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Archives: September 24, 2013

Atlas Shrugged--a Review

This camera appeared in a 1967 BBC production. Name the movie.

Republicans are not getting the information they need...

My response to right wing half truths

Disney says disabled guests now have to wait in line due to schemes for the rich

China's Chang'e-3 lunar rover set for Dec. 1st launch

How did a group dedicated to discussion regarding a Democratic POTUS, on an ostensibly ...

If you get lot's of "script is slowing this page down" errors and crashes, go to Google Chrome

Tethers Unlimited to Develop 3D Printed Spacecraft With Embedded Radiation Shielding

McConnell splits with Cruz on ObamaCare defunding tactic

Street life is getting rough in Tucson.

Factories ablaze as Bangladesh garment workers protest

My Monday smile

Find Out If Your Health Care Policy Is A Grandfathered Plan. IMPORTANT!!!

Crass Warfare

Obama: "It ought to obsess us."

According to the NYT, Samantha Powers will be key in the Syrian resolution

Back to the Moon, Commercially - By James Lovell

ObamaCare Is Constitutional; Get Over It

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rescue Of Cadence The Pit Bull, Injured As Dogfighting Bait, Will Melt Your Heart

New (California) law lets teens delete digital skeletons

Cat returns 2 years after Bastrop County fires

Wisconsin: 92,000 will lose BadgerCare coverage on Dec. 31

Deaf Boy Tasered for being Deaf

Cyber War is real and it's not going away

School districts plan to get Obamacare info to parents

‘Open and brazen cooperation’ between govt and paramilitaries: Colombia Vice-President

Global Warming: Mitigate, Adapt... or Reverse?

Charles Pierce at Esquire: "The Heavy Price of Chuck Todd's Ignorance"

Why is phone banking activist and writing on D.U. not activist?

A post was auto-removed today

Source of Half Earth's Oxygen (phytoPlankton) Gets Little Credit

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie . . . & a new Kitteh gif

US Terrorism Expert Says Too Soon To Assess Kenya Mall Attackers

Greg Palast is giving away downloads of his film showing the truth about Bush's "election"

Are there any Republicans, former Republicans, Independents,

Signing off for now!

Northeast Utilities tells IT employees it may shift work to India

Pennsylvania School Officials Sent the Most Racist Texts Ever (this is where I live!)

Sci-Fi Action buffs. "Equilibrium" was a fun movie.

Aircraft stirs memories for a former tailgunner WWII

Efforts to avert U.S. shutdown continue amid Republican discord

Dick Cheney mocked by guy in a kilt after he loses antelope hunt over a ‘gun malfunction’

Retrial set for Arizona mother convicted of son's 1989 murder

Snide morons on the internet vs. reality: NASA's space pen

Can I ask for a little help.

Former FBI agent to plead guilty in leak to AP

The GOP's supposed "replacement" for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an absurd joke.

Do you think posting on DU is activism?

Ex-Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr appears in Canadian court

Two new VA-GOV polls have Dems ahead

A.V. Club: Atlas Shrugged producers turn to Kickstarter for help warning others against moochers

Thom Hartmann: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Mass Shootings

On Atlas Shrugged (the book) ...

Thom Hartmann: Gun Violence Panel P1 - where's our exit strategy?

Thom Hartmann: Gun Violence Panel P2 - Here's a free market solution for gun control

Ted Cruz is the catalyst that will finally split the Republican Party.

Sorry, The Latest Anti-Obamacare Article To Go Viral Is Totally Wrong

Anybody else watching "Love it or List it" right now?

Are you going to support universal background checks IF they come without registration?

QUICK!!! How many of you have an alcoholic beverage within reach while you read/post on DU?

Chrysler Files for an I.P.O.


Parents End Mosque Field Trips Because "Pushing Tolerance" Is Bad

Holy crap! Franklin Roosevelt! Holy freakin' crap!


I don't understand this paragraph in the lease. Can someone explain it to me?

Well tomorrow is my birthday and you know what that means

Dog. Leaves. Fun.

Right-Wingers Infiltrate Print Media In Order to Spread Obamacare Lies

Confusion, misinformation hinder health outreach in MD (Obamacare)

Is shutting the government down also to increase the want to privatize government?

Corbett appoints guy with no environmental experience to be head of environmental protection

My mom - a DU member since 2002 - has passed away

My mom - a DU member since 2002 - has passed away

More TDs in the first 3 games ever!

De Blasio Exposed as Crypto-Commie: NY Times Profile

"New Data Reveals Young Americans Continue to Benefit from the ACA"

ratatouille on the grill!

I don't like open carry, do you? If you agee, would you be willing to...

Sons of Anarchy Creator Delivers EPIC Smack-Down to ‘Pathetic F**king Douchebag’ Brent Bozell

McConnell won’t block government funding bill like Cruz wants

Want to talk to your cardiologist? $7,500 extra per year up-front, one Calif. doctor says

Letterman has Bill Clinton on tonight (new) nt

So I'm watching the new show Blacklist...

"Only 19 Percent of Americans Back GOP's Obamacare Defunding Tactics"

Joint Statement on the Promotion and Protection of Civil Society

FACT SHEET: The Equal Futures Partnership to Expand Women’s Political and Economic Participation

On May 10, 2013 the Minneapolis Police Dept chased down & killed 22 year old Terrance Franklin

U.S. government to sue JPMorgan in mortgage case: sources

N.J. legislators inching toward override of Christie's gay marriage veto

Got a reply email from the President!!

Sportsmen's group leader resigns from state hunting council

"GOP's secret blue-state playbook: The Trick They Use To Stay Alive"

"... funny how you liberals always blame Bush even 5 years later."

My turn dammit

One Big Trader Lost Millions Betting on Romney, Study Finds

Time to cut the crap. Obama Derangement Syndrome doesn't really exist.

All criminals are bastards...

Family Research Council believes kicking people off of food stamps is the Christian thing to do

McCain Repub. Strategist: Palin 'Freakshow'

Lifesaving tip: it's "Aminah bint Wahb"

When It Comes To Governing RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM-Not The Solution. Attacking Religion IS Fair Game

Congressman Steven Fincher: Jesus would oppose food stamps. Food stamps are theft

My sister prays for Obamacare to die...

Robert Palmer - Dance for me

Lessons from Libya: How Not to Intervene

"Swords into ploughshares" -- if only this were true:

GOP Wonderland: Inside North Carolina's Conservative Makeover

It's 9:30 at night. Do you know where your congressman is?

While it won't get the NSA much funding, here's the GOOD NEWS about their eavesdropping

A Primer on Sexism (in Tech)

Kenya's Foreign Minister says 2 or 3 Americans were among the attackers at Westgate Mall

fair and balanced...

Was Ed Shultz' show on tonight? I watch on MSNBC's website usually, but there is nothing loaded

Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over North Dakota Town Sent Running by Native American and Anti-Fascist Act

Remember Vinny typing on his keyboard in his mom's basement?

Women with narrow feet

A Randome Appreciation Thread

The National sound a lot like Mumford and Sons...

image of couple Terrorists inside Mall in Kenya

Biological dad returns 4-year-old Veronica to adoptive parents

The world is just awesome

Hey are the corporations using the ACA to

Has Michael Steele quit the Republican Party

Colombia: injured GM workers continue fight for compensation

"The Coven" the new "American Horror Story", will you watch? (adding opening sequence)

please, enlighten narrow-minded thinkers that allah is simply the word God in the Aramaic dialect.

Officer suspended after video shows him ignoring 2 women fighting

In Law School, Ted Cruz Only Studied With Students From Harvard, Princeton Or Yale

Ex-Sen. Scott Brown Working With Gun Company Tied To Brutal Regime

Rouhani to show Iran's 'true face' at U.N., seek sanctions relief

Intrade Market likely manipulated to portray Romney having a Chance

Thirty Thousand Votes and Abbott's Gone.

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday 24 Sep 2013)

Rare photos: Eagle kills deer, toad catches bat

NPR's New Boss: Financial Industry Lobbyist, GOP Donor, Right-Wing Think Tank Booster

Fiat rethinks alliance with Chrysler after IPO filing

Mulligan Mint, Dallas' Most Libertarian Coin-Maker, Filed For Bankruptcy Last Week

France expects U.N. council to agree on Syria arms measure

UN chemical weapons inspectors 'to return to Syria'

So three of the gunmen are dead and ten have been arrested

New anti-military, anti-Brotherhood front to be launched Tuesday -Egypt

Its now very common to hear people say, " I'm rather offended by that"

Book News: Lost Hemingway Satire Will Finally Be Published

Hey, hows about we agree that we all suck and move on from there?

Protesters take over TPP office, drop banners.

Washington talks reveal wide TPP gaps

John Coletrane's handwritten "A Love Supreme" sheet music

Greece Analysis: Time for the Left to combine and fight its real enemies, not Golden Dawn

Governor opposed Obamacare, but accepted it for practical reason

Mike Fasano (R) makes a dig against Bill Gunter (R)

War criminal and pathological LIAR Tony BLiar will be on

Bob Fass - Radio Unnameable - documentary

Prisoner of Love

Ted Cruz is prepared to destroy the Constitution to further his agenda

Grrrr: Matthew Shepard Truthers Say Hate Crime Laws Were Built On a Lie


Women of DU: Who are the hottest male celebs?

My advice to shut up Fox News Jesse Watters

How do you handle finances in your relationship?

Ted Cruz = Percy Wetmore

Cuba Blockade Causes Millions in Losses in Food Industry

How Unpopular Is Ted Cruz Right Now?

Is It O.K. to Watch Football?

Robert Reich: We Can Save the Economy If We Get Serious About Taxing the Rich

Religious Birth Control Exemption Thrown Out By Court

What's for Dinner ~Tuesday ~ September 24th

20 White Males from the Power Elite Who Belong in the American Hall of Shame

13 Shot in Chicago Mass Shooting

Pentagon warns soldiers they might not be paid on time because of Congress

Boeing meets with Norwegian Air to discuss Dreamliner’s tech issues

How America’s 401(k) Revolution Rewarded the Rich and Turned the Rest of Us Into Big Losers

Ron Paul is confusing young people, ready for change.

27,000 gallons of oil spilled amid freak Colorado flooding

Finished off a fifth of Kahlua,

Australia Climate Council revived as non-profit after being axed by RW govt

DU is a TRIP!!! nt

Free John Greyson, Renowned Canadian Filmaker from Egypt

'Stop the blood': Years of war drain once-passionate Syrians aiming to topple Assad

Obama Says First Lady 'Scared' Him Into Kicking Smoking Habit

Report says PRISM snooped on India's space, nuclear programs

America's favorite twit. Please come CAPTION Joe Arpaio!!!

Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of 'piracy' in Arctic

Why is Apple so shifty about how it makes the iPhone?

"Shocking Poll on Debt-Ceiling Crisis"

Earthquake - M7.7 - 66km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan

Gallup: 60% Americans believe government is too powerful; hits record high

Ecological 'Wake-Up' Call Counters Corporate-Friendly 'Free' Trade

Collective rights 'offer hope for global fisheries'

The world-wide tally of billion-dollar weather disasters so far in 2013 is 25

'Dramatic' drop in global HIV infections

Bush: Obama shouldn't be criticized for golf

So Much For Freedom Of The Press

Krugman re Obamacare: What matters is how the thing works — and that, in turn, depends crucially on

Cruz is just a poster boy for the party of dicks

Ecological 'Wake-Up' Call Counters Corporate-Friendly 'Free' Trade

Bucco's playoff bound.................

Responding to critiques of burlesque cheat sheet (crazy-making edition)

NYPD: More Police Around Shopping Malls

Catholic College Rescinds Invitation to Speaker Defending Same-Sex Marriage

“I hope you quit smoking,” Obama said.

Kenya: He was a celebrated young architect, she was a well known AIDS researcher pregnant

NSA Complains That It Has To Spend Time Closing Leaks Rather Than Spying On Everyone

TPP Protesters Take Over US Trade Rep Building to Expose Secret Negotiations

There are scorpions among us. They sit in Congress.

Remember the Teen Atheist Who Battled for the Removal of Her School’s Prayer Mural? UPDATE

You Are What You Wear: Sweatpants Edition

Chelsea W. (warning: honesty) by Mr. Fish

'Ayn Rand Akabar'

P, U.

How Conservatives Win In The Government Shutdown Fight Anyway

Congressman collects millions in food aid, but says poor people should get no food aid.

Good News?? Why not discuss it and praise it?

Robert Reich: Bill O'Reilly slammed me last night on Fox = called me a Communist. E-mail him

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 24, 1969

Six castles that cost less than an apartment in NYC

Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of 'piracy' in Arctic

Colombia earmarks last-minute $24B for poverty reduction

The Stupid Things People Say On Twitter is Not News

Victims Push Laws to End Online Revenge Posts

Airlines urge UN to back deal to curb emissions

INEQUALITY FOR ALL - Official Trailer

Shameless Fans?

Bill Maher on Twitter Trolls

Bill Brasky is a son of a bitch!


Venezuela to UN: Make sure US respects us at General Assembly

"not all like that"

Russia to File Piracy Charges Against Greenpeace

Chip Kelly and Johnny Manziel...A Perfect Match?

Death Dinners at Baby Boomers’ Tables Take on Dying Taboo

Lawd!! 7.8 earthquake in Pakistan


Where are all these Churches and Charities that are supposed to replace the Safety Net?

Uncle, Grandmother in Custody After Toddler's Dog Attack Death

Congress Mandates Private Jail Beds for 34,000 Immigrants

Clock in and do your bit. But first please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!

Was this whistle-blower muzzled?

DU is a TROPE! nt

Pap and Seder: N.Y. Times Ignores NSA/Israel Story - Not 'Surprising' Enough

Mall siege: city morgue preparing for many bodies

Pen made out of magnets

'Uh-Oh, Instead of Defeating Us They Made Us Defiant'

Obama live from UN now.

Rubio's cravenness on proud display

5th Estate

George Soros marries health care consultant half his age

Kid faces expulsion for firing airsoft guns in his own front yard

The Emperor's New Suit In The Garden Of Eden, and Other Wild Guesses or, Why Can't Napoleon Chagnon

Why doesn't someone invent a cell phone that calls out, "Hey, don't leave me!" so that

Pelosi and Becerra trying to revive immigration reform in the House.

Fripp to reform King Crimson...

Breed-Specific Legislation Ineffective

Tom Toles: Bi-partisanship

Is participating on DU activism? Wrong question.

No wonder at Fox News. . . . Please come CAPTION Charles Krauthammer!!

Senate race between crazy ass Lonegan and Booker CLOSER than expected

Obama Directs Kerry To Enter Nuclear Talks With Iran: 'The Diplomatic Path Must Be Tested'

Important news on Iran posted yesterday that Dems need to read:

Eschaton: The Guy With The Gun Is The Bad Guy

Student's 'Duck Dynasty' Shirt Too Violent For School?

Pic Of The Moment: Aide Tells GQ Magazine That John McCain "F*cking Hates" Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas

Another "free"- trade agreement under the radar: the TTIP

a new Glass-Steagall...the petition

A news story with a wonderful ending....

NBA may have Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets wear nickname on jerseys (like XFL)

Another sports op in GD--- commented on by the...

Obama UN Speech 9/24/13

'Get a boat!' Venezuela flights booked full for months

Petition against Chuck Todd over 100,000....

"Barking mad."

Is there a bug in this op? Post 3?

'Get a boat!' Venezuela flights booked full for months

Wisconsin bill would better verify domestic abuse suspects' gun possession

God help me, if DU ever goes to an "infinite scrolling" format I will burn the place to the ground.

Knives. Automobiles. Cold medicine. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Coffee.

Remember the parable of Christ walking alongside the Sea of Galilee and ...

David Suzuki accuses Tony Abbott of ‘wilful blindness’ to climate change

Obama: Iran overtures on nukes a step toward relationship of 'mutual respect'

Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz: How high?

A Short Note On The Democratic Party And The Progressive Left....

The New VERY COLD Cold War...

McConnell breaks with Cruz on government funding measure

Modern Medicine Can Save Lives But

Obama: 'Some May Disagree, But I Believe America Is Exceptional' (updated)

Chinese consumption of coal and renewable energy

Next time let the pizza slide off the seat.

Meet the Down's Syndrome man that's become an Elite Athlete

November 19th is the BIG DAY for Larry Klayman!

Ted Cruz Is the World’s Most Condescending Elitist

McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts has same guns policy that Starbucks did.

What are your favorite cheap recipes?

Think Progress: Mike Lee compares the effort to defund Obamacare to the Revolutionary war

A Serbian Sokal? Authors spoof pub with Ron Jeremy and Michael Jackson references

Maybe I've missed something, but where

Using Religion as an Excuse to Discriminate

Home Prices in U.S. Cities Increase by Most in Seven Years

The Supreme Court Revisits Official Government Prayer

Come caption Ted Cruz

Jim Henson would have been 77 today

After Sales Plummet, Walmart Realizes It Can’t Run Stores On Temps Alone

The 99% Owe 'A Debt of Gratitude' to the 1%: Harry Binswanger

The Idaho Humane Society offers an "extremely reduced" fee to neuter pit bulls -- much lower than

US Consumer Confidence Dips As Jobs Outlook Dims

Fiat Threatens Chrysler Pullback With Union-Pushed IPO

re: If they don't work they shouldn't eat in the Bible

Americans and British Citizen Apparently Involved in Nairobi Attack

Reviling Peace. Hating Iran. Heating Hebron. Bibi As A Bitter Old Man

Police bar Jews from entering Temple Mount, fearing Palestinian unrest

Family Research Council: ‘Nothing More Christian’ Than Food Stamp Cuts

OBAMA: "Iraq shows us that democracy cannot simply be imposed by force" --- Take that neo-cons!

Brazil’s President Tells The United Nations: NSA Spying Violates International Law

Adding insult to injury...

Rubio Kills Nomination Of Gay African-American Judge To Appease The Far Right

Russia Says UN Syria Resolution Could ‘Mention’ Chapter VII Which Allows Force Or Tough Sanctions

Mrs. Cheney, NO, YOU shut your mouth!

McAuliffe maintains lead over Cuccinelli in new poll

Treat the Tea Party Like the Addicts They Are

Senate unanimously confirms highest-ranking openly gay judge

Parents End Mosque Field Trips Because "Pushing Tolerance" Is Bad

Google Executives Globetrotting on Taxpayers' Dime

The Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks at the Emmys — According to a 7-Year-Old

Florida pizza parlor shooter who invoked "Stand Your Ground" gets three years for shooting patron

Remarks by President Obama in Address to the United Nations General Assembly

Glamourizing prostitution to sell lingerie.

Greece launches inquiry into claims Golden Dawn trained by armed forces

The uncanny resemblance of Joe McCarthy and Ted Cruz (ugh!)

Old musical dogs, new tricks. Cher and Elton John have new albums.

Pull over ‘texting zones’ to be set up on highways

Labor law question

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama share a kiss....

I can't stop reading Claire Connors Wrapped in a Flag

Biological dad returns 4-year-old Veronica to adoptive parents

Colorado lawmaker: Democrats using ‘mind control’ to make people accept ‘homosexual marriage’

I'm an Atheist Who Hates Quebec's Secularism

Some traders got (Fed's) 'no taper' decision news earlier

Joe Lhota Says Bill de Blasio Is Reading "Directly Out Of The Marxist Playbook"

David Corn:Slate Pitch: Obama Is The Shrewdest Political Tactician Since LBJ

New island emerges off Pakistan coast after 7.7 quake (uncomfirmed)

What We Could Do With a Postal Savings Bank: Infrastructure That Doesn't Cost Taxpayers a Dime

Senator says his ‘hard cider’ legislation would create boon for NY apple producers

State report cards show: Charter schools received many more Ds and Fs than good grades (OH)

Tackling religious intolerance and violence in Pakistan

Utility sets IT department on path to self-destruction (400 jobs to India)

Texas Gay Man Left Beaten And Bloody After Possible Hate Crime Near Fort Worth

Texas Gay Man Left Beaten And Bloody After Possible Hate Crime Near Fort Worth

Whew. Police at North Carolina university kill gunman near campus

President Obama on the front cover of Esquire

Attackers defeated in mall siege, Kenya's president says

Texas' Top GOP Candidates All Oppose Gay Rights, Can't Even Say if Being Gay Is A Disorder Or Not

Texas' Top GOP Candidates All Oppose Gay Rights, Can't Even Say if Being Gay Is A Disorder Or Not

As Catholics rethink views on gays, so do their schools

Dina Lohan pleads not guilty, loses license in Long Island DWI case

After wedding is cancelled, reception turns into charity dinner for homeless

I do not favor open-carry for pornography.

I'm glad this guy had a gun: Heroic former British Marine credited with saving 100 from Kenya mall

Tweet from Senator Harry Reid on the Tea Party

Can the Democratic Party win back the WI Gov and WI sec of state?

This is happiness

Fake 'waterproof iPhone' ad tricks users into destroying their smartphones.

Tweet: House Republicans are planning to cut food nutrition benefits for 170,000 veterans....

Environmentally friendly rail travel.

Exclusive: Secretary of State Kerry to sign Arms Trade Treaty - diplomats

Widow of Mike Anderson appointed new Harris County District Attorney

U.S. official: Syrian CW list more complete than anticipated

Hall table

This is why I don't shop at Kohl's

Gridlock Alert: President Obama addresses UN General Assembly in New York City

Austin's "Drug Market Intervention" project shows notable success.

Parisian cat cafe offers "purr therapy" to animal-lovers

Can you identify a true "liberal" by the content of their rant?

Religion is like a penis

US Military Ending Gitmo Hunger Strike Updates

Kind of a Meta question:

Dumb Criminals: San Francisco Man Trying To Rob ATM Falls Through Roof And Gets Stuck

Navarro County authorities say mother killed husband, three children before committing suicide

University Of Florida Professor Accused Of Using Camera Pen To Prove Student Wasnt Wearing Underwear

Obama Tells United Nations What American Action They Should Fear (VIDEO)

“So three Black women in maybe two thousand pages of women’s magazines and all of them...

Pres. Obama says US can't get attention of UN Security Council w'out acting like swaggering avengers

Crazy colors on the river and Kingfisher.

Beautiful weather here but my allergies are nuts.

U.S. prisoner in Bahrain gets 10 years in jail: lawyer

Naming the Dead Project... (for those killed in drone strikes)

U.S. Senate Republicans start closing ranks on spending bill

War, space, and the evolution of Old World complex societies

iOS 7 shines as Apple bests Android, Windows Phone in 'user experience shootout'

CNN's Stephanie Cutter criticized by FAIR...

Chase to cut another 440 jobs here in next 90 days (OH)

Very minor rendering issue

Papantonio: Big Win For The Chemical Industry

Maybe the idealist liberals can just stifile themselves

Samuel Jackson: "You can’t do that sh-- blogging in a room. I can’t see you on your keyboard..."

Activists hang anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership banners on U.S. trade building in D.C.

If they ever make a movie about the political disaster that is Ted Cruz, I think

"They hate Cruz not because he’s an asshole, but because he’s not their kind of asshole"

'White widow': Samantha Lewthwaite linked to Nairobi attack


Watch live: Cruz filibuster attempt

Just came up with an idea that could bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States

Extreme ODS:

Ted Cruel is attempting to filibuster the Federal Spending and Health Care Law,

No Obama-Rouhani meeting, it proved too complicated, US official says

How much of a non-starter is this "scandal" of the week??

Ex-Pope Benedict denies abuse cover-up

Thom Hartmann: Global Warming: An Uncontrolled Experiment

Officials: Obama and Rouhani won't meet

Walmart offers 'Naughty' Halloween costumes for very young girls

Netanyahu Orders Walk Out Of Israeli Delegation During Iranian Leader’s UN Address

Intelligent design?

2 minor gliches in 7.

Trailer for America’s Wild Horses, The Documentary

More job cuts in the works at HP?

Trailer for America’s Wild Horses, The Documentary

Citi Cutting 1,000 Jobs as Mortgage Business Slows

Penn State to regain scholarships

What does this mean? Ted Cruz said this in his 'speech'

Godwin's Law on steroids has officially been injected into the GOP civil war.

At the UN, Brazilian president, Rousseff, blasts US surveillance

Government shutdown? GOP hardliners are being rational

Mexico drug cartels helping with storm relief

Report shows “Bath Salts” drugs involved in nearly 23,000 emergency department visits in one year

One third of the INTRADE bets placed on a Romney win in the last few weeks were by one person.

The conservative whine that Obama care will mean death to some

just on the thread about the forcing of the Inidan father to return his daughter


Cruz vows to speak till he can't against Obamacare

Settlement: Border Patrol to share stop records

The biggest mistake by Ted Cruz..

Man accused of plot to shoot up Salt Lake mall

Advocate: New bullying law could hurt gay victims

We got a boiled water notice

PPP: Martha Coakly ahead in the polls for Governor

Mont. judge faulted for alleged bias in rape case

Feds urge judge to allow Armstrong case to proceed

Baltimore school system sued over homeless students

Woohoo! I'm paid up with my cardiologist!

The War on Error

12 Signs America Is Insane

How to interview John McCain

if mr cruz has no idea what the law is, he should step down

NBC - Nothing But Crap.

Report: Dodgers player boasted of urinating in Diamondbacks pool at Chase Field

Perhaps someone can explain this bit of security theater to me . . .

Motorists must give bicyclists breathing room under new state law (LA Times)

Americans will find out the truth about Obamacare and the GOP knows it,

Ted Cruz's twitter feed

Stripper Hits Jacoby Jones in the head with a champagne bottle...

Walmart Cut Employee Hours So Drastically They Can't Keep Shelves Stocked, Losing Customers

Gutless, Cowardly NCAA Starts Restoring Penn State Scholarships

Stop wasting valuable time and energy criticizing the President and do something useful!

Only good thing about a speaking filibuster as in Ted Cruz current show

Ted Cruz's faux filibuster is all about 2016...

Having a compromised immune system sucks (rant, feel free to add your own)

Fujifilm Touch Screen Poised to Aid Microsoft Vs. Apple

"Basically, 'filibuster' is just a funny word." Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

Valve Announce Linux-Based Steam OS

Seriously, Get on the Bus! New Analysis Shows Fiscal, Environmental Benefits of Buses

Headsup for Obama and Clinton

Top-10: 2013 FedExCup Playoffs

Pulling teeth in Appalachia

Quake kills 45 in Pakistan, creates new island in sea

Clinton & Obama speaking now on The Ed Show

You overpopulate the land and destroy everything!!!

"Popular Science" Online Eliminates Comment Function

PSA: Good Advice

Winston: Suh 'loses benefit of doubt'

Rachel Maddow - Failed GOP Obamacare stunt makes Cruz pariah

Looked at the filibuster for a moment. One thing DUers can all agree on,

Trader Lost Millions Apparently Trying To Manipulate Intrade Data To Favor Mitt Romney

Magneto, Spock, Captain Jean Luc-Picard, Gandalf, and Professor X Hang Out In Coney Island

Listening to Obama right now explaining "Obamacare" with Clinton....

Obama Derangement Syndrome? Or, "How To Push Obama", by John Nichols, Jan 2009

Conservative Attorney Larry Klayman Sets Date For Coup Against Obama

So Senator Jeff Flakey's vm is full in Phoenix. How's that for fucking representative fucking

Bloodstained George Orwell scarves to be auctioned

Guess who?

Your congresspeeps votes delivered to your inbox.

Bay Area DUers, my band is gigging in Hayward this Saturday...

Iranian President Rouhani UN General Assembly speech

I'm booking a hotel in San Diego right now-

Bruce Schneier: NSA Spying Is Making Us Less Safe

Ken Anderson resigns as district judge

Bono Does Killer Bill Clinton Impression (the annual Clinton Global Initiative gathering in NYC)

If you haven't been there yet, go there.

Love to see 2 Dem Presidents, Obama and Clinton, making the case for the ACA.

Just catching the end of The Ed Show.

Cruz decides to "filibuster" or talk at the same time as Presidents Clinton and Obama...

Do you see a strong physical resemblance between these two?

Randi Weingarten: In Speech, Cantor Ignores Needs of Philly Students

Applied Materials to buy Tokyo Electron for $9 billion

New Atlas Shrugged Film Turns to the Masses for Financial/Funding Help

Mattress Firm sued, accused of age discrimination

Mattress Firm sued, accused of age discrimination

Kids take 4-year-old sister to school when mom doesn't come home

In fundraising pitch for fellow senators, Democrat Elizabeth Warren warns of GOP extremism

Which, if either, of these describes you

Tax evasion testimony details (Amarillo) doctor's apocalypse bunker

Scott Brown Might Run for Senator from New Hampshire ?

OnEarth cover story: Turning Grass into Gas

This Saturday I'm Irish!

Golden Eagle Attacks Deer, A Photo Of An Epic Confrontation

Court: Brownsville man wrongly denied US citizenship

Ken Cuccinelli Mixes Up Facts and Lies on Climate, Michael Mann. We Help Him Out.

Soldiers told new rules governing tattoos, grooming standards on the way

Dutch Filmmaker Says Hidden Code In Sheet Music Gateway To Nazi Treasure

100k military jobs aren't essential, study finds

I think my eyeballs are going to fall out.

cruz upstaged by corner guy

Texas judge who prosecuted innocent man resigns

Key Syria Islamist rebels say do not recognise National Coalition

This picture is simply amazing!

Daily Cal: UC Berkeley sophomore Maliq Nixon dies at 19

Riverside Leaders Move Forward Law to Require Pit Bull Sterilization

Teddy Bears’ Coven

TCEQ Approves Permit for Big North Texas Reservoir

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Launches Faux Filibuster Against Affordable Care Act

AIG CEO Says Outrage Over Wall Street Bonuses ‘Was Just As Wrong’ As Lynchings In The Deep South

What's the World coming to? - First IRAN's Rouhani talks rapprochement, now the GOP are hinting they

As Iranian Leader Woos The World, Netanyahu's Red Line Fades To Black

PPL reboots Susquehanna nuclear power plant after radioactive leak

"Corporate subsidies" is the wrong term. What's the term we're looking for?

Russian parents group asks Putin to cancel Elton John concert

BRINGING HOPE TO HAITI: Dr. Melissa Barber on the Cuban Medical School

Today, Senate confirmed the 1st openly gay appellate (Fed Circuit Court of Appeals) judge in history

This Will Send The Right Wing Apoplectic. The President Tells It Like It Is.

Generation W (Whistleblowers), Ages 18 - 34, Believes Snowden Did a Good Thing

Hardball s/b good tonight. I suspect Chris will crucify Cruz. He's made it pretty

Would it be a mistake to take a short vacation?...

Israel Accuses Iran's Rouhani Of Playing 'Game Of Deception'

McDonald's and Faux News

Walker’s Cops Lose Case, Face Civil Suit

More Americans Estimated to Die from Hospital Mistakes than from Strokes and Accidents Combined

Federal workers to strike, march on White House Wednesday

Fox ‘Liberal’ Bob Beckel: No New U.S. Mosques Until Muslims ‘Denounce’ Kenya Attack

Bay Area DUers, my band is gigging in Hayward this Saturday...

Tweety - Ted Dr Strangelove Cruz

(Scott)Walker’s Cops Lose Case, Face Civil Suit - The Progressive

Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton!

SEIU 1984 Part-time Workers’ Rights Upheld by NH-PELRB

Yes? No? Made this for an argument I was having elsewhere..

Wow Chris Matthews just went off on Ted Cruz big time

Gay HBO Series “Looking” Begins Filming In San Francisco, Locals Are Thrilled

Libertarian Wrong on Math Education

Border Patrol agrees to officer training in Washington state profiling case

Shit McAuliff (spelling) only has a 5 point lead over that asswipe

McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race

Boy Scouts of America Setup a Kiosk in a Disabled Access Zone

I think the time has come for me to say goodbye.

Ex-top U.S. nuclear regulator counsels end to atomic power

AT&T Park Picket Line -- Support Centerplate Concession Workers

Todd Hughes, First Openly Gay Circuit Court Judge In History, Confirmed By Senate

Modoc County, Calif., joins Siskiyou in bid for secession

Man Expresses Indifference to Breaking Bad Finale, Is Found Buried in Desert

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bloomberg: "Why Met Won’t Bow to Protest of Anti-Gay Law: Peter Gelb"

A secret plan to get people to sign up for the ACA (Obamacare)

I just turned over the CSpan and it looks like Sen Cruz has adopted "Smokey Eyes..."

What's with the Part D coverage? Our monthly premium is going from $30.10 per month this year

Her spelling can be excused; even the license tag is cheering her on

Wisconsin unions file contempt motion over governor's collective bargaining restrictions

The head of AIG equates criticism of banker bonuses with the lynching of African-Americans.

Ted Cruz: My father invented Green Eggs and Ham

For those wondering what climbing the corporate ladder looks like...

New 'anti-Brotherhood, anti-military' front launched to 'achieve revolution goals'