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Archives: September 25, 2013

LOL!!! What in the world is going on with the Republicans? ANOTHER food fight!!!

CAN WE UNDERSTAND? A Divided Dem Party...These WARS..Sucking Us DRY!

The many faces of Heisenberg

Cruz is so fucking stupid....

City sending letters to taxi drivers with several points

Ted cruz just read Green Eggs and Ham on the senate floor. (updated with video)

BREAKING NEWS!!! Ted Cruz LIKES Green Eggs and Ham...

Truthout Interviews Featuring Candice Bernd

Ted Cruz = Mr. Smith

Top Ten Facts About Obamacare

Draw the Line: the People's Eminent Domain

Feeling unsafe? Gun-rights group offers Orlando residents free shotguns

Ralph Ellison’s race classic “Invisible Man” banned in North Carolina

Empty F-16 jet tested by Boeing and US Air Force

Public Advocate Runoff Candidates Debate On NY1

Chris Matthews Rants Over Ted Cruz: This ‘Sneering’ Demagogue is a ‘Problem for Our Republic’

Calif. governor signs bill to deter paparazzi

RE: Obamacare:

I think we need to set the Honey Badger onto Mr. Cruz's pants.

Woman spits on NYPD Cop and the Cop stays professional......

Former Chief of Jewish Charity Was Stealing From the Start, Prosecutors Say

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Blow Ted Cruz’s Faux Filibuster Out of the Water

TexasTowelie actually got a new job... for one day.

Tobin is TERRIFIED of flying... for the first half-hour or so.


You've heard of hunting dogs, but you almost certainly haven't heard of a hunter dog.

Just one more reason why Bogart is one of MiddleFingerMom's heroes:

"But I NEED it, said MiddleFingerMom. "(coffcoff)". When the doctor looked unconvinced, MFM said...

Opt out of Koch propaganda, Not Obamacare (parody)

De Blasio and Lhota Agree to 3 More TV Debates


Judge: Rent Too High Candidate Goes on NYC Ballot

Ted Cruz Reads Green Eggs And Ham on the senate floor

Communities Fight Back Against "Racist" DC School Closures

WSJ’s Columnist Celebrates Battle Between 'Sane' GOP and 'Deranged, Extremist' Tea Party

I Deserve To Get Raped | Alybongo

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The First Cut is the Deepest & a new Kitteh gif

Canadian Natural told to drain Alberta lake due to oil sands leak

If Obamacare is not working fairly well in 4 or 5 years, should we consider repealing it ??

Ted Cruz Has a Plan to Get the America He Wants: Minority Rule

Catzilla benchmark brings feline vengeance upon your computer

Do smokers have any idea that they smell like aged turds?

"Sons of Anarchy" creator calls Brent Bozell "a pathetic f**king douchebag"

KochRoaches' own ad works against them

WWYD? - A Beautiful 16 y/o Runaway Girl Bumps Into An Old Male Trucker..Stick A Foot Up His Ass!

'Normal sex' is not having sex in a box in front of a studio audience


Justin Timberlake covers the Jacksons' Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) in the Live Lounge


People are talking about DU activism? Oct. 26. Be there.

"That's better..."

Obama and the Racism Thing...Only A Pawn in Their Game.

Let me see if I got this right. Today Rouhini and Obama nearly met

With Pope Francis zeroing in on poverty as the most important issue

Sigh, just another night in GD.

Women in 15 nations need spouse's okay to work: report

The so-called "double standard"

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.

Ted Cruz gets what he wanted after all!

Is Cruz still fillibustering?

Ever Notice Ted Cruz looks like Ed Haney from Green Acres?

"BFD: New Wind Contract Cheaper Than Coal, Nuclear"

POLL: What time will Ted 'McCarthy' Cruz end his faux filibuster?

Watch As This "Young Democrat" Devastates This Republican on OBAMACARE & Ted Cruz... Hillary don't run for president

Hundreds of Bangladesh Garment Factories Shut Down as Women Take to Streets in Dhaka

The Trees That Miss The Mammoths

(80+) Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by cyanide

"Fmr. McCain Strategist Blasts Sarah Palin’s ‘Asininity’ on Obamacare"

Bloomberg Is Unlikely to Testify in Fraud Trial, Judge Says

Which of these is most politically correct? The Democrat Party or the Democratic Party?

Howard Dean a panelist on Anderson Cooper's discussion show at 10:00.

Why is there still a thread about the only reason PBO won is 2008 is black votes

"I Do Not Like This Ted Cruz Twit".. Tweets: Green Eggs and Hams Push Back on Cruz!

C-SPAN chyron during Cruz's speech: "This is technically not a filibuster."

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Killing of Jonathan Ferrell in Context

Patrick Leahy backs sweeping NSA restrictions

China lifts "great firewall" within "free trade zone"

This is a great time to make a donation to BattleGround Texas! Turn Texas Blue!

Ted Cruz, Ima let you finish but...

Sorry, another Jim Henson post: two letters to be opened after his death

"FakeFilibuster" - Cruz pre-negotiated terms of his fake filibuster with Reid.

Slate Pitch: Obama Is the Shrewdest Political Tactician Since LBJ

Sorry Jesus

Hanaway Considering Run for Gov. in 2016

Post-PRISM, Google Confirms Quietly Moving To Make All Searches Secure, Except For Ad Clicks

US consumer confidence dips as jobs outlook dims

A Theory the Lounge needs to discuss!

Constitute: The constitutions of the world's nations for comparison

Looking Good!

Running wild

My Response To Senator Cruz Reading "Green Eggs and Ham" On The Senate Floor

Feature request

Rice crackers, philidelphia cream cheese and crabapple jelly. I'm just saying....

"I didn't know him from Adam's housecat" and other sayings...

Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

"What was it that P.T. Barnum said?..."

Just when I truly thought ODS was complete BS, my cousin comes out as a birther

President Obama and President Clinton Discuss The ACA:

Ted. Fucking. Cruz.

Russia tows Greenpeace ship into Murmansk

"This Selfish Ayn Rand Business Philosophy Is Ruining The US Economy"

Carnival Cruz

'Monsanto Protection Act' To Expire, Won't Be Part Of Continuing Resolution

The Ted Cruz fake filibuster drinking game...

*Bill Clinton and Al Gore on Charlie Rose tonight

A person is not a house. I thought you were the party of life.

a new toy

Cruz just explained the rationale for the individual mandate.

Family member has October 2013 copy of American Spectator Magazine showing JFK, Ronald Reagan

Silent Treasures from the New Zealand Film Archive


Cruz is ridiculing Obamacare with his 'green eggs and ham' shtick. Ridiculing

Take this test to see how good your memory is!

Ice Cream, Water Spirit, and Stairs

President Obama at the UN today.. Pics(heavy), Vid, and Transcript..

The Collected Poems of the Affordable Care Act

Craig James threatens legal action over Fox Sports firing

Craig James threatens legal action over Fox Sports firing

"John Kerry To Sign U.N. Arms Treaty: Diplomats"

pictures of Protest of Drones at Ft Ripley, MN

Holly Roller School Board President Arrested Boarding a Flight To Amsterdam

Ted Cruz Sabotages His Own Faux Filibuster With Green Eggs and Ham

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) now presiding over Cruz's "pointless fairy tale non-filibuster"

What Dr. Seuss had to say about people like Ted Cruz

9/25 11am Gov's mansion. Join Welfare Rights Commitee

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 26, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Kim Novak

SI Family Whose Home Was Damaged By Sandy Moving Back In With Help From Grant

Nervous as hell

Why Ted Cruz’s Anti-Obamacare Grandstanding Doesn’t Matter At All

9/27 Friday 7pm A Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees

Sen. Cruz, I'll see your Green Eggs and Ham and raise you...

Abu Ghraib Victims to Pay Their Torturers | Heroes and Villains

Just got an E-Mail from Rep. Paul Ryan.

Oct 6th- 7th. 2nd yr of Occupy MN. Join us at People's Plaza,(5th St & 4th Av) downtown Minneapolis

Pope says migrants not 'pawns on chessboard of humanity'

Stewart Grapples With GOP’s ‘Fear of Anal Puppet Finger-Banging’ to Stop Obamacare

A jerk calls out a fraud.

Cop runs a black man down with a car but isn't charged with murder. FLORIDA

Ted Cruz’s Filibuster Could Cost Him Millions

Bill Clinton Reveals Big Personal Loss From Mall Attack

Dinner and Conversation with President Mahmoud Abbas

9/24-25. Big bucks frac sand conference in Minneapolis draws big league pro-industry astroturfers -

24 Recipients of MacArthur ‘Genius’ Awards Named.

Jon Stewart Skewers Ted Cruz’s Crusade: ‘Obamacare is Your Springtime for Hitler’ (VIDEO)

Feds, Jindal clash over possible resolution of school vouchers suit

Typical Republican Logic

Data Geeks Say War, Not Agriculture, Spawned Complex Societies

Protest at Frac Sand Conference 9/24, 25 in Minneapolis

Bill Maher: Atheism will be ‘the new gay marriage’

Larry Klayman Sets Date For Ousting Obama. And My Musical Response:

[CA] State to extend Paid Family Leave

UN chief urges leaders to stop fueling Syria war

Minneapolis pushes back against FBI repression of anti-war activists (3yr anniversary of fbi raids)

Leave it to Jon Stewart to poke a hole in Cruz "rationale"

New Report: For 95% Of Americans, Obamacare Will Cost Much Less Than Expected

Disproving evolution won’t save creationism, atheist activist says

Tried tuning in to The Ted Cruz Amateur Hour...

Dean returns to New Hampshire, fuels presidential speculation

‘Paramilitary’ columnist reemerges as Uribe adviser

Vatican Excommunicates Gay-Supportive Australian Priest

What's for Dinner ~Wednesday ~ September 25th

Bwwwwaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha Shootemintheface disarmed.

The silence of our friends--the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East:

Govt seeks dismissal of Petraeus-related lawsuit

The 21 Things to Let Go to Become the Happiest Person in the World

A sincere word for the Republican Party... gives up on comments- can't foster "lively intellectual debate"...

Democrats aren't roused to anger very easily...

HEY!! THAT WAS painless...

Sedona, Ariz., approves local ordinance on civil unions

Lawrence O'Donnell on Ted Cruz: "He is not a smart man. He is stupid."

Premiums unveiled for health overhaul plans

Saw Linsay Graham on crossfire tonight.


Lawrence O'Donnell: Media 'Blinded' by Stupid Ted Cruz

Calif doctor saves choking diner with pocket knife

21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday 25 Sep 2013)

Police link to mass killing a blow for Mexico City

Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

"Fox News saved my life" - as seen on Facebook . . .

This 73 year old speech from a Hollywood comedy is one of the most important ever made...

Nairobi attack: UK woman and Americans 'among militants'

I told NIS of the attack, says Sonko

Have a heaping dish of irony: Dutch king: say goodbye to welfare state

Egypt shuts headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood newspaper

The handsome feral dogs of Mumbai (photos of heart-stealing dogs warning)

GQ: Ted Cruz: The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas

The abandoned mills of Mumbai (dial-up/mobile warning: pics)

360,000 Gun Deaths Since 9/11-From Outside It Looks Like America Is a Country Gripped by Civil War

China activist Cao Shunli 'disappears', says rights group

We Live In a Surveillance State in America Can We Stop from Evolving into a Full-Blown Police State?

Christian Group: There's "Nothing More Christian" Than Cutting Food Stamps

Shabab: 137 hostages buried in Kenya mall rubble

McAuliffe lead increases in new poll

One last set of Mumbai photos today (with captions)

Foot cream kills HIV by tricking cells to commit suicide

the teaparty is using extortion and refusing to obey the law of the land

The Heretic by Tim Doody (Amazing Read Concerning LSD Use)

How will the rise of Libertarianism effect the 2014 elections?

UN chemical arms inspectors heading back to Syria

Jeremy Scahill: The Significance of al-Shabaab and US Intervention In Somalia

'Jihadi' Mall Attack in Kenya Is Perfect Pretext for America to Spread Its Empire Deeper into Africa

MacArthur Foundation announces 2013 Fellows

Pakistani drone victims’ lawyer says U.S. blocked his visit to Congress

'Popular Science' Shuts Comments, Citing Internet 'Trolls'

Joe Lhota: Bill de Blasio’s ‘Marxist playbook’

Obamacare Premiums Report Shows Low Prices For Uninsured With Wide Variation


Here's What You Can Buy At The Biggest Gun Show In The Southeast{image warning}

Joe Scum says Cokie Roberts is wrong for calling the Teabaggers racist

Rouhani surfs the new WAVE

Pubs and restaurants cut prices in VAT protest

Obama, Nobel War Laureate

The 5 poorest states are all in the south

Just to the extent that the latest meme is my fault: activism

Real Friends Share:

A Sinking Empire Called America

Jane Austen ring bought back from Kelly Clarkson

Jackson criticizes pope, gay marriage (running for Lt.Gov. in Virginia) - edited from church website

Reading Maureen Dowd today

Democracy, Common Core - style. Video at link.

Love me, I'm a liberal

Afghan Warlord: 'The West Must Give Us Our Weapons Back'

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (no spoilers)

Is that gasbag still flapping his yap?

75,000 Commit to Civil Disobedience if Obama Cuts Deal on KXL

Fukushima ground water "beyond human control" - former US chief nuclear regulator Dr. Gregory Jaczko

AIG CEO Says Getting Yelled At On Blogs For Obscene Bonuses Is Just Like Getting Hanged From A Tree

Four-year-old British boy freed and given Mars bar after telling armed militant 'you’re a bad man'

"Laverne Cox Rocks"

America's Education Whistleblower: Diane Ravitch and the Reign of Error

Stockton Priest Stepping Down After Fathering Child

75,000 Commit to Civil Disobedience if Obama Cuts Deal on KXL

How come Robert Byrd could stand on the floor in a REAL filibuster against a war vote and the media

Report: "Low-Crime Tax" Keeps For-Profit Prisons Profitable

Surprise! Obamacare is going to cost most people way, way, way less than expected.

For Ted Cruz, it's quickly becoming an ignominious failure.

Toon: Wayne LaPierre’s Tears by Bill Day

Ted Cruz Privately Approached Harry Reid To Ask For Time To “Filibuster”

"Decadent Homosexual Activity," Marijuana and Abortion Caused Colorado Floods, Talk Radio Minister C

It's not really recycling if you just dump it in a landfill.

Obama’s Friends in Low Places

What does the little blue triangle to the left of a thread, on Latest Threads, mean? nt

State House Staffer Leaves Loaded Gun In Missouri Capitol Men's Room

Is Cruz done talking yet?

Christian Leader Offers to Not Press Charges Against Vandals Who Toppled Decalogue Display

First Three E-Cigarette Spots Are All Banned By U.K. Regulator

Should Cruise Missiles Target Saudis?

'Massive fraud' at center of trial against BofA over U.S. mortgages

CSPAN Reminds Viewers That Cruz's Overnight Speech Is Not A Filibuster (PHOTO)

Anyone going to watch the 1%'s boat race, America's Cup today??

Conservative group: Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn ‘turncoats’

Thread art and other Japanese things

Quiz: Health Care Reform Myth or Fact?

NYT: “Senator Persists Battling Health Law, Irking Even Many in His Own Party” Whose picture

Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's court-martial on sexual assault allegations delayed, Fort Bragg s

The new Australian Prime Minister is a misogynist...

The calls for Clinton ...

US teenager found guilty in school shooting plot

"What Ted Cruz is doing is not technically a filibuster. It's simply a case of an asshole who won't

That had to be the most asnine thing I ever saw.

Feeling unsafe? Gun-rights group offers Orlando residents free shotguns

Al-Shabaab will emerge stronger after Nairobi mall attack, warns analyst.

The Fall of the Heritage Foundation and the Death of Republican Ideas

Conservative Media Cite Gun "Research" From Gay And Immigrant Bashing Journal

U.S. to sign international Arms Trade Treaty, over protests of the NRA

Obama Tells World: US Is 'Exceptional' But (Don't Worry) Not 'Imperial'

Exclusive: Hundreds of U.S. security clearance records falsified, federal cases show

Message to Cruz:

I DO NOT Like the GOP!! "Green Eggs & Ham" Remix

Louis C.K. and the bawdy mystic. Mark Morford

Pentagon could cut thousands more employees, save $50 billion, says study by former chiefs

State Treasurer Rob McCord one of many great Dem. candidates for PA. Governor

Wife Convinced Husband to Shoot Neighbor for Raping Her 'Telepathically'

Homemade apple sauce

Looking for a good slogan/idea for a Facebook timeline picture RE: Oct. 1 ACA

"A filibuster is like going to war." Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Milky Way’s supermassive black hole erupted two million years ago

I just posted seven times in a thread pointing out obvious logic.

Question: Was Tommy Tutone a complete and utter idiot? Yes? No?

do do ted cruz what they did to wendy davis

Anyone see "The Master"? What did you think?

UNROMANTIC - America: Lonelier & Poorer

Maureen Dowd's constant snark is really, really tiresome.

"Momma, I couldn't get my medication."

Papantonio: Insurance Front Groups Fight Healthcare Reform

F-35 maker hires ex-general who led NATO Libya mission

Romney To Headline Cuccinelli Fundraiser Today

Sorry, Ted ("Perhaps best CSPAN video feed caption ever.")

Is Cruz still talking?

F-35 Fighter Jet Noise Unbearable In Vermont

If you don't work, you don't eat

McCaskill: Cruz Doesn't Understand The Moral Of 'Green Eggs And Ham

Today is the Fifth Anniversary of the Collapse of Washington Mutual

F-35 fighter’s issues adding up


Final Word On Obamacare Coverage: Cheaper Than Expected

I am now thinking 2014 and 2016 is all about Texas...

FINALLY! A great retort to "...taking money from those who work hard - giving to those who don't"

Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions

In honor of the Monsoon: "Here Comes the Rain"

Energy Lessons from Germany

Exclusive: Hundreds of U.S. security clearances seen falsified

Here’s why the Repub-controlled House is totally full of s***:

This song just destroyed me

Exclusive: Hundreds of U.S. security clearances seen falsified

Cruz-ing strategy: Texas senator attacking Obamacare with an eye on 2016?

China's 'land grab' takes 5 percent of Ukraine: report

Listen, this shit is gonna happen's their new meme...

Is Newt Fronting for a Dubious PAC?

Dick Cheney

Report Ranks Oklahoma As One Of Worst States For Women

The Progressive Dr. Seuss

Republican: Senators Will Find Jesus & Defund Obamacare

OMG Chuckie Toad moderates VA Gov debate tonight!!!

Can somebody explain to me something about the Affordable Care Act?

Anti-Obamacare Ad: Creepy Gyno Exams to Scare Students

FBI pursuing fewer white-collar crime cases, group finds

DART Delays Vote on Domestic Partner Benefits After Board Members Walk Out in Protest

(Dallas) DART Delays Vote on Domestic Partner Benefits After Board Members Walk Out in Protest

Armed man says he won't stop intimidating council members until they re-write laws.

Don Lemon, (CNN): Republicans Lied About Obamacare : Huffington Post

Exclusive: John McAfee vows to make Internet 'impossible to hack' in Silicon Valley return

Russian Pol Says Gays Rape Children, Fake Hate Crimes

Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions

Coppell Dad Starts Small Organ Donation Charity, Rewards Himself With Six-Figure Salary

Federal Judge Still Overseeing Discrimination Case After Bizarre Race Remarks

Carolinas HealthCare’s planes used for business, personal trips

Ted Cruz's fauxlibuster is over.

Best Ted Cruz Meme to date.

Peak Hipster: Man Eats Sriracha-Flavored Ramen Out of His 'Beard Bowl'

Ghost Rapes of Bolivia- VICE

Green Eggs and Ham is constitutional and upheld by the Supreme Court

Election Day 2016: Hopes and Dreams

Henry Kissinger, genocide and the founding of Bangladesh

Deadly Pakistan quake creates new island

MaddowBlog: Ivy League educated Cruz' big blunder on the meaning of Green Eggs and Ham

Where do you go to find scrubbed websites?

Shocker. Samsung hurries gold smartphone to the market.

Dr. Oz offered a frugal tip the other day

10 Russian LGBT activists arrested at Sochi Olympics HQ

Cruz Impersonates Darth Vader In Speech: 'Mike Lee, I Am Your Father'

Stock Market going up as Cruz winds down.

Takin' a Showboat Cruz

Cruz the Clown wants the cloture vote the happen on Friday because people would be watching football

Green Eggs & Ham Broken Down

Putin: Greenpeace Activists Aren't Pirates

I checked out what my son will pay for health insurance under the ACA:

Sound and Fury of the GOP

traveling to Caracas

Rick Perry: Government Shutdown Not A 'Good Option' For GOP

is it a mustang? a hatchback? a stationwagon?

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2014

had minor surgery on my face (basal cell carcinoma), now chilling to this tune

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market -- anybody else seeing these TV ads?

Do We Really Need More Science Majors?

Investigative journalist says the mexican government is behind the drug wars

God Bless Ted Cruz

Undiscussed consequences of Obamacare:

I'd pay good money to watch Jon Stewart's take on Ted Cruz tonight.

Yankees Honor Derek Jeter, Retire His Number, Forcibly Remove Him From Stadium

The US Strategy In Syria Is Unraveling

Pic Of The Moment: Clueless Ted Cruz Reads "Green Eggs And Ham" During Fake Filibuster

Pakistan earthquake creates new island: a methane mud volcano

Harry Reid To Ted Cruz: 'This Is Not A Filibuster

King for a Day....or two

Obamacare's average monthly cost across U.S.: $328

Rafael Edward Cruz, will you please go now!

Ted Cruz has "argument boots"

not a good pet year for me.

World's largest wind farm coming to Hale County

World's largest wind farm coming to Hale County

Miss Piggy, other Muppets, join Kermit the Frog at Smithsonian

Shell announces Gulf Coast site for potential multibillion-dollar plant

Shell announces Gulf Coast site for potential multibillion-dollar plant

Republican leaders considering Plan B to stop healthcare law

Pretty bad fire in Georgetown last night.

Bernie Sanders: Cruz Is 'Succeeding' In Gaining Media Attention

GOP’s economic war on women about to explode - By Joan Walsh

Take the Obamacare Quiz!

The only Green Eggs and Ham rendition you'll ever need: Moxy Fruvous 1992

Coors Field this morning:

after surgery (removal of a good chunk of skin/tissue), we were referred to an oncologist

Even More Gun Control Proposals

so how much is 38 billion over 10 years?

E.W. Jackson Defends Controversial Statements at Lt. Gov. Debate

Want to see a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur?

Grocery workers union and supermarkets extend contract during talks

Fake Filibusters Or Telethon

DEA Thinks You Have 'No Constitutionally Protected Privacy Interest' in Your Prescription Records

The Great Ted Cruz Bloviation...

Victims Push Laws to End Online Revenge Posts

[Rick] Scott's prison-privatization promise falls short

Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones...

Angola Three inmate fighting for release after cancer diagnosis

So Is Dental, Pharma and Vision Covered By the ACA

No State Will Benefit More Than Texas: BOR's Joe Deshotel Defends The Affordable Care Act

Oxfam: US signs historic Arms Trade Treaty

I'll fix that grumpy cat...

FTC: $1M Settlement in Debt Collection Scam

Shocker - Poll: Republican Party Mostly Wants To Help The Rich

Drug sentencing change clears Assembly, but Brown’s view still unknown

Household Net Worth in U.S. Increases by $1.3 Trillion

Um...I thought the guy ends up liking green eggs and ham...

Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks to Vitiate Open Records Law to Protect ALEC’s National Treasurer

Watching Rachel I taped last night...

Iranians Lament Rebuff of First U.S. Handshake Since 1979

Salt Lake City will keep horse carriages but may revise rules

UPDATED: Modoc County joins Siskiyou in state of Jefferson bid for secession

I can't belive it!

EDIT: Cloture vote 100 - 0 in Senate (early). nt

Mayor To Receive Clinton Global Citizen Award

Lew Says Debt-Limit Measures Exhausted No Later Than Oct. 17

ahh the old days of the unrec button...

Just saw some horrible news on the Weather Channel!

Walter Rhett: The Cruz Prototype

Chinese Man Has Nose Grown On Forehead After Injury In Car Accident

Governor Signs Bill Hiking California Minimum Wage

Ex-Guatemala soldier faces trial in US

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium Is Home To World's Only Two Headed Turtle

If I may introduce a new term here ...

Americans Turn on Washington, 68% Say Wrong Track in Poll

Did I just hear that Cruz voted in favor of moving the budget bill?

Iran hails Obama's UN speech

Interesting article on benevolent sexism

How many times can they rob us?

NYPD: Manhattan Mugger Attacked Victim With Brick

Scarborough: Ted Cruz ‘desperate not to look like the biggest fool in DC’

Americans Turn on Washington, 68% Say Wrong Track in Poll

"Green Eggs and Sham" by Ted Cruz

Governor signs bill hiking California minimum wage

US: ATF misplaced 420 million cigarettes in stings

Moment of silence for shooting victims

Krugman: Boehner/Cantor "running scared of a large faction of the party that is indeed insane.”

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare: Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable

'Real Housewife' Melissa Gorga's New Book Advocates Marital Rape

There are a whole bunch of white people on my TV. A VERY few of them appear to have breasts.

What real "MEN" do..............................

Gun Lobbyist Kills Elephant In NRA-Sponsored NBC Sports Show

Lindsey Graham and "Allahu Akbar"

Is Human Civilization More Likely To Be Destroyed By Science Or Religion?

Why do those who hate the govt have such an inept understanding of how it works?

Be prepared to LOL at 0:31

UCL students build low-cost, Arduino-powered, Lego atomic force microscope

Cruz votes against Cruz, Senate moves on to funding government

What Pope Francis Thinks About Women in the Church

Palantir(!?) Mentioned During a Charlie Rose Interview at the Recent Clinton Global Initiative Conf.

There is something missing in talking about ObamaCare and I think it is relevant.

Sales of New U.S. Homes Rose in August Following July Plunge

Slate Pitch: Obama Is the Shrewdest Political Tactician Since LBJ

Thank you for the changes to the alert system.

Bill Maher: Atheism will be ‘the new gay marriage’

The fun is over... again

Getting pumped before kickoff

J.C. Penney Plummets as Goldman Raises Liquidity Concerns

Americans in Poll Doubt Economy Rebound

Ted Cruz just voted for Obamacare (Senate votes 100-0 for Obamacare)

The Withering of the American Environmental Movement

Senator John Boozman thrashes Ted Cruz for Obamacare tactics

Sen. Pat Leahy Slams Surveillance In Aim To Reform FISA Court And NSA’s Powers

Iran’s New President Tells CNN: The Holocaust Was ‘Reprehensible And Contemptible’

DC Gunman (Legal Gun Owner) Begins His Hunt (Before Shots Fired)

With the changes to the moderating system, have you considered additional alert limitations?

Brazilian District Bans Sales Of Toy Guns To ‘Change The Culture Of Violence’

After 21-Hour Cruz Speech, Senate Votes to Take Up Budget (Unanimously)

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 25, 1957

Thom Hartmann: Without Privacy There Can Be No Democracy

Gov. Brown signs bill hiking California minimum wage

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons - Cover by Macy Kate Band ft. KHS

Golden Dawn remains defiant amid Greek revulsion at musician's murder

Sen. Ted Spews is offering t-shirts commemorating his, um, speechifying....

OBAMACARE: "This THING Is Going To Work"

The Lonely Triumph Of Ted Cruz by Charles Pierce

Updateususer folder

Need to check your privilege? Here is an easy way.

Lamb of God banned from performing in Malaysia

Paradise Lost: Ascension Islanders uprooted for US military base.

Alabama's former Democratic governor speaks out

43rd time is a charm

As a public health pro, here's my proposed solution to gun violence

"Stand your ground" law in Botswana?

Popular Science is closing comments on its articles, Citing "trolls and spambots"

Delivering on the Affordable Care Act: Marketplace Premiums Lower than Expected

What happens when a kitteh runs into bouncers when trying to enter a club?

Talk is cheap, polygamy isn’t

Dear Mr. President,

Just One Senator Is Single-Handedly Preventing First Gay Black Federal Judge From Being Confirmed

We Decided as broad government policy to not have an Economic Recovery

Thom Hartmann: Important! The Dark Ice Project

Chris Wallace Won’t Listen To The Voices In Tucker Carlson’s Head Telling Him Obama’s Racist

Oh, po' baby needs a custom made dolly

AM I seeing things or did you guys just add autocorrect?

Take a seat, Sen. Cruz

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Channels Darth Vader and Claims Mike Lee (R-Utah) To Be His Offspring...

"Accidental" intros?

The Republican Party is Crumbling as Rush Limbaugh Attacks Fox News For Being Liberal

"The good news for Republicans is that obsessive-compulsive disorder is covered under Obamacare!"

Apple Maps flaw results in drivers crossing airport runway

If a forum is trashed, does that do away with jury notices for it?

Thom Hartmann: The GOP has now declared Ayn Rand Akbar on America!

I have nightmares where I thought I was missing critical pieces of clothing. Now it's a fad.

Husky plays in leaves

How come I'm not racist if I criticise Bobby Jindahl?

Where's Iowa? Playboy's Top 10 party schools:

Poachers poison 90 elephants with cyanide in Zimbabwe wildlife park

Smoking e-Cigarretes kills!

EXCLUSIVE: Former Gov. Don Siegelman Brings the Hammer Down on Tom DeLay from Prison

Why do people do things like this?

Sumatran tiger cubs at San Antonio zoo

Justice at Last! Miss Piggy joins Kermit in Smithsonian collection

Bailed-Out Bank CEO: Public Criticism of Wall St. Bonuses is Just Like Lynchings

James Goodale: To reform the NSA, fire officials who lie

UK men sentenced over Oompa Loompa attack

When You Bleed On The Keyboard, Be Prepared To Clean Up The Mess

Earth moved under me again. Close to Pismo Beach.

Are you underwater in Florida?

"Concerned" parents bully Minnesota library during Banned Book Week.

Republican Says 2014 Will Be Great Because Minorities and Young People Won’t Vote

We're Number 1, again!

U.S. moves drone fleet from Camp Lemonnier to ease Djibouti’s safety concerns.

OK, it's time for a poll about CC vs. OC

Report: Old business models holding back clean-energy shift

The Rude Pundit: The Huckster Filibuster

I need help with a new outlook email problem.

Report: S.C. nuclear reactors at risk from dam failure

"The Senate reached a bi-partisan agreement to shut down Senator Cruz.."

51 Countries Vote Down UN Resolution Calling For Israel To Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

US renews global terror alert

Toon:Let Them Eat...Nothing..


TV AD: Nothing To Cheer About

WOW!!!! Krystall Ball Shames GOP -- AWESOME!!!

Who does not want Hillary Clinton to be our candidate in 2016?

Jerome Corsi And Alex Jones Link Obama To Nairobi Attack -

Syria Rebels Reject Opposition Coalition, Call For Islamic Leadership

True the Vote is trying to join the Voter Id case

Reince Priebus: In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz

Krystal Ball Tells The Truth On Obamacare (VIDEO @ link)

I can't haz bread? Can I haz cake?

Krystal Ball Excoriate Republicans For Non-Conservative Obamacare Attacks

Oracle Team USA wins the America's Cup. (Not a big yachting guy, but ...

About this Obamacare delay thing the GOP wants, I'm pretty easy...

Tearing down the wall of hate, one stereotype at a time.

Only "Generation Lockdown" can resolve America's gun debate

Ari Fleischer’s Attack on the Might of Obama’s Twitter Account Hilariously Backfires

Cruz Rips Senate For 'Theater and Show Votes' One Hour After Epic 'Look-At-Me' Speech

NYC soon to launch courts aimed at helping prostitutes out of sex work

High Demand Expected for Doctor Visits Etc. Starting Jan. 1 because of pent up demand

McCain lights into Cruz for invoking Nazi comparison

NFLPA questions whether Oakland Raiders followed protocol for Terrelle Pryor concussion, sources say

Police talk down suicidal man from Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and rescue him from girder 300 feet

Any belief system that takes criticism of it as evidence of it's validity

Economist says RFS saves drivers up to $1.50 per gallon - Biofuels Digest

The Coming Hillary Clinton Train Wreck

How FUBAR is Syria?

'The Canadian Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz'

Lakota and Dakota grandmothers capture the Nazi flag hanging in Leith, ND and burn it.


Senate Reaches Bipartisan Deal to Shut Down Ted Cruz

Texas Department of Public Safety opening Mobile Stations to Process Voter IDs

5 faith facts on religion in Syria

'You're not like us. Go home': French minister sparks Roma row

Michelle Obama hosted a lunch for wives of heads of state in Harlem today

Respectability Politics Won’t Save Us: On the Death of Jonathan Ferrell

A stat I thought I'd never see

Teresa Heinz Kerry was with Michelle at a lunch for wives of heads of state in Harlem

Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif): Trolling House Republicans

I'll say it flat out. Lindsey Graham is gay.

Mother Jones: "We Made Them Suck Their Own Blood off the Floor:" Assad's Other War Crimes

Russia Expects Syria Resolution In Next 2 Days

Accentuating the Positive

Obamacare: A Fact or Fifty~ "..there will be a whole new world as far as health insurance..

Off to Taco Bell.

REAL Republicans should love ObamaCare. Here are four reasons why:

Distance between church, state eyed

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis left note blaming low-frequency attack

'Testicle-Eating' Pacu Fish Found In New Jersey

Well, it's pretty obvious to me ....

These 12 Bills Are the NSA's Worst Nightmare

Man faces up to 7 years in prison for barking at K-9 at DUI checkpoint

She is someone

The Stars This Week: September 23-29, 2013

A Harper's Style Index of German and US social policy

Sen. Sanders: The Republican Reality

Ex-Charger Paul Oliver reportedly commits suicide

Walmart is CAVING to bad press and not cutting hours of full time workers for ACA!

Latina bicyclists answer macho bike culture with their own chain gang

Arkansas Swat Team Takes Out 107 Year Old After Tense Standoff

Michelle Obama hosted the wives of heads of state in harlem for lunch today

Interactive timeline of mass shootings in the past 30 years.

Post the worst celebrity 'trying for a singing career' video here:

Pap and Seder: Scandal-ridden ex-FBI Lawyer Awaiting Federal Judge Post

Mapped: How Many Meth Incidents Has Your Missouri County Reported This Year?

Mother Jones: Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

Ted Cruz, You’re No Wendy Davis

George H.W. Bush Serves as Official Witness at Same-Sex Wedding

forget the issue itself. ted cruz spent 21 hours railing against something

Phone Calls from 589-7456

Why the old guard Republicans are so hilariously confounded by the Tea Baggers

* Eighty percent of Americans, including 83 percent of independents and 75 percent of Republicans, s

Florida gun group offers free shotguns to arm those in high-crime neighborhood near Sanford.

Wild - truly informative NPR story - Meet The Iranian Commander Pulling Strings In Syria's War

No, Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster Isn’t The Same As Wendy Davis’s Real One

Who else does what I do at fast food places?

Wal-Mart Cutting Orders as Unsold Merchandise Piles Up

Missing Girls Sought (be on lookout in IA along I 80 incl Des Moines/Cedar Rapids)

ELF Mind control - the top secret weapons of the future are here (Playboy article Jan 1990)

Fake Christians who claim to follow Jesus' example, GOP particularly, need to see a REAL one . . .

WTF? CBS News poll says:

Canadian scum convicted in terror plot to blowup parliament & the CBC & behead the PM dead in Syria

It looks like the Buccos aren't going to win the division.

Treasury Puts a Date on When Cash May Run Out: Oct. 17

JPMorgan in talks to settle government probes for $11 billion: sources

Fox is a big fat liar on to claim Obamacare is rationing treatment.

North Carolina school board to revisit 'Invisible Man' book ban

Israel On Sidelines As World Rushes To Embrace Iran's Rouhani

Wal-Mart's affiliate "mental patient" costume withdrawn from sale online

Rachel Maddow - Cruz a spectacle with faux filibuster

The Last Word - Ted Cruz's fake filibuster

from McAuliffe:

Why Libertarians Shouldn't Fix our Schools

I really want this year to be over....

D.C.’s Obamacare fail: Prices won’t work until November

"Power robs the brain of empathy"

Revealed: Qatar's World Cup 'slaves' Exclusive: Abuse and exploitation of migrant workers

New Jersey couple loses ocean view, gets $1

George H.W. Bush Serves as Official Witness at Same-Sex Wedding

Utah police officers disciplined for drug use, having sex on duty

88 malnourished cats found in Ypsilanti Township home

Joan Walsh: GOP’s economic war on women about to explode

Green Eggs and Ham: A Metaphor for Obamacare.

Senators Push Bill to End Phone Record Collection

Dear Ann Coulter and other "Racism (and sexism) is Dead" nitwits.

IDF Soldier Passes IDs Of Jewish Girls Who Socialize With Arabs To Anti-Assimilation NGO

Earth Had Oxygen Much Earlier Than Thought

GOP Policy Like The Policy When Titanic Sunk - Lock 3rd Classers Below Allow Rich To Escape First.

$28.34 per hour

Edward Snowden Reveals New Information About NSA Spying On India

Mainstream Republicans in worse shape than Ted Cruz

Correction of anti-union talking points currently being catapulted by wsj and others. (corrected)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 September 2013

Abubakar Shekau: Boko Haram chief 'shown alive' in video

I just found out how much I will pay for the affordable care act...

What percentage of jury verdicts end with a 6-0 vote to hide?

FBI just arrived in Kenya to do forensics on the Mall attack including

Senator Warren Applauds FHA Loan Modification Policy Change

Burger Flipping Should Pay $15 An Hour - Reagan Redefined It Manufacturing.

I really want this flower. This is so awesome.

Need to stop hating myself.

Oh well, concerning the TPP


Need for Speed Official Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

All Blacks Should Have the Last Name ‘N*gger’ Say Racist Pennsylvania School Officials (Video)

who and what do you read for political and cultural analysis