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Archives: March 4, 2013

The Atlantic - "False Equivalence in One Tweet" - Nice!

Honored Houston lawyer dies

The Power of Social Media – Boycott Amazon for Misogyny

Grapevine-Colleyville district will offer a fully online school

Greg Sargent - "The Morning Plum: The false equivalence pundits are part of the problem"

Panicked Texas Republicans May Throw $100 Million Back At Women's Health

Ellen DeGeneres’ Humorous, Moving Letter to Supreme Court About Gay Marriage Ban

ABC World News with Di... : The Dog Who Knows 1,000 Words 2/9/2011

Anger builds in Italy as old guard plots fresh technocrat take-over

Opinion on this please: Ms/Mrs.Corporate America

I don't know about you folks

Romney Offers Explanation for Loss

One of these things is not like the other

Anyone know of a good blog host for x-rated stories?

PSA: Take you human paraquat shit elsewhere!

Actually, he works in the deli

Tree socks

Yes, let's...

Pot meet kettle: Charlie Sheen thinks Lindsay Lohan needs help

On "edgy" comments, political correctness, humor, pop culture and coarseness....

The Myth of Empowerment

Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warning

Best movie peeing scene? Jimmy Dugan, "A league Of Our Own".

SF Bay Guardian: Public broadband works; why not here?

KS Legislature, Tired Of Phony Evolution Controversy, Tries To Introduce Phony Climate Controversy

TX Response To Prospect Of New Climate In Which Rain Doesn't Come; New Reservoirs, Lots Of Them

Obama taps Walmart Foundation head as budget chief

So I'm paying the bills...

TX Tea-Turd Horcchs Up ALEC Hairball To Eliminate All Wind, Renewable Energy Standards

President Obama is destroying the Republican Party

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 4 March 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 (spoiler alert)

Hey baby! How about we get in the back seat,....and you make a man outta me?

I'm taking this cat to Vegas with me.


UT Gov. Herbert Deigns To Meet With Clean Air Activists After Weeks Of Smog, Condescends To Them

PHOTO: Why is a Border Policeman shaking hands with a masked settler?

New Australian Report: Record Hot Days Have Doubled In Past 50 Years

Connecticut lawmaker Ernest Hewett, D-New London, under fire for comments on women

Guardian: UK Cod Stocks May No Longer Breed In British Waters By 2100, But 3 Cold Winters Good Omen

I hate Easter

"Will anyone police this White House?"

Some Leaders Souring on Nuclear Power Costs

Sunday Child Shooting Review

Yesterday was fucked.

A post about Japanese cleanliness

A friend just boiled some crushed cardamon seeds and vanilla in water. Put it in a spray

"Contrary to GOP Rhetoric. Low-Tax States Have Worse Economic Growth"

Thank you all and the most specially

Today's BAD IDEA!

The budget should be Run like a Family's Finances...

Australia: 'Angry Summer' made worse by climate change: Commission

Can someone tell me why their are a lot of people on SecondLife packing heat?

What is it spelling?

If earth were transparent, you'd see this pattern on a flight over northwest North Dakota

State Department Keystone XL Study completely Ignores Impact on Climate Change

You tell 'em, Warren. Maybe they'll listen to you, they sure as hell won't listen to us…

anyone going to watch The Vikings and or The Bible?

There's a worrying trend within "moderate liberalism" nowadays...

Regulators Crack Down on Classifying Workers as Contractors

Another "cool websites" thread

The Jetsons Extended Introduction

Cannot send Mira a message

fire dancers

Mild Earthquake Strikes Castel Gandolfo, Pope Emeritus' Home, Just Days After He Arrives: Report

Marilyn, Forever Young

"...for $1,000, please."

QUICK suggestion, please.

American Atheists launch 'Go Godless Instead' Billboards in Texas

Quick travel suggestions, please. (x-post from Travel.)

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

Quick travel suggestions, please. (x-post from Travel.)

Tomorrow AFGE Border Patrol Union Expected to detail how Sequestering will decimate border security

WTF??? Ann Romney: GOP never approached me about Kerry's seat

Funny Tweet from Huffington Post Canada:

Wow, the Vikings were some seriously tough people!

Secret confession: I just don't think Seth McFarlane is all that funny.

Bond Violinists at it again :)

Timothy Leary NEUROCOMICS...

Pimp my ride: Crown Prince Pavl Petrovich of Russia arrives at Venice, 1728

High high high heels!

We dodged a bullet in the race to fill Kerry's seat!

"The new Obama has his heart on his sleeve"

Chuck Hagel Speaks The Truth, And That's Why People Hate Him

"Makers" and "Takers"

Bernie Sanders regarding Tar Sands Oil

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 5: Bob's Picks

Looks like Carol Kane on this week's episode of Girls.

Egypt Protestors Block Roads, Delaying Kerry Departure

Washington DC Ad Campaign Seeks To ‘Expose’ Israeli Lobby In America

I just saw the premier of "Vikings" on the History Channel.

What a Dunderful World

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 6: Kim Novak: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival

New Israeli coalition will have to freeze construction outside settlement blocs, Netanyahu's aides s

Have to ask this about the Keystone Pipeline

They don't care.

Kochs are starting two more ALECS

The women's suffrage parade

10 Loopholes to change right now...

60 Minutes: China's real estate bubble

Woman dies as nurse refuses to perform CPR

Carville Trashes CPAC: ‘Any Day You Have More Palin And Less Christie Is A Good Day’

Trivia: did you know, a topless women NGO, was founded by a man? It's true!

The thing about a No-Win situation is

Olbermann Angling for Return to ESPN

Steve Schmidt: There is never a good time for Sarah Palin

At least 30 injured (3 seriously) and more than 17,000 households with damaged houses in Yunnan, Chi

Mitt And Ann Romney's Fox News Interview Yesterday (Full Video)

Bailey O'Neill, victim of bullying has died...

So... who won?

Tokyo: Fukushima Films Coming Out Now

I got some knock-out shots at the Iditarod start today.

The Inevitable Path of Google Glass in the Workplace (I hope this is true)

ABC investigation sparks ASIC probe into top mortgage fund (Australia)

Anyone with a Nuwave Oven?

After Dad shot Mom

Kenya Elections 2013

Group: Over 1,000 Palestinians killed in Syria conflict

60 Minutes: Zhang Xin - China's Real Estate Mogul

North Korea tries to win back defectors to maintain regime stability

The Internet Archive - a chat with Brewster Kahle

How To Remove ''The Unwanted Creme'' From Oreos

Two Idiots, Boehner, McConnell Opposite Views On Sequester.

Have we had a Meta thread talking about a GD thread talking about a Meta thread talking about a GD

If you want an example of the hatred Lech Walesa has...

How the Media Sanitize Honduras’s Brutal Regime

Dallas legislator aims to stop wage requirements in incentive deals

Kenyans go to the polls in crucial election

Venezuelan Government Extends Firearm Ban

Rising anti-Semitism in Europe (multiple stories)

***Winter Photo Contest Prelim 1***

***Winter Photo Contest Prelim 2***

***Winter Photo Contest Prelim 3***

NE Ohio Winter

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff is popular, but not among news media


Hamas leader plays to win

Leahy at forefront in guns, immigration fights

Banks Admit Wrongly Foreclosing on Troops

Mini '49 Mercury Coupe

March 4th is National Grammar Day

March 4: National Pound Cake Day

March 4, 1791 – Vermont is admitted to the U.S. as the fourteenth state.

March 4, 1917 – Jeannette Rankin becomes first Woman to take a seat in US House of Representatives

Look what I just bought!

Look what I just bought!

March 4th, 1908 Collinwood school fire

From The Real News: 80th Anniversary of Roosevelt and The New Deal

Analysis: Louisiana colleges off to shaky start in budget

Bill seeks to keep retirement benefits for state employees

Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform: 'Reform' for whom?

Prospect of new Italy vote heightens as Grillo faces ultimatum

Benefit tourist clampdown 'to affect Britons'

USDA Considers Reintroducing Horse Slaughter to US (

Mich McConnel: They will not get away attacking my wife with these racist slurs

Just crap. Obama To Nominate Sylvia Burwell Of Walmart Foundation As Budget Chief (NPR)

Horsemeat Panic (cartoon)

Hundreds of Beitar Jerusalem fans walk out after Chechen player scores

So Joe Scum - did Boehner lie live on MTP yesterday

Israeli Defense Minister Praises Chuck Hagel At AIPAC Conference

Warners loves Superman, hands Justice League to Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder and David Goyer

Brazil and the United States: A Shrinking Gap

Chris Hedges: We Are Bradley Manning

Robert Reich: Sequestration Nation, and Remembering Robert Kennedy

Nice video leading up to Civil Society Day: Do the people of Europe feel ‘European’?

Aaron's Last Wish: Servers gifted with $500 tips

About that nurse and CPR...

A Special Kind

They're up to their necks in torture -Libyan politician offers to settle UK lawsuit

Justice Ginsburg Says She Won’t Step Down This Year: ‘After That, Who Knows?’

Billionaire Speculators' Greed Makes Life Hard For Renters and Would-Be Homebuyers

Horror Care: How Private Health Care Is Shortening Our Lives

Even Republicans Want Progressive Economic Policies

(NC) Residents worried (about federal cuts)

I think we've already lost the gun control debate.

Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs

The sequestration measure should NEVER have been passed.

Chris Hedges: We Are Bradley Manning

'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

My new license plate holders came!

Schrödinger's Cat could be visible after all

Looks like APD is sending undercover cops to the coffeehouses here in Austin.

Some interesting stats about horses and cattle.

Study - Ocean Acidification Varies From Region To Region; GOM Resistant, Gulf Of Maine Vulnerable

A little over a year ago.

Obama to announce picks for EPA, Energy: official

Report: Miracle Baby Dies After NYC Hit-And-Run

Yay, Internet! 13 Of 17 Science Sites On Weblog Awards Shortlist Are Denialist Sites - Guardian

The Sequester Is a Republican-Inflicted Wound

France says al Qaeda chief Abou Zeid "probably" killed

IAEA demands Iran nuclear access to Parchin site

US doctors cure child born with HIV

Either Boehner is confused or he thinks you're confused

Gay group calls for apology from Scottish cardinal

Former president George W. Bush gives a tribute for Van Cliburn at his funeral

Report Casts Doubt on Britain’s Nuclear Electricity Strategy

80 Years Ago Today

The Navy's $440 Million Do-It-All Warship Gets Two Big Life-Saving Escorts [PHOTOS]

There was more to Scott Walker's fight with unions than speeches and protests

Who destroyed the United States? I'll never forget it...

California woman, 87, dies after retirement home nurse refuses to do CPR

Skin patches 'tackle prostate cancer'

Troll name generator

Editorial: More - VA's resources too meager to end backlog

Libyan politician offers to settle UK lawsuit for £3 and an apology

Does Dodd-Frank really end ‘too big to fail’?

What happens if you repost a message hidden by jury decision?

How on earth is this name pronouced?

Groupon’s CEO writes the best resignation letter ever

Responding to a Gay, Celibate Christian: 'We Are No Less His Creation'

The baby born after his parents were killed in hit-and-run has died.

Frances Andrade killed herself after being accused of lying, says husband (story update)

A Football Stadium Becomes Ground Zero in the Fight Against the New Jim Crow

Reply To Gary North | James Howard Kunstler

Krugman: Mooching Off Medicaid

If you PM someone who has you on Ignore

Who would win in a battle of wits?

Budget cuts to hit military school districts first

Whining is not leading

Pentagon: Cuts Could Hamper Ability To Invade Countries For No Reason

Faux news,a branch of the GOP

Said to Lady Journos

Londonderry mortars: Bombs 'within minutes' of launch

Blind Poll Shows Republicans Prefer Progressive Sequester Proposal

I have a new blog posting up, enjoy! :)

I have a new blog posting up, enjoy!

I have a new blog posting up, enjoy!

I needs a hug or

Just, Wow: Mark Sanford Approached Ex-Wife About Running Congressional Campaign

GOP Base Good With Certain Entitlement As Long As Minorities Don't Get Them

David Gregory To Boehner: ‘Mr. Speaker, That’s Just Not True’

U.S. Health Care Is Even More Broken Than We Thought

Monday Toon Roundup

nytimes 'duh' article: As Automatic Budget Cuts Go Into Effect, Poor May Be Hit Particularly Hard

THANKS all! Heading out

Underworld saint gets following in U.S.

millions of acres of land - larger than california and florida combined- leased to oil and gas

GOP Plans And Plots Still Increase The Deficit And Debt -Math Does Not Add Up

I am going to continue to speak up and out about sexism, every. single. time.

Mooching Off Medicaid (Krugman)

British Inquiry Shown Graphic Evidence of Iraq Torture

VA pastor: God's law reigns in same-sex dispute (VT prosecutor: Wrong)

Why are certain prominent and significant people written out of US History?

Ayn Rand theater presents the Lion King

Clash of the Biglaw Titans: Ted Olson and David Boies Meet in Second Circuit Showdown

Profit Before Safety: Engineer Exposes Coverup of Reactor Flaw

Tom Tomorrow: The New Improved Republican Party (Keep It Up, GOP)

Good Bet Jeb Bush Will Be GOP Presidential Nominee In 2016.

ROMNEY: "What I said is not what I believe." (that's what we all figured isn't it?)

Batman Returns! Really!

"Trust Me." (Except sometimes you can't. How do you "comparison shop" for blood work?)

Adelson Admits Using Bribery To Build His Casino Empire-Funnels $$$ Into Politics-Hoping To Get Off

NRA: One Can Never Have TOO Much Ammo

Chris Dodd earns 2.4 million as head of Anti-piracy group MPAA.

Gunmen kill at least 40 Syrians being sent home from Iraq

Need a recommendation for a Dashcam

From Wary To Full Embrace: Obama’s Complete Turnaround On Gay Marriage

Don't tear down this wall, Berlin protesters demand

Reuters: Great Betrayal Is In Play; Obama Puts Medicare & Soc Sec "Compromises" On Table

Did you know that Russia, China and Cuba control the American media?

Poison Ivy


Jay Thomas tells his Lone Ranger Story on Letterman's show

Germany considers voting against entry of Romania and Bulgaria into Europe's no-passport zone.

The promise of SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) for providing safe, carbon-free power

Analysis: EU needs "who lost Italy" debate on austerity

Ok, which one of you submitted this photo to Cracked?

Foes Try to Shrink NRA by Ending Member’s Hotel Discounts


Making hundreds of thousands hungry or homeless: 'Brutal' or 'a pittance'?

Dysfunction in Congress Creates Clinton-Accord Nostalgia

Kerry Says Nuclear Talks Offer to Iran Are Time-Limited

'Batman' hands suspect over to UK police

GOP accusation confirmed: Obama out to break it

My new mix for Belgium's Laid back Radio

Mars Curiosity rover put into 'safe mode' after glitch

In The Security World, Android Is The New Windows my heart.

Who destroyed the World?

To reduce government spending, let's combine TSA and OMB

New Study Finds 'The Onion' Has Never Been More Popular, More Beloved, Or More Respected

Stay Classy, FOX News

U.N. investigator urges U.S. to pursue Bush-era abuses

Miami imam convicted of federal terror charges

Music Fans Eagerly Await First New Jimi Hendrix Album In 43 Years

Maddow Blog - "When promises meet mandates" - McConnell Swears Fealty to Grover Norquist

Wisconsin GOP wants end to weekend voting

Shameless, especially Emmy Rossum, has been nothing short of awesome this year

Pic Of The Moment: Mitt Romney Gives First Interview Since Presidential Election Loss

WP Magazine: After Dad shot Mom, a family deals with the haunting legacy of gun violence

Washington Republican: Bicycles cause more pollution than cars

It's a big, fat myth that all scientists are religion-hating atheists

Income inequality is the real root cause of all our economic probles

Muslims embracing atheism often face a lonely journey

Everything you need to know about popes and conclaves

Good Morning, Lounge!

I just had a thought yesterday about the 12 disciples. If Jesus really existed,

The text and display suddenly got bigger

SLAM the Door!

Robo-letter, or none at all?

For the anti-vaccination crowd:

One phrase that always sticks in my craw: referring to a married woman's former name as "Maiden"

Cute Kids Upstage Gay Marriage News Conference

A Jester No More, Italy’s Gadfly of Politics Reflects a Movement

Austerity Cuisine: Amazing Flavors Develop When You Keep Canned Goods Past Their Expiration Dates

SimCity impressions: We waited ten years for this? (GOOD article) not worth the buy save your monies

Sequester means 2% Medicare cut to health care providers on April 1

33 year old writes why she is no longer a republican

Restricting nuclear power has little effect on the cost of climate policies

Why Jeb should not be POTUS.

has everyone seen the google doodle for today--honouring miriam makeba's 81st birthday

Forbes' list of billionaires grows by 16%

Dairy Industry Wants to Spike Milk with Aspartame (And Not Tell You)

Kitties or "catlike mammals"?

give me your tired

You Can Keep Praying to Me if You Want To

New Discovery Challenges Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Advancing Quantum Mechanics

Dear Justice Scalia - It's me, Melissa

Is gray stain in vinyl flooring around toilet *always* a wax ring leak?

Marie Antoinette's Lilicoptère (Fancy Helicopter)

In Oakland, Photojournalists Covering Crimes Become the Victims

Obama Nominates 3 To Cabinet-Level Posts (EPA, OMB, Energy)

The NRA’s War on America

The Associated Press Mens Top 25 Poll 3/4/13

Joe Biden Tells AIPAC That Obama Is Not 'Bluffing' on Iran Nuclear Threat

Jeb Bush: I won't rule out 2016 White House run 'but I won't declare today'

Go rec this thread right now

Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award for work on the HIV infection

Social Security group proposal in Meta

Railroads emerge as alternative to Keystone XL pipeline for moving oil sands from Canada

If Britain and America can move forward together, it's time for a financial transactions tax.

Here we go again! A snow storm is rumbling across the country towards the East Coast...

A Stealth Tax Subsidy for Businesses Comes Under New Scrutiny (NYT)

MIT molten salt reactor project scores top DOE award at innovation summit

Thom Hartmann: When to Tax and When to Spend...

Posted on Facebook - See Sue

Leather Masks by Caroline Guyer

Super-Rich Plan To Survive Apocalypse In Underground Luxury Condos

Model Sues Over 'Mad Men' Title Image

Study finds: there is a systematic bias against liberal policies at the state/national level.

One study explains why it’s tough to pass liberal laws

A Heartfelt Note From OmahaBlueDog to the Republican Party

Biden on Iran: 'Obama is not bluffing'

Injury at an Irish Wedding Reception

Italian Elections: Europe's Lost Generation Finds Its Voice

GOP Just Fine With Recession Or Depression. Can Lower Wages Eve Further And Cut More Domestic

Michelle Malkin's Cringeworthy 'Liberal Dance'

Nuclear watchdog agency says Iran not cooperating

Fermat's Last Theorem, more can be proved more simply: Professor steers field toward a numbers-only

Nolan Ryan out???

Super Bowl "So God Made a Farmer" commercial credited with selling trucks


8 Year old Indian Girl has 6 King Cobras as pets.

Drought Revives Interest in Reservoirs

What's for Dinner ~ Monday March 4th

Marcia Blackburn just filibustered Chuck Todd.

TIME: The Sequester Is a Republican-Inflicted Wound

Jeb Bush backs pathway to failure

former denver mayor says gay marriage next step

With GOP Plan 90% Of Workers Will Never Have Enough To Retire. 401k A Sick Joke

Barbara Walters Returns To ABC The View (A Rant)

Kunstler: Reply To Gary North

Toon:Woodward's fiction and nonfiction books

How can a computer not connected to the Internet or with new software get a virus?

Possible Jeb Bush Campaign Slogans 2016

Toon: New Movie: The Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

JR may get it tonight. How?

Toon: Deficit Attention Disorder

Toon: When other planets search for intelligent life..

If Obama Offered To Stop All Social Security Checks And Medicare Checks Tomorrow The GOP Would Bite.

How many of these 'educational' toys did you get as a child?

The Abortion Maneuver

Keystone XL: A Choice Between Big Oil or a Sustainable Planet

House Republicans Give Themselves 239 Days Off, Average American Worker Only Gets 12

A Founding Father of Postwar Capitalism Spied for the Soviets

I Am Really Beginning To Think It Is Hopeless After All. But I Still Cannot Give Up.

Do you own a robotic lawn mower? If so, how is that working for you?

White House: You have a right to unlock your cell phone

After Petition, White House Says Unlocking Cell Phones Should Be Legal

'Downton Abbey' producer: It was Siobhan Finneran's decision to leave

Reincarnation is real! You can choose to come back as a tree!

Is the “God Particle” the link between science and religion?

Comedian Julianna Forlano on the NoXKL protests

Republican Marketing Strategist Discusses Re-Branding The GOP

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Paul Krugman and Joe Scarborough to Debate the Debt Tonight on Charlie Rose

Obama's New Treasury Sec Jack Lew's CitiGroup Contract Gave A Bonus For Quitting & Joining Gov

Associated Press Laments Tragic Plight Of The Very Wealthy

A helpful tip for posting in Meta-discussion

Ann Romney is right.. the media is to blame

Tunguska and Tesla

Critics Demand Amazon Donation for Selling T-Shirts that Promote Abuse (Rape)

Gee - who would have guessed pro-Clinton, anti-Obama articles would start popping up?

Turns out I have Multiple Sclerosis, not GBS or CIDP. Well, at least I have a diagnosis now.

Why did Obama sign the Sequestration bill

State Lawmaker Defends Bike Tax, says Bicycling is Not Good for the Environment

Rick Perry Outpolls Greg Abbott in Latest UT/Texas Tribune Poll

President Obama nominates three new cabinet members

Wisconsin: Democratic Party staffer Graeme Zielinski dropped as spokesman after Twitter outburst

Journalist fatally shot in northern Mexico

Journalist fatally shot in northern Mexico

White House: You have a right to unlock your cell phone

Online support for depression?

Inspector general report confirms rise in air traffic control errors

Open letter to my President

Assembly Republicans aim to reform Wisconsin's tax code

Alligator relatives slipped across ancient seaways

World's Largest Fiber Optic Network Speeds Nuclear Research

Kerry and Abbas hold surprise meet in Riyadh to discuss Israeli-Palestinian talks

Our former mayor got busted again...

Venezuela investigates slaying of indigenous chief

Just finished talking with a Public Health worker - and is she PISSED.

McDonald’s Invests $6.5 Million in Sustainable Guatemala Coffee

Is It Fair to Post a Controversial OP and

The ULTIMATE Anti-Gay Marriage Ad (trust me)

Never shake hands on a gentleman's agreement or sign a pact with a rethuglican! They are snake

Justice for Guatemala? (Biofuel, etc.)

So if you speed-dated Taylor Swift, would she write a stanza about you?

New book about to be released chronicling the 2011 uprising

Justice for Guatemala?

Baby Name Contest Hoax: Belly Ballot Not Actually Paying Woman $5,000 For Naming Rights

Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens converse

Nothing is going to get done until after the next election..

BREAKING: CNN devastated that the safe Lear jet landing wasn't a Hindenburg event!

Four shot dead at pizza joint in Honduras

Second Language-Second Life

We may have come a long way, but there is still so much more to do.

Whoa, Tom BrokenJaw is basically taking the side of the GOP on that Cycle Show...

AIPAC-ing a Big Punch: Israel Ups Iran War Rhetoric In Push For US Aid

Why tanks are called "tanks"

Train Drops Out to Protest Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policy

Ships to sail directly over the north pole by 2050, scientists say

How to help the defense dept save big bucks? end the Afghanistan war a year early

Anyone know of any wildlife near a nucular(sic) facility that seem to be--genetically altered? nt

Did Trump’s birtherism stain “Apprentice”? The show's ratings dip, but The Donald says no.

Cuba, a nation of brazen jaywalkers, asks island scofflaws to mind the rules of the road

Cuba, a nation of brazen jaywalkers, asks island scofflaws to mind the rules of the road

my cat likes to sit on my lap with her cold wet nose

Obama’s chance to expose conservatism - by David Sirota

Reich: Obama should push repeal of sequester, close loopholes, end corporate welfare, push financial

Gingrich: “In the real world we were kidding ourselves”

A moneysaving tip from a friend

Cardinal “Tyranny of tolerance” O’Brien is a hypocrite of the worst order

Wow. Barbara Walters has had a bad year.

Anti-Muslim activist Pam Geller turned away from CPAC... and blames Grover Norquist?

If You Are A Baby Boomer - the real reason YOU SHOULD BE FURIOUS over CPI cuts:

Czech President Vaclav Klaus faces treason charge

March 4th, 2013 AD. The day a photo from made it to the VERY TOP of DU's Greatest Page

Bailey O'Neill, 12, Dead Weeks After School Bullying

U.S. baby's HIV infection cured through very early treatment

Students Say They Were Bound & Gagged

I got lost on the internet again...

Colorado gun bills: Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, calls for universal gun background checks

Ginsburg says she'll serve at least 2 more years

Cardinals hold meeting but do not set date for conclave to choose the next pope

Transocean Turns on BP With Scorching Oil-Spill Document

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 4, 1933

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 4, 1933

Gun rights supporters descend on Colorado Capitol

Why would anyone replay Ann Rmoney's crap comment that

And the hits just keep coming

$62,000 in Legal Fees for Flag Bust (unconstitutional flag-desecration charges)

5 Years in Jail for Unlocking a Phone? Petition Led by Former GOP Staffer Prompts Probe of New Ban

IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catholic 'Guilt' Over Sex Is a Myth

Ban on Day Laborers in Arizona Crumbles in 9th

It's weird having a job after being retired for five years!

Death and diet: Peru’s sacrificial victims

Jeb Bush’s Immigration Flip Flop Stuns Reformers

"Right is right, even if no one else does it." ~ Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts)

Gov. Branstad to Uninsured Iowans: You’re Cut Off

State Senator Dan Patrick Calls Self 'Education Evangelist"

And then there's this - some fun kitchen music.

Letter to President Obama

my dog just ate two chicken drumstick bones

White House Spokesman Mocks George Will For 2012 Election Prediction

"Too white, too right and too uptight"

Dear DUers, I have a favor to ask.

My freaking worst nightmare in a while!

Favorite Son of Colorado's Gun Rights Movement Officially Charged

UN investigator urges US to pursue Bush-era abuses

H-1B Workers Not Best Or Brightest, Study Says

Janet Napolitano: Sequestration Already Causing Airport Delays

Slavery By Another Name

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney Is a Blithering Dick

Bashar is not going to be happy. Statue to his father toppled in northern Syrian city of Raqqah.

Michigan sheriff’s deputy’s 4-year-old son accidentally shoots and kills himself

Arpaio loses appeal on pink-underwear case

Question about ignores.

Marco McMillian Death: Slain Miss. mayoral candidate was beaten and burned, family says

Ten black hats.

Nobel peace prize nominations reach record high (259) including Manning and Malala

Sen. Manchin forbids newspaper from asking him about gun control or Second Amendment

Good question from the Hitch...

Wealth Inequality in America

Reverse World War II

Why I joined HOF

Greek ex-minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos imprisoned for eight years for tax fraud

Tamron Hall To CNN? Jeff Zucker Looking At MSNBC Host For Mornings: Page Six....

This is an ironic coincidence!

Hanging Loose, Hawaii

I already know that sugar is sweet, but what about you?

The President spells it out...


Responsible gun owners? Woman arrested after her 11-year-old son shoots her in the head

"Politicians consume a lot of political media, while their constituents do not."

Jeb changes his mind. Backs away from a path to citizenship in immigration reform.

If you want to go behind the headlines on our perpetual war, and drones, etc

Netanyahu: Military threat needed to stop Iran (AIPAC conference)

FBI Warns Sequestration Will Hamper All Their Hard-Hitting Wall Street Investigations

When a converted err former Freeper attacks a long time DU member..

UK Guardian: The War on Women: A look back at the turbulent 2012 for American females

How the Sequester Will Affect Your State, HERE:

Latest right-wing talking point

Oberlin Cancels Classes After Series of ‘Hate-Related Incidents’

Let's just say it: Scalia is an outright racist....

Locust Alert In Middle East As Plague Descends On Egypt And Creates Panic In Israel

Indiana probing teacher’s threatening meltdown to students: ‘The guns are loaded!!!’

A Clear Sign He Is Positioning Himself For 2016: Jeb Takes A Hardline Stance On Immigration

Cute super-sized

The GOP Message Is That They Will Force Their Policies On You Over Your Dead Body Because

Galveston jury awards $30 million in 2009 fire

Republicans Unveil Government Funding Bill That Would Boost Military Readiness, Protect FBI

Dammit! Stop making rational arguments!

Should Washington State change it's name?

Escort says Menendez prostitution claims were made up

Houston lawmaker's bill would stop 'paddling' in the classroom

Now the entire country knows that he is a few books short of a library.

What You Need To Know About Obama’s Energy Secretary Nominee Ernest Moniz

Three new Facebook photo memes from Anglo Saxons for Obama - share them if you like

New: Second sinkhole discovered in Seffner Florida

Dogs and not dogs - possibly cute little kittens

Dog bad breath -funny ad

Happy Doggies - Happy kitties

Ann Richards was so right here...

New Blog

Apple at 420

ohiosmith likes to start out each and every day with a small line or two.

It's dangerous to assume that Skittles' JUST started causing asskicking brew-ha-ha's, (DIAL-UP WARN)

I'd like to start a vegetarian/vegan appreciation thread.

MFM brilliantly helped Facebook deal with this seemingly impossible problem. Or he didn't.

Thanks to Taco Bell, MFM inspired a new Mexican holiday - Day of the "Who The Fuck Died in Here"?

WTF? Despite being such an 'incredible catch', none of MFM's relationships seem to last very long.

Wayne LaPierre: Background checks wouldn’t stop ‘mental defectives’ from mass shootings

Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Disturbing thing happened on my 7th grade son's school bus ride home today

Happy Birthday, Big Oil; 100 Years Of Oil Subsidizing

On Sale

Cliffordu is too fucking nice

Escort linked to Menendez said she made story up, report says

Joe Flacco: New deal about "respect"

Last EVER melanoma update: Cancer gets its candy-ass kicked ... AGAIN!

President Franklin Roosevelt 1933 Inauguration

Brewer loses appeal of Arizona day-laborer rules

Anti-Zionist Jews Protesting AIPAC Told They Are 'Doing the Work of Hitler'

If either the age for eligibility of social security is just raised and or there is a

Why didn't David Gregory remind Boehner that ReTHUGs in the Senate

If the assault weapons ban passes, should we confiscate all AWs in American homes?

How can the Supreme Court rule

How do I get Facebook to stop bugging me with "Suggested Page" posts

In today's Washington Post regarding Pres Obama's judicial appointments there is a HUGE GAFFE in it

Refusal to Give CPR to Elderly Woman Probed by Police

Fed Judge Isn't Blocking Georgia Governor's Removal Of 2/3rds Of A Suburban Atlanta School Board

Pentagon to furlough teachers, cut commissary time

Mother kills her son because his penis was too small

Florida Medicaid expansion suffers legislative setback

Ambushed: 42 Syrian Regime Soldiers Killed 'By al-Qaeda In Iraq'

very good michael lind essay on how the shrinking right views the growing left

Check out the cool Google for Miriam Makeba's 81st birthday!

A Vanity Plate with the words 'FUND'EM'---another excellent blog post by Matt Taibbi.

Finalists for the 2012 Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

Why an African Pope won’t be a Catholic Reformer

4 People Killed, 400 Injured In Clashes In Egypt's Port Said

For those who haven't seen this in GD:

Please tell me this isn't going to happen in Detroit

"I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won't be the last." - Jeannette Pickering Rankin

Will an African Pope Change Catholic Social Teachings? Probably Not.

Former GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Candidate For Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager?

GOP Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez accuses Democrat Ed Markey of 'playing partisan politics' with 'P

Environmentalists Step Up Opposition to Keystone Pipeline

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dennis Ross: Netanyahu's Attorney In Washington

Photos: Israel's new 'Palestinian only' segregated bus lines

I scratched my head and said WTF!

Ray Rice Calls for Bullying to be Criminalized After 12-year-old's Death