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Kerry's "mostly good guys" opposition: The fragmenting FSA

Where exactly is the UN positioned on all this Syria mess?

Back-to-school time! Also: 2 shoot themselves, accidentally, with same pistol.

And Then There Was One: Delusional Thinking in the Age of the Single Superpower

If you don't like sports, you're gay!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pohl's Law might as well be DU's law

Time to read the Nobel speech again.

Amazing birds' nests from around the world

You know the hysterics regarding Syria are truly disrespectful

Unilever pulls ad comparing coming out as gay to shooting your parent in the heart

Is Syria a National Security Issue for the USA?

Time: "Women should pay more for health care"

Reasons I shouldn't drink to seek relief from PTSD symptoms?

Grizzly versus Bison

(UK) Vicar refuses to allow lesbian couple to both be named as child's mother


Stephen Walt applies the 8 points of the Powell Doctrine to Syria and...

Cleveland man wears 'idiot' sign for threatening police

Syria: are there any realistic alternatives other than a military attack or doing nothing?

Chelsea Manning Files Presidential Pardon Request

The UN is having samples from Syria tested. France and Germany presented evidence Assad did it.

What we used to be about...

Senators craft Syria compromise with 60-day deadline, possible 30-day extension for military strikes

John Kerry, "thinking out loud" about the use of ground troops in Syria

Nutcase: Christian Photogs Should Print Anti-Gay Scripture On The Back Of Gay Wedding Photos

Kentucky upper-middle class to 1%er white women for Mitch McConnell!

Senators strike deal on wording for new resolution authorizing force against Syria

India counts 1 woman killed every hour over dowry

My congressman, Dan Kildee, is on The Colbert Report, tonight!

Raven Meaning, Symbols, Spirit and Totem

Reuters has announced a 6.9 earthquake in Tokyo (Tuesday evening )(Update)

Senate Syria resolution would limit Obama to 90 days

For those who do not believe Rent can be so low in the area I live in

Fukushima radiation readings hit new high in near contaminated tanks

What You Do To Your Kids Is None of My Business, Unless

If bombed, does Syria have the capacity to retaliate?

Response from Portman's office re: my letter to vote NO on Syria Mil. Intervention.

Car shopping for a tall guy

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Inconvenient Truths & a new Kitteh gif

President Obama just jogged up the stairs to Air Force One, bound for Sweden and Russia for the G20.

Reuters has announced a 6.9 earthquake in Tokyo

Husband Of Gay Service Member Booed At GOP Debate Now Has His Military Spouse ID Card

My E-Mails with Brenda at Starbuck's

Seeking Environmental Justice, Community Battles Railroad and Rahm

TX Amber Alert issued for 3 kids after mom texts she is thinking of driving off a bridge

Anyone aware of any opportunities for out-of-state (Illinois) folks to help with voter registration

You've had the weekend to digest the President's comments. How do you feel about Syria?

Obamcare sparked my business

Raw: First Morning Rush for New Bay Bridge

9 Questions about Britain that you were too embarrassed to ask.(via twitter & WaPo)


John McCain. Maverick.

My Filthy Secret

President Obama, Secretaries of State and Defense John Kerry and Chuck Hagel

Syrian refugee crisis a disgraceful humanitarian calamity, says agency

1500 dead is not a very "mass" weapon of mass destruction

Jacob Barnett, boy genius

The man who made Femen: New film outs Victor Svyatski as the mastermind behind the protest group...

Something really ticks me off at the coverage of Diana Nyad's accomplishments.

Just saw The Butler. Has anyone else seen it?

Watch: Tornado caught on video as it hits Tokyo suburbs

John McCain Caught Playing Poker During Syria Hearing

The last Republican President I ever had any respect for.........

Kerry opens door to 'boots on ground' in Syria, then slams it shut

UPDATED: Siskiyou County supervisors vote to pursue seceding from state

finally home

Old McCain Back? He Excoriates Islamophobic Fox News Host (VIDEO)

Foodsaver SUCKS.

The Onion: Jellyfish Falls Short Of Dream To Kill Diana Nyad

Listen as Albert Einstein Calls for Peace and Social Justice in 1945

Ohio must recognize marriage of same-sex couple, federal court rules

"This Is A Joke! Colin Powell Had More Evidence! It Was Wrong... But He Had More!" Hillary Leverett

The anti-war sentiments.

READ: House Democrat Resolution on Syria Strike (also Senate text)

Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain

Service members anonymously protest potential war against Syria on Facebook

Late Justice: Germany to Prosecute 30 Auschwitz Guards

So what's your favorite "reason" for bombing Syria?

The only question is; will there be a voice vote or will the votes be recorded? Of course

Matt Drudge Asks: 'Why Would Anyone Vote Republican?'

Morsi supporters get lengthy jail sentences over unrest

I would like to cancel my monthly contribution, but do not know how....

A vote against the Syrian bombing mission will help President Obama?

What is Environmental Health Science, and why should you care

Meals at home mask deep economic problems in Italy

Saying Grace At The Dinner Table - Republican Style!

What's next for the Democratic Party?

Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply

Dealing with misophonia

"We have guided missiles and misguided men."

One word is at the root cause of all of this (to me, anyway)... trust.

PAC Backed by Billionaire to Broadcast Ads for Lhota

U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt

In general, when you choose to 'teach someone a lesson,' how does that typically work out?

Who is more aggravating to watch bat? Youkilis or Gomes?

Syria crisis: US senators' draft backs limited action

Ban Ki-Moon says only Security Council can order airstrikes on Syria (Illegal Otherwise)

Homer Simpson meets God

Hypocritical Righteousness on Syria

Russia Defense Ministry Warns About ‘Playing With Arms’ After Israel Launch

2012: Sources: U.S. helping underwrite Syrian rebel training on securing chemical weapons

Document: Senate Resolution on Syria

Anyone catch Luther?

I don't know what to believe.

US ignoring logic as it beats war drums

Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever (in honor of his return to The Daily Show)

De Blasio Again Challenged By Rivals In Final Televised Democratic Mayoral Debate

Obama faces unpalatable Syrian choices

"War brings on war! Violence brings on violence."

The best part of my day: not buying a textbook.

So, I'm back to a pack a day.

OK, I'll admit my opposition to military intervention in Syria isn't rational.

here, have some photos (very pic heavy)

What other dictators will be given a blank check to use chemical weapons if the US doesn't bomb ASAP

Just want to share something with y'all

Rumsfeld slams Obama on Syria, calls him weakest president in his lifetime

a few shots from a family farm

Barack, Hillary and Syria

Why Evolution is True and Why Many People Still Don't Believe It (Jerry Coyne, 2012)

The WikiLeaks Server That Hosted Cablegate Is for Sale on eBay

I've figured out the hostility to the President, and its not "Obama Derangement Syndrome"...

UAW President Pushes for 'Works Council' at VW Tennessee Plant.

How free is Congress to vote their conscience?

Welcome back Jon Stewart! Right now he's skewering Obama, Kerry, Hagel, Rumsfeld, Kristol,.......

Payouts finally begin for investors swindled in R. Allen Stanford's $7 billion Ponzi scheme

81 not 21. nt

Spitzer Seeks Redemption In Brooklyn; Stringer Begs Voters: Elect Someone "With Integrity''

Videos about Tom Wolf, Democratic Candidate for PA. Governor


When I heard Kerry on NPR this AM - I turned off the radio.

Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson's death was not accidental, family's autopsy finds

"Judge refuses to toss climate scientist Mann’s defamation lawsuit"

Day 57: Health of California prison hunger-strikers in decline, despite help from Gatorade

He's got it~ I believe that he does.

Stewart Slams Syrian Red Line, Begs Cable News ‘Idiot Parade’ to ‘Shut the F*ck Up’

Obama To Meet Hollande, Xi At G-20, Putin Chat Possible

Pepper Spray...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 5, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Kim Novak

The power of Rupert Murdoch vs. the power of social media

We have been "deterring and degrading" al Qaeda's capabilities for 12 years now.

White Rock [Canada] woman barred from U.S. after admitting marijuana use

Ex-cop Tanabe convicted in "Dirty DUI" scandal

How much will the Syria attack cost in dollars (millions)

Liberals Posting Syrian Electronic Army's Propaganda- LOLZ!

I haven't seen it posted here, or maybe I missed it; does Al Jazeera America support bombing Syria?

When will we ever learn?

One way to end the wars is if the troops refuse to go

These Are Heady Times for Glass Blowers' High Art

Maryland to launch ad campaign for health insurance marketplace

Quake noted off Alaska's Aleutian Islands

NO to War in the Twin Cities, MN Starting 9/4

The MN Twin Cities say No to War. Action on 9/4 and beyond

University of Massachusetts students feast on 15,000-pound fruit salad

What are your fav pita bread fillings?

The "Guernica" of anti-war songs, by the one and only

Question about Syria

"Ask a Slave" makes depressingly stupid tourist questions hilarious

How many Syrians will Assad gas next?

Did anybody else know that David Graf, aka Tackleberry, had died?

It was nice out yesterday.

Hezbollah admits Assad behind poison gas attack in Syria

On "Socialized Medicine"

I am disgusted with this country and the dental profession

Putin Talks Syria, 'Doesn't Exclude' Supporting U.N. Resolution Despite Warnings

Bombers without borders check in here!

Is is possible to have a strike targeted to Syria's fighter jets?

Dispatch from the War Zone - Week Two in Fresno, Ca (many pictures)

AP Interview: Putin warns West on Syria action (doesn't exclude supporting U.N. resolution)

Worst VP also-ran since 2000?

Homeowner who shot DEAD army veteran for relieving himself near his home may walk free under

Play *Tin-Foil or Official Story*

A Short Guide to the Middle East

Brzezinski on Syria: Wider war will be bad news for Israel

Elizabeth Warren said something very important about Syria.

Malala Yousafzai Says 'Pens and Books' Will Defeat Terrorism

There's this Molly Wood on CNet who thought Google Glasses were so cool...

White House Document “Proving” Syria’s Guilt Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Juan Cole: The US Is No Lone Ranger and Should Put That Six Shooter Away

What is the whackiest spam you've ever received?

Test 'reveals Facebook, Twitter and Google snoop on emails'

Jindalcare to coexist with Obamacare

Kafka Shows Up in a Toilet Paper Commercial

Santa Fe Newspaper sues governor for open records laws violations

Diocese of Gallup seeks bankruptcy

Germans Hide Cash in Diapers as Swiss Secrecy Crumbles

Putin offers assurances on gay rights...

Washington Post Actually Runs Piece Arguing Teachers Shouldn’t be Jailed for Sex with Underage Stude

Technical Glitch

foreign relations testamony on Syria

Vladimir Putin: gay people are not discriminated against in Russia

Lodi Police Investigating After Child Fires SWAT Officer’s Gun

POLL ~ Summer Photo Contest ~ Thread #1

POLL ~ Summer Photo Contest ~ Thread #2

POLL ~ Summer Photo Contest ~ Thread #3

It is not possible to be a monster and a man.

Six U.S. Organizations Voice Support of Russia's Antigay Law

September 4: National Macadamia Nut Day

SUMMER Photo Contest - Prelimaries are up in General Discussion

Massachusetts Anti-Gay Hate Group Offers 'Not Equal' Stickers

Kind of hard to watch, but here it tiz. Dash Cams

2009 Vanity Fair article on an US raid in Syria (The Murders at al-Sukariya)

Obama hints at larger strategy to topple Assad in effort to win over Republicans

Locals protest building of new McDonalds in Victoria's Dandenongs.

Peace talks with Israel going nowhere - senior Palestinian

You know that Montana judge that gave the 30 day sentence to the rapist?

GMB cuts funds it gives Labour from £1.2m to £150,000

A request, as I seem to be missing the thread on intervention in Syria ...

Why your toast falls butter side down:

Russia "doesn't exclude" the possibility of supporting a UN resolution against Syria

George P. Bush attacks teacher unions

Child shoots SWAT officer at reading event

Grid Expansion Delays Won't Derail Germany's Energy Transition, Analysis Finds

Wind Power Surge in Texas Curbing Utility Profits

China eye-gouge case: Boy's late aunt named as suspect

Vladimir Putin 'doesn't exclude' backing military force on Syria if evidence proves 'beyond doubt'

Teh Chicken Council has spoken ~ fast-food giant has been stocking up wings for 18 months ...

Turkey being dragged into Syria's war: opposition

French report claims Syria staged three chemical attacks

Production ready Porshe plug in hybrids debut this month

Faces of the opposition: Syria critics come from both parties

Wisconsin: GOP Pressed on Redistricting

Hey, Teabillies - sorry to disappoint you, but ...

(National Academies) Health Impact Assessment of Shale Gas Extraction: Workshop Summary (2013)

PETITION: Republican Legislators, Stop the War on Voting in Wisconsin!

America Is More Terrifying Than Orwell’s Fiction

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged in prison cell

Obama Proposing a Bigger Intervention in Syria to Order to Win Over Republicans

Universal Credit IT programme not fit for purpose, sources warn

Christ Christie to Buono: Don't make fun of my weight

San Francisco to Chain Stores: Get Out!

Ready to see an image macro so stupid it makes time stop dead in it's tracks?

A Hedge-Fund Billionare From Texas is Waging War On California Pensions

What "Right to Work" laws actually do

Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose:

Fuck Rand Paul and Morning Blow

A request to Canadian Prime Minister Harper:

Do not argue with an idiot

It's what we call "progress"

Barack Obama - Reluctant Warrior

the resolution allows actions outside of Syria. BTW

For those advocating cutting the social safety net to help deal with the deficit ...

Sleep 'boosts brain cell numbers'

Fish Listen to Music, Prefer Bach

A US attack on Syria will Prolong the War

Gunmen kill 16 members of Shi'ite family in Iraq

On Syria: The U.S. Is No Lone Ranger and Should Put That Six Shooter Away

The US still Wants to be the Sole Superpower; but it Can’t (Engelhardt)

Watching C-Span this morning, no one supports Syrian strikes

Kerry Admits Possibility of 'Boots on the Ground' in Syria

That guy in Ohio who kidnapped those girls, he ain't any more.

Going to war with other nations is NOT analogous to being in a school yard fight.

Colbert on Syria

Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean - Interfax

RANKED: The Most Corrupt States

Bombing Syria: A Running Guide to the Debate

Cartoon for September 3rd, 2013: Committed

Obama’s and Kerry’s Big Lie: White House Document “Proving” Syria’s Guilt Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Rep. Grayson on Democracy Now today. --n/t

What happens if Assad shoots back?

Here's What Happened The Last Few Times The U.S. Bombed Countries To Teach Them A Lesson

This might be B/S but I'm posting it as part of the discussion on Syria

Let's Give John Boehner (and Obama) Combat Boots - This American Bacon

Meeting in Wyo. between NAACP, Klan heads marks history

Syrian strike resolution loses critical support on either side depending on which way it leans

Randi Rhodes:UN inspectors were in Syria one and a half hour and were taken out of the country

Putin 'does not rule out' approving Syria strike with evidence Assad used poison gas

35 Gorgeous Color Photos Of Russia 100 Years Ago {image warning}

Obama’s National-Security Argument for Striking Syria Is Terrible

Jon Stewart is back on "The Daily Show" and he's talking about Syria:

Dog mauls town mayor, Stubbs the cat

What Makes Us Want War?

The Daily show Syria skit from their own site.

Should We Fall Again for "Trust Me"?

Kofi Annan and the Elders: There is no military solution to the conflict

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 4th

Syria a national security threat to the U.S.?

Chicken Fajitas

Pepe Escobar: The indispensable (bombing) nation

This has got to stop - warning upsetting police violence

Sleep Deprivation Makes You Appear Unattractive and Sad

So when video of blown up Syrian children,...

lest we forget: Colin Powell "There are WMD in Iraq" youtube

'Devout Non-ideologue' Turns OBombardier

I have a question regarding the legality of Syria using gas....

An Elected Judge Speaks Out Against Judicial Elections

Has the Senate AUMF draft been released?

Rethinking Sex-Positivity

Oh Magog! Why End-Times Buffs Are Freaking Out About Syria

I can't figure out how to recommend a post. thank you. n/t

Burning Man 2013, in photos – By Mark Morford

TDB: Gun Fanatics Score Big Victory in North Carolina

King's Children Are at It Again

TDB: Ohio Republican Party Goes to War With Itself, Leaving 2016 in Doubt

Rubio: We Wouldn’t Be At This Stage With Syria ‘If I Had Been In Charge’

How the Bank Lobby Loosened U.S. Reins on Derivatives

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Debatable War

The square root of minus-impossible-one. . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Judge Napolitano!!!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More war debate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Presser from a very clear example of why President Obama

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks fall on Syria concerns after four days of gains

Russia Warns Citizens About Traveling To America Or Allied Countries

What if Elizabeth Warren Votes "Yes" on Syria?

Need help on a Win 7 problem.

Just fuck. The President and his boosters for war in Syria are completely losing me

Putin Calls Snowden A ‘Strange Guy’ Who’s In For A ‘Difficult Life’

Ooh children

Texas, HCSO: 1 dead in stabbing at Spring High School (possibly 4 stabbed)

Am I the only person here watching the presser from Sweden?

Maduro blames Venezuelan opposition for blackouts

Expecting the Best Yields Results in Massachusetts

Enemy Inside the Wire: The Untold Story of the Battle of Bastion

The Guardian: Vladimir Putin under growing pressure (over Syria)

What The Chelsea Manning Verdict Means For Journalists & Whistleblowers - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

Toon- Does this formula still work?

Community holds vigil for 11-year-old New Orleans girl shot in her home

Uncle Johnny Stews Goodtime Syria Jamboree

Something should be done in Syria

I didn't set a red line, the world did. - Obama in Sweden just now

Syria Intervention Plans Fueled By Oil Interest. Gas May Not Be Weapons Grade But Custom Made.

McCain slaps down Fox's Brian Kilmeade

Shanah Tovah to everybody !

George Takei: "Christine Quinn will boldly go, where no woman has gone...

Jon Stewart Makes A Triumphant Return To 'The Daily Show,' And Shreds Obama On Syria

McCain bails on the Senate deal!

#CollegeInYour30s: Volume Two - "The 911 Class" [essay series]

Hypocritical Righteousness on Syria

"And Koch (Brothers) Carbon isn’t talking."

Nice Doo Wop cover of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop"...

breaking: senate resolution not violent enough for john mccain....he won't support it.

Aquatic Fukushima Radiation Plume to Reach West Coast in 2014

Latin America’s Doc Deficit: Brazil, a Continental Giant, Still Needs to Import Cuban Medics

War is the opium of the 1%.

Those who say that Syrian will be more like Libya than Iraq?

Feminist parody of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ re-emerges on YouTube after bannig

The Environmental Consequences of Privatizing Mexico’s Oil

(CA) New gun-storage law heading to governor

10,000 Year Old Evidence of Human Settlement Among Earliest Ever Found in Bolivian Amazon

Obama did not set a red line

Was NATO assistance in the liberation of Kosovo morally justified?

Papantonio: Grassroots Winning on Immigration Reform

Did you know that you can vacuum up houseflies as they are resting?

Climate Scientist Can Sue National Review For Defamation, Judge Rules

CDC Predicts Obamacare May Help Reduce The Number Of Americans Dying From Heart Disease

Mountain Grown: Appalachia's New Local Food Economy

Six ways to pay for climate change

The blazing hypocrisy of "enforcing" an international norm by launching an illegal war.

Rubio Demands Cancellation Of Obamacare Advertising

femen and P riot, two orgs run by men, degrading women, claiming womans voice.

Wonkbook: The Obama administration’s brilliant strategy to keep us out of Syria

Draft in Israel taking in all young people. Will this happen in America as the soldiers come home

Crop-munching pests are traveling north as the climate changes

Philanthropist Donates 170 Dogs to Veterans

"We Only Kill For Good"

Where is the fantasy football group?

Syria is a very complex situation.

Rumsfeld Apparently Wants Full Blown War With Syria - Says Obama Weak President

Banksters win again

Maybe We Should Annex All The Troubled States In Mideast. We Could Have More States

Text of Senate Draft Syria War Authorization

History lesson: When the United States looked the other way on chemical weapons

McInsane opposes Senate resolution authorizing Syria strikes

Protesting Activists' Firings, Walmart Workers Plan the Biggest Mobilization Since Black Friday

This Disingenuous Syria case is beneasth us.

7 Reasons to Fight Out-of-Touch Crony Capitalist Larry Summers as Fed Chair

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

Cannot Wait To See All The Competing Resolutions On Syria?

Mrs. V. -- possible old stroke

"Could bombing Syria kill more civilians than it saves?" --Ezra Klein

The doctor thinks I'll live

Obama had no relations with that red line.

Trooper, partner challenging SC's gay marriage ban

Thoughts, vibes, prayers requested

Lockheed braces for program cuts, delays due to U.S. budget woes

U.S. public opposes Syria intervention as Obama presses Congress

Obama Turns to Former Advisers (Campaign Team) to Sell Military Action in Syria

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 4, 1954

NPR's Morning Edition had both sides of the Syria argument represented this morning

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 4, 1954

Catholic diocese of Gallup, N.M., to file for bankruptcy

The Colonist of Good Will: On Albert Camus

MiG-35 Matches The F-35 In Delays

Another soldier speaks out on Syria

'I'm on the right side of history': County clerk takes on Pa.'s gay marriage ban

Colorado recalls: NRA doles out additional $250K with Election Day a week out

Canada’s Full F-35 Cost Could Climb To $71 Billion – DND Report

Tweets from the Pope from the last few days related to Syria:

Why it’s been a good year for religion

Russia 'suspends' missile components delivery to Syria


Labor unions are created when workers join together for legal protections.

Navy to commission ($5+ billion dollar) sub Minnesota on Saturday

Looks like McCain made

some fun stuff and cool shots ... 2 separate slide shows

Howard Dean backs Obama on Syria strike

Obama’s Turn to Congress: More Deception on Syria - Paul Street

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 17 cast: Valerie Harper, Leah Remini and more

German intelligence: Syria chemical attack may have been an overdose

How to Stop War. JUST IMAGINE...

Pic Of The Moment: John McCain Caught Playing iPhone Poker During Senate Hearing On Syria

Mike Adams puts Chicken McNuggets “under the microscope.” Hilarity ensues.

Italian rightists target black minister with bloody mannequins

Republican Represents God, Not His Constituents

Has anyone else tried

Who Has the Power to Make War on Syria?

Faith-Healing Parents Arrested After Daughter Dies of Treatable Disease

The only two things guaranteed by military action in Syria:

Putin says Snowden can feel safe in Russia

Nazis, Nazis, Nazis: Obama draws parallels between Wallenberg, Syria

Why some people shouldn't go into politics...

Across U.S., bridges crumble as repair funds fall short

I call bullshit, Mr. President!

Fairfax County Grapples With Huge Silver Line Costs

Adelson New Obama Ally as Jewish Groups Back Syria Strike

Why the "the classified info must be compelling enough" argument falls flat on its face

GM to Ford Sales Climb in Best Month for U.S. Since 2007

Rumsfeld calls Obama the 'So Called Commander in Chief'

And you know what, folks? He might really be that infantile.

GOP Strategist Calls Alison Lundergan Grimes 'An Empty Dress'

U.S. Shipping Thousands of Cluster Bombs to Saudis, Despite Global Ban - Foreign Policy

Why would Syria use chemical weapons now?

Chris Hayes' Ratings Improve With New MSNBC Lineup

Charlie Pierce shares AMAZING John Kerry quote from 4/22/71:

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

I'm glad I will never have to make the decision to send our country to war...

Errors Cast Doubt on Japan’s Cleanup of Nuclear Accident Site

Considering cafe start-up - resources? ideas?

Syrian Revolutionary Dabke and More

Sony has produced a camera module that uses smartphones as the camera interface.

Obama hopes Putin will change mind over Syria

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt


When did things like moral authority and/or hypocrisy.........

Syria opposition says Assad deploying human shields for air strikes

Watch live: Testimony on Syria before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Leahy: Senators ‘Very, Very Wary’ Of Syria Strike

What's special about the use of poison gas?

Assad allegedly hiding troops, weapons among civilians

Faced With Stubbornly High Teen Pregnancy Rates, Oklahoma Starts Expanding Comprehensive Sex Ed

JPMorgan subject of obstruction probe in energy case

You understand that bombing Syria may make use of WMDs more likely.

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: The Wizard of Oz-The Aftermath

Building the Commons as an Antidote to the Predatory Market Economy

Why John McCain supports a missile strike in Syria (hint: bringing jobs to his state)

Teen charged in fatal stabbing at Spring High School

Before we contribute to regime change in Syria, how are Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya doing?

Former football players sue NCAA over concussions

If you exclude Bandar Bush, Assad is my #1 Suspect...

Siskiyou supervisors support withdrawal from California

Regarding cruise missiles and airstrikes not being "war"

Is McDonald’s Kid-Themed Business Model Obsolete?

Video: There is no Slowdown in Global Warming

Biofuel project funded by UK ‘leaves Africans without food’

Walter Rhett: Conflict Violence: The President's Stand On Syria And His Nobel Speech

Monkey's Alarm Calls Reveal Predator's Who and Where

Christie: Syrian chemical weapons 'intolerable' but mum on military response

Matthew Rothschild: John Kerry, Warmonger

I sat in on a great discussion about Syria over the weekend.


George Zimmerman gets speeding ticket in Lake Mary

Greg Abbott commercial-can you find a non-white face in this ad?

AP Raw video: Gunfights, Warplanes Strike Near Damascus

Dwight Eisenhower Warned Us About The Takeover Of The Military Industrial Complex Decades Ago

Pam Shriver is soooooo annoying.......

The six ways we talk about a teenage girl’s age

Rockstar Games Hires Real Criminals To Be Voice Actors In GTA V.

Noncitizens as jurors? It's not a discrimination issue

The Thin Red Line

Most Americans think polls are biased

$5 for the dollar menu? Not The Onion!

Dumb Criminals: Man Wears Sign Outside Of Police Station As Punishment For Abusing 911

Actor gives home to abandoned pets in S. Calif.

This is why we can't have nice things

RIP PA Republican Gov. Bill Scranton, Radical Progressive by Today's Standard [VIDEO]

What number do you see? (Color blindness test)

ConocoPhillips: Arbitration court rules Venezuela seizure unlawful

40 Years After Pinochet, Chilean Right Remains A Dangerous Influence

How is a Drone Strike in Yemen or the Philippines any different than a cruise missile attack

LIPA raises electric rates for 2nd time in 2 months

Railroad Commish Smitherman Says He's Preparing Texas to Become "Island Nation" for U.S. Collapse

The Austerian Mask Slips

RIP PA Republican Gov. Bill Scranton, Radical Progressive by Today's Standard [VIDEO]

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by U.S. strike

Texas AG Candidate Barry Smitherman: End Abortion Now or Suffer Biblical Plagues

Flags at half-staff today for NYC soldier

Texas GOP's Polling Place Photo ID Law is Doomed. Here's Why...

Watch President Obama Meet Congressional Leaders to Discuss Syria

Military Given Full Powers to Fight Crime in Honduras

The Rude Pundit: Defending Not Wanting War with Syria

Poll: Dallas Is the Happiest Big City in the Country, Because We Love Jesus

Pro-Fracking Dems Sign Letters Opposing Fracking Moratorium Resolution Passed by PA Dem Party[VIDEO]

Real Reporting From Syria- VICE (Ground Zero Syria: Chapter 1)

The Obama administration’s brilliant strategy to keep us out of Syria

Stephen Ross donates $200 Million to UM (Michigan)

One Student Killed, Three Injured at Spring High School (updated 9/5/2013)

Should the fact that so many people are opposed to intervention in Syria

The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children.. is a moral OBSCENITY

Has President Obama proven himself as commander of our armed forces?

If the Bushes Are Liberals Now, Then I Must Be a ... Kumquat?

Syria Facts: The Complete Guide to All the Global Players Involved in the Syrian Conflict

"No, no, no, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah."

San Angelo Planned Parenthood Closes, West Texas Loses Another Clinic

Suriname leader Bouterse's son arrested on US drug and weapon charges

'We May Be Able to Watch Dark Energy Turn On': Unprecedented Sky Survey

Cruz: Immigration reform shouldn’t include path to citizenship

Mika Jane bonding with her siblings

Ariel Castro the guy who kidnapped those 3 girls and imprisoned them for 10 + years

Two of the three democratic candidates would fight against giving kids' records to private companies

The Underground Map of the Elements

US to ship chicken to China and then China to ship it back...

***** LIVE on C-SPAN: House Hearing on Military Force in Syria *****

The Military in Operations Other than War/MOOTW (USAF Air University) pdf

N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

The Affordable Care Act Part II: The Current Healthcare System

The Affordable Care Act Part II: The Current Healthcare System

Question -- If the TPP passes does that make

Chavez financed Bouterse's election campaign in Suriname, claims leaked cable

K & R if you want DU to add "Climate Change" as a new Topic to post new threads to.

Protesters Raise Red-Dyed Hands As Kerry Testifies (VIDEO)

Kerry: '100 Percent' Chance Assad Will Launch More Chemical Attacks Without Intervention

"The genocidal master plan came earlier and Ríos Montt supplied the tactics"

Caucasus Islamists in Syria split with Qaeda-linked rebels: video

Militarization of law enforcement in Venezuela

Large parts of Syria hit by power cuts after attack

The false dichotomy of "military action" or "sit in silence" is INFURIATING

Nationwide Protests Rage Against Colombia’s Economic Policies

NPR sells Syria w/Samuel Huntington

Treasure hunter family finds $300,000 worth of 300-year-old Spanish gold off Florida coast

Thousands march in southwest Colombia in support of farmers’ strikes

R.I. Gov. Chafee will not seek re-election

North Carolina Church Wanted “Only White People” as Greeters

Venezuelan President Orders Military Deployment After Blackout

Five Years After Crisis, Banks No Better Off

Judge: Researcher To Oversee Stop-And-Frisk Reform

Kerry: Arabs would pay for us to invade Syria, not that we would do such a thing

'Most damning indictment of Obama's foreign policy I've seen'

Ted Cruz On Syria: U.S. Shouldn't Be 'Al Qaeda's Air Force'

Philly schools' pension nightmare

GMOs are tearing a tropical paradise apart (anti-GMO fight on the Hawaiian island of Kauai)

Possible bug.

Somber subject: Star suicides.

Most City Reps Undecided On Syria Intervention


Can't we F up Syria another way - like a cyberattack or something?

Assange's uphill struggle for Australia senate seat

Here's Anthony Weiner Totally Melting Down And Exploding At A Voter Who Called Him A 'Scumbag'

Former Boehner Aides, GOP Sources: House Speaker Will Step Down After 2014 Elections

Will Obama Be Able to Stop Chemical Weapons By Using Weapons that Slice You In Half Instead?

Liberals Aren't Buying Obama And Kerry's Arguments For Action In Syria

Georgia player gets signal to fake an injury in Clemson game

Past As Prologue? How Senators Voted On Iraq And Kosovo

Charter schools nationwide failing...

Who has forgotten the Kuwati babies being thrown out of incubators to justify the 1st Iraq war?

Why can't we go back to the UN?

Have there been any successful humanitarian inspired military interventions?

We don't see the UN, NATO or the Arab League drawing that "red line"

So let me get this straight-

Objections delay Senate action on Syria resolution

Paws for de Blasio!

Here's an idea: Instead of attacking Syria can't we just give the money directly to Raytheon?

Thom Hartmann: The Labor Picture - The State of Labor

More wisdom from Vietnam....

What Is Fox News's Problem With Chelsea Manning?

AG: Govt Won't Enforce Same-Sex Veterans Law

Assad threatens France with retaliation if it attacks Syrian forces

Meet Barret Brown: Jailed Anti-surveillance state activist, now has been gagged!


US Senate panel approves use of force against Syria by 10-7 vote

Senate Panel Votes To Make Regime Change The Goal Of Syria Mission

dude calling on the Ed radio show, suggests dropping Hazmat suits

How Israel Is driving the US to War in Syria

Secretary of Explaining Stuff

This is about kicking Russia out of Syria. Full Stop.

MoveOn Plans To Launch ‘Major Effort’ Against Use Of Force In Syria

Families Cope With Hunger In Pine Ridge

GOP Sources Say Boehner Will Step Aside After Midterms

ASK A SLAVE Episode 1: Meet Lizzie Mae

If The Draft Were Reinstated I Would Burn My Draft Card This Time.

Military PTSD victims deserve Purple Heart

Susan Sarandon campaigns with de Blasio before primary.

ROLL CALL on Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote (AUMF)

Could this mean what I think it means?

This is a video of a monkey dressed in warm baby clothes, hopping in the snow.

Obama is bringing the Winds of Freedom to Syria.

NSA bosses feared releasing Gulf of Tonkin intel would draw ''uncomfortable comparisons'' with Iraq

Radiation levels hit new high near Fukushima water tanks

My body just realized it was in a motorcycle accident...

I just can't find it...

Twelve Reasons We Need to Strike Syria Now:

Surgery Time For Teddy Bears

A humorous pic & caption, at our expense.

When Reagan bombed Libya

How will the chemical weapon sites be secured?

Leaving a Tip: A Custom in Need of Changing?

There goes your employment prospects...

McCrazy voted yes only after tougher Syria war resolution was crafted to his tastes

Maybe the plan is....not to that possible?

Obamacare to get a boost from Super Bowl champs

Finding My Religion in a Bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup

Ohio ACLU wants full investigation into Ariel Castro's suicide

Food Scapes!

McCain gets his wish: Senate Panel Votes To Make Regime Change The Goal Of Syria Mission

The Nation/John Nichols: Attack Syria? 'Nobody Wants This Except the Military-Industrial Complex'

They told me if McCain were allowed anywhere near the WH

I Am Confused about Syria....

Jon Stewart: The ‘Red Line’ Syria Crossed Is Actually A ‘D**k-Measuring Ribbon’

Rabbit tile, kitchen mural.

Who voted for the Syria resolution?

Free live webcast of CSO's Verdi Requiem, October 10

is Howard Dean being Blackmailed ?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Salvador Dali Field...

Are you glad the Obama administration took its case to Congress

Senate Breaks Own Rules in Rush to Vote on Syria War

Got a wet nap?

A look at how the Phila. Schools are being strangled, so that charter owners can grab tax money

Investigating the rumors "Blurred Lines" was lifted from Marvin Gaye

Judgeship Candidate, Former ADA, Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver While Hanging Campaign Signs: Cops

Now the Democratic Party is the war party.

Dennis Rodman to the Rescue in North Korea?

Of these options, which Head of State do you believe to be the most dangerous?

Obama administration extending benefits to gay veterans' spouses

"Bush doctrine" applied to domestic shooting in FL

"The ‘red line’ that they crossed is actually a d*ck-measuring ribbon.”

7 pieces of sushi (rolls & sashimi), miso soup, & seaweed salad

Has the rush to war become a national obsession if not mania?

US Spies Missed Signs Of Aug. 21 Syrian WMD Strike

America's 12 dirtiest cities

Jesus is my co-driver...

Barbara Lee speaks for me. Her comments today re: Syria

As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow

Here you go, my cutie patootie!

V.A. to Provide Spousal Benefits to Gays, Administration Says (joining IRS and Immigration)

Inmate had loaded gun in rectum, officials say


Russia blames rebels for March chemical attack in Syria

Al-Qaida Linked Rebels Attack Regime-Held Christian Village In Syria

Will we ever have a government of the people, by the people, for the people again?

Desperate To Sew Up TPP Negotiations At Any Cost: All Future Meetings Will Be Completely Secret

L'Shana Tova, y'all!

Has Syria attacked us? That's the only legal reason to attack them...

Cat Poetry

Russia'a Putin Calls John Kerry A Liar On Syria

Hey, Kids! Who wants to go to war with Syria?

Are we warming up yet?

NBC News: Confirmed: Fracking practices to blame for Ohio earthquakes

The Air Force has banned Greek yogurt. Not The Onion.

The FDP may get outflanked on education/teacher issues if it does not watch out!

Infamous Mall boss fires back at ex-employees

Ed Schultz coming out strongly against intervention in Syria

Are blogs considered reputable news sources for LBN?

Florida man invokes Stand Your Ground after shooting 11 times, killing 2 and injuring a third.

Bombing Syria isn't "war" Kerry says, but I don't care what he calls it

Anybody have a Certified Financial Planner?

stand your ground. yes? no?

Putin Says Snowden Was In Touch Before Coming To Russia

Kerry: Arab Countries Offered To Pay for (Syrian) Invasion

Ethnic cleansing is also an international crime

Revealed: over $100 million in federal spending supporting Enbridge tanker plans

L'shana tovah tikatevu to all my DU compatriots...

Thom Hartmann: The Labor Picture - Restoring Democracy in the Workplace

Does anyone know if Martin Bashir posts his music playlist?

We're Going to War!!!

U.S. faces substantial losses if Egypt aid halted: official

Can You Just Stop Working Me?

KERRY: The Abrab Countries Have Offered To Pay For The Entirety (If USA Does The Messy Stuff)

Federal Judge to Ohio: Yes, I mean it. Mark the man’s husband as such on his death certificate.

Important discussion on Chris Hayes' show last night...

Military PTSD victims deserve Purple Heart

Syria vote: Clarke suggests US wanted 'quick' UK decision

Fukushima farce reveals nuclear industry's fatal flaw

Did you support the President going thru Congress?

Alyssa Milano's Sex Tape On Funny Or Die Will Leave You Feeling So Many Things

Jack Nicholson retiring from acting.

"Putin Calls Out US for Legacy of Faulty Pre-War Intelligence" (Should Bring it to UN)

Venezuelans skeptical of power sabotage claims


Ariel Castro is dead... Now Cuba can be free!

A song for today For what its worth

AIPAC Endorses War With Syria, Will Help Obama Lobby Congress

Papantonio: Obama Wants War

MoveOn Plans To Launch ‘Major Effort’ Against Use Of Force In Syria

Banana iPhone

Broke a Voodoo kettle I found on the beach....1804 dollar coin inside...Is it cursed?

Not from the Onion: Jim Tressel teaches a class called “Principles of Coaching”...

No Right Turn...

So, Alan Grayson thinks that the gassing deaths of over 1,400 people 'is none of our business' ?

Delta chooses Airbus over Boeing for 40-plane order

As a Democrat and a man of the left I am deeply conflicted about this situation.

Anthony Weiner gets into angry spat with Jewish voter

Fox & Friends: Are We A "Free Country" If Businesses Can't Discriminate Against Gay Customers?

The NSA: Even Worse Than You Think!

BREAKING: Married Gay Veterans to Receive Benefits

Trial against Anderson to proceed, judge says

i remember in the 60’s the conversation that the Armageddon leading to the destruction of the

NSA probably hasn't broken strong crypto

Alyssa Milano Weighs In on Her "Sex Tape" About the Bloodshed in Syria

Seal Story

Fairport Convention: Sloth

Newest Snowden Leak Details CIA's PR Strategy For The Drone War

I saw the McCain amendment and the word democracy is there. We never learn.

When cleaning your stove top can you put the actual burners into the sink to soak in

NALT Christians

NC Senate overrides vetoes; governor fires back

Jane Lynch Gets her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Anthony Weiner gets in heated exchange with man in Brooklyn

Eight NH patients possibly exposed to fatal brain disease at Manchester hospital

The U.S. is selective about Never Again

Good riddance, you orange sack of sh*t

Rough rough day at work probably my toughest ever

Using Anagrammer, I found 'MALKIN' which IS a word (other than she who will not be named)

State elections board reverses Pasquotank decision, backs Watauga ruling

They're selling us ten year old lies for another war.

CounterPunch addresses the lies and fabrications in Obama's war document

Were gonna end up in a war with Syria the only question now is...

Hell no to Fire Marshal Inspections in Texas

The Mere Idea Of Michael Eisner Is A Parasitic Infection Sucking Upon The Teat Of Humanity

Just a wee FYI...

GOP’s heartless new scheme to prevent uninsured from getting care

Spanish union 'steals' school supplies from supermarket

Texas Fire Marshals Turned Away By Five Facilities With Big Amonium Nitrate Stockpiles

Gay rights ordinance in Texas draws GOP objections

Sheldon Adelson: I Stand With President Obama on Bombing Syria

The stupidest petition ever at

Maher tells Jay Leno: I feuded with Donald Trump because he was ‘this insufferable racist’

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail...

There goes a Super Nova...what a pushover...there goes a Super Nova...what a pushover, yeah...

Tweety is making sense for a change

Barack Obama raises possibility of new legislation to curb NSA powers

New York City's Populist Shift - and Why It Matters

Citing Need For More Information, Markey Votes ‘Present’ On Syria Resolution To Authorize Force

Oh, look. Another school attack with death.

"A Dodgy Dossier on Syrian War" -- Robert Parry (Long Time Kerry Supporter)Has Questions

Assad goes back to killing children with shrapnel, we're good, right?

Knock Knock

Juan Cole: A US attack on Syria will Prolong the War

Do you stand with the leader of the Democratic Party?

American's for Prosperity were just on my front porch

Senate Panel Votes To Make Regime Change The Goal Of Syria Mission

Quebec's symbol of shame

One "speculation" I haven't seen on DU concerning Syria....

Syria Strike Wouldn't Be Cheap

Dallas Cowboys Stadium uses more electricity than the entire country of Liberia.

To those that say "we can't just let these people get gassed."

Sweden grants blanket asylum to Syrian refugees

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lodi Police Officer Shot When Child Pulled Trigger On His Gun At Reading Event

Hagel Cites Russia as Source of Syrian Chemical Weapons

US Downplays Concerns About Al-Qaida in Syria

12 years on DU. 39K posts. And now, four words I never thought I'd type:

Take a look at the 7:00 pm Republican House Numbers....

"Iraq on Steroids"/ The Military Case Against Syria Strikes

Why atheists should respect believers

A longer view on military interventionism

Passible/Subtle homophobia

Ron Paul: Pantywaist appeaser - or pusillanimous pussyfooter?

Considering all the heated discussion of late over Syrian mess, consider this

#CollegeInYour30s – Volume Three: “So That’s What Stereotyping Feels Like”