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Hugo Chavez: "If the climate were a bank,...."

Fighting the growing deserts, with livestock: Allan Savory at TED2013 (*STUNNING RESULTS*)

Richfield MN man a lonely voice against overpopulation

this is not an Onion article! Republican against outlawing Cock-fighting because abortion is legal

In this thread we suggest names for Wifi Network names...

Obama: After Chavez, U.S. Seeks 'Constructive Relationship' With Venezuela

President Obama's statement on the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Blithering Idiots, aka The Arkansas Senate, overrides governor's veto of 12-week abortion bill

GOP Lawmaker: We Must Make It Harder To Divorce Or Teenage Girls Will Be ‘More Promiscuous’

OMFG. Was just watching Fix News

Blizzard vetoed the World of Warcraft film script, says director Sam Raimi

New York State Assembly votes to raise NYS minimum wage to $9

Mr. Fish Toon- The case against Bradley Manning

Okay friends and fans- I need some help...

New York State Assembly passes $9 minimum wage

US Defence Chief Seeks To Reassure Israel On Military Aid

At 106, Man Finally Gets An Elusive High School Diploma

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Chavez: Inside the Coup

Kali's having a GREAT week... she's already got her shopping done for the weekend.

An Arizona baby bottle:

The picture that NASA will NOT let you see:

Coppycats (it took me a little while to understand this one):

The U.S. allowed tourism to Cuba once. MFM and his homies went. Cuba IMMEDIATELY...

Widdle itty-bitty teeny-tiny MiddleFingerMom was the cootest baby-waby. Yes, he was. Yes, he was.

Chavez: Inside the Coup

The Best Way To Fix GOP Is Put And End To It Any Way We Can. The Country Will Not Survive The GOP

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 March 2013

GOP Rep Offers Amendment Prohibiting Obama From Playing Golf Until White House Tours Resume

Anyone ever drive over the border into Canada?

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" is on TV tonight. Have you seen it?

No more White House tours!?

LaGrange Park mailman who invented board game Diplomacy is dead at 81

Thread for Favorite songs about dogs and cats

Patriot groups continue to rise, poverty center says

Hell Explained by Chemistry Student

Parkinson's Disease...This is one thing I have almost NEVER said. I'm speechless.

Harry Reid: Jeb Bush ‘made a fool of himself’ with immigration reform proposal

BFEE Owns Corporate McPravda

Venezuela: Chávez’s Authoritarian Legacy

Check in if you are neither crying nor grave dancing over Hugo Chavez

Recommended series of nature documentaries on Hulu: "Green Paradise"

The presidency that saw the greatest increase in wealth inequality

I just realized something a few days ago - I didn't just lose a wife; I lost a family

The science of sleeplessness.

Can Anyone Here Knowledgeably Critique this video?

A HS classmate's daughter just won dinner with Tim Tebow.

Gay Couple Reportedly Asked To Leave Westfield Mall For Kissing, Holding Hands (VIDEO)

Playing with my new Nikon 18-300

bank robber shot by civilian

Wow, O'Reilly has totally lost it tonight - dangerous

Postscript: HUGO CHÁVEZ, 1954-2013

Ky. GOP seeks Democratic lawmakers to back McConnell over Judd using Judd's quotes as fodder

Did anyone watch "The Bible" on the History Channel the other night?

The Power of Orange: A mash note to John Boehner

On Norman Goldman Show - Lost 6.3 Million MFG Jobs 1-90 to 1-10.

Love him or hate him, 14 years later, Hugo Chavez final approval rating was 70.3%

Kerry: U.S. more confident arms flow to Syria moderates

France launches inquiry into electronic cigarettes

Donald Trump returns to speak at CPAC's conservative jamboree

To balance the budget and keep SS and Medicare safe from the thieves, institute a war tax to be

Hugo Chavez teaches a 2 minute clinic on combating Fox News misinformation and propaganda.

4-2 leave "Obama is a weak kneed corporate puppet"

I'm leaving DU

Venezuelans pour into streets to mourn Hugo Chavez

Venezuelans pour into streets to mourn Hugo Chavez

US food giants turn vegetarian in Gujarat

Poodle Exercise with Humans

The Federal Deficit is Shrinking and 90% of Americans don't know it - thanks to M$M

Switzerland bans golden handshakes, golden parachutes

Truckers unite to help toddler

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's Back & a new Kitty gif

Stolen minivan crashes into river, driver stands naked on top of van as it sinks

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dies of cancer

Received this hilarious email

San Francisco Bay Bridge Light Display Debuts (Live Event! 9pm PST)*UPDATED*

Knotted Vortices ...

2006: Chavez calls Bush "the devil"

Child living with autism writes book, hopes to raise funds for service dog

Hugo Chavez net worth

About Chavez, so far all I have seen on our news and other programs

How bored am I? I've won 14 games of Freecell in a row.

This just in:

Pool insists girls wear tops and bottoms

Senators outraged by dismissal of assault case

Rachel has two great guests Stiglitz and Frank Rich

IBM Moving Hundreds of Manufacturing Jobs to Mexico

Drunk guy yells at tobacco, talks to vodka, confesses love for jail cell toilet

The only thing that's made me laugh in 2 weeks

San Antonio student fights to get photo of her and girlfriend back in yearbook

Ashley Judd May Need To Decide Soon On Senate Race

Looks like the Bush economic policies are finally kicking in

Gov. Rick Perry backs 20-week abortion ban in Texas

Church leaders angered by loo roll Bible quotes

The moment when you realize it's too late to run:

My mom's health care aide told me Ron Paul was coming to Ottawa this week. I didn't believe

IA Govenor likens providing healthcare to providing alcohol at a wedding.

End discrimination against gay men giving blood

West Yorkshire "Batman" hands criminal over to police

Nebraska Republican State Senator tells Voters: "We just can't afford to save those lives."

Free Speech Radio News needs donations FAST

5 Reasons to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

Dow Jones record may boost spending by wealthy; others still wary

More Women Are Giving Guns, Shooting Clubs a Shot (ABC Nightline tonight)

HI all! FWIW, am in St. Augustine now,


Is this too forward? Date inviting me to ride the storm out at his place...

No Fido Friday.

Medical Cannabis - Seeking topical cream for dermatological study

If someone has you on PM Ignore will they be called to jury your posts or, no?

TYT: Whose Fault Was the Sequester?

Mitt Romney's Groupon

'I am just an angry old man hurting for my son:' Letters from President George H.W. Bush #41

"It’s time to tax financial transactions"

Bill O’Reilly Blows Up In Epic Segment With Alan Colmes, Rages At Him: ‘This Is Just Bull-Blank!’

Ozzie Guillen must be in heavy mourning tonight.

"Jon Stewart to Take Summer Break from 'Daily Show' to Direct a Movie"

Some days, you go through the door…

You can fight it all you want, but you're powerless to fight the cute.

Hugo Chavez had a net worth of $1 billion at the time of his death.

This toon is quite clever

It's nice that Hugo Chavez cared about the people of Venezuela so much...

Other than the European theatre of World War II, can you name any MAJOR examples

Dennis Rodman Continues Diplomacy Tour With Visit to Hugo Chavez

As far as Latin American Dictators went, Venezuela could have done a lot worse…

Now Hear This - It Looks LIke Most Of Billionaires Are Near Or Past 80 -

Carrie Fisher confirms she will return as Princess Leia in new Star Wars

Sequester could ultimately affect severe-weather forecasting

Am I being jerked around regarding a specific job opportunity?

Chavez gets his wish, though not how he intended

Amazing how depression can make daily life seem like a daily marathon.

Wow, how come I have never heard of this guy before?

My Father’s Tongue

What would happen if Bush Jr. went and Cheney said "Dems" did it?

Solar Report Stunner: Unsubsidized ‘Grid Parity Has Been Reached In India’, Italy–With More

Amazon families split over lure of oil money

What are your nominations for the worst and most toxic mainstream religious beliefs?

Las Vegas Sands Corp. faces scrutiny in Macau and Spain

Southern Poverty Law Center Report Finds 'Patriot' Groups Surge As Anti-Obama Fervor Grows

C'mon in! -- or not

This is sad (Breitbart Tribute):

How some farmers in India are doubling rice yields without pesticides, GM, or Monsanto

Can't help it -6 more from the Quarry- I managed to get the telephoto shots out of the other camera

Don't you LIE to me!

2.36" okay. 2.37" not okay?

What happened to Vegas? TV's #1 show.

On the Legacy of Hugo Chavez

I had forgotten to mention about Yoshi and the whipworms

My life has changed dramatically in the past year.

GOP - We Can't Afford To Save People Who Can't Afford To Pay For Their Health Care

Heh! Big Ed Schultz is ripping Danny-boy Snyder a new one

These pictures are total garbage

Stewart Mocks Opposition To Voting Rights Act: Why Not Go Back To ‘Discriminating First...

It's ALL Obama's fault

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Regergitated NEWS....... Reporters are Getting Lazy

Fallone for Justice is hitting the road - and coming to a town near you!

Founding Fathers: Beware the Two-Party System

HI! I'm Knightraven!

Calif. regulators order Mercury to cut homeowners insurance rates 8.2%

To 3D TV or not to 3DTV.............

Republicans do not believe in "smaller" government...

To clarify my intent

Fly Like An Eagle (7-1-73)

Rodman isn't the ambassador to N. Korea. And Kim Jong Un isn't in charge.

Sad Beast of a House in the Southern Wild

Inside Major League Baseball's Dominican Sweatshop System

Question about this group?

Full Cut: O'Reilly Loses His Shit For Being Proven Wrong, WOW.

Increase SS retirement age? Read this!

Rachel Maddow segment w/Nicolle Wallace re. GOP support for gay marriage

Iowa GOP Legislature: We must make divorce harder to get or girls will be more promiscuous

Asia stocks rise after Dow hits new all-time high

WikiLeaks reveals imperialist plots against Venezuela

Chicago parent/lawyer posts pretend questioning of billionaire ed reformer Penny Pritzker. Powerful.

Is there an airbrush artist in the house?

Russian ballet star confesses to masterminding acid attack on chief of Bolshoi

USAA to add 1,000 jobs in San Antonio and 1,000 jobs in Phoenix

USAA to add 1,000 jobs in San Antonio and 1,000 jobs in Phoenix

Will Weatherford opposes Medicaid expansion. But did program help his family?

March Is National Women's History Month

Cory Booker: Senate Run Announcement Will Come After Governor's Race

Aging Pantex system poses threat

I need some serious feedback on what we do about Congress

Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination-March is Women's History Month

Happy Women's History Month

Ban hails Chavez's work for poor

Japanese rock band kills comfort women twice

Is there a group for Writers here?

Ban hails Chavez's work for poor

Jimmy Carter's tribute to 'bold' Hugo Chavez

Hawaii Senate passes Steven Tyler Act on privacy

Remember the Ladies...

Behind the Scenes: The Story of Alice Paul

Why Do Rich Conservatives Want to Control our Sex Lives?

"Midnight Judges" Supreme Court Stories

A Pop Quiz About Federal Spending That May Surprise You

Your USA Taxes At Work: Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

I have a proposal for Congressman Paul Ryan.

Chavez Democratized Venezuela Making it the Most Equal Country in Latin America

Dem: Ex-DEA chiefs 'arrogant' to press for pot law nullification

How to Attract Shale Drillers to North Carolina?

March 6, 1912: The Oreo Cookie was introduced

March 6, 1820: 1820 – The Missouri Compromise is signed into law by President James Monroe.

Syrian rebels hang Palestinians

Blue Jay photo taken by a friend

EU regulators set to fine Microsoft for breaking browser pledge

I come to bury Chavez, not to praise him

South Korea says to strike back at North if attacked

This Month in North Carolina History

Shale AND Water

Warning: burn test your fabric if fiber content matters

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Senate strives to fuel Texas spaceflight industry

In gray Western Washington, good old neighborhood community-building is driving a solar panel spike.

Hess, under pressure, to exit retail business

Fla. Farmworkers Marching to Publix HQ

Spaceport America (Virgin Galactic) nears final test flights

Minn. Workers Agree to 1-Year Deal: Report

Venezuelans mourn President Hugo Chavez

Stop & Shop Workers Agree on New Contract

Tobacco cuisine on display at cigar festival

Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go! - Scott Grace

Out-of-the-box iPhone4 for $1.00

What, to YOU, is a "revolution"?

US firm spied on Bhopal activists for Dow: WikiLeaks

The UNC Digital Collections

UN cancels Gaza marathon over Hamas ban on women

PA mourns death of 'loyal friend'

CODEPINK Calls for Destruction of Israel at AIPAC Policy Conference Protests (VIDEO)

Native American Woman and Baby (1590), Theodor deBry , 1528-1598

Pa. court: Reinstate health-care funding for the poor (Corbett loses again)

Hey, gang! Try and come up with a caption for this... OH MY GOD!!

Evo Morales: Chavez is More Alive than Ever

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Cuban Women March for The Cuban Five.

Catholic Church struggles to keep young people from leaving the faith

We're still waiting for that stinking Kenyan socialist to destroy the economy

Angry Italian priest sets ablaze Benedict XVI's photo

Happy Women's History Month!

Lets Talk Dirty In Hawaiian - John Prine

Excellent coverage re Hugo Chavez

(FL) Senators voice frustration at Gov. Scott at rally, “it’s not working”

Everything You've Been Told About Personal Finance Is Dead Wrong -- Here's the Truth

Happy Women's History Month

Krugman Tells AlterNet: Progressives Worry Too Much About Being 'Respectable'

Not too late for Obama to come out against austerity

5 Kids Bravely Fighting Christian Domination of Their Schools

Stomach cancer 'spotted by breath test'

Beating up the gays because their poodle is pink

The Bradley Manning Nobel prize nomination letter

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.5.2013

Public Announcement: Free Screening of “A Message From The Marcellus”.

Chavez's pal or US-backed rich kid: Who will inherit Venezuela?

Don't Worry - NYT's Website Redesign Will Make Looking For Non-Existent Environment News Quik-n-Easy

So, is Evo the Next Big Thing?

Science Daily - Arctic Sea Ice Loss Amplified Force Of Sandy Through Faster Jet Stream Movement

Happy Women's History Month.

Canadian Arctic Storm Surges Growing In Intensity For 150 Yrs; Sharpest Spike Spike Since 1980

This is the year that will be remembered for_________________

Thomas Hariot, 1560-1621...

WaPo Cuts Environment Coverage Too, Since We're Not Interested In That Any More - Grist

{make of it what you will}ACHUTHAN: Look At These Charts And Tell Me We're Not In Recession

Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says

ARKANSAS: Faculty Carry Signed into Law

he Bull Market For Stocks Distracts From The Bear Market For Workers

Oh noez! Valerie Harper has terminal brain cancer.

Huffpost:Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,'

Bob Ney rips Boehner in memoir. Says he's 'lazy' and 'more interested in the high life.'

SimCity’s launch was a complete disaster

Paul Ryan "Not Serious" - Morning Joe. . !?

Why food riots are likely to become the new normal

Lego spill tangles up West Virginia highway

Iraq's depleted uranium clean-up to cost $30m as contamination spreads

Middle East politics play out in DC restaurant

Saving cell phone data

Is the HIV 'functional cure' the breakthrough it seems?

How can you not love this governor?

I’ll kill you for this column, Mark Morford

gotta love it! news is breaking everywhere, so the CNN poll for the day is....

Too much money spent in Iraq for too few results

Senators outraged by dismissal of assault case

Rules of the Internet

If you love Barry White, check in !

North Korea Threatens to Restart Korean War on March 11.

Taliban attack trends: Never mind

I didn't know Hugo Chavez was dead until just now, from a DU thread.

ABC News story (Menendez) isn’t a game changer; it’s a game ender

The Milf Diet will put you off lunch – which is a start, right?

Latest talking point ... $250 mil for Egypt ... or ...

It’s time to tax financial transactions

Colorado gun bills: Senate committee passes bill to limit gun magazines limits

Tucson tech: Raytheon readies to start production of ($89,000) Excalibur Ib

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Bull Market

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Voting

When America Was Female

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Colorado gun bills: Senate committee passes liability-for-guns bill

Costco back in the forefront of minimum wage debate

Swiss Curb Executive Greed; Will Anyone Follow?

Two PA republicans lie in press release on Violence Against Women Act Vote. (Pitt Post-Gazette

NFL Teams Ask Players If They're Gay Before Drafting

Jeb Bush Disagrees with His Own Book Hours After Publishing

Meanwhile, at "progressive" corporate behemoth Starbucks.......

the chuck todd morning meme....the President just hasn't 'reached out to congress'

Reality Check For "Moderates" - Indisputable Visual Proof That The System is Rigged

My company HR person is the worst!! (HR person rant)

This LIVE hummingbird shivering? NEST CAM!

How Mississippi Tackles Homelessness

After Hugo Chavez, what's next for Venezuela (and the world)?

EU fines Microsoft $732 million for browser ballot violation

Going a little retro for the lulz

Pot, kettle: IMUS to O'LOOFAH, definition of a bully, "He thought he could get away with it"

Power outages big fear as storm bears down on DC

No It's Not The Onion:Ted Nugent degrades female contestant, dismembers chicken his new reality show

Wealth In America: Please Share

I'd like to suggest a dedicated email address for the MIRT team

3 quarter of a million jobs at risk from sequester cuts and the GOP whines about suspended WH tours

Cheney Now Officially On Maureen Dowd's Enemie's List

Govt Report: We Wasted a Ton of Money in Iraq

We must be asking the wrong question

But We Painted All Those Schools

Jeb: Not ready for prime-time?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if it turns out Dennis Rodman was pulling a Julia Child with his NK visit?

US Government Lays Out It's Case Against Bradley Manning

Who Really Works Hardest to Banish Ignorance? (Science is almost totally incompatible with religion)

Ahh nooo. Valerie Harper, TV's Rhoda, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer

Hugo Chavez called Obama "a clown and an embarrassment".

Republicans are cowards, Part 367

Ships to sail directly over the north pole by 2050, scientists say

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday March 6th

Oklahoma man acquitted in toddler's shooting death

today in women's herstory

Wednesday Wahhmbulance Call: FL Tea Party Complains "We're No Longer Asked Our Opinion"

I Am Just About Done With This Dumb Ass Nation - Voters Give Equal Blame To Obama ----

Advocacy group lists Dolan among 'dirty dozen' papal candidates

Gay Couple Attacked With Wrench Because Their Pink Poodle is "un-American".

a biography of the day-anna claypoole peale (portrait painter and miniaturist)

Story pulling all the right emotional strings on DU, except it's completely wrong & anti-environment

O'Reilly is cracking up

Why food riots are likely to become the new normal

Former UK diplomat, Craig Murray, shares some thoughts on the death of Chavez

The Zombie-Like Rise Of CISPA - Tim Karr Discusses

Oh, So Hugo Chavez Didn't Tolerate Political Opposition?

The FBI File On Aaron Swartz - Kade Crockford of the ACLU of MA Discusses

First Bonnie Franklin and now Valerie Harper.

States Legalizing Pot Race to Define Market’s Regulation

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 6, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 6, 1967

LA school board race: Bloomberg/Rhee/Murdoch vs. teachers' union

Mike Papantonio On The Future Of Progressive Media

Medicare Cost Reductions: Is the Point to Save Money or Inflict Pain?

Aerial survey finds contamination "significantly reduced" at Fukushima

School Breakfasts and Ending Child Hunger

UN agency: Syrian refugee figure hits 1 million

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Added 198,000 Workers in February

Farmers tackle pests with Colas

Obama's approval rating falls back to below 50 % for first time since October

Orders For US Factory Goods That Signal Business Investment Jump 7.2 Pct. Un January

Holder: Obama Can Target US Citizens on US Soil for Killing

Krugman: Niall Ferguson's Response Is Pathetic

DON'T WORRY: Keystone XL Pipeline Would Be Safe From The Climate Impacts It Would Help Cause

Don't count Steve King (R-IA) out if he runs for Senate, Harkin says

Billionaire C. Cline, owner of Gogebic Taconite Mining, has water pollution problems in Illinois

Shortly after 7 A.M.

Food and/or Car Snobs Unite!

When real world politics rears its ugly head in the gaming world

What's the point in creativity again?

Insight - Mending Mali poses political and ethnic puzzle

Question: re: thread count views...

Repent, Dick Cheney

Govt Report: We Wasted a Ton of Money in Iraq

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb 2016: Whatever Your Position Is On Immigration, I Agree With It

Where's LynneSin been?

Thom Hartmann: Time to tie the Minimum Wage to the cost of living?

Poll: 99% Of Human Beings Would Prefer Big, Slobbery Hound Dog Pope

Can you blame Chavez for his animus toward the United States?

Wanna see the wingers heads explode?

McDonalds Guest Workers Stage Surprise Strike

Technological Unemployment

Religion Has No Place In The Military

Rep. Gohmert offers amendment defunding President Obama's golfing trips

"He had faults, like other men; but it was for his virtues that he was hated..."

Repugs block DC Circuit nominee a 2nd time

POSTSCRIPT: Hugo Chavez (1954-2013)

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Eulogize Hugo Chavez

Present Day GOP Are Gollum- Lord Of The Rings - Serving The Precious

I think ending all White House tours is a big mistake

You can't explain that.

How many hours of PBS kids tv does it take to make you crazy?

Why Is The US Spending Hundreds Of Millions On These Secret Israeli Bunkers?

The Rude Pundit: Yes, We Still Give Federal Contracts to Companies That Screw Us

Michigan teachers say paycheck cuts qualify them for food stamps

Pentagon linked to Iraqi torture centers by Central American ‘dirty war’ veteran

donald trump to speak at CPAC. they learn nothing.

Stephen Colbert asks Michael Oren: When do you guys start bombing Iran?

Can someone explain to me why "2 Broke Girls" is consistently one of TV's highest rated shows?

Valerie Harper, TV's Rhoda, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer

Romney Blames Loss On Successfully Communicating His Message To Minorities

Attention Gov. Frackenlooper: The Charm Offensive Has Failed

How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?

A historic example of liberals punishing job creators


Kiss-in protest planned against mall which ejected gay couple for kissing on the cheek

Former Ten Years After Guitarist Alvin Lee Dead at 68

Coming Soon: Long-Delayed Decisions on Endangered Species

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

3 Rules of the Internet---

So is my beloved Camillus camp knife now carry-on, measured from where?

Black refs allege bias, plan to file federal suit

RIP Alvin Lee

In light of certain female Congresspersons voting against the Violence Against Women Act...

Republicans Block Obama Nominee To Appeals Court, Again

Hi-jacked threads and the ignore function...

In a PUBLIC school, a FAPE is Public Law (federal law) for students with disabilities.

Today's dumb repuke rape comment comes from... a woman!!!

U.N. Rips Israeli Military For ‘Institutionalized’ Mistreatment Of Palestinian Children

Craft Beer’s Larger Aspirations Cause a Stir (NYT)

Voter ID Hearing - Raleigh, NC - Mar 12th - 4:00 p.m.

Gun Control Debate Fueling ‘Explosive’ Rise In Far-Right Extremist Groups: Report

Got in a PISSER With The Landlord

Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle by David Sirota

If you plan on buying a motorcycle, don't let your mom or significant other see this video.

Elizabeth Blackwell (1821–1910) was the first fully accredited female doctor in the US.

Georgia city ordinance would require a gun in every home

Public Announcement: Free Screening of "A Message From The Marcellus".

US cardinals in Rome told to stop talking to media

SCOTUS-Backed Surveillance Law Built on a Bush-Era Lie

Some Major and minor changes

Revealed: Pentagon’s Link To Iraqi Torture Centers

Life without a smart phone

Protesters in Austin call for expanded Medicaid

Emergency / Disaster concrete structure

Prisoner X was working for Israeli government, Australia confirms

Rand Paul Begins Talking Filibuster Against John Brennan

C-SPAN3: Atty. Gen. Holder Faces Senators on Judiciary: Code Pink on briefly after the event...

House takes first step to avoid government shutdown

NY man gets summonses for laughing too loudly

Recovering Wall Street Employee Speaks Out about the "1%"

Special Report: Behind a cancer-treatment firm's rosy survival claims

Filibuster Reform Back On The Senate (WH) Agenda?

Holder says Obama plans to explain drone policy

Pupils at French school told: 'It's pork or no meat'

Cute Puppies and citrus

Canceled White House tours, not projected job losses, cause uproar

Loyal dog foils French woman's suicide bid

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETTION: Let Venezuela chart their own course

Giffords holds event in Tucson to lobby for expanded background checks for gun purchases

UN peacekeepers captured by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights

Opposing Same Sex marriage is against the rules here, should opposing the ERA also be likewise?

Walter Rhett: The Government Has a Right to Be Paid

TYT: Giant Mutant Rats Invading Iran

Maryland Senate votes to repeal state's death penalty

Burkinis to help Muslim Swedes take the plunge

TYT: Michelle Malkin's Cringeworthy 'Liberal Dance'

Related to another OP, should the US have entered World War II earlier than it did?

The historical context and importance of the Rodman visit to North Korea

Rush is complaining that Twitter is overrun by liberals and is "corrupted"!

Thom Hartmann: Why is Obama taking advice from a secretive billionaire?

TYT: Poll: Bagels for Democrats, Donuts for Republicans

DOJ lets important deadline pass in T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal

EU fines Microsoft $733M for breaking browser pact

Conservative politics is about escapism

Is there life after 100,000 posts?

Symposium: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: March 11-12 NY

Court suspends Egypt's parliament election (updated)

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7

Scott Walker's latest: environmental travesty in Wisconsin

Proud to be a native Marylander today.

U.N. partially lifts arms embargo on Somalia for a year

A pesticide that harms kids' brains? Bad idea.

Why is the US requiring the burning of US coal in Germany?????

Catch, tag, release!

A Common Thread: Religion, Elephants & Killing the Ivory Trade

"Dow about 8 percent off 2000 peak, when adjusted for inflation."

On Republican "Epiphanies" (or It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses an Eye)

Religion e-commerce on the rise as ventures like 'Online Prasad', 'Proud Ummah' take off

Study: Religious Parents' Divorce May Cause Children to Leave the Church

Great Piece About Costco and Minimum Wage....

The TPP is a secret corporate coup - (Salty Language)

Will 3D printing change the world?

If you had $1 billion in cash but you still had to work every day, what would you do?

UK to send armoured vehicles to Syrian opposition

Florida finds evidence of voter fraud by GOP-tied firm

The New Yorker on JK's French

kosher/pareve recipes for passover

Well, here's a neat thingy.

Journalist beaten in Caracas for report about Chavez' death (video)

Stunned Cuba ponders future without Chavez

A few random (and cynical) observations on the Stock Market.

rand paul filibustering brennan confirmation over drone strikes....

Obama To Host Dinner For Senate Republicans, Meet With GOP Lawmakers On Capitol Hill

A Must Read Account of Fracking Colorado

We are the forgotten.

The Harlem Shake is officially dead

UN: Syria rebels seize about 20 Golan Heights peacekeepers near Israel border

War with Iran? What a great idea!

A Must Read Account of Fracking Colorado

Challenge to Gov. Corbett re appeals: Feelin' lucky, punk?

Free traders making a fortune shipping millions of US jobs out of the country.

Article: Can Cuba Survive the Loss of Chavez?

Obama Pardons Higher Proportion Of Drug Offenders Than Bush, Clinton

Harvard Students Find Fake Eviction Notices For Israeli Apartheid Week

Hypothetical: A RW militia group commandeers a plane

rep. louie gohmert displays the results of his recent lobotomy.....

Serrano: “Chavez Changed the Conversation In Latin America”

Rep. Gomer from Texas wants an instruction in the Continuing Resolution that the President

House approves bill to fund government through September 30


House passes bill to fund government through end of fiscal year

People who talk with their hands drive me nuts when they're sitting close by me.

Boehner Lies

Two Questions

Poor Dog

Britain says will release parts of secret report on rendition

Article: Time is ripe for a new approach to Cuba

Ten Years After singer Alvin Lee has died at 68

Rand Paul filibustering Brennan nomination to lead CIA

In the Beginning, there was Sequestration

In honor of LynneSin: New Lounge Pool Rules

Drug Use, Smuggling Increasing in Libya

The George W. Bush Presidential Library Grand Opening!

My love affair with my hardwood cutting board

Well I see Iowa gets another casino!

Ryan Westmoreland, Red Sox prospect, announces retirement

So what made Chavez suddenly "a dangerous enemy"? | Greg Palast

Police Can Confiscate ‘Public Nuisance’ High-Capacity Ammo Clips

At what level would you rate the Late Hugo Chavez, compared to other political leaders

Interview with Cuban Five member Ramón Labañino's attorney, Bill Norris

Honest constitutional law question

My new(ish) electric grocery getter

SHOCKING Truth About Income Inequality in America


Cuba creates four anti-cancer vaccines, media ignores it

The union difference food service

FALLOWS: My capsule view of Bush


The Revolving Door of Staffers Between Corbett Admin and Gas and Oil Industry

I just tried to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild

Why did O'Reilly throw such a fit yesterday?

'Snowquester' doesn't pan out in DC; state of emergency in Virginia

I still don't understand what this was all about

Whatever happened to DUStrange?

I tried listening to Rand Paul filibuster but it is so nauseating watching him and his

Ted Cruz: New budget must defund Obamacare

Should the proposed text of the Equal Rights Amendment be extended

Lars and the Real Girl - both hilarious and moving

Statement by President Obama on Republican Filibuster of Caitlin Halligan

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7, NC, SC affected...

Women Who Changed the World ..

MPAA is a bunch of prize hypocrites.

Buffet Civil Libertarianism

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden joins Rand Paul’s filibuster

Ferrari Launches First-Ever Hybrid Model

Arkansas Adopts a Ban on Abortions After 12 Weeks

Senators Press Holder on Use of Military Force on U.S. Soil

In Yahoo News interview, Queen Noor presses U.S. to reduce nuclear stockpile

People who talk with their nuts drive me hands when they're sitting close by me.

DC DUers--How about that snowstorm?

why does Martin Bashir

Holder admits Banks are 'too big to charge'

Former lab tech to plead to cocaine charge

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

Sexual violence scars Native American women

Fukushima two years on: the largest nuclear decommissioning finally begins

Lil entitled prick Luke Russert's response to Gohmer 'pile it on Obama'

Smith & Wesson earnings more than triple as demand for guns soars

Excerpt of authorized bio of Roger AILES, preemptive to UNauthorized one later this year


U.S. envoy walks out of nuclear meeting over Iran's Israel remark

Just PaY The Two Dollars - Obama Reminds Me Of The Lawyer In The Old Film Skit That Came Out Of

Yahoo! HR boss (and mother-of-three) who imposed Marissa Mayer's ban on working from home commutes

Happy Women's History Month.

Did Lindsey Graham just blink?

Gabby Giffords is a champion human being

Could someone see to it that Rand Paul gets his medication?

Some love for my friends in this group 3 weeks before oral arguments in the 2 LGBT marriage cases

Wisconsin: Why I Voted Against the Open-Pit Mine Bill ~ State Senator Kathleen Vinehout

U.S. doctor's 'gutsy' move led to baby's cure from HIV

U.S. lawmaker introduces bill to legalize cellphone unlocking

*****My breeding little Halle the finch says: Here's looking for three more March entries*****

With Chavez dead, we have a real bogeyman shortage on out hands

Fey, Poehler Respond to Swift's 'Hell' Comment

This Three Dimensional Chess I Wearing On My Nerves.

General Motors to open fourth US tech center, hire 1,000 people

Dallas Millionaire Upset Georgetown Didn't Name Gym after Him, Wants His $7.5 Mil Back

Big energy player expanding Charleston footprint

Psychic Must Pay State Fortune Teller Tax

Israelis Are Being Advised To Eat Their Way Out Of Upcoming Locust 'Plague'

Will Weatherford's dad says Medicaid helped family

Dark matter retains all its mystery

EU probes Germany's energy discounts for industry

Arkansas did it: Outlaws abortion after 12 weeks.

Is the U.S. to blame for Chavez?

Wanker of the Day: Roger Ailes

Rand Paul: I Don’t Think Obama Will Kill Americans

It is severe Weather Awareness Week...check out the wind map...

K & R If you want progressive gun control reform now...

Drummond coal spill whistleblower receives death threats (Ala.based coal company)

Drummond coal spill whistleblower receives death threats (Ala.based coal company)

The children going hungry in America

The Coup Against Hugo Chavez -- BBC, Greg Palast

Who else is watching the Current channel series...

7 Questions About Wild Horses for Interior Secretary Nominee Sally Jewell

Employees Of Republican Voter Registration Firm Charged With Fraud

Go away Jeb. We are tired of your blood thirsty family.

Interesting Interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Papantonio: Republicans Want To Gut Voting Rights Act

Republicans Disguise Their Economic Abuse of the American People as Debt Hysteria

Why food riots are likely to become the new normal

Why Are Conservatives Obsessed with Ayn Rand?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 7, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Musical Paris

Life is so unfair. So close, and yet, so far, far away.

Why Are We Still Talking About Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients?

Feminism and Sexual Objectification. The Sexy Lie video

House Republicans Run for the Hills After Bailing out on a Sequester Vote!

Murdoch group unveils Amplify tablet for US schools

350 Economists Warn the President & Congress: The Economy Needs Growth and Jobs, Not Austerity

"Bell, Book and Candle", a very underrated Kim Novak vehicle, is on at 9

'Dan the Snowman' Josie and I made today

Obama Nominee Blocked Again

If Raising The Minimum Wage Causes The Price Of Goods To Rise...

Durbin says Filibuster reform should be revived.

The Wikileaks Revelations: US Still Fighting “Threat” of Liberation Theology

Obama’s extending his hand to Rank and File Republicans?

Obama forgoes Knesset address, opts to speak before Israeli students instead

The Wikileaks Revelations: US Still Fighting “Threat” of Liberation Theology

I've got a problem at school.

Got "counseled" today at work

Lion kills person at California animal sanctuary (update Worker killed by lion was female intern)

House Republicans Nearly Unanimous

Fail news: Tulane fraternity steals every copy of school newspaper to cover up drug bust

Jobs to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection (NYT)

TEPCO considers dumping water from Fukushima nuclear plant into ocean

An Icon Is Laid To Rest

Democrats Protest Committee Vote With Rare Walkout, Decry Lack Of Bipartisanship

US stocks edge up following Dow's record day

Japan's 'long war' to shut down Fukushima nuclear plant

Who Knew?

Former GM executive tapped for Toyota board

Thanks for the run everyone. It's time to move on.

TSA changes prohibited items list on planes, allows sporting equipment

Wisconsin: GOP support for Walker education budget crumbling

Japanese pachinko parlors lure South Korean tourists after gambling ban

Article: Some Seniors display the class and morals of 1960s hippies

Hands on Wisconsin: Scott Walker, the oblivious Eagle Scout

Judge: City not responsible in teen’s deadly fall from plane

Pointed Drone Strike Cartoon...

Ravens donate motorcycles to New Orleans police

Amnesty International: Egypt betrays revolution with proposed draconian laws

Helium-burning binary stars give us a new tape measure for the Universe

Good Samaritan makes headlines with gifts of gold to tsunami-ruined city

Commercial Spaceflight Industry Drifts Back to Earth

"This viral video is right: We need to worry about wealth inequality"

First Annual Rethug Sequestrian Event

The science of politics


Frank Rich: Lipstick on an Elephant

How long before we are asked to bail out China's banks?

Thank goodness the Republicans are saving taxpayers money!

Sephardic Jews invited back to Spain after 500 years

Obama is promoting, not proposing, peace

"Billionaire Spreads His Money Far and Wide to Privatize Social Security"

White House Petition to Investigate Scott Walker

Toles Rant- Billionaires

What pisses you off most about Republicans?

Ex-congressman Joe Kennedy praises Hugo Chavez’s charity

Is Douglas Feith on TV tonight?

Has there ever, ever been a more lazier president than George W. Bush II?

Federal Judge: Public Library Cannot Censor Pagan Websites

Mystery drone near JFK airport: FBI seeks public's help in investigation

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 March 2013

Book says Roger Ailes called Obama 'lazy' and Biden 'dumb as an ashtray'

EU says Iran nuclear "procrastination" unacceptable

Easy Peasy sequester fix, ala Alan Grayson:

RIA Novosti: Chavez Death Could Be US Plot – Russian Communist Leader

Patsy Cline-yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of her death March 5, 1963-

2 Loud Crew? Bloomberg Targets NYC Teens Who Blast Music Through Their Ear Buds

The Towers at the following Texas Airports will be closed on April 7, 2013 due to sequester

Taylor Swift, Nonfeminist, Should Ease Up on Feminist Superstar Amy Poehler

Jim Nabors reached the Unreachable Star; He's married. This is great.