obama Can’t Fix Congress’ Monsanto Giveaway with an Executive Order

I may be goin' to hell in a bucket...

Renewable energy providers to help bear cost of new UK nuclear reactors

'Paying' for your sins.....a different angle

The corporate ‘predator state’ (Katrina vanden Heuvel)

Stinky dead carp....

Recycled Houses (Texas Country Reporter)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 March 2013

Corporations Pay Historically Low Tax Rates While Lobbying To Make Them Even Lower

Bankruptcy judge OKs American-US Airways merger

biography of the day-virginia louisa minor (suffrage activist, Minor v Happersett 14th amend case

I have an interesting problem regarding chocolate

Man who killed parents for £230,000 estate was 'ultimate ungrateful son'

Equal Right's, any questions.

Don't Let Bigotry and Prejudice Percolate

Republicans take actions only when no problem exists.

" Nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

AFL-CIO’s Trumka looks to remake U.S. labor movement

New details: Loughner cried at traffic stop hours before mass shooting

John Roberts Takes A Gratuitous Swipe At Obama Over DOMA.

Rick Steves does it again - a must-read progressive. Awesome.

Nationwide gun-control campaign to put pressure on wavering U.S. senators

Pass it on.

Win for Lucasfilm in discrimination suit

Better to be silent and thought a fool

"Study Finds Income Inequality Is Permanent" by Allison Brito at the National Memo

Israel confiscates private Palestinian land to enlarge checkpoint

Crist personally pushed failed Digital Domain deal

America as seen by an Australian (LOL)