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Walter Rhett: Gay Marriage and Deliberate Speed

"How Not To Seem Like A Racist" (Sasha & Malia) by Joan Walsh at Salon

If only they both could have been here to see what happened today.

Dogs never judge.....

Is there such a thing as sugar free Easter candy?

Serious question - has a Chief Justice ever been as rude to a President of the United States

Stick to Your Day Job, Comrade Steves

Not happy about this. Ashley Judd will not run for Senate.

The FBI's most read memo is about a UFO sighting

Dumb Criminals: Florida woman embezzles $182K from company, throws suprise party for boss, BUSTED!

Obama: Important For SCOTUS To ‘Weigh In’ On Gay Marriage

19-year-old Student Develops Ocean Cleanup Array...

Dumb Criminals: 15 Year Old Beer Thieves Cut Hole Into Convenience Store Roof, Caught On Camera

Why aren't more people posting?

The Latest (Fraudulent) Attack On Obamacare Conveniently Ignores The Law’s Cost-Cutting Provisions

Bill O’Reilly: Gay Rights Advocates Have ‘Compelling Argument’

Could we get CO state and WA State avatars with cannabis leaves?

Tom Husseys Mirror series

Poll: Menino Heavily Favored, But Boston Residents Divided Over A 6th Term

Applegrove -- she's all about the dance (cue hiphop music).

Beets me!!!


Waking up from that Lord of the Rings "Mordor Eye-of-Sauron" nightmare yet again:

MiddleFingerMom's career in Customer Service was an extremely SHORT (but very satisfying) one.

Finally, MiddleFingerMom reveals the full story behind his time spent in jail.

Pennsylvania Stadium has Video Games above the Urnals.........yes.indeeed...

"Is Tenn. Capitol sink for Muslim feet washing? No" by ERIK SCHELZIG at the Associated Press

Buy American Mention of the Week American apparel and accessories for all ages

Iowa, get real. Steve King, really???

I need someone to interpret a few lines of a poem for me.

When looking for a laugh ..go to the weird news forum...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night

Massive landslide in Washington state damages home, threatens others (Whidbey Island)

Mildred Loving's incredibly profound statement on marriage equality

Settlers give pre-Passover bread to nearby Palestinians

A teacher/blogger on systems science and climate change

OMFG..... Now A WAR on EASTER.....eggs

Briefly, wtf happened with 2006 Congress, DOMA AND Postal Service BullShit act!???

What's the oldest videogame you still play?

Palestinian Trojan Horse

Law Enforcement Leaders Demand Action!

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 28th

Brother Jed's "Gay Song"

Difficult question but I have longer wondered

America’s future: too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal”

Wisconsin man indicted in 2011 Anonymous hack of Koch Industries

I just learned today that a medical legend died last week, and a personal friend;

"A Budget That’s Bad Even For White Guys"

Rush Aghast At O'Reilly Over Bible Thumpin'

Democrats Markey, Lynch tangle over Obamacare in first TV debate

If I was stuck for 30 minutes listening to this I would want to kill someone.

After Plan for Speed Cameras Fails in Albany, a Tirade From Bloomberg

"...and if you're looking for Bullet Trains, go to Italy"

What the Court's Conservatives REALLY Think About Gay Marriage

Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees'

Pesticide makes bees forget the scent for food, new study finds

One of today's better quotes: 'What A Stale Role To Play In Life'

John Edwards' eldest daughter: I was mad, 'devasted' about affair

The thing is...

Eritrean man gets 9 years in prison for aiding Somalia's al Shabaab

blog on the huffington post that demonstrates the media bias

US court rules Uribe doesn't have to testify in Drummond case .

What is your spring like? We have had snow, more snow. And tonight I have to wear

US court rules Uribe doesn't have to testify in Drummond case .

A Church Group, a Lawsuit, and a Culture of Abuse

Medicaid coverage: Topeka family lives amid insurance crisis

Border Drug Busts More Likely To Involve Americans Than Mexicans, Report Says

Border Drug Busts More Likely To Involve Americans Than Mexicans, Report Says

Does anyone here followor use the 5 second rule?

UN: Palestinian militants likely killed Gaza baby

Watch live webcast of the Holy Triduum services at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

Bachelet returns to Chile, says she will seek presidency in November elections

So proud I could bust! My son has been awarded a 10 month Fulbright Scholarship

What's everybody doing tonight?

Day 50 of Gitmo strike: Red Cross on alert, attorneys fear protest turning deadly

"Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the Bathroom Scale, Studies Show"

Obama to Visit Mexico and Costa Rica in May

Streak over...Heat finally lose

Here is my considered ...

Lovely story on CBS news tonight - Conn. trooper forms bond with family of Newtown victim

Monsanto to waive some GMO soy royalties in Paraguay-farmers

Copy and paste this into Google

Toon: Obama's Easter Bunny

Centuries Ago, a Cat Walked Across This Medieval Manuscript Read more: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.

I have Windows 8 on my computer. I HATE Windows 8!!!!!

A friend and co-worker of mine died today.

Rise of the naked female warriors

Henry Rollins is the right kind of Badass.

APNewsBreak: Pentagon cuts number of furlough days

Jimmy Fallon nails Jim Morrison Impersonation

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 28, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Directed by Martin Ritt

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 29, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- TCM Spotlight: Roberto Rossellini

U.S. Senate candidates in Massachusetts spar on abortion, gay marriage

Officer Tied to Tapes’ Destruction Moves Up C.I.A. Ladder

BBC: Bee brains damaged by neonicotinoid pesticides (commonly used)

Panera trying new pay-what-you-want experiment

Scott Walker's 'Unintimidated' Grab for Presidential Consideration

Senators tour border, say immigration bill near

Think Obama was really against the "Monsanto Protection Bill"? Think again.

Loving v. Virginia

‘Vampire’ holiday: The passing of Chávez

10 Reasons To Oppose Marriage Equality

How would you spend 1.2 trillion dollars to save lives in the US now?

TREAT YOURSELF / Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 it will make you proud

Stewart Rips Obama For VA Backlog: ‘When Unobstructed From Doing What You Want, You Better F**king..

Another Wal-Mart Supercenter to hit California

Perry asks TxDOT to temporarily fund control towers

Every syllable in these speeches was like a dagger in my heart then

George Zimmerman's Brother Says Twitter Rant a "Mistake"

Police: Dog puts car into drive, injures York County man

Service workers in East Stroudsburg school district authorize strike

Vote For Julie Cavanagh and the MORE Slate in UFT Elections

Luis Suarez.

Business briefs: Fewer home contracts seen in February, Wal-Mart anticipates loss over bribery inves

Notice Anything Strange?

Murkowski'S (R-AK) gay marriage views "evolving"

The Religious Liberty to Support Gay Marriage

Police chief doubts compel US to review Honduran aid

Police chief doubts compel US to review Honduran aid

Congress Saves Busted $380 Million Missile Program the Pentagon Won't Buy

Didn't eat anything all day.

Just heard today's oral argument,

Rewrite - Lawrence O’Donnell Revels In O’Reilly-Limbaugh Gay Marriage Feud: ‘They Hate Each Other!’

36 Illustrated Truths About Cats

New technology reveals El Tajin’s many hidden buildings

Got this from a friend on FB. I can't believe this is happening.

TSA expedites screening for 'wounded warriors'

Man who faked death accused of impersonating police officer

Lost in the shuffle, nursing home care

Fukushima town revealed in Google Street View two years after tsunami

Edie and Thea's love story (and why it matters to all of us)

Flying Grand Canyon Cats for Marriage Equality!

How the hell does a bat find its way into a running washing machine?

Need prayers, light, etc.

MiddleFingerMom and UrbScotty know that we all need some!

The solution to most of our problems may come within 50 years..

Wizard Emeritus Leonard the Black explicates some magic quotients

Dale Peterson, Gun-Waving Alabama GOP Candidate, Charged With Shoplifting Again

Screentests of Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando

Young Audrey Hepburn Screentests--Costume Designer Edith Head is Interviewed.

You Won’t Believe How The Bible Actually Defines Marriage (HINT: It’s Not ‘One Man And One Woman.’)

What ever happened to CERTS ?

Trinidad’s gov’t official subject of US criminal probe

Fukushima Documentary: Surviving The Tsunami; Radiation Exposure

Just got done watching "The Chicago 8"

Watchdog groups oppose sending Hanford waste to New Mexico

Mae West On Mae West (Full BBC Doc)

U.S. B-2 bombers conduct extended deterrence mission to the Republic of Korea

Chile trapped miner Torres Lopez rescued unharmed

NY Animal Care & Control

How to get a warning, not a ticket

Two former officers liable for $7 million in Caravella case, jury decides

Nelson Mandela back in hospital with lung infection

The Israeli negotiator who thinks the two-state solution is still possible

"You baked cookies? Dude no offense but that's kinda gay"

Ecuadorian President Wins Election for Third Term

MP turns herself in for child porn offence (to prove a point)

"Meet Me in Saint Louis" Movie Trailer---And The Trolley Song.

Forget the God Particle, now science world is stuck on Belfast boffins' super solvent

Naming Femicide to Fight Violence Against Women in Ecuador

Chicago March 2013

Small businesses spell big problems for Italy and Spain

Cypriot Banks to Open After Two Weeks as Customers Hunt Cash

Study provides new evidence ancient asteroid caused global firestorm on Earth

Why Sherrod Brown Is Wall Street's Biggest Nightmare In Washington DC

Easter in Sweden: when the witches (Easter hags) come out to play

March 28: National Black Forest Cake Day.

Woman arrested for transferring gun to suspected killer of Colorado prison chief

Katelyn's Hospital Prom

Gay marriage: 10 who switched sides

News you can use: Beer Pong Arcade Machine is a Real Thing, Coming to a Dive Bar Near You

2-Year Old Bandit Caught

God, I cooked 3 meals today and am beat...

After yrs of investigations for misuse of State $, Charter School founder finally charged - by Feds

let's set the record straight ...

Mother Dolphin Carries Her Dead Calf On Dorsal Fin (w/video)

Mother of Tucson killer Jared Lee Loughner took away his shotgun

A.I. Recognizes Different Spider Webs

For the grammar Nazis: British grammarians outraged over apostrophe proposal

Woman opts out of Powerball pool, but co-workers give her cut anyway

First customer arrives Bank Cyprus to withdraw cash 5 hours before opening.

Ask your senators to cosponsor Senator Rockefeller's Medicare Drug Savings Act of 2013

Bitcoin popularity 'boosted by euro'

Best Flash Mob ever

Joplin gets another $113M to recover from deadly '11 tornado

Dale Peterson, Gun-Waving Alabama GOP Candidate, Charged With Shoplifting Again

Holy Week is jolly good now we've ditched religion

How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Parents outraged as school district tries to move 'hero' principal to another school

Walmart's Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People (Hard Times USA)

Wisconsin's Grothman: "I was a little bit appalled when you say education is a wise investment."

Economic Opportunity Institute: Citizens need long-term investment from the state

Slick, Paranoid Tea Party Video Aims for Violent Insurrection

We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and give our order...

Google's personal data theft settlement highlights technology’s vulnerabilities

Gun Violence Costs U.S. Health Care System, Taxpayers Billions Each Year

What do you think of this? Open Garden: Seamless Internet Access For Free (video)

Win $10,000! Click here!


FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as 'Top Priority' for 2013

This just doesn't add up...

Hey folks :hi:

"Carlos": the James O'Keefe of Menendezgate?

I got 4 job offers in the last month! After 5 years of unemployment,

An honor for Alice Rivlin roils Social Security faithful

Frats Worse Than Animal House Fail to Pay for Casualties

The Secret to Fixing School Discipline? Change the Behavior of Adults

Ships Costing U.S. $37 Billion Lack Firepower, Navy Told

CA hospital joint replacement center allows only 2 of its 8 orthopedists to practice there

Methadone Deaths Tied to For-Profit Clinics Prompt Bills

Drugs for Indian Poor Spark Pfizer Anger at Lost Patents

AK: 34 Confirmed Cases Of Campylobacter Infection But Raw Milk Dairy Still Selling, Because Freedom

Synchrotron yields 'safer' vaccine

2013 Drought Season Already Off To Worse Start Than 2011, 2012 - 54.2% Of Lower 48 In Drought In Feb

Guide to help parents to spot 'problem behaviour'

Why Sherrod Brown Is Wall Street's Biggest Nightmare In Washington DC

One Letter In a Name Cost Edie a Third of a Million Dollars

Salon Gay Marriage Courage Meter

Syria crisis: University of Damascus 'hit by mortars'

Tennesseans without insurance take care into own hands

Fighting big money with big money{bloomberg v nra}

Wal Mart looking to compete with Amazon in home delivery

Do you know of anyone who cheered on the illegal invasion of Iraq who also wants the draft

Edie's Day In Court: 'Marriage is a magic word'

Neighbor Shitstorm Update

Oscar Pistorius free to leave South Africa for track meets

Layoffs push jobless claims higher

WNBA Stars Work To Empower Women and Girls Through Sports in Thailand

Here's a link to a Good News post in General Discussion which should be here too

Ranger corruption 'impeding global fight against poaching'

"I don't think there is a Radical Right. There is a Right."

Nixon has won Watergate

The Latest Attack On Obamacare Conveniently Ignores The Law’s Cost-Cutting Provisions

Jon Stewart: "I think I finally figured out where Sarah Palin came from."

Well said, Mr Delaney...

AEP PSO rate hike before Oklahoma Corporation Commission: one of the largest in history

The Battle for Jeju Island: How the Arms Race is Threatening a Korean Paradise

U.S. flies Stealth bomber practice raids over South Korea

Pentagon reduces unpaid leave for civilian workers to 14 days

Don't know where else to post this ... feel free to scroll past.

The Greatest Show on Earth - by Mike Luckovich

Syria crisis: University of Damascus hit by mortars

No Room at the Inn

Breaking the Mold at Secret Service

TIME Magazine Features Two Covers, Two Couples - Declares ‘Gay Marriage Already Won’

Michigan (potential) Dem. senate candidate: Don't demonize the NRA.


Gay Teen Dies After Being Set on Fire, Killer Gets 3.5 Years. Aaron Swartz Was Facing 35 Years.

Brazil supermarkets 'to avoid Amazon meat'

April 15 2013

Religious Right - No Marriage Unless You Can Procreate? Follow The Logic

Somalia to get small arms after U.N. lifts embargo


Different Kind Of Boom: Replacing Extracted Oil And Gas With Toxic Wastewater Causes Earthquakes

White Easter: Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Equality: It's That Simple

What's that?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Tour of the country

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

"there is no denying that something historic has just happened"

Which one do you want representing you?

There is not a single active pro athlete in American team sports who is openly gay.

Steubenville's NAACP President Says Rape Victim Was Drunk And Willing

Newtown Gunman Had Large Weapons Cache: Court Papers (New Details: Mom, Son Both NRA Certificates)

Egyptian Navy Captures Divers Cutting Internet Cable, After a Week of Disruptions

US Adrift Like Disabled Ship At Sea With GOP Obstructionism

Dedicated to my "friends" in the Health forum....

Rick Perry Saddened People Aren’t Tolerant Of His Intolerance, Feels His Attacks Are Being Attacked

No support from me for Debbie Dingell.

Tesla Motors tech powers Mercedes’ new all-electric luxury car

100 yrs ago parks were considered portable EEG results agree

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 28, 1979

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 28, 1979

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 28, 1979

Sean Penn's son to paparazzi: Fuck off (insert ugly racial slur here)

Clear Channel Chairman Stepping Down/StopRush Gathers Momentum

Shopping for Furniture or Cabinets? Buy Only Items Made of Renewable Woods.

PSA(?) March Madness Emotional Disorder

Today I learned: the President of McDonalds USA started as a crewmember and has no college

Canadian police need wiretap warrant to search text messages, court says

Michigan GOP committeeman under fire over antigay Facebook post

Learning to See Happiness in Ambiguous Facial Expressions Reduces Aggressive Behavior

Sarah the Kingmaker

TV Columnist Says Coverage of LGBT Rights Was 'Disproportionate'

"days of the theocracy" (and note that this was written in 1979--we hoped by now this would

This particular variety of second-class citizenship... forever will be known as "Skim-Milk Marriage"

In Supreme Court, anti-gay movement is humiliated

After Court Hearing, Edie Windsor Says ' I think it's Gonna Be Good'

Elena Kagan proves that DOMA's original intent was BIGOTRY

How apropos. Celebrate Easter and April Fools Day on the same day!

Gabrielle Giffords to give Bard College commencement

Boston mayor to announce he won’t seek re-election

Supreme Court Arguments We'd Like to See

I think my brother is/has gone nuts

Top Republican Warns Of French People Illegally Crossing Mexican Border In South Texas

Catholic League Wants Time Warner To Have ‘A Serious Talk’ With Bill Maher

Progressive Christians, what do you tell your children Easter is about?

Remember Bobby Sands? 28 prisoners at Gitmo now on hunger strike.

Four CT Football Players Charged In Rape Of 13-Year-Olds

GOP Pollster: Republican Voters Don’t Care About ‘Pathway To Citizenship’

annual death of the sacred king

Lisa Murkowski Says Gay Marriage Views Are 'Evolving'

Is there some cool new profile picture I can get if I don't support gay marriage?

DU now has a Good News Group

The Culture War Was Never a Fair Fight: Liberty is murdering virtue. (& Its About Time!!!)

Three Minimum Wage Jobs Needed To Afford Two-Bedroom Apartment

4 years later:DUers, How has Iowa's Gay Marriage decision affected you

4 years later:DUers, How has Iowa's Gay Marriage decision affected you?

Cash-free Despair: Cyprus reopens banks as eurocrats grip island's economy

How about a "My Bookmarks" tab?

Now that oral arguments in the gay marriage cases are over

Jobless Claims in U.S. Increase More Than Forecast

Business Activity in U.S. Expanded at a Slower Pace in March

Girl Struck By Arrow Near Berkeley Museum Speaks Out

Michigan Is Officially A Right-To-Work (for less) State, But Critics Vow To Continue Fight

Sometimes you shouldn't get too close to your subject...


Protest Greets Michigan Gov. Snyder As He Promotes Right-To-Work At Pancakes and Politics

Re: CT document release--Lanza had a book on Autism and a book on Aspergers in his room

An important distraction

All Politics Is Local (for my daughter)

Solar plane prepares for flight across America

Some Love Just Can't Be Denied

Hard of hearing Darth Vader...

Rick Ross Thinks Rape Is a Punchline

"Five Go Mad in Closeup" The outfreakage is almost as funny as the source.

He Is the NRA

Boston College threatens action against students distributing condoms

Wisconsin falls to 44th nationally in private-sector job creation

Okay folks

Religious Freedom, Meet Secularism: Your Best Ally

Keep your portraits "safe"... new art by Bradley Hart.

‘The day my mum looked after the Beatles’

2013 Tesla Model S vs 1956 Citroën DS-19

Proposal for new group.

Republicans back bill to create new board to govern NC charter schools

What Police Found in Adam Lanza's Home:

Hey, wanna hear some good Obama jokes?

Japanese Regulators to Investigate Nuclear Crisis

Catholic league attack demands Time Warner have ‘serious talk’ with Bill Maher

Looks like Iowa plays NIT semis next Tuesday

Pic Of The Moment: Mike Huckabee Threatens GOP Split Over Gay Marriage

just how significant are we?

US Sends B-2s to South Korea for Military Drills

Mitt Romney: "I like the life of being an American citizen. It's good to live a normal life again."

President Obama is live on air shaming the 10% of Americans against expanded background checks...

Obama Signs Bill Restoring Military Tuition Aid and Cutting Poli-Sci Research

Thom Hartmann: Isn't successful activism the reason the court is even hearing DOMA?

Advice for parents on child modification

Silly poll re: Fuck me running.

"Guest workers" are the new "indentured servants"

Georgia girl killed in backyard mauling by dogs

Palestinians Impose Severe Restrictions on Foreign Media

FEMA Guide: Improving Your Community’s Awareness and Reporting of Suspicious Activity

Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the Bathroom Scale, Studies Show

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Declines for a Second Straight Week

McConnell has a 'secret' plan for 'Obamacare'

Look at This Visualization of Drone Strike Deaths

Pope urges Catholic priests to help poor, shun careerism

An electric chargeing station in a shopping center

"They're taking away our right to guns", you complain....

Has anyone seen the new Brad Pitt movie "Killing Them Softly"?

Eggshells are for the birds... and that's no yolk ! Put those Easter eggshells to good use !

PTSD in Soldiers Found to be linked to a War’s Level of Morality

NRA literature discovered in Newtown shooter’s home

Not Just the Bees: Bayer's Pesticide May Harm Birds, Too

N.D. Congressman makes racist and offensive statements at state meeting.

These Swedish plus size Mannequins are very attractive

Distraught Brigitte Bardot offers €600 for lost cat

Assange sex crimes accuser fires her lawyer

The Rude Pundit: The Defense of Marriage Act Was Always Discrimination With a States' Rights Mask

"Congressman Lewis to the American People: It's Time to Get in Trouble"

Hogwash: Big Ag's Ban on Caging Pregnant Pigs Is Just For Show (GRAPHIC Warning)

How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law

Did I need some fancy curtain cord oil???..Eh..not exactly.....

Pres. Obama: "Shame on us if we've forgotten. I haven't forgotten those Newtown kids."

I am a curmudgeon

"Congressman Lewis to the American People: It's Time to Get in Trouble"

Rich Douchebags, Weird News:

'Cause for worry' after Nelson Mandela re-admitted to hospital with reoccurring lung infection

My story about my curtain cord lubricant....expensive...???welll ...not exactly..weird enuf???

My mental state might get worse.

Living with No Future

Anybody watch Hoarding Buried Alive last night, the hoarder could not be helped.

Time Magazine (without comment)

What mentally got you through your period of unemployment?

No steroids here...

Top donors threaten Dems: Do the right thing on guns, or no more money

Chick-fil-A franchisee gives free chicken to pro-equal marriage demonstrators

The Fundamentalist Rulebook.

Assange sex crimes accuser fires her lawyer

As an atheist I still love Easter...

War on women is still losing - By Joan Walsh

EPA Survey Finds More Than Half (55%) of the Nation’s River and Stream Miles in Poor Condition

Turn Your Tablet Into a Studio Light

Has Disability Become A 'de Facto Welfare Program'?

An 11-year-old girl speaks out against gay marriage

Walmart Faces the Cost of Cost-Cutting: Empty Shelves

'Rude' lawmaker Louie Gohmert pulls rank on cops over parking ticket

TSA Worker Pepper-Sprays fellow screeners

Latest free hug video -- Philly! *smile*

Researchers Discover Amphibian Species that Peel and Eat their Mother's Skin

Putin Orders Major Unplanned Military Exercises in Black Sea

Adam Lanza, the Newtown killer of 20 children, had NRA certificate in his name

Saturn Rings have been Around for about 4 Billion Years

Sea Lion Climbs Out Of Ocean, Tries To Check Into Luxury La Jolla, CA Hotel

If your business model is built on virtual slave labor - your biz deserves to fail

The Sumatran Rhino may not be extinct, after all

Amazon Defends ‘C*nt’ Product As ‘Light-Hearted’

Convicted Drug Dealer Sentenced To Writing 5,000 Word Essay On Dangers Of Pot

colorado house takes up two more gun bills

Dumb Criminals: Florida teen steals dad's police crusier, leads high speed persuit

South Africa's Mandela "Responding Positively" To Treatment

Nights into Dreams

Why we need gun control and the origins of this group

Newtown gunman Adam Lanza 'had weapons arsenal'

Univision news tops TV ratings in SF Bay Area

Now this is Beauty! (Dial up warning)

Michigan GOP Official Wants Progress In Detroit Before Funds Released

Chevron cuts bonus for CEO, other execs

*Kamala Harris on Andrea Mitchell show NOW,

Key Democratic donors ante up, pushing party left

Mr President: Gay Marriage

New Hampshire school district bans dodgeball for fears it encourages bullying

English school (briefly) bans triangular desserts, citing food-fight shuriken risks

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

Question about online backup services


So yeah, um, about that whole "Obamacare will bankrupt us" thing....

Afraid of Heights?

Corn Supply Slumps Most Since ’75 on Ethanol Profit

Suncor says leak had ‘negligible impact’ on Athabasca River

DUer running for school board

UNITED STATES - New york police target Caribbean youth

Wash U. to spend $30 million on energy conservation projects

LOL! This bible thing is just a misunderstanding!

100 people camp at Pohatcong Chick-fil-A hoping to win free meals for a year

It's the little things.

(I didn't see this posted yet) 'Filthy homosexuals': Michigan GOP leader Dave Agema's Facebook post

Washington Standoff Ends With Suspect Killed In Police Shootout As House Burns

Drone Lobbyist: 'I Don't Use the Word Drone'

I put in a request for a new letter opener today...

Preacher and public idiot Mike Huckabee says gay marriage is like lowering a basketball hoop

FBI raids Universal Healthcare's St. Petersburg office

Proof That Obamacare 'Rate Shock' Is An Ugly Insurance Company Deception. FORBES

for Rob Zerban vs. paul ryan!!!

Maddow....Obama: 'Shame on us' if we forget Newtown

ebay's advertising

With Vouchers, States Shift Aid for Schools to Families

Israel rejects Palestinian claims, registers Dead Sea land as state land

$338M Powerball Winner 'Subject to Potential Arrest' for Unpaid Child Support

They just can't keep that Grayson guy down!

Just 0.7% of state land in the West Bank has been allocated to Palestinians, Israel admits

New Zeus the Pup images/video + plea to mobile gamers!

Garth Brooks quote

NYPD Officer Admits He Taunted Teen - "stop crying like a little girl,"

'When Did You Lose Your Virginity?' CHP refused to discipline officer who sexually harassed a cadet

Casket-Selling Monks Unravel Louisiana Law

If you're a gamer or know someone who is, you can DO GOOD:


Cases kicked to curb

Charisma to NFL Gays: Stay in the Closet!

Will Ferrell 'splains DOMA

Thom Hartmann: Former Rep. Bob Ney - How Boehner & Pelosi could change politics forever

Happy dog story

Dumb Criminals: Burglar's To Do List: Find Meth, Steal Gold Watch, Be Nice To Stranger

Ships Costing U.S. $37 Billion Lack Firepower, Navy Told

A soldier's eye- rediscovered photos from Vietnam

It's not the breed; it's the training.

Feds: Judge Wrong to Deny Indian Satellite Voting.

Discovery opens door to efficiently storing and reusing renewable energy (electrolyzing water)

Judge Vacates Flawed Immigrant Wage Rule

A poll about fact-based movies - got the idea after watching Argo last night...

Jamaica told: Prepare for big quake

KFC worker tells Omaha police he lost 6 days' worth of deposits

"Your Robe And Gavel, Justice Scalia..."

Before you jump on Obama over the Monsanto amendment, take a minute and read this

Hollowed out: US Army fights brain drain

I just today realized that the song "Two Lovers" (by Mary Wells) is about an abusive relationship.

Today's "Move to Amend" email: Fashioning Faux Movements

Syria, Iran, India, and the NRA

It’s a pity that Kathryn Bigelow Didn't Read This: How Torture Prevented Convictions

Repukes have now embraced gay rights. Now what?

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned For U.S. And U.K. Depositors

The United States Lost Its Last Undiluted Republican President On This Day....

'Do men have what it takes to lead?' Netizens subvert common headlines about women.

Report: Chief Justice Roberts Victim Of Credit Card Fraud

The Barkley Marathons: The Longest, Toughest, Strangest Race You've Never Heard Of

Over 100 Arrested Protesting Mass School Closings In Chicago

Shoe porn thread!

President Obama orders commission to address voting issues

Don Payne dies at 48; 'Simpsons' writer and producer

A Very White Republican Leadership Plans Minority Outreach

Pastor Robert Jeffress calls freedom from religion a ‘perverted idea’

Regardless of Our Own Success, Nearly Half of American Women Fear Becoming Bag Ladies

UN Council Approves 'Offensive' Peacekeepers For DR Congo

“Too Liberal” Ashley Judd?

Papantonio: Right Wing Hate Turns Violent

New system to restore wetlands could reduce massive floods, aid crops

Restaurant Chains Cut Estimates for Health-Law Costs

Making The Case For Israel Apartheid Week

Rep Bruce Braley in Red Oak next week.

This Guy Needs Your Help

Hip hop group Rebel Diaz talks art, activism & the NYPD eviction from their South Bronx arts space

This is crazy: Taxpayers to subsidize NY's higher minimum wage

Police find bullet fired in Ga. baby killing

Cover Stories

If you have ever been to a dentist in Tulsa ...

The Peeps Show!

Press Release - Summer melt season is getting longer on the Antarctic Peninsula, new data show

Question in Two Parts

Boehner Quotes Lincoln, But Omits Part About Raising Taxes

Caterpillar Laying-Off Hundreds in South Milwaukee

Ham on Easter? An Interesting Tradition.

Meet the Catholic activists who spearheaded the DOMA fight.

So, I make a contribution to the Democratic Congressional Campaign

Steubenville NAACP Official Slanders the Girl his Registered-Sex-Offender Friend Raped

Every time I hear someone on the news telling about a massive "arsenal"

Bernie Sanders' March Madness

When I find someone to marry, this will TOTALLY be my wedding cake!

Point missed on Jesus-stomping lesson at FAU

Chicago 3/27/2013 - Save our Schools protest march and rally

Willie Nelson wins the Internets

UGA discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere

Outrage grows over exclusion of Turkish journalists from neo-Nazi terror trial

Train Derailment Spills 30,000 Gallons Of Oil In Minnesota

Republicans decry sequester cuts while hailing sequester as victory

Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

Balloon Juice: Parallels

Information about Michigan's Endangered barking Owl provided by Michigan Audubon Society

Top Republican Warns Of French People Illegally Crossing Mexican Border In South Texas

Thom Hartmann: America's Latest Penis Enhancer...the AR-15 Assault Rifle

Yeah, We Broke the Internet: The Inside Story of the Biggest Attack Ever

Fast Food Chains Realize Obamacare Will Cost Them Much Less Than They Predicted

Endangered Frogs Get Helping Hand

UPDATE: KCPD - Eyes found at Northland gas station not human

Obama administration moves ahead with sweeping rules requiring cleaner gasoline

Photos from the Take Back The Night march and rally, Lexington, Ky

One of the Sandy Hook dads - Neil Heslen - is on Tweety

Did-ja hear the one about Judge Scalia and Gay Marriage?

If You Survived A School Shooting When 32 Others Didn't, What Would You Do With Your Life?

New Videos show how Ag-Gag Bills Hide Farm Animal Abuse from Americans

BRICS Summit Raises Concern Over US, Israel's Threats Of Military Action Against Iran

"What is this homophobic strain in our party?"

So Lets Get This Straight....

"The Bad Deal" ---- James Galbraith

I just tweeted to Chris Matthews

Michigan GOP committeeman under fire over antigay Facebook post

CPS has previously investigated parents of burned baby who died

Rosie takes you into her world.

Post-us Inter-ruptus

Washington man killed in shootout after standoff

because I'm human, not because I'm...

Lanny Breuer goes back to Wall Street

Pa. police: Ex-trooper kills wife, self in market

"Illegal tour" of an abandoned amusement park in Nara, Japan (65 pics)

Straight Men Respond to: "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends"

What is the argument against extended background checks?

The Ultimate Invasion

Mark Fiore- Deficit Hawkman Returns


You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley

Photographer David Orias Makes the Pacific Ocean Look like Rainbows and Gold

Haiti to plant millions of trees to boost forests and help tackle poverty

Palestinians, Israelis Come Together To Mock Obama's Hopelessly Naive Speech

A "Sand Painting" For the Tech Age

Mississippi Bans Soft Drinks Smaller Than 20 Ounces

Adam Lanza, Newtown Gunman, Had An Arsenal Of Weapons, Gun Safe, Swords, Search Warrants Reveal

Man says beloved library cat violates federal disabilities law

Poll: Debbie Dingell a front-runner to potentially replace Carl Levin

Guns don't solve gun problems and guns don't solve violence

Joseph Mastropaolo, Creationist, Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Disprove Bible

Stewart Lays Into GOP Leaders For Their ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ In Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

NY Times today, March 28, 2013 "Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the

Spitballing "Indiana Smith"...uh..."JONES". Fascinating read:

Papantonio: Progressive Unity Necessary For Survival

FURTHER exposing the twisted mind of CPAC slavery apologist Scott Terry

Are Exploding Manhole Covers In Washington DC Caused By Shocking Levels Of Leaking Natural Gas?

Seniors 'brainwashed' by controversial scooter ads, doctor says

Critics Slam Obama for "Protecting" Monsanto

National NAACP repudiates Steubenville chair's rape apologism

Something you will never see at FR or anyother Right Wing Discussion Forum

Jim Hightower: Corporations Are Robbing Us Of Our Right to a Fair Trial

An update on Shila, the 3 paw pit bull

Obama: "Shame on us if we've forgotten Newtown."

Employers are waking up to the fact that they are no longer required to follow the NLRB’s orders

Wikileaks Was Just a Preview: We're Headed for an Even Bigger Showdown Over Secrets

Why Ashley Judd Flipped Against Run For Senate

Obama: "Grace's dad's not forgetting. Adia's mom hasn't forgotten."

Now is the time to do something about gun violence.

Deleted...because I couldn't get the correct You Tube Connection

Any older nurses here? We have a bit of a family mystery-

NO FREE RIDE (There Are No Free-Rides, The Fight Against Right To Work (For Less)

Mandela has a lung infection

Cali Lawsuit: Police Brutalize Dispensary Employee

Son of Westboro Baptist Church leader attacked on live TV by naked 500lb man who burst out of bathro

Pit Bulls that killed Georgia toddler were family pets - not fighting dogs.

Union workers air complaints with Southwest Airlines

PLO Official Hanan Ashrawi’s NGO Publishes Passover Blood Libel

John Boehner Quote Of Lincoln Edits Out His Call For Higher Taxes

Shifts on same-sex marriage come from surprising groups

I Feel Very Strongly About The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Because I Have A Gay Son

West Virginia House Of Delegates Calls For Citizens United Constitutional Amendment

Looks like the RNC can kiss the Hispanic vote goodbye...

N.Korea Leader Orders Rocket Units On Standby To Hit U.S. Bases - KCNA

Indiana Senators Increase Penalty for Marijuana to Appease Extremist Gov.

Limbaugh threw up the white flag on Thursday

Hagel: NK More Dangerous Today, U.S. Should Be Ready For "Any Eventuality"

A soldier's eye: rediscovered pictures from Vietnam

Earliest known photograph of the Equator

"Quebec zookeeper expected to live after tiger attack"

You know you're the best, right Skinner?

Nevada Assembly expels troubled lawmaker Brooks (D)

Retirements Contributing to Largest Senate Turnover in Decades. 538

Please check out my new signature.

Ted Nugent Is Very Angry At Jim Carrey!

The value of TANF continues to erode

"Oh, Moses, Moses." What is your favorite Easter-Passover film?

Post suggestions for Will Pitt's new addition.

91% of americans support background checks

Reliable Background Checks.....Any Former Campaign Managers

Oklahoma gun range receipt found in Adam Lanza's Newtown, Connecticut home after Sandy Hook shooting

has anyone here ever invested in stamps?

Remarks by the President on Gun Safety

7,000 Okla. dental patients possibly exposed to HIV

154 rounds in less than 5 minutes.

FYI. Posted this in GD...

Can someone educate me on why for hours and hours Fox News today was going after the Des Moines R..

FYI: Mark Sanford debate streaming here:

North Korea leader orders rocket units on standby to hit U.S. bases: KCNA

Pope Francis riles conservatives by washing feet of Serbian Muslim woman

A marriage equality graphic you might like

Wal-Mart looking to "crowdsource" online deliveries...

My friend, a teacher, is losing his job

Aladdin - The Sun Is On Fire

Sen. Sherrod Brown speaks for raising the minimum wage

"Incomes of bottom 90 percent grew $59 in forty years"

Nevada legislature ousts lawmaker, as "personal matters" cited

Little Dragon - Crystalfilm

how the doma ruling is likely to go, imho

Conservatives flip out over Jim Carrey’s anti-gun music video

Anyone else with opinions regarding flashcard memorization?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he could lose if recall race is called

Passion Pit - "Cry Like A Ghost"

"How the internet is making us poor" by Christopher Mims at Quartz

Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics "Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)"

Ex-Sen. Craig loses bid to dismiss FEC lawsuit

brutal eye destruction will recommend itself.

Cab Calloway, Bill Robinson, Nicholas Brothers-- Stormy Weather

"Interview With the Vampire" Too bloody? Need quick answer.

"Scientists and biotechnology companies are locked in a debate over the ethics of genetic patents"

When attacked by a group of clowns...

Is the way Priebus speaks a Wisconsin accent?

Dylan Ratigan

Americans Want More Emphasis on Solar, Wind, Natural Gas