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Archives: September 3, 2013

GW Bridge Drapes World's Largest American Flag For Labor Day Celebrations

DOJ Paid AT&T For Access To 4 Billion Call Records A Day For Federal, Local Drug Investigations

"Too Much" (good info)

Online trolling of women is linked to domestic violence, say campaigners

Am I the only one sick of hearing

Two men arrested trying to steal Wrigley Field ivy

Racists Photoshop Rom (Gypsy) into Riot to promote hate

Anabel Hernandez on Mexico’s Lost Drug War and Her New Book Narcoland

Michigan students busted for unlawful entry into Michigan Stadium

(UK) Ed Miliband hardens criteria for Syria strike

Strange bedfellows

Jets sign Brady Quinn. They'd do better with Tebow.

Israel Fears Being Left Alone To Counter Iran Nuclear Programme

6 June 2013: Russia Asks Turkey For Info On Sarin Terrorists (Syrian Rebels)

Afghan forces suffering 'unsustainable' casualties, says top Nato commander

Whats the next LBN article source going to be

Obama To Meet With LGBT Activists While In Russia

US Labor Secretary Perez: "nobody who works a 40-hour week should have to live in poverty"

Russians charge 24 y.o. under anti-gay propaganda law

NNN0LHI (Don) Has Passed Away

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Russia Pushes Story (Mint News) Blaming Chem Weapons Attack On Syrian Rebels (Story Has Some Holes)

Anyone ever had Trader Joe's sushi?

Obama To Meet With LGBT Activists While In Russia

McDonalds Is full of Pooh Pooh

Labor Day

"Well, she's clearly 'qualified'"

Sad news guys. NNN0LHI (Don) Has Passed Away

Bills Passed By Congress 1947-2012 (Chart)

I know that chemical and biological weapons are nasty and cruel...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Labor Day & a new Kitteh gif

I just read that my little suburban school district has students speaking more than 80 languages.

I just got a small box...

NOTICE: PERSONS attempting to seek a deeper meaning behind the lyrics of this work....

What does your home town have a lot of?...

"Boehner's Consituents: Hands Off Obamacare!"

Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?

The 5 ways that Congress is splitting on Syria

Ignore Threads by Author

'God loves boat people': Churches take a stand


My son got out of the ER last night! We're all exhausted but okay.

UK's 'reckless' Cameron pays political price for Syria vote loss - Reuters

WikiLeaks Criminal Complaint Claims U.S. Seized Leaked Garani Bombing Video

White Supremacist Felon Caught With 18 Guns, 45,000 Bullets And A List Of Black & Jewish Leaders

Violent incidents mar West Indian Day Parade

Under the ACA, WA state individuals and families will have 57 qualified health plans to choose from

"Yippee! Economy grew at good clip after all. Is US out of the woods yet?"

Why the Wikileaks Party betrayed the Greens

"Republican Lawmaker Says He Serves God, Not His Constituents"

U.S. Military Members Post Facebook Photos Opposing Syrian Intervention - IMAGE

Debunking Myths About Public and Private Innovation

Ex-heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison dies at 44

Red lines, ultimatums, imperial credibility at risk, plans set in motion that can't be stopped

Crossposting from GD (because I'd really like a link to a mirror)

When and where did the tradition of Labor Day begin?

Just found this on facebook:

Bet On Bill de Blasio Becoming the Next New York City Mayor

Searchfly/Conduit ... ? Downloaded it by mistake. Can not find it to uninstall. Help, please.

Ron Paul: "Reckless and immoral" for US to intervene in Syria

Lend me strength.

We Are The People

"Wisconsin's Walker: 'It's really not about jobs...'"

Let's admit ...

"I was born under a wanderin' star"....Ladies and Gentlemen, the late, great, Lee Marvin.

Iraq used chemical weapons...

Fate of GM, Toyota Factories Hangs on Australian Election

This time, long odds for GOP in NYC mayor's race

What is a good egg replacer for a kugel or casserole?

Swedish Lab to Study UN Team’s Syria Samples - Paper

My son is fifteen. We've been at war since he was three.

You know what would be a very good result from the Syrian situation?

Drug agents plumb vast database of call records

HI: Abercrombie prepared to call special session on marriage equality.

Afghan security death toll 'unsustainable': NATO chief

If Only 9% Of Americans Support Bombing Syria, Who is Behind the War Effort?

I am having Wordpad trouble

This is us

This Is Probably The Funniest, Most Effective Way To Deal With People Who Ignore Science Facts Ever

Bracing for Michelle Bachmann

Bracing for Michelle Bachmann

Just wanted to let y'all know..

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 3: The Story of Film

For Votes, a Common Appeal to the Struggling Residents in the City

VIDEO: America’s Chernobyl: Radioactive Dust Near Mt. Rushmore & Black Hills

This latest Krufufel staring Miley Cyrus...

Does the GOP want to get rid of scientists with the exception of corporate ones?

Rodman returns to Pyongyang but says won't bring back jailed American

The newest overblown Obama controversy

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 4: Bob's Picks

NO New Wars: Stop U.S. Military Intervention in Syria. Tues 9/3 4:30-5:30. Minnepolis

Tax-dodging 'Freeman-on-the-Land' movement growing in B.C., officials warn

Today's Hawaii excursion

For Those Doubting if Syria is Part of the Neo-Con Plan, May I Present:

Ellison backs attack on Syria, others in Minnesota delegation begin weighing in on intervention

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd's Jed Bartlet moment

Declarations Of Independence: The Influence Of Outside Spending Groups On NYC 2013

Barry White - September

Grayson on Syria: "This Literally Has Nothing to Do With Us"

Earth Wind and Fire - September

'Hello, NSA? I have lost an email, can you help me find it?'

I had no idea that Diana Nyad, the swimmer from Cuba to FL,

Billie Holiday - September Song

6 Things Needed To Boost Labor And Wages (VIDEO)

Just watched the James Franco roast.

Billa Qause - September in my ears

Microbunny - Blue September Blues

Ta-ku - September 2nd

South Carolina Tea Party Drafts Resolution Calling For Ouster of Lindsey Graham

Vibrasphere - Sweet September

Radio Wingnut Kevin Swanson Explains How Demons Guided Mark Twain

Wikileaks complains "Assange has been detained 1000 days without charge"

Protest Leader Defends Singing "Shoot The Jew" At Israeli Jazz Concert in South Africa

Try To Remember the kind of September...

You Get What You Pay For

Pope: 'War never again!'

How to keep things secret. Part XVII

Innocent people are going to keep dying

Mike Posner - Gone In September

So the Syrian conflict can be improved with a few large explosions

Marcela Mangabeira - September

Russian gay activist Alexeyev has huge new anti-Semitic meltdown on Facebook, Twitter

Potential action against Syria reignites U.S. budget concerns

Quick history reminder: France still thinks of Syria as French

Great moments in American history.

I crashed my new motorcycle in heavy rain on a mountain road.

Imprisoned for Miscarriage: A Young Mexican Woman Gets 23 Years for Losing Her Baby

Lemongrass - September

How much does a wrist x-ray cost without insurance?

Alaska senators say they're not sold on Syria strike

Which University is Banning the ‘Derogatory’ Phrase ‘Illegal Immigrant’?

A New Era of Anti-Semitism Is Here. Daniel Goldhagen Blames Globalization

Argentina's ex-leader Carlos Menem back on trial in tax case

So I was tasked with babysitting the Michael Franti Band tonight

In Turning To Congress On Syria, Obama Overrules Top Advisers

Argentina's ex-leader Carlos Menem back on trial in tax case

Fatima Center Head Denies Anti-Semitism, Questions Holocaust

Have you ever searched for "people posing with statues?" (Warning, data intensive)

Russia issues travel warning for anyone "wanted by the United States"

French report claims Syria staged three chemical attacks (at least 281 deaths from Aug. 21 attack)

The "This doesn't affect us" argument is weak

Yet more Mumbai photos (dial up warning); some tourist stuff

Which “Breaking Bad” Character Are You?

Building melts car

AFAIK the only union member to have become POTUS was Reagan.

Texas chief justice Jefferson will resign Oct. 1

Walking While Black in the ‘White Gaze’

Snoqualmie School District teachers without a contract!

All that money that they plan to spend "punishing" Syria would be better off spent fixing Detroit...

Study says Texas private health ins. premiums will rise 9.3% with Medicaid expansion opposition

Stop bugging me, Shark...

Just... DON'T

From Romania, Nadia Catmaneci

I have long suspected this to be the case.

Existential crisis!!

Minimum Wage Issues

Watch: Anthony Weiner tries to sound ‘Jamaican’ during West Indian Day Parade

Anti-adoption activists defy popular opinion

The Teabaggerati all have this Syria question well in hand...

Bay Bridge eastern span opens

Just Be a Person...

Gresham bakery that denied service to same-sex couple closes

Microsoft to buy Nokia

LIFE IN JAPAN (Documentary)

McClatchy: To Some, U.S. Case for Syrian Gas Attack and Need For Strike Has Too Many Holes

Synchronized, Timelapse Video Shows Train Traveling from London to Brighton in 1953, 1983 & 2013

The Stages of Domestic Violence

September 3: National Welsh Rarebit Day

It would be easier to just burn the house down...

NY case puts N-word use among blacks on trial

Kroger Mid-Atlantic Workers OK Pact

Sick Oregon Man Robs Bank For One Dollar to Get Health Care in Jail

DUDE! Learn to play a guitar... Yeesh!

Growing Charter School Chain Suspends Special Needs Kids in Bid to Raise Test Scores

Study: Associate’s Degrees and Technical Certificates Can Yield More than 4-Year Degrees

Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s

Bahrain to host pan-Arab human rights court

Premier Li Keqiang says China wants South China Sea solution.

#OpWiCP a message to the Wisconsin Capital Police from anonymous

Russia Says Ballistic 'Objects' Fired in Mediterranean (No Report of Strikes)

Blue States Buck Abortion Trend

Russia says ballistic 'objects' fired in Mediterranean

Egypt Shuts Down Four TV Stations (Including Al Jazeera Egypt)

Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance. Light and funny.

Russia Has No Plans to Expand Mediterranean Fleet – Source

Down memory lane with NNNOLHI and the Freepers

Rangel wants vote on reinstating draft before vote on Syria

Reflected light from London skyscraper melts car

A gang of angry drunken elk barred a man from entering his home in Stockholm (animal gangsta)

Joe Scum's screaming suggests

Are any chemists working on a sarin neutralizing agent?

Fukushima leaks: Japan pledges $470m for 'ice wall'

KFC Japan to Start Offering Deep Fried Soup

Inside the Victorian reservoir which supplied fresh water to the people of Liverpool

Israel carries out 'missile test' in Mediterranean

Dog Finds Hungry Friend, Brings Him Home to Share Dinner

Texas Fire Marshal: Inspections Refused Since West Blast

Egyptian helicopters strike militants in Sinai

Climate change will dissolve coral: study

Ornithologists Describe New Songbird Family from New Zealand

A surprise shot while waiting for a Great Blue Heron

Frogs without ears hear with their mouth

The Disastrous Consequences of a U.S. Military Attack on Syria

12 Very Good Reasons Why America Should Stay Out of Syria

Mediterranean 'Ballistic Targets' Were Part of Israeli Test – Defense Ministry

USA to Hold Events on Cuban 5 Detention

Update on Gilberton Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler

Lodi Police Officer Shot When Child Pulled Trigger On His Gun At Reading Event

Japan to build an 'Ice Wall around Fukushima nuclear plant

Colonial Occupation of Indigenous Lands

The 8 Groups in America That Are the Most Screwed-Over by Predatory Capitalism

College Degree Is the New High School Diploma A Minimum Requirement for Getting Even Low-Level Job

INFLUENCE GAME: Train safety move delayed decades

If you gwine to Mississippi, you best REALLY beware of gators:

Just a few more days . . . .

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Sept 3rd

OECD raises UK growth forecast

US general says Syria action could be 'more substantial than thought'

Talk about instant karma! "Rapist may have HIV from Greater Manchester victim"...

SYRIA: "Concentrating on a different issue that really does require American "intervention":

Interview with Diana Nyad coming up on Morning Joe

Finished upgrading my computers.

US general says Syria action could be 'more substantial than thought'

USF economist says RNC was more bust than boom for Hillsborough

Slow site performance again this morning

There is not one argument being made by the pro-war with Syria faction

Current whip counts on Syrian action...

Defection from Syria's chemical warfare branch?

"but...but...but...this is different!"

Fukushima Never Again (documentary 57min)

Lieberman . . . "You useless walking, bloodstained pile of casual death"

"Just shut your fking piehole. Forever. You useless walking, bloodstained pile of casual death."

The Lie of "Limited War" in Syria

The vultures are starting to circle, the smell enticing.

Taxpayers Pad Military Contractor CEO Pockets

Sweden has become the the first country in the EU to offer permanent residency to Syrian refugees,

54 Subsidiaries Of US, EU, Japanese Companies Busy Making High-Lead Paint For Developing Countries

Meta-question on DU: Is it an echo-chamber?

Work Is Undervalued in Society’s Obsession with ‘Stuff'

Did Obama invite any members of Congress who are AGAINST

The difference between the US and Canada

When Our Neighbors Wish Us Dead or Broke, We're in Trouble with More Than Our Health Care System

harold ford, joe scarborough, john mccain.....

New Zealand Winter Warmest In 104 Years Of Records - 1.2C Above Average

Australia Experiences Warmest 12-Month Period Since Record-Keeping Began

Bruce Schneier: Our Newfound Fear of Risk

@NicolasMaduro now available in English

DNC: "dozens of countries" willing to support US using its own money and lives to strike Syria.

"remedial whoreticulture"

Kiribati's Much-Lauded Marine Reserve A Farce: Sweetheart Deals, No Protection For 97% Of Area

Sen. Johnson (R-WI) Now Denies Denying Climate Change In Face Of Ad Campaign

Jim Crowcchio

UNHCR: Number of Syrian refugees tops 2 million mark with more on the way

Venezuelan Doctors Fear Country Faces Health Emergency.

Cuccinelli Refuses 3X To Comment On Climate Policy, Despite Mann Vendetta, Other Whackness

The U.S. Is No Lone Ranger and Should Put That Six Shooter Away

Gov. Deal's secret fund exposed

Hey Kids, Let's Play "Pay For That War!"

Chemical and Biological warfare is more dangerous than conventional warfare

Animated roadkill on the loose! . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Israel conducts missile test in Mediterranean

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Obama Open To Narrowing Language That Would Authorize Syria Strikes

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Labor Day

Frederik Pohl has died...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- War, and the rest

A Star MOOC Professor Defects—at Least For Now

old roots, new branches: jewish spiritual communities and the rise of alt-labor

Syria: Defector 'Exposes Assad Chemical Attack' (Not current one, the one March 19th)

Bill Moyers: The New Temp Economy

Syria Strike Whip Count - No/Lean No: 124 Yes/Lean Yes: 35 Undecided: 63

Papantonio: Conservatives Threaten Our Future

Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy

Should the US have gotten involved in Europe in WWI?

Calling ALL Computer Geeks and Nerds - HELP. Please.

I think Domingo may be with us for some time longer....

Japan to fund ice wall to stop reactor leaks

Boulder, Colorado takes on Climate Change

NY case puts N-word use among blacks on trial

92-Year-Old on Trial for Nazi War Crime


Americans Are Wary of Retaliation against Brutal Dictators

Johnny Arrogant will play by his rules ... for now

Bush and Cheney are STILL the most powerful people in the world today.

Are the Mass Media Conglomerates pushing for War?

Democracy Now!: Growing Charter School Chain Suspends Special Needs Kids in Bid to Raise Test Scores

Watching old Night Court episodes

Report to NATO: 70% of Syrians support Assad

Cruz Fighting an Uphill Battle to Defund Obamacare

Texas Railroad Commissioner Smitherman: Unborn "Would Have Voted Republican"

"The bunny has been watching the dog herding; now bunny thinks he can herd too"

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 3, 1838

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 3, 1838

Bosnian miners strike underground over pay

Bee Killing Pesticides are Evidently Everywhere (Friends of the Earth)

Christian School That Gave Creationist Quiz Is Mercifully Euthanized

Romania opens museum on dictator's final moments

John Bolton: I’d ‘vote no’ on Syria strike

Should we be concerned about the damage to Barack Obama's presidency if he loses this vote?

Responsiveness in an Era of Inequality: The Case of the U.S. Senate

Supposedly Unbiased Politics PA Republishes Attacks on PA Dems From PA GOP Email as Fact [VIDEO]

U.S. government pays a contractor $6,600 a month for a plane that doesn’t fly.

How the USA gets into a War

Iowa board bans telemedicine abortions

Republicans Offer Syria Strategy: “We Must Defund Obamacare”

Why Global Warming Will Be Far Worse, Far Sooner, Than Forecasts Predict

The Dutch Have An Army And This Is How They Roll

Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy

Young Students Against Bad Science

An Open Letter From an Older Radical

New York Times Deletes This Paragraph In Which White House Says AIPAC Is Key To War

NY College Houses Endangered Thomas Paine Writings

Olli Kinkkonen: Victim of Warmongers

What’s killing poor white women?.............Everything.

Dead Economists

Nyad makes first cuba-fla swim without a shark cage (lovely comment from cuban commodore)

What is religion?, part 2: why football doesn't measure up

Raiders' Terrell Pryor to start opener, according to sources

Movie set explosion planned on Staten Island Tuesday

It was the Third of September - That day I'll always remember -

Obama To Congress: I'm Confident On Passing Syria Resolution

Is Grayson going to run for President?

You're a Warmonger

What's Wrong With Exxon?

I just saw Rick Harrison from "Pawn Stars" in a commercial!

Beginning the Dialogue on the Lack of Racial Diversity in Mainstream Catholic Media

French President Hollande: Will wait for US Congress decision on military action in Syria

Eggs-periment V 2.0 and an included breakfast recipe

Harlem man cleared in 2 rapes, then charged in third sex assault

Russia warns citizens of US extradition risk

Virginia Governor: A Favorite Emerges

Just watched Water again

Why Syria Is worrying me

Syria's civil war: No good options and so many 'known unknowns'

The advanced search has a problem

Did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad commit a chemical attack against citizens of Syria

Papantonio: Student Loan Bubble Cripples A Generation

What do people favoring Syrian intervention envision as the result?

NYPD: Father Of 1-Year-Old Shot In Stroller Not Cooperating

Chomsky: Bombing Syria Would be a "War Crime"

Greenpeace protests at Shell refinery

UN: Number of Syrian refugees tops 2 million mark with more on the way

Taxpayers Pad Military Contractor CEO Pockets

Pathetic Chicken Hawkery - not just for republicans

House Speaker Backs Obama’s Call for Strike Against Syria

If Morse is recalled, Republicans, gunnies and the NRA will have their revenge, but Democrats win.

An old argument that can finally be put to rest on DU.

As the World Enters Energy/Resource/Water Wars, the LAST Thing You will be Told...

Boehner: 'I'm Going to Support the President's Call for Action' in Syria

Supposedly Unbiased Politics PA Republishes Attacks on PA Dems From PA GOP Email as Fact [VIDEO]

First Syria rebels armed and trained by CIA 'on way to battlefield'

Markey Urges Caution On Syria Resolution

So Tell Me - Does The President Trust Boehner & His Support On This Syrian Strike....

Even more revelations about gifts McDonnell and his family received

Rep. Pelosi: Syria Chem Attack "Matter of Nat'l Security', Congressional Authorization Not Necessary

Boys have higher death rates from many causes, study shows

"MARKET NEWS: Stock rally fades as Boehner backs Obama on Syria"

Trip down memory lane, using Windows XP Professional SP3 in VMware Workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769

Breaking Brick Stereotypes: LEGO Unveils a Female Scientist

Pic Of The Moment: A Comprehensive List Of Positive Outcomes In The Syria Situation

Wesley Clark: Syria vs. Kosovo

How many times did this happen before they had to put a sign up?

Colombia's Cabinet resigns to allow Santos to make shuffle

Dozens of nations support action in Syria?

Just found out Boehner is on board.

Calling out Vladimir Putin on Gay Olympics (Betty Bowers)

So the Arab League, the UN and NATO are not onboard?

Efficient Studying and Exam Preparation Techniques

Should France have gotten involved in the US Revolutionary War?

Big Ed:There needs to be a discussion on how we are going to pay for this war

good ?

AP Top 25 Poll - Clemson rises, Georgia falls

Could listening to music make you fitter?

Protests against corruption, income inequality held in Brazil

Gas Attack: Germany Offers Clue in Search for Truth in Syria

If We Attack - Send Your SSA Check, UI Check, Etc To The Pentagon.

Americans will be killed, anybody care?

NYT cuts AIPAC references from Syria story

Career employee to DENR Sec. Skvarla: Take this job and shove it. (Western NC water wars)

Big Question, Mr. President

What happens to shutting down the Government now that more Republicans are interested in Syria?

will we be asked to 'sacrifice' anything to attack syria? nt

Obama underscores need to finish Asia-Pacific trade deal this year

If the US Bombs Syria, Canada Stands to Profit

Artist creates 328-foot Pope-corn masterpiece

Would you kill for god?

Artist creates 328-foot Pope-corn masterpiece

Guesses and Hype Give Way to Data in Study of Education

Final Televised Democratic Mayoral Debate Tonight

What are the odds of a ground war in Syria?

This active duty Army Soldier has a request.

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

Lufthansa Flight From Frankfurt To Stockholm Diverted Due To "Stinky Carpet"

You want to know why we keep sending aid to Egypt?

Raytheon shares hit record highs on Syria war talk

Report: 6 killed in munitions explosion on Turkish-Syria border

Dumb Criminals: Cubs Fans Attempt To Steal Wrigley Field's Historic Ivory Plants

There should be a war tax bill to go with the new AUMF

"Young Hearts Be Free Tonight," --that song makes me think of both

Walker on ACA: Insurance rates jumping 80%, employers not hiring

The never ending CRISIS (warning this has nothing to do with Syria)

Meet the Real Life Wayland Smithers: Singapore Toy Collector Has Over 6,000 Barbie Dolls

How many different opposition parties exist in Syria? And Other Questions Answered

Why is it the U.S. responsibility to prevent Iran pursuing its nuclear program?

US Government Urges Citizens to Avoid Peaceful Political Protest

Radioactive Water Leak At Fukushima Worse Than First Thought

Car bombs across Iraqi capital kill nearly 60 people

Will you be caught in the economic crossfire from the pending Syria strike?

Texas National Guard tells members seeking same-sex benefits to go to federal bases

Rainbow and sunset photos from last night.

U.N. counts 52 corpses after violence at Iranian dissident camp in Iraq

Allan Grayson: This is going to cost a BILLION!!! or more

France says "No!" to fracking ---

Dues increase raises questions about Boy Scouts' financial health

How do I change my recurring monthly fee

NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

US Rep Alan Grayson via Big Ed radio..."at a minimum, a Billion dollars"

Did Richard Cohen just write the worst column ever? (rape, trigger warning)

Japan to fund ice wall to stop reactor leaks

Split Congress Mulls Denial of Military Force Request

Mr. President, I respectfully disagree with your position on Syria, and I respect that you asked for

Andrea Mitchell's go to guy to day is..... ta-da:

DU this WAPO poll on the Living Wage Bill

£30 painting confirmed as John Constable original

Pushing 600 responses for dating a celeb, but I have a different take...

New Polling: Senator Begich has a lead over Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell

It is interesting to hear the variety of spins that are being put on the POTUS

Anthony Ciani Roils Romney Mansion Plans

Can we please delay this war for just a little bit. I've got reasons.

WOW!! Someone had donated $10 to the thing I have going to help me on Wishadoo!

UN chief: Strike on Syria may unleash more turmoil

Noam Chomsky Weighs In On Syria Strike

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time---Voice recognition in the elevator.

Pete Olson Town Hall and AARP

MIT Develops Computer Social Coach To Coach Kids Socially Desensitized By Computers

Yes, Rent A In Fact Is A Real Thing

Guess who's back tonight?

I'm leaning towards only going after Assad personally.

EU plans to equip cars with automatic speed limiters - What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Gee!... For once Boehner, McCain, and Graham all support the Prez...

Then and Now:

All this talk about the Co$t if the war is kind of grotesque

Nonprofits Launch Global Protest of Russia Today.

UN's Sec General says a US strike would be illegal

Colombia’s second largest city wins Harvard award for urban design

Have you guys seen this? Hillary Clinton to speak to Carlyle Group investors – Politico

So let's bomb a different country. Hey, it worked out so well before.

Thousands donate food, skip Mass

We are the US. The US is us.

Public Opinion Runs Against Syrian Airstrikes

Some great clouds outside my study window a few minutes ago

Welcome back to school, DU. How did you spend your summer vacation?

An Introduction

Anyone watching CNN now?

Russia Issues Travel Warning to Its Citizens About United States and Extradition

Be careful what you wish for.. (this one is about Syria)

As a long time Obama supporter, MI in Syria will cross my "Red Line" of further support.

The Greater Kansas City Japan Festival...really exists.

Much of Venezuela is without power

nothing like the prospect of possible military involvement to bring bipartisanship to D.C.

Scientists laid off due to budget cuts

Pakistan says nuclear controls are firmly in place

Detroit Billionaires Get Arena Help as Bankrupt City Suffers

Fukushima No. 4 fuel pool “is perhaps the greatest threat humanity has ever faced”

Protestor at Senate hearing before it starts

The Creepiness Question

Live:Kerry, Secretary Hagel and General Dempsey speak before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

I'm all about supporting a local business, but

US Manufacturing Expands At Fastest Rate Since July 2011

How Intelligence Was Twisted to Support an Attack on Syria

Senate Hearing Thread

The Rude Pundit: Sorry, But Fuck Syria

Construction Spending in U.S. Climbed in July to Four-Year High

Purple Flowers

Yes!!!!!!! de Blasio goes above 40%! Thank you NYC Democrats!

Why is 'Energy and Environment' a Group and not a Forum?

"The Decade of the Stunned Superpower" -- Tom Englehardt (Long/Fascinating Read)

This strike would put more Americans abroad in danger. This is insanity.

The Horror! Propaganda and Emotional Manipulation

five points over the constitution and the Commander-in-chief

Americans Oppose Syrian Action 48-29: Pew (Six in 10, Post-ABC)

We can't fix the world. Especially with violence.

We arent in Mayberry anymore.

No moron left behind

For the metal fans out there

Lounge Gift Shop Post Labor Day Sale! Look for specially marked items...

Obama and Israel (and Aipac), Together at Last

True or False: We would've supported Bush had he done this

Brutal Repression of National Strike in Colombia - Santos Declares Militarization of Bogotá

Skyscraper melts cars

Colombia: students, workers join peasant strike

Chinese navy fleets set off on South American visit

Kerry: ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’ Assad Conducted Gas Attack

The Bush chicken hawks have come home to roost.

Chileans remember watershed moment

Kerry: Bombing other countries is not "Going to war."

Obama on Syria: "We need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards"

Protesters to hit streets Thursday for Chilean education reform

Measles Outbreak at Vaccine-Denying Church

ever have a moment when you wonder....

Hillary Clinton Comments, at Last, on the Topic That Is Captivating America

Teacher Rapes Student, Gets 30 Days in Jail

Phil Zimmermann re NSA "they want you to be resigned and think these systems can't be dismantled"

Crystal Clear - A new Anti-Meth Initiative from the creators of We Will Not Be Silenced

What are the chances that if we get involved in Syria,

Code Pink Interrupts Senate Syria Hearing

Kerry: ‘Obama Is Not Asking America To Go To War’

Boulder CO's successful direct action on Energy enrages shunned power company

Have you ever had a time/event that you could have sworn you heard a Rattlesnake???

Lots of Folks Move During the Year. Here's One Way to Do It Cost-Effectively.

UK scientists begin five year quest to solve cosmic detective puzzle

Assad and Maduro, still BFFs

I can hear arms cracking all the way out here...

Central Park Jogger Says Man Attacked, Bit Her

Has John Kerry Had Some Plastic Surgery Or Botox Treatments To His Face?.....

UN chief warns U.S. strike on Syria could unleash more turmoil

Michael Bloomberg's Hypocritical Reaction To Stop and Frisk Ruling - Molly Knefel Discusses

Syria Is Said To Be Hiding Weapons, Shifting Troops; It Has A Range Of Options If US Attacks

Code Pink Interrupts Senate Syria Hearing

China invests cash, expertise in Argentine dams, railroad

William Blum - on Syria. 'The Anti-Empire Report #120'

Barbara Boxer earned her pay

Play. It's good for you.

Sadly, sometimes the internet tells you more than you need to know...

I made the best batch of homemade dog food last night. Made a great breakfast for me.

Syria: Ban says UN chemical weapons experts working ‘around the clock’ to analyze evidence

It's all prophesied in the Bible...

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Part One: What It Is and Isn't

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Part One: What It Is and Isn't

If your country was using WMD, would you want to be bombed by another?

NO TO WAR IN SYRIA - petition

Colombia’s FARC Rebels Face Dangers in Possible Return to Politics

Controversial pastor Terry Jones wins legal ruling against Dearborn

Marco! Slow down! BREATHE! You sound like you're running a marathon.

American chemical weapons.

Would someone explain this toon, please?

Chiquita Playing the Victim Card in Latest Legal Battle

We're slow-motion occupying the ENTIRE Middle East, aren't we?

A few Tomahawks here, and a few Tomahawks there.....

Obama Asks For Congressional Approval For War w/ Syria, Says He Doesn't Need It, Might Strike Anyway

Where the votes stand on Syria

"Massive Manifestation" in Washington protesting possible attacks on Syria

Texas National Guard defies Pentagon, refuses to process same-sex benefits

"...because, you know, Assad is this year's Hitler."

Kerry: US Policy is that Assad has to Go

I can't seriously be the only one bothered be the way the Syria debate is being framed, can i?

Predictions: 1) Congress will vote no.

Texas Guard refuses to process same-sex benefits

Kerry Doesn’t Rule Out Boots On The Ground If Syria ‘Implodes’

Boulder CO Resolves To Change Over To Green Energy- Energy Corporations Freak Out

Who is the Syrian "opposition" we are helping, and why? What are our "interests"?

what i don't get (Syria)

Watch out South Texas and RGV: Teddy is coming to town (updated 9/7/2013)

Gay troops prep for September marriage spree, put wedding parties on ice

Disabled man's life turned around by a blanket...

Sending money via Paypal -- how does it work on the recipient's end.

"Vodka Sam" is gonna be "Dead Sam" if she doesn't mellow out

"We're not getting involved in the civil war." Jesus H. baldheaded CHRIST.

I got into residence on campus!...

Dilma may cancel White House visit over NSA spying

For those who are interested in the cost of x-ray I asked about...

Dang it's hot!

The STEM Crisis Is a Myth

Student Wins Victory In North Carolina Voting Restrictions Case

Puppy Cam!

Pat Tillman Foundation

"Why are so many Americans wary of labor unions?"

John Kerry as SOS is becoming an total idiot

A tennis WOW! (Spoiler)

John Kerry looks different to me.

Uruguay to set up state marijuana monopoly

John Cleese on the European Reaction to Syria

Quit saying we're going to lose 2014 and 2016 because of this or that...

Two steps to a better understanding of what an amount of public spending or taxation means.

Kerry won't rule out "boots on the ground" because he can't. No one can.

Heinz Kerry makes 1st public appearance since July

Hey look who it is! John Yoo rears his ugly, criminal, neocon head.

Asking for nominations...

Obama Assures Americans This Will Not Be Another 1456 Ottoman Siege Of Belgrade

Barack Obama has the constitutional opportunity to fulfill his destiny.

'Soft on drugs' talking points go up in smoke

It's a lie to say that anti-bombing Dems "don't care about the Syrian people".

President Clinton launched three illegal wars against Iraq

Video shows driver making it around Manhattan in 24 minutes

{i love subversion}Students' parody performance 'blurs lines'{robin thicke critique/video at link}

Kerry Wavers, But Eventually Rules Out ‘Boots On The Ground’ In Syria

My letter to Senator Chuck Schumer

Next Season Of "True Blood" Is Its Last

(not political this time) Rant Re: Rude People

9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask:

Hearing query - has anyone asked what percent of our decision making intel

Just met with Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA19)

Spoiler alert

So the CIA is on the ground supporting Al Qaeda terrorists, the same ones who attacked us

Bloomberg sues City Council to overturn law targeting stop-and-frisk profiling

United Nations Chief Ban Ki Moon Says Stike in Syria Could Unleash More Turmoil

What assurances do we have that this won't eventually escalate into a ground war?

Heart sings "Stairway to Heaven" to Robert Plant

Syria, If we (Obama) break it, we own it

international law should be enforced internationally.

Thank You Senator Kerry. Now I know.

Noam Chomsky: U.S. attack on Syria w/o UN support a war crime regardless of congressional approval

Minneapolis Mayor To Gay Couples In Neighboring States: Get Married In Minnesota

Ten Good Reasons to OPPOSE Military Intervention in Syria.

Assad Joke

Could U.S. Military Action Turn Syrian Civil War into a "Widespread Regional War"?

Rugby player accused of biting opponent down there

Kerry lobbies Senate on Syria: 'Iran is hoping you look the other way

U.S. Jewish groups call on Congress to approve use of force against Syria’s Assad

Florida Citrus Grower That Killed Millions of Bees With Pesticide Gets $1,500 Fine

Lamar Odom purchased $16K of cocaine in February, says alleged drug dealer

Attention "Walking Dead" fans:

Someone needs to make a .gif out of the epic facepalm Kerry just deployed

When Using Chemical Weapons Is Smart Politics (How Assad Thinks)

Hillary Clinton backs Obama on Syria

Herman Cain website editor: If you are poor, it is because you are a loser

A Congressional "No" vote would not be legally binding.

Milwaukee DUers needed tomorrow morning against Walker nonsense

De Blasio Surges Past 40% In New York City Mayoral Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Protesting Activists' Firings, Walmart Workers Plan the Biggest Mobilization Since Black Friday

Is killing 1000 civilians with chem weapons worse than killing them with conventional weapons?

Grayson on Syria: "We Have Our Own Problems To Deal With"

Happy Birthday Freddie King

#CollegeInYour30s – Volume One: “The First Day” [essay series]

What seems missing in the Syria debate is the religious conflict between three Muslim sects.

How naive is John Kerry?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was a "limited surgical strike"...


Why doesn't my subscription end in NOVEMBER???

SAPD: Man Tasered while attempting to save infant son from a house fire

Have any no-mayo cole slaw recipes?

And if the "limited surgical strike" doesn't work...THEN what?

It's hilarious - Kerry really expects us to buy the Koolaid

Memphis council votes in support of $500,000 grant for testing thousands of rape kits

The Lies Kerry Told

NY considers emergency exemption to Miranda rights

The New York Times Openly Discusses Abortion In A Prominent Wedding Announcement

John McCain Caught Playing iPhone Poker During Senate Hearing on Syria

Is the language in this article unacceptably sexist, or acceptable in context?

'Save the gun' law bars North Carolina cops from destroying guns

(Super Bowl XLVII Champion) Baltimore Ravens To Aid Obamacare Enrollment Effort In Maryland

Without paperwork, school lunch free in Boston

(Tucson News Now) SNAP challenge begins today

(Tucson News Now) SNAP challenge begins today

At summer camp, Syrian child refugees recall a lost homeland

Report: Hillary Clinton Backs Obama On Syria Strike

Kerry turns tables on Rand Paul

I didn't volunteer and go into debt for Obama (twice) for him to go Bush-Cheney on us

Clay key to high-temperature supercapacitors

Texas Guard refuses to process same-sex benefits

McCain on Fox news

Out of sight, out of mind: Carcinogenic chemical (TCE) spreads beneath Michigan town

Potential action against Syria reignites U.S. budget concerns

There Is A Reason Why I Carry A Bat In My Car.

US: The indispensable (bombing) nation

What is the exit strategy?

Thread to mourn the passing of the soul of John Kerry

I found this humerus

So all crucial elements about the decision to go to war are secret, and congress is a formality?

Jon Stewart coming back tonight

Then this one shows up

KIMI'S 20,000th Posting Celebration!

Oxfam urges G20 to curb tax avoidance that harms Africa

John Kerry vs Rand Paul: John Kerry Scolds Rand Paul on Syria

34 minutes ago Hillary Clinton supports Obama on Syria

John Kerry is a Good Man

"Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a fiery rebuke to...Sen. Rand Paul’s line of questioning"

F-104. Takeoff, aeliron roll, land on remaining runway. Belgian Air Force video.

Science vs. Religion: 50 Famous Academics on God

A "limited surgical strike"...

Why We Can't Blame Cuba For Our Doctor Shortages

Stray Dogs In Romania Must Be Euthanized, Says President Traian Basescu

Judge orders new hearing in Rambold rape case (30 days in jail for child molestation)

EPA revokes waiver for Arkansas to approve water permits

What did I tell ya??? Tweety just said, "If Obama loses this vote..."

Sen. McCain caught playing poker on iPhone during hearing on Syria

So... we're good with killing to punish killers

Did John Kerry make an effective case today for military strikes against Syria?

Bing says Boston mayor off base with comments he would 'blow up' Detroit

This afternoon, we were assured that Syria is not Iraq.

NAACP-KKK meeting in Wyo. believed to be a first

Near Impunity For IDF Soldiers Who Kill Palestinians

I am glad I do not have to decide

Rand Paul: Filibuster A Possibility On Syria Vote

Girl, 13, arrested for driving drunk (in Rapid City, SD)

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules against the Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

What Will A Possible US Military Intervention In Syria Entail?

Special report: We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin

Bringing Peace to the Congo - a Blueprint for Special Envoy Feingold

Special report: We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin

I have to say the knives are out in this NYC mayors debate.

A very polite plea to the President

‘Obama Assures Netanyahu On Iran’

Interesting discussion on Al Jazeera's The Stream regarding Syria (DISH West Coast)

Chez trof: Spinach and 3 cheese ravioli with two pestos

"I'm not against all wars, just stupid wars."

Let's not be naive here: when one side engages in retaliation, others will see it as provocation.

If you're for this war, than go fight it.

Does anybody know how Senators Warren And Sanders will be voting?