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TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 10, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Robert Mitchum & Deborah Kerr

Leaving for Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia first thing tomorrow!

PA Official: Settlers Destroy Over 100 Olive Trees In Nablus; Kill Sheep Near Ramallah

Do people still say "shindig" ?

Nicolas Maduro sworn in as acting president of Venezuela

happiest elephant in the world

My theory on why North Korea nuke tests have been low yield duds.

Two Civil War ship crewmen buried at Arlington

"How Corporations Score Big Profits By Limiting Access To Publicly Funded Academic Research"

Lawyer: James O’Keefe requested confidential settlement

A few from today after....

Feds targeting former Rep. Rivera

Can't believe it - we are going to see the Cowboy Junkies tomorrow night at a small venue!


Well Said!

How the US exported its 'dirty war' policy to Iraq – with fatal consequences

How the US exported its 'dirty war' policy to Iraq – with fatal consequences

Paul and Cruz get over it. The president as CiC can order military action on your precious

Little fingers are a BIG help with iPad.

(Federal Appeals) Court Limits Border Searches of Electronic Devices

LA Times editorial nails it on right wing extremism

Strangest baking odyssey?

Another Friday night...

"Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs"

How I feel about President Obama

Is Ask the Administrators meant to show up as a group in the 'favorite' profile section?

Wind energy bill clears Senate

Skinner and friends, I think it is a good move to dump meta for all the reasons you already know.

"Conservatives Are Now Flipping Out At John McCain And Lindsay Graham"

On International Womens Day, a tribute to Malala

From Crooks and Liars: Arrests Made At Philly School Closure Meeting

Slideshow: Barack Obama growing up in Hawaii

Central Valley conservative talk host on leave after drunk-and-disorderly arrest

Ed Shultz on ACORN and the O'Keefe settlement

Host of 'A Rifleman's Journal' is shot dead in apparent jealous rage

Fox & Friends Hosts Pretend Man Is Actually Thomas Jefferson (2:11)

First Meta and now Hasselbeck!!

"The Republican Party’s “Donorism” Problem" by Ross Douthat at the NY Times

I Could Pee On This

Kavindu "Kavi" Ade performing "IT" ... WOW ...

No more primaries

It is time to starve the beast!

Here's why medical pot isn't going away

MetLife to add 2,622 jobs in Cary and Charlotte

Husband kills gun show host after catching him with wife

Anacapa Island thrives after rat eradication

Just finished a terrific phone interview with the Rude Pundit...

MN auto dealers write law to bar Tesla from the state

4:50 of Ted Cruz's disrespectful (and McCarthy-esque) exchange with Eric Holder

Hilarious - Ted Cruz "the up and comer of the Tea Party movement" can't be President or VP

Remember 45rpm records?

Driver banned after filling up at gas station naked

Russian gymnast makes Guiness Book Of Records for world's strongest vagina

In Your Dreams~

How do I response to a white friend's tweet about colorblind hiring?

10 shocking secrets of flight attendants

Is the CHILD of an American Citizen automatically granted citizenship regardless of where

International Womens day!

New London cafe used to be large public toilet

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze & a new kitty gif


What are they serving in teh Lounge cafe tonight?

DOCUMENTED VOTER FRAUD!! (By 86-y/o dementia patient)

Beltway bubble insulated from reality of sequester

Hugo Chávez Funeral: Derided by US Media, Venezuelan Leader Uplifted Poor From Caracas to the Bronx

Quincy is licking his feet

They really are a piece of work . . . .

Congress viewed more favorably than Hugo Chavez, but barely

David Frum: Why You Shouldn't #StandWithRand

From Diane Ravitch BLOG the war on public education moves to Philly

How to eat a cupcake:

Friday Talking Points (248) -- I'd Love To Change The World

Settlers Dump Sewage On Palestinian Land

Dawkins vs the Rabbi

Jury rules in favor of Boy Scouts council in abuse case

I love Joy BEHAR, but do I really?!1

Sen. Dan Patrick (R) pushes school choice scholarships

Lincoln Chafee, Independent Rhode Island Governor, Considering Joining Democrats

Whole Foods GMO Labeling To Be Mandatory By 2018

Colorado school officials decline mediation in transgender restroom dispute

I found this documentary about wolves fascinating and touching

Surprise dinner party tomorrow evening

Troubled Scooter Store lays off staff after federal raid

Eric Holder thinks prosecutors in Aaron Swartz case did a great job

Bills filed to allow Arlington to join DART


Deion Sanders Erupts, Leaves Courtroom While Estranged Wife Testifies About Steroid Use

Tea Party Worried Obama May Direct Asteroids Directly At Their Bunkers

Villanova Junction Blues (2013)

Conservatives Revive Proposal for Term Limits

Scott Walker holds on to criminal defense fund as John Doe investigation ends with criminal convicti

The Israeli Obsession with Jonathan Pollard

Merry Icemas, everyone!

John Cornyn was against the Violence Against Women Act, before he faked being for it

Bill Gates favors nuclear power to help limit climate change

Should the Senate pass the Cruz, Paul drone bill?

Absolutely harrowing "dash cam" footage from a Syrian government tank, this is a city ripped apart.

Establishing connections and relationships with total strangers


A word from a member of the 1%…

Illusory stock market, Oh My!

A fond farewell to the Pope…

Michael Winship: Jack Lew, Citigroup and the Ugland Truth

Offutt-based plane 'crewed by an Omaha crowd' gets Hagel to Afghanistan

BP warns of rising costs from spill settlement

Can we stop calling it a "sequester" and call it what it really is...

Kansas Bill Would Ban Abortion Clinic Employees From ‘Bringing Cupcakes’ To Their Child’s School

Google cutting 1,200 more Motorola jobs

2014 US Senate Election

Wild Thing!

cool house in Holland

Kansas Bill Would Ban Abortion Clinic Employees From ‘Bringing Cupcakes’ To Their Child’s School

Poland aims to pave way for 2015 climate deal

Snowed in? This is better than a movie.

Bin Laden son-in-law could yield info on al-Qaida

Stocks gain for sixth day on strong jobs growth

women-the unsung heroes of the environment

women-the unsung heroes of the environment

Fiery funeral for Venezuela's Chavez

Bush’s Art teacher thinks he will go down in history as a great Painter...

today in women's herstory

So the rethugs "CHERISH" the White House so much,

Corporate Profits Set Records While Average People Suffer

a biography of the day-emily elizabeth parsons (civil war nurse-incredible story)

Rare photo of a cat tree in full bloom...

a biography of the day--catharine lorillard wolfe (art collector, first endowment to museum)

Happy International Women's Day!

Delta CEO criticizes move allowing small knives on airplanes

Hope and change!

Maher: It’s Crazy That Obama Had Dinner With GOP Just To ‘Educate Them’ On What He’s Actually Said

More evidence of violent tendencies in the Teahadist movement.

Alien love! Mormon or Scientology? What's hotter?

Do you ever wish your name was Yellowlees?

Separated at birth? (Originally seen on Real Time tonight)

Want a horse? Consider adopting from these guys: The Animali Farm

Elizabeth Warren Banks Get Wrist Slaps While Drug Dealers Get Jail

NRC releases docs on San Onofre design flaws

"Robin Hood: Men in Tights" coming right up on BBC America

School textbook defines ‘hippies’ as followers of rock stars who may have worshipped Satan

Could we lose on marriage equality by winning?

Bill Maher Praises Rand Paul, But Defends Drone Strikes: ‘Some People Do Need Killing’

No answers after foreclosure crew empties wrong building (updated 4/1/13)

The RNC wishes everyone a happy International Women's Day…

This time next week there will be a new Pope. And I'm sick with worry.

President Obama is pursuing what are arguably the most aggressive trade talks in a generation

Oakland's Quisling Quan shows she's still a worthless subhuman excuse for a "progressive."

25% of all homes in metro Phoenix are now owned by investors

J.C. Penney cuts an additional 2,200 workers

honouring women of the food movement on international women's day

Republicans don't want you to know...

honouring women of the food movement on international women's day

This little house and garden look like heaven

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Jeb Bush Sunday!!!)

Survey: Many conflicted on gov't spending cuts

Possible meth lab found on Texas Tech campus

I don't really believe there is such a thing as a Feral cat.

He's on his way back…

Comet Panstarrs should be visible for the next two weeks. Image

Suicide Bomb Hits As Hagel Visits Afghanistan

Kitteh Energy Technology of Tomorrow

Blocked Bids to Fill Judgeships Stir New Fight on Filibuster

Explosion outside Afghan defence ministry as US defence secretary visits country

North Korea pulls out from non-aggression agreements with South

Union-backed L.A. school board candidate beats one with huge donations from billionaire reformers.

Ode to the MQ-9 Reaper

Can we get our avatar to show up in our journals?

I forgot to click TOS on this

Fox News Hates On McCain and Graham For Paul's 13 Hours of Lame.

Sign Petition to Require Mandatory Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions

"Crushin' it" (Sofia)

Slideshow: Barack Obama growing up in Hawaii

Ted Nugent countdown clock.. Is there anyway we can keep this posted through April 16th?

As Sequester Pinches Pennies, Iraq Reconstruction Audit Reveals $60 BILLION In ‘Botched’ Efforts

2013 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

How bad could it have been if John McCain and Sarah Palin had been elected??

who is a looney tune ?

Now here's a concert!

Democrats face challenging Senate landscape

19-yr-old school girl gangraped in Auto, 7 year old raped in School, Call Center employe gang raped

Hobbs and Santa Fe likely to lose airport towers

I cried for you

James O'Keefe to pay $100K for ACORN sting video

Need to know- has there recently been an "outage" of DU service?

Outside politics: Senior Delta pilot retires after grasping dream

I had forgotten what it was like.

Match 9th is National Meatball Day

March 9th is Genealogy Day

Emotional Cristina Fernandez back in Argentina misses Chavez funeral ceremony

Sellers must tell buyers if meth was manufactured in vehicle

Hook 'Em Horns

SKoreans learn to live with NKorean war threats

How companies force ‘emotional labor’ on low-wage workers

Thousands of snow geese making a pit stop in the St. Louis area

3 disputed polygraph exams in wrongful conviction cases

Researchers may have found a Viking sunstone

Care workers going to be "forced" to have training, says Torygraph.

NAACP leader decries voter suppression laws

Chomsky: Corporations and the Richest Americans Viscerally Oppose Common Good

Why the Economic Boom That Fracking Promises Will Be a Bust For Most People (Hard Times, USA)

Church offers to pay $1 more to avoid $666 bill

Overcoming Woman-Hatred in Afghanistan: 3 Stories

Nine Men Who Took Their Wife's Last Name

36 Hours That Changed The Republican Party — Libertarians Believe Their Moment Has Finally Arrived

Kitten Adventures with Stormy the Cat:

2014 US Senate Election.

What do republicans want?

US Climate Bomb is Ticking: What the Gas Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Proof that President Obama has no intention of using drones against Americans

Wisconsin: A Leadership Gap, Not a Skills Gap

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier's plastic

Here's what I would have said to Hugo Chavez, had I seen him at the last

Jack Lew, Citigroup and the Ugland Truth

Richard Wolff: Austerity: Another "Policy Mistake" Again

David Sirota: An Unrepresentative Democracy

Dear President Obama

Yesterday I substitute-taught a journalism class.

Whole Foods GMO Labeling To Be Mandatory By 2018

"Border Security, including drones ..."

California Coastal Commission Rejects Navy Offshore Training

US Senate committee chairs for next session.

Neocons Escape Accountability

Military sexual-assault case triggers political furor

DoD urges ‘significant’ tuition assistance cuts

Let states legalise marijuana, Eric Holder: you know it makes sense

Dempsey "committed' to missile defense deal with Russia

Could you make a change...

The Paid Sick Leave Battle Widens in the States

Nine dead in suicide attack on defence ministry, intended to mar Chuck Hagel's visit

Snitch on underage drinkers, collect $250!

Army report stemming from Madigan complaints recommends overhaul of psychiatric programs

How to save billions while actually helping Americans

Do the people on MSNBC get paid by the Words Per Minute spoken on air...

How Washington Could Make College Tuition Free (Without Spending a Penny More on Education)

Stop Telling Women How to Not Get Raped

Our (Sheboygan, WI's) former mayor drunken arrest cam video...

Leon Panetta: Military 'looked the other way' in case of Jeremy Goulet, and Santa Cruz officers paid

Colorado gun bills: Senate gives nod to magazine ammo limit after six hour debate

Transfer of US prison to Afghans delayed again

Cheers to Colorado Democrats, who are showing what you DO with a MAJORITY!!

Paddy Ashdown urges Lib Dems to not let power be a 'blip'

What is a Wipeout Course?

Obama Administration Stonewalls Inquiry into Radioactive Weapon Use in Iraq

GPS shoes give dementia sufferers freedom

How Brazil Exploited Sexual Insecurity to Curb Guns: An Interview with Antonio Bandeira

Tales from Customer Service

Under Proposed Bill, Students Who Form Finger In Shape Of Gun Would Not Be Suspended

state's 'environmentally sound' assessment done by firms linked to transcanada, exxon, bp, kochs

Is my exception now null and void?

The sky this morning...

Suspension of Wash. state child who talked about toy Nerf guns overturned

People & Planet Green Business Award (Green America)

School authorities respond to armed 7 year-old…

Illinois - Lawmakers question schools as polling places (could lead to another Sandy Hook)

Would you spend more than $100,000 on a one night stand? Did we mention it's with a sex doll?

Wisconsin: Rightwing Radio Host Takes Break from Defending Roggensack to Tell Racist, Sexist Joke

House passes bill shielding shipbuilding from deep cuts

Good for him!

Wisconsin: Scott Walker's Austerity Agenda Is The Real Job Killer

Romo closes out Mexico's 5-2 WBC win over USA...

Lying Sacks of S*** of The Week: Any and Everyone Who Says Obama is Anti-Business

Musical/Comedy Tributes To Meta

The Drone Question Obama Hasn’t Answered

Afghanistan Blasts: 'Eight Kids Among Dead'

We Have Become An Ugly Country And A World Wide Joke Thanks To Republicans

Aleppo at War: Everyday Life in the Death Zone

I realize that you are the owners of the site.

(Dutch) Afghan police training mission to stop on July 1, cabinet agrees

Illinois state GOP leader may be ousted over his support for same-sex marriage

Egypt protesters target Suez Canal as football death sentences confirmed

I will most certainly give my daughter advice on how to remain safe.

Can you cultivate yogurt on the low setting of a slow cooker/crockpot?

Post a catchy sci-fi title.

Shit. Now I have to hang out here.

Tea Party Ex-Congressman Inks Deal For Radio Host Gig

He's got her back.

Obama’s Air Force No Longer Making Drone Strike Records Public

Saudi Arabia jails two prominent rights activists for 10 years

this is more for elad.

U.N. peacekeepers taken to Syrian-Jordan border for handover

House Dust Mite Study Shows Reverse Evolution Possible

I found this on Tumblr.

When we're gone and the next organized evolved sentient species looks back into the fossil record…

Beechcraft Protests Light Air Support Award; Kansas Lawmakers On Warpath

NRA's silence on UN arms treaty surprises gun control campaigners

Dresden, Nazi-Free: The New Politics of German Civil Disobedience

Good Morning!

Is there anything besides a point that can be moot?

Growing up, Li'l Applegrove tried to misbehave as often and as blatantly as possible.

All of Kali's ranch dogs MEAN well. They really do.

Cat grooming. It's not something that you really want to do yourself.

Now that is one well-tr... well-tra... oh, hell -- I might as well just say it -- well-trained dog.

MiddleFingerMom thought that HE was the only one who did this at wedding receptions.

It'd be almost impossible to provoke MFM to violence... but the warning sign would be plain to see.

Profiles in Courage

Conservatives and Liberals Perceptions

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 9, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 9, 1965

Scientists: Earth is warmer today than any time in the past 11,300 Years

Source to Fox: Ashley Judd moving forward with run for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat in Kentucky

What is the longest day that you have worked for a company?

I waited a couple of days. After that time, I

View of the econsystem immediately downstream from Gogebic Taconite’s proposed mine

Some Church Folk Ask: 'What Would Jesus Brew?'

Ahh... This video is like a breath of fresh air

Your Thoughts On How Sequester Plays Out?

As a strong supporter of President Obama

Ariz. Couple Sues Walmart Over Kids' Bath Photos

Sophia Investigates The Good News Club

What's to do at a rennaisance fair?

Maduro leans on Chavez's charisma for popularity

Heartbreaking.....I am Patient Zero in our New Economy

today in women's herstory

TIME Magazine: In China, Fundamentalist Christians Target Tibetans

Keeping an eye on the neo-fascists burrowing their way into a SUBCULTURE near you

White House Tours

FLVegan...(and others!)

Warning: " the surveillance state is effectively abolishing your right to be a critical thinker."

Syrian Rebels Say They Have Released Captured United Nations Peacekeepers

Sophia Investigates The Good News Club

Companies Challenge Labor Rulings

Did anyone here see Rebecca Mott's statement after IWD last year?

Do our leaders know that the deficit is NOT unsustainable?

Steubenville Big Red Football Players Stand Trial On Sex Charges


U.S. Trade Deficit with Korea Soars to Highest Point on Record under FTA

I don't really believe there is such a thing as too much ....

Award canceled, Egyptian activist acknowledges anti-Semitism

2014 US Senate Election.- Senators who have yet to make a decision whether or not to run again


Methodist bishop Minerva Carcano on front lines of immigration battle

Hurts real bad, America

2014 US Senate Election-DSCC candidates.

ABC News: Older, quieter than WikiLeaks, Cryptome perseveres

Graham not done with Benghazi!

Eddie Izzard on Atheism, Transgender, and “The Invisible Bloke Upstairs”

WHAT DRONES? Air Force Stops Reporting Drone Strikes in Afghanistan

TCM Schedule for Monday March 11- Star of the Month: Greer Garson

Award canceled, Egyptian activist acknowledges anti-Semitism

fighting voter suppression

10 Reasons Why Rand Paul Is A Terrible Person – Despite His Old-School Filibuster Antics

500th Post and Wanted to Say Thanks

Vatican goes high-tech to ensure conclave secrecy

I just had a tooth extracted today

Saturday, March 9th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

How bad does it have to get?

silly but fun keyboard tricks (Windows edition)

Mother Jones: How H-1B Visas are Screwing Tech Workers

Older, Quieter Than WikiLeaks, Cryptome Perseveres

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies – Does America Need A Hugo Chavez

Officer Who Fired Shot In New York High School Suspended

In Syria’s Rebel Strongholds, Foreign Aid Yields Anger

It's Mine...

As Security Crisis Deepens in Egypt After Verdict, Calls for a Military Coup

From Worker's Power on Hugo Chavez...


Venezuela To Announce Details, Possible Date, Of Election To Replace Hugo Chavez

New Poll Shows That Even Catholics Don’t Agree with Catholicism (in the USA, that is)

China Says It Won’t Forsake North Korea, Despite Support for U.N. Sanctions

Is there such a thing as Meta withdrawal?

Your afternoon smile a lot video

Armed guards in schools: what could possibly go wrong?

When progressive values clash: the problem of safety in ladies' rooms

How to walk your human

Computer science enrollments soared last year, rising 30%

Frank Rich: Lipstick on an Elephant

Thousands of Greeks protest planned gold mine

What's on your DVR?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 9th

Officer Who Fired Shot Suspended....In NY High School...(classes in session)...Talking Points Memo

This is why increasing the federal minimum wage is important.

Is the generation aged 13 to 18 going to be more leftist ?

thru the time warp: D.U. personal email entry from member caninus32 3/9/2342

How TNT Will Say Goodbye To J.R. Ewing **Possible Spoilers**


Okay, I'm about to make a printer decision... any advice for me?

Diplomats check reports of Nigeria hostages' deaths

Once again...time to play Name That 70's or 80's Song Lyric Game!!!

Colors in Ancient Egypt

Effort to preserve Shrub's Midland Home

Life before the Violence Against Women Act...

LMFAO! Rush Limbaugh: Obama is responsible for 89 million unemployed.

A Non-Combatant Terrorist? Holder Issues New Statement On Obama’s Right To Kill Citizens Without

About that "reaching out" thing...

Cutting Taxes and Increasing Spending are not Opposite Ideas (!)

I'm impressed

Marijuana’s Medicinal Value Vindicated Once Again, This Time For The Elderly

Nixon wished for total handgun ban

German public service workers win 5.6 pct pay hike - negotiators

@ the union meeting

question about Vermont politics

Dewdropped Web

Germany Drops Arrest Warrant for Sea Shepherd Founder

Now Mice Can Be Cloned From Other Mice Indefinitely

How Brazil Exploited Sexual Insecurity to Curb Guns

Sea Shepherd ship bravely blocks refueling of Japanese whale processing vessel

Savories by Lee!

Republicans Take Credit For Violence Against Women Act After Voting Against It

Di Fi thinks we are all crazy

MassResistance: LGBT-Rights Celebration Brought 'Spiritual Darkness' to Massachusetts State House

Well, THAT felt good!

Israel breaks up checkpoint wedding to challenge citizenship laws

Lawyer: Gun emails to Colo. lawmaker not threats

God Worried He Fucked Up His Children

Farah: Same-Sex Marriage is 'One of the Most Radical Ideas Considered Since Child Sacrifice'

Glenn Beck gets down on the ground with a dying, gurgling Lady Liberty

Blow bangs and cluster bombs: The cruelty of men and Americans

Free Grumpy Cat! Stop PTSD from SXSW.

NM Could Become First State With Pre-School Funding Constitutionally Guaranteed

Cats ROCK!!!

For Some, Owning Guns Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Liking Them

Gay Couples Could See Windfalls From (SCOTUS) Court Action

Just how sick can the anti-gay preachers get?

Routine HIV Testing, Public Health, and the USPSTF — An End to the Debate (New Eng Jour Med)

Roasted green chili's

Samsung Blames Microsoft For The Flat Memory Market

OECD Predicts $190 Oil In Seven Years

Microsoft Cuts OEM Costs as Windows 8 Adoption Falls Below Vista

Don't forget!

Need advice on stamping impermeable items

James O'Keefe: Right-Wing Smear Specialist To Pay $100K For His ACORN Crimes

A Drone Question

Hey Orrex, where did you learn how to park?

Straight or gay, the most important rule in public men's rooms never changes

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

And life goes on

American Workers Are Starting To See Their Wages Accelerate, For The First Time Since The Crisis

And It's Official: Still A Dumbass.

Pot worth $1 million found on beach near AFB

Justice Department urges Maryland court to uphold citizens’ right to film police

The Golden Dawn: the right wing of Greece bears eerie similarities to other right wing movements.

To DU Grammar Police: C'mon, you know it happens

PAUL: Who’s next on Obama’s drone hit list?

High school baseball coach sent players to "get the numbers of the cute girls".

Oklahoma woman hides loaded 5 shot revolver in her vagina

Sir Patrick Stewart calls on 1 million men to promise an end to violence against women.

If you had the ability to be correct about anything, what would you want to be correct about?

How a U.S. Citizen Came to Be in America’s Cross Hairs (NYT)

How many "good" bras do you have?

Host Of TV Gun Show ‘A Rifleman’s Journal’ Shot And Killed

Oh, just great. "Biopic" about Joe Paterno.

Las Vegas Hasn't Been About Gambling Since 1999

Obama to unleash inner funnyman at Gridiron dinner

Justice Department Urges Maryland Court to Uphold Citizens’ Right to Film Police

Help with a new business venture! Need recommendations on where to locate sex doll vending machines!

Venezuela, China vow deeper ties after Chavez death

What are you reading the week of March 10, 2013?

Breaking a rule to discuss my locked "Hunters are terrorists of animal world" post from yesterday!!!

Bee venom kills HIV!!!

Greg Palast: Download "The Assassination of Hugo Chavez" Free

Am I the only non-UK person who loves Prime Minister's Questions ?

Sen. Grassley's grandson introduces bill censoring voting from civics education

Grumpy Cat makes appearance at South By Southwest

Women @NASA -- Women who shoots rockets....

Molly Ivens - still making sense!

If someone is ignoring you and they get PPR'ed, do they drop off your "Ignoring You" list?

(France) Fathers to get 'bonuses' for paternity leave

I finally broke down and am trying Netflix on their free month's offer.

Stonehenge may have started as a giant graveyard for elite

How Elon Musk Hires: 'It Matters Whether Someone Has A Good Heart'

The 13 Dumbest Facebook Posts of 2012

Gun nut extremist groups on the rise

Sweden will not amend 'wife import' rules

I have a legal question:

Health Care Profiteering--WTF

Does anyone know of a free program that can convert a mkv file and burn it to a dvd?

Looking for advice for adolescent recently diagnosed

California Utilities Are Fighting Solar Progress

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only

Boatload of veggies

Wind Topped All New US Generation Capacity in 2012, Ahead of Gas and Coal

This is why the French invented the National Razor

Meanwhile, in Canada

Unemployment rate without Government cuts (GOP gift to Obama and the rest of us): 7.1% - WSJ

2014 IL US Senate Election.

Obama to nominate Thomas Perez as next labor secretary

North Korean television takes a look at american poverty

Bill Maher Asks Why Everything Is So Political These Days: We Can’t Even Agree On ‘What Is Reality’

Study: Bee Venom Kills HIV

ARGO v. Reality: Iran's then president wanted hostages free, Reagan campaing didn't

Homage or coincidence?

Chained CPI: An economic, moral disaster

Will the invasion of Iraq ever be investigated? It concerns me we have lost so many for nothing.

Fugitive Hedge Fund Manager Arrested In Italy

Liberals as censors?

Fresh Ideas: Let's not spread immigration myths

Poor pup's gonna get dizzy

Return of the Neanderthals

A Romney is considering running for Carl Levin's seat????

Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

Gays in California GOP see hopeful signs

Colorado Rambler here!


Joseph Kelner, 98, Dies; Led Kent State Lawsuit

No Bible for Brennan Swearing In

Gunmaker stops sales to cops in tough gun law states

Ashley Judd Senate Run: Actress, Activist Planning To Declare Candidacy, Sources Say

US man exonerated of murder after 13 years in prison wins civil rights lawsuit, $13.2M

Losing Access to Sisterhood: Tomboys, Masculinity, and the Unmaking of a Girl

California v. Texas in fight for the future

oops I accidentally set up two yearly recurring payments

One Percent View of the Poor or Working Class

Cooking & Baking has been CALLED OUT!

Black Hole: Photographs of Paint Flung by Centrifugal Force

Has anyone given you guys swedish fish yet since ATA reopened?


Judge: We can't rely on what Apple tells court in privacy suit U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal

Grand Rapids teachers say paycheck cuts qualify them for food stamps

Homeless Mother Jailed for Sending Son to Public School with Fake Address

Saddam's statue: the bitter regrets of Iraq's sledgehammer man


Ashley Judd has NOT yet decided if she will run or not - HP updated their article