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And guess which one she's looking at.

The deliciousness of pizza can now be objectively quantified.

Dogs have higher standards than most people realize.

I swear, I will turn this car around. You KNOW I'll do it!!!

Many people think MFM is completely spontaneous. He DOES make "to-do lists"... sketchy as they are.

Poor MFM. He had such high hopes for that "rave, women & Ecstacy" combination.

"First, GOP compared #ObamaCare to slavery and now to 9/11 terrorists".. Obama's Response..

The Guy Who Invented Whac-A-Mole Accidentally Blew Up a Florida Warehouse

"In Republican States, More Government Jobs"

5 Health Benefits Of Cannabichromene

Al Gore: Government Shutdown Threat is Political Terrorism

Tusakee, Tusks, Tuh-see-gee, Tuskegee, Tuska-skee, Tuske-tuh, TUSKEGEE, Tus-kee-kee, Tus-kuh-kee Air

This twerking crap is getting out of hand.

Is this government shutdown the President's OK Corral?

When Gingrich shut down the country on his watch,

Are those people who want religious exemptions so they can discriminate against gays also the very

The Adorable Care Act

Making Chicken Paprikash tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Top Conservative: There Will Be No Major Economic Consequences To Shutdown Or Default

Republicans Finally Admit That The Fight Over The Debt Ceiling Has Nothing To Do With Debt

TPP a Trojan horse

I'm small... meaningless actually. My existence is unremarkable, maybe even a mistake.

GOP Congressman On Obamacare: We're Just Like Flight 93 Passengers Fighting Terrorists

Is there a poll or something to do with the Ameican people

@Atrios: Occasional reminder: ladies, don't fuck republicans

what's the world coming to when I can't pick a fight with facebook republicans?

So... y'know that study claiming that porn actresses have high self esteem?

Maybe we SHOULD negotiate with the Rethugs over the debt ceiling.

Will Dianne Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of Classified Info? Will She Face Espionage Charges?

Lentil Loaf

Berlusconi strikes again-Italy plunged into chaos as he withdraws ministers from coalition

Fukushima Crisis Thread

"It's freaking me out."

Sen. Mary Landrieu sticks with health care law

Is this satire or not? Doesn't sound like it is satire, even though it is really stupid.


T-shirt I just saw:

Let's call it what it is

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 1: The Story of Film

Barack Obama Jan. 2009.. "We will extend our hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Tackles Myth That Obamacare Is Hurting Jobs

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 2: Samantha Eggar

#2 military command officer incharge of all US nuclear war-fighting forces suspended -gamblingamblin

LOL! So the brilliant strategist Ted Cruz sent Mike Lee a tweet. Except ...

What a frickin long day: first thing in the AM, hit a workshop on community organizin

Apple Maps: The Easiest Way to Crash Into an Airplane

YouTube: "The Last of Us - Alternate Ending (2nd Secret Deleted Ending)"

Paul Karason, Real-life 'Blue Man,' Dies at 62

Traitors, All Of Them!

Who doesn't support background checks?

Gray Davis wouldn't sign it. Arnold wouldn't sign it.

How 'Bout Them DAWGS!!

Al dente?

For your consideration...

Report: Aldon Smith’s Leave Of Absence Could Devastate San Francisco’s Bar Scene

i went down to the river to pray

GOP = Domestic Terrorists! What else can one conclude? They want to defund the

When you have a band member who's only job is to vogue, you're doing it fucking right...

Can't wait until the Breaking Bad Marathon starts up again...

Jesus Christ!! they are all DRUNK!!!!

angry Darrell Issa to reporter: "How dare you presume a failure!"

Nahko, Build a Bridge

So, who else is watching The House debate on C-span?

NRA Pledge of Allegiance...

Sporran class in 2 weeks! (big pics - thought tinypic would bad))

I am a government employee

The Regressive Politics of Quantitative Easing

Ted Cruz Obamacare Lie Exposed By Student Who Likes Obamacare (VIDEO)


Start writing letter to the editors of the newspapers re incompetent Republican twits!

Help...You guys


Conservative Conference Cheers At Suggestion That Obama Is Going To Hell

DU Word Game: "It became necessary to destroy [.....] in order to [save] it"

ACA Government Health Insurance Market Place site for all states.

The Good Wife returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson fans, a historian or insightfull? "2 minutes to midnight" lyrics

The lovely, delightful, witty, funny and smart Tina Fey will host SNL season Premier tonight

A comment I just posted to the NY Times on the shutdown/debt ceiling fight...

Breathtaking landscapes timelapse by Dustin Farrell. Arizona and Utah

When did you realize Republicans were blocking the economic recovery and trying to destroy America?


SNL season premiere tonight, Tina FEY host, several new cast, etc. nt

Delusional House Republicans Laugh at Obama’s Promise to Veto Government Funding Bill

As GOP Readies CR, Democrats Watch 'Daily Show' Clip Mocking Ted Cruz

So this is how teabaggers/repugs show their love of America and the Constitution...

The Govt Agency I work for just gave us Friday, the details of the furlough.

Anita Perry (Rick's wife): Abortion 'Could Be A Women's Right'

Congressmen Booze As Government Shutdown Looms

Straight Man Gets Emotional Over Gay Brother's Struggles After Wedding

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, SEC set to face off in insider trading case Monday

Thinking about the wonderful potato.

I'm watching the speeches on C-SPAN and I feel really helpless

AP: Journalist Glenn Greenwald to Investigate the NSA's Role in Washington's Assassination Program

Your body is my canvas.

If by some strange twist of fate you happen to be at Dodger Stadium tomorrow...

So, if the Republicans shut down t he government, do Social Security check get shut down too?

After the Navy Yard shootings, the DoD wants to know more about people who get passes.

How Disgusting! "Congressmen Booze As Government Shutdown Looms"

Put it quite simply, Republicans are poor losers...

Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdown

Friday News Dump -- Sept. 27, 2013 -- World News Trust

Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdown

GOP Congressman On Obamacare: We're Just Like Flight 93 Passengers Fighting Terrorists

Diane Ravitch Rebukes Education Activists' 'Reign Of Error'

Three republicans and one dem voted 'no' on the vote to designate a MN courthouse - (that's weird)

when has acting like "ladies" and, "asking nicely" ever advanced women's rights?

Louisiana pastor shot and killed while preaching


Fresno, Oct 4th 2 showings of "Where Should the Birds Fly?"

NSA: Shut it down?

Fun facts about a government shutdown! = Congress will still be paid.

I am tired

House about to vote on the "new" CR bill

when has acting like "ladies" and asking demurely EVER advanced women's rights?

Nobody says "wake up and smell the roses"

LIVE STREAM: House Debates Bill to Fund the Government... if your'e so inclined that is

What a week of groceries looks like around the world ....

$100 3D printer, kickstarter project.

Scientists Recommend Having Earth Put Down

Rethugs booze while Washington Burns

Erin Brockovich fires up Utah medical-waste incinerator opponents

Will the GOP go into full treason mode?

Tues, 10/15 7pm Augsburg College. Afghan Hero, Malalai Joya:War,Women,&Drones. *Update: more events

Naral Pro-Choice America's Ilyse Hogue on Move to Delay Contraception Benefit in Gov. Funding Bill

Has Obama ever used a veto?

Ikea furniture/housewares

Lockheed Martin Wins More Than $4.4 Billion in Defense Contracts Friday 9/28

Republican House chairman gavels out every Dem in this video

interesting suffrage posters, etc

some interesting suffrage posters, etc.

It's raining, it's 53 degrees, the wind is blowing.

Breaking: House Approves One-Year 'Obamacare' Delay in Spending Bill

John McAfee reveals details on gadget to thwart NSA

The Bunnies & Squirrels

Truth and Lies~

Family seeks justice in Karvas Gamble's shooting death (Florida)

Anyone here thought about starting a CSA?

That pipeline....

Follow the bouncing ball--Good ole boy State Rep. seeks position in cushy Expressway board. FL

Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today

Follow Winona LaDuke and Honor the Earth the Ride for Mother Earth along the Enbridge pipeline

Why knot?

SNL's Opening Skit Lampooning the Rollout of Obamacare - (6:58 minutes) - video link

BREAKING: House votes to fund govt if Obama resigns.

Would a government shut down be enough to stop FEMA?

Here's my latest painting.

Afghani female hero, Malalai Joya returns for US tour. Starts Oct 4th

I don't always play the piano but, when I do -


Sgt. Pepper crosses Abbey Road ...

Major oil and gas company to extend health benefits to same-sex married couples

What's the old saying?

The bizarre logic of "essential personnel"

ever been to MayDay books on the Westbank in Minneapolis?

Breaking gender stereotypes (warning: very cute little girls)

This weekend's FoxTrot is quite funny, imho

"Public execution of nine to hide scandal north, relocation of" Asahi

Breaking gender stereotypes (warning: very cute little girls)

Where has compromising with repubs gotten us?

Elected officials serving "in good faith"?

Planned Parenthood In Court to Protect Texas Women's Health

Reid: Senate will convene Monday, will not pass House Bill

Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend reportedly executed by firing squad

Skin Cancer: New Drugs 'Can Cure' Disease

Britain’s harsh crackdown on Internet porn prompts free-speech debate

OFFS: a shutdown ends my malaria prophylaxis, apparently

Best Political Cartoons of the Week


Find something to be happy about today (Sunday 29 Sep 2013)

Some Christians are siding with Scientologists in a key abuse case........

Judge Ordered Sikh to Remove 'That Rag' from Head, Says ACLU


Starve Grandma??

It's Time to Finally Admit We're an Empire.

Fukushima Power Plant 2 Years Later, Japan Reaches Gigantic Milestone In Solar Energy

It's Time to Finally Admit We're an Empire.

…and now this? Go to hell you cowardly, selfish, evil GOP bastards.

No. 2 nuclear commander in the Navy relieved in probe over fake gambling chips

It's been a hideously bloody week in

Fireman brings kitteh back to life! Nice story to go with SCE Sunday Cats LOL day

Japan reached 10GW solar in August

You Can have Obamacare, or You can have Cruzcare (Jamiol Cartoon)

Is Iran out of the US War Queue? The Twilight of the Hawks

There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life:

NY Post resurrects lies about Nicaraguan revolution to attack De Blasio

NSA Collecting Private Data to Socially-Profile Americans

N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

Does public opposition to military actions inspired by investigative journalism play a significant

Oh, No, Not Peace!

What's the difference between beets and sugar beets?

Agnostic becomes minister to give Rancho Cordova City Council invocation

American Workers: Hanging on by the Skin of Their Teeth

Fessing Up to Our Imperial Footprint

I'm reading that the subsidies for the Health Insurance are actually tax credits which will

Halliburton’s Lethal Crimes Get a Slap on the Wrist While Non-Violent Minority Drug Offenders Get Lo

Ocean – ALL you Need to Know!! Children Writing About the Ocean….

Congressional GOPPERS Feel Totally Safe Shutting Down Government Indefinitely If Necessary.

GOP: Seditious conspiracy

Poison Gas, Poison Values, Poison History

So the North Carolina Freshman one Mark Meadows reminded the President of

Kinshasa, Congo - Libertarian Paradise - Search For Food Itself Full Time Endeavor

How we know PBO is not a dictator or a socialist

From the Mean-Spirited to the Asinine: 7 Prime Examples of Right-Wing Lunacy This Week

At Lambrecht Chevrolet auction, bids high for rides into history

It's Time to Finally Admit We're an Empire

Processing old negatives - need help.

Americans Are Waking Up to the Effects of 'Disaster Capitalism' -- a Much Better Way of Is Possible

Women who drive risk damaging their ovaries

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ebony And Ivory Edition

Will a Government Shutdown Chill Congressional Republicans Out? No

LEFT BEHIND: US Scrapping $7B in Military Equipment in Afghanistan to Protect War Profiteers

The woman behind the voice of Siri.

Putting down my dog: The late great Little-Dog

For those bored today

Historic market bombed in Pakistan

Death toll in Nigerian college attack rises to 40

Army orders ban of malaria drug mefloquine

I think most Republicans of today genuinely see fighting for their right-wing agenda and ideology as

Two new movies about objectification of women (mainstream Hollywood, even)

Here's The Secret To Making Amazing Double-Strength Cold Brew Coffee With Next To No Effort{images}

Wonderful story - Long lost brother and sister reunited after 30 years - both serving in the Navy

GOP adds 'conscience clause' to spending bill

Berlin marathon: Wilson Kipsang sets new world record

624 to 0

Les valeurs personnelles (Personal Values),

Model 'punches' Femen protesters who storm catwalk during Paris fashion week

90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Delivers Inspiring Message For Future Generations

Obama explains healthcare with a little help form Jessie Pinkman.

New law allows industrial hemp crops in state

The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone

So why do the cops need a tank?

On Friday night I had dinner with JackPine Radical.

Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll

Fallows: Your False-Equivalence Guide to the Days Ahead

Kiffin goes bye bye.

Andy Pettitte--you were a hell of a Pitcher.

I don't like people who find my specific sexuality "sexy."

Minutemen May Be Gone, But Gun Nuts Are Still Looking For The Thrill Of Hunting Border Crossers

I'm a NASCAR Driver

I'm a NASCAR driver.

Gov. Brown extends use of carpool lanes for electric cars, others (LA Times)

Well, Spock tried his best

President Obama Should Take the Deal

Ronald Reagan’s shameful legacy: Violence, the homeless, mental illness

Laura Bassi

3 Libyan army officers assassinated in Benghazi

How do we even talk about the insanity infecting the repubs in Congress?

Here Comes the Shutdown: Three Reasons It Will Hurt the GOP - by David Frum

California insurance exchange chief has health reform 'in his bones' (LA Times)

How Did Rand Paul Become a Liberal Hero?

Do ya think Chris Wallace likes Obamacare?

The new CEO makes his bones.

Stop taxpayer loan for new nuclear reactors

NSA employee spied on nine women without detection, internal file

Using Christianity to Fight Crime

"Quick! . . . Ditch his phone. Grab the cards and cash!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!!

Starting 3 days a week with my trainer. I really need to work on my chest.

We Are Terrifyingly Close to the Climate's 'Point of No Return'

Do the ACA exchanges still open on Oct 1 if

Corporate America Buys the Statehouse

Delay the ACA for a year? What are these Anarchists thinking?

Why Has NBC News Appointed Ted Cruz As Media Star of Shutdown???

Best compilation of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin I've seen yet

Are There Any Good Reasons For Bar Owners Not To Support Marijuana Legalization?

Ethics, politics, and how we think.

Check out this fantastic group. Company of Thieves.

I think it is time for us to start recall proceedings against the treasonous right wing republicans

Obama and Reid are at fault for shutting the government down

With the delay, the GOP are trying to get to 2014 in hope of getting control.

A Bird Defecated on Me at Shea Stadium Last Nite.

Technology Can Kill the State

Ya know . . . . you'd think they'd, at some point . . . . you know . . . . learn.

8 Most Exceptionally Dumb American Achievements of the Twenty-First Century

I Stand With Bernie Sanders --- It Bothers Me Too - EVERYDAY!

Question: if hubby and I retire early, are we eligible for coverage in the ACA?

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Netanyahu to Rebut Iran ‘Sweet-Talk’ in Speech to UN

Can I create a spoof account for comedy purposes?

The ACA had to happen

The House Republican tantrum that knows no end

Frank Stillmock honored fellow veterans' sacrifice

" . . . . and stop badly hurting the insurance market . . . "

Obama Care and young people under 26 years of age

Snapshots: Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Offer Rates for Workers in Private Business

What’s OK And What’s Not OK: A School Prayer Primer

House leadership says it still has options to avoid government shutdown

New Ads to Urge President Obama to Reject Oil Pipeline

Huff Po: Is This How Our Ancestors Sounded? Linguist Recreates Proto-Indo-European Language (AUDIO)

B. Clinton: Hillary's next campaign would be different

"From One Second To The Next" Werner Herzog Film on Texting while Driving

hey repubs, here's what your hero Reagan had to say about the debt ceiling and

Please allow me a modest rant: Marsha Fucking Blackburn - SHUT THE FUCK UP

Bill Clinton: “There’s nothing to negotiate with."

Just thinking ... (ACA related)

International Photography Hall of Fame finds a St. Louis home

teen apologizes for father's crime

Matthew 6:6

TeaBagger Mark MEADOWS How they roll: Gerrymander; TeaBaggers; (add Voter Suppression). Shutdown

Chimpanzees clobber humans in complex memory tests: study

The House Republican tantrum that knows no end

Repubs Oppose Health Care Not Because They Think It Will Fail-But Because They Fear It Will Succeed

So what are they going to steal while things are in chaos?

Mark Meadows, "the Architect of the Brink...." lives on the edge of

up to 50 students at Agricultural College in Nigeria, shot dead as they slept

The Gop can not afford peace talks with Iran.

Don't read this. Just ... don't.

Meatless in Munich: Oktoberfest Introduces Vegan Food Options

The Bright Future of Liberal Religion

Need help - who wrote the Affordable Health Care Act?

Our beloved Jimmy Carter will be 89 on Tuesday October 1st

I'll say it again. Never negotiate with hostage-takers.

Escape from an L.A. Sweatshop: How Modern-Day Slaves Become Lobbyists

Tiny Grandeur: Stunning Photos of the Very Small

New 'Safe Zones' Drive Signals Growing Push for Secular Inclusion

No Following This Leader

Thom Hartmann: Climate Week - An Ice Free Arctic?

*** Help a DUer: 9/29/13 ***

Very basic question on subsidies

Some facts I think we should all agree upon, but we don't...

"GOP adds 'conscience clause' to spending bill"

Where the G.O.P.'s Suicide Caucus Lives

GOP House adds "Handmaid's Tale" clause to its government shutdown bill

Let's just fuck it all up, what are we waiting for!

I think certain sexists who insist women don't have a right to determine

CE-399... The Magic Bullet...

How the ACA is ALREADY helping lots of people in Chicago:

Here's Dr Jeff Masters report on the IPCC report. If you agree, share on social media.

What's it going to take?

Republicans May Need To "Borrow Putin's Balls" To Get The Job Done

Congress is the only one that can pass a budget: True or False?

CBS News spouting teabagger bullshit

Anyone else working for a company that is changing employment status?

Israel starts campaign to boost U.S. military aid

Spacex Falcon 9.1 launch today Sunday 9am PDT - webcast live now

East Village Party Goer Seriously Injured After Staircase Gives Way

Expired Food Store Set to Open Next Year

Here's the latest Help a DUer OP...if you're inclined to kick...

Let's review some of the things that Feminism has achieved since 1920,


Nigeria attack: Students shot dead as they slept

A simple health care policy.

Smell of liquor in the House

Great post and description of what the congressional republicans are like by Turbineguy

The GOP's Brilliant Plan: You can't make this stuff up.

So what's the stock market going to look like on Monday morning?

"The monster speaks" – reporter interviews jailed abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell

We Pay $40,542,000/Yr in Wages for GOP House Members to Screw us over

John Boehner should show some dignity and do the honorable thing.

Just watched the Space X launch from Vandenberg AFB. I live next to the base and get to see quite a

Researchers: State has lot to gain from health care law

Diane Black (R-TN) just now on MSNBC blathering R talking points on ACA

"People will wait until they are sick to buy health insurance".

Great site: Where Were You The Day President Kennedy Was Shot?

Giants sign Hunter Pence: 5 years, $90 million.

Report: ‘White Widow’ was obsessed with Islam since school

A Map of the First Moonwalk

Negotiate?? Fuck negotiation with republican terrorists

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 9/29/13 - Irish out, Sun Devils in

Goldman Sachs Nails It On Why You Should Be Rooting For A Government Shutdown

To convince people to support abortion rights, you need to talk about foetuses, not about women.

What's the plan? How do we enter the fray and fight back?

They were wrong....

David Sirota: The plot against pensions.

Loss of East Texas town’s hospital (due to Medicare billing fraud) hits home after toddler chokes

Colombia leader rejects Jesse Jackson help in release of U.S. hostage

rw outrage of the week: Muslim videos via the National Parks Service

Students reported killed in Syria air attack

Suicide bomber kills 25 at Shi'ite mosque in Iraq

Ted Cruz Lie Exposed By Student He Used To Disparage Obamacare


Thom Hartmann: Dr. Paul Wignall on The Permian Extinction

Kenya raps U.S. over 'unfriendly' travel warning after attack

Tokyo Electric: will add $10 bln for Fukushima cleanup to turnaround plan

The Republicon party needs to be placed on the terrorist watch list.

***** DUzy Nomination Thread *****

I still believe Repubs want "Obamacare" as an issue in the next election.

If the ACA is delayed a year. Let's say in order for the government not to shut down

Rokkasho: nuclear white elephant or yen sucking black hole?

Manhattan Short film festival and Jamesons tasting tonight

I say with Persephone, "To Hades with gas-powered garden tools!1 All electric from now on!1"

Broadband from the bell tower: the church that became an internet hub

This isn't remarkable in today's Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 40 at Iraq mosque

Medical care as a commodity, patients as 'episodes of care' ... Part 1

At the risk of oversimplification, there are really only two types of people.

EDF must shut oldest nuclear plant before starting new reactor -official

all we ever hope to be depends on the Democratic Party,

"If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They'll Have To Ask China's Permission First"

This Republican Wants Obamacare To Go Forward, Mandate A GOP Idea (VIDEO)

Russian court jails 8 more Greenpeace activists

Do we need a constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering?

Edinburgh University ends funding for US drone component maker

So, I bought Ronzoni pasta instead of Barilla this week

Amid Putin's crackdown, Sochi gay scene thrives

Near-Miss Accident at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Reactor to be Cited by NRC

FORBES If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They’ll Have To Ask China’s Permission First

The No-Fly List: Where the FBI Goes Fishing for Informants

This new pope is making it possible to consider maybe going back to the

The Best of Tony Jaa

Carpool Lanes

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 20 Things Boys Can Do to Become Men

Am going to be talking with Roadrunner Hostle tommorow.

I doubt that there will be a lot of people sign up for the ACA on Tuesday.

It is now the time to start asking seriously how do we get these GOP Reps out of Congress!

High tech chip industry just beginning to show promise for jobs falls victim of

EFF racks up another courtroom victory over the NSA: damning docs to follow

Computer nerd question: The healthcare exchanges on Oct. 1st, how prone to crashes ?

"But they broke the law," the lawyer said. The judge responds, "So did Rosa Parks." Case dismissed.

Match Game Story: While in surgery, Dr. Ibis was shocked when his _____ tore through his underwear."

My show this week: Michael Reagan and I spar on ACA/Obamacare, William Hartung on Iran

The JP Morgan apologists of CNBC (Felix Salmon)

Krugman schools Bill Kristol for basing shutdown threat on ‘policy ignorance’

What do you think?

The next time a Texas Congressman gets on Television..

Howard Dean on C-Span later

Something happened in Sunday School today, but it's pertinent here, I believe

Next time you bitch about the guy buying a Snickers with food stamps...

My new fur nephew

Any predictions on passing the bill or a shutdown?

Who's going to miss Walter and Jesse?

Do Something about the NSA!

Maybe people will actually like Obamacare?

Wanna hear a joke?

Tea Party Lawmaker Letter on Med Device Tax Repeal Authored by Lobby Group

Why are ReTHUGs getting so much airplay on

"It's a level of stupidity that hardly seemed possible...."

An e-mail from Sherrod Brown

It looks like someone strangled a stripper in here

Saudi cleric says women who drive risk damaging their ovaries

Will government contractors

"Breaking Bad" Canadian Style

Being Conservative fb page tries to sell print of painting as original - gets busted by the artist

Israel’s Netanyahu heads for the US with a warning to the White House: Don’t be fooled by Iran

Damn we need to institute price controls on prescriptions...

Seahawks vs. Houston

Bahrain unrest: 50 Shia Muslims sentenced to up to 15 years

A State of National Economic Emergency


Question: Did Obama reopen federally-funded clinics for women in third world countries?

Haiti, Grenada recognize Palestinian State

Where The Poor Go Online

Dimple Pinch: The Final Drink Of Walter H. White (*Breaking Bad Spoilers*)

Women Should not Drive, because it hurts their Lady Parts

This Is What You’re Missing: An American Love Story (Wow! Just wow! Poignant)

Any opinions on David Gregory today?

Lovebirds now marry in death

Behold The Wonderous Incredibeard!

Dreaming of a bright future for Congress

Cruz urges Reid to call Senate into session and avert shutdown

As a parent of a 2 year old, I recognize the House GOP's tactics.

House Republicans Really Believe Democrats Will Cave On Obamacare To Avoid A Government Shutdown

The Real Hunger Games

"Support Alan Grayson: He Shares My Love For Peace."

A Tale of a Whale on the movie Blackfish - by Randy Malamud, Truthout

Tea Crazies having a rally right now outside the House! Trying to justify their insanity.

"A Government Shutdown And Debt Ceiling Guide For Journalists Who Don't Want To Be Complete Idiot"

Watching the GOP rally . . .

Marriage Equality Fight Confirms (Again) That Chris Christie is No Moderate

Video: Rep. Jim Moran says "if you like Ted Cruz, you're going to love Ken Cuccinelli!"

Lung Cancer Drug Doing Well in Treatment Trials

Am I crazy or does it seem like Republicons are saying they want to

The True Costs of Obamacare

It is unthinkable that Obama will ever accept delaying individual mandate. EVER.

Beyond the Food Fight: What the Mainstream Media Is Missing in the Budget Battles

'Bout Time

Bill Clinton says Obama needs to call the GOP's 'bluff'

Some serious questions about Jefferson

Climate change? Try Catastrophic Climate Breakdown

Are there not...

Clinton says Obama needs to call the GOP's 'bluff'

Hello Du'ers, welcome to another week of Here Comes The Stupid..

Peter King (R) Won’t Vote For Another Bill Amending ObamaCare: ‘Tired of Ted Cruz Calling the Shots’

Is Saddam Hussein's fortune in a warehouse in Moscow ?

Drunk On Sports, Media Blather & Brainless Infotainment Voters Generally Clueless About Crisis

Era Ends At Washington Post As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Set To Take The Reins

Let's say you buy a 5c from Virgin Mobile, and get their $35 a month no-contract plan

Anthony Bourdain: My family values

Robert Reich Documentary ‘Inequality For All’ Is A Compelling Class Lecture On The U.S. Economy

Gwyneth Paltrow says cheating's fine – and other meaningless media myths

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Blasts ‘Irresponsible’ Government Shutdown Threat

Islamist militants slaughter 50 sleeping college students in Nigeria......

Refusal to do your job is cause for dismissal in most places of employment.


Is anyone feeling nervous or anxious about the Breaking Bad Series Finale?

I am watching Breaking Bad marathon and I am not understanding Jesse.

GoPro contest...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 29, 2013

Good times and bad times

Netanyahu’s Tough Talk On Iran May Find A Less Receptive Audience

Go ahead, make me an offer...

Thumb-Sized Hornets Are Getting More Aggressive — And Fatal — As China Warms

Mumbai mayor: Decorator responsible for building collapse, killing 66

Flashback Quote of the Day

So how will Breaking Bad end?

Who is being paid in M$Greedia's newsrooms (and by whom)

Rouhani’s Iran Backers Come to His Defense After Jeers

Its a bitch when the crystal ball goes foggy

Borowitz Report: Boehner Advises Americans to Delay Getting Cancer for a Year

JUSTICE in Florida-Marissa Alexander Gets a New Trial

Cleveland wins A.L. Wild Card on Jimenez’ 13k outing -- hosts playoff

Inspectors Explain How They Plan To Halt Syria's Ability To Manufacture Chemical Weapons

Any food sleuths about? (overseas processing?)

Republicans are reminding me of the Mayor in the movie RoboCop...

Iranian Foreign Minister Says Nuclear Facility Inspections Possible To Open Negotiations

The United States Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists. Even The Homegrown Ones.

Are We headed for a constitutional crisis?

Frackers Guzzle Water as Texas Goes Thirsty

The House Republican tantrum that knows no end

Paul Krugman: Fools and Fixers

Detroit beat Chicago! It's a MMMBop Sunday!!!

Islamic terrorists kill at least 40 college students in Nigeria

Marlins' Henderson Alvarez no-hits Detroit in wild season finale

New Commercial Supply Ship Reaches International Space Station After One-Week Delay

Why does the far right dominate the GOP while the far left doesn't dominate the democratic party?

This might not end until 18+ Republicans sign a discharge petition

Russian Defense Minister Unveils Russia’s Wartime Plan

Tea Party ... Terrorist Wing Of The Republican Party

Induced Labor Linked to Higher Autism Risk

42 Killed, 63 Wounded In Violence In Iraq

Coming out, and being betrayed - a story

I'm gonna say this once and only once...

Seahawks 4-0!

Pakistan Warns U.S. Drone Strikes Affect Bilateral Relations

The hatemonger next door

50,000 March in Manchester, UK, over NHS Cuts

Found this blog ...interesting reading about the our children in schools

Just take a look at all that diversity in the GOP/TeaParty!!! (sunglasses warning!)

Netanyahu’s Mission: Setting Parameters For Obama’s Iran Diplomacy

If Obama and Reid hang tough on this repubican brinksmanship . . . .

Same Apartheid Drama, On A New Stage

Has anyone heard Bill Hicks rant on Pro-Life people and abortion?

The Birthers control the Republican party

"Wegmans Wants Buffalo to Lose.”

I'm doing better. Update on me.

Would giving voters the power to vote for multiple representatives solve gerrymandering?

A great has died...

Let's say you have the ultimate responsibility to manage the government shutdown . . . .

Cycling in the US from a Dutch perspective

Advice for those who never watched Breaking Bad but want to in the future.

Islamist militants kill 40 college students in Nigeria

GOPism Is Like An Addiction - Even GOPPERS Who Know They Are Being Screwed

Ted Cruz is an idiot. Ted Cruz Taunts America with Incorrectly Set Chess Game

It's official ...

The PNW is getting clobbered.

Name a TV show that was a big success but you just can't stand it anymore...

Conservatives launch $1.3B medical marijuana free market in Canada

NBC Sports Network Cancels NRA-Sponsored Elephant Hunting Show After Host Compares Critics To Hitler

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): Obamacare Will Be Tackled In Next Funding Bill If Senate Rejects This One

Cartoon of the day RE: Teahadists.

OK. So the gov't shuts down.

I have the next great sports/tech idea: The Condenser

So... what are we looking at in terms of veterans with a government shutdown?

Inaugural Flight of SpaceX's New Rocket Comes Off Smoothly

Bill O'Reilly says God told him to write his new book, "Killing Jesus: A History."

How long before someone gets offended?

something that puzzles me about the Teahadists versus the rest of the R party re: shutdown crisis

"Well, I think this election changes that."

I shook hands with Senator Tim Kaine at the Chickahominy Pow-Wow today

Consultants' contracts soar to more than $62 million for Detroit bankruptcy

Ok here we go: Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa: "I’m prepared to vote for a clean res tomorrow.

'Skins prevent AFC West Sweep of NFC East

How 'bout my future home team!

Even a fool can see

‘dawn of a revolution in health care’

I'm not a big fan of "open carry" within city limits, and here's why

Video of Kerry on 60 minutes

Crossfire on CNN is a joke with SE Cupp narrating this Sunday's

Is anyone framing the threatened shutdown as a constitutional crisis?

Families Compile Own Database of Missing and Murdered Women

Why in the world would Durbin suggest any attempt at a compromise? He says it

For my Lounge friends - "Green Hills Race For California" - Emerson Hart.

What's the worst thing about your state?

Post your "good ending" for Breaking Bad (no spoilers, please!)

House Republicans Target Contraception In Last-Minute Spending Bill

Quick-thinking CIA agent survives assassin's swords with clever use of boats, ecstasy and shrooms.


A Message to Republican and Tea Party Assholes

Italian cooking legend Marcella Hazan dies

Shocking "bum hunts" on the rise?

Johnny is a joker....nt