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Indiana Coyote “Penning" An Inside Look at Animal Abuse and Cruelty Report

Obama hits a nerve with dig at Fox Noise

Will you buy Ann Romney's new cookbook?


Just Don't Do it ...

Do middle school kids still hold hands with

a warning to all of the cat owners...

When the NSA Was Spying on the Congress

Screw Russian thugs - I donated to GreenPeace


"Not a Filibuster, Filibuster, a Faux Filibuster, not sure what to call it, like a filibuster"

question on necro-posting in the Lounge

Another Victory For Diplomacy: UN Sec. Council votes unanimously to destroy Syria's chemical weapons

Fellow Republicans Skip Encore of Cruz-Lee Show

Bruce Springsteen- Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Boehner's got something up his sleeve on the ACA.

White House to announce $300M in aid Friday to make Detroit safer, erase blight

Guess Who

Hey Miley!

150,000 Harris County Voters vs. (Republican Prick) County Judge Ed Emmett

Here are those who voted with Cruz against Cloture....everyone else was for Cloture.

Lawrence O'Donnell - Taking away Obamacare is morally wrong

Need good vibes for dog rescue operation on Saturday, the 28th

A HUGE rally for Ted Cruz going on outside the Senate right now!

Republican Fascists Will Stop at Nothing Less Than Ending Our Representative Democracy

Just watched "Frequently Asked Questions/Time Travel"


Second Life AMA (ask me anything, in reddit-speak)

What's good from Kroger's Deli and Bakery?

So Anyhow..... I Passed The Test

Luckovich toon: Kindred Souls

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! The Final Countdown & a new Kitteh gif

cat learns to dog paddle. what?

U.N. Security Council Unanimously Passes Syria Chemical Weapons Resolution

Question submitted by KoKo:

I ain't right in the head

OMG - Iowa Press was a classic

It's not just Catholics.

The GOP Is Panicked********

Graywarrior ... I go bananas for you!

Peak colors here and lovely weather...

Plane crashes on anti-coca mission in Colombia; U.S. pilot killed

Plane crashes on anti-coca mission in Colombia; U.S. pilot killed

33 members of Congress who got farm subsidies yet voted to cut food stamps

Skip to my lou my dali

Just read that long thread on Social Security.........

Cat Head and Pumpkin Pie

OK turning off the visual media, turning on the SOUND - Kings of Leon

Find out if you qualify for low cost ACA premiums.

Cruz won't give up Senate pay amid gov't shutdown

Find out if you qualify for low cost ACA premiums.

Excellent or Bogus? Bill and Ted 3 is in the pipeline

Find out if you qualify for low cost ACA premiums.

and I thought Trump has weird hair

my daughter has a mesage for you...

What kind of app do I download from the Chrome web store in order to install .exe or .ini software?

Today, for no particular reason, this video came to mind....

Sakura Drops

NSA Employee Spied on Nine Women Without Detection, Internal File Shows...

My chihuahua got SLASHED across her back by a ferral cat. n/t

Friday Talking Points (275) -- Ted Cruz: Senator Ham-I-Am

I had really bad nightmares last night about really close relatives n/t

Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Would Be More Prepared For White House Than Obama, Bush-Is she Right?

Directv/HBO question:

Horton Hears an Idiot

Don't Laugh At Me

Carl's Lock: Giants vs. Chiefs 2013

Daddy, are we there yet?

Third time's the charm, though questions remain

How do you make a handkerchief dance?

Home computer terminal in 1967!

In Government Shutdown, Congress Members Still Get Paid While Federal Workers Wait In Limbo

The "good feminist"

Halloween cometh

Bill Maher's REAL TIME New Rules was great tonight. On California.

Why are food stamps such a bad thing?

This might just restore a little faith in Americas youth for you. A bit of a tear jerker

This just in: Obama: Health law can’t be stopped by govt. shutdown

just because ...

Luckovich - Absolutely Perfect Toon: "Support Our Republicans"

Asking What Kissinger Thinks–but Not What He Did

In Tehran, Phone Call Between Presidents Is as Good as a Handshake

"Today I shall behave, as if this day will be remembered." It will Ted~

John Boehner should resign as Speaker.

"My State Needs Obamacare. Now." by STEVE BESHEAR at the New York Times

Does everyone in this forum eat decadently almost every night?

The Poiseidon Adventure!!!

Austin cop fired for shooting at driver during traffic stop

The House GOP Wants to Throw a Temper Tantrum, and Boehner Can't Stop Them

Republican hard-liners block strategy to avoid federal government shutdown

Food stamps for all.

'Big Tips Texas' to debut on MTV

It is the weekend and time for a thread killer thread. Last person wins.

99-year-old receives her high school diploma

So I'm going to my first Same Sex Marriage tomorrow.

What is your favourite comfort food? I'm liking corned beef hash these days.

A (non-political) question about Michigan Grand Station

I just officiated at the wedding of my two best girl-friends!

What are best places to live (safe, affordable) in Sacramento, Davis, surrounding areas?

13 Days is on right now.

Maher: California Booming Because We Don’t Care About 'Nonsense That Keeps Fox Up at Night'

The GOP has no interest in moderation


Six weeks ago the middle number of my butt nekkid weight was a 7. High 7.

Hersh: Bin Laden story a "big lie"

Bill Maher Bashes Ted Cruz, Compares Him to Twerking Miley Cyrus

Students' rights to digital privacy versus "in loco parentis"/parents' interests

Maher: final new rule of the night - VIDEO link

I can not have a friend who is a Republican..

I Am Sure The Traitorous Media Will Help The GOP Blame Obama For Any Shut Down Et Al.

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ September 28th

House GOP banking on Plan C, Plan C?

How the Insurance Industry Is Dealing With Climate Change

What are we doing, people?

Oh my god. My ex just called me and I didn't pick up. I'm not ready for this...

White House Statements and Releases

Al Gore: GOP Guilty Of 'Political Terrorism'

This Posting Is A Message To House Repugs - You House Repugs Better Smarten Up .....


House Republicans Clueless On How To Avert Government Shutdown

This is for you Texas

My avatar

Ted Cruz Now Controlling House Republicans, Who Say No To John Boehner

One Texan Delivered a Passionate Appeal to Protect Health Services for Women.. while the other..

Do our politicians deserve their salary?

I can't enjoy spending time with people whose life is CONSUMED (24x7) by political ideology.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Explains ‘Obamacare For Fox & Friends' Dummies

Bill Clinton on gun control

PTSD-ing big time. Hold me.

Fight over University of Texas heats up between Perry ally, senator Judith Zaffirini (D)

Anti-gay ranter San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan running for State Senate

UN Aims to Hold Syria Conference in Mid-November

The Atlantic: Ted Cruz, Leninist

Greece's Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos held

Militants 'hired Kenyan mall shop'

Kitteh sees Ted Cruz:

PPP National Poll-September 27th-Ted Cruz Republican 2016 presidential nomination frontrunner

More than 3,000 protesters on Khartoum streets demand Bashir quit

As if it's not bad enough that the Rs are holding the country hostage,

Incarcerating Kids

Noam Chomsky: 'The Foundations of Liberty Are Ripped to Shreds'

15 Things You Should Know About the Major New Report on Climate Science

What costs $1.5 trillion, doesn't work, and comes out of your paycheck?

Fox News: Obamacare is just the redistribution of wealth!

WTF? I mean, really...

Report: Protesters throw shoes at Rouhani convoy

GOP Launches Race War to Boost the 1 Percent

U.S. Wealth Is Now the Most Concentrated at the Top Since 1916

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday 28 Sep 2013)

Golden Dawn leader and four MPs arrested

Microsoft reports 37,000 government data requests in first half of 2013

I wish Stephen King (the writer) would run for political office.

Share A Little Joke

(We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet

Howlin' Wolf

Syria Reveals that the 1960s-style "Critical State" is Imminent

Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening

Exclusive: McCain Hires Controversial Syria Analyst Elizabeth O'Bagy

European Court: Railways Must Reimburse for Weather Delays

Recovery Hype: American Capitalism's Weapon of Mass Distraction

US Inequality Is Simply a Function of Political Power

Report: Defense spending likely to drop

The scary, the cautionary, and the stupid: Reactions to the IPCC climate report

Oh, to be a Republican extremist for just one day

Trying to recall a book on forests in Maine

Green Gold, a Documentary about restoring the Environment.

Renewable Energy Cuts Emissions Even If Fossil Power Plants Have to Cycle More

All the Older Single Ladies in Poverty

you know, the Tusakee, Tusks, Tuh-see-gee, Tuskegee, Tuska-skee, Tuske-tuh, TUSKEGEE, Tus-kee-kee, T

Daryl Hannah Reveals Struggle with Autism

All the Ways to Get Out of Obamacare

ACA Scams...

Owner of region's largest painkiller clinics banned from practicing medicine while N.C. Medical Boar

Carrier Theodore Roosevelt needs more repairs

Video: Giant Confederate Flag on I-95 to be Raised Saturday

There's no such thing as a safe district

Government Contributions To GDP Since 1965

Stuff White Kids never HAVE to hear VIDEO

Gasholes sue to stop a man from putting a water well on his own property

Alternative History Fantasy Novel Free at Amazon, "The Idea of Good and Evil in Diablo, California"

Sen. Ron Wyden: NSA "repeatedly deceived the American people"

14th Amendment

President Obama to Republicans: 'I will not negotiate'

Israel rules on former Nablus settlement .

"Republican Fascists Will Stop at Nothing Less Than Ending Our Representative Democracy"

Tunisia's ruling Islamists accept plan to step down

The Administration's Official Response to Saving the Post Office is total B.S.

Obama, the Angry Black President?…Not Really ---Just plain BRILLIANT

Interactive Map of Changes Predicted in the Climate

17 days earlier, he'd slashed her car's tires. This day he came with more than a knife.

"If it seems it's so, it ain't!" Please come CAPTION Fox's John Bolton!!!

‘When they become PM, they realize how utterly dependent Israel is on the US’

Rivals Rally upon Iranian President's return---Our President on the world stage again

The steaming pile of shit that is now Iraq!

Gun lobbyist who shot elephant in the face compares critics to Hitler, calls them "animal racists"

Who Will "Punish" Us? Photographs and Testimony about United States' Use ***graphic pix***

North Carolina Students Will Get Free Copies of Banned ‘Invisible Man’ -

Jaguar stalks/attacks caiman/crocodile in Brazil

Unintented consequences of Bush wars

"Take this brother, may it serve you well."

Weapons of Mass Destruction (F-35) Wanted?

NRA wading into Va. governor’s race with $500K ad campaign against McAuliffe

My book recently won Best Book in the Category of Juvenile Fiction

Is it time to start a boycott of all things Canadian?

"Pray the Lay-Away!" . . . Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!

Roasted red peppers

Pollster Rasmussen criticizes Republican discourse

EXCLUSIVE: Former Gov. Don Siegelman Brings the Hammer Down on Tom DeLay from Prison

Webmd: Florida Health Insurance Marketplace

Seymour Hersh: Story About Killing Osama Bin Laden is One Big Lie

In Washington's Fiscal Tango, Obama's Lacking A Dance Partner

NSA Chief: 'Yes' - Our Desire Is To Collect All US Communications

Chinese police rescue 92 abducted children

Street Harassment: Is a Man Running Over a 14-Year Old Girl for Refusing Sex Serious Enough?

2 U.S. Army vets accused of plot to kill DEA agent

Goodwill Fires, Presses Felony Charges ... For Giving Discounts To Store's Poorest Patrons

Pentagon finalizes $7.8 billion in F-35 contracts with Lockheed

Dear Activists: Ditch The Costumes

Luckovich: Kindred Souls

DARPA to release machine vision software tools as open source

China Says J-31 Fighter Will Compete With F-35 for Sales

Republican meme

Jamie Dimon Requested Meeting with Eric Holder in bid for deal to end probes, avoid criminal charges

on the Home Page on my browser to the left of center there is a graphic, that changes.

The Pentagon's biggest, baddest - and costliest - piece of hardware ever

GRIFFIN: 7th Century BC Ceremonial Drinking Vessel Returned To Iran As Token Of Goodwill

Pentagon Mocks Sequester with New Millions Wasted

USG spends about $24 billion a year paying private contractors for compensation of top executives

Save Kids Japan

So who's over at the Capital recording any votes that may be taken? I want to know who votes for

Great luck this morning at a sale I almost drove past

Constitutional Reform Commission seeks to eliminate judicial review of right to public education

Kerry will be on 60 minutes this Sunday

Nairobi mall attack: Westgate was named as a target a year ago

Iranians cheer, protest over Rouhani's historic phone call with Obama

It's The Weekend!!

Saturday, September 28th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

A terrible precedent is being set with guns in public places...

Top 16 myths about the health care law

Chinese doctor builds new nose on man's forehead

Kansas Christians Sue To Stop Science In Schools

At first blush it seems wrong that Congress gets paid during a shut-down

Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Would Be More Prepared For White House Than Obama, Bush-

House conservatives hold firm as government shutdown looms

SoS Kerry will be on 60 minutes and B. Clinton and Iran's FM will be on Stephanopolis this Sunday

Lewis Lapham: Memento Mori: The Death of American Exceptionalism -- and of Me

Thieving sack of s*** of the week: Ted Cruz

Months After Vetoing Disclosure Bill, Rick Perry Gets a New Dark Money Group

Some pushback from military chaplains

Elizabeth Warren----the Universities are in bed with the banks--let's put a target on them too!

Cats Taking Selfies

Latino Religion Survey Reveals Rise In Unaffiliated And Evangelical Hispanics

41 books sexist prof David Gilmour should read

1983 -vs- 2013

Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices

Can God Make People Who Don't Fit Into Our Boxes? The Transgender Question

There's a war going on...

Danziger Toon- The New Economy

Troll this Koch Brothers Facebook post with the truth


Bill Maher: This Is Why Conservatives Are Scared Of California (VIDEO)

Heads up. The IOC makes the Hall of Shame on my show this week.

On the lighter side...

Failing Upward: Elizabeth O'Bagy's New Gig with McCain

Still waiting to hear from The Roadrunner Hostel & Inn.

'You're Too Pretty to Be Gay' Is Not a Compliment

The world’s first inflatable concert hall will begin touring ravaged areas of Japan

How freaking cool is this??

Launching the Small Business Health Option Program Marketplace

NFL Week Four: Seattle -2.5 At Houston ...

Snake Plissken Almost Had A Video Game To Rival Metal Gear

The Alex Jones Deception

CNN: House Republicans likely to demand 1 year ACA delay and elimination of Medical Device Tax

Audit: State has spent $0 of $400K set aside for literacy program Walker proposed in 2011

Andrew Sullivan: This is not about Obamacare.

Not Ever (awesome PSA from Scotland)

What Obama needs to do, to straighten out the House Tea Bagger/Sand Bagger problem.

Low miles, only driven in one war


Netflix just acquired a whole

Mental health leading cause of military hospital stays


Dr. Phil Roe, repub congressman...more repuke teabagger now...

Economist Wins Genius Grant For Proving That Most Traders Are Idiots

Remarkable Map: Will Climate Change Put You Underwater

Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices

Greece Arrests Senior Members of Far-Right Party

Video Games and Cigarettes: Syria's Disneyland for Jihadists

The ‘sell-by’ dates on your groceries are useless. Here’s why.

House Speaker Tip O'Neill's demand to Reagan before agreeing to raise the 1981 debt ceiling:

This Week in God

Bill Moyers: Joblessness is Killing Us

Robert Corry arrested: Colorado marijuana attorney taken in for public pot use

Am on Justice with Judge Jeanine tonight vs Scottie Nell Hughes re: ACA/Obamacare

Subsidy Calculator for low income families and singles on ACA premiums.

Guido Barilla Puts His Apology on Video

In cancer drug battle, both sides appeal to ethics

Subsidy Calculator for low income families and singles for the ACA premiums

Subsidy calculator for low income families and singles for the ACA premiums.

Subsidy calculator for low income families and singles for the ACA premiums.

Yahoo Obamacare Searches: 5% about Defunding, searchers are 63% male and 77% over 45.

Night Gallery -- The Pilot -- 1970

GOP insanity continues...House Republicans to propose one-year delay of Obamacare

Folsom Street Fair less kinky, more corporate

LIVE RADIO NOW: Obamacare, Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling

The Tea-Belly Sneeches

Shaken Faith: How Jaczko's Fukushima Missteps Undermined The Japanese Government

Seymour Hersh is just mad that he won't be able to sell as many books.

Folsom Street Fair less kinky, more corporate

Obamacare Insurance Cost Calculator

Solar Barn vs. KXL: Community Builds Alternative in Direct Path of Pipeline

52% want (CA) bullet train stopped, poll finds (LA Times)

Berlusconi ministers 'resign posts'

Mt. Flushmore (cartoon)

The transgender six-year-old: Child who was born a boy is given a new identity after insisting her

If the GOP shuts down the government will there be a Koch coup?

Robert Parry: The Four Eras of the American Right

Ignorance vs. Evil

No. 2 US nuke commander suspended amid probe

Keiser Report: Trickle-Down Flamethrowers

Enjoying the few warm days left in N.E. Ohio

Wow, CEO of Kelly Services Advocates for Single-payer system.

Ecuador’s Campaign: "The Dirty Hand of Chevron"

Ecuador’s Campaign: "The Dirty Hand of Chevron"

"Paying America's bills is not a concession to me. That's not doing me a favor."

This is what happens when you fart in a Smart car....

TCM Schedule for Monday September 30 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Man Dies After Setting Fire to Ex-Fiancée's Psychic Business in West Park: BSO

MSNBC 2pm EST My Friends Hubby Anton Gunn will be on the Craig Melvin Show Today

It's really this simple....

breaking msnbc: Government shutdown odds spike as GOP unveils new funding bill

Got a question for Tucsonans

Will Dick Cheney be Arrested in Canada on War Crime Charges?

El Salvador Government Bans Roundup over Deadly Kidney Disease

El Salvador Government Bans Roundup over Deadly Kidney Disease

N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens (NYT)

Someone else said it, and it makes one think about our political debacle

Pastor shot and killed as he was preaching during Lake Charles church service

ALEC: Opposing efforts to go after child sex trafficking, supporting efforts to restrict abortion.

AWESOME Vanity Fair Piece on the GOP lies about Obamacare

Colorado Boy Asks Nation Not To Find His Missing Little Brother

Interesting Take on Breaking Bad in Salon

How Obamacare effects hospitals doctors in my state of NJ

What are you reading the week of September 29, 2013?

Excise Tax on Medical Devices Should Not Be Repealed, Industry Lobbyists Distort Tax’s Impact

The insurance companies LOVE this ACA why aren't they running ads against the reTHUGS

Any predictions on how the shutdown will affect our lives this coming week?

Ted Cruz's Corporate Contributors

American Workers: Hanging on by the Skin of Their Teeth

I am hunting, looking for that light!

Bill Maher. California: "Without a Legislature Cock-Blocked By Republicans."

This is a time of shame and sorrow. It is not a day for politics.

This week in the War on Workers: Bringing green jobs back from China, and making them union to boot

Congress Radel a Replican just Said

on the prowl ...

Jesus H..... Cruz has no intention of giving up his paycheck..

A child understands what so many adults do not

Study Shows That Young ‘Nones’ Are Not Just Spiritual Seekers

Where can I get a copy of Grand Theft Auto U?

Tom Delay Off The Hook For Laundering Money

Bill Maher has excellent news on why conservatives REALLY fear California

Inequality for All ---- Movie Review =

RATS now Pay pal wants a copy of my I.D and a Bill.

The lack of interpersonal skills is the cause of guns at soccer games and games in congress. Cyber-

I turn 35 today. Never thought I would get to this age.

House GOP to attach Obamacare delay to CR

Militarization of Police Continues Apace. Dallas County PD Gets $600K Military Tank

Because Faux news asked, here are real people who were denied healthcare:

The Atlantic - "Your False-Equivalence Guide to the Days Ahead"

College Football Tailgate Thread

CNN's Crossfire Disaster

Question, never posted here before, but what is the use of Open Carry?

Coming soon to a GD forum near you: DUzy Awards 3.0

I'm about to whip somebody's ass...

The Captain Ahabs of the House

Video Highlights Famous Republicans Who Have Smoked Pot

"I was a teenage girl wrestler in Indiana"

What Republican really want on the Ransom list

Maher: California’s economy is booming because ‘we’re tea party-free!’

Louise Mensch seeks US citizenship

N.S.A. Examines Social Networks of U.S. Citizens (Decision Made In Secret 2010)

Now, this is just pure evil - I just got a solicitation in the mail to join a

Easy care crochet hat

Missouri cops now using 80,000-volt ‘stun cuffs’ on prisoners

Thom Hartmann: Exposed - Outsourcing America

Should we mail them pink slips, the house Republicans that is?

IBEW, Manufacturer Partnership Brings Jobs Back from China

Pipeline Clearings from the Air

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ September 28th

Mash of Ted Cruz filibuster: your tax dollars at work.

Is there a reason why a govt. shutdown doesn't doesn't halt congressional salaries?

Senator Angus King on House Republicans: ‘They Hate Government. They Don’t Want Government To Work.’

Support Alan Grayson, Our Leader Against War

Will a Government Shutdown Chill Congressional Republicans Out? No

Rediscovering a forgotten age of female scientists (art review)

MrProgress89 is locked out on Twitter


Philly Fed says Scott Walker, WMC offer misleading data on Wisconsin economy

It looks like the new 5-hides rule could lead to mob rule.

Ex-Army sniper arrested, charged with doing security for drug cartel

Ex-Army sniper arrested, charged with doing security for drug cartel

Tour CERN and the Large Hadron Collider with Google Street View

Need healthcare? Go to the ER...

iOS 7 Is a Stomach-Churning Ride for Some Users

Next orbiter to focus on Mars atmosphere

We are in the process of moving to Mansfield (Tarrant County)

The Roadmap to El Dorado: SunEdison’s PV Module Technology Strategy

2 arrested in shooting of 3-year old in Yonkers

Margaret Cochran Corbin

"Then Shut it Down."

Top 10 Things Any Recent Veteran Of Afghanistan Will Remember Forever

N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

Thinking back to an Emergency-Room visit I had about a year ago

52% want bullet train stopped, poll finds

House Democrats to meet at 6:00PM

Daddy-Daughter Day

Bukowski’s Air and light and time and space illustrated,

Reid incredulously asked, “Is this some kind of subterfuge to close the government?”

Detroit Lives! Mower Gang's social innovation saves parks for kids use.

how do you download pictures to DU from your hard drive

Can I have a round of pity?

Toon: Meet Your Health Insurance Exchange!

Northern Caribbean and GOM folks - keep an eye on this one

Hey ReTHUGS - you lost the

Sodexo Food Service Contractor Siphons Cash from Kids and Soldiers while Dishing Up Subprime Food

'It is time to end the war on drugs', says top UK police chief.

This new attempt by the House to shut down the ACA..

Human Rights Watch Blasts UN Syria Resolution.

Animal Legal Defense Fund files brief in support of family whose dog was shot by sheriff

Peace With Iran Possible?

Media spin: a tale of two titles

Do you know any GOP voters who are uneasy about hostage taking as a method of governing?

Does anyone remember back to 2006?

U.S. Senate will reject new House bill to fund government -Reid

Chile 'Caravan of Death' general commits suicide

My man Cummings

Chile 'Caravan of Death' general commits suicide

So, on iran; what have been the wingnut/

Billionaire's daughter in NJ court in will dispute

Yarnell fire report leaves key question unanswered

NY Times - "House Leaves U.S. on Brink of Shutdown"

Nova Scotia Liberals move solidly into majority territory

Natural Born Idiots

WH: Any member of the Republican Party who votes for this bill is voting for a shutdown

Bertolli Responds... let the Pasta wars begin!

...even if I drop to 5 percent in the polls (Clinton 1995)

Statesments from The White House and The Senate regarding the GOP shutdown

Underreported - Republicans Are Trying Shutdown Govt To Save Face On Debt Ceiling Vote

Texas GOP House members show approval of new Obamacare attack

FYI: MSNBC is still currently airing LIVE news

Lord of the Rings: Facts behind the Fiction | History Channel

Pittsburgh will be hosting the Wild Card Game on Tuesday night after pounding

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Senator Angus King: House Republicans 'Hate Government' 'Crashing the Economy' is 'Success' for Them

Israel and Others in Mideast View Overtures of U.S. and Iran With Suspicion

DUzy announcement X-post

White House: GOP Bill 'Reckless,' 'Irresponsible'

How the EU directly funds settlements in occupied territory

Tom Waits and Bette Midler. *sigh*

New Major Earthquake Rocks Southwest Pakistan

Lawyer: Manning’s Gender Issues Being Assessed (CBS Wed 26 Sep)

South Florida Woman Claiming Psychic Powers Found Guilty of Fraud

Statements from The White House and The Senate regarding the GOP shutdown

Hey ReTHUGs did you see the Breaking News - The President of the United States

Syria Vows To Abide By UN Security Council Resolution, Cooperate With Inspectors Destroying Chemical

Nancy Pelosi will not be at the vote tonight - it is her 50th wedding aniversary...

"The ironic impact of activists"

Netanyahu Heads To The US, To Counter Iran’s Charm Offensive

My biggest fear of a Govt, shutdown is that

Italian government breaks up after Berlusconi pulls out ministers

Jesse Jackson accepts role in Colombia hostage release

Breaking: Republicans funding bill adds $30 Billion to deficit

Republican candidates for Texas AG debate in Austin

In San Angelo, a Tea Party backtracks from a night of Muslim-bashing

Breaking: On CNN - GOP is adding a 'conscience clause' to the bill (UPDATED)

Grade 2 Art Class Raised Questions

I meant to ask anyone who watched, how did McAuliff vs. Cucinelli do the other night?..n/t

The team that knew better by quitting, a hopeful sign.

The road not taken (Republicans have been holding the economy hostage for years)

Gail Collins Column: Congress cracks up

Bobby Kennedy had something to say about guns, actually.

GOP to add 'conscience clause' to spending bill

The Complete Guide To The GOP’s Three-Year Campaign To Shut Down The Government

Wow, just watched the 4th season ending for Breaking Bad.

I found this at Costco today

Parent Trigger - False Promises, Divided Communities and Disrupted Young Lives

Founder of Largest Atheist Group in US Shares Conservative Evangelical Background


Photography enthusiasts...Here's a photography equipment Rube Goldberg machine

Let's roll say the teabaggers

TT: Full Throttle Book Trailer Nicole Winters

The Religious Alternative To Obamacare's Individual Mandate

Wall Street Pleads With GOP To Put The Debt Ceiling Gun Down

too bad we cannot charge them with treason--I truly wish it were possible to charge each and

The GOP shutdown gang are un-American deadbeat TRAITORS ...

There will be no shutdown depending on the cavein bait and who gets tossed under the bus.

It's not happening here, but it is happening now. (a poster campaign from Amnesty International)

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Sept. 27, 2013 -- World News Trust

Catholic campus houses Suffolk's first Islamic school