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Archives: September 23, 2013

Well, if Dallas can win just 6 more games


Psychic Medium Con Artist/criminal Blair Robertson blames his followers

About those white supremacists trying to take over a North Dakota town...

How do I get my garden ready for fall/winter?

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About “ObamaCARES”….October 1st Is Open Enrollment.

GOP Poll finds strong opposition to a government shutdown

In central Mexico, it's all-out war in the streets for control of an entire state that's run and ter

France to Tax EDF Nuclear Output for Energy Shift to Renewables

NRA's Hypocritical Background Check Stance On Full Display After Navy Yard Shooting

Brazil cools on nuclear power plans; favors wind

RS Taibbi Refutes Forbes Brown nose of Goldman Sachs w/cases like eToys

Question for fans of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange."

Corbett's new advisors finally convince him he will need to do something about lack of jobs in PA.

Chile says to offer leanest budget in four years -report

Attention: October photo contest

i am not punk as fuck

At Kings Island today in Planet Snoopy kids area a couple with guns strapped to their legs

Does anyone here believe...

Salvador Allende: Revolutionary Democrat

Anyone watching the Emmys?

White Supremacists Use Black-on-White Crime as Propaganda Tool

Breaking Bad - anyone want to talk? POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!

Fox News Turns on Ted Cruz and Destroys His Plan To Defund Obamacare

Every Day~

"Dexter" series finale (no spoilers)

Path to Autocracy: Could America Become a Police State?

I believe the next president name will begin with a "C".

The Civil War in one map

The Repentant Radical

Hi. Not much activity in this group and I'm thinking maybe...

did anyone else watch the ending episode of DEXTER?

Holy S**T! THE REAL Reason WHY CongrASS Hates ObamaCARES…..

When are fundies going to simply GROW UP??!!??

I Am as Fuck as Punk

my gawd - "li, thank you!1" michael douglas to liberace nt

"SEC moves toward mandate on CEO-worker pay gap"

I'm drunk as fuck.

The Potential GOP Presidential Wannabes And Nominees Are Terrifying To Say The Least

"Fed up with Wall Street, Democrats look to the left"

Cable Just Not Worth The Price Regardless Of Cable Series. Most OF It Stinks Like A Dead Mackerel.

Dayum, and this is still pre-season

Netanyahu Is Said to View Iran Deal as a Possible Trap

What happened with that million biker march on 9/11?

New Rules - "Where Does Donald Trump Get The Time" Edition.

Dumb Criminals: College Student Arrested Robbing Convenience Store Dressed Like Spiderman

My granddaughter. She's three now...

Meet...Gray Mouser! (Updated with something I forgot)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 24: The Story of Film

Soup for You! A plus for Seinfeld fans!

Back in Mid April I started the alternate day fasting routine. This is a status report.

Okay, so say Assad loses power....

Struggles of Boston Amputees Mount

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 25: King Vidor

My 401K is up 711%. It dropped in value 67% under Bush -updated 1/20/2015-

Stephen Colbert Wins 2013 Emmy For Best Variety/Comedy Show

FDP, a post-war fixture, is out of German parliament

Dog becomes one with the squirrel (found on FB)

The use of All Voices as a source in LBN

Al Shabab says one of the Kenya Mall Terrorists is from Maine

Greenspan's BothSides-ism

George Zimmerman Hiding from being served Divorce Papers

A question regarding gun background checks and the mentally ill

The "good guy" gun used at Navy Yard

Stormy Monday, 9/23/13

Rory Gallagher "A Million Miles Away" BBC Sessions 1973


It's not just Akin

What is your favorite season?

Find something to be happy about today (Monday 23 Sep 2013)

What is your least favorite season?

Some of my favorite photos from my visit with my Southern California family

Sikh Professor Attacked in Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Perfume - Monochrome Effect & others (with English subs)

Ways to pay your debts to the Yakuza

Syria: Russia's Lavrov Accuses US Of Blackmail

U.S. 'blackmailing' Russia on Syria, Lavrov says

I do not want a gun, BUT

Family donates canceled wedding reception to 200 homeless people

Gunfire at besieged Kenyan mall, Islamists threaten hostages

Kenya deputy president excused from ICC trial

Like parent like child:

Eric Schlosser: If We Don't Slash Our Nukes, "a Major City Is Going to Be Destroyed"

This third-way centrist ultimately loves counterproductive left wingnuts

US faces tough challenges to deliver aid in Syria.

Chris Hedges: The Act of Killing

Strip club sues Oracle over employee's unpaid tab

money for town with anti-discrimination ordinance

This is at the bottom of a seemingly innocent advertisement. Scroll to the bottom.

Moyers & Company: Inequality for All. Excellent piece.

Here's One Poll Number Should Have Republicans Scared About Fight Over Shutting Down Government

My current opinion on the issue of RKBA

Hackers Say They’ve Already Defeated the iPhone’s Fingerprint Scanner

Hurricane Hugo hit 24 years ago.

Blast shakes Nairobi mall, smoke pours from building

Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ Was less Intrusive than our own Feds & We OK’d That (Calabrese and Harwood)

The Largest Urban Orchard In North America Is Now Open For Business

Scientists take big step towards universal flu vaccine

Can you identify languages by sound alone?

Syria and the Global Hegemony of the US

I wish the media would stop the misinformation about The Affordable Care Act!

Merkel's victory yields big problems for her

Oh h311 to the f*** yes: my two friends in Nairobi are OK

really stupid question IRT "Obamacare" and how it effects Tricare.

Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business

Today in 1789

How to get past the fingerprint-scanner of the iPhone 5S:

It's Time to Stand Up With Family Farmers by Willie Nelson

"The war on whistleblowers and journalism".

Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone

Egypt bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

Excuses for War Against Their Imaginary Enemy

What The Right Doesn’t Want You To Know About Welfare: 9 Myths Exploded

Little Left to Cut: Lower Interest Rates Won't Help Greece

Violence Is Contagious

Iphone or Android? Which to go with? I'm going to upgrade from my flip phone.

Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business

Santos Says PDVSA Bonds Could Fund Venezuela-Colombia Trade

Gotta say I'm pretty stunned by those Frisco Niners

Now Not Just CUNY Hates Petraeus After Cops Punch Out Peaceful Protesters

Why Wall Street Loves Houses Again

Venezuela seizes another asset: Toilet paper factory

Tomgram: Calabrese and Harwood, Privacy Down the Drain

Juuuuust a little bit clingy:

This has come up in five threads now: I live in India. Mumbai, in fact. I'm here for the Government.

Peru Ahead on U.N. Millenium Development Goal Targets for 2015

We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years.

Time for a Monday morning laugh. Some rightwinger probably made this.

Major US security company (the makers of RSA tokens)warns over NSA link to encryption formula

"First Earth"


Insight: Chamber of Commerce turns to small courts for big wins

Ted Rall Cartoon for September 21st, 2013: Too Much Firepower

Let the people have peace

Tom Toles: Politics: The art of the possible by John Boehner

Buy a House, Make Your Payments, Then Discover You've Been Foreclosed On Without Your Knowledge

Writing on DU is activism, actually

Nowhere to Hide: The Government's Massive Intrusion Into Our Lives

Liz Murray (Happy Birthday)

How would you respond to corruption in local government?

It's Obamacare.

GOP’s Secret Anti-Choice Plot: The Shady Crackdown on Training Abortion Doctors

What's ailin' Palin? . . . Please come CAPTION the "Do"!!!!

Papantonio: The Abandonment of Reaganism and Clintonism

Tunisia's Islamists resist proposal to step down.

Which fictional character shares your birthday?

Scene of the crime - The Only Time It Makes Sense To Blame Video Games - by Tom Tomorrow

Greenwald: NSA stories around the world

KRUGMAN: SNAP is public policy at its best-Not only helps those in need-Helps them help themselves

Clock is ticking on aging B61 bomb, StratCom chief says

Grieving as an atheist: a surprising dilemma

The negative, pounding, organized, relentless GOP drumbeat against

Religious freedom motion passes in Ontario

Thought for the day

"Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED"

A Protestant in praise of the Catholic Church

Before you complain about me being a nuisance ....

Epic # of Devil Rays feeding and flying off Baja CA - WOW!

Venezuela, Chicago Public Schools face toilet paper shortages

Boehner Art

Ex-Halliburton Official Charged With Destroying Evidence In Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Trace Darwin’s Footsteps with Google’s New Virtual Tour of the Galapagos Islands

International Relief Charity Opens First U.S. Clinic in Rockaways

The Very Good Reasons You Can't Open Carry Guns On A Military Base

Leafs-Sabres pre-season brawl with goalies fighting and a player coming off the bench

Pittsburgh bicycle maker builds wheels for man without arms

U.S. 'blackmailing' Russia on Syria, Lavrov says

What The Dog Says

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot Member, Declares Hunger Strike

You may be suffering from Capitalism. (Do something today. Why wait until May?)

Any DU`ers decorate your yard for halloween?

Vice President Palin demands that the Senate obey President Cruz

Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online, It Might Cost You

This Modern World: Scene of the Crime

Domestic terror threats - three examples

No Way, Man! Last VW Bus To Soon Roll Off Assembly Line

Student Protesting David Petraeus Punched in Head, Swarmed by Dozen Cops

Time to Retire the Military Commissions & While We're At It Close Gitmo

A place for bats

Glenn Greenwald - Various items: NSA stories around the world

Peace, and Eric Clapton

'It's A Witch Hunt': Proposal To Confiscate Children Stokes Fear Among Russian LGBTs

Alien Rage - Launch Trailer

How I Got Licensed to Carry a Concealed Gun in 32 States by Barely Trying

Rand Paul: Subsidizing Health Care Of Fed Workers=Unconstitutional-Yet He Relies On It For Himself

It is Banned Book week!

American idol: God does belong in public schools, if a student wants him there

How to be an Investigative Journalist: Greg Palast


Outragous anti ACA ads.

Attorneys for accused Boston Marathon bomber due in court

What if Verizon succeeds in killing the Internet?

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

LOL!! More mud slinging!! Ted Cruz: Conservatives Were 'Embarrassed Voting' For John McCain In 2008

8 more days.

Analyst: Obama Will Raise The Debt Ceiling On His Own And Worry About The Legal Consequences Later

The Republicans have created a monster that not even they can control any more.

DU hugs, vibes, kind words ?????

2 high level PA school administers resign for racist texts. criminal investigation opened

Congratulations to the Detroit Lions: first road win in D.C. since 1939

Obama Endorses De Blasio In NYC Mayoral Race

House Republicans vote to extend 'Monsanto Protection Act' in spending bill that would gut Obamacare

Cleveland first team since '61 Yankees to sweep six four-game series in one season

close to 90 percent of growth is not explained by the usual suspects, capital and labor

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina

Does anyone else here watch hell on wheels

But Cornell Was Okay?

Nice block!

Tim Carney: "GOP Establishment created its own crisis of authority"

ever get your twang toungled?

Hail The Weatherman.

On the Religiosity of Gun Culture

Earth has its 4th Warmest August on Record, and 6 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters

The world-wide tally of billion-dollar weather disasters so far in 2013 is 25

Wealthy Chinese Couples Are Paying Up To $120,000 For 'Designer' American Babies

The L Word!

Best/worst headline ever:

Pic of The Moment: GOP Congressman Says Children, Elderly, Disabled Should Work If They Want To Eat

Proposed oil terminal on Lake Superior put on hold.

S**t Creek

In announcing resignation, Davis says ‘it is time to go’; Spent seven years leading Boston Police

Great video on healthcare!

India's Food Security Act: Myths and Reality

The Rude Pundit - Ted Cruz: The Senator as Dickhead

Doctors Brace for Health Law’s Surge of Ailing Patients

Colombia happiest country in world

Navarro County authorities believe five killed in murder-suicide, including three children

Costa Concordia captain blames helmsman for crash

When anal is the way to go

Texas Democrats Need More Than Davis in 2014


Three Ways the Oil Boom Has Increased Hunger in Texas

Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton ill-suited for president

Juan Cole: Is Hamas Finished? Facing a Youth Rebellion and Egyptian, Iranian Hostility

Sen. Dan Patrick Promises "Respect" And Partisanship As Lt. Gov.

The won percent

How "Incentives" Work - Steve Sack

Congressman Blake Farenthold Won't Say President Obama Was Legitimately Elected

VIDEO! - Neil Young Plays Solo Set at Farm Aid 2013

Googled for a law of thread decay, but found nothing. There must be one, though,

Russia Says North Korea Fired Shots in the Path of Russian Boat

Love this letter about feral cats

The Top Four Reasons Rick Perry Toured a Gun Factory the Day After a Mass Shooting

Mortar Shell Hits Russian Embassy Compound In Damascus, Injures 3

Congratulations, Stephen Colbert for winning an Emmy

Israel Sends Settlers, Considers Halt On Prisoner Release After Soldiers Killed

John Kerry to meet Iranian FM at UN

Several Local (Dallas area) PDs Are Banning Tasers as Evidence Mounts They Kill People

Welcome to the Hotel Bo Xilai

The Evangelical Orphan Boom

Foxconn Says 11 Injured in Large-Scale Fight at Chinese Campus

This Modern World: Scene of the Crime

Love Birds?

You might be a supporter of Obamacare if…

Galantine de poulet aux champignons, jambon, fromage, épinards et saucisses (VERY pic heavy)

Why doesn't Obama enlist Bill Clinton to explain the Affordable Health Care Act?

So, what should be my next Netflix viewing? Breaking Bad?

What's for Dinner ~Monday ~ September 23rd

Dick Cheney is still having trouble with his gun.......

"The Affordable Care Act should be expanded to include adult dental care"

Assad: Terrorists May Attack Chemical Weapons Inspectors, Blame Damascus

A Mean-Spirited Israel Rejects Iran's Olive Branch

The Invisible Men

Rising immigrant deaths put burden on Texas county

He's back! New Big Tex to be unveiled

Xerox signs $100M deal to manage TxDot toll roads, manage 750,000-plus accounts

Eldridge makes bid for Congress official

Obama Endorses Fellow Democrat De Blasio for New York City Mayor

Too Bad We Can't Legislate Enlightenment

Too Bad We Can't Legislate Enlightenment

At 77 He Prepares Burgers Earning in Week His Former Hourly Wage

Glass-Steagall for the 21st Century -- email from Elizabeth Warren

Obama Said Not Ready to Announce Fed Chairperson Pick This Week

Nancy Pelosi to discuss women's economic issues in Tampa

Ouch. Mother Jones exploiting workers.

Rep. King hopes healthcare repeal efforts expose Cruz as 'a fraud'

I just bought Orville Redenbacher popcorn stock, so…

Von Miller of Denver Broncos, urine collector tried to cheat test

Falling US consumption of coal, vs rising US exports of coal

Fairfax strikes $4.7-billion deal to buy BlackBerry

Kerry, Iranian Counterpart To Hold Highest-Level Talks Since 1979

Oilfield Dodge 1920

How Amerigo Vespucci (and others) make food porn...

"It's Your Fault" - satire of rape culture in India

Poll on U.S. government shutdown spells trouble for Republicans

New York Plans $45 Billion Fab Campus

Today in 1882, Vincent Van Gogh drew this. What did you do today?

Cruz Announces Plan B For Defunding Obamacare: ‘Shut Down The Military’

Did you know this fact about police officers wearing cameras?

Putin: Aggression Against Syria Would Violate International Law

Do you think that Republicans even understand the concept of irony?

Apple Didn't Build Your iPhone, Your Taxes Did -(Article Title)-

E.W. Jackson vs. Pope Francis

My halloween costume idea for this year.

How did Glenn Beck get so smart?

Are all civilian doctors so nice?

Factories Ablaze As Bangladesh Garment Workers Protest

Repuke: We're earning our 11% popularity-It's easier to talk about Obamacare than major problems'

Billionaire Wang Jianlin signs Leo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman to create world's biggest film studio

(Madison Wis.) Dane County DA declines to press felony battery charges against Damon Terrell

Get your Monday groove in gear: One's Too Many - The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Pew poll: Democrats, Independents and non-TP republicans favor compromise to pass a budget.

POPCORN HERE: Aide: John McCain ‘f*cking hates’ Ted Cruz

10 ways a government shutdown would affect your daily life

"Alex Jones has the IQ of a ten year old."

Why the G.O.P. wants to cut funding for education and cancel college scholarships! WAKE UP!

Assad Says Syria Will Allow Access to Chemical Sites

Rally: Stop Watching US! Oct 26 (Sat)

Dane County DA declines to press felony battery charges against Damon Terrell (X-Post from LBN)

North Korea 'Has Technology To Build Equipment For Uranium-Based Nuclear Bombs'

Impeach Judge Who Ordered Ohio to Recognize Gay Marriages, Says Local Lawmaker

Top issues with Chinese citizens: inflation, rich-poor gap, corruption, pollution (water #4, air #5)

IDF soldier killed in Hebron laid to rest in Haifa

Congressman Suggests Pushing Nation To Default Unless Obama Slashes Health Care Coverage For Seniors

$270 million worth of cocaine on Air France flight from Venezuela - that's an effin' stash for sure


How Bad Is the GOP Rift? Worse Than Democrats in the 1980s

NSA Spying Oversight Group Very Closely Tied To White House

Man carrying chicken at protest faces $263.50 fine; man carrying AR-15 faces fine of "zero dollars."

Tell NBC correcting Republicans is part of your job!

Man dies from ripped intestine after swallowing pill in its packaging

Officials: 13 Texas State students face hazing charges

The Complete Guide To The GOP’s Three-Year Campaign To Shut Down The Government

It’s official: American Airlines CEO Horton won’t get his money, at least not until after the merger

German euroskeptics on the rise, liberals in decline

Editing Wikipedia re: democracy vs republic

IRS's Lerner Retires Amid Scrutiny of Tea Party Cases

Swiss reject proposal backed by pacifists and left-wing parties to eliminate mandatory military

Is NanceGreggs still a member of DU. Stephanie Miller read one of her rants on air this morning.

This is how most people feel when confronted in public places by Open Carry demonstrators:

You may remember her iconic pro-Occupy photo. She is now in hospice. Stephanie Sautter

Papantonio: Preventing The Next Economic Collapse

George Takei: "The funniest s**t I've seen in a long time!"

Isn't this about right concerning Tupperware?

NYT goes balls out after young Sandidnista sympatizer de Blasio. Lhota says he has no soul

Church dumps rebel priest

Come gather ’round people

Democratic, GOP Senators Seek Inspector General Review Of NSA Surveillance

Police: NYC mob attacks Sikh professor, thinking he's Muslim

'Family Glitch' In Health Law Could Be Painful

Snake on a plane in Australia leaves Tokyo-bound Qantas passengers stranded

White House Troubled By Al Shabaab Recruitment In U.S.

Economic incentives (cartoon)

Double Dutch

Just saw TV Guide notice that President Bill Clinton will be a guest tonight on Letterman..n/t

just got a robo call from Tony Perkins FFRC to call my senator

"It is Harry Reid and Obama's fault if the government shuts down..."

Free Joints To Be Given Out For Boulder Flood Relief

The GOP Is So Desroyed That They Are Going To Win...what's the truth?

will you be shopping for coverage on the health exchange next month.

Gun Seizures: Will Taking Guns from the Mentally Ill Prevent More Violent Crime?

Chile ex-army chief in child torture probe

Chile ex-army chief in child torture probe

This is a polite fellow.

What The Deadly Attack On A Kenya Mall Was Really About

Maryland gun laws would not have stopped Navy yard shooter

Why poor and middle class Republicans vote against their own self interests.

CNN's Conflicted 'Leftist' Is Stephanie Cutter 'from the left'--or from the White House?

Gov. Snyder's NERD Fund paying for Kevyn Orr's condo

Why Have 1.5 Million Floridians Been Banned from Voting?

Massive Snooping (makes NSA look like rank amateurs) by the DEA via AT&T into our phone records...

Harry Reid Shoots Down Ted Cruz On Defunding Obamacare

Wind power now competitive with conventional sources

Can anyone refute this? Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of 4

Conservatives Suspicious of the Concept of Health

The myth of the right’s food stamp king

Bjork - Human Behavior

UNION Job Openings (MN)

So Beautiful!

The Man Nobody Knew In Search of My Father CIA Spymaster William Colby

Harry Reid Accuses GOP Of 'Thelma And Louise' Fanaticism Over Shutdown Threat

About the Dexter Finale....

Happy Birthday Ray Charles

Yay! My great-granddaughter got her cast off!

White House Launches Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) PR Blitz to Last for Next Six Months for Enroll

Sorry, The Latest Anti-Obamacare Article To Go Viral Is Totally Wrong

Rich Chinese seeking American surrogate mothers

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It

Mexico’s leftists call for referendum on energy sector reforms

It begins: UK Foreign Sec'y Hague Meets Iran FM Zarif

Franco victims greet Argentine probe

Colombian man’s penis amputated after Viagra overdose

Sen. Sanders:Big Money Bullies

The long game of Obamacare

What It's Like to Work for a Background Check Contractor

“Mr. Snowden, I Presume?”

GOP lawmakers oppose gay marriage in court filing

Guatemala must act on retrial of former dictator – think-tank

David Byrne: Once in a lifetime

AC/DC did it first

The phrase of the day is "weeklong erection". Replace any word in a thread with "weeklong erection".

The Economists' Warning: Austerity in the Eurozone

ITF defends Honduran union leader after armed attack

Terror Group That Claimed Kenya Attack Has Recruited Americans Before

Chicken Owners Scramble When Their Pet Feels Foul

Texas drops DWI charge against Wal-Mart heiress

Recognize the guy in the beer ad?

Jamiroquai - Little L

Bell Helicopter lays off 290 employees plus about 85 contractors

How Walmart got government support, despite union pleas

Who needs good health anyway? (Digby)

Hearty congratulations to "Hope Not Hate"

The House Republicans are over-playing their hand...

Sweet dreams are made of . . .

Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices

Could you stay in bed for 70 days straight? For $18,000?

House-Related Mystery For Contractors / Experienced Handy People

Salaam Remi Feat. Corinne Bailey Rae - Making It Hard for Me

Ursula Jerry, Milwaukee Woman, Arrested For Bringing Loaded Gun To 9/11 Memorial

Elvis Costello and The Roots - Cinco Minutos Con Vos

KamaAina is in heaven after the A's clinched the AL West division championship...

By Josh Eidelson: Home-care workers are not baby sitters!

Superdads! Couple adopts 14 kids from foster care

Is Ted Cruz A Dem Plant (Double Agent) Being Used To Cause Dissension In The Repug Party?....

More DNA Samples, More Debate

Tea Party Republicans are Domestic Terrorists.

The amazing journey of Coley II (C2)!

Can't find volume #6. please help!

Why “Atheist Churches” Are a Disaster For Atheism

'You are engaged in some sort of false religion'

Take Five (Jerks in Progress edition)

My latest show - Enjoy!

Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah...

An Afghan Woman Speaks Out on Her War Torn Nation

Tom DeLay is writing a book with guess who?

Everybody cross fingers for me--job interview today!

repuke candidate for VA Lt. Guv sez "non-Christians are engaged in ‘some sort of false religion"

Update: Carrying gun(s) around schools didn't work out quite as man hoped

Piers Morgan jumps ugly with Jon Stewart

"the right" versus "the far right", serious question

LePage intervention in Statoil deal could damage Maine’s image in global energy

Paleontologists in Peru have unearthed the fossil of a 40 million-year-old “walking whale.”

Vicco, KY: An Economic Case Study for Equality

The white, female, British terrorist known as the White Widow may have been killed in Kenya.


Tell Your Friends "Do Not Bend To Your Employers" OBAMAcare


Scientists find 'black holes' at sea: Whirlpools from which nothing can escape-not even water

(rant) Forbes' Obamacare assault may be the Biggest ACA Lie Yet

Interesting NYT Op-Ed by Bill Keller on opening jury service to non-citizens who are legal residents

Orlando Health Deploys Anti-Union Tactics Bringing Workers Closer Together

Sexual services provided by Foxconn (Apple factory) young women to supplement meager income

WTF is going on with Terry McAuliffe?

City committee approves anti-abortion resolution

Monday, car show day! (Pic heavy)

US Edges Closer To High-Level Talks With Iran; An Obama Meeting With Rouhani At UN Is Possible

Rag lying....Hillary did not tell Huma to dump Weiner

Death toll rises in Muskegon Elks Charity Lodge shooting incident; investigation ongoing

Which is the best nickname for Senator Cruz?

Finally - THIS is the OBAMA I Voted For!!!

Columbia University professor attacked in possible hate crime in Manhattan

"The farmers are on the front lines of climate change."

No AC tonight. Do you have American Home Shield home warranty?

The Labia Library

Just saw an ad for the Wounded Warrior Project, and noticed something.

Russia Gives Iran Control of Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Has anyone else used the NEW 84 octane gasoline yet?

Lindsey Gtraham: "chained CPI & Medicare reductions: We're setting stage for the Grand Bargain!"

Cat Facts...

Troubles in and for Tucson.

Good sources for foreign policy discussion

Russian Lawmaker Wants Proof US Will Not Store iPhone Prints

Obama Endorses De Blasio For Mayor, Cites "Progressive" Vision

Growing Number Of Floridians Leave Their Kids Unattended While They Party At Strip Clubs

He does...

Is Uncle Sam Sodomizing Cute Young Boys?

Netanyahu's Lesson From Killing Of Israeli Soldier In Hebron: Fortify Occupation

John Kerry: Remarks at...the United Nations General Assembly on Disability and Development

I think I'm scared, or creeped out, or confused...or...

Sexting - Anthony Weiner's Rise & Fall!

Lhota, Carrion Take Joint Shot At De Blasio's Activist Past

Between Violent Reprisal And Random Police Brutality

Atlas Shrugged III