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I'm trying to find Hagens in Alberta and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Breaking: N. Korea Says to Enter "State of War" Against S. Korea - KCNA

Take Five (Zero Worship edition)

They embody such good Christian values…cough, choke, spit.

Gov. Scott Walker pays criminal lawyers additional $248,000

An interesting analysis by John Oliver of The Daily Show

If we, as a country, decide to raise the cap on Social Security to ensure the efficacy of the...

Perhaps the best use of " **Those** people . . . " I've heard:

Holy Shit! Kansas player grabs a Michigan player's dick.


Sean Hannity shared a link (FB)

Rita Moreno on NOW with Alex Wagner

another joke: An Elevator not Working??? It is about Bill, Jim and Scott....

Emotional Wayne LaPierre Honors Victims Of Background Checks

According to your opinion, which of these sewing circles is the most diverse?

So they told me today they hired my replacement, oh and by the way come in tomorrow to train him

This is what Republican lawmakers are protecting.

Bill Moyers Essay: The Hypocrisy of ‘Justice for All’

What can you donate to help the homeless.

Friday Talking Points (251) -- Don Young Shows GOP How Not To Reach Out To Minorities

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! The Decider? & a new Kitteh gif

North Korea prepares to fire nuclear missile at US

George W. Bush, Minimalist

Good lord! Now they tried to fly the confederate flag at the capital building.

The First Honest Cable Company

Aviation expert hopes to return Zero fighter to skies over Japan

Jesus and Mr Spock

I guess he'll get off at the next stop.......

Images of Nudity on the DU. Please provide a "Warning" for me, if no one else.

SC teacher that stomped US flag to resign

Reasonable gun control legislation in one word. Seriously, you only GET/NEED ONE WORD -- PEW.

Justice Department wants states to decide S&P lawsuits

Exxon oil pipline burst in Arkansas, evacuations under way

No. Really.

Army formally declines Purple Hearts for Fort Hood shooting victims

THIS sucks. "30 states introduced laws that restrict voting."

'nother update

Ryan's World

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand

UPS to pay $40M for illegal drug deliveries

Stupid Human thinks this is funny. Stupid Human. Stupid, stupid Human. STUPID Human!!!

Think he/she was predestined to be a vegan? Move over, Kevin... there's a new coolest Bacon.

Special guest star will be the first zombie capable of speech... which already stumbles just right.

Gamers... ... WoW!!! ... Just WoW!!! ... ... ... Seriously and literally... just WoW!!!

Alphabet soup for people MiddleFingerMom's age:

MFM is smooth. SMOOTH!!! There aren't enough o's in sm-o-o-o-o-o-o-th to describe just HOW smooth!!!

North Korea declares war on South Korea?

Solar-Powered Plane

"Only 43.8 Percent of Military Identify As Republican, Down From 56 Percent In 2005"

Corporate-Backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Shrouded in Secrecy

Dog and Cat Food Recall

Pope refers to "Muslim brothers" on Good Friday

How Many Peeps and Cadbury Easter Eggs Can a 50 Cal Rifle Shoot Through?

"More Signs of Sturdy Growth: Consumer Spending Rises"

Confederate Flag at Old NC Capitol Coming Down

Quick update on Brigid (& Molly Maguire)

On a Lighter Note~

Things That Are Scarier Than North Korea



Funny how the righties don't respect a woman's desire to protect her Const. rights like

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: 90% of Steubenville, OH

1 in 3 women


Russia warns over Korea escalating tension

North Korea Says 'We Are At War With South'

Pipeline ruptures, sending oil into Lake Conway

Losing network connection

Conservative Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said Friday that he supports repealing DOMA

So are we at a point where it is easier for red state Democrats to endorse marriage equality than

Go Blue!

Scale of Industry (Photo)

Maddow: Fox Thinks Viewers Are Dumb... And Now Blind.

Applause in Unlikely Places: A Conductor Who Rewrites the Rules


40 Easter Bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead.

"Crowdfunding" Gives Boost to Renewables in U.S.

my good news for the day

Neighborhood Solar Power

"Customers Abandon Wal-Mart As Their Treatment of Labor Wreaks Havoc on Sales"

I'm drawing a blank. Whats another way to say, "In that light,"

Could not be more proud of his President and the First Lady!

Is it time for another B1G thread???

CDC Confirms Multistate E. coli Outbreak from Farm Rich Products

Business, labor close on deal for immigration bill

New study finds no link between 'too many vaccines' and autism

Have You Thought Of Running For Office?

'Easter sucks'

1-Year-Old Struck (in the neck) by Stray Bullet Released From Hospital

Why are tits so fetishized?

"...when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures..."

Chart of the day: Minority members of the U.S. House, by party

Describe something you felt physically or witnessed that isn't part of the normal human experience.

John Sinclair was the manager of The MC5 and the "head" of The White Panther Party.

IMO, N Korea is following a "mouse that roared" script. Declare war, do a little damage,

How many Starbucks do you have in a 5 mile radius from where you live ?

Why would a member who I have never PM'd, and who isn't ignoring me, block PM's from me?

know anyone that 's voting for Pridemore for DPI

Best Wishes to all DUers who observe Good Friday, Passover and Easter.

UNASUR Supports Venezuela's Electoral System

Cost of Environmental Damage in China Growing Rapidly Amid Industrialization

Able Muse 2013 Poetry Book Award

AP: North Korea reveals doomsday device, hints entire Facebook community should set status to 'Dead'


hey, let's run public education like a business, offer cash bonuses for raising tests scores & such!

How The Red Equal Sign Took Over Facebook, According To Facebook's Own Data

i've gotten permission to post a pm that was sent to me earlier, about first world problems for some

What do you mean it's "good Friday"? Opening Day (baseball) is Monday

Buddy Collins Nominated To Plum North Carolina Education Post, Despite Anti-Gay Record

I would've married her if I could've.

BREAKING: Dr. Ben Carson Will Not Address John Hopkins Commencement

Would Obama use a nuke in retaliation?

Anyone ever see this movie about Nazi zombies?

Neal Boortz may be off the radio...

Spec. Ed. Match Game: Crucified, Thufir said, 'Chtulhu forgive them, they know __ Thor __tetelestai'

This is what happens when the door to the Lounge is accidentally locked

People on Facebook Can Sign This Petition to Help Save The Life of Protester Amina in Tunisia.

Ecuador raises Julian Assange case with Labour

North Korea is not Iraq. North Korea is not Iran. North Korea is North Korea.

What the Internet looked like in 1995

Stephen Baldwin pleads guilty to tax charge, will pay $300,000

Why and HOW is GD out loungeing the Lounge?

Philly couple says "I do" at a funeral

Mary Sanchez: A Guatemalan tyrant, in old age, faces justice at last


What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 30th

Oligarchy inside democracy--how it works

North Carolina governor’s latest moves alienate Latino and LGBT communities

Arizona man, 86, sentenced to probation after mercy killing of his ailing wife

Pathways To 100% Renewable Energy: April 16, San Francisco

A compassionate prosecutor and judge: 86 yr old man gets probation for mercy killing of wife

March 30th is Pencil Day

Half of U.S. Christians doomed to be perpetually disappointed

The University of Southern Mississippi Founded: March 30, 1910

March 30, 1867: Alaska was purchased from Russia

Bank of Cyprus big savers to lose up to 60 percent

Neat trick Sanford! Markie hit the bullseye on his own back.

North Korea threatens to shut joint factory complex over insults

Panera pay-what-you-want chili introduced in St. Louis stores

Grocery Unions At Stop & Shop Take Obamacare’s Leap of Faith

Anchorage Unions Say Labor Law Ordinance Could Stoke Election Turnout

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.25.2013

Ambulance personnel vote for union

Caterpillar to Lay Off Employees in Milwaukee

USW Members at Firestone Polymers in Orange, Texas, Return to Work Monday

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.26.2013

UK - Cash shortage stretches to sea bed

Is 'Game of Thrones' Escapist Enough?

UAW Membership Rises to Highest Level Since 2008

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.27.2013

"Mr. McGee, Don't make me angry...

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.28.2013

White men have much to discuss about mass shootings

I can only shake my head

Act 10 - reason Wisconsin is doing so poorly- Job creation went from being no. 11 in country to 44.

Injured woman raped in Highline emergency room; worker charged

Michelle Shocked doubles down on crazy

The Coming Crash: Our Addiction to Endless Growth on a Finite Planet [With Photo Slideshow]

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.29.2013

Thought for the day

Religious Leaders Call on President Obama to Reconsider His Position on Drone Strikes

What Now for Gun Control?

With gun nuts hoarding bullets, will cops be disarmed?

B-2 bombers based in Missouri send message to North Korea

human easter eggs ... holi, the hindi celebration of spring

Women demand Plan B be available over the counter, like condoms

Right-Wingers Lying About Food Stamps

On Gay Marriage, Moderation Could Be Disastrous

Iraqi oil: Once seen as U.S. boon, now it’s mostly China’ s

Meet Cyro, The Robotic Jellyfish That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Bill Moyers Essay: The Hypocrisy of ‘Justice for All’

Let's list some First World Problems for those who like to suggest that they are trivial.

‘Blue water’ Navy veterans’ long waits often end in denials at VA

EPA: Expect More Radiation in Rainwater

Noam Chomsky in conversation with Jonathan Freedland

Wow, I made it, I'm 62 today and all signed up for SS.

Tennessee: Diane Black joins call to limit birthright citizenship

Poorest Nations Say Yes to Emissions Cuts

The Coming GOP-Evangelical Divorce

One of the things I despise most about the anti-choicers: Their endless lying.

Book review: ‘The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America’ by David Stockman

Americans believe in climate change risks but won't pay to fix them – survey

I just bought a print? original? signed but not number Leslie Sayour

What happened to the proposal to include misogynist language in TOS?...I've asked about four times

If I Admit That ‘Hating Men’ Is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning It Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Don Young, "It was a poor choice of words." & "meant no disrespect,"

Another Easter in Charleston

Study:CVS, Rite Aid, and Other Chain Pharmacies Sell Generics at Up to 18 Times Cost, Think Progres:

Visalia (CA) Beekeepers Reporting 25% Mortality As Almond Season Begins

Swedish wolf hunt 'an abuse of science': expert

Why Mandate Disclosure? Because Corporations Lie On Voluntary Political Transparency

Even Calling For A Banner-Free Walk Along River Enough For Police Interrogation In Dead Pig World

Ex-cop cleared of sex charges citing 'itch'

Somebody finally woke up and figured out something funky was going on in an ec. dev. department!

US Corn Stockpiles Down 38% In Three Months - Sharpest Drop Since 1975

Canadian Gov. Dismisses All Possibility Of Oil Spills From Western Gateway: 'It Cannot Happen Here"

Qatari Government: Large Households "Crucial To The National Vision"

To my great friend William Pitt--- who is days if not minutes from becoming a first time Father...

Doctor Who: David Tennant returns for anniversary show

There are a lot of reasons someone would want to fire 30 rounds without reloading

rest in peace Richard Griffiths aka Vernon Dursley

How ‘This American Life’ Got Disability Wrong

Pope's (female) Foot-Wash a Final Straw for Traditionalists

Death Or Love (Action,2013,JAPAN) FULL MOVIE with English subtitles

HIV case headed to Minnesota Supreme Court draws national interest

American Anniversaries from Hell: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Americans believe in climate change risks but won't pay to fix them – survey

cinderella story? how the koch bros use florida gcu to promote their agenda

Man secretly owned chain of pot stores

L.A. County sheriff's officials investigate 'stupid joke'

Must admit, as a recovering Catholic, I am intrigued....


poor folks don't care about the stock market rally

Why Rich People Hate Talking About Inequality

Dick Cheney Continues To Lie About Torture

Burnt out on outrage?

Well, one thing's for sure: women who die for a cause or as heroes sure don't get as much attention

A Disastrous Year for Bees: 'We Can't Keep Them Alive'

The status of women in Tunisia


Researchers track blue whales by their songs

Nothing found in hunt for 83 miners buried in Tibet landslide

Confederate flag at old N.C. Capitol to be removed

Kenya Supreme Court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta election win

OK. Obama/Duncan/Gates School "Reform" Model: The results Are IN !!! Today's NYT: P. A1

Alaska Congressman Don Young was just explaining why we have a jobs problem

Democrats Are the New Republicans

Gun guy in CO from Rachel Maddow last night.

Mappō or Mofa

On pot laws, respect the states

Another reason why all plants should be legal!

Remove Medicare's straitjacket

Man imprisoned for fatal Tucson hotel fire to be freed after 42 years

King's Easter epistle on civil disobedience

New tools make it easier to find prices for medical procedures

Insurers eager to maintain authority over healthcare premiums

President Carter - "Losing My Religion for Equality"

Insurers eager to maintain authority over healthcare premiums

State unemployment rate drops to 9.6%; employers add 41,200 jobs

As GLBT rights are on the ascendant women's rights are headed in the opposite direction

U.S., Afghan officials at odds over fate of military bases

Has anyone switched from AT&T to TMobile?

Iraq's great divider

'Star Wars' today: What would Reagan do?

Ten years after Iraq war began, Iran reaps the gains

Greg Palast UNCOVERS: How Bush won the war in Iraq - really! (Worse Than "Blood for Oil" Far Worse)

George W Bush - the gift that keeps on giving -

So I sold my two handguns yesterday

Ruth Bader Ginsburg must go

I wish I could play like this, don't you?

They see me rollin, they hatin

Woody Allen lovers - check out this documentary on Woody

I saw this video about marriage equality posted on FB. (about religion, polygamy, same sex marriage)

Skunk Cat!

Curious Friends: How Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Can Help Republicans

Lamentations of Jeremiah

Find Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights & Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life

No bigot, be they Nazi, be they fascist, be they people who believe in superior races

The future of religion in a post-secular world

Why on earth do wingnuts fear a communist takeover?

Judge Rejects Much of Libor Lawsuit - hands banks a major victory

Think you know Europe? Take our geography quiz.


NIT Final Four: Baylor vs. BYU, Maryland vs. Iowa

Kim Jung Un Needs to Consider Dialing It Back about Five Clicks.

Hand embroidered floral pillow $10 off

Wonkette: New Pope Already Pissing Off The Santorum Wing Of The Catholic Church

TyT, Decriminalization of Child Abandonment in Nebraska.

First Edition of HoF Hate Mail

The Meaning of Kim's Midnight Pow-Wow

The current rhetoric out of N. Korea is hardly unprecedented

Fast Track is unconstitutional. And it will be used to pass the NAFTA on-steroids TPP

Religious Group ‘Apologizes’ For Linking Marriage Equality Supporters To Nazis

Oil change saves cat!

mrs. betty bowers (america's best christian) explains bible-based marriage to everyone else

*Where is 'Good News' group/forum???

brilliant people on du, tell me the psychological affects of being beaten down,

North Korea: What happens if Kim Jong-un acts on his threats?

If this van's must be Easter!!!

why doesn't dennis rodman call his good friend kim jong un and ask him to chill out?

Internet Problems...

Chinese, Egyptian Leaders Vow To Deepen Strategic Cooperation

The number of star members ignoring me has gone down by 3?!

Instructions for Launching North Korean Missile

Shocking Rahm's Shock Doctrine

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done – VA Benefit Shame, Don't Do Koch Campaign, Marriage Equa

TCM Schedule for Monday April 1 - TCM Spotlight: Play Ball!

Man Tattoos His Pitbull

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clapton!

Woman fired from KFC for being homeless

Syria's Assad Finds An Unlikely Friend In Israel

Saturday, March 30th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Could Insect Resistant GMO Plants Be The Thing Killing Off The Honey Bees?

Sorry, I just can't get into Easter Candy.

Conservative Logic 101

Breasts (and penises) are demonstrably Primarily Decorative

Darwin Award Winner goes out with a big swing

A recollection of Nuclear Urbanophobia, dedicated to Kim Jung-On.

Sen Jim Inhofe (R-Moron)

Cypriot Politicians’ Loans Written Off

PSA - If you go to your local track to walk/jog/etc..

Marriage Cases May Hinge on Procedure

Putin orders ban on adoptions by LGBT foreign couples – report

Wife with Indian on a Carpet.

Inhofe and Coburn turn their backs on Oklahoma

Who's the kid throwing the stick?

So many theories on Why GWB invaded Iraq.

Yay! Massachusetts Library Cat Can Stay (Buck Up, Allergic Kids) & Don't f-- with us cat people.

Just about sums it up.

The Mystery Of The Tiny Door In A Tree

The Mystery Of The Tiny Door In A Tree

What are you reading the week of March 31, 2013?

Kitten vs. two scary things (w/ epic musical effects)

Talk about getting the heebie-jeebies...

The War on Social Security and the War on Excessive Health Care Costs (with charts - dialup warning)

Who's ready for the new season of Game of Thrones? One hour to go folks

How do we alert someone when a pile-on is under way in a thread?

Problems logging into DU

A teacher of Zumba, (what's that?) Pleads guilty to Prostitution...(in Maine U.S.A)

Tokyo bar offers cocktail of booze and Buddhism

Legendary Music Producer Phil Ramone Dies at 72

Republicans Introduce Legislation To Discriminate Against Non-English Speakers

Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist Over Skits on Islam and Morsi

Scott Walker & Paul Ryan Take Wisconsin from 37th in Job Creation to 44th.

Questions for an Expert on North Korean Propaganda

Man Tattoos His Pitbull: Acceptable Or Animal Cruelty?

Arkansas-residents-evecuate as- exon-mobile tar sands pipeline ruptures.


Reports suggest NFL is preparing for a major ‘coming out’ announcement

German Electronic Music Pioneers Kraftwerk Banned From China

9/11 Museum Can Display Crossbeam Crucifix

Lawyer Says Zombies Can't Be Prosecuted For Eating Brains

When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men

Reward for dead California fugitive policeman shrinks

Why isn't there a rule against posting jury results?

Immigration Day for Action - Tucson - April 1st

Hungry Kim Jong Ul

Are there any guidelines in regard to the behavior of group moderators?

Find a OFA event near you

Jazz ballads by some great musicians

Papantonio: We Must Protect The New Deal

Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid

Finnish anti-forgery passport uses moose

Lancaster Woman’s Execution To Be Delayed

SJR5 - Stealing Judicial Oversight

Stress causing deaths among Fukushima evacuees

Aggie student leader proposes bill to opt out of paying for GLBT Center on campus

deer crossing signs

The US Navy Wants To Use Lasers To Shoot Down Drones. Be Careful About War Crimes Here

Fukushima Rad News 3/29/13: Nuclear Watch: Missed Opportunity

VIDEO: Clinton Meets JFK back in 1963

It is an indisputable fact...

Congratulations to Amina. She is now a very successful activist.

Skynet AKA Boston Dynamics is at it again

You can have my TITS

Who else is up for a Twinkie run to Mexico?

Looks like America isn't ready to give up!

GOP Lawmakers In North Carolina Want To Make It Harder To Get A Divorce

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 30, 1980

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 30, 1980

Voter Suppression is the GOP Game

One example of true equality in practice

Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege

Liberty Leading the People

My RW father is at it again

Dating Iron Man…

Random Anecdote re: Bumperstickers

Easter: Why is it so early this year?

Arrest warrent issued for popular Egyptian satirist for insulting Islam and Morsi

94% of Americans don't know the budget deficit is getting smaller

Saying goodbye to Bob.

GOP Minority Outreach

GOP has a plan to put the unemployed back to work..... Have them pick up trash

Is Canada serious about the Americas?

How Cowlicks Happen…

Egypt, Iran Resume Direct Flights After Decades


"...bestowed by Jesus Christ with the ability to trade commodities..."

Why the World Bank Must End Its Support for Palm Oil in Honduras

Marvelous Krugman article about wages and demand

Will Congress act to stop US support for Honduras' death squad regime?

Emotional Wayne LaPierre Honors Victims Of Background Checks

37 Anti-Nuclear Weapons Protesters Arrested At Livermore Lab

Will Congress act to stop US support for Honduras' death squad regime?

Deal Is Said to Be Reached on Immigration Overhaul.

The Other Rosa Parks: Now 73, Claudette Colvin Was First to Refuse Giving Up Seat on Montgomery Bus

So now I'm told I work for the US Gubment to spy on US Citizens. Derp. Derp

Happy Birthday Warren Beatty

Investigators: NC man shot 2 neighbors in backyard

Capt. Kirk beamed down, but Texas Lottery’s “Star Trek” Guinness record attempt fell short

Unacceptable: Some Veterans Are Waiting Up to 506 Days for Benefits


Community Meeting about the Ronstadt Center here in Tucson.

A DUer requested a couple of cannabis flag icons for DU

UCLA hires Steve Alford

Freezing weather brings fresh perils for British wildlife

Cooperative is entering Nebraska, Iowa health care markets

Study: Archeologists find remains of human-Neanderthal hybrid

State Rep. Kolkhorst: Obamacare subsidies, yes; larger Medicaid, no

The “Monsanto Protection Act”, and why you were duped

The Creationists' Worst Nightmare

America vs. Canada: "I can't go to the hospital..."

So You're Shocked Some Young Southern White Dude Defended Slavery at CPAC

EPA: Arkansas pipeline burst is "major spill"

How Obama Decided God Was OK With Marriage Equality (cites: Golden Rule)

Presenting: The Whizzinator

I just made a batch of horseradish. Wow that stuff kicks butt!

Best Rainbow Conspiracy, Maybe Best Conspiracy...EVAH!

“Big Bang Theory” Cast Performs “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Classic!

Peter Kormos Dead

Charting People instead of Years

Anybody here know about "Rabbit TV" ??

Wright's Law: A unique teacher imparts real life lessons.

Whatever Happened to the $100 Million Mark Zuckerberg Gave to Newark Schools?

GOP: Building Keystone XL a "no-brainer"


Proof That Obamacare 'Rate Shock' Is An Ugly Insurance Company Deception

Hello Europe

The Wil Wheaton Story That Will Make You Sob In Your Cheerios

Some of you may get this, and others of you won't…

and the winner of the Sony tennis open is......

Patient of Dentist who might be responsible for spread of HIV and hepatitis on CNN....

‘Trickle-down consumption’: How rising inequality can leave everyone worse off

Michelle Rhee accused of sending eldest daughter to $22,000 elite private school

Will the GOP’s plan to fight Obamacare in the states backfire?

"Gahhaha." Hey, I think Jindal and Walker are jokes too. Who doesn't?

Drill team keeps kids off deadly streets (Camden, NJ)

21 graphs that show America’s health-care prices are ludicrous

NY judge tosses lawsuit over Sept. 11 steel cross

Hey GOP, how's that whole Latino Outreach thing working for ya?

From Dallas To Damascus: The Texas 'Straight Shooter' Who Could Replace Syria's Assad

Making sausage or how the monsanto provision ended up becoming law

Francis has both Reactionaries & Liberals on clenched toes to see which way he will actually go

Wolf Blitzer is going to talk about the FBI and UFO's

My daughter's cat, Mischief, was hit by a car

This is brilliant! "The Psychopath Test"

Warm-fuzzy animal stories/video thread!

WiFi gurus: What is this?

New N.C. legislature targets ‘arrogant’ cities

Venezuela's Maduro says opposition seeks violence

Seen in restaurant just now (1 tv is on Fox): "Jim Carrey Caves to Fox News..."

Here's whats happening in my local area. A girl is fighting cancer and look what the KIDS have done!

Maduro calls Venezuela opposition "heirs of Hitler"

Faux news headline: loud boo when Obama attend college basketball game

Scathing excerpts from Atlanta indictment in test cheating scandal

Chavez's legacy gains religious glow in Venezuela

Scenes from the inferno in Chile as students clash with police (0:45)

Cadillac-ack-ack-ack-ack UPDATE: Billy Joel producer Phil Ramone dead at 72

Sex offender accused in Seattle rape less than a week after judge frees him

Please light the path home for Belladonna, my kitty


Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts boldly lies on national television...

The Rift in the Democratic Party is Evident in this PODCAST!

Some celebrities are assholes; however, some are really cool.

very interesting rankings: better world shopper

very interesting rankings: better world shopper

These same assholes keep popping up.

Man sentenced to 12 years for raping, torturing woman in ‘bondage room’

Gang rape hits India image, 25% fall in foreign tourists

Police: Pimp Forced Girl To Tattoo Eyelids With His Name

Wikipedia: Rape and pregnancy controversies in United States elections, 2012

Santa Fe PD: Woman kills boyfriend's 4-year-old daughter in fit of anger after argument

"White House, here we come…"

Man kills infant in front of mother

Spanish farmer discovers that rock used as ham press is actually rare meteorite worth millions

Woman kills her two deaf and dumb children, commits suicide


Jack Daniels Fishing Story

At least he has a sense of humor about it…


Jennifer Lopez' Crazy Diva Behavior Gets Her Kicked Out Of IPL Apperance

The Best of 'Thug Kitchen' Wants You to Eat Like a 'Fucking Champ,' Not a Chump

Honey Badger Cat don't give a fuck.

Brandon REALLY pissed off his Mom before he deployed.

ABSOLUTELY the most bad-assed tattoo you will ever see in your life.

Dog BBQ:

MFM thought he was over Janice. The jealousy that he felt at her engagement party surprised him.

Contrary to popular opinion, MiddleFingerMom DOES work out. ... He does. ... ... ... He DOES!!!

Pasadena City College Offers New Course: Navigating Pornography

Prison profit CREATES a demand for more prisoners… Damn Skippy!

Look at me over here!

Green Meteorite May Be from Mercury, a First

I hope there's beer in Hell,

Air quotation marks in place of the needed ones…

Singing Husky Dog. Auto-tuned or not?

What Fidel Taught Hugo

Justin Bieber's Monkey is Quarantined in Germany...(he tried to sneak it past customs)

Did The Catholic Church Ordain Gay Weddings?

Wanting to explore some remote / wilderness areas of Montana this summer

John Scalzi: Being Poor

How do I find DU Members (is there a member list?)

Australian Billionaire Planning To Build Real-Life Jurassic Park (same guy building replica Titanic)

Good the Weird News Forum...

Southern Maryland Road Trip

Santorum thinks that "Will and Grace" created the demand for gay marriage

Obama heads to Colorado to highlight new gun laws

Bringing Babies to the Classroom to Teach Empathy, Prevent Bullying

Just add milk…