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Archives: March 5, 2013

Solar Report Stunner: Unsubsidized ‘Grid Parity In India’ w/Italy & More Countries Coming in 2014

Iraq to Get Russian Weapons by June - Minister

WTF. Calif. woman dies after nurse refuses to do CPR - 911 begs nurse to do CPR or find a janitor

OUt of 34 industrialized countries U.S. ranks second from the bottom on tax rev/GDP

Meet your next Secretary of Energy

MFM comes out!

There need to be more signs like this . . . unfortunately

NRA 500

2014 US Senate Elected (Vulnerable Democratic Held Seats)

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney candidate for Detroit's emergency financial manager?

Today's zen pencils: an astronaut’s advice

Robert Redford: Open letter to John Kerry about Keystone Pipeline

White House chides N. Korea for Rodman visit

Just so you know,

Senator Reid's Floor Remarks On Republican Obstruction Of Qualified Nominees

Now here’s some real movement on gun control

Corporate Profits Are Eating the Economy

How fast are you?

Gold In Them Hills

Arizona Gov Jan Brewer is an idiot

Can anybody explain why people like UEFI?

TheNewDeal @TheNewDeal

Michelle Obama's First Fireside Hangout

Grayson-Takano Letter to the President

Vandals trash hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies

Who Framed Senator Bob Menendez?

"...he is involving the American people in their democracy..."

I read an article by Robert Reich and he said the sequester could be repealed through

So who paid for the Menendez/Prostitution lie?

I wanted to comment on the body image thread.

Acres of dead Kudzu are finally letting me see the Quarry - come look!

Look Who's Feuding Now: A Map of Conservative Fingerpointing

Brown Eyed Girl...45rpm

Sitting in the director's chair

*****Too many of you are still sitting on your precious works***** Needing submissions for March

Euro zone to bail out Cyprus - no details on how

Ruh-roh! We could get hit by the Snowquester on Wednesday...

A little girl meets a kitty cat.

I know a good dieting tip.

Surrogate offered $10,000 to abort baby

Israel on alert as locusts cross in from Egypt

Just pretend...

Pastor Sentenced In Vt. Lesbian Custody Case

I'm in a library LMAO looking at things you should probably avoid.

Insults 5, Political comment 0

(snort) Look Who’s Feuding Now – A Map of Conservative Fingerpointing

"'The Fast Diet' may make you smarter and happier"

The Dangerous Logic of the Bradley Manning Case

paging Kali

Suicide Probe Sheds Light on WikiLeaks Case

Toon: Background Checks

Scam alert

Say What?

This should kill the meme that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy, Kathy's Mom died & a new

today in women's herstory

H-1B visas used by firm to create low-cost workforce, U.S. alleges

a biography of the day-ellen gertrude emmet rand (painter)

Back in the old days, on DU2, there was a thread with many pics of Fox "News" mis-identifying ....

Rep. Ed Orcutt responds, apologizes for 'confusing' email about bicyclists and CO2

Calif: Greig Petition Update

Contest: name the enigmatic text from which my avatar was taken

a biography of the day-marguerite taos amrouche (first female algerian writer)

How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively

1 Parent Complaint Suspends High School's Social Justice Curriculum?

Presumed Incoming Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's Deal With Citigroup

If I wanted to discredit a group of feminists that I thought was exaggerating claims

The Bible show on LIfetime

"Alleged escort in Daily Caller video: I was paid to make claims against Democratic senator"

Kevin Drum at "Mother Jones"...(Explanation of what Sequester Means)


A place where no one seems to be safe from torture

Montgomery, Alabama, Police Chief Kevin Murphy . . . . . you are an extraordinarily decent man.

A place where no one seems to be safe from torture

To Achieve Mideast Peace, Suspend Disbelief

You Rock Chief Murphy of the Montgomery Police Force....You absolutely rock!!!

Question for those in West Chester, Ohio.

some quotes of the day-miriam makeba

Am I evil for wanting to do this

Question: Could we have a MMOG Topic formed?

Who didn't see this coming?

Tears are streaming down my face.Larry Hagman has been gone for three months but tonight JR was shot

Get Yer Furlough Gear!

US Denies Report of Mass Guantanamo Hunger Strike

I've really had enough of winter storms

NC driver's license plan called discriminatory

Toilet humor

Ho-ley shit. Mr. Fish: "Corporate-Super-Model"

Former hand surgeon Michael Brown booked into jail for failing to pay child support

Funny names people give their home networks

"The Sequester’s Market Utopians"

Does anyone wish for Nancy Pelosi to return as SOTH? I miss getting things accomplished.

Hi all trying to organize a MMOG Topic, would like to ask for your support please

The difference between dogs and cats

Republicans Once Again Try To Ban Same-Sex Weddings On Military Bases

Texas House GOP caucus nixes Medicaid expansion

Audit finds US loan program in Haiti flawed

"Sequestering The Truth: Fox News Misreports Their Own Polling Results"

Capturing light, color, and texture in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Audit finds US loan program in Haiti flawed

Lemme lay some of that good, old-fashioned Republican wisdom on y'all…

"Scalia's slam of the Voting Rights Act is a bar-stool rant"

BROWN EYED GIRL - Isley Brothers

GOP caucus rejects Medicaid expansion

Learned to reply and post - but not with pictures!

This is a thread for saying nice things about people you lock horns with

Liberty is now the largest private, nonprofit university in the U.S. - with $1 billion in net assets

Oh My God---I just got high speed internet!!

Prison official: Prison was fully staffed when inmate fight broke out

My sister in California asked me something odd...

President nominates 1st female Air Force Academy superintendent

27 months and he isn't even in jail yet pending appeal

Will wonders never cease ...

DOMA decision to impact Kaua‘i.. Front page of our Newspaper today!

Four of the Teabaggers I know are on unemployment, I'm trying to find one

Obama and Social Security

Good News Clubs: Psychologically abusing your children in a public elementary school near you!

Request about ignore features

I know a good dating tip.

Who remembers Biorhythm?

The Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima

what if we applied proposed gun control legislation to alcohol?


Man home watching TV is billed for toll road

State Sells Holdings in Student Loan Auction Rate Securities

Bobby Rogers, Founding Member Of Motown Group The Miracles Dies At 73

The Amazing Atheist: Contemplating Wealth Inequality in America

Is there such a thing as grenadine made with real sugar as opposed to HFCS?

UN demands prosecution of Bush-era CIA crimes

Growing push to halt workplace bullying

My side on the gun debate needs to admit: more guns = more deaths

Oh My God---I just got high and peed internet!!

Cat question

Jon Stewart Destroys ‘F**king Incompetent’ Congress For Allowing Sequester Cuts To Go Through

Worth reading for those who missed it the 1st time:U.S. Aggression & Propaganda Against Cuba

whatever happened to john conyer's repeal the sequester bill?

Did anyone watch SAndra Day OConnor on Rachel Maddow's Show ?

Iran battles plague of 'genetically mutated' giant rats

The Freepers would like you to know Michelle Obama is fat (don't believe your lyin' eyes!)

Right Wing Attempting to Rewrite History of Criminal Investigation of Walker Administration

Democrats launch battle to turn Texas blue

George H.W. Bush Book Recalls Frustration At Son's Critics: I'm 'An Angry Old Man Hurting For My Son

Growing old.

With So Many People Being Denied Health Care US Ripe For A Pandemic.

This explains MSM's immortality!

Clint Eastwood comes out for Gay Marriage.

Businessweek Warns That Minorities May Be Buying Houses Again

Where atheists and theists may find common ground for discussion

Ecuador,Confessions of an election observer

Family of autistic child bullied over parking spot

The Weather Channel, gotta love it...

The Times Kills Its Environmental Blog To Focus on Horse Racing and Awards Shows

What do you read in the toilet?

Is it racist to put on an orange face and make fun of a white man?

Bill Black: Fourth Austerity Shoe Drops

K-Food, the reason why Americans want to visit Korea

Fake bishop sneaks into pre-conclave meeting at Vatican

Japanese whalers accused of doubling-back

Stanford Engineering Hero Martin Hellman Lecture: The Wisdom of Foolishness

Prank call (re: Monsanto)

Federal probe sought of alleged 'dumping' of mental patient in Sacramento

Abortion bill foes fear risks to poor

State Dept. releases report of environmental impact of Keystone Pipeline (bad news)

March 5th 1946 Churchill gives "Iron Curtain" Speech in Fulton, MO

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday March 5th

Horror Care: How Private Health Care is Shortening Our Lives

UNRWA cancels 2013 Gaza Marathon

Britain's top judge issues warning on deportation

Consequences (comic)

Not the Onion: FBI Warns Sequestration Will Hamper All Their Hard-Hitting Wall Street Investigations

grammar eras

Billions of Gallons Radioactive Waste Dumped & Leaking at Hanford

Jobless Keith Olbermann Wants His Old Job Back

Impeach John Roberts for blatantly lieing from the bench!

So Americans are more liberal than politicians think we are and

Republican congresswoman upset Violence Against Women Act included ‘other different groups’

Pie chart of Conservative Christian Internet Posts

Secretly Collected HIV Test Results Used in Criminal Prosecutions

Stupid repuke lawmaker of the day: If abortion is legal, cockfighting should be too.

‘End Times’ Radio Host Believes Obama May Be Antichrist And May Declare Himself God

Osborne set for lonely fight on EU bank bonus cap

UK 'fares badly in European health league table'

Shin Bet uncovers Hamas terror cell in Hebron

Hamas on Manhunt to Execute Israeli Collaborators

golden groovy!

Want to help women who can't afford an abortion? You can.

Morning Joe Thread 3/5/2013

USDOJ Once Again Weighs in on Photographers’ Rights Issue

Oscar Pistorius's father blames South Africa's gun culture on ANC

Labour plans crackdown on employers exploiting migrants

If women were the ones EXPECTED FROM BIRTH to be wage slaves...

Largest Glacier-Calving Ever Filmed...

Father dies sheltering girl from Japan blizzard

Student Activists for Palestine — the Parody

TV drama airs episode all in ASL

Jeb Bush isn't the sharpest tool in the shed is he?

Spanish brand apologises for 'slave style' bracelets

Why we must resist Netanyahu and the hawks' reckless push for war on Iran

Rachel Maddow on Today right now! Heads up!

Today's Non Sequitur Toon- The Stupid Question

Anti-GMO petitioner arrested at White House trying to deliver a petition to Michelle Obama

just a bit of Tue. media humor

Think Spring.

North Korea Vows to Cancel Korean War Cease-Fire Amid Talk of New Sanctions

Zeid or Belmokhtar? Chadian soldier's photo sparks debate

The Tea Party is too big to fail.

Where is all the snow?

The gang on CNBC

Two-thirds of forest elephants killed by ivory poachers in past decade

I have created my profile to start on line dating...

Wisconsin: Um, yeah, about those mining jobs

A chain email worth sharing :)

Lawyers for Guantanamo prisoners say most on hunger strike; US military says it’s not true

So, what are your favorite musicals...

The first furlough notices for government employees have gone out

Corbett (Gov-PA), wife accepted thousands in gifts from biz execs, lobbyists

"Greyhound Therapy": Nevada finds solution to high cost of mental health care

Cardinal O'Brien has exposed Vatican dishonesty on celibacy

19,592,303 NICS checks for 2012

For car lovers who know what a "Tucker" is (I sure didn't)

Garcia: Aid those who fled Chávez

Sh*t CEOs Say: 6 Outrageous Statements from America's Big-Mouthed Overlords

and if He doesn't turn their hearts

I'm going to Nora Ephron's Broadway play Lucky Guy starring Tom Hanks.

The Scary Truth About Seniors and Money

January 2013 Atmospheric CO2 Content 395.55; January 2012 393.14; January 2011 391.25

I support Paul Krugman!

Is Antonin Scalia the Vilest Person in Washington?

Silicon Valley Reportedly Full of Stoners

Jeb Bush's Indentured Servitude Plan

Wow! American labor unions sure are up in arms over Obama appointing Sylvia Mathews Burwell

At Tsukiji Fish Market, Dealers & Diners Confident They'll Never, Ever Run Out Of Bluefin Tuna

Predator Drones Being Configured To Listen To Your Phone Calls

CA State Senator ("D") Quits - Was Environment Chair, Now State Gov. Relations Manager For Chevron

Joe Scarborough Is Wrong About The Deficit — But For A Much Different Reason Than People Realize

So it begins. Because Obama isn't playing nice over the sequestering issue, they are now

NRA Dupes Do Not Realize - It Is The GOP Who Will Take Their Guns In The End - If

URGE Dayton to support Election Reform Bills on THE MERITS and not hamstring himself like Obama did.

Since sinkholes in Florida are created because the acid in rainwater is deteriorating the limesoil,

Vibes Needed please**good news**

Another failed Orlando charter 'a disaster' for students, teachers

The NRA 500

Arkansas governor vetoes ban on abortions after 12 weeks (written by Holy Ghost Ministries)

China destroys Ikea cake, Nestle chocolate

If God were an alien.

New Phila. Inquirer Expose on Corbett's Gifts from Lobbyists

Martha Stewart to testify in trial over her brand (update Martha Stewart denies wrongdoing)

Gaza marathon: UN cancels race over Hamas ban on women

World stocks cheer Chinese growth target

I am having a difficult time getting a read on how we are doing...

Predator Drones Get Domestic Surveillance Tech from DHS; Privacy Concern Arises

Greta Christina: The Armor of God

Task force recommends U.S. keep nuclear option as response for massive computer attack

Chicken and chickpea stew

I feel as tho this is my home group**updated

EPA under fire for damaging corexit use in BP oil spill despite known dangers

Painting with light...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1-The Talking Dead

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Sequester

A veteran's remorse: what have we done to Iraq?

Based On The Turn Of Events You Would Think That Mitt Won The Election.

The 'habitable edge' of exomoons

Ash Beckham at Ignite Boulder 20

It’s Time to Tax Financial Transactions by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Hey NRA goons - think on this

Is 'Heterosexual Awareness Day' Group a Hate Group?

Republican: 'A Lot of People Like Being in Abusive Relationships'

General Dynamics unit, others issue layoff notices, blame U.S. budget cuts

Conservative Group: Geico Pig is Bestiality

Arkansas governor vetoes ban on abortions after 12 weeks (written by Holy Ghost Ministries)

Our Current Economic Mess, Explained With Headlines

Concealed-carry system carries hefty price tag

Dam and other Afghanistan projects being scaled back as U.S. picks up pace of withdrawal

With GOP Running Things 80% Workers Get Used To Low Wages And No Benefits.

Your moment of zen - Papal Conclave edition

27 Republicans including one woman, who voted against BOTH versions of the VAWA bill.

The Black Lady Sonnets

Suspended CEO Franklin Sain formally charged for alleged threats against Rep. Rhonda Fields

CT police, oversight board at odds on firearm permits

*****Entry Progress Report March***** I know you are curious

Corporate Super Model

North Carolina and the upcoming natural gas bubble burst.

Scalia Fails "Literacy Test"

Q: Why do they lie to us?

Pentagon Operations Would Get $10 Billion Under Proposal

Didn't take job to be a yes man, John Kerry says

Dow Average Surpasses Record High as Market Opens

The President Needs To Come Out And Promise A Veto For Any Legislation Increasing

DOW Jones just surpassed its ALL-TIME high!

Why the GOP must come to terms with George W. Bush's disastrous presidency

The rise and fall of Andy Zaky - How an Internet-trained Apple analyst lost other peoples' money

Gunshot wounds and death cost $12 billion a year

Delays Grow for Travelers to Tomatoes as U.S. Cuts Hours


Liberal’s New(*) Role: Whipping Boy

Sorry, we can't afford an increase in the minimum wage, our economy is barely getting by as it is

New Pope Announced

If a corporation is a person, then it exhibits attributes of a psychopath:

Fifty-seven people taken to the morgue in Caracas over the weekend

Top Ten Signs your Significant Other may be cheating on you.

The most expensive gasoline in the world

Who’s responsible for the obesity epidemic?

Henke Pistorius, Oscars father, blames Reeva's shooting death on blacks

What do I do about the mice?

Krugman: The Life Expectancy Zombie

“BP prolonged Gulf of Mexico oil spill by 2 months by concealing the rate of oil flowing from well"

John Kerry sets a pick on Dennis Rodman

The Democratic party need to message better on one key idea

Navy's New Mobile Landing Platform, Montford Point, To Revolutionize Amphibious Warfare

US “Stalling” Could Force Acceptance of Onerous TPP

KRUGMAN: I should have been ready to see this zombie attack me during the debate, but I wasn’t.

you have to give england credit

Striking Iberia workers protest against job cuts

Purple Heart

Switzerland Clamps Down Hard On Executive Pay — Should The U.S. Follow Suit?

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.4.2013

Repost: Coupon leads Crawfordville woman to pull gun on Walmart employees

today in women's herstory

Dems suggest Cornyn fabricated border claim. "Who's your mysterious' friend'?" they taunt.

Life Expectancy was only 62 when Social Security started...

Graeme Zielinski: Victim Of Bipartisan Hypocritical Selective Outrage

MaddowBlog - "Those who still blame Obama for GOP intransigence" - Worse Than False Equivalency

Has the bull market in stocks become 'too big to fail'?

Service Industries in U.S. Grow at Fastest Pace in a Year

The Fact that the CBO has analysed Chained CPI

Yes, people are this stupid; yes, people are this Obama-deranged

a biography of the day-anna cora mowatt

Clock Runs as Obama Faces Pressure for Strike on Iran

Swimming Pigs

I know we are generally cat people here...

Way to early which MLB team finishes with the worst record?

A Conversation Between The Rich And Poor

John Cornyn: 100,000 illegal immigrants each year enter through his "friend's" property.

Goddamn people who cry wolf.

Fox Sports trying to grab bigger share of your cable bill, then beat ESPN for your dollar

Catholic Church still plagued by cardinal sin

Good Read: #OccupyTheBible

a biography of the day-mary garrett (suffragist, philanthropist)

Medicare Plans Were Overpaid by Up to $5.1 Billion, Audit Finds

Sandra Day O'Conner will for be remembered for two things.

Woman changes story, denies being paid for sex with Sen. Robert Menendez

Stop trying to make "snowquester" happen!

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Admit That Family Planning Works After All

Guns are just so passé

Ryan Pushing Raise In Medicare Age But Not The One You Think

The Birds and the Bees

Virginia’s Liberty transforms into evangelical mega-university

Thanks Major Nikon for being a great contributor and agreeing to be a host!

Stinging Electoral Defeat for British Conservatives as Right-Wing Party Makes Gains

Game Informer's April feature preview: Thief

Some fabulous feminist quotes:

a biography of the day-eliza ann cooper blaker (social reformer, educator)

Soviet war veteran found in Afghanistan after 33 years

German industry is bailing on the government's renewable grid. Who will pay for it?

Google must drop ivory adverts say campaigners

Zimmerman Stuns Court, Waives Right to 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing in Trayvon Martin Case

NRA to sponsor Texas Nascar race

Legislation To Pardon Boxing Legend Jack Johnson

United Nations Says Changing U.S. Marijuana Laws Violate International Drug Conventions

Snow day! School's out!

Ancestor of the camel was an Arctic giant

Can Atheists and Muslims Support Freedom of Conscience Together?

The Sequester is not Pro Life

The Rude Pundit: The Quickest, Easiest Destruction of a Conservative Pundit You'll See Today

Florida A&M band members charged with manslaughter

40,000 Attend Largest Climate Rally in US History

Chasing the Higgs Boson

An Amicus Brief in Support of Gay Marriage—From Utah?

My sober conversion to atheism

Chávez 'in God’s hands,' daughter tweets

For my 25,000th post, a rant with music: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you!

The Awkward Pivot (Republican Party civil war)

Paul Krugman and Joe Scarborough on Charlie Rose, March 4, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen, Train pull out of Boy Scout event over gay ban

WaPo To Daily Caller: We Stand By Our Story (Woman Paid To Make Sex Charges Against Sen. Menendez)

Come Hell Or High Water The USA is Going To Engage IRAN Update link

Billionaires club now a lucky seven

It's killing him, which is better than the alternative.

Cunning as a Fox

UK diplomat Sir Vincent Fean flees W Bank university

More Tuesday toons

Tulsa is Portlandy - cute little section of an article I just came across

Dewine Weighs Steubenville Charges

Porn and Prostitution

Do you say 'to' or do you say 'tuh?'

An awesome comment about Fox News..


House Budget Panel Considers Higher Age for Medicare Transition


Thom Hartmann: The Swiss have Cracked down on Fat Cats - Why Can't We?

Corporate Welfare (Quite proud of myself for this one.)

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 5, 1994

Zimmerman Stuns Court, Waives Right to 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing in Trayvon Martin Case

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 5, 1994

GOP spending bill blocks funding for non-existent group (ACORN)

Walmart shopper exercises her 2nd Amendement rights after her coupon is rejected

On The Bus To Israeli Apartheid


Republican’s Balance Budget Concern A Myth–It’s Only About Low Taxes On The Wealthy (VIDEO)


Mickey Mouse Supports Lesbians' Wedding in Tokyo

Good News Clubs: Psychologically abusing your children in a public elementary school near you!

What would Jesus tip?

Who is interviewing who? Young brit & Mila Kunis.

"Red Sox lefthander Drake Britton was clocked going 111 mph"

Female Life Span Going Down In Some Parts Of The U.S.

Democratic Senator Vindicated As Right Wing Prostitution Smear Falls Apart

6-year old B-Girl destroys dance floor and her competition:

Nova Scotians are awesome people

World Powers Avoid Harsh Iran Criticism At Meeting, Say Nuclear Talks With Tehran ‘Useful’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Jeb Bush . . . My Bad."

Once more-Is faith a choice?

OOPS: Financial Pundits Predicted The Stock Market Would Plunge Under Obama

Jeb Bush Bashes Romney, Obamacare In New Book

Why don't One Million Moms protest Carl's Jr.'s commercials?

Russian trial against dead lawyer (who exposed massive tax fraud involving state officials) proceeds

Kid suspended for shaping pastry into a gun. (If he were quick on his feet he should

Does the DOW's record actually mean anything?

The Funniest Anti-Gay Marriage Ad We've Seen In At Least Two Weeks

Suddenly, Sheryl Sandberg's Critics Care About Working-Class Women

Idaho game officials say 245 wolves bagged this year

Winter Stream

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly: Workers should feel disposable, not indispensable

Really edgy cartoon "The Attics of Shelby County, Alabama

GOP Legislator Puts In Bill To Make Divorce More Difficult - What Next Illegal

Texans Rebut Gov. Rick Perry on Expansion of Medicaid

Sometimes I think jurors don't get it.

Asshole Defined

A New Plan to Mess With Medicare

Papantonio: Drug Companies Push Expensive, Less Effective Drugs on Consumers

Maduro: enemies of the country inoculated Chavez with the disease (Spanish)

Medicare Vouchers For All Immediately Is What Ryan Really Wants And So Does GOP

On October 24th 1975 90% of the female population of Iceland went on strike

Venezuela to expel US Embassy official

San Diego at night

I offer help for Mitt: can't understand why you lost to Obama? Do this:

Ugh. This comment from a Facebook friend irritates me...

Tom Toles on the Economy

Racist Israeli soccer fans walk out after Muslim scores goal FOR THEIR TEAM

Man tries to sneak into pope talks

Target is...well...uh...

There is a Temp group

California City Wants to Require Solar on Every New Home

Thom Hartmann: Why Obama Pardoning James Bordinaro is Important

Duke Officials Monitoring Federal Budget Sequester (from Feb 22nd)

***I'm starting a sequestration thread***.

Lindsey Graham: Jeb Bush Immigration Move 'Undercuts' Reform Effort

I am hating this "new" Weather Channel more and more.

German energy company RWE to abandon crude oil, natural gas production

Can you imagine what a sinkhole in your neighborhood would do to property values?

Los Angeles Aims To Be Coal-Free In 12 Years

Nancy Pelosi Scolded By Republican On House Floor For Thanking Chris Van Hollen

Tim Hortons wouldn't let boy call 911

Ex-U.S. guard sentenced for trying to pass secrets to China

Venezuela accuses enemies of poisoning ailing Chavez

Wealth Inequality in America

DHS declares Search and Seizure rights inside 100 miles of USA border

After signing record contract, Ravens' Flacco stops for McNuggets in Aberdeen...

Retirement home nurse refuses CPR to dying woman

If you use a Kindle, Nook, etc., what advantage do you think it has over old-timey books?

Women's BB: After Titanic Battle, #2 Notre Dame Irish muzzle #3 UCONN Huskies

Burwell Pick A Coup For Walmart....Walmart Foundation Nothing but a PR Wing of Walmart Corp.

Dem Lawmaker Calls Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant a 'Fool' and a 'Hypocrite' for 'Turning Your Back on Poor'

She legitimately cut off his . . .

At the top of this page, Skinner asks, "What is Meta-discussion?" Well, let's see ...

John Kerry Concedes Iran Is Moving Closer to Possessing Nuclear Weapon

Swamp Dogg - Sam Stone

Ten Points A-Tipping...

White House Cancels Tours Due To Sequester

Ikea pulls almond cakes after finding bacteria associated with feces

"Tan Mom" Plans Vacation Somewhere Hot Where She Can "Fry Like Bacon"

Naked men pooping on the roof - it's not just Florida anymore

It worked so well in Florida that ...

How soon until/Will day to day life in the US becomes like day to day life in Greece?

Report: Jon Stewart To Take Hiatus From ‘Daily Show,’ John Oliver To Serve As Guest Host

Gabrielle Giffords' advocacy group to air TV ad targeting Republican senators

Ugh. What can you do.

Obama and Israel's self-victimization extravaganza

Elmer Fudd: "If I don't get dat pesky wabbit dis time I'll just go ekstinkt!

Some times I like to think about what a great country we would have

Damn that socialist Obama!

Now Showing:

The Making of the Ultimate Fake UFO Video (Where Absolutely Everything Is Fake)

Arizona Governor loses again on SB1070

Great interactive graphic - on the prevalence of certain diseases, injuries around the world

is anyone else getting large pop up ads when the click on threads with certain terms in them

US scientists report big jump in heat-trapping CO2

But it will ruin EVERYTHING! -sarcasm-

Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits Record High Under Socialist MaObama

A First Amendment Storm

Corporate kangaroo courts have quietly usurped our constitutional right to trial by judge and jury

Just another good guy with a gun

Palestinian students force British envoy out of West Bank university

Was a Gay Mayoral Candidate’s Mississippi Murder a Romantic Tryst Gone Awry?

So ReTHUG spin today is that the sequester is no biggie because

We Are Living in the World Dick Cheney Made

US scientists report big jump in heat-trapping CO2

Medicare's Transitional Care Payment — A Step toward the Medical Home (New Eng Jour Med)

U.S. Department of Labor Celebrates 100 Years of Helping American Workers

Michael Vick enrolled in dog training classes

if you have allergies please consider this

FYI: America's problems predate 2009, and President Obama is working to improve the country.

For those of you wondering why MFM doesn't wear pants

One girl, 89 random acts of kindness: Teenager's Amazing Homage to Late Great-Grandmother

It's a dog eat dog world these days

Does anyone need any further PROOF that Wall Street does NOT = "The Economy"?

FBI Investigating Unidentified Drone Spotted Near JFK Airport

Just a reminder to Medicare enrollees w/out secondary coverage - Request "assignment"

US warns over deadly, hard-to-treat bacteria

The Sequester...As A Silent Movie:

Is Justice Scalia a Racist?

Al Qaeda and the GOP share the same platform...LOL

NIN's 'Head Like a Hole' mashed with 'Call Me Maybe' is terrible and perfect

Next Up for Big Brother: Recording and Transcribing Public Conversations

Report: Bob McDonnell not invited to CPAC

Breaking Brad: Does the 'B' in MSNBC stand for Barack?

China ousts the U.S. as the world’s main oil importer

(Sweden) 'Women's bodies aren't simply containers'

GOP Bill Seeks To Force Welfare Applicants To Waive Fourth Amendment Rights

Wisdom from an elderly Franciscan friar:

Medicaid: is it hard to get ?

Canada Condemns Pakistan’s $7.5 Billion Pipeline Project To Iran

Victims raise legal questions about retired pope

Stock Market Soars, While Homelessness Explodes

Just as we knew it was...

Lawmaker Worries Divorce Makes Girls Promiscuous

Dow surges to record ... and keeps going

Interesting quirk or bug in DU.

Urgent!!!! There is a colt that needs help, BIGTIME!

Senate panel votes to approve Obama's CIA nominee

US power grid costs rise, but service slips

Texas company shipping hate?

Want to ask Alan Grayson a question?

TSA to allow small knives, bats, clubs on planes

SPLC: Radical antigovernment movement continues explosive growth

When the word 'b*tch' is used an insult, do you perceive it as sexist/misogynist?

Holder: No drone strikes on Americans in US, except in 'extraordinary circumstance'

Awesome old USDA poster

Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil

Can anyone help me here

Settlers build new illegal outpost near Nablus

Now Best Buy ends flexible work program for corporate employees following Yahoo! CEO's ban

When Obama Extended the Patriot Act

U.S. House Republicans Propose Rolling Back Access To Birth Control To Avert Government Shutdown

"For God and Country" Shows Fundamentalist Christianity Rampant in U.S. Armed Forces

"This is what happens when your grandma sells crack,"

Ashley Judd's run for office (will she?) will be ugly..count on it.

Ancient DNA solves 320-year-old mystery

Scientists discover new crocodilian, hippo-like species from Panama

Bennett eyes Finance post, Lapid demands to be FM

How Dare You Be Quiet in Class?

Wow! Rare Photos Capture 2 Comets Together in Night Sky

It makes you wonder why do they bother...

Hugo Chavez Dead

Chavez Dead

Chavez Dead

Self-edit: DUPE

FloriDUH state senator doesn't like city buses...

State Rep. Files Bill to Eliminate High Stakes Testing

Keep Wages Down - Eliminate Paychecks - Corporate Profits With Soar. GOP Econ Plan

Republicans Always Have the Advantage in Compromise

Please stop locking the Chavez death announcement threads

If Chavez is dead, we need to be in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez is Dead....Reuters

New 2013 Personhood Amendment Initiative Announced in Mississippi

GOP Must face reality: The Bush Crime Family was a disaster

The true essence of CPAC

Excavations in Oregon Reveal Promising New Early Paleoindian Site

I thought this was funny so

George H.W. Bush Book Recalls Frustration At Son's Critics: I'm 'An Angry Old Man Hurting For My Son

Thank you, President Chavez: How Venezuela Keeps Low Income Americans Warm

Will drone sightings be the new UFO scare?

Russia Detains Dancer in Bolshoi Acid Attack

Im gonna hide out here till the Chavez war in General Discussion blows over...

Anyone have any updated info this story..?

Chavez is dead.

It just doesn't F'en stop - A New Attack on Medicare

RIP, Hugo Chavez

Utah Republican: Can’t punish cockfighting because abortion is legal

Eric Holder states obvious, Rand Paul uses it to troll gullible liberals

NC's coastal counties could get fracking waste if ban lifted

Miller & Harkin Introduce Bill to Raise Minimum Wage to $10.10

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Abe Vigoda still alive.


Chris Sprouse, 'Superman' Artist, Drops Orson Scott Card Project After Anti-Gay Controversy

Hugo Chavez: socialist showman who transformed Venezuela

I've worked at my local Gov't Office for 28 years.

Daylight saving time is confusing for kitties

Chris Sprouse, 'Superman' Artist, Drops Orson Scott Card Project After Anti-Gay Controversy

House to skip town ahead of storm

Florida woman with concealed weapons permit brandishes gun at Walmart staff over rejected $1 coupon

DU ONLY, what did your reacts about president Hugo Chavez died?

Rushbo's Latest Ponzi Scheme...

GOP Rep Offers Amendment Prohibiting Obama From Playing Golf Until White House Tours Resume

Artists: can you recommend a set of good/high-quality colored pencils

Quality colored pencils - any recommendations?

Snowquester Clouds?

Operation Condor on Trial in Argentina

Operation Condor on Trial in Argentina

Anyone playing Ingress?

Baby born with heart outside her chest is beating odds

Congress Introduces Bill To Make Israel ‘Major Strategic Ally’

Senate approves emergency spending bill for Medicaid, education

Charlie Rose and Joe Scarborough team up on Paul Krugman to no avail

Chavez is dead; that solves our energy problems; Orinoco Tar Sands here we come.

Stop the Great Tax Shift in North Carolina

Why is Bradley Manning Pleading Guilty?

US Embassy Officials Expelled from Venezuela, Government Warns of “Conspiracy Plans”

K&R against ANY U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

Jesus Christ:!! don’t we have anyone on our side thats not the POTUS who can kick some in a deba

I definitely agree with this bumper sticker!!

CPR can crack ribs and only succeeds longterm in restarting a heart 20% of the time --

Safe Passage, Comrade.

So . . . the repubicants are wondering why they haven't been all that popular of late . . . .

I figured the Freepers would be celebrating, and I was right.

"Okay, I get it now; having a girl is a little different." - Tony Hawk

I'm rebelling!!!!

WARNING - ‘Cannibal cop’ searched for ‘human meat recipes’ on Google: prosecutors

Disgraced Ex-Congressman Attacks John Boehner in New Book

A Tribute to Hugo

Did Obama Administration Ask Judge To Increase Gov. Don Siegelman's Sentence?

Paul Krugman took on Joe Scarborough and Charlie Rose on Rose's show last night.

S&P Warns of Credit Downgrade for BP, Shell, Others

The Movie Netanyahu Says He Won't Watch

In honor of Chavez...See the Movie “No"

How to deal with derp. (toon)

Bush sycophants hired by Shell Oil

Segregation And Echoes Of Apartheid: Israel Launches Palestinian-Only Buses

Bashid McLean Poses with Mother Tanya Byrd's Decapitated Head in New York City (PHOTO)

Is Germany switching to coal?

Poor families must make difficult choices

Special Needs kitty

Chavez successor is Nicolas Maduro.

What do you think of Zimmerman's dropping of the Stand Your Ground defense?

More "opposite of what they do"

A matter of perspective

What is your worst nightmare in regards to our government?

Dem: Ex-DEA Chiefs “Arrogant” To Press For Pot Law Nullification

The Power of Orange: A mash note to John Boehner

A New Low: Police Claim Torching Of Palestinian Cars Was 'Fabricated'

My favorite Chavez moment

Starbucks is really sleazy.