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Archives: September 15, 2013

World's oldest man dies in NY at age 112

happy 19th birthday VAWA (violence against women act)

happy 19th birthday VAWA (and what a shame we need this)

Bullied 12-year-old girl kills herself

Australian Wild Pig Drinks 18 Beers, Gets in Fight with Cow

Monkeys Understand Basic Forms of Wealth

Belated RIP for Mandawuy Yunupingu from Yothu Yindi

Summers Suspends Citigroup Ties as Obama Weighs Fed Nominee

Can Obama be neo-Machiavellian?

The Middle Class is collapsing, and very few people in Washington Give a Damn.---Bernie Sanders

Where is this week's college football thread?

First new Arcade Fire single out - new album due Oct 29. This is quite a departure...

When you think about it, a red line in Syria is a regulation. Attacking is enforcement

The top ten Republican thinkers

Obama Super Ninja Chess Master! For the BOG~

"U.S. and Iran are edging toward direct talks "

So far, President Obama has Managed to Disarm Syria Without a Single Shot Being Fired.

Wrecking Ball version by The Gregory Brothers. Much better than Miley C.

Harper shows (again) why he's the squarest weenie in the country.

Yeah, whatever...

Anti-gay law shames Putin's Russia

How English sounds to non-English speakers

... Maher Thinks the NRA is ‘Just F*cking with Us’ Now

Scarefest, Lexington, Ky

Maple Kind, Yeah

Things dogs don’t worry about.

World's Smallest Horse Kidnapped In Central Italy

McCain baffles Russian communists promising to respond to Putin's op-ed in Pravda

ALEC and the Koch Brothers Show How Far They Are Willing to Go to Subvert Democracy

Russia Rewords Olympic Truce Amid Criticism Of Anti-Gay Law

Look at those anti--government protests in Poland

Don't know about anyone else, but I feel MUCH better

Warning: Gorilla On The Loose On I-75. Just Kidding!

Ella Fitzgerald - This girl in love with you

I'm part of the sinking middle class...

Heather Higginbottom named deputy secretary of state

Alleged criminals released from jail due to paperwork mishaps

Brazillian Businessman Has Stroke, Then Can't Stop Giving Away Money

"GOP "doves" exposed as total frauds"

Richard Dawkins speaks out on his child molestation comments.

Unarmed man shot by NC police after apparent wreck

Andy Williams & Claudine Longet - The Look of Love

NY Times: Administration Rejects Union Pleas on Health Law

China confirms new gas pipeline through Tajikistan

George Carlin: "We Like War!"

Isaac Hayes - Walk On By

Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer

FOR BOG There is an old story, "If you dine with

I Was Given a Letter from my Great Grandfather William, who Served in the Union Army in the

Syria opposition names new interim premier

Smith & Mighty - 'Anyone'

Good cop/bad cop scenario?

Man Filmed Self Having Sex With Horse And 2 Dogs: Police

Russia Rewords Olympic Truce Amid Criticism Of Anti-Gay Law

There are 12 Fed Reserve Districts, which I assume we all know. Each District is headed by who???

When are McCain and Graham getting married?

This Mom nails it while kindly telling her kid that we can't have it all. (Sat night funny)

Help identify the people in the 9/11 photo

"Everyone On The Ground... We Can Fly"

Documentary, The Cove, on Dolphins Killed in Japan, Taiji, 23,000 dolphins killed per year

At Least 4 People Dead, Another 350 Unaccounted For In Colorado Flood Disaster

Unarmed man shot by NC police after apparent wreck

Thelma Houston - Don't Make Me Over



Per 5th person found dead in Colorado

Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat

Japan PM's Fukushima Remark Backfires at Home

Anne Walsh - South American Getaway

Wow, I was in Lubbock, Texas the other day

It don't GITMO better than this: Molly Crabapple reports from Guantanamo bay.

Obama and Syria: Stumbling Toward Damascus

TEPCO Reveals 'Unintentional Error' in Radioactivity Measurements

Vote NO on 517--yet another product of Tim Eyman's lower intestine

Teachers experience a growing number of angry, abusive parents

Fall is just about here.

Curious: I was outside of Target in Tacoma today

Thanks Obama!

Maddow Deflates GOP ‘Man Crush’ on Putin: ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ TY Rachel!~

2 children found dead in Southern California hotel room after crash involving suicidal woman

Taps... And I'm outta here.

Japan to switch off nuclear power, may be some time before it's on again

Post the cheesiest songs you can think of: Tom Jones "She's A Lady". My cat is looking

Red Lobster ‘None (N-word)’ Customer Receiving Threats, Denies Writing Racial Slur

Coil - "The Death of Pasolini"

Oakland-1; Texas-0. Pittsburgh-2; Chicago Cubs-1. Five game losing streak

Some 8,000 march in Tokyo against restart of any nuclear power plants

Ditch nuclear power, Japan ex-PM Kan urges in Taiwan

Jon Stewart Dumbstruck by Bachmann Egypt Trip: ‘Please Be a Jimmy Kimmel Prank…’

Why does Sci-Fi on TV nowadays suck so badly?

Striking Visual: How FoxNews Creates Group Think

Syria Crisis: Russia, The Peacemonger

46 years ago today. A menu series from a crossing of the Atlantic aboard the SS United States. Day 2

Are Conservatives Really Going After Michelle Obama for Promoting Water?

Times Square Shooting: 2 Reported Shot By Police

If the public had not strongly opposed attacking Syria - how would things be different right now?

Floyd Mayweather whooped that ass!

I had to grab an extra blanket tonight..

Starting a thread for any other Coloradans affected by the floods.

Media isn't telling you the pro-fracking report they're pushing around was funded by gas industry

Jindal won't reappoint 2 levee officials who support lawsuit against oil companies

Louisiana, Baton Rouge governments apparently have more than enough money

President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force


Colorado floods leave hundreds unaccounted for

Who will Obama's strong supporters back for primary nomination?

Report Suggests Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Are Vulnerable to Computerization

11 questions to see if libertarians are hypocrites

How Millions in America Get Entrenched in Poverty

Horrible Things Can Happen When We Allow Private Companies to Collect Taxes

7 Totally Crazy Statements by Right-Wing Lunatics From This Week

Larry Summers is the Latest Sign That Fall Will Bring Joy to Fatcats, Pain to the Rest of Us

Summers Suspends Citigroup Ties While Considered for Fed

Facebook login screen #wtf

Facebook login screen #wtf

Tiny recon robots herald new generation of drones

Kitty haiku and successful diplomacy

Qaeda tells Syria fighters to shun secularists in sign of deeper rebel rift

Five years after Lehman, Americans still angry at Wall St. : Reuters/Ipsos poll

One, two, three, dizzle...

Renouncing the Right to Bear Drones

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Catnip Sprinkles Edition

'Follow the Money': NSA Spies on International Payments

It's Slothy Magic!

The U.S.-Russian Deal on Syria: A Victory for Assad

Juan Cole: the agreement deeply disappointed Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who wanted a US strike.

Paths of Hate

Slate's Fred Kapan: A Win-Win-Win for Everyone (Except the Syrians)

My experience with Universal health Care

Summers cancels Citi events, while Fed chief decision pending

Tri-City hockey crowds to be taped for U.S. security research

The "end game" memo from Larry Summers.

Alan Grayson is on Up with Steve Kornacki

7 years without a visit to the ER

America warming up to new hydropower

Senate stupidity stalls action on bipartisan energy-efficiency bill

WWII Vet, John Banvard, Marries Vietnam Vet, Gerard Nadeau, His Boyfriend Of 20 Years

WonkBlog: Why Wall Street CEOs Didn't Get Prosecuted

Amnesty International: Chemical weapons deal a great first step, but more needed.

COMEX Deliverable Gold Bullion Has Plunged By 78% in 2013 - Claims Per Ounce Highest On Record

Toon: Federal Budgetary Priorities

Your Venn Diagram guide to tech bro misogyny

Employment Down, Profits Up: The Aftermath of the Financial Crisis in 1 Graph

The Famous Feynman Lectures on Physics: The New Online Edition (in HTML5)

Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures

Companies Use IRS to Raise Bonuses With Earnings Goals

Fucking Ridiculous ANYWHERE: Really? A Missile-Base in Vermont

Keiser Report: Deja Fraud

(Colombian) National Farmers and Social Strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended

I wish fiction writers wouldn't write in the present tense.

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 15, 1963

5 Reasons Legalized Marijuana Might Be Bad for Pot Smokers

Syria hails US-Russia deal on chemical weapons

Legal Loophole Allows New Belt-Fed AR-15 That Sprays Bullets Like a Machine Gun

Admiral Nelson biopic sets sail in Hollywood

Throttled by Tourists: Death Prompts Venice to Ponder Limits

Mass protest in Cambodia against election results

Watching Mental Illness Take a Family Member

Securing Syria's Weapons May Require US Troops

Sleep-starved diplomats craft Syrian deal from near scratch; a policy change, a surprise plan

Firing at Man in Times Square, Police Wound Two Bystanders (NYT)

biden in iowa: up close to anti-war democrats

Debunking 6 myths about gun control

Do the Democrats Really Want to Bear the Blame for a Crash that Wall Street Will Cause?

Wall St. Exploits Ethanol Credits, and Prices Spike

A frack-a-day keeps sanity at bay. Please come CAPTION Fox guest Alex Epstein!!!

The USDA’s Reckless Plan to Decrease Food Safety

Congress to define journalism? Too late.

Fighting for our children

Stopping abortions.

The Red Pill

Stand up. Speak up.

Raw milk woo spreaders won't give up...

Monsanto ponies up and Big Ag pulls ahead in GMO labeling horse race

Who Spends Two-Thirds of Their Salary on Guns and War? The US Government, That's Who

Corbett's Medicaid Asshattery

My poor daughter in law! Criticized in Starbucks for "covering up too much" while breastfeeding!

If this story isn't true it should be.

MLK to JFK: 'I shudder to think what our nation has become . . .'

Make It Stop

Do the Democrats Really Want to Bear the Blame for a Crash that Wall Street Will Cause?

Young workers eager to learn what Obamacare can do for them

China welcomes US-Russia deal on Syria weapons

Bill Moyers: Triple Play: Sports, Politics & Greed

Hatsune Miku Live Party 2013 in Kansai

President Obama Rejects Criticism of Shifting Syria Policy: ‘I’m Less Concerned About Style Points’


To put things in proper perspective.

A blissful silence falls over the town

How would a 50% tax rate affect corporations and the wealthy??

How Obama Derangement Syndrome is unlike that of Bush

Twitter and tragedy: A revamped American religious experience

Spare a thought for our Mexican neighbors

Incredible Photos Prove That True Love Does Exist


Catholic Workers rely on grace, guts, luck in 80-year-old mission

Former Executive for Fruitcake Bakery Indicted

Vote count continues in Democratic primary for New York City mayor

American Elders React to Vocaloids! (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin / Len)

Syrian official declares 'victory,' thanks Russia

The Tree...

Check out Turkey's rainbow-colored public walkway, inspiring peaceful protests and smiles


Groups. I almost did it again.......

VA’s reputation for health care takes a thrashing

As awareness grows, more sailors report sex assault

Cop kills ex-football player who may have been looking for help

Fans of "The Wire", I met Marlo Stanfield today, real name Jamie Hector

President Obama charges Republicans want to 'accelerate' income inequality

Obama says Syria deal could offer lesson for Iran talks

Air Force insisted that H-bombs released over North Carolina were no danger to detonate. It lied.

Obama says Iran shouldn’t misinterpret U.S. response to Syria

Shy as a fox.

Opened up local paper today to find my squirrel photo published as "Your Best Shot"

The Movie That’s Too Gay For Russia

Heard on the internet, in relation to Miley Cyrus "unfollowing" her fiance Liam Hemsworth on Twitter

Anyone know a real telephone number to reach Verizon without the extensive menu?

Jonathan Ferrell: Police shoot North Carolina man who may have been running to them for help

Post the zanniest moments in a 60's movie.

Gift ideas for a crocheter?

Does anyone have a great understanding of the TAVT when it comes to leases?

Austin: Next Phase of Urban Rail Could Be Decided This Fall

Helping one another here, within DU, is GOOD. :)

Nobody like a RW shithead like David Frum to tell liberals about their "tribe--"

Mos Def - Umi Says

Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?

Thank you Skinner. Apologia for homophobic bigotry should not be tolerated.

"There were multiple people firing off various guns" CO Springs Last Night

Who's up for the new Thomas Pynchon novel, "Bleeding Edge"?

Nestle Food producers test for kangaroo and dog, conference told

Mos Def & Lovage - Bright As The Stranger on a Train

Costa Concordia salvage operation to go ahead Monday

Cantaloupe vs. al-Qaeda: What's More Dangerous?


Legal question regarding belt-fed guns.

Fourteen Oddball Reasons You’re Not Dead Yet.......

True friendship:

More dangerous "medical" woo...

Feast Of San Gennaro Holds Grand Procession

Colorado DUers please check in and tell us if you and yours are OK

Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?

Canadian Muslims protest Montreal ban on religious garb

The Christian 'No' to War

Sidelined France still determined to go after Assad

to those giving Obama full credit for disarming Syria without violence, I would remind you...

How do you post a pic from an iPhone to DU?

Houston Greets Paula Deen With Cheers at First Public Appearance (& 10 minute standing ovation!)

India tests nuclear-capable missile

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 9/15/13 - No upsets this week

Colorado flooding: Evacuations, broken oil pipeline in Weld County

Weather: “More Rain For Northern Colorado"

Oh dear, I hope she campaigns this time.

The Price of Proxies: US Already Knee-Deep in Syria

Educate any good non-english(foreign) song or tune.

World's oldest man dies at 112 in upstate New York

What sort of person does this?

NFL wants to curtail profanity

Rogue State

Social commentary on our food and culture = new Chipotle ad

Building Blocs, Not Lofts-How a young politician built a coalition to defeat Vito Lopez

Minnesotans are Kinda Funny, Doncha Know.

So - I'm in a Christmas choir that starts practice next week

Psychology of a fanboy: Why you keep buying the same stuff

People are hurting out there

what's for dinner - sunday, sept. 15

Today I'm smoking pipe tobacco and a pork shoulder on my back porch

Neil Young banned from Canadian radio station over Hiroshima remark (Rock 97.9)

S17 2nd Anniversary Robin Hood March United Nations NYC

The Femen scandal shows how muddled we are about men and feminism

5 years after financial crash, many losers — and some big winners

Mother Accused in Children's Deaths is ID'd

Insurers limiting doctors, hospitals in health insurance market

[California] Insurers limiting doctors, hospitals in health insurance market

A topical clip from Hard Candy

There needs to be sanctions against America..

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

50,000 Public Sector Jobs (Mainly in Public Schools) Eliminated in PA Since Corbett Took Office

Taxpayers’ Lament: Government will pay windmill owners to “not” produce energy

Robert Parry: Do Syrian Rebels Have Sarin?

Are Unpaid Internships Bad?

Barney Frank Leaves Wall Street Defenders Speechless: Why Are Bankers ‘Paying Themselves So Much

Defending the Public From Greed: FDR's classic 1932 campaign speech

Why America owes an apology to the Mafia

Charlotte police kill unarmed man who may have been running to them for help

Wave Of Bombings Kills 53 In South And Central Iraq

‘Net neutrality’ debate may decide future of Netflix

100 Years Ago, the coal miners went on strike, and it changed the world

Aqua Subway Tiles? Property Bros. renovation style seems bland.

Bob Woodward: GOP Using ‘Extortion, Blackmail’

Former NSA and CIA director says terrorists love using Gmail

Greeks protest against Golden Dawn attack on Communists

I can't decide if I'm more pissed off at Obama for ...

Not All Like That (Dan Savage, NALT video)

CNN Host Grills GOP Lawmaker: ‘Who Cares’ If Russia Gets An Edge In Syria Deal?

Not All Like That (Dan Savage, NALT video)

France urges early U.N. vote on tough Syria resolution

Think about this when you see someone here calling another a pedophile or rapist apologist or

Report: Syria Transported Chemical Weapons To Iraq

where's willie,waylon and the boys?

Conservative group launches campaign to 'fire Boehner' over Benghazi response

Free Kindle book on 50th anniversary of Birmingham church bombing

We're Sorry Our Burritos Gave You Explosive Diahrrea, Have Some Free Burritos!

Diane Ravitch: School privatization is a hoax, “reformers” aim to destroy public schools

Former TARP Watchdog: ‘We’re Headed Toward Another Financial Crisis’

Watch The Beautiful Thai Commerical That’s Making The Whole World Cry

I hate Michael Madsen..but love every movie he has ever stared in...

Colorado’s Flooding Becomes A 1,000 Year Event As Rescuers Search For 500 Missing People

Syria: Nearly Half Rebel Fighters Are Jihadists Or Hardline Islamists, Says IHS Jane's Report

The Will To Survive

GOP split over healthcare law boosts threat of government shutdown (LA Times)


German Press Council to Munich paper: Wrong to publish 'discriminatory' cartoon

DC Mayor Vince Gray vetoes council-approved living wage bill, hands Walmart huge victory

No other words

Advice to a Republican awaiting his prison term.

Dumb Criminals: Indiana Man Looking For Dog Steals Bacon And Burns Neighbor's Flag

Emory University Hospital is cutting 100 jobs and blaming it on Obamacare.

How 'bout them Kansas City Kastoffs?

UN resolution on Syria could be voted by end of week

I wish we were hearing more about Janet Yellin for prospective Fed chair

Only in Japan..(Riding the Train)

Summers Withdraws Name for Fed Chairmanship

On the trail of Luis Buñuel

2 and 0---I think I'm going to faint.

New Texas law gives fines for private drone use. Allows police to use drones without warrants

Jewish chicken-slaughtering operations ordered to shut down

Summers Withdraws Name for Fed Chairmanship

An abrupt end of the road (Colorado)

If you want to send help to Colorado:

This has been a banner week--First Syria, then Summers.....

I guess that everyone can stop complaining about Larry Summers now...

Cantaloupe vs. al-Qaeda: What's More Dangerous???...

Climate change is real

RNC Statement Commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. Wondering if they will change it later

Flood crisis coverage -- Doing the right thing ---

Public Banking for Wales, Ireland and Scotland: Promise and Possibilities

The Magna Carta was about increasing the barons‘ priviledge

I think Sen Warren should replace Summers for Fed Reserve appointment.chair.

The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

This horse was rescued...

Michael Lewis: Next Big One on the Way

Anyone installed their own flooring?

How Much Sodium Should we Have Each Day?

The appeal of boxing.

Summers and Syria. Good.

Bad nominee withdraws. Obvious defeat for everyone who thought he was a bad nominee.

Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor’s Legal Fees

Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life

Bob Woodward: Republicans using ‘extortion and blackmail’ in Obamacare fight

Japanese Cat Weight Lifting and other

Under Pope Francis, liberation theology comes of age

Kerry Tells Israel That Syria Accord Is No Prelude To Iran Deal

The Court of Last Resort (cartoon)

Obama Says He And Iran's Rowhani Have Exchanged Letters

Buck Up, America! We Must Have More War!

Lawmakers Debate Whether US Outfoxed On Syria; Obama Says ‘Foundation’ Set For War Settlement

Obama should pick Stanley Fisher for Fed Chairman

Capitalism Failed; Cronyism and Corruption Rule

Hostile work environment?

Interview with Bill Cosby on CNN right now

Best and worst transfers of the summer?

Errors plague school testing: AJC Investigation

A beautiful "new" lake in the Garden of the Gods...

Pssssssssssssst! Japan shuts down last nuclear reactor

Orlando CBS affiliate apologises for airing Jags football game

NRA, Fearing Gun Registry, Joins ACLU in Opposing NSA Phone Records Sweep...

Emails: Raleigh Leaders Plotted To Criminalize Feeding Poor

On this Date in History: Sept. 15, 2008

WA State Legislators can't get a speeding ticket

Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED!

Black Man gets in a serious car accident---seeks help--- get's shot and killed by a Police officer.

Ok. I saw most of Weeds, but I haven't seen a single episode of Breaking Bad.

Who was responsible for the JFK conspiracy theories?

Who was responsible for the JFK conspiracy theories?

It is time for women to stop playing softball

If not for pants on fire speculation---Summers would have been nominated.

Isn't today the second anniversary of the Occupy Movement?

Astronomy Picture of the Day : 2013 September 15: M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula

"There was no doubt in my mind where the shot came from..."

UN Report on Syria to Be Released Monday

It's great to see President Obama responding to our activism and advocacy

Eli Lilly files $500M NAFTA suit against Canada over drug patents

African American Day Parade Celebrates Pride, Culture In Harlem

Obama on the American Economy: 'This Week' Exclusive Interview (Part 2)

Until we loose the “I got Mine” mentality

Translated into Truth: On Summers Withdrawing Name (Ritholtz)

Obama on Syrian Chemical Weapons: 'This Week' Exclusive Interview (Part 1)

Alas, poor Larry! I knew him Barack;

Post here if you predicted Larry Summers would withdraw

25 miles per hour is just a suggestion:

Freepers: Obama should be hanged/beheaded:

Henry Mancini - Lujon

The Willcox Playa actually has water! **edited**

Re: [Cryptography] Opening Discussion: Speculation on "BULLRUN"

The NSA Files (The Guardian) very helpful to dispel the label of "conspiracy theory"

We need to cut off old, rotten deck joists flush to the side of the house. How?

Found a trail of money in the house this morning.

Indiana: Valuable GOP list becomes public document

For the first time in his life, TexasTowelie is EXCITED about getting up and going to work on Monday

Dr CaliforniaPeggy Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the F-Bomb

The Three Levels of Dog Humiliation:

Sigmund was much, MUCH lonelier than anyone ever imagined.

On MiddleFingerMom's bucket list: Learn How to Swim

MiddleFingerMom keeps running FACE-FIRST into the fact that life just isn't fair.

Spanish Judge Tells Divorcing Couple To Literally Divide Their House In Half

Obama Calls GOP Debt Ceiling Demands an Assault on US 'Constitutional Structure'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 September 2013