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Catch 22 SNAP SNAFU Demanding Work/Training With No Funding

Climate change: IPCC issues stark warning over global warming

Venezuela seizes toilet paper factory to avoid shortage

NATO: 3 US Troops Killed in Afghan Insider Attack

Is This a Hospital or a Hotel?

Pre Internet DU'ers. When research was not a Google search. Those Blue bound indexes were called?

Typhoon lashes Philippines, Taiwan, heads for Hong Kong

The Congo Mines That Supply 'Conflict Minerals' For The World's Gadgets

Is Your Congressman One Of The 13 Who Get Federal Farm Subsidies But Voted To Cut Food Stamps?

Comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable, is the purpose of journalism.

For those wishing to monitor Typhoon Usagi, I was given this link

Republican Congressman Tells Hungry Kids, 'If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.'

Why is the Democratic party sitting on their hands when it comes to ACA messaging?

The House Republicans’ Ghoulish Defunding Rally

Usagi takes aim at Hong Kong

Md.'s job base returns to pre-recession levels

Three Videos To Remind You (as they cut food stamps, deny healthcare, default on the debt)

Reminder: Koch Brothers Exposed Full Movie

Journalism Groups Decry Ruling Against Reporter

Doctor Housing Bubble 09/21/13

Attempt to export nearly-extinct pygmy sloths sets off international incident in Panama

It's Your Fault

These are not the journalists you're looking for.

What does the US have against Chemical Weapons anyway?

Sarpy Outlook TV - Episode 9 (Affordable Care Act)

Toeing the line vs. principled voting: Would you like to jump or take the elevator?

I lived to See the Day when the Pope and the President of Iran are more doctrinally Flexible than th

I love my Canadian neighbors

Michael Savage mocks Hannity as a "wall-banger" who could advertise Tums

so I ran into my VP while leaving Lowe's yesterday

ever have an elevator refuse to stop at your floor?


Song for the night: 10,000 Maniacs - Hateful Hate

Guardian: Campaigners protest against United Nations stance on prostitution

Faith-based alternative to Boy Scouts emerging

France to Tax EDF Nuclear Output for Energy Shift to Renewables

ESPN announcer Dick Vitale calls Texans RB Foster a prostitute then later says sorry

Five at Irving Nimitz High School Test Positive for Tuberculosis Exposure

Republicans Propose Legislation That Would Allow Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples

6 arraigned in Hempstead courtroom brawl

Paula Deen Thanks Dallas Supporters

Raquel Welch at 73...

"House leadership becomes followership: Dana Milbank"

Rep. Peter King: Small Group of GOP Senators ‘Holding The Entire Congress Hostage’ - video link

CNN’s John Avlon on Heated Obamacare Panel: GOP Trying to 'Extort the President' - video link

Ti Amo! Members of Italian Gov't Stage 'Kiss-In' Against Anti-Gay Laws

Obama urges people to push stalled gun legislation

China's ousted politician Bo Xilai gets life in jail

For The BOG~The Road We've Traveled

Cummings (D) Blasts Issa (R) For Breaking Own Rules On Trip To Libya

How Would America Look If GOP Got Its Way On Everything?

The Honey Launderers: Uncovering the Largest Food Fraud in U.S. History

open letter to the other beings of the inhabited universe: I have some questions for you:

Assad and the Death of the International Criminal Court

dam...a television news source actually reporting the news!

Stephen King slams Twilight franchise as 'tweenage porn'

Conservative Lawmaker Defies Open-Records Law to Keep ALEC Dealings Secret

Why suicide rate among veterans may be more than 22 a day

Pouring rain here in NYC.

When It Rains It Pours Now - Lately It Seems Like Super Torrential Rain Is The Norm

AP Raw Video: George Takei Leads Chicken Dance

Updated with WaPo report.. Pics: The President and First Lady at the CBC Phoenix Awards..

You Can Lead A Republican To Facts But You Can’t Make Him Think; New Research Confirms It

Obama Blasts GOP Government Shutdown Plot: 'Stop Governing By Crisis'

I think some of the violent extremism among young men has an economic factor.

Two teens attack one's mom, plan to eat her liver after pill binge, deputy says

Is anyone else paying attention to the German Elections?

The Crisis at Fukushima 4 Demands a Global Take-Over (petition Ban Ki-Moon and Obama for UN action)

Wondering how Lady Freedom Returns

Pick one.

Old Bush ll gem regarding tribal sovereignty

Hardliners hold back as Iran waits for Rouhani and Obama to make history


"Quartet" starring Maggie Smith

Pres Obama's Weekly Address: Congress Must Act Now to Pass a Budget and Raise the Debt Ceiling

WH: West Wing Week 9/20/13 or, ''Every Moment of Every Day''

Questions about visiting South Korea

Can they tape "My Cat From Hell" at my place?

A request to clarify Late Breaking News about individual states

Dueling Rec threads, or DU Fight Club in a nutshell

As we bitch about what the NSA or FBI should or should not do; realize they simply follow orders.

C-SPAN Callers Hate Republican Congress

The Senate Is Busy Creating a Privileged 1st Amendment Club for 'Official' Journalists

the New York Times op-ed page—is given to those who flatter the powerfu

Meet the two Democrats who voted to defund Obamacare both conservative democrats

$270 million worth of cocaine found on Air France flight

Obama's approval rating with liberal dems is still over 80%

Ooooooh Yeah!

Radioactive Japan - Shinzo Abe Says "Japanese Ag Products Are Popular in the World Among the Wealthy

Maybe I should get a pet. Any ideas?...

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday 22 Sep 2013)

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Good Doggy. Bad Babysitter.

Tesla Patents Next-Gen Electric Car Battery that Gets 400 Miles on a Single Charge

Beating Swords Into Solar Panels: Re-Purposing America's War Machine

"I Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists".. Mike Luckovich..

Is the Pope Catholic?

What's for Dinner ~Sunday ~ September 22nd

Fresh gunfire from Kenya mall on Sunday morning

Apparently they DO have a sense of humor in Arizona...

Stretching your Jackson ain't what it used to be...

Syrian opposition tells U.N. willing to attend Geneva conference

Sri Lanka's Tamil party sweeps polls, urges trust with government

IOS7 sucks

American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world intervene ?

Ginger Soup, it's good for what ails ya...

'Rotating moon' filmed by Nasa - video

Death toll in Kenyan mall terrorism attack now 59, siege continues, hostages held

More than 60 killed in Iraq funeral bombing

Dozens killed in Pakistan suicide blast

Rescuers dig in mud, rain for dead in Mexico slide

Usagi may be "30 year storm" for Hong Kong

"Israel is my country and I am proud of it"

Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria under Chapter 7

Get a load of the B.S. a GOP follower tried to tell me about "Obamacare"

One of the President of Kenya's nephews was killed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Snack Machine Edition

59 dead in Kenya Mall, 70+ dead in Iraq bombing. Now 60+ dead in Pakistan church

7 Vile and Ridiculous Moments From the Country's Right-Wing Fringe This Week

Myth busted

6 Shocking Revelations About How Private Prisons Make Their Money

10 Farm Subsidy Recipients Who Voted to Cut Food Stamps

This is hard to talk about: The violence being perpetrated in the name of Islam

Are you old enough to remember when Keynesian economics dominated both parties, unions were powerful

Pope attacks global economics for worshipping 'god of money'

Wisconsin: A man and his chicken - Cluck or Duck at the Appleton Farmer's Market

McCain gets dissed by a baseball player. Snort.

Hacker Busters: An idea for a start up.

11-year-old Boy Donates Savings to Police Department

LinkedIn Customers Allege Company Hacked E-Mail Addresses

Navy rape case, sexual harrassment by council and very few care

"Hiccup girl" found guilty of murder

Tinnitus has been causing a myriad of problems for many centuries.

Bullied Girl, Whose Brother Wrote Viral Letter to Santa, Surprised by Favorite Band

Re-assigned 15 times, 3 leaves of absence caught by police with 15 yo

Scrabble Lovers

The House GOP’s 5 Ways To Get By With Less Food

Weaponized Profits: The US Health Care System

Coatesville School District in crisis after barrage of racist and obscene texts by administrators.

An Open Challenge: I Will Gladly Knock Alex Jones The F*&K Out!

At least 56 killed and more than 100 injured in attack on Christian church in Pakistan.

Pavlov's pug

Three Britons among Kenya shopping mall attack dead

7 Vile and Ridiculous Moments From the Country's Right-Wing Fringe This Week

The Poetry of the 1% (cartoon)

Does Anybody Know How Much $$$ The GOP Has Wasted...

How Much Longer Do We Need To Treat The GOP In A Civil Manner?

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students: BE AWESOME!

Tough love, brutal compassion, fatal concern. . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Charles Payne!!

“Best pope ever”: Still pretty awful!

The GOP’s 'Hunger Games' Vision of America

Profits ahead of people

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 22, 1966

Police: Drug Overdoses Shut Down Quassy Amusement Park Concert

Breaking the taboo of gay footballers (UK)

Professor Richard Wolff: Debating Capitalism - Redefining Outdated Terms

Was Judith Miller of the NYT a journalist?

Clouds in my Coffee

Quiet Heroes: Evelyn Lowery

Go Falcons !!

There is hope in this world yet. It's the anti-graywarrior!!!

Tobin learned that if you drink 4 oz of water for every 12 oz of beer, you'll NEVER be hungover.

Not EVERYBODY hates seeing them show up.

What do Fox News and irreponsible condiments have in common?

How do you spot a gay redneck who has impeccable taste in men?

Just for the record, MiddlefingerMom only did this 2 or 3 times... ... ... ... okay, 27.

The Part Of The State In Colorado Effected By Floods Mostly GOP Some Want Secession.

(x-posted from The Lounge) What do Fox News and irreponsible condiments have in common?

Atheist organization launches Ireland's first ever school course on atheism

Quebec’s war on religion

Catholic Truthiness

NRA's LaPierre calls for more armed personnel after Navy Yard shooting

The GOP is afraid Obama care will work just fine.

Are you ready for another

Twain: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”

As the middle class shrinks, companies move on.

Thanks To Gov. Corbett Philly Schools Open Overcrowded and Understaffed

Be very worried about what is goin on at Sinclair broasdcasting.

Hell on Wheels, who's watching?....

A cheap meal that lasts me for a few days

Rove just called out Ted Cruz saying he lied about a Wall St Journal poll.

Pope attacks global economics for worshipping 'god of money'

The classic inconsistency of republicans

Republicans Invoke the Soviet Constitution to Justify Food Stamp Cuts

Horrible: Ghanaian writer, dissident, and diplomat Kofi Awoonor among the dead in Nairobi

Tony Auth: Republicans and Obamacare

Luckovich: Makers vs. Takers

Typhoon veers from Hong Kong, hits southern China

Killers roam free in Nepal

Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane

Woman killed by hit and run driver in Forest Hills

Must have been four "men" on the jury

Meet the Billionaires that want taxpayers to pay for their new Roman Colosseums

Aha – That’s Why They Were So Desperate to Get Us Into Syria

If light skin is so desirable, why do white people get tans?

So, now Ted Cruz, R-Woo, will hold the military hostage.

Joe Phillips vs. The Hawkeye Initiative

Fate of 5 US sailors 'undetermined' as chopper ditches

"Finally, a real news station!" . . . Please come CAPTION Howard Kurtz!!

Never shave. Ever.

City Takes Precautionary Security Measures Following Kenya Mall Attack

Budget bills cannot be filibustered?

A lobotomy-a-day keeps those pesky thoughts away. Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!

How to properly celebrate Columbus Day

ya drop and ice-cube on the floor....

Pope attacks global economics for worshipping 'god of money'

Professor Richard Wolff: Debating Capitalism - Redefining Outdated Terms

Catholic Truthiness

Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh are advising the House on tactics of government shutdown?

Surprise, surprise: Topless feminist group actually run by a bro who loves hot women

12:16pm 9/22/2013, 260-79.

Did anyone else watch the Charlie Rose interview w/Ehud Barak? He urged Obama to bomb Iran without

Police can't stop man armed with shotgun & side arms from walking by elementary schools

Stand up and walk out.


Got in late to Phoenix, but...

Ending One War, Ending All Wars --Remarks at the Nashville Festival for Peace 9/21

Steuben Parade Draws Global Crowd For Celebrating German-American Pride

Now, This is what I call a Rock House ...

Got in late to Phoenix, BUT

Part-Timers Losing Health Insurance May Want To Thank Their Companies

WHOEVER PM'D ME, PM me again, please. I accidentally dismissed it. n/t

Don't be alarmed, but a ventriloquist is roaming the halls.

Controversy surrounds Mitt Romney's newest grandson's name

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 9/22/13 - Walloping Week - Virtually no changes

Citing shootings, Obama says must 'go back at' gun-control push

Clinton mulls idea of White House run, aware of 'challenges'

Parenting, 1953.

Interesting Guardian Piece on the Man Behind the Nairobi Mall Attack

Happy Equinox!

Germany has voted.

Dear Chuck:

'Major' assault ongoing to end Kenya mall siege: government

Supreme Court may strike new blow to campaign funding laws (LA Times)

Bizarre nightmare or 11-dimensional chess re: PPACA/Obamacare

Russian offers troops to help remove Syria chemical arms

Are we there yet?

How to pet your Cat

Public Education

Dog Shaming, Part 9

NRA's LaPierre calls for more armed personnel after Navy Yard shooting

Strange New State of Consciousness Could Exist, Researcher Says

Man's penis amputated after he abuses erection drug

What we did this summer...

How many "good guys with a gun" does it take to take out one "bad guy with a gun"?

PC Gamer: Three big Valve announcements coming next week, probably a Linux-based Steam Box

5 missing after U.S. Navy helicopter crashes in the Red Sea

Silly (and Serious) Science: The 10 Ig Nobel Prize Winners of 2013

Death toll in Kenya rises to 68, 'Major' assault ongoing to end mall siege

Remember all those sub prime lender guys? Here is where they are NOW

Can you figure out these movie titles?

"Imperial Pumpkin"

snap to it!

Hmmm... I'm 'Distoibed': New NPR CEO is RW Think Tank Guy w. Mucho Ties to ...

Ok I just came of the phone and I was speaking to a sibling

These women have changed the world with science...Too bad a man was given all the credit...

Legislature to Moreland panel: We’ve disclosed already, thanks

Damn it!!

Wayne LaPierre tells VA Tech Victim, Colin Goddard, that his idea is what's wrong with DC

Italians Stage Kiss-In For Stronger LGBT Law

LSD because It's that kind of day.

Terrorists shot anyone who could not recite an Islamic prayer in the mall attack

Social Security has ZERO to do with the Deficit.

Did you know this????

No smoking beyond this point.

LSDS because it's that kind of day.

Gassing Americans?

So, my daughter's school has a Zero Tolerance policy for PDA's

A little Bo Diddley.

Toon: House Republicans should be treated under Obamacare...

Person With Ability To Exercise Religious Freedom Rights, Federal Court Says

"Gas missiles 'were not sold to Syria'"

Rendell is floating a mayoral trial balloon...

The Winter Olympics will be here soon.

Eddy Rendell is floating a mayoral trial balloon here in Philly...

Norman Mailer quote

Bill Kristol just said the House isn't in disarray because they passed a budget bill before Senate

Howard Walker, Michigan State Senator, Tells Radio Host, 'Screw You' At Women's Luncheon (VIDEO)

Waging Peace Against the Shadow War

C-SPAN Call-ins Blame Corporate America For Shutdown

Time for a break. It's hard to focus when the keys keep moving.

I think this is so true.

Browns still dealing; Tackle Joe Thomas feels, "no one on team is safe"

Chris Van Hollen Reminds Republicans Their Budget Includes Savings From Obamacare

Pope attacks global economy for worshipping 'god of money'

I give you...

10 Things to Know About Somali Militants Al-Shabab

Yankees honor Mariano Rivera in pregame ceremony

Aha – That’s Why They Were So Desperate to Get Us Into Syria

The spark that travels the world (Romania edition)

American Bile

Stick a fork in the Giants and possibly Tom Coughlin.

Local politician requires penis amputation after ‘enthusiastic’ Viagra overdose

Italian lawmakers hold same-sex ‘kiss-in’ to protest anti-LGBT discrimination

Just heard three of the Kenyan attackers were from the US

The GOP's existential threat: Texas Democrats fired up and organizing on a level like never before

CNN (TV): Nairobi terrorists include US, Canada, UK, Finland citizens

Foundation renamed for all three Clintons


Ted Cruz Unveils Brilliant Plan To Fight Obamacare By 'Shutting Down The Military'

Believe It! Resistance to Corporate Power and Warmongering Is Growing All Around Us

The Media's Complicity in Cutting Social Security and Medicare (CBO's Latest Projections Ignored)

Altogether now, Shall we pray?

No War for Al Qaeda!

I'm sick, the Packers are 1 - 2 lost to the bengals today....

Sarah Palin Self Destructs and Calls Fox News Gutless


Suicide Attack at Church in Pakistan Kills Dozens

850 SNAKES found in home of animal control officer accused of illegally selling them

Hugh Jackman draws crowds to restored Iowa Falls theater

Hillary in Midair

Goodbye summer.

I love it. Rove and Cruz throwing mud at each other.

Anyone remember Walter Winchell?

Mass Shooting of the day: Muskegon Elks Club, 3 dead 5 wounded

To celebrate autumn, my favorite season

In reprisal for a Sunni attack on a Shia funeral that killed 75, Shia attack Sunni funeral

Stephen Wade uncovers 'The Beautiful Music All Around Us' (CS Monitor)

North Dallas Forty: A Great Football movie

A biography on Pete Gent: the man who wrote North Dallas Forty

Kenyan forces say they rescued 'most' hostages

Church ‘runs out of people’ after 166 years and closes for good

Starbucks' Wifi Is Apparently More Secure Than The Pentagon's

'Performing In My Stolen Home': An Open Letter To Ehud Banai

ASK A SLAVE Ep 2: Abolitioning

Rock In Rio Live

Less than 20% of Americans regularly attend church — half of what the pollsters report.

First day of fall

Ted Cruz, accused of using Obamacare fight to run for president, prods House GOP to stand firm

PHOTOS: 'Price Tag' Vandals Hit East Jerusalem Neighborhood

So, my daughter's school has a Zero Tolerance policy for PDA's - xpost LGBT


What's for #dinner thread...

Atheism starts its megachurch: Is it a religion now?

recent visit

Opinions on a "Flash player" for an iPhone 4?

EU Calls For Explanations From Israel Over Diplomat Scuffle; Israel Considers Banishing French...

You will Never be this Cool -

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act Now to Pass a Budget and Raise the Debt Ceiling

Hawaii Mormons concede gay marriage debate by pushing for religious exemptions.

Israeli soldier killed in West Bank shooting

Blown away

UNESCO chief condemns killing of Colombia journalist

A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

Mortar fired at Russian embassy in Damascus

Merkel Triumphs In German Vote But Allies Crushed

Extradited paramilitary ex-commander charged with 4 counts in Colombia

I flipped over to FoxNews at the end of the Navy Yard memorial...

Libyan Leader Says Conditions Not Favorable For Successful Benghazi Probe Into US Deaths

Swiss voters endorse army conscription

Glitch delays space station supply ship

Readout of the President’s Call with President Kenyatta of Kenya

Venezuela's president in China, signs agreements

Trolling is bad for the Dem brand -- Official resigns over offensive tweet

Minuteman III Test Launch From VAFB(Vandenberg Air Force Base) A Success

17 Pit Bulls That Prove Breed Specific Legislation Doesn't Know What It's Talking About

Congratulations to the Division winner with the "A" on their caps!

Small thinking in a small town (local business owner shares thoughts on paying for stuff)

I am as hunk as fuck.

I know how the lounge likes pumpkin pie ... So I made some for you guys!

President Obama Speaks at the Memorial for Victims of the Navy Yard Shooting

Fringe Factor: Bill Nye The Science Guy Does Not Understand Science

An Appreciation thread for "Blue Links".

Just saw this on ABC - Pres. Obama writes a note to a little girl's teacher excusing her from class.

Catholics Cheer Pope's Remarks On Gays, Abortion

Is there anyone we haven't criticized yet?

Hmmm. Will the forty-whiner fans be calling for Alex Smith?? I hear Tim Tebow is available!!

Kerry Calls Kenya Attackers Ruthless, Reckless

Jim Harbaugh has been outcoached two weeks in a row

Larry King

Goodbye Happyness

Syrian Rebels’ Links To al-Qaida Strengthen

U.S. House votes to extend "Monsanto rider" on GM crops

Journalism Prof Placed On Leave After Anti-NRA Tweet

From Drones to Nerve Gas A tour through the dark side of history.

Snowden Leaks Help NSA Critics in Government Surveillance Lawsuits

Obama Says Fight For Gun Laws 'Ought To Obsess Us'

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon: Rohani's UN Speech Will Be Full Of Lies, Deceit

Well whaddya know...


Kitchen dancing!

Tiffin trailer fire claims 6 victims

[Formerly prog talk] WWKB radio becomes ESPN affiliate

America's Afghan Vicitims--How does one Count the Afghan Dead (?)

A must see section of The Rise Of Evil - Reichstag Fire

Kenyan troops launch 'major' assault on Nairobi mall

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 23 September 2013

Rand Paul and Republicans Are Winning Like Charlie Sheen

Family releases video of police running over a traffic law violator. Florida, of course.

housing advice-- WWYD

'Big One' is due, quake experts say

how many more times?

"Not Again".. President Obama Speaks at Memorial for Victims of Navy Yard Shooting