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Archives: September 26, 2013

Cool thing just happened!

How I, an Australian Jewish-atheist, became a German citizen

Rumor has it that Ptah is growing pets for his neighbors.

Graywarrior didn't realize she was growing old 'til she responded like this when asked out on a date

Well, it ain't no Rodin's "The Kiss"... but it'll do as one of the great ones.

This is the musician who collaborated with Frank Zappa for the most number of years.

MiddleFingerMom has a new hero.

MiddleFingerMom really... REALLY misses going out to the bar.

Top Nevada GOPer Brags 2014 Will Be ‘A Great Year For Republicans’ Because Minorities Won’t Vote

Dr. Seuss responds to Ted Cruz

Secretary Kerry Announces New Initiative to Address Gender-Based Violence in Global Humanitarian...

He knows what's coming.

Chessington bans 'baffling' animal print clothing

Cool thing happened earlier, but posted this in Coping with Divorce by mistake!

Rick Perry opposes GOP tactic to shut down government over Obamacare

Something amazing is happening over the NSA and you all are missing it.

If your best friend tells you his wife keeps cheating on him, dont give advice

Technical question about Obamacare

First computer made of carbon nanotubes is unveiled

Another great image from Occupy Posters.

Kerry signs Arms Trade Treaty

FBI releases chilling video and images of Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis

Will Hillary be the USA's Mom?

DA Declines To File Charges Against Grandmother In Boy’s Fatal Dog Mauling

Ant skull in my Penis for 30+ years.....True story I just had to share.

Name a person who produces something more valuable than the average Congressperson.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Hallelujah! $66,666 reached

My Dear DUers I simply cannot wait for the wrath of the American people

US, EU bungled Arab Spring strategy: study

Circuit failure delays Amtrak in Metro-North area

Iran leader wants nuclear deal within months

Just a general comment - Shop the sales! Use those coupons!

The State of Women in America

Bill Clinton on Piers Morgan right now.

Securing the border imposes a toll on life in Texas

Found on Tumbler

"The Fall of the Heritage Foundation and the Death of Republican Ideas"

Global warming pause 'central' to IPCC climate report

Perhaps this has been posted before?? (Good for another look)

Here's a picture of Salvador Dali walking an anteater...

Five Years Ago...

Have you driven a Ford lately~

I posted this to the GD ...

I hope Democrats have 24 hour security for all Senators

Judge orders documents released in probe of Scott Walker aides

Babies Eating Birthday Cake

Judge orders documents released in probe of Scott Walker aides

A photo taken the other side of the Maroon Bells...

Today's Nifty Fact...

Five Million Kids...

Which would YOU choose?

Why shouldn't the American people have health coverage?

What's Class Warfare?

Measuring change based on responses to the latest mass shooting is missing the point.

Lydia's going to need some more Stevia. Your thoughts?

Cheetos and merlot?!1 *Updated* with an explanation!1

U.S. lawmakers seek to end bulk NSA telephone records collection

Go support Hillary on the GD thread asking for yes or no for her support.

Is the Washington Naval Yard shooting still "really big news" or have you already dismissed it?

Kerry's remarks at a Monday meeting of the Equal Futures Partnership

"Ant skull in my penis" is the Lounge phrase for the day. Go!

MUD, Black Hills Energy fees fuel Dawes’ campaign

PayPal blocks payments to Australia's Climate Commission.

The republican SLEAZE machine is in full force against Booker in NJ

Remember that PA sheriff who got canned due to making obscene videos?

They need help...

President Cruz Fondly Recalls 21-Hour Speech That Started It All

NASA testing out amazing life saving tool...

How about a Ted-CRUZ-is-REPULSIVE-and-CREEPY thread?!1 n/t

Bradlee Dean's homophobic hate group permanently shut down after staff walkout

"Professional" anti-Muslim speaker goes right off the deep end!

Woman pushed in front of Metro-North train

"How Conservatives Cooked A Blue Meth GOP" (A history of GOP thought)

I watching the Breaking Bad Marathon on AMC.

Who Hires Low-Wage Workers?

This is just wrong.

As soon as he left the Senate floor, Ted Cruz called the Rush Limbaugh show...

"John Kerry Says Israel, Palestine Aim For Final Deal"

Now Revealed by Stripper: Booker’s Twitter Messages

Statewide manhunt after 2 are shot; 1 dead in Garden City

Lemme see if I got this right...

"'Toronto 18' member Ali Mohamed Dirie reportedly died in Syria"

The Goofy Republicans

Funniest "World's Dumbest" incident ever!

Most Awkward Fox News Moment Ever

Untreated mental illness. We are going to have to do better as a country. :(

Fresno, CA goons try to destroy memorial for homeless who died on the street (picture lic.plate)

5,000 military families to lose food stamp benefits

Coatesville School Board allows 2 execs to resign after racist texts; public fumes

During the Ted Cruz 'talk-a-thon' EIGHT 'MALE' republican senators asked Cruz questions...

Anyone else like the movie Quest for Fire (1981)

The Affordable Care Act: a personal experience

Lhota Prepares To Release Policy Book As Firefighters Union Backs De Blasio

Don't be a Sad Panda-White House tweet

TV: Your Mind. Controlled.

The City Council

Wendell Potter: America's Hidden Epidemic that Obamacare Barely Touches

I'm disgusted.

Venezuela's Maduro mulls legal move against Airbus over fault in presidential jet

South America studies how to curb U.S. 'spying': Ecuador

Obamacare ends corporate invasion of privacy.

Kansas City Space Pirates attempt to set new record for laser-powered flight

Venezuela president skips UN debut citing death threats

Rotterdam could be cutting EMS services

Broadchurch finale

Lhota Backers Challenge Cap on Spending

The State of Women in America

Was the Daily Show on tonight? Or is it a rerun? Please and thank you.

'You're F*cking With Us, Right?' Jon Stewart Delivers Stinging Takedown of Ted Cruz Filibuster

If You've Ever Wondered What Happens To Kids After They're Rescued From Sex Trafficking, Watch This

David Letterman's Top Ten is the Best I have EVER seen....

Bionic Leg Controlled By Brain Power

I-43 bridge in Green Bay closed for up to a year after support pier sags 2 feet

You MUST watch David Letterman

Officials Detail Premium Costs of Health Plan

Here are a few things that scientists are just as or less certain of than climate change:

Revenue Canada corruption feared over $400K cheque to Nicolo Rizzuto

Jeremy Scahill's take on Obama's UN Speech

House GOP Debt Ceiling Offer To Include Pro-Wall Street Provisions, Health Care Cuts

Colombia is ‘model of hope’ to world: Former CIA chief

Colombia is ‘model of hope’ to world: Former CIA chief

Do icemakers go out often on old Frigidaire refrigerators ?

Court: Applicants wrongly denied U.S. citizenship

Maker of Religious Video Games Faces Stock Fraud Charges in U.S.

Simple and clean

"By what authority is this true?"

Poll: Do you feel optimistic for increased Democratic seats in 2014 ?

President Bill Clinton Does Great Impersonation of U2's Bono (full)

Is it true? Is it true?

Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan

Military Families finally get recognition

Recent news related to Fukushima

Solar Power and Energy Storage: Pairing Technologies Vital to Our Future

It's strange that Republicans today aren't judged by what they accomplish.

Solar Jobs Comparison — Louisiana vs. Georgia

Solar Jobs Comparison — Louisiana vs. Georgia

To The Fundy Churches And GOP The Only Role For Women Is Motherhood. The Only Degree An MRS Degree

McAuliffe Hits Cuccinelli On Women's Issues In Virginia Debate

Senate GOP's Constituents Are Confused About Obamacare Vote

Peru Calls For Reforms Of UN Security Council

Japan agrees to foreign help with Fukushima

Senators reach deal to accelerate CR votes

Peru, Chile To Abide By ICJ Judgement On Maritime Dispute

Rusatom keeps nuclear aid offer to Tepco alive despite rejections

Jury finds ex-Orlando cop not guilty of rape

How Ronald Reagan Turned Out the Lights on Solar Power

Disappointed coach suspends all 80 players on his football team


Ex-Guatemalan commander faces trial in Riverside over massacre

Abbott warns arms treaty could spur Texas to sue

Hey! Since Rmoney lost, I haven't seen any of those "I'm a Mormon" Youtube ads - coincidence???

Prairie View students will finally be able to vote on campus

State Senator Leticia Van de Putte: Cruz is a ‘Wendy Wannabe’

Sign petition to keep Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts off the table.

I'm ready to finally have health insurance again.

Disgusting Scumbags...

Gun misfires, prevents possible mass shooting at Fort Worth McDonald’s

To Battle Teen Pregnancy Crisis, Texas Builds $1.2 Million Abstinence-Only Website

NSA spied on Martin Luther King, documents reveal

Colombia's Santos says support of Venezuela, Cuba key to peace talks

Former Hand-Surgeon Michael Brown Gets 30 Days in Federal Slammer

Russia says ready to help guard Syria chemical weapons sites - agencies

Rep Adam Smith (WA-09) to open mobile offices

Aerial Data Visualizations. Some VERY cool photos;

Are the organizations Rightwing Watch and People for the American Way considered disreputable?

I didn't think ANYBODY could irritate more than GWB... boy was I ever wrong.

Greece probes blog post calling for gov't change .

GOP: Abortion Hypocrites

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday 26 Sep 2013)

Colombia prosecutors open formal probe into Alvaro Uribe’s alleged ties to right-wing militias

Colombia prosecutors open formal probe into Alvaro Uribe’s alleged ties to right-wing militias

Yo, gym rats, some advice, please. My PT wants me to ad a 3rd session every week.

NSA spied on Martin Luther King and boxer Muhammad Ali, documents reveal.


GOP in bed with big insurance

Colombia investigates Uribe brother's militia ties

Colombia Anti-free Trade Strike Brings Gains for Left

Jon Stewart's takes on Ted Cruz's filibuster. Very funny.

5 Ways American Society Dehumanizes Boys

“the nasty effect.”

Protesters Creatively Expose Obama's Secret Trade Deal that Would Give Corporations Immense Power

Joe Scum has jumped the shark

Iowa ordered to repay workers for meals

China’s plans to cut coal pollution will unleash another environmental catastrophe instead

where are we headed

Woman enters half-marathon, ends up winning full marathon by mistake

Oh Yeah? (1 of 4)

Oh Yeah? (2 of 4)

Meet the People That Will Bear Some of the Worst Effects of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Oh Yeah? (3 of 4)

Oh Yeah? (4 of 4)

OK, five of five. Sue me!

Is Chuck Chode still a stenographer?

World’s biggest solar thermal power plant fired up in California

The American Dream, RIP?

Austere Example: Pope's Message at Odds with Bishops' Lifestyle

Ethics For The Future

Incredible Story of Wacky Judge in Chicago

Try the stairs...

The Relationship between American Peace-Keeping and Terrorism

It should be fine if destabilizing the Assad regime enables the ascent of al-Qaeda in Syria

Europe's key animals 'making a comeback'

The sad part about rescuing animals...

The Republican party HAS the capacity & mechanism to "off-load" the teabag people

Labour Conference : Iain Dale receives assault caution over Brighton scuffle.

Republicans hate Ted Cruz as much as you do

Warning, Graphic: Abused for Surviving: What Amanda Lindhout Faces After Captivity

The Man Who Saved The World (2013)

Republican: 2014 Will Be Great Because Minorities and Young People Won’t Vote

Live Blog of Last Night's Televised Virginia Gubernatorial Debate

“Most Americans Are Simply Ignoring Republicans — and They Should”

Jon Stewart vs. Ted Cruz on the "filibuster". Best political takedown ever. This is it. Period.

Lockheed F-35 Quality Failings Cited by Inspector General

Herman Wallace one of Angola 3 has terminal liver cancer, seeks compassionate release.

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 26, 1909

UK Detention of Reprieve Activist Consistent with NSA's View of Drone Opponents as 'Threats'

National Review: House Debt Ceiling Demands Leaked

Gail Collins has a proposal for Congress if they can't pass anything:

Why The Poor Don't Work, According To The Poor{image warning}

A Newly Released Secret Opinion Shows Surveillance Courts Are Even Worse Than You Knew

False Rape Claim Leads to 2 Months Jail for 'Victim'

Pakistan Government Releases Close-Up Photos Of Island That Emerged After Huge Earthquake{large}

Why The Army Wants To Ban Tattoos

ACA must not cover diapers, huh

Donor List Revals Koch Brother Funded Major Tea Party Group

Key Syrian Rebel Groups Abandon Exile Leaders

I was carded at Maine's Common Ground Fair on Sunday!

Clinton Global Initiative: Chelsea Clinton's Feminist Imperative - The Battle For Gender Equality

Bailed-Out Bank CEO: Public Criticism of Wall St. Bonuses is Just Like Lynchings

Top 45 Lies In Obama's U.N. Speech.

Wind turbine syndrome: Farm hosts tell a very different story

Guardian: Cruz' theatrics over defunding Obamacare will cement grassroots adoration but tear apart

Jobless claims improve, remain near six-year low

British star Ellie Goulding's- I Know You Care. It's a beautiful song for a very good cause. :)

Electric Truck Manufacturer Boulder Electric Vehicle Successfully Demonstrates Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Wife Says George Zimmerman Has Changed Since Trial

California drives up traffic fines with fees earmarked for projects

WaPo Wonkbook: House GOP's debt limit bill "looks like an Onion parody"

German Elections Seal Fate of Renewable Energy

US-Egypt relations 'unsettled,' Cairo foreign minister says

Survivor-Maybe water is thicker than blood? Episode 2 Talking Thread-No spoilers re: future episodes

Art Buchwald; humorist, subversive threat?!?!

Dear NBC Education Nation, Lloyd Blankfein Is Not An ‘Education Expert’

In JP Morgan Case A Missed Opportunity to Charge Its Executives: Deal Book, New York Times

Wash. Times' Pruden: Unlike A Man Her Age, Hillary Clinton "Is Getting Past Her Sell-By Date"

Domestic Terrorism:

Top Nevada GOPer: 2014 Will Be 'Great' For Party Because Minorities, Young People Won't Vote

Federal highway funding crisis will hurt states, lawmakers told

Use Obamacare Defunding Votes to Win Elections!

The Atlantic: If You Thought Citizens United Was Bad, Wait for *This* Supreme Court Case

Bill Gates admits Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, blames IBM

Beutler, Salon: GOP’s incompetence is a godsend for America (Cruz = Bluto)

Pondering two questions

Military commanders investigated for mishandling Army’s ‘lost’ Medal of Honor nomination

JobsOhio: Fox, meet Henhouse.


Atheism to be taught to Irish schoolchildren

Pope Francis on abortion, gays, and contraception (toon).

Detroit Is The Midwest, The Midwest Is Detroit

"Here come the fudge!" . . . Please come CAPTION Andrew Napolitano!!!

Low-wage workers at federal buildings rally for higher pay

The American Exceptionalism Sweepstake

Part 2. Viva Zapata

Detroit Spent Billions Extra on Pensions

Amazing Dancing Dolphins From the Caribbean!

Papantonio: America - The Banana Republic

Right wing populism in full effect

A newbie has a question ...

"You hate me! You really hate me!"

Green Eggs and Derp

The root cause of most of our present government difficulties?

Think that baby’s so cute you could eat it? Turns out you’re right.

"Brains'll only get you so far and luck always runs out."

On Privatization's Cutting Edge

Displacement of persons is ‘explicit policy’ of FARC: Report

"Green Eggs And..."

Crushing the Middle Class

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) is asking his twitter followers to vote in a food stamp poll :)

Do you think the republicans are really going to shut down the government and try to blame Obama?

Modest proposal for how Dems should respond to GOP's debt ceiling bill

President Cruz Fondly Recalls 21-Hour Speech That Started It All

For those of you who hate sports --

Colombian patrol boats head to Brazil as part of arms deal

The Atlantic - "Here Are the GOP's Debt-Ceiling Demands, and They Are Insane"

Dangerous Addiction to Secrecy

Beyonce couldn't say it any better ...

Minumum wage and small business:

George Zimmerman pulled over in Brevard County last month

Large anti-Golden Dawn protest in Greece ends in violence

WaPo - "The Morning Plum: The GOP’s debt limit strategy is insane. People should say so."

Interpol issues alert for the "White Widow"

can anyone explain how Booker beat Pallone and Holt?

Start Your Halloween Planning Now -- Avoid the October Rush

Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business

our power....

Beyond Savage Politics and Dystopian Nightmares

IRV poll I created for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination

Tea Party Support Dwindles to Near-Record Low

Koch Industries PAY for their OWN Climate Change Studies!

Following @attackerman as he recounts details of his mother's remarkable life -RIP

U.S., Iran in Highest-Level Talks Since 1979

Robert Reich lied to NYT about Hillary Clinton overdoing it with butter on popcorn

Montana rapist's 30-day prison sentence to end

The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street on Late Night NY

gotta give Bush some credit regarding Syria...

SCOTUS Shields Generic Drug Manufacturers From Liability

Link below for new Democratic primary poll for President

Glenn Beck's Ideal Government

Scarborough Mocks Cruz's 'Pretend' Filibuster: 'Not Even Inspiring Narcissism' .

Martin Bashir: Immense A-Holes: Ted Cruz's Only GOP Friend is 'Ding-Bat' Sarah Palin

Good Vibes Requested: My 3 Girls are Going in for their "Nips and Tucks" Tomorrow...

New York Yankees miss playoffs for second time in 19 years

My Turn: Dangers of an F-35 crash

Asshats at IOC 'fully satisfied' over Russia's anti-gay law

Ace Combat Infinity's Story Mode is Free. As for Multiplayer...

TYT: Atheists Bullied For Not Believing In God

Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson Tells His Side Of The Lynne Cheney Blowup

Sinclair to buy 8 more TV stations, becoming country's largest broadcaster

TYT: Revenge Porn A Crime?

Talking pet auditions

Gun Control: Time to Stand Our Ground

Screw it I'm running for Congress

TPM: "Premiums do not reflect the full cost of coverage."

National Public Lands Day

DeMint Says GOP 'Did Not Litigate The Obamacare Issue' In 2012, Blames Romney

TYT: Ted Cruz: No Health Insurance? Get A Better Job, Loser!


Montana law October 1 marijuana

DU Throwback Thursday

Good News! Marrissa Alexander who fired gun at husband threatening her, to get new trial

Minnesota's gay marriage allies are at odds

I miss the "toon round-up"

TYT: NRA Upset By Signing Of Arms Trade Treaty

GOP’s incompetence is a godsend for America

Majority Report: Pay Journalists! (with Tina Dupuy)

Tea Party Support Dwindles to Near-Record Low

George H.W. Bush witness at Maine same-sex wedding

Sorry, gay-bashers: Your bogus defense may soon be outlawed!

Stories of Positive Change.

Al Sharpton: GOP Crack Up: Cruz Fakes Filibuster Then Runs To Rush Limbaugh!

Florida Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Shooting At Husband Gets New Trial

High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team For Online Bullying

TYT: World News Today -America's Village Idiot Fuels Overseas Propaganda


Misusing the Bible, Abusing the Poor

Obama doing great job selling Healthcare plan - MSNBC live

Rachel Maddow: Cruz a spectacle with faux filibuster

Are there any provisions in the Affordable Care Act that would help people

House G.O.P. Leaders List Conditions for Raising Debt Ceiling

Republicans: The answer to the question "Where do they get these people?"

"For Their Own Protection": Children in Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Chinese man has new nose grown on forehead

Jon Stewart Delivers Stinging Takedown of Ted Cruz Filibuster: 'You're F*cking With Us, Right?'

Need some good words...

"CSI: Gotham" coming to FOX

Russia Says North Korea Fired Shots in the Path of Russian Boat

GOP's Dangerous Debt Limit Demand: A Christmas Tree Of Conservative Goodies

Manchin: I'd Support Delaying Obamacare To Avoid Govt Shutdown

" -- if I show up in a cast I'll lose my job. And I need my job to keep going to school."

The Fall of the Heritage Foundation and the Death of Republican Ideas

Obama rebukes 'irresponsible' Republicans in health care speech (“The ACA is here to stay")

Please consider joining this coalition

Bye-bye Barry Zito: 7 years, $126 million, 63W-80L, 4.62 ERA

Garden City shooting suspect's car recovered

Need help getting rid of weird toolbar. Thanks.

'Essentially, DeMint is declaring a mistrial'

Atheism to be taught to Irish schoolchildren

Is it wrong to jokily call someone 'mental' ?

‘The Elders’ urge Myanmar to address religious strife

Obama Ridicules GOP Fear Mongering Of Obamacare

Secret 3G Radio in Every Intel vPro CPU Could Steal Your Ideas at Any Time

GOP's Debt Limit Bill "Isn't A Serious Governing Document---It's A Cry For Help"

And Repugs say that we are always "blaming Bush"?

NY1 Exclusive: City Council Exploring Way To Approve SI Ferris Wheel Without Outlet Mall

Sitcom writer's road to Catholic church no laughing matter

Getting DNA that matched one man to 30 sex assaults took 2+ years to even get into a lab

Wounded veterans at Walter Reed give wheelchair lacrosse a try

Can Pope Francis Change the Church?

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz's 21-Hour Senate Speech, Illustrated

America's poorest still fall through the cracks with Obamacare.

Bill Gates: Ctrl-Alt-Delete "Was a Mistake"

Sen Cruz Apparently Gets His Healthcare From -GOLDMAN SACHS- More than $40,000 in Premiums Annually!

LightSaber Molecules!!!

Tests Make Kids Smarter. Let's Give Them More.

Elderly Texas Woman May Be Disenfranchised After Being Denied A Voter ID Three Times

Kaiser Chart: The Requirement to Buy Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

20% of Yelp reviews are fake

Florida counties defy Gov. Scott on Affordable Care Act

This is what that filthy Ted Cruz wants to destroy:

Equivalency Formula Works Wonders

Pet Lovers: Today is Remember Me Thursday

Sense: Business vs. Social vs. Common

TALKING POINTS 101: Flummoxed

Freeway bridge drops 2 feet....Homeland Security Funding Remains Intact....

I dreamed I met someone I only “know” as a DU poster. The person didn’t look at all

Anyone here know what codes can be used to

Hmm. Coworker just dropped a bombshell re: global warming

I thought it was already wrecked ...

I didn't realize until this morning that we are facing

Warning: turn volume off (right wing attempt to drive DUers insane)

All Republicans Want in Exchange for Not Destroying the Economy Is Everything

Ed Henry's dumb gotcha: Of Course Jay Carney Wants Health Care

Cats & Dogs

Pakistan Earthquake Appears To Form New Island (PHOTO)

Riverside County pit bull sterilization ordinance moves forward

Beating up on the elderly is filthy! Shows what Texas Republicans are made of!

The Media Has Soured on Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Odds Haven't.

A possible unintended side effect of Obamacare

Head of Barilla pasta company: Gays can eat someone else’s pasta

Pasta CEO Refuses to Make Ad 'with a Homosexual Family'

Why do Cruz and Heritage Action do what they do? By Jennifer Rubin

My partner and I are looking to buy a house in/near Portland Advice please

Organic Consumers Opposes Warren-Udall Efforts on FDA Voluntary GMO Labeling

I'm reading the original "Dracula"

The Affordable Health Care Act: Front Page News

Easy Breezy

I do not like

Boehner Plans to Amend Senate CR

The GOP's Ransom Demand

Hollywood Legend Ed Asner Has Outraged Republicans Over This Animated Short

Want to enjoy seeing the pukes eat their own

Quadcopter UAV flying over Niagara Falls.

GOP Leaders Aren't Even Pretending the Debt-Ceiling Fight Is About Spending

The Next Campaign To Paint Obamacare As A Failure

Goebbels & Riefenstahl were pikers next to LIMBOsevic. He's telling his herd the "real" reason NIXON

Has anyone ever had a bad experience

Howdy folks! I'm Big Tex 2.0!

California man behind anti-Islam film freed from federal custody

Jobless Claims Fall To 305,000, Near 6-Year Low

Can you imagine the conniption the right would have if we were getting actual socialized medicine?

Not to give them any ideas, but will the TeaPublicans force feds into the exchanges?

Outrageous: Greenpeace activists denied bail by Russian court considering piracy charge

Split Weakens U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels as Islamists Gain

much of today's "controversies" I blame on the media

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: Pray for the Death of the Affordable Care Act

Find out if you qualify for lower cost ACA premiums.

'Best Songs You've Never Heard' thread

Fight Over Energy Finds a New Front in a Corner of Idaho

Miss Teen "Sextortion" Suspect Arrested

This is difficult to watch, but it should be shared

The advantages of centrism

Have we really come to this in Canada?

If you want Hillary to fade away, post a viable other.

Rage of the Privileged ~ Paul Krugman

Sign-ups for Obama Care start October 1 -

Obamacare advertising means big bucks for radio; bad for RW hate Obamacare radio.

Adorable Care Act

Guide dog sacrifices life saving owner's child

Kaiser Family Foundation’s health insurance costs and savings calculator (ACA)

Hi, Skinner.

U.S. says online Obamacare enrollment for individuals starts October 1

Baptist group says government prayer violates consciences, undermines voluntary religion

"Mouseland" by greatest Canadian Tommy Douglas

I'm 'brainwashing' a 12 year old.

White House shoots down idea of device tax repeal in funding bill

Making Tracks

Made in USA

Question on Mirt.

Can we start a pool on who will get the first banning?

Chairman of Barilla pasta: ‘Gays can go eat another brand’

Michelle Obama's ID details hacked from data brokers

Bud Selig Reportedly Set to Announce Retirement as MLB Commissioner

I'm Coming Out... as Pro-Vaccine by JJ Keith


MTA: The Metro-North New Haven Line is Out of Commission Until Further Notice

"Fatal error"

Foster dog saga: Gotta vent

A fireman who deserves a medal!

"Abbey Road" released FORTY FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY? You've got to be kidding me.

AdorableCareAct Tumblr Attempts To Woo The Internet With Fuzzy Bunnies

Tweet from Nerdy Wonka

Four Decades After the First 9-11 in Chile

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

What the Affordable Care Act Means to Communities of Color

War crimes court upholds former Liberian leader Charles Taylor’s conviction, 50-year sentence

Stuff Happens!

House Republicans challenge Obama on debt limit, spending (Reuters)

People do kick you when your down.

Editorial: The rhyme of the greenhorn senator

Ex-teacher freed after serving 30 days for child rape

White House has released a list of concessions it's willing make in exchange for the GOP....

Activists claim Saudi held in Lithuanian CIA site

McGill students win $1-million prize for idea of using insects to battle hunger

As Cleanup Plan Is Set for Gowanus Canal, Violations Continue

Obama responds to ‘Creepy Uncle Sam’ ad

The TPP: Trade Is Good When It's Fair

Got up early to hit a community garage sale today.

What no one is truly talking about in regard to the Health Care Law........

There's a new guy on our local radio station

If Obama Endorses His Own Impeachment, GOP Will Agree Not To Destroy The U.S. Economy

Marissa Alexander, Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot, Gets New Trial

Some advice to my A&A posting friends

Gov. Brown Signs Law Requiring Cars Give Bikes 3 Feet of Clearance

Rocky roads I have, but still going.

House Republicans Argued To Include Abortion Provision In Debt Ceiling Bill: Report


Thom Hartmann: Global warming to claim half a billion people soon...

Twitter/Malkin campaign claiming Obamacare cancelled health plans

Estimate your ACA premium ( Silver and Bronze)

Praise Jebus! Our Long National Nightmare is Over!!!!

Two arrests in fan's fatal stabbing after Giants/Dodgers game

Iphone people, there is a new update on the new iOS 7 software

Women and the ACA

After Starbucks Success, Gun Control Advocates Target Staples

Don't forget: Tonight is the season premier of The Big Bang Theory!

WH: Only Thing Missing in Republican Demands "Was a Birther Bill"

This week on my show, me vs Michael Reagan on Obamacare & Sen Ted Cruz and William Hartung on Iran

Venezuela arrests five more in Air France cocaine bust

Wendy Davis tells Democrats she’s in

Richmond mayor returns from Ecuador, vows to turn up heat on Chevron

Richmond mayor returns from Ecuador, vows to turn up heat on Chevron

NRA Member Finds Most Gun Dealers Favor Background Checks

It Doesn't Always Get Better: Mechanical Engineering Professor no Fan of LGBTQ

Colombia: river defender assassinated

So, since Barilla pasta

Honduras drug gang asset seizure totals $800 million: official

"Put a little crud in your heart." Please come CAPTION Pete Santilli.

Democrats Record Fake GOP Debt Ceiling Ransom Call

Matt Drudge Pronounces Ted Cruz, Rand Paul the "Heart of the Republican Party"

A Supply Side Nightmare Scenario

Republicans Voted For Government Shutdown, Blamed Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

I Love you guys & gals & DU!

I've NO idea what this means, but my book got an honorable mention award...


Allen West Out At PJ Media

TV shows that were / are needlessly dragged on despite being "over."

Oh dear they now want to tie abortions to the debt ceiling


Made in USA

Happy belated birthday, bell hooks.

Democrats Record Fake GOP Debt Ceiling Ransom Call

'The Fallen 9000' honors lives lost on D-Day

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ September 26th

Allen West loses his job --- Anti Semitism?

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 27, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Future Shock!

ACA - House Repubs are still running the "we're waiting for the Senate to act" line.

Pull yourself together....

About That CBS Poll Showing President Obama's Approval at 43%

Did anyone else see just now

"We are all disgusting on the inside."

"Stun Cuffs" The New Shock Collar For The Sheeple

Four Obamacare Lies from Ted Cruz. Four sources that prove he’s lying.

HeadsUp: Today's Ed Show (MSNBC, 5PM Eastern) will discuss the TPP.

Proof against RWers' fear that education will destroy the "traditional values" taught in RW homes...

My granddaugter got a imfo sheet on how to sign up for ACA in Minnesota yesterday.

Beat Piece

"Shut this thing down before people find out they like it"~

I'm thinking Obama may need to gird himself for impeachment.

Open letter to Pres.Obama

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred can work in New York

Saudi Princess Gets Away With Keeping Slaves – California Judge Drops All Charges

Republicans who loved a health insurance mandate (until Obama did too)

Obama Mocks GOP and Explains How ACA REALLY Works!!!

Does Obamacare include any provisions for Medicare Part B supplemental plans?

30 Years Ago Today, The World Almost Ended

I don't understand how he can do this: Obstacle to Senate vote: Ted Cruz

City Council bill would ban employers from Facebook friending job seekers, employees

Attorney general meets with JPMorgan's Dimon

Which progressive groups do the most with our donations?

H-1B workers in line for Obamacare work

Official sidesteps queries on cellphone locations

Question to DUers concerning shutdown...

Kansas school board votes to allow student-led prayer over school intercom

Heads up, DU.

Bill O'Reilly: God Told Me To Write About Jesus

Will I want Hillary to win the Nomination? Geez, that Depends...

Nine parts makers plead guilty to price-fixing scheme

Section 4 of the 14th Amendment

ACA and the 20% who do not have an internet connection?

The NSA Used to Spy on MLK — and the Senator Who Forced It to Reform

Nine women *each week* are shot to death by their husband or intimate partner.

Wyden Opening Remarks Answers in Surveillance Reform Press Conference

Sisters: Former Chilean Army chief tortured us as children

Sisters: Former Chilean Army chief tortured us as children

Elephants make home in Fla. citrus grove

THIS VIDEO IS GOING VIRAL. i even heard it being mentioned yesterday.

Islamist rebels sever ties with the political opposition

Matt Taibbi: AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Compares Bonus Criticism to Lynch Mobs

New genus of electric fish found in remote area of South America

This is what I did today...

The TPP: 600+ "Trade Advisors" with access- Practically all of them corporate

99-Year-Old and Her Community Save Manatees from Rich Developer

four years ago i put on my wedding dress

Machine gun found in terminal at JFK Airport

Artists' sand silhouettes depict war dead from Normandy invasion

Republicans get:

The Shutdown: Never in Bin Laden’s Wildest Dreams

Is voting a RIGHT or a Privilege?

today our hr dept. sent out a notice

US and Russia agree UN draft on Syria chemical weapons

Why is Don Siegelman still in jail?

MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public

Senator Reid, should turn off the cameras for Cruz and Lees show tomorrow.

a bit of personal good news, or it's a small world

Once I inadvertently posted in the BOG.

What the TPP means for you regarding the internet

The Michael J Fox Show premieres tonight.

NYT Editorial Gets It Right: Lasting Damage From the Budget Fight

Chile shuts luxury jail for dictatorship criminals

Chile shuts luxury jail for dictatorship criminals

"If you don’t understand that, you can’t contribute to winning the gun control debate."

Facebook's Truly, Madly Deeply Learning the Story of Your Life

Richard Dawkins' recent appearance on Jon Stewart and a point I wish Dawkins would have made.

Full speech: President Obama Promotes Health Care Law - September 26th, 2013

Police charge six in party vandalism [Brian Holloway's house]

Great News: Marissa Alexander, Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot, Gets New Trial

I've had MSNBC on for most of today and yesterday,

The Republicans are acting as if raising the debt limit is a FAVOR they're doing for Obama --

HCAN Report: How the Republicans Are Suppressing Obamacare Enrollment

Once again, Zimmerman pulled over in traffic stop

Verizon wants to slow down your favorite websites unless they pay bribes

The Blacklist starring James Spader.....

EA Sports will stop producing college football game

Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

Tea Party Supporter sets date of November 19, 2013 for an armed overthrow of the government

Aggie Band, Reveille snubbed by Arkansas Razorbacks

New York accuses 19 of cheating on driver's license tests

White House Aide: We're Not 'Negotiating With People With A Bomb Strapped To Their Chest

US, Others Pleased With New Iranian Attitude In Nuclear Talks, Set New Round Of Negotiations

CNN: Would you please limit talking heads from talking over each other?

Barilla President Apologizes for Comments About Gays

List of reasons young adults need health insurance, too

Here's how you donate to the Wendy Davis campaign for governor

Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Water On Mars

UK Guardian: How To Sell Wars To the Public

NBC news forgot (?!!) to mention NSA spying on Dr. Martin Luther King

Human Rights Watch Urges Israel To Stop Displacing Bedouins

About delaying the ACA - it's not just about Obama -

Obama Makes Fun Of Republicans' Ridiculous Claims About Obamacare:

Deepest sympathy to the Lowery family on the death of the great civil rights pioneer Evelyn

Corker takes on Cruz as GOP feuding moves to the Senate floor

House Republicans lack votes to move own plan to raise debt ceiling

OMG, Rep. Peter King begging the President to step in and save Repubs from Cruz!!

IBEW, Manufacturer Partnership Brings Jobs Back from China

Gay Rights Activists Fuming over IOC Sochi Decision

(Omaha Steve) Candidates field questions at forum

GOP Senator Corker Fights Cruz on Senate Floor (10:06 minutes) - video link

Haven't plugged Rory Gallagher for awhile...

I would avoid a store where people are openly carrying guns

Dr. Jeff Masters from Weather Underground on Climate Change Report on Democracy Now!

WH Describes Republican Tactics as "Extortion" Designed to Overturn the Election

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 September 2013

Houston judge sentences Aryan gang leader to 30 years

Republicans Will Raise The Debt Ceiling For One Year Only If Obama Becomes A Republican

Did DUers see that - Tweety just kicked ReTHUG Perry off his program

Family Hosts 200 Homeless People for Dinner After Daughter's Wedding Gets Called Off

Obamacare Could Help People Register to Vote—Unless the Administration Caves to the GOP

Democrat’s Obamacare question stumps Ted Cruz during faux filibuster

President of Anti-Gay Hate Group Appointed to Louisiana Law Enforcement Commission

UPDATE 4-New delays hit Obamacare rollout before Oct. 1 launch

Mt. Flushmore

Someone's sick in this scenario, but I can't figure out who

Rep King: Cruz Supporters Making 'Vile, Obscene' Phone Calls

The Republican's circulated outline of SEVEN DEMANDS regarding raising the debt limit

Advice about the new DU rules

IOC confident Russia will respect Olympic Charter

President Obama to dive into Pacific trade talks

James Doohan - He gave 'er all she's got....

George H.W. Bush is witness at same-sex marriage in Maine

Elton John under fire from Russian anti-gay rights parents group

Cuccinelli mansplains: ‘No one’ has ‘done more to protect women’ than me