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Barack Obama’s Economic Legacy: The Billionaire-Boosting Big Four on His Wish List

Is it time yet?

4-alarm fire engulfs old Key Largo casino near Strip

Would you consider eating bugs?

The Flaming Lips - The Terror Medley

What are your snack foods? Or day-to-day grazing, small bite foods?

Why "right to work" is wrong (infographic by the Michigan Democratic Party)

Turning the tables on trolls: 'Tropes vs. Women' creator talks harassment at GDC

We Are Truly A Sick Country When A Tragedy Like Newtown Does Not Move Us To Pass Gun Control

DAMMIT! We're busted!

Funny (and timely) Will Farrell Tweet

Your glass, Half empty or Half full?

U.S. Clean-Gasoline Rule Opposed by Oil Group Said Near

My brother had a border collie, and he trained it to sit around and do nothing.

Two Dead After Truck Driver Chokes on Calif. Highway

Generic Rx drugs cheapest at Costco, Consumer Reports finds

Baby Dolphin Saved in Ireland

Henry wishes you a "Happy Bunny Day!" (photo)

"World Without End"

Accidentally deleted my thread. Opps. 45 year old Vietnam photos found by veteran.

Are people claiming they've never had sex with a Republican


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 29 March 2013

Does anyone know what that idea in physics, that people change reality simply

Why I'm Attending the Dedication of the Bush Lie Bury

Pit bull hailed hero, saves Oklahoma family from fire.

GOP Rising Star Has Trainwreck Of An Interview While Talking Gay Marriage On Fox News

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mississippi.

26 guns at home of man accused of Calif. threats

If you ever feel like your posts are being ignored

I just heard a wingnut give the stupidest explanation ever for Western European type socialism

In case you need another reason to boycott Wal Mart....

Papantonio: Privatization Push Killing Public Schools

If an Atheist is judged

New ad parody destroys the anti-LGBT argument that marriage is for "procreation."

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Decider? & a new Kittehs gif

Boycotting Companies that Support Marriage Equality?

Aurora theater shooting prosecutors: Holmes' plea offer unacceptable

New Orleans curfew data: 93 percent of curfew arrestees are black

Now that name fits

45 Odd Facts About US Presidents

The skinny on Privatization of Ohio Schools in Ohio..

Don't miss a special Making Sense with Steve Leser this week. We interview Amanda Marcotte on Guns a

These old computer ads really put things in perspective

For a while, Li'l Skittles wanted to be a doctor when she grew up.

Rubber doggie, I'm awfully fond of you. (poss DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

The Lion Queen:

George Takei could have a huge hit here. Who WOULDN'T want folks to say this about them?

MiddleFingerMom hosted The First Annual Penis Slam. Here's the winning entry:

MFM shows up for dates bearing gifts. Don't ask where he's holding the box of chocolates.

xpost from GD: Making Sense with Steve Leser this week. We interview Amanda Marcotte on Feminism

Oh.My.God. Don Young, Congressman for All Alaskans (who voted for him)

That Internet War Apocalypse Is a Lie

router help

'Do men have what it takes to lead?' (x-post from GD)

NRA: No ‘Member Relationship’ With Adam Or Nancy Lanza

Rubio keeps showing he is not ready for prime time.

Oh, the fear that courses through me when I check the lottery numbers

‘The day my mum looked after the Beatles’

Ted Cruz: We’ll Use ‘Any Procedural Means Necessary’ To Thwart Gun Control

Is this Pit Bull Week or Easter week?

My 93 year old Alzheimer's father pulled a pistol on his caregiver:

As Republicans Hail Hayek, Their Plans Advance Friedman

Ted Nugent Destroys Jim Carrey

Pandora's Box is already open. We can't stop guns, we need to address the underlying causes

The Most Welcoming Public Bathroom Ever


Despite 'Enormous Risk' White House Reaffirms Commitment to Arctic Drilling

The Sweet 16 With Peeps


Teenager Nearly Goes Blind After Eye-Eating Parasite Grows on Her Contact Lens

This is what happens when a journalist actually asks a banker a question.

The Ohio State University moves into the Elite Eight!

another Ohio State blow out win!

Libertarians name North Dakota “most free” state

Three Opposition Legislators Withdraw Support, Allege Plans to not Recognise Election Results

Can't Watch "Last Word" Tonight...

Art of workplace altruism: Key and Peele

Have You Called Your House Rep and Senators As Requested by President Obama?

Deal Reached to Force Paid Sick Leave in New York City

near Asheville, NC, from my cousin, who wrote the first paragraph:

Pope Francis can't sing!

my cousin wrote first paragraph. Near Asheville:

And when you add the two digits together you get, you guessed it, the number NINE!

The 14 April Venezuelan Presidential Election Campaign: Start of a New Era

Saying Vagina Gets Anatomy Teacher Investigated

NYPD Officer Told Innocent 13-Year-Old To ‘Stop Crying Like A Little Girl’ During Stop And Frisk

today in women's herstory

Mighty Trojan Found Marching With Uranus

Save it for later

Privatized drug dogs coming to California school district

its bluebonnet season

So are you making a holiday meal this weekend?

Jesuit High School in NY Allowing Gay Couple to Attend Prom

WTF is wrong with some people?

I didn't realize Rush Limbaugh's acting talent extended to feature films

Alaska Republican Congressman: My Father Used To Have “Wetbacks” Pick Tomatoes

I lost the thread...who was the guy in the pic of hot or nerd?

Third-Grader Struck by Mystery Arrow While on a Field Trip to UC Berkeley

GA toddler shooting: Elkins ALSO charged with shooting pastor. Mother, aunt, sister under arrest.

(Nevada) Assembly casts historic vote to expel troubled lawmaker Brooks

Pope washes women's feet in break with church law

I got this email today from Howard Dean's Democracy for America. Anyone interested?

Texas redistricting fight resumes

SCOTUS Justices Cast Doubt on DOMA in Case Brought By 83-Year-Old Lesbian Widow

Bill proposes letting Aggies opt out of helping to fund GLBT Resource Center

Urgent : Does Miracle Whip go bad?

Do your shoes have a religion?

Latins Rally to Restore Human Rights Panel (Right wing AEI bs)

My Hero!

US Ex-Soldier 'Fought In Syria With Terror Group

I've been in the hospital for the past 3 months

Half of Ted Cruz’s political claims are false, PolitiFact reports

Does everyone's transparency page say they have at least one person ignoring them?

Walmart's Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People (Hard Times USA)

X-post from GD: Jesuit High School Allows Gay Couple to Attend Prom

NC GOPers Push Bills To Limit Early Voting, Same-Day Registration (and straight-ticket voting)

Cute baby duck alert!

Payroll fraud scheme yields another guilty plea

Snopes has already tackled the "Monsanto Protection Act" claim.

A Woman Who Opposes VAWA?

‘Motherf*cking Injustice’: Stewart Tears Into Logic Of Supreme Court Justices Opposing Gay Marriage

Republican March Madness - BS Bracketology

Lanny Breuer Cashes in After Not Prosecuting Wall Street Execs-- Approximate Salary of 4 million $

Norwood found guilty in Morton case

Group Plans To Hand Out Free Shotguns in High-Crime Tucson Neighborhoods

Ukelele magic

Welcome to Tucson, here's your shotgun

Once More Through the Revolving Door for Justice’s Breuer

Obama signs executive order creating bipartisan commission to address voting issues

Texas man convicted in $11M investment scheme

Money can't buy hapiness

Got it !

When Obama signs a law into effect, he is not responsible...

Green on black


Brunswick City Commissioner behind bars on charges he influenced a witness & obstructed an officer

Ben Carson (R)epulsive bigot compares homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality

Solar plane to embark on coast-to-coast U.S. tour

ILLINOIS: 188,000 FOID application recieved so far this year.

Rogue Dentist May Have Exposed 7,000 Patients to HIV, Hepatitis

Dumb Criminals: Group Of Four Arrested Smoking Joint Outside Police Station

US embassy in Chile apologizes for rude tweet

eBay user angry at Jim Carrey for "Cold Dead Hands" song selling autographed picture to buy gun

US embassy in Chile apologizes for rude tweet

Pics of the Kennedy's at Camp David in 1963

Scuttle-Buttin' (I think this is the right place?)

Yes - now you too can smell like bacon:

ex-S.C. GOP executive director says he wishes the Iraqis had killed an anti-war vet.

Sinister interpretations of otherwise normally explainable events: The Umbrella Man

Several injured in explosion at Crane Naval Warfare Center in Indiana

Southeastern Louisiana University finds 137 ineligible athletes competed

Southeastern Louisiana University finds 137 ineligible athletes competed

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe and would you share it?

Jindal's tax swap proposal has jumped to a 6.25% state sales tax

I'm actually getting a chance to move out of the Dark Ages (aka COBOL)

Well I wonder if all these unfortunate souls will still think govt. should reduce its presence?

The former Wisconsin Republican U.S. House Representative Steve Gunderson...

Lawrence O'Donnell 'Rewrite' segment: Who was right about DOMA

What exactly is the Defense Of Marriage Act?

I don't have to tell you things are bad...

I guess the lion slept tonight.

Pope Francis washes women's feet in break with church law

The Mystery of the Tiny Door in a Tree

DOMA Protest signs from Funny or Die:

TYT: Jim Carrey's 'Cold Dead Hand' Song Pisses Off Fox News Gun Nuts

TYT: Whay! Gun-Waving GOP Candidate Arrested...Again

No Questioning Religion? Bill Maher vs. Catholic League

Which Countries Love Gay Porn Most?

First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found

Chile’s Bachelet Will Try to Win Over Social Movement

Iran, North Korea, Syria block U.N. arms trade treaty

Probably the best place for this....

Chávez por siempre, Maduro Presidente

Cyprus looks to its past for economic reboot

Petition for Obama admin to help NASA to put a trailer about space program ahead of Star Trek Film

Is this woman Anti-Puppy ?

Poverty only exists

Argentina may defy NY courts with payment offer

Andre norton, H. Beam piper

Docked! Soyuz Takes Shortcut to Space Station

Cyprus will not leave the euro, says president

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 29th

Hollande Presses French to Embrace Social Revamp to Spur Growth

Termites 'engineer fairy circles'

Michael Bublé Friday .........

After 40 years, Vietnam memories still strong

(Vermont) In House vote on welfare limit, a right turn on a left issue

Great Dayton Flood: NCR, Patterson key players as life savers

The Star Trek Episodes You Should Watch for Free This Week

If you don't get around much here...

March 29: National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

Rabbi Herschel Schacter Is Dead at 95; Cried to the Jews of Buchenwald: ‘You Are Free’

Americas biggest machine gun festival goes off with a bang as thousands of firearms fanatics gather

The Power of Words

Jones promises House action if Koster fails to appeal ruling on conscience law

Cutting-edge approach needed to revamp flood insurance, flood risk analysis

Yeah, the GOP really wants to attract hispanic voters...

Attention Please: RE Todd Kincannon-ToadSC

Rep. Young ‘Meant No Disrespect’ By ‘Wetbacks’ Remark

The push to steal Asheville's water marches on. Check out HB 488.

Did China Just Declare War On Apple? Sure Looks Like It.

*FYI* cross posting: The Power of Words

Climate space: rethinking strategies to fight for our future

Krugman: Cheating Our Children

Larry Kudlow says Mitch McConnell has a brilliant strategy for 2014...

Why the Anti-Gay Movement Got Humiliated in the Supreme Court

Why Is Socialism Doing So Darn Well in Deep-Red North Dakota?

NYPD on Trial: Police Say They Are Forced to Harass Kids in Order to Meet Quotas

Military instructor lambasts loss of civilian control of the military

Robot ants: mini-machines mimic insect colony

Giants extend Sabean, Bochy through 2016...

Calling Elizabeth Warren HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will the Feds charge Steve Cohen?

More Than 300,000 U.S. Homes Are Foreclosed 'Zombies'

Today is Good Friday for Christian DUers...

Men With Loaded Rifles Intimidate Moms Gathered At Indiana Gun Safety Rally--Think Progress

Obama issues Executive Order to investigate voter suppression

Donglegate: Why the Tech Community Hates Feminists

Internet Apocalypse Now? Experts Say No

I am having problems downloading Java and Skype on my Toshiba laptop...

A marriage equality graphic you might like

Most Chinese Cities Withhold Or Block Release Of Key Information On Air, Water Pollution, Toxics

Why Politicians Listen To The Public On Same-Sex Marriage And Immigration But Not The Economy

Snapshots of the American Civil War

Canada Becomes Only Nation In The World To Withdraw From UN Desertification Convention

Yellowknife's Giant Mine Site Will Cost $1 Billion To Clean Up - Double Estimates - CBC

the min. wage increase

Winter Weather Key For NY, WI Loggers: As Season Shortens, Logging & Jobs Shrink As Well

Mark Fiore Flashtoon- "Love Hurts"

Cosmic Journeys -Voyage to Alpha Centauri: First Interstellar Space Flight .

11th Fatality From Novel Coronovirus Of 17 Cases On Record; Pathogen Identified Only 6 Months Ago

Breaking News: Pope passes gas and it smells like roses.

I'm thrilled that the President didn't veto the spending bill (updated)

Proposed Obama Trade Agreement would Ban Buy America Laws

The Dynamic Left and Dilemmas of Electoral Politics

Fire destroys Newtown home of shooting survivors

New Research Shows Global Warming Speeding Up Scientists find 'missing heat' in deep ocean waters

'Stunning' Stockholm shipwrecks wow experts

Constitution or Leo Strauss{toon}

As the number of gun deaths since Newtown passes the number killed on 9/11...

Friday TOON Roundup 1: What's Your Excuse?

NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth thinks multiple gay players will come out

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Living in Adam Lanza's Room

A country increasingly polarized by religion

Score one for the dog!

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

Obama issues Executive Order to investigate voter suppression

RIP Richard Griffiths

Lina - I'm not the enemy

Book review: Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma

Your child does NOT have to take FCAT to be promoted to 4th grade. You can OPT OUT OF FCAT!

(Holy shit) Incredible North Atlantic Storm Spans Atlantic Ocean From US to Europe

Parents are organizing a meeting in Orlando to OPT OUT of FCAT. Click here for more information.

Can You Trust Big Banks With Your Money?

Farmer forced to kill newborn lambs after horror attacks by crows

Harper decides to get tough on crime (indefinite detention for not criminally responsible)

'Fairy Circles' In Namib Desert Caused By Sand Termite Species, Scientists Suggest

Some people are more equal than others--but they deserve it

Robot Jellyfish 'Could Roam Oceans For Months'

Graves comes out in favor of chained CPI

ha! Gorn

North Korea puts rockets on standby to 'mercilessly strike' the U.S.

I think, when it is all over, the Congres will give us, and the president will sign . . . . . .

This man is on the right track to get me to like him - gotta love who he's upsetting here

Judge Wade McCree: 'Docket from hell' text was meant to flatter mistress

I can't connect my new Kindle to my Wi-Fi

Good Article About the Republican Family Values Double Standard

Starbucks CEO Serves A Grande Cup Of 'Shut The Hell Up' To Anti-Gay-Marriage Activists

McDonnell signs bill on student groups

County Clerk urges people to vote Tuesday

Join me in supporting Sandusky trial Judge John Cleland for PA. Supreme Court.

Wal-Mart Disparity Memo Stays Under Wraps

It's the guns, but it is not just the guns.

TVA cited for not testing nuclear parts

GOP Congressman Refuses To Apologize For Calling Latinos ‘Wetbacks’

Pasta Frittata

Louie Gohmert Has Late Night Altercation With Cops Over Parking Ticket

Arizona gun proponents launch free gun program

Spring is Back in Minnesota

Videotape - Radiohead - Live From The Basement [HD]

New bill: Quarantine HIV/AIDS patients

Ohio Teachers Get Hands-On Weapons Training

Man Charged for Hunting in Walmart Parking Lot

The Robed Troll: It turns out Scalia’s comment was wronger than I thought

Pakistan's nuclear father not contesting vote: party

Over 500 people, including women and children, adrift on ice floe on Latvian shore

Ten years after Iraq war began, Iran reaps the gains

Japanese Utility Takes Blame for Nuclear Crisis

Shocking news!

If women have to get their tits out to make a point, so be it.

BofA Tops Financial-Complaint List

Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward

Palin Rails Against Consultants, But Spent Millions On Them In 2012


OWS Journal, July 2012: Monsanto's Rider Ready For 2013 Bill.

Utah Gun Lobbyist Has AR-15 Stolen From His Car

Can't Speak Teabaggery

All the usual suspects

Obama To Press For Infrastructure Investments In Miami Speech


KRUGMAN: "Yes, we are cheating our children, but the deficit has nothing to do with it."

The NAACP kinda sorta deals with Royal Mayo, rape supporter

Non-nuclear future: British Pugwash Group

Utah Gun Lobbyist Has AR-15 Stolen From His Car

Teddy bear or puppy dog

Science supports gay parents (video at link)

Another Study Sees No Vaccine-Autism Link

It will take a major revolution or an outright collapse to stop all this nonsense...

Just a little bit of gardening seed joy...

Will gun laws hurt the mentally ill?

But, The NRA Is SO Respectful Of Tradition...

Screen brightness question


Clown Sex Offender Can't Sue Over Cards for his Kids

we should carpetbomb n korea with snacks and warm clothing

Black Cop Wins $1.2M for LAPD Harassment

Muehleberg nuclear plant closure plan overturned by Swiss court

George W Bush's Lie-bury

JESUITS GONE WILD: Two gay students allowed to attend Junior Ball together

When you get really angry at someone do you use the N-word or say Faggot?

Utility that operates Fukushima cites own shortcomings as main cause of Japan’s nuclear crisis

"Either by ballots or by bullets we are going to get you out of office."


Sun Ovens can help people in poverty and save ecosystems

Why Did Sen.John Tester's Amendment to Strike Monsanto Rider not Get a Vote?

Chris Christie’s Gays & Guns Problem: What New Jersey Wants, the GOP Reject

Dick Morris to help RNC with Latino Voters. How could this possibly go wrong?

Fox Soccer to shut down

Women should "get their tits out" in order to be taken seriously?

Phila. School District in Major Budget Crisis - 1,300 Jobs Disappearing from Fed cuts alone

Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick?

Catholic high school president, Father Edward Salmon, welcomes gay couple to prom

'Harry Potter' actor Richard Griffiths dies at 65

Once legal, when do the forced gay marriages begin?

NPR 'Talk Of The Nation' To End 21-Year Run In June

Vulture "charities" exploiting Newtown, here:

Does anyone else participate in other forums?

Questions and answers like this:

Boehner takes sequester victory lap

Every picture tells a story of Ohio State's glory.

Inside The World's Only Corn Cob Pipe Factory, Missouri Meerschaum

I'm guessing that an important actor is going to be killed off in the Walking Dead season finale.

Updates on Corbett's Public School Funding Proposals

"David Phelps ambush" video was staged.

Haiti to plant millions of trees to boost forests and help tackle poverty

Men With Loaded Rifles Intimidate Moms at Gun Safety Rally--repost

Can One Nation Have Two Moralities? - By Pat Buchanan

Oh Doug Gottlieb - what were you thinking?

State lawmaker sends racially charged email to voter.

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Good Fridays"

This Is What Happens When You Rip a Hole in the Safety Net

Lawyer falsely arrested, then ordered to pay Bank Of America $50K for trying to sue

Consumer Spending in U.S. Climbs by Most in Five Months

Harry Potter actor Richard Griffiths dies after surgery

This is Your Representative on Guns

Rob Gronkowski: Gay teammate OK

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased in March

Employment Increased in 42 U.S. States in February, Led by Texas

Singer Michelle Shocked sits in at canceled show

Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain

Did anyone NOT pick Indiana to win it all?

Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed

Thom Hartmann: How global warming prevented spring's arrival & could cause death & destruction

nTO (not The Onion) "Republican Congressman Refers to Latinos as "Wetbacks""

Request: I know you won't, but please consider bringing back the unrec.

Two Spirit people. (I learn something new every day)

The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like

So there's a show....a reality show....about people making duck calls and duck decoys....

The Onion-Authorities On Alert As Hundreds Of Crazed Sociopaths Enter Congressional Chambers1:21

How Many Feet Must a Man Wash Down?

Eastern European Tradition of Blessing of the Easter Food Baskets

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

40 Years Ago Today, The Last US Combat Troops Left Vietnam

I'd like to try and see if there is possible agreement

Here's what Yosemite Valley looked like this week 2 years ago . . . and, yesterday

Ed Rendell’s Plea For Fracking Fails To Disclose His Close Industry Ties

This is none of your business...

Dead Pool for the Walking Dead. What main actor do you think is getting pink slipped?

Republicans' Hispanic outreach effort hits a brick wall: Don Young

This Year's Land Day Serves As A Reminder Of The On-Going Ethnic Cleansing

Study: future climate warming may be avoidable (WARNING: OPTIMISTIC CONTENT)

Judge throws out most Coldwater Creek cancer claims

Freed of a Secret’s Burden, a Soccer Player Looks Ahead

Israel Beefs Up Security For ‘Land Day’

Is the Supreme Court Biased or is our perception? Perhaps both???

Utah Gun Lobbyist has AR-15 Stolen From His Car --repost

I've got a new show today, just over an our

sexism, lets play.


Some fairly epic satire aimed at Mike Huckabee

Chicago Teachers Arrested Protesting Rahm Emanuel's Racist Public School Closings

KIRK VS GORN... again!

Now Texas is going make the same expensive mistake

Warning: Follow the printed instructions given with this medicine...

In June 2012, the Senate voted down a genetically engineered food labeling bill 26 to 73

Manny Ramirez is already a big hit in Taiwan

Mechanics take super rare Mercedes SL300 (1 of 1400) out for joyride, cause $830K worth of damage

Shroud of Turin new claims that it's real hits the airwaves

The Rude Pundit: Adam Lanza Fired Over 150 of These in Less Than Five Minutes

Honduran Cops, The Latest U.S.-Backed Killers

Honduran Cops, The Latest U.S.-Backed Killers

Barbara Walters to Retire—Really

JAPAN - The Earthquake - 15 Minutes Live-Cam

JAPAN - The Earthquake - 15 Minutes Live-Cam

When beaches in Miami flood from ocean rising, should we pay?

Now Canada draws up plans for a Cyprus-like "bail in"

Coming Clean on the Dirty War: José Efraín Rios Montt Goes to Trial

Not even TBS knows who they are. >>

"The Hunter" Excellent psychological thriller

Changing the dreadful Monsanto amendment

The GOP’s Post-Election Outreach Hits Some Speed Bumps

I sink I see something

Colbert nails argument for gay marriage.

Every single day there are major news stories about greater restrictions on abortion.

The greatest criminal mind of our time? Man of Steel spoiler

An Open Invitation to All to Join the Interfaith Group

Top Republican Floats Obamacare Voter Registration Ploy

Bronx Rappers Record Video Tribute To Hugo Chavez

Gulf whales may get new protection

Pic Of The Moment: Old-School Republican: Leave Abortion Decisions To Women

Michigan judge: ‘Gap tooth skank hoes’ was a compliment

Obama promotes infrastructure plan at Miami port

Off to mama's house...

Rebel Diaz - Work Like Chavez (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

GOP wrestles with own lily-whiteness as America laughs hysterically

BUG? Inability to see subthread while on jury because subthread starter was on ignore list.

In Challenge to Roe v. Wade, North Dakota Enacts Law Banning Nearly All Abortions

Rand Paul will filibuster gun legislation TOON

Brazilian chief wields high-tech tools in battle to save tribe, forests

Johns Hopkins Students Want To Replace Ben Carson As Graduation Speaker

While schools are starving, PA Legislature voting on inheritance & private jet tax breaks

Brazilian chief wields high-tech tools in battle to save tribe, forests

UPDATED: Boehner: Young’s Comments Offensive, ‘Beneath The Dignity’ Of His Office

North Korea Tensions: Russia's Lavrov Fears 'Spiral'

Celebrating Good Friday In The Philippenes Apparently Involves Real-Life Crucifixions

Class Shows Real Compassion To Help Girl Scout Given Phony Money

Top donors threaten Dems: Do the right thing on guns, or no more money

Capital controls stifle small business on Cyprus

F.B.I. Arrests SAC Capital Portfolio Manager

when men, who continually attack feminist and use sexism, find the articles of women strippin'

Playing to Inspire, Engage and Create Change: Eco-Gamification (love this)

I have joined the ranks of the matrimonially entangled

UPDATE: From Planetary Resources -The Space Asteroid Mining Company

Wisconsin: Indictable Boy

13 words with "awesomely weird" etymologies. Check out "fizzle"

Putin May Cap Golden Parachutes After $100 Million Payout

The NRA Can Still Lose

Expelled Nevada Assembly member Brooks arrested, jailed in Calif. after car chase

Harassment an Issue in UPS Bargaining, as Big Brown Becomes Big Brother

Bloomberg working to get Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D reelected.

Scam alert! I just got called by 978-440-2000 - automated, they claimed my "Visa Debit Card

I'm getting a little sick of the storkitude around here

Senate Barber Shop Faces Budget Haircut

Harassment an Issue in UPS Bargaining, as Big Brown Becomes Big Brother

Highest paid banker on Wall Street Dick Handler

Whooooooray....Talk of the Nation is going off the air

Photos: President Obama Meets With Leaders of Sierra Leone, Senegal, Malawi, and Cape Verde

Study: Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost U.S. up to $6 trillion

So, how are freepfucks defending Rep. Don Young? "Wetback is not a slur"

I go Mountain Biking around San Diego, can you come?

When a member of a minority group doesn't agree with advocacy groups, whose opinion has more weight?

PutEmUp - PutEm Uuuuppp!

Anyone want to do Europe?

Dallas preview for Monday. Who is that at 16 seconds?

Don't let this get around or EVERYBODY will be doing it and I don't think my brain could take it!

P. J. O'Rourke quote

I go Mountain Biking around San Diego, can you come?

Grumpy DU Cat

Jon Hamm Is Being Treated Like an Actress. He Hates It

When Religion and Dieting Collide: What Did You Give Up for Lent?

President Obama on CSpan from Florida

How did you find DU ?

When and how guns make you safer

Boston Punk Zombies Are Watching You!

To those with developed palates.

Doctors and patients could decide who gets medical marijuana under draft Mass. rules

Facebook Analyzes the Impact of the HRC Logo Meme

Ron Kronenberger Update: Ohio landlord accused of another whipping

Undeniable Proof That "The Walking Dead" And "Toy Story" Have The Exact Same Plot

Photo Restoration in Photoshop and Bringing Memories Back to Life (Free Lessons)

Literacy in Cuba

Some facts about Progressive Insurance

Sheriff's phone Number for sex assault line turns out to be phone sex talk line

Culture of Personality

The Rude Pundit has a lovely Good Friday message for some of you gungeoneers

Grillo Says His Party Is ‘French Revolution Without Guillotine’

Ever try pot? Answer yes, and U.S. won't let you in — ever

No more toll takers at Golden Gate Bridge

HHS finalizes rule guaranteeing 100 percent funding for new Medicaid beneficiaries

Studio Ghibli’s newest animated feature gets official release date

I can see why they put that in quotes

"To repeat, we are not advising the GOP to embrace white nationalism."

The car of the future that runs on air

Immunizations - I get them but I hate them !

Bee Afraid. Honeybee colony collapse disorder getting worse worldwide.

Greensboro, North Carolina named least sexy city in America

TED TALK WEEKENDS: They Psycopath Test

Dumb Criminals: Man Attempts To Use Fake Penis To Pass Drug Test

Paid sick leave: The next liberal litmus test?

Doraemon films slay Godzilla in box-office popularity

Nuclear Power Flood Risk: NRC Insiders Say Agency Continues To Look The Other Way

Alaska seeks to woo Colorado gun company

Joe Nocera's Daily Gun Report -- New York Times Mar 29

At World Social Forum, Global Peasant Movement Offers the 'Peoples Solution'

Amazon Buys Goodreads

Shocking Things Liberals Believe!

An Occasion of Bare Breasts in Protest

Pope Francis: papal feet washing sparks fears over women priests

Large Robotic Jellyfish Could One Day Patrol Oceans

Why did support for a new AWB slip? Those that want one made the same mistakes the teabaggers did.

Mississippi governor appoints anti-choice activist to state health board

The Gay Marriage Debate in 50 Years

Tea Party Scary Movie

Where do you stand on a potential war with North Korea?

A fourth offender is arrested in Torrington, CT rape case

Papantonio: Are Conservatives Ready To Break Up The Banks?

The Oatmeal: Tipping and Tooting (or why it's important to tip servers well)

Joe Nocera's Daily Gun Report -- New York Times Mar 29

ESPN3 and ESPNU -- NCAA College hockey bonanza weekend!!

McCrory eliminates Latino outreach office

Facebook: 2.7 Million People Showed Support for Marriage Equality by Changing Their Profile Pics

Thom Hartmann: Did you know that good schools change the value of the community?

The GOP’s Post-Election Outreach Hits Some Speed Bumps

Potable Water from Billboards in Peru

Fracking's Latest Scandal? Earthquake Swarms

SOA Watch is Looking for a New Field Organizer

We're watching a repeat of Standard Operating Procedures

Medicaid Expansion under ACA in Texas

Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig: keep an eye on this guy

Ben Carson Attempts To Explain Controversial Marriage Equality Remarks

2016 Utah senate race

Call the White House TODAY!

U.S. governor thanks Japan for help with tsunami debris

Giants sign Posey to eight year extension..

Here's hoping

I tried rehydrating Herman Cain used cheese, but no.

OMG, It's finally here!

Corprate Morals-

Most signaled intersections are unsafe, here's why

Thom Hartmann: The conservative State Policy Network is sneaking into your state & will change Ameri

Okay, so this is more wingnut crap

Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms

Most signaled intersections are unsafe for pedestrians, here's why

Black people who talk white--What does talking white mean?

Craigslist Musicians Wanted Ad LOL

Why We Write, or Don't: A Few Words About Culture and Change

PETITION: Rep. Don Young: Resign immediately for calling Latinos "wetbacks"

A chilling and inescapably moving story of rape

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 29, 1973

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 29, 1973

BREAKING NEWS: A Republican, speaking off camera, says NOTHING derogatory to Latinos, Women, or Gay

When boobies are banned, only criminals will have boobies

40 Easter Bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead.

Home office tip # 31

Judge Blocks 2 Key Provisions Ind. Immigration Law.

The same sex marriage debate in fifty years

NY judge tosses lawsuit over Sept. 11 steel cross

Facebook: Big Impact From Gay-Marriage Campaign

Ugh! Sick! Had to leave clinic early today...

Dan Savage on DOMA and Prop 8: “My Catholic soul tells me we’re going to lose”

Walker Blames Sluggish Wisconsin Job Growth On 2011 Union Protests

Fantastic versions of various artists on traditional Korean Gayageum by Luna

Ben Carson: We Need To 'Tone Down The Rhetoric'

Savannah Guthrie appears to give Matt Lauer middle finger on air

The big question that the generation raised on porn must answer

Carson Says He’s Ready To Step Down As Commencement Speaker At Johns Hopkins

Paging Dr. Carson

Judge Rejects Divorce For Transgender Pregnant Man

Hey DUers....if you're gonna post nude pictures in your OP's, please include a warning.

All-Female Smith College Returns Transgender Woman's Admissions Application

Well today we have threads about naked men and naked women

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan Morning Show Is Gunning for Broadcast

Ben Carson On Comparing Gays To Pedophiles: Sorry ‘If I Offended Anyone’

Holy Facting shite - ReTHUGs are desperate - Don Young has issued an apology

The Good Dr. for Pres? Repubs. love him but.....

Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia

Cartoon Show Hosts Blast Sex Ed.

A Friday Afternoon Challenge for DU fans of “Downton Abbey”! Today: visiting an enchanted place!

Tweety comes out swinging - despite saying marriage is between a man and a woman

Abortion Fight Really About Banning Or Outlawing Contraception All Along.

Ever have your Ultimate Meal?

Transparency is a good thing. Too much transparency . . . maybe not so much.

I decided to be honest on the MFO Facebook page about what happened to me

What is so special about Jesus dieing?

Eco/system: Obama announces plan for flora, fauna and climate change

NC Governor Pat McRory Eliminates Latino Outreach Office

TV and Blu Ray player question..........

Son of pro wrestler Ric Flair found dead

Two Men Impersonating "The Hangover" star Zack Galiafinakis Brawl On Vegas Strip

A 'Fargo' TV Series is Coming to FX in 2014 (Spring)

Most signaled intersections are unsafe for pedestrians, here's why (we need to encourage walking!)

Look what's coming to tv as a series in the spring of 2014.....

President Obama speaking in Miami about investing in U.S. infrastructure

Does deeming to even talk about the role of government or unions with republicans give

North Korea's "U.S. Mainland Strike Plan" released, shows targets. Did YOU make the cut?

AMC Sets a Date for 'The Killing,' Which Will Return With a Two-Hour Premiere

I have to say that the thread about the junk on display in SF makes me feel pretty good about myself

What does the DU think about giving money to homeless people whose hands give

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 30, 2013 -- The Essentials: Con Artists

Multi-Toxin Biotech Crops Not Silver Bullets, UA Scientists Warn

Caption this Kim Jong-Un pic

TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 31, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Easter Epics

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden

Glenn Beck: Education standards are a Chinese-Muslim conspiracy

I'm thrilled that the president is considering safety net cuts in his budget

40 years ago today - US Military leaves Vietnam.


Michigan judge: ‘Gap tooth skank hoes’ was a compliment

State investigating $98 million grant for UNO charter schools

I found where I will be online at all night

Caught red-handed: Settlers steal Palestinians' donkey

Verlander - record $180 deal

Decided: 37.5 percent haircut for uninsured depositors at Bank of Cyprus

Palestine Palestinian Journalist Jailed for Abbas Photo

US judge finds for banks, dismisses most claims in Libor lawsuits

Why must we constantly antagonize North Korea?

Why the neoliberal consensus doesn't work

…Joint BioEnergy Institute Researchers Engineer Plant Cell Walls to Boost Sugar Yields for Biofuels

Mars to get a comet fly-by, and maybe even a collision, next year

Blogger Yoani Sánchez arrives in Miami

Picking Apart Photosynthesis—New insights…could lead to better catalysts for water splitting

Cuba: Venue of the 1st World Forum on School Health

Jim Carrey: Fox News 'A Media Colostomy Bag That Has Begun To Burst At The Seams'

Don Young

Jim Carrey responds to Fox News: They 'will be remembered as nothing more than a giant culture fart'

UN Recognizes Cuba's Commitment to Sustainable Development

2 billion "birds" will soon perish..(some will be infused with vodka)

Tony Romo signs $108 million extension to stay with Cowboys

Cowboys, Romo agree on 6-year, $108M extension

A Transgender Elected Official Reflects an Evolving Cuba

Nudity and Protest---The Power of Nude Protests

Why the Eurogroup President Should be Fired

Blitzer Grills Carson Over His Gays/Pedophile Remark: ‘You Understand How Offensive That Might Be?'

I find it very interesting that people with first world problems

Weekend Economists Salute Our Favorite Bunnies March 29-31, 2013

Keeping His Promises to the Poor and Vulnerable: Thank You, President Obama!

Europe's recovery arguably under-performing the Great Depression

Shoe hurled at Pervez Musharraf in Pakistani court

Wow. Racketeering charges in testing scandal for former Atlanta Superintendent of Schools

As a straight guy who worked for the Courage

Funniest video commentary EVER. No, really.

How Obama Decided God Was OK With Marriage Equality

OK then. S&M guy to be nailed to cross in L.A. on Easter Sunday

Sharia Law in North Dakota?

Marie Osmond supports marriage equality

Rep. Don Young: Drink Alone To Prevent Domestic Violence

Do we have any cute dog pictures here anywhere? I need a doggeleh fix.

N. Korea going off the deep end? Rockets "On Alert" to strike US military bases.

Former School Chief in Atlanta Indicted in Cheating Scandal

Give yourself an Easter present

...and I paid for the coffee and donuts!

Pope prays at Good Friday rite recalling Mideast

Conservative Christians Lose It and Threaten President Obama, the GOP, and the Supreme Court

Is someone holding a gun more likely to think others are armed? New study says yes.

I hesitate to post this, being so close to Easter, but...

California Chick-Fil-A Offers Free Meals To Gay Marriage Supporters

Oh, the joy; the sheer decadence

For many, holy days have become family ‘holidays’

How To Protect Social Security: Strategy Session

100 Million Tumblr bloggers are pissed right now…

North Korea’s Saber Rattling: Is the Bark Worse Than the Bite?

Catholic High School Allows Male Couple to Attend Dance

Just in time for Easter - Crucifixion Corn Dogs!

New book claims (with no real evidence,) that Shroud of Turin is "real."

When All the Gold in the World isn't Enough

STUDY: CVS, Rite Aid, And Other Chain Pharmacies Mark Up Generic Drugs By Up To 18 Times Their Cost