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The Sheep and the Goats (Jesus, Fundamentalists and Universal Health Care)

Arctic warming blamed for last year's heat and this year's chill

So, would the right try divide us by

Is this tune from the 1930s referring to something obscene?

Police: Father shoots son in chest

Deleting..Thanks for Link to CTYankee's Post! I will kick it.::

Authorities: $600M scheme incubated in NC town

Someone feed the damn Cat

GOP's "small govt": North Carolina lawmakers sponsor bill making divorce more difficult

The Following lost me last night... (((((spoiler)))))

Real good point

Th CNN documentary of the shooting of Reagan is sponsored in large part by

Jeese,,, I was really hoping that Florida Gulf Coast University would continue its heroics...

Just think tomorrow at this time central, the Walking Dead starts.

It was true then, It is true today.

Here's a reason to look back at Lyndon Baines Johnson and crack a huge smile at his wicked humor

Most pompous song ever ?

Statement by President Obama on Easter Weekend

"The Cone Sisters (of NC's Cone Textile Mills) Collecting Mattise and Modern Masters"

The Democratic Party 101: A Teacher Gives Republicans A Lesson In Facts

Is this tune from the 1930s referring to something obscure?

If Illinois legalizes marijuana, how could that affect the economics of the drug trade among gangs?

Fist of Jesus--a documentary short film.

Since there is a new pope..time for the pope and rabbi joke..No offense is just a joke,and

Oil Leak Today In Arkansas, Or why the State Dept is wrong on Keystone

Congrats to Wichita State on their victory over The Ohio State Buckeyes tonight.

Anyone Having Facebook Issues on Your PC or Laptop

The Walmart Game

Don't know if this is true, but you're going to hear about it: Obama Ballot Fraud in Indiana in '08

Obamacare Faces Near-Solid Block In The South. Hmm, didnt't they have the same issue with the civil

I saw the BEST (maybe) bumper sticker today!

Congratulations to the Wichita State Shockers. nt

Argentina One-Sixth Bond Offer Seen as 'Thumbing Nose' at U.S. Court

Frats Worse Than Animal House Fail to Pay for Casualties

Sunday Talk Shows

Maybe Ohio State should have invited Tim Tebow to speak to their team??

idea / tip for packing a suitcase

North Korea attacks South Korea in a full scale attack meant to unite Korea under North Korean rule

Gee, where does the money go?

A box is a box is a box

TN State Legislators propose US Senate Primaries to be conducted by State Legislature, not voters

If this is a democracy, why is stuff discussed in private?

Its not automagical

I has a question.

I renounce my 2nd amendment right

Potemkin Housing Recovery?

Building the Keystone XL should be required to have a Polymer Tungsten

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned For U.S. And U.K. Depositors

Prez Got Some Cheek

And my response to really obviously

Robert Parry's New Book about LBJ's Coverup of Nixon Scam on Vietnam..

So I picked the wrong team from Kansas.

New Doctor Who tonight - Saturday March 30, 2013 - The Bells of Saint John's

What does that "=" avatar image mean? Multiple people have it.

Senator Sanders Will Introduce Legislation to Break Up Big Banks

Strange Sunday...

Egyptian comic arrested for insulting president

Parody of Caiden Cowger (crazy homophobic conservative)

Pope’s Foot-Wash a Final Straw for Traditionalist Catholics

ideas / tips for packing a suitcase



To The Fundy Churches It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before They Will Be Able To Install Their Agenda

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Bob Bailey to switch parties and become a Democrat

Visions of U.S. Senate Dancing in Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's Head?

I have a dog kennel to give away

I have a dog kennel to give away

Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, wife reportedly found dead in home

So, the time has come for my annual Zombie movie holiday tomorrow

"Do the Math: Tech Growth Equals Economic Growth"

Half of Christians Think Jesus Will Return Within 40 Years

No, Michelle Shocked, you're not being "silenced by fear"

Georgia's Lady Bulldogs defeat #1 seed Stanford in women's tournament

District attorney, wife found dead in Texas county where assistant DA was shot, police say

Tennessee legislators may get to pick U.S. Senate primary nominees (not the voters)

Pope presides over trimmed Easter Vigil service

Anyone have big family get-togethers on Easter? Are yours good times or train wrecks?

Two fifth-graders face trial in alleged Washington murder plot

Sundown in America - David Stockman warns of the next big crash

Even Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian is appalled by Reddit’s role in the attacks on Adria Richards

MSNBC's Lockup is very disgusting and disturbing

The Importance of County-owned Banks


Activision R&D Real-time Character Demo

With jobs only for 10/15% of the student population for the next 10yr, why spend on education. We

Someone in the apartment downstairs is cooking bacon.

I couldn't sleep, decided to get up and cook myself a bacon sandwich...

Today would have been Cesar Chavez's 86th birthday.

All ur eastre eggs is belong to me

the relationship between the delegitimization of structural identity

Elizabeth Warren Takes Off the Gloves

Daily Kos: email the White House: no Social Security cuts

The Corporate 'Predator State'

Aim every shot

Do you know your blood type?

15 April Fool's pranks -- mostly to play on your kids:

Anyone wish to critique the Stockman article, please ?

Okay, it is really making me curious

So where would I get started making an add on for Firefox?

Man Crashes Car To Make Haircut Appointment

Michigan Circuit Judge Suspended After Exchaging Lewd Text Messages With Witness

During the Iraq war I photographed a Catholic Chaplain convention.

Excellent brief message on waging war with Iran

Anything’s Possible Now

A Photographer Captured His Wife's Fight With Cancer

The fact that one in three US women is subject to assault

Carlos Boozer punches Referee in the nards.

Education and America .. WTF is wrong?

As U.S. tightens rules on lead, battery recycling moves to Mexico

As U.S. tightens rules on lead, battery recycling moves to Mexico

Solar much more efficient for powering cars than biofuels

NYT.State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Sarah Chang – one of the greatest child prodigies of our era

David Stockman Is Outraged — And A Lot Of Powerful People Won't Like What's In His New Book

Partying continues in Austin despite North Korea's threats of missile attack

Happy Easter, Christians! "Thou shalt break them", From Handel's Messiah. (Try it, You'll Like it)

The Party Faithful are now trying to equate Elizabeth Warren

The tease .........

Not funny, but unfortunately it is true-The coverup of the Fukushima meltdown (cartoon)

The bones tell the story: The search for Peru's missing

Jesus' birthday celebrated in December and his death and rebirth in March. Four month span?

The bones tell the story: The search for Peru's missing

March 31,1992 – The USS Missouri, the last active United States Navy battleship, is decommissioned.

March 31 is Oranges and Lemons Day

Rhetoric and Reality of North Korea's military by top asian analysis

Peru to Buy 24 Russian Helicopters – Media

Bieber to be prosecuted: Sherriff's department wants him to get help

EPIDEMIC!!! (the band)

DMN: Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, wife found dead in home

Scratchy film

Women own themselves

Guantanamo hunger strikers ready for death: lawyer

Commander of the ISS says

($277 million dollar) U.S. Navy ship removed from Philippine reef (in pieces)

How We’re making a Frankenstein’s Monster of our Climate (Giesen)

This Is Not the Age of Defeat

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Y.M.C.A. Edition

Why the US Government Lacks Legitimacy on Gun Control

Blaming Obama?

Creepiest Easter Bunny photos ever taken

EPA.."Major oil spill' in the Canadian pipeline

for the first time in years I'm not being dragged to church this morning...

Group gives guns to poor inner city residents in high crime areas. Grrrr.

Iraq, Afghan Wars Will Cost US 4-6 Trillion Dollars: Report

rapists claim custody of their child

Does capitalism cause climate change?

Sunday Morning Music Videos...!

Landslide risk at record high after months of rain

book: "Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life"

'Leading the Targeted Killing Revolution': Weapons Maker General Atomics Gets Punk'd

The Appearance and Actuality of Prejudice.

The Con of Trickle Down Economics

March Badness - Who's in your bracket?

Scott Walker: Dissing teachers, dissing Milwaukee, all for "better" education

An Important Petition for Montana's Wolves

Hundreds march against Yankee nuclear plant

Aldermaston: the UK’s nuclear legacy

Bellevue firefighters' questioned contract puts hires on hold

Texas DA, wife killed -- 2 months after his deputy is gunned down

How the Oceans can clean themselves

Good Friday - Walking the Way of the Cross to Lockheed Martin

Say, what?!

Stuffy Old Men: Region, Religion, Race and Class Define and Buffet GOP

Well we know Kim Jung Un's real political party:

MRA's (Mens Rights Activists) are extremely critical of feminism.

Guardian Reporter: Bradley Manning Treatment Has "Scared" Other U.S.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 31st - Easter Edition

"Obama is very possibly a world-historical political figure..."

40 Years After Watergate, It's Almost Impossible to Hold Government Accountable

Walmart Wants to Take Exploitation to the Next Level and Have Customers Deliver Orders

Where Are the Country's Least Happy and Healthy Americans? Studies Reveal America's "Sadness Belt'

Report: Right-Wing Extremists Are ‘Highly Engaged’ With GOP On Twitter

Where Does It Say the Supreme Court Has the Power to Hike Medicine Prices to 5x Their Cost?

My kid Brother looking for an Easter egg---Year--1969

Why does President Obama keep Appointing Monsanto Shills to Key Gov. Positions?

Comments from the autistic author of a book on autism found in Lanza's room

Google Today, Nothing about Easter! Cesar Chavez 86th Birthday. Wow, that will cause complaints!

Berlin's Jewish Museum's 'Jew in the Box' exhibit offends people

China bird flu: Two men die in Shanghai

Let's Just Lay Off All The Public Workers. They Aren't Real Jobs Anyway.

Google Doodles Cesar Chavez on Sunday, March 31

In Easter Plea for peace, Pope Francis condemns Human Trafficking

Philippines wants US payment over reef damage

How Samsung Became the World's No. 1 Smartphone Maker

Watergate’s Washed-Away Lessons

George W. Bush’s Lie-bury


China’s solar industry - the birthpangs of a new capitalist industry

Today is Walking Dead Finale Day!

The NRA's and tobacco industy vision for US children and schools.

Anybody else concerned about "King Tut," the boy king of the orient with nuclear toys accidentally

Incredible Civil War/Abraham Lincoln geekgasm...

NYT: As OSHA Emphasizes Safety, Long-Term Health Risks Fester


The Shocking Truth About Inequality

Duplicate - Sorry

Jim Carrey's "apology" to FUX News ..... a must read

Said the Chick

Contractor Responds to Reported Defects In Silver Spring Transit Center

Obama's 'nuclear zero' rhetoric is dangerous

Obama can keep Reagan’s nuclear-free vision alive

US sabre rattling leading to War?

Limbaugh On Petition Against Carson: ‘We’re Losing The Country’

Princess Diana ‘went to gay bar in drag’ with Queen’s Freddie Mercury

Wow, Radley Balko's list of police raids that will amaze you.

ONE MORE DAY (a blog post by a DUer, a caregiver, a friend)

ONE MORE DAY (a blog post by a DUer, a caregiver, a friend)

Drones May Soon Deliver Your Newspaper In The French Province Of Auvergne

For Easter.... Google Honors Cesar Chavez's 86th Birthday

ONE MORE DAY (a blog post by a DUer, an ASAHer, a caregiver, a friend)

Cat fish.

Iraq, Afghan wars ‘most expensive’ in US history, drained defense budget for decades

One of Canada’s largest student association endorses BDS against Israel

On Being Catholic

UPDATED: Cardinal Wuerl: Church Treats Gay Marriage Of Catholics Like Divorce

Patriot Coal seeks bonuses for execs as it screws retired miners out of pensions

I watched DeLovely twice this week. Now Cole Porter songs are living in my head.

World Backup Day: Now’s the Time to Fortify Your Digital Existence

Muslim Leads Hope Pope Francis Sparks Interfaith Dialogue

Ooh la la: French town to deliver daily newspapers by drone

Machines of Laughter and Forgetting

finally! If our cherry tree is doing this, real spring must be here! Happy Happy Day!

Josh Marshall: Right Wingers Fear Losing Right to Call Gays Gross

Why doesn't the Arts & Humanities group

Messina: GOP’s 2016 Nominee Won’t Back Gay Marriage

Dissability increase on Melissa Harris-Perry. WTF did you think was

Atheist group extends olive branch

Social Security disability/retirement question...

Howard Dean: Purple to Blue

Fungi pull carbon into northern forest soils

"Women are given credibility and access to speech to the extent that they say what men want them to

Graham Predicts Background Check Bill Will Fail

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Hails Immigration Pact

Hepatitis C drug goes after patients’ RNA

remember he has risen! celebrate this day with family and friends!

Pope makes Easter pleas for Mideast peace

Looking for a Lasagna Recipe

Donald Trump Picks the Wrong Scottish Farmers to Brawl With

I'm watching CNN, is this April Fools Day? Whoopi Goldberg is on a news program?

Honey, we’re praying for you

New EPA Rules Would Make Your Car Run Better And Cleaner

This morning in 1968 Martin Luther King gave the final Sunday sermon of his life

How to Make Peep-Infused Vodka

I'm glad that everything is closed today for us non-religious individuals...

The cookies at KickButt Coffee are dangerous. Read the ingredients.

27 Delightful Obsolete Words It's High Time We Revived

Happy Easter and Happy 85th Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe

Happy birthday to me.

Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens: New Atheists flirt with Islamophobia

'Jew in Box' exhibit in Berlin triggers controversy

Betray Your Bank Before Your Bank Betrays You

IMO -- what it means to be christian - the whole shebang

These crimes will get you less jail time......

Public Inquiry and Democracy: Should the National Science Foundation Fund Political Science Research

WI treasure John Gurda: Walker loves Milwaukee? We're not feeling it

Tell it to the paw

Cardinal Dolan: Our opposition to same sex marriage can’t be ‘reduced to an attack on gay people’

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 45 years ago today. Happy Easter.

LOL: Google pisses off religious right and Breitbart cult with today's Google Doodle.

Liz Cheney is at least as dangerously unhinged from reality as her pulseless father

Sarcastic bridge.

Anger Over Plan to Sell Site of Wounded Knee Massacre

Brilliant Female Scientist Obit -

David Sirota explains education "reform" really about profits over people

Cardinal Dolan For President!!!! LOL

How do I stop my automatic renewal?

Law Enforcement Officials Gunned Down In Possible White Supremacist Plot

Flake: A GOP Prez Nominee For Gay Marriage Is ‘Inevitable’

Bill Moyers: The Death Penalty’s Fatal Flaws

Washington Boys To Stand Trial For Murder Conspiracy - ages 10 and 11

Happy Easter!

Attention Earth People-Rethugs want credit for being kind

Good Grief! Teachers Get High Marks on New Evaluations

Since Google is a topic today: They now have treasure maps, street view in B&W (pics)

Google’s Doodle Features American Labor Leader Cesar Chavez On Easter Sunday, Users Retaliate....

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: Ten Things Science Says Will Make You Happy...

Texas fracking explosion

Who saw Project Runway's Fabric creation competition?

We need to study N Korea because they are us (EU and N America) for the next 25yrs.

Wow, sand and dirt in tar sand oil wear down the pipe, who would have guessed it?.

Japanese government to require road safety classes for reckless cyclists.

$600M Ponzi Scheme Devastates N.C. Town

A Clinton In ‘Transition’ Keeps Opponents And Donors Frozen

MIFTAH denounces smear campaign against it

Museums - the latest victims in the illegal trade of elephant tusks and rhino horns

Is Pope Francis Rewriting Easter?

Scientology taught at public funded charter school

Slavery and Capitalism

The Butterfly Effect: Reject Speciesism | Mickey Z.

The Death of Jesus and the Rise of the Christian Persecution Myth

Nuclear Calendar -- March 31, 2013 | FCNL

Here at DU we oppose: nuclear power, oil pipelines, fracking, burning coal.

Happy Easter from the GOP


"Liberal" Is Not a Dirty Word

US Film-maker Who Saved Orphans Shot Dead

iTunes Fail...

Cadbury Now Has Exclusive Rights to the Color Purple (Pantone 2685C)

College Student Runs Dumpster Diving Cafe with ‘Recycled’ Food

Keystone XL Public Meeting Announced

Former RNC chair Ed Gillespie: Republicans are compassionate for allowing LGBT hospital visitation

Day 21

2013 MLB Payrolls

‘The first gun is fired. Slavery is dead. Thank God we have a President who at least will try.’

The joys and rigours of converting to another religion

An Easter Offering who Who Lump all Christians together as Intolerant Woo Worshipers

The End Times Part: Signs, Prophesies, and Current Events

HI all, you may know this but I tried something new to me.

Have you ever heard of 'Grannies for Grass'?


Happy Eostre :)

Emotional Wayne LaPierre Honors Victims Of Background Checks

This is the site of FREE OIL...

Well tomorrow is my big day.....

Happy Easter!

New Hampshire Woman Calls 911 Trying To Order Chinese Food

Egypt's Jon Stewart Has Been Arrested By The Muslim Brotherhood For Insulting The President

My peeps -- LET ME SHOW YOU THEM!!!!!

1/2 of Christians think Jesus Will Return In The Next 40 Years

Religious Right Counting On Catholics On Supreme Court To Overturn Roe V Wade

Thought of the Day: (They are taking Cesar Chavez out of school books)

Man is fallen and will destroy the Earth – but at least we greens made him wait

Pres.Obama attends Easter service; minister criticizes ‘captains of the religious right’

Explanation of non-binding Senate votes to reduce estate tax and repeal medical device tax

really m$nbc...armstrong williams?

My owner said I had a lot of appeal.

Re: Trans Pacific Partnership. Economic and political isolationism has never been the

President Obama and the first family walk to Easter Sunday worship - Rev. Leon gets righteous

Fox News Would Rather Fund White House Tours Than A Comprehensive Sex Education Program

Arkansas Nuclear One shut down. One killed

Elderly men should ride women's bikes: study

1 Killed, 3 Hurt Accident at Ark. Nuclear Plant

New York's Cardinal Dolan says gay people are 'entitled to friendship' only


Swede reveals new site in wake of online mannequin shenanigans

French team in new quest to study 'living fossil'

Watching "The Bible" on History.

North Korea is the optional war the Pentagon really wants, not one with Iran.

The finger pointing has already begun

Our President on the front cover of Men's Health

15 People Who Think Google Is Honoring Hugo Chávez

Maliki's Iraq: Rape, executions and torture (saddam would be proud of him)

About those chocolate bunnies

In 2010 North Korea attacked South Korea- twice

The ultimate Country & Western song.

The speeches written but never given

Check in if you watched the new Doctor Who last night

Planck Kittehs!

Pipeline Rupturepalooza: 25,000 barrels of tar sands crude spilled in AR, MN

Campesino communities in Honduras being devastated, one family at a time

Let's list some false arguments that NRA and proponents use against gun and ammo regulation

Has anyone ever made a bucket list?

Krugman has shot back at David Stockman in his NYT blog today:

The case for preemptive war: The United States should be willing to aid South Korea in going North

Kitty has had Easter dinner.

If this offends you then you offend me.

what makes you squee the most?

4-year-old girl fatally shot in car in Miami

I find it very ironic........

This Guy Wrote A Computer Program To Do His Job For Him

Cyprus: That wasn't actually a bailout, at least not of Cyprus, anyway...

walking dead & 28 days later-Zombie

Ragia Omran: Abused in Egypt

One photo

New York Times Changes Sexist Obit

The Walking Dead is on AMC now, the clock is ticking down.

Nicolas Sarkozy gets his reward for driving France into austerity

Driver crashes into San Jose Walmart, attacks customers

Sidney Crosby out indefinitely with a broken jaw

El Supremo Avatar Appreciation Thread...

Have you heard of this Progressive Radio Station?

Hail !!!

Hilarious Tweet Explaining The Stupid Non-Controversy Over Today's Google Doodle:

A New Study Shows...

How to have a conversation (video targeting shut ins)

3 killed in 75-vehicle pileup at Virginia-NC line


The tomb is empty!!! Alleluia Christ is Risen!!!

Sanity at issue at dad's trial for killing 3 girls

Cross-posting from GD.

Sunday Dental Thread: Crisis Looming.

Crazy shit at Wal-mart

Vote for El Supremo's next avatar.

Is the story about Paul Ryan being booted from Easter mass true? Daily Currant?

top two Twitter trends are awesome today

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Aw a little throat-lump from this one.

PSA: O Negative is universal donor; AB Positive is universal recipient


Google Maps a Japanese Nuclear Ghost Town (Incredible photos)

Duped into voting for President Obama?

Google doodles and right wing compassion......

Have you seen the "Ishtar = Easter" meme floating around? Yeah, about that...

Match Game Story: "Bobswampcat Assweed ran to the scrapyard brandishing scissors and ___ his hand."

Shooting outside Auburn(Near Seattle) bar leaves 3 dead

Girl playing with German Shepherds

US senators: claims of immigration reform deal are 'premature'

Kim Jong-un and the N. Korean Navy set off to invade the US.

Man drives car into San Jose WalMart, attacks customers

I wish I could un-watch that b-ball injury.

Poll: Support for right-to-work law evenly divided in Michigan

Cops, Whores and Junkies, The Story of One of America's Most Unique Acts - drexel

Best West Wing Episode of All Time:

Georgia baby allegedly murdered by teens: Timeline of events and other puzzling pieces

Best cars for 2013 from Consumer Reports

What's this new crap about marriage being for procreation?

Spelling practice

need metal-to-wood glue advice (or other ideas)

Soooo, any poets among us? NaPoWriMo begins tomorrow!

Vito, the Pitbull is being evicted by a Wintergarden HOA.


I have to stop drinking ..... but it was a good party

Worked on my taxes today.

I'm tired of being outraged all the time.

Karzai in Qatar on talks of ending Afghanistan's war

Michael Taylor: Monsanto's Man?

has anyone heard from Broderick.

Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

Obama and America’s “Imperial Temptation” in the Middle East

Cold War Reset? Russia Getting Irked With U.S.

The Walking Dead 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs (season finale! spoiler alert!)

My SO has no Idea!

Vincente Minnelli's Madame Bovary 1949--Waltz Scene

Ignore the Headlines. Korean Peninsula Has Been in a “State of War” for More Than 60 Years

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere

Israeli Security Forces Spray 'Skunk' At Palestinian Homes -Video

U.S. F-22 Stealth Jets Join South Korea Drills Amid Sabre-Rattling

7 Injured As Settlers Attack Palestinian School Buses

Sales pitch

" For Lunch, I was an alligator."

My Fair Lady--1964

Freeper in-law comments: Easter edition

Well, it finally happened. Google Nose.

Study shows Shakespeare as ruthless businessman

The Gift of the Snow Day | Deborah Goodwin

The Illusion of Invincibility | John Michael Greer

I have my hand on a fuzzy kitteh tummy

Survey: Provo-Orem area most religious in US

Boeing Helps Kill Proposed Law to Regulate Drones

Letting Down Our Guard With Web Privacy

Glenn Greenwald: The message sent by America's invisible victims

More info on the Economic Development Issue supported by Crist.

Make or break time for Afghan forces as Nato prepares to take step back

today in women's herstory

Afro-Caribbean Festival in Cuba Highlights Haitian Traditions

abigail adams to john adams

Editorial: Ayn Rand's formula for hoops success

a biography of the day-mary boykin chesnut (civil war diarist)

Clever Cops Scare Criminal Out Of Hiding By Barking Like Dogs

Islamist Fighters Slip Back Into Timbuktu and Are Repelled by French and Malians

(4-y/o) Boy driving car that hit Toronto McDonald's, police say

SC Man Who Apologized for Racist Past Dies

My short song for Jim Carrey