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Archives: March 3, 2013

My new hero is Hillary Mantell!

Why Adelson kept spending the BIG Bucks

Fracking - is the boom about to go bust?

NYPD lied under oath to prosecute Occupy activist

Hundreds of thousands march against austerity in Portugal

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Online Dyslexia Test

Baseball cards!

What they don't tell you about FL sinkholes. In 2010 growers pumped a billion gallons a day

Now here's an air show I'd love to go to!

Shirley Maclaine Returning To 'Downton Abbey,' Kiri Te Kanawa Also Joining Cast

SKinner, Earl G, Admins, Can we have a Social Security Defenders Group?

Republicans: a definition

A University Steak to Go With That Sweatshirt?

Algerian gas plant siege mastermind 'killed by Chadian forces in Mali'

Perry standing pat against Medicaid expansion

NY Times blames Social Security and Medicare for "unsustainably rising federal debt"

Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 to cement his legacy

U.S. Railcar Oil Deliveries Hit Record in 2012

Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs - - - >

Finding new uses for IBM’s famed Watson computer

Man's body to remain under Seffner sinkhole home

Rove: GOP needs candidates that reflect diversity

I wish they'd call the sequester what it really is, Austerity

The 32 Dumbest And Most Devastating Sequester Cuts

no explanation given

States With The Highest Teen Pregnancy Rates Lack Adequate Sex Ed Requirements

Jesus Christ!!! Enough with the Federal Debt already!!!

Israel set for new election?

"War On Drugs.." is really War On Poor People.

Kissing booth

Tom Toles Rant- Tiddly winks edition

Question about braising chicken

Is Peanut not the most adorable little Yorkie ever?

Picture/Video of the Day: People dancing, worldwide:

What's your favorite thing to play video games on?

To DU feminists...

Game of Thrones, Season 3 extended trailer released

Re: What Scalia said. We need to research an aspect of it. Could be impotant

Did you know today was National Unplug Day?

SSH! What they won't say about sequester - 83 billions of dollars is

My first try at Neapolitan pizza

"great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies" Mayor responds to being thrown out of his own meet

Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands Corp. says it likely violated federal anti-bribery law

Poll for meat eaters: would you knowingly eat horse meat?

America -- Socialism Done Correctly

Do You Know This Man? The Strange Case of Benjaman Kyle

Global Warming: None Like It Hot!

A divided Palestinian neighborhood, torn in two by an Israeli highway

The Great Shift in Japanese Pop Culture - Part One

"Stunning List of Economists, Financial Experts and Bankers Say We Need to Break Up the Big Banks"

What's up with Sinclair Broadcasting Group?

Fear factor: The cycle that drives assault weapon sales

I'm not a Lada Gaga fan, but this is a rather interesting interview clip

The Swiss are ready to put fat cats on a diet

Bicycling produces more CO2 than driving, says Wash. GOP lawmaker (has since apologized)

Data collected on pornstars.

Family learns body will not be recovered, says final goodbyes

"Chicken with Plums" - **** - quirky, sweet, a bit sad...but creative and enjoyable!

Recovered portrait of early English feminist to be shown at Dutch art fair

She walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

Rachel Maddow: GOP Getting Rid Of Centrists, But Dems Aren’t Purging Themselves Of Pro-Gun Candidate

Something to keep in your back pocket for use in long, rambling GD threads

Larry Pratt Agrees Race War Coming for 'Christian, Heterosexual White Haves'

Rising Sea Levels Could Spark Largest Migration of Displaced People in History

I dislike Chuck Norris, but the comedy

Rep. Keith Ellison Tells Sean Hannity What Most Of Us Just Wish We Could

Lavish parties are back for bankers as Goldman Sachs spoils its top executives to a night of excess

Casino Operator Admits Likely Violation of an Antibribery Law. ADELSON!

Would you like some hot sauce for those waffles?

On death and Meta

Too many videos in threads hanging up pages for anyone else?

the MAVERICKS have gotten back together

"How the recession turned middle-class jobs into low-wage jobs"

DU POLL: A fair number of politicians today act like CEO's, treating their constituents

How to Report From Guantanamo Bay

Man of Steel, Woman of Tissue Paper

Kathy Bates joins American Horror Story for Season 3

Sunday Talk Shows

DU POLL: What is your approval rating for the current congress?

"Police Officials, Republicans Clash on Assault Weapon Ban"


Going back to the Carnival Cruise thing, I never understood this...

100 years ago Sunday: Woman Suffrage Procession in DC. Remember.

Despite Colombia's measures, labor union officials' lives at risk

From Daily Kos: 18th largest city now run by unelected bureaucrat

Despite Colombia's measures, labor union officials' lives at risk

Who Will Say The Craziest Thing at CPAC 2013 This Month?

Don't rock the boat...

Student Debt Tripled in Eight Years

If I did the arithmetic right...the sequester cuts Wisconsin $7.48 per person.

I'm popping in here on Sat. night because this entertaining story popped on Facebook

Have you used a service called Green Dot Money Pak to load $ on Paypal?

Video: Jeremy Bird on The Colbert Report

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

Before I built a wall I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out (Robert Frost)

"Owen Meany" is breaking our hearts again....

Here's the deal ...

Some great art on the stresses that our society puts on young girls

Beppe Grillo says Italy may soon have to pull out of euro

Stuffed fox

Promo for newest HGTV house flipping show

Animal abuse - the others appear anxiously concerned about the violence

Sweden makes new push to solve premier's 1986 murder

The Key to Big Oil's Sky-high Price Play: Keystone Export XL

Would you really want to live in a town called

West Side Story on TCM!

California's ban on fees for school supplies causes confusion

The Collector

Heart Attack Grill claims another victim.

The left-right and liberal-conservative concepts are outdated.

Are you going to flame me for having laughed out loud? Logic with merit about many gay people.

The result of over a decade of Fox lies...

UK commits £88m to Chilean telescope 'as big as all existing ones put together'

Sequester storm gathers over D.C. economy

Copping a feel

Blaming funerals on the president?

Does this ever happen to you?

I'm a Unicorn!

Begging for a caption, and I know you guys are up to the task.

Republicans waging open warfare on the 99%

'Racial slurs' aimed at wife draw McConnell's ire

"Bill Gates Is Trying To Eliminate Polio, But Radical Islamists Keep Killing People To Stop Him"

If you hate Hugo Chavez, then FIGHT what created him-U.S. imperialism in the Americas.

I'd like to protest THIS thread being locked...

'A concentration camp for little boys': Dark secrets unearthed in KKK county

Landscape technique: Hyperfocus.

Had this mid 80's gem stuck in my head...

Gay Mayoral Candidate’s Friend Charged With His Murder

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

Bumblebees Disappearing in Midwest

bizarre russian video. weirdest clip i've seen. anyone know what this is?

Does the prevalence of the Harlem Shake mean Gangnam Style is dead?

SNL Lays Into Justice Scalia Over Voting Rights Act: South Is Still ‘The Michael Jordan Of Racism'

All About Mutual Funds. (Pardon the dust! Thread currently being renovated!)

The Neo-Confederate Supreme Court

A note about "Rope-A-Dope" as a political strategy.

Sorry but the Manning outrage doesn't register

Something I made for FB

Movie making irony? Little known fact?

If men could get pregnant

Dallas Morning News: Gary Mack and the evolution of a JFK conspiracy theorist

Doomsday Book (2012) - Korean SciFi anthology

Long labor contracts draw ire of Michigan Republicans

Massachusetts, former treasurer reach deal on corruption charges (Tim Cahill)

Holocaust Researchers Catalog 42,500 Nazi Ghettos, Camps; Numbers Are 'Unbelievable'

Jonathan Alter: Why Democrats must get smarter on entitlements

More Wingnuts

New York Fracking Reportedly Held As Andrew Cuomo, RFK Jr. Talk Health

So there was this clown on CBS News tonight about the sequester.

Remarkable events in Annapolis on March 1st.

Amazon rainforest tribe at centre of new cultural storm

The 32 Dumbest And Most Devastating Sequester Cuts

One of the Three Kings. Albert King: The Sky Is Crying - Live in Japan '89.

Can you pass the Acid test?

Outrageous jury decision on disgusting post

A HUGE shout out to Women For Obama!

Borderlands 2 dlc questions.

N.C. sheriffs wage fight over gun records

Glenn Beck wants a Christian Taliban Theocracy - BUT

The Congress That's Never There

Minimum wage politics. Republicans need to wake up.


How Citizens United Encourages Corporations to Break the Law Like Enron

West Wing Week: 03/01/13 or "Hope Springs Eternal"

A Place At the Table

Big kittys

Who's idea was this?

Family sing along

Marmot and friend

Sylvia Garcia wins Senate District 6 seat


Is it time for auto dealership blue laws to hit the road?


Lawmakers: Tax breaks need periodic review

Country club break shows perils of messing with taxes

Fight over abortion rights returns to Legislature

Plan to revamp water board sparks political influence concerns

Local officials lobby GOP leaders to rethink Medicaid expansion

College Station: Developments to urbanize Northgate district

New discoveries of natural gas compete directly with alternative energy

Get ready for a quick adventure

Lawsuit: Texas School Girl Told to Pledge Allegiance to Mexico

The Sequester and the Tea Party Plot

DPS discourages spring break travel to Mexico

Huge study: 5 mental disorders share genetic links

LCRA cutting off water to rice farmers

Lawmakers get violent emails over gun control

We're living in dystopia but we don't care because we're just "free" enough.

Friends Don't Let Friends Watch FOX

Teabaggery: A License to be a Fucking Moron

Romney back on national stage

Bernanke defends Fed's low-interest-rate policies

Yay! Today (well, technically yesterday evening) we adopted a Golden/Lab Retriever-Mix puppy!

An open letter to my "Progressive" Governor:

SNL Reviewed: Kevin Hart and a New Pope

A Gay Mormon Coming Out (live)

OK, DUers. I'm betting that you can spot the gross dishonesty in the following

Why has the bidet never caught on in America

I am watchingan interview withTony Blair about the Iraq war on BBC international

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Watch Your Step Edition

"Greedy Lying Bastards" - must see cinema

Nato commander apologises after troops shoot dead Afghan children

LOOK at Google's home page it announces Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Hangout..

100 Years Ago, The 1913 Women's Suffrage Parade

Bradley Manning pleads guilty to leaking secret government documents

"We've brought a plan.. THEY haven't brought a plan" . .C'MON media!!

When You're Cutting Social Security, 'Wealthy' Begins at $25K

Lech Walesa: Homophobic bigot

Asian Music XV

Hey texastowlie

Eyes Wide Shut on the Iraq War - by Ray McGovern

Greece faces bailout review, plays down public sector job losses

A new prophet rises from the Ashes of Waco

Lech Walesa shocks Poland with anti-gay words

Why We Bought Bush's Lies - by Valerie Plame Wilson & Joe Wilson

Michael Steele needs a foot in his face.

Sunday Morning Music Videos...(Movie Themes done with Ukuleles! ...And Dr Who!)

You May Have Seen These Fox Graphics Before -- In A GOP Press Release

Can't tell you how much I really like Cinemax's "Banshee"....

The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

time for NBC to dump MTP for UP

10 Stunning Things You Should Know About the Environmental Movement -- 'A Fierce Green Fire' Film

Same sex benefits in right wing country?

Let's Use Boy Scouts to Secure the US-Mexico Border

Bradley Manning: The Face of Heroism

Britain does not rule out future arms to Syria rebels

Masked Cops Raid Home of Terminally Ill Medical Marijuana Patient

Thailand's promise to end ivory trade cautiously welcomed

Virginia’s Feast on U.S. Funds Nears an End

why are walmart billionaires bankrolling phony school reform in L.A.?

Return of the Wild: Will Humans Make Way for the Greatest Conservation Experiment in Centuries?

Tax bills for rich families approach 30 year high

I nominate Boob Woodward!

American idiot

U.S. general's Australian outburst could undermine F-35 program

Rediscovered portrait of early feminist goes under the hammer

sheldon adelson: In Filing, Casino Operator Admits Likely Violation of an Antibribery Law

Pull the damn plug then!

Ted Nugent fired from The Discovery Channel, pro-gun show cancelled

Heads up !! Mittens and Ann on Fox News Sunday now.

Sugar per beverage - school project

Another one from last winter's snow

Oops!! Alaskan taxpayers subsidized Bristol Palin's now canceled Lifetime 'Tripp'

The US Navy Is Finally Moving Ships Back To The Philippines To Counter China —

"Albatross" - Fleetwood Mac

Things to do while there is no Pope (from FB)

GOP at work on Medicare voucher program

"…to alter or abolish it"

Expectant parents die in NY crash; baby survives

Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut! - Petition


"A Concentration Camp for Little Boys" - and wouldn't you know it, it was in Florida

Following the money and influence for digital education

Failing Upwards: Chairman of Northern Rock during its collapse selected for House of Lords

Limbaugh Is So Toxic That He's Damaging All Of Talk Radio

Bernstein Reveals Woodward (2005)

Swiss Voters Set Limits on CEO Paychecks

El Paso Vice: When Drug Cops Become Criminals

Tomorrow, after 16 years of dial-up, I am getting high speed.

Why did Walter White choose the name of Heisenberg?

A BusinessWeek cover crosses the line

KRUGMAN: Centrist Pundits "Will Always Invent Some Reason Why Obama Just Isn't Doing It Right"

Lockheed Wins $334 Million F-35 Contract Before U.S. Cuts

Mitt Romney: 'It kills me' not to be president

Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

For the real cowards, the best of Dawkins.

Second-grader suspended for having breakfast pastry shaped like a gun

God loves you so much!

Cold warriors prefer untold history remains unheard

Florida High School Student Disarms Gunman On School Bus, Gets Suspended

Romney: ‘Obamacare’ Was Attractive To Minority, Low-Income Voters

LOL! Good One From The Rachel Maddow FB Page

Black and Bengali: A new book traces the hidden story of a mixed-race community

Dennis Rodman on This Week with George Stephanopolus. Guess what?

Suspicion voiced in GD

CBS' Face the Nation starts out today w/ Lindsey Graham and then John McCain

SF Bay Guardian: Public broadband works; why not here?

David Gregory: The Washington Press Corps - Really Is Like Middle School

Another Sinkhole Opens

Jonathan SWIFT accuses Lord BYRON of "damnable lies"!1

NY: The Basics Of Sunday's MetroCard Fare Hike

Ken Braun: Banning guns will work as well as the war on drugs

Native Americans Win Right to Prosecute Non-Indians in Tribal Courts

Surprise: Studies Show Rich People are more Unethical than Poor People

To those of you who watch the Sunday "news" shows and report back...thanks so much.

"My Life As A Professional Cannabis Baker"

From Daily Kos: 54% of voters would pay more for restaurant meals to insure workers health.

Israel introduces 'Palestinian only' bus lines, following complaints from Jewish settlers

How I am a Roman Catholic - Roger Ebert

Krugman: Government and Medical Costs, Continued

political storm "Earl" is upon us

House Democrat examining H-1Bs is a former Microsoft VP; husband is a current president

Bursting SCOTUS's bubble

Swiss Voters Approve Limits on ‘Fat Cat’ Executive Pay

So seriously how would you negotiate these polar opposites?

'Fresh Prince' Theme Song Causes High School Lockdown

What role do republicans/conservatives play in this world?

I have just a few things to say to and about SalmonChantedEvening and the Sunday LOL cats!

Higher Wages Will End Recession

Rebels 'seize most of Syria police academy'

Officials: Bomb kills 20 in southern Pakistan

UK: Queen hospitalized after apparent infection

Rev. Dr. Cornel West: For the Working Class, the System is Broken

"Austerity" translated:

Notes from Above Ground

Election rigging as the root of fascist ideology of the SCOTUS majority

Switched at Birth and Deaf Identity

DHS Considers Eavesdropping Tech for Spy Drones on Border

Man OWNING Department of Homeland Security and their idiotic immigration checkpoints.

Colombia’s Medellin Named World’s Most Innovative City

Japan looks to film business for help processing 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster

MIRT Needs To Attend To This Troll, Ladies And Gentlemen

The hidden price of religion?

today in women's herstory

Calling someone fatboy and a fat ass (yes, a Repub pol) is ok.

Billionaire John R. Menard is conservative, anti union, and donates that way (what to do?)

February was the most violent month in Caracas in 4 years (Spanish)

We Didn’t Domesticate Dogs. They Domesticated Us.

woman suffrage marchers attacked at wilson inauguration-3 mar 1913

Oregon's ban on killing wolves spurs nonlethal options

NYTimes: Insurgent St Patricks Day Parade Comes Into Its Own

Thank you, Melissa ...

*HELP DUers: Please...we need to get creative!!! (Please K&R)

Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un Wants President Obama to 'Call Him'

This Story Stinks

women's history month quiz

woman suffrage marchers attacked at wilson inauguration 3 mar 1913

Karst topography and Florida sinkholes

Loss of water pressure reported across New Orleans

Karst topography and Florida sinkholes

Walker greets conservative WI SC justices Pat Roggensack and David Prosser after the speech.

I’m so freaking bored of Mitt Romney...

Pentangle - The Trees They Do Grow High

Walrus basks in Orkney attention

Streetlight and Challenge 15 (sex trafficking)

Sign WUSA9's "Does Congress Deserve a Furlough" Petition

Advertisement for "The Silencer Store" hits KLBJ-AM Radio

SpaceX cargo capsule reaches International Space Station

"Some guy says" stories are not really NEWS

God as a poetic symbol

Math Museum in New York

NYTimes: Insurgent St. Patricks Day Parade Comes Into Its Own

Somali woman cleared in 'false rape' case

SNL really let Scalia have it last night

Oddly seems I trust DU now more than any other news website.

3 Reasons Pro-Choice and Pro-LGBT Folks Won't Leave the Catholic Church

Fight gender discrimination even before birth

Anglican-Methodist commission issues communiqué

Valerie Plame is slated to appear on Morning Joe tomorrow...

Cardinal Keith O'Brien sorry for sexual misconduct

I Believe The GOP Is Secretly Glad About The Cuts. They Only Wish ALL The Cuts Were

Do they sleep with it?

Netanyahu says Iran using nuclear talks to "buy time" for bomb

Religion is just an excuse

Say hello to Precious. She was dumped in our neighborhood

What you don't know about Catholic charity or social justice

"This is why Obama can’t make a deal with Republicans"

Wombats need tummy rubs, too.

Bush aide: Palin ‘wasn’t competent enough’ for Fox News

Romney: Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy didn’t cost me the election

Elwah Dam Removals Rebuild Beach (And Great Shellfish Habitat) At River's Mouth; Spawning Sites, Too

Juries often disagree with my point of view.

NM Soil Moisture At Record Low Levels; Irrigation Diversions Begin, But For How Long?

GOP’s Largest Campaign Contributor Admits To Bribing Foreign Officials


What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 3rd

Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao and the DC Bubble (Revolving Door)

Who should lead the Democratic Party in 2016

These Cuts are Wrong...

Europe May Work With China on Space Station

One year ago today we lost Ronnie Montrose.

Have you ever seen these pictures?

watching boehner on mtp (rerun)....'the President DEMANDED the sequester'

The Voting Rights Act is not a racial entitlement!!

Toon: How long is the waiting period to buy...

Krugman: Who Should We Listen To?

MAXIMUM SENTENCE for BRIAN WHITLOCK, over death of CAPTAIN the German Shepard E action

This would be a lot funnier if Justice Scalia were the only person in America who believed this.

No impact from Keystone? The Canadian petroleum industry disagrees.

Toon: And THEY call US 'sheeple'?

Should the sequester be repealed or replaced?

Snowquester forecast for mid-Atlantic region Wednesday

Anybody here have any experience with Superlative?

Doing things while under the influence

Please sign petition to stop the University of Toronto's plan to astroturf a huge green space.

Kerry stresses need for Egyptian unity and reform in talks with Morsi

Impeach Scalia . Pass it on.

Yes, congressional salaries should be cut first

IF Reagan was alive today (yes I know over 100 years old.) BUT if he were alive and

A Letter To WA Congresswomen Cathy McMoriss Rodgers(R) about Sequestration

Ann Romney blames the media, naturally, for their loss.

Dennis Rodman is a blithering idiot.

The permafrost gun is predicted to fire ~2050. No turning back.

The Annihilation Of A Dangerous Dysfunctional Republican Party To Save America?

Republicans in Congress say they never need another raise

Viral Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality

What was Chris Hayes getting at this morning about how he's changed his mind about

Do as I say, not as I do.

The Deficit sucks because...

How Tom DeLay and John Dingell nuked post-Columbine gun control efforts

I'm tired of some feminists on DU trying to tell this feminist what I should be outraged about.

Mimes are unstable


Bees, lies, and evidence based policy....

I know it was you.

And what do you really know about Dennis Rodman?

when did Rhodes stop selling frozen roll dough?

I can't wait for Ashley Judd to whip Mitch the chinless

Republicans Won't Take 'Yes' for an Answer - Paul Krugman

John McCain assaults a citizen

SCORE!! We just got the Kitchenaid 6qt Pro mixer for $300

Alabama police chief apologizes to Freedom Rider congressman Rep. John Lewis

Cardinal Sandri: Church Must Open Up To More Women In Leadership

Congress won't suffer pay cuts in sequester

The SmartOnes English Muffin Sandwich I was going to purchase contains high-fructose corn syrup

None Of This Is Necessary

Libertarianism deconstructed in three simple sentences . . .

Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured

Why doesn't Obama just tell Congress to bring him a budget that he can veto or sign?

I'm sick and tired of the Weather Channel and others weather forecast HYPING snow storms

Georgetown, Washington DC

GOP Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson Admits His Company ‘Likely’ Bribed Foreign Officials

Long Slog To 2014 Begins For Senate’s ‘Red State’ Democrats

Need investors for new business venture! Depends vending machines at rock & roll reunion tours!

Are you part of the solution?

The Simpsons was our Delphic Oracle

US doctors cure child born with HIV

Jupiter Rising

Mayor Bloomberg Booed At Annual St. Patrick’s Parade In Storm-Ravaged Rockaways

John Kerry Releases $250m In US Aid To Egypt As Reward For Political Reforms

Montana, Idaho trappers catching more than just wolves

US doctors cure child born with HIV

US Economy Hamstrung By Washington’s Brinksmanship

Scientists argue that friendly wolves sought out humans.

Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, Alabama -2013

Curious, why would the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons have a Ayn Rand book

Heat rally against Knicks for 14th straight win

when the climate change chickens come to roost in a big way...

Take Your Dogma With You.

Lawmakers Warn Sequestration Pains Could Compromise Military Readiness

I think it's time we had a "stupidest senator" March Madness competition.

It's Election Day in Kenya

Do woman still like mink?

Dennis Rodman 'This Week' Interview: NBA Basketball Star Discusses Kim Jong Un, North Korea Visit

Check out the CHALLENGE on OneGrassRoot's Wishadoo Thread....pretty cool

How can I purchase stock in MJNA?

Democrats on way to securing female vote in 2014

Please put litter in its place (you're scaring people)

How many Republicans does it take to change a Lightbulb?

Isn't it entrapment if a cop,....posing as a hooker,....dresses like a cop?

Romney: "It's Killing Me Not To Be In The White House"

Harlem shakes videos are more annoying than the Macarena

Sequestration Worries Israel

For First Time, Baby Is Cured of H.I.V., Doctors Say

Seven Facts in This World

Cost of Diabetes: Financial toll of diabetes extends beyond those diagnosed with disease

Cost of Diabetes: Financial toll of diabetes extends beyond those diagnosed with disease

Cost of Diabetes: Financial toll of diabetes extends beyond those diagnosed with disease

'Taxes on the Rich at a 30 yr High - Tax Policy Center' - monstrous disinformation by AP writer

Cops Accused Of Disabling Surveillance Camera Before Gay-Bashing

When is a society great?


Swiss vote to curb corporate exec pay

Most N.C. gun deaths are from handguns

NC lawmakers, gov looking at lottery changes

Israel’s Palestinian-Only Buses Prompt Apartheid Comparisons

informal poll on Facebook

Missing brothers case is NC's oldest unsolved disappearance

Match Game Story: Rabrrrrrr moved Match Game to Sunday, and Dr. Strange got his _____ in a knot.

PA TV honors terrorists who killed 22 children and 4 adults for the second year in a row

Protocols of the Elders of Zion alive and well in the PA

Anheuser-Busch defends itself with newspaper ads

John Boehner Admits He’s Completely Clueless About The Republican Sequester

Should DU have a Social Security group?


Of Portable Drives and Partitions

Wealth inequality: Perception v. reality.

A spine was finally found?

Israeli '9/11 Costume' Inspires Conspiracy Theory In Iran

Does DU display radically different for you in Opera?

10 dumbest things Republicans said last month

SNL's Cold Open Segment: Obama Explains How Sequester Will Affect Job Cuts

The Mr is watching "Amish Mafia".. what the hell is that?

Second new computer in three months. And this one works!!

Oh, for crying out...

Mississippi hospital announces cure of infant with HIV..

Meet The Press Host Challenges Boehner On GOP Tax Myths

Cops: Villanova student secretly filmed women undressing, posted to porn site