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1 Section 1(a), 31 USCA 463(a). [294 U.S. 330, 350] of the US Code

My Tomato's Too Bootylicious

Revealed: Qatar's World Cup 'slaves'

How to eat like Ted Cruz:

Kerry Holds Historic Meeting with Iran's FM (updated)

Rachel Maddow - GOP returns to government shutdown agenda

the Mindset of a Republican Medical Student

Thank you Mr. President~

Fraud likely in jobless claims by Detroit city workers, report says

Christine McVie Joins Fleetwood Mac on 'Don't Stop'

Wisconsin: Chris Taylor and the Raging Grannies!!!

"The champagne and turkeys on the tables of our gratefull capitalists are very cheap . . .

The Religion Group discusses a strawberry.

A Capella Science Channels Freddie Mercury - Bohemian Gravity!

Sigh, I driving the first snows of the winter (for me).

Wendy Davis to run for Texas Governor...

Raving Bigot EW Jackson Holds Fundraiser with Allen West (Fired Today for Anti-Semitic Altercation)

Misreading Iran’s Elections: Iranian Infighting and American Narcissism

Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds of Public Workers

They've got the whole world in their hands.....

GD post needs help

"Leave Room For The Pope..."

What are your top 20 songs of the 1980s?

Medical marijuana plant could be coming to Smiths Falls (Liberal supporters)

Tensions in Tehran: Iran’s Mullahs vs. the Revolutionary Guards

Anyone else miss Cenk Uygur?

Seriously.. In his talkathon, did Cruz propose an Obamacare alternative?

As Holocaust dispute flares, Khamenei aides rap Rouhani for conciliatory gestures

NYC, Center of High Culture

Happy Hour! Having some drinks with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

"Looting the Pension Funds" by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone

Goldfrapp - Melancholy Sky

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Cruz Control & a new Kitteh gif

On Season 1 of the Series Fringe...

Another Journalist Admits Republicans Lying About Obamacare

Not that anybody has noticed...but...

My stepmother is in the hospital pretty serious

NREL Calculates Emissions ... of Power Plant Cycling Necessary for Increased Wind and Solar

Missouri cops now using 80,000-volt 'stun cuffs on prisoners

Study: Everyone hates environmentalists and feminists

Climate Change Protests Heat Up! "Greenpeace Challenges" Russian Oil Drilling Platform

Everybody Hates Ted: The Republican Party Has Turned on Cruz

DU lounge lizards rock

Gun lobbyist proudly shoots an elephant in the face on NBC’s NRA-sponsored TV show

UAW Looks to Organize Tesla (formerly the NUMMI plant in Fremont)


Are Thawed Relations with Iran Obama's Saving Grace?

28. All the humans on the planet could fit into 1 cubic mile.

NV GOPer Hickey Digs Himself in Deeper: "I'm a white guy, I've got a yellow wife..."

DMX must be a real man

Breaking: U.S., Russia agree on Syria U.N. chemical arms measure

"I can guarantee you this...."

Nuclear talks with Iran advance to Geneva

So why is it that when Republicans see a few "bad apples"

Russians censor website about Russians censoring websites

Stuck in a hotel room awaiting the start of a medical conference. How is everyone tonight?

U.S. Justice Department spent $4.9 million on drones, new rules urged: watchdog

U.S. intelligence chiefs open to new surveillance controls

Tourist who lost part of leg in taxi crash released from hospital

Watchdog faults U.S. Navy approach to building unmanned carrier planes

Florida group offers free shotguns and says it finds takers

The Crazy Ones......Robin Williams......

Kitchen dancing -

Chinese space station transits Sun

Rangers set club record with the first four-error inning in the major leagues since 2010.

To solve budget problems, raise taxes on the rich and the corporations.

Costa Concordia: Remains found near wreck

Man Who Understands 8% Of Obamacare Vigorously Defends It From Man Who Understands 5%

Monsanto Protection Act Dies in Senate

Gays can eat someone else’s pasta

Mars water surprise in Curiosity rover soil samples

32,000-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet

Cat forgets something;

Warning graphic content: Deadly drug that rots flesh of users arrives in Arizona

Judge to Sikh Man: Remove “That Rag” or Go to Jail

Obamacare question

1-800-922-7455 That's the customer service # on our box of Barilla Pasta-Call them and it costs them

Outrageous Voicemail Left by Arkansas Conservative for Liberal TV Show

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

I posted about Krokodil months back when Vice did a documentary-

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

OK, it's time for a poll about CC vs. OC (GCRKBA Edition)

Has the pre-existing condition clause kicked in? My wife is able to apply for insurance at her

GOP Needs To Be Treated The Same Way You Treat A Black Widow Spider.

Help! I need a link to the ACA, the actual law.

I Simply Do Not Understand Obama's Support Of The TPP.

Canada Called..

The Berlin Celebration Concert - Beethoven, Symphony No 9

What a day this is for Kerry - historic talks with the Iranian FM and agreement on the Syria deal

I don't mind ads; but can we lose the "toenail fungus" ads. They are disgusting. n/t

Supreme Court 2013-14 Term Preview: Part I -- Fall Arguments

Stuck in a hotel room awaiting the start of an inventors' medical conference.

Spying on Democracy: Author details rise in surveillance

U.N. Members Agree on Syria Disarmament

Check out "Partition" before it expires

Ex Rep. Allen West (R-Crazytown) proves he's still good at offending people.

I had a patient today who was opposed to the Affordable Care Act.

OccupyHomes MN: Community forces US Bank to remove steel plates, retreat from home

Fireman saves kitten

Gun-rights advocates sue state over new law

White House Advisor Links GOP Spending Cut Demands to Criminal, Terrorist Threats - video link

STATEMENT OF DISBURSEMENTS OF THE HOUSE (but no food stamps for the poor)

Glenn Beck's "historian" says we can have fighter jets, tanks, etc.

Second California county joins push to form state of 'Jefferson'

Remember the "preacher" who sued Rachel Maddow?

McDonald's Says Bye-Bye To Sugary Sodas In Happy Meals (sort of)

Allen West got fired from Pajamas Media for making anti-Semitic remarks

If Obama Pushes TPP Like Clinton It Would Be Very Dangerous For The Dems.

President Obama Signs ‘Thank You’ To Deaf Supporter For The Second Time


"The GOP's Declaration Of Total War On Our System Of Government"

Canada PM won’t accept US rejection of Keystone pipeline

look at the titles in 'The Left Column' on the DU front page...

Jon Stewart Warns the Pope: Stop Being So Nice or GOP Will Invade the Vatican! - video link

... no member of congress ever publicly jerked-off more than Ted Cruz did this week

Thread on femicide

Matthews Has Epic Brawl With GOP Rep. for Holding Country ‘Hostage’ Over Obamacare - video link

Gov. Rick Perry appoints Houston judge to Texas Supreme Court

Mariano Rivera closes out Yankee Stadium career

I'm On The Expressway ...

Interstate 69 Congressional Caucus launched

Tom Coburn (R-OK) to MSNBC: ‘I’m No Longer a Conservative’ According to Ted Cruz

I heard the CEO of Coca-Cola tonight say on Piers Morgan that

Border agency has use-of-force plan


Father of Brooklyn teen who died on class field trip gets call asking why son has been absent

Feinstein Says Press Needs To Stop Calling Patriot Act Surveillance Program A 'Surveillance Program'

Talk to me...

Chile Hunt for Justice Winds Up as Enigma

Declassified NSA files show agency spied on Muhammad Ali and MLK...


Senators Push to Preserve N.S.A. Phone Surveillance...

Social justice group objects to size of Cargill's land holdings in Colombia

Is there a way to tell how old a cat is?

Dumb Criminals: Daytona Man Tried To Pay For Water Bill With Cocaine

Is anyone using a web-based mail like Yahoo or Gmail?

NPR radio covers Fresno Officials Dismantle Homeless Encampments

India’s gender-bias is causing an alarming rate of gang rapes, violence problems

Does anyone have a socially conscious financial planner they can recommend ?

My Mom gave me an early Christmas present...

OK, which teacher would keep a mattress and "50 Shades of Grey" in a classroom?

Cuba expands list of allowed private sector jobs

"I'm so excited!" she says. "I've never had a yard sign!"

Wendy Davis to announce run for Texas governor, Democrats say

50.000 march on Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens

Friday, Nov 1, 6 p.m. The return of Fresno’s most outré art gala “Art on the Edge II” at Stud

Federal Contractors Employ More Low-Wage Workers Than Walmart and McDonald's Combined

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

PA Gov. Corbett: Dismal Jobs Record, Fake Medicaid Plan & All-Time Low Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

Do you believe it is true we are that which we hate the most?

NY Times Editorial: A Republican Ransom Note (and a comment I just posted to it)

Pope meets with liberation theology pioneer

Mumbai building collapse kills five

Breaking: Climate Report Says Global Warming 'Extremely Likely' Caused By Humans

Killer hornets sting at least 19 people to death in China, nearly 600 stung

Mali Tuareg separatist rebels pull out of peace deal

FBI drone use prompts calls for new surveillance rules.

Prediction for a Fox News "Obamacare" talking-point five years from now

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

Probable Fragments of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Lifted From Lake.

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

Is there a set list of the order in which federal govt obligations must be paid?

Fed Contractors Employ More Low-Wage Workers Than Walmart & McDonald's Top Execs...

The Sick Ayn Randian War Against Everyone Who Isn't Rich

Why Are So Many Christians So Un-Christian?

Dylan Garity on education in the 21st century...

The Secret Behind New York's Alternative to a Prison Economy? Milk

Find something to be happy about today (Friday 27 Sep 2013)

Shutdown Would Shave Fourth-Quarter U.S. Growth as Much as 1.4%

The Climate Change Report - live coverage

I know this is wrong, but it's specifically the anti-Sikh prejudice that drives me up a wall

Was (Not Was) - Oh, Mr Friction!

Young Voters Backing Gay Rights 69% Is Republican Hurdle

Western nations with social safety net happier

Ask our representatives to support Strengthen Social Security legislation.

Alberta Tar Sands Leaks That Still Can't Be Stopped

Stronger internal controls needed to prevent fraud as in the SDCC

And you think you know how to tuck a kid in? Ha!

I reached my goal weight this morning!!

A Corporate Coup of a Different Order: The Growing Resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP -- if this doesn't scare the crap out of you, nothing will. NAFTA ON STEROIDS

Syria chemical weapons inspections 'to begin next week'

A Letter to All Young Athletes Who Dream of Coming to Tokyo in 2020

Morning Joe is very good this morning, Joe is not there. Katy Kay and Mika without the usual

Armed Citizens Project To Give Away Free Shotguns In Orlando Neighborhood (VIDEO)

Translators Who Risked Their Lives For American Troops Are Getting Screwed By The US

open note to freeper rightattack:

Pope Francis and the church’s new attitude

Researchers: Sonar mapping for oil near Madagascar killed 100 whales

Gov. Beshear of Kentucky: "Get over it ... and get out of the way so I can help my people."

"That's why we're paid the big bucks -- to figure these problems out."

Is Huntsman making a move?

Crime Lord meets with Holder to avoid Criminal charges

Republican hard-liners block strategy to avoid federal government shutdown

Boehner is a weak cowardly man. Pathetic.

The GOP’s citizenship suppression - By Harold Meyerson

Leading Scientists Weigh In on the Mother of All Climate Reports

Mt. Flushmore Luckovich Toon.

A compromised reputation among the GOP - By Michael Gerson

AG Kane files charges against Congressional Aide for sexual assault, after DA refused police request

FBI Drones Flew Since 2006, Audit Says

Greenwald: "Sen. Ron Wyden: NSA 'repeatedly deceived the American people'"

Gorillaz - Empire Ants (Live on Letterman) ft. Little Dragon

The Stepkids - The Lottery

Loca the Pug singing......'The pug that couldn't run' .

"What's a Friday without the death of sense?" Please come CAPTION Fox's Brian Kilmeade!!

Forest fragmentation triggers 'ecological Armageddon'

Electric Street Orchestra - Reconstruct (Tiny Hearts Remix)

Apple Has Raised $65 Million To Fight AIDS

Michael Tomasky: End Days for the GOP

How to clean a lake with an unstoppable oil spill: Drain the lake

Super foodie Alice Waters launches anti-fracking fight

The Whizzinator

Special Help for Climate Deniers

Starting now! 3 hrs question and answer Affordable Healthcare Sirius radio ch.104.Going to be good.

pls explain to me re jury

Chinese firm under U.S. sanctions wins Turkey missile defence system tender

Yikes! F-16 Drone makes picture perfect landing...

4 climate myths you’ll hear this week {image alert}

With a Solar Minimum and La Nina’s, Why isn’t it Really, Really Cold?

Does your state have a health-exchange?

Our Planet Is Like 'Overweight Smoker with a Heart Condition': An IPCC Report Q&A

Mariano's curtain call at Yankee Stadium (VIDEO)

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media

Abandoned calf rescued, brought to shelter.

Japan suspends senior official over tsunami victims blog

Global Warming Is Real IPCC Repeats, Now Can We Do Something about It?

Gordon Keith: What’s to hate about Dallas’ Atheist Church?

Dear President Obama: Some American Exceptionalism is nothing to be Proud Of (Engelhardt)

The Constitution is not a suicide pact

Court overturns ban on alcohol ads in Virginia student newspapers

Ubuntu 13.10 beta is out

Why Libertarians Will Never Achieve Mass Electoral Success

Religion and politics take centre stage in Indonesian pageants

Blows my mind every time I listen to it....

Providence College reverses ban on speaker who favors same-sex marriage

Turkey goes for Chinese take-away defense (long range missiles)

Deadly Spin: Health Insurance from the Inside

Deadly Spin: Health Insurance from the Inside

How the US is enabling Syriastan

Catholic school takes silent stand for workers' rights

''Disreputable if Not Outright Illegal''

The Singularity is Now Consuming Them

SlutWalk Philly Changes Protest Name to ‘A March to End Rape Culture’

Obama admin secures diplomatic breakthroughs

Pop, soda or Coke?

Mike Luckovich: New GOP Symbol Toon

The Last Comic Strip About a Mass Shooting Tragedy You'll Ever Have to Read

TPP a Trojan horse

Tea party is doing damage

Congressman: Don’t Listen To Economists On Debt Ceiling

China Builds Sucessful High Speed Rail While U.S. Flails under Austerity

You decide...

Curiosity's SAM Instrument Finds Water and More in Surface Sample

raw food for cats?

Papantonio: The Consequences of Austerity

Sharing great news from a friend (and fellow DUer)

Obama admin secures diplomatic breakthroughs

A Pause, Not an End, to Warming

Scientists create state of matter that’s pretty much the same as light sabers

UN 'probes post 21 August Syria chemical attacks'

Don't mess with Martha (Stewart): Patent troll's suit met with countersuit

What would you do with an extra computer?

Meet Mirt.

Hillary Clinton announces program aimed at stamping out elephant poaching, ivory trade

Obamacare in South Carolina

I am new to this Group

Poll: GOP Opinion On Social Issues Wildly Out Of Step With Mainstream

Video: iPhone 5s vs. .50-caliber rifle

Kentucky Guv To GOP: Obamacare Is The Law, So 'Get Over It

Friday Toons: Pablum Cruz

Easy, quick, fun & delicious- To Hell with Barilla- Make Your Own!

I do not understand the Teaparty health-care insurance connection

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -G-Dope


Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Economy and Food Stamps

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Guns

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - Pope

U.S. joins other nations in declaring LGBT commitment at UN

If you get C-Span 2 turn it on, Bernie is on fire

Heitkamp warns Obama on Keystone XL Pipeline approval

advice for low income workers left out of Affordable Care Act

FSM issues Patwa

rape: it's your fault (trigger warning for this incredible dark satire)

rape: it's your fault (trigger warning for this darkly satirical video)

Will you create a TPP Group under the topic "Foreign Affairs ...." ?

Not a country music fan, but I could get to like Blake Shelton.

2006 dispute led to temporary restraining order against Jackson

Mysterious cache of jewels turns up atop French glacier

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 27, 1990

GOP Ransom Note to the US

Bill Clinton Shatters the Republican Attempts to Blame Obama For a Government Shutdown

We make relatively nothing anymore, we need Trade agreements to exist in the

Some People Are Making Big Bucks Sabotaging Obamacare

I hope this isn't true and warning, VERY disturbing: Inside Kenya shopping mall, a house of horrors

Whining Brian Wilson confronts Giants CEO after game..

I got 104!

Pew's Plot Against Public Pensions

would people be interested in a group for the TPP and other

Cuba to allow athletes to play in foreign leagues

Goodwill Fires &Presses Felony Charges Against employee For Giving Discounts To poorest

The same Republican hate is oozing from my pores

Krugman: Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted

Althea pasta sauce ad

So an Iraqi woman is suing the Bush administration

Putting together the pieces: Ted Cruz has an Obamacare conflict of interest

Scientists use crowdsourcing to classify over 300,000 galaxies

The Biggest Obamacare Lie of Them All

Windmill farm seeks permit to kill eagles

ven militia to work at supermarket checkouts

Nice link about Iceland vs. banksters

Planned Parenthood sues Texas over abortion restrictions


2nd Amendment Meme Is About Violent Takeover By The White Supremacist Movement.

(FL) Bill filed to ban sex offenders from watching porn

My ANOVA sous vide circulator arrived!

Anyone listening to the debate in the Senate. Holy shit.

Fossil Fuels Need to Stay Unburned to Meet Climate Target

U.S. internal watchdog finds NSA workers spied on significant others

Corbett's only hope: That Dem Gov. candidates spend millions damaging each other in the primary

White House to help bankrupt Detroit demolish buildings, hire firefighters

Breast cancer on the rise in young woman. Another reason to thank Obama for the ACA

I wrote this song about my wife, would love input

"You Gotta Respect Everyone's Beliefs."

Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout's U.S. conviction upheld

Tiger deception scares off crop-raiding elephants

Religion apps put faith in the palm of your hand

Police called to house George Zimmerman rented

When Organized Religion Becomes a Cult

Shocking Poll: White Men Really Don't Like Gun Laws.

Bold Teabaggers In Congress Feel Totally Safe In Their Gerrymandered Districts.

New report blames mankind as main culprit for global warming

Senate to kill Monsanto protection act. !!!

Is Hobby Lobby a religious cult?

Why are the Rethugs going ballistic about Obamacare?

Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead'

Offshore IT service providers are the leading users of L-1 visas

Pelosi: Impossible To Negotiate With House GOP

Latest new-age hipster baby-rearing nonsense: leaving the placenta attached.

Recent FB meme

Baltimore VA hospital faulted for lengthy emergency room stays

From Right Wing Watch: Fischer: Hillary Clinton 'Could Be Our First Lesbian President'

The Big Question: Is Big Tex Mexican?

Notes From the Universe: When the God You Favor Doesn't Favor You

A curiosity question

The Singularity is Now Consuming Them

Lively: CCR Is 'A Truly Demonic Organization' Part Of 'The Global Socialist Agenda'

Man openly carrying gun refuses to leave kid's soccer game, athletics director clears field

Pic Of The Moment: Responsible Government, GOP Style

Red Crap and Spam (my version of Dr. Seuss responding to the Ted Cruz non-filibuster)

A year ago today, I walked out of the day hospital program, and ...

For the Suggestion Box

Vatican Cardinal Says Jesus Was The Original Tweeter

Thief's available for pre-order now on Steam

Bill Maher: Conservatives Must Come to California

Rep. Joaquin Castro blasts Cruz, says ‘he can’t be president’

Tin Foil Hats Actually Make it Easier for the Government to Track Your Thoughts

I was asked to participate in my first Jury under the new rules.

Creationist Climate-Deniers Reviewing Texas Textbooks May Help Set a National Standard

How the US is enabling Syriastan

Killer Hornets!!!!! WTF???

Bryan Fischer: Ted Cruz is Modern Day Elijah the Prophet

PA Gov. Corbett Unveils Plan to Restrict Medicaid, Use Funds for Private Insurance [VIDEO]

PA Gov. Corbett Unveils Plan to Restrict Medicaid, Use Funds for Private Insurance [VIDEO]

Dumb Criminals: Oklahoma Inmate Calls 911 During Escape

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

Risky Wall Street Swaps Costing PA Millions, Senate Considers Ban [VIDEO]

Status of the Resistance Movement: Growing, Deepening, Succeeding

Man Tries to Pay Water Bill with Cocaine

Ten Years Later, 85 Percent Of Massachusetts Voters Say No Harm From Marriage Equality

Polish Church Apologizes for Child Sex Abuse

Dumb Criminals: OJ Simpson Caught Stealing Cookies From Prison Cafeteria

Teaching to the test in the Bay Area

Scared Republicans Launch Sexist Anti-Wendy Davis Website

Everything you need to know about how a government shutdown works

'Popular Science' cuts off comments on their site, because of GOPNRAteabaggers.

PSA: "Credit Card Services" is a Scam.

Cruz emerges as GOP leader

Wall Street to GOP: Are you nuts?


What is it Captain?

Republicans are eating their own on Twitter

Y'all must be SOOOOOO proud

Have a Nice Day, N.S.A.

Is this true? Angela Lansbury to recceive Honoray Oscar

For the truly bored or lonely. Did you know that on DU, you can ...

Stop taxpayer loan for new nuclear reactors (petition Obama and Moniz)

Organization of American States denounces murder of human rights activist in Colombia

Organization of American States denounces murder of human rights activist in Colombia

Earlier thread compares Cruz to McCarthy. I prefer this comparison.

Sooner or later . . .

With all this talk about ObamaCare and 2nd Amendment Rights, I have only one thing to say . . .

Original Rosie the Riveter, 93, Still Working at Boeing Factory Where She Started During WWII

Top Secrets of Penny-Pinching Billionaires:

NRA elephant hunter slams ‘animal racists’: Hitler would oppose killing elephants too!

God Is a Bullet

Obamacare and why the Cleveland Clinic is really cutting jobs

Cruz Republican Presidential front-runner, and Trusted over Boehner 51%-20%

Glee Kisses!!!!

I think I need a program

Question about the ACA, in case anyone happens to know . . .

They're taking a vote in the Senate on an amendment

Catholic US Military Chaplains Banned From Presiding Over Funerals Of Married Gay Soldiers

There's a new Obama conspiracy afloat - The 140 Truth Movement

Ted Cruz: The GOP's Self-Made Monster--Theatrics Over Defunding Obamacare Will Tear GOP Party Apart

Barilla Chairman's Apology Manages to Insult Gay Families

How many know someone who will save money by using the exchanges?

79-19: The Cruz Rebellion Against Obamacare Ends in Tears

New Poll Finds Americans View Death Of Close Relative More Favorably Than Congress

Ever received intrusive American Community Survey from Census Bureau? Required by law. Thoughts?

"Coach" Daubenmire defends Fred Phelps.

The Rude Pundit: John Boehner Will Not Compromise, But You Must Compromise

Kansas group claims evolution is a "religion"

fancy dress up dinner report

What if there is a tie for the AL Wild Card? Well, it means more One and Done Games.

Paying your employees slave wages with no health benefits is not ok. This is not China.

Salon: Jamaican guest works treated like slaves.

Hi, anyone have a 'Better Homes and Gardens' cookbook pre:1981?

Not sure (really) whether to be sad or a little happy

Darrell Issa is a (bleep) - ing liar.

Wyden Opening Remarks at Q&A at Hearing on Surveillance Reform

Pending default.

"Big man" elephant hunter calls his critics Nazis.

Obamacare: 1-month delay in processing new, Medicaid-eligible insurance applicants (NE)

CNN's double standard...

Poll: GOP Voters Unsure If Twitter Lets Obama Post More Than 140 Characters

Freedumb Friday! World Bank Enjoys Freedom To Ignore Own Guidelines, Will Back 2 Gig Coal Plant

Team of contract killers led by ex-soldier 'Rambo' busted, prosecutors say

Is Kirsten Gillibrand the real deal politically...?

Freedumb! Walkerstan GOP Working To Axe Renewable Energy Targets, Ignoring Doyle Climate Plans

Freedumber! KS Group Files Suit To Stop Science Educators From Teaching About Darwin, Warming

Tweet from George Takei (Mr. Sulu) concerning Barilla Pasta

Senate votes to fund goverment through Nov. 15th keeping obamacare intact

Freedumb! Americans Support Keystone XL, But Oppose Fracking, Poll Shows

PRESS RELEASE Food & Water Watch: California Chefs Join Together to Fight Fracking

"Just the occasional reminder that this crisis presented a tremendous opportunity"

Bill O'Reilly: Romney didn't want to win

Your Moment of Zen

GOP hates ACA Cuz Pres Obama snatched Ayn Rand’s wig

Chinese guy comes to Austin, stalks girlfriend, stabs her in the nose with a fork

Freedumb! Forbes Magazine Sees Rise In Big-Ass SUV Sales As Proof Of American Energy Security

White House White Board: What ObamaCare Means For You

The Outer Limits TV series, the 1960's it, hate it, meh ?

And here is today's senseless gun death, ladies and gentlemen:

Diana Taurasi called for foul after kissing WNBA opponent

CNN rewrites ethics rules to accommodate swindler Newt Gingrich

Poll-I-Buster: Ted Cruz Snatches GOP Primary Lead From Rand Paul

The Republicans biggest fear at this point is....

Freedumb! Texas May Hit Highest Whooping Cough Caseload In 50 Years Or More

Alexander Calder's grandson dismayed as another artist uses sculpture for his own art

Why cats don't like TV's nowadays...

Cruz gets attention, gives us nothing in return

Tom Toles on Ted Cruz

Repubs have terribly misread the polls on Obamacare...

Luckovich: Mt. Flushmore

Toon: I hate Obamacare!

Budget bill to avert government shutdown clears Senate hurdle (LA Times)

Liberals’ unsung hero: Sherrod Brown explains how to win over Republicans

Matt Taibbi: Looting the Pension Funds

Texas Tries To Combat Teen Pregnancy With Abstinence-Only Website That Doesn’t Mention Birth Control

Do You Know Where Your Ph.D.'s Are?

Getting a "parse error" when trying to post in religion.

Psychic claims $$ evil, so people should give it to her to be cleansed

Obamacare Could Lead To 33% More New Businesses Over The Next Few Years

Goodwill needs to change its name to GREEDWILL

Brazil polls show Rousseff's popularity still on the rebound

Fox News Refers to American children of undocumented immigrants as "Children of the Corn"

Pennsylvania Residents Complain That Sidewalk Posts Resemble Penises

Joe Torre for Commish!!

Hypocritical NRA nuts obliterate the First Amendment

Chile deputies propose greater controls on water distribution

Press Release > Environmental Chemicals Harm Reproductive Health: Ob-Gyns Advocate for Policy Change

Chile deputies propose greater controls on water distribution

Militants 'hired Kenyan mall shop'

The world will add more solar power than wind this year, for the first time ever

ACA subsidy calculator . . .

State-wide gun ownership tied to suicide deaths

UN Retains Strong Global Image. Robust Support in America, Especially among Democrats

So when Anthem and Kaizer come to my workplace this open enrollment season...

The jury is still out on whether cats or dogs are smarter, IMO

Student Cited By Ted Cruz As Proof Of Obama's Failure Is Actually Grateful For Obamacare

Feds move to protect red knot Cape Cod shorebirds - Just went there to do the ACA worksheet.

Reuters: Obamacare's average monthly cost across U.S.: $328

Wall Street Firm Hasn't Sold Off AR-15 Maker Despite Newtown Promise

Barbara Boxer just finished gutting the GOP on the Senate floor.

Historical Background and Development of Social Security (

Why Do People Do This?

The Debt-Ceiling Showdown Is the Fight of Obama’s Life

'Loveint': NSA letter discloses employee eavesdropping on girlfriends, spouses

BREAKING: NJ Judge Says Same-Sex Marriage Will Begin Oct 21st in Light of DOMA Decision.

(U.S. company) Cargill may have broken law over Colombia land buying -Oxfam

New Jersey Judge: State Must Allow Gay Couples To Marry

Cargill may have broken law over Colombia land buying -Oxfam

Is this the right term?

Monday Night Jihad

Senate passes stopgap spending bill; restores Obamacare funding

My ex So is in the VA Hospital...

Thinking of opting out of my company's health insurance plan

Romney Says House GOP Is Doing It Wrong On Obamacare (endorses Manchin approach)

Prez coming up to comment on budget situation. Assume it'll be on most cable networks.

First Love

NRA To Run $500K Ad Campaign Against McAuliffe

What's your Blood's Lipid and Metabolic levels?

To GOP Elections Don't Matter/Romney Lost/GOP Still Pushing His Policies

NBC News special report: Obama news conference about Iran on now live

A message from the Bible for all those self-styled Christian Republicans.

Obama speaking on C-SPAN...

ACA and crappy employer supplied insurance -

GOPPERS Are Missing A Link Generally.

Nikola Tesla...He was WAY ahead of his time...

Wolf Blitzer and Michele Bachmann Brawl Over the Benefits of Obamacare

Paul to son:You could win

Marissa Alexander, domestic violence and concealed carry

Update for those following...

President Barack Obama says he spoke by phone with Iranian President


After Obama's comments just a few minutes ago, what do you think are the chances of a shutdown?

Much better and longer video of fireman saving a kitten:

GOP Like Bed Bugs

Exxon to offer benefits to same-sex couples in US beginning next year

Will the GOP Implode?

Just called the vet, the kittehs' surgeries went fine, I'll go get them in a couple hours

GOP lawmakers take action in response to prison closures

Is Ted Cruz really a comedian in disguise?

A few Bud Selig Images from Google Search:

Obama: Agreement possible over Iran's nuclear ambitions

I have my dream contest for 2016 all set

Christian groups sue to stop Kansas schools from adopting science standards

Giant wasps kill dozens in China

I have a plan to get Congress off their asses.

Inspired by two recent threads -

For all Inspector Morse fans,

A Congressman I was chatting with gave me the "House Gym view" (so to speak) on the Govt Shutdown...

Mugger targets woman pushing baby carriage in New York City

Next time you leave your motel room

Why was the reaction to the Navy Yard shootings more muted than that of Sandy Hook?

Mark Levin on Jake Tapper

My daughter's school is now performing routine "lock-down" drills

Don Lemon:Obama is a ANGRY!! black President

four years ago i put on fizzgig's wedding dress

GOP is sure a misnomer; should be the DIP

Graham: Those Who Cause Government Shutdown Will Be Enemies for Life

Another shootout between two CCW permit holders

Obama chides Republicans as shutdown looms (updated headline)

Overheard at a grocery store...

Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski Lashes Out At ‘Tea Baggers’ From U.S. Senate

Two of the CFL bulbs on the chandelier have gone out -

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ September 27th

How does an average person know who is to blame if there is a government shutdown??

Billy Graham's grandson: Abuse worse in evangelical churches than Catholic Church

Worst Apology EVER!

Why is CNN asking Mittens for his opinion on ACA and Iran???

Meme "GOP A Dying Party On Its Last Gasp" - Why Is It Taking So Damn Long?

Who is old enough to remember the "under the desk"

Schiano Jockeying to Be First NFL Coach Fired This Season

Hello, DU darlings! Your Friday Afternoon Challenge returns with "The Art of the Altarpiece, II"

Anyone found a new way to clean up sick glass?

MLB TV free for the rest of the regular season

Ted Cruz says that "the American people do not want Obamacare"...

What else are we supposed to eat?

qotd: "A kind of politics we have not seen for more than 150 years"

I've decided to de-friend anyone who praises Ted Douchebag Cruz.

Then and Now: Rock Stars

Cruz to House Conservatives: Oppose Boehner

Have you all seen Mt. Flushmore Yet?

Doctors Say Changes In Wheat Do Not Explain Rise Of Celiac Disease

Obama: I just got off the phone with Rouhani.

End Days for the GOP

The phrase of the day is "eaten by her own wolf-dogs". Replace any word in a thread with it.

The chances are, after a deck of cards are shuffled, the order of that deck is unique in history!

* West Hollywood, CA, becomes first U.S. city to ban sale of furs.

Replundercan Party Wish List for the debt ceiling NY Times

The Anti-Abortion Law That Wendy Davis Filibustered For 11 Hours Is Headed To Court

Obama, Iran's Rouhani hold historic phone call

A thread in LBN (which was subsequently locked) caught my attention

Republicans' Brains Are Like Matter And Antimatter And Remarkable In The Following Way.

Ed’s talking to the kid that Cruz lied about right now..

President Obama's statement on phone call with Iran President Rouhani (updated)

Natural Gas vehicles Methane Emissions raises their CO2e emissions to >2x diesels - PennState

Incredible 360 camera footage gives panoramic view as base-jumpers jump off Swiss mountain

Laser powered flight and drone art

Did you know Lyme disease can actually be fatal? I did not know that until hubby

Unfair! Poll finds most GOP voters aren’t sure if Twitter gives Obama more than 140 characters

Please tell me Joe D. Teabagger will feel pain if there's a shutdown

Could Democratic Underground use a little good news

This kitteh has had enough...

Can this be cleared up? AR-15 vs. shotgun sale to Navy Yard killer:

Christie indicates he will appeal gay marriage ruling

Ok, so I had a semi-rational internet discussion with Righties on the ACA and terrorism

This photo is inspirational to me, makes me think

Colorado Recallers Support NRA Open Carry Weapon Of Choice Anywhere Anytime.

New York Sues Teachers’ Union Over Deal on Disciplinary Hearings

Repubs: Obamacare kills people and should be stopped at all costs . But, when guns kill people....

The Simplest Explanation Of Obamacare. Ever.

Diana Taurasi Kisses Seimone Augustus And Both Get Called For Fouls In WNBA Playoffs

Spam and homeless people

Schoolhouse Rock schools GOP in how govt works

Photo: Historic phone call...President Obama speaks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Wisconsin Gov. Walker seeks federal funds to repair damaged Green Bay bridge

North Carolina: A State of Shock

Feel free to fill Facebook up with Obamacare complaints...

Watching the Senate International Narcotics Control Caucus from Wednesday on CSPAN2...Noted:

Indiana Coyote Penning Investigation uncovers Brutal Practices, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Guy tries to get copyright lawyer's video taken down - for copyright violation

Health Law Helper (PPACA) from Consumer Reports, an fyi only

Bush Library and Museum could close if federal government shuts down

So Obama spoke by phone with the President of Iran...the first such exchange in more than 30 years

NYC mayor race, "conservative" media dredges up Acorn...

Sooner or later . . .

Just spent some time with a medical fellow from Stroger County Hospital in Chicago Re: ACA

Krugman: Plutocrats Have Become Sociopaths with Their Persecution Complexes

Overheard at Karate class

Two-year-old shot in the arm in Yonkers

As You Wish!

MSNBC Host Engaged to White House Staffer {Alex Wagner}

4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

Senate rejects Ted Cruz strategy 79-19; cloture invoked, Obamacare funding restored

It probably is the Arab Spring that has the Iranians wanting to make nice.

Can you freeze or otherwise preserve fresh pasta dough?

Bertolli: "Pasta and Love for All!"

Something else they hate about Obamacare:

2013 Update to "Just a Bill" School house Rock

Sparky, the God of electrons, has spared me today. All praise to Sparky

Weekend Economists Traverse the Silk Road September 27-29, 2013

Toon: The U.S. justice system

Pick a law...any law .. (R's not wanting to fund a "program")

You should see tea party congressman Brooks on Politics nation

Wingnut on with Wolf Blitzer tonight says that healthy people, people

Ted's Not Excellent Adventure. Poor Ted.

What the F.... CNN, the lead interview with Romney

Judge tosses UMW benefit case against Peabody, Arch

Obama: What If Dem Speaker Told A GOP President No Raising Debt Ceiling Unless Gun Control Passed?

Utah coach suspends his entire team over poor discipline, cyberbullying

Kiwis planning to sue Oracle over "Herbie" modification

John McCain hires Elizabeth O'Bagy, the Syria analyst who was fired for padding her resume

Gettysburg national park grants KKK event permit

George Zimmerman's Mother-in-Law Files Police Report Claiming He Stole Her Furniture, TV

Welcome home Big Tex!

HEY!!!! Pay some fucking Attention: RE: In _The_Wind. UPDATE NUMBER FOUR!!!

Sorry, it's me again with more questions

Inspiring Story for the weekend

Get everyone you know to take a pledge to not vote republican in 2014 & 2016

Made my first successful pizza dough. Food photo below.

Bernie Sanders rips the right a new one

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 28, 2013 -- The Essentials: Peggy Cummins

I do not understand the Westlake Mall massacre.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 29, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: Sundays With Hitch

Minister-turned-atheist Teresa MacBain loses Harvard job after inflating resume

David Gregory pressing RW talking points on hardball

Dawkins: Religion no moral compass

So the attackers in the Kenyan Mall Attack

Harry Reid Warns Boehner Get Some Courage because, 'We're not going to be extorted.'

David Gregory will have Ted Cruz on this Sunday

Hypothesis -- TPP would make living wage initiative suicidal for the American worker

Scott Brown is coming to NH again Monday.

Rehab. ACA will help millions of addicted americans get the help they need to begin recovery.

How One Reader Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obamacare

You can always count on the GOP to show their ugly side

it just is what it is

"simply that the woman plays a central role in a family." BULLSHIT

Dianne Feinstein Accidentally Confirms That NSA Tapped The Internet Backbone

Benefit#102 as to why I can't wait for Obamacare to be implemented...

Average American Families Pays $6K a Year in Big Business Subsidies

The Ultimate Fast Food Cup-How do we not have this in the United States?

Judge allows challenges to Illinois gay marriage ban to proceed

Gene Patents Decision: Everybody Wins

We should stop laughing at kittens.

Are the Neo-cons and Bibi too quiet for your liking

I'm just getting started on a home improvement project!

"Fixing Inequality Can Save Us From the Next Crisis"

Foyle's War

Take the impossible "literacy" test Louisiana gave black voters in 1964

Man's Best Friend -