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dept of homeland security=the dept of bush leave behinds

Go Kansas City Royals, sorry but.....

You know that alien abduction movie, "Fire in the Sky?" Here's how it should have ended...

Much of the Affordable Care Act must be defunded

Prosecutor: Co-Worker Had Altercation With Beheading Suspect ‘About Him Not Liking White People’

FCC considering move to ban NFL Redskins team name

Son's Xtreme Fundi in-laws are rather elated about Ebola's arrival in the USA. Its all in the Bible!

Bombs away!

Photo of the Day

The Captain and The Maestro

Pennsylvania police find pipe bombs in woods during 'survivalist' manhunt

Stay Calm and Carry On: Why it’s nearly impossible for Ebola to spread in the US

Bunnies! Because . . . bunnies!

Have DUers watched security personnel in recent times

E.W. Jackson: U.S. Response to ISIL is "Limp Wrist"; "doesn't look good right now" for Ed Gillespie


Congressman: Secret Service Should Install ADT at the White House

Phil Ochs What are you fighting for?

Three soldiers who fought in Gaza war commit suicide

Story of a War Foretold: Why We're Fighting ISIS

Watch: FOXNews Cuts Off Bob Beckel’s Mic for Defending Pres. Obama on ISIS

Dear friends, I need vegetarian recipes, esp. those with pearled

Maps Show How Working-Class Neighborhoods Are Disappearing From American Cities

Rolling Stone expose of Koch Industries and the Koch Brothers corruption of politics is astonishing.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Help & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel opening with secret security failures on msnbc 9 est

Random People Try Jewish Food For The First Time

LIVESTREAM: Davis/Abbott Debate!

Halloween is coming: Things that go bump in the night

When did you first hear of Khorasan?

Most People With Addiction Simply Grow Out of It: Why Is This Widely Denied?

Coleen Rowley: Beheadings v. Drone Assassinations

Argentina Accuses Judge of 'Harassment' in Ongoing Debt Fight

GO Rachel The Secret Service is getting a new one handed to it

Cajun Shrimp and Quinoa

Isis an hour away from Baghdad with no sign of Iraq army able to make a successful counter-attack

22 Brilliant Thinkers Everyone Should Follow On Twitter

In light of the recent SS revelations, this story from June takes on new meaning

Getting back to it this weekend

Prison Bankers

Mike Malloy - The GOPs Hate Summit 2014

Halloween is coming: How do you get an animated skeleton off of your porch?

Bush NEVER ONCE did this.

No Shit ...18

F'g Republicfuks

Halloween is coming: Don't turn around.

A link to my nephew's band's Cut and Run

New California law allows families to ask for ‘gun violence restraining orders’

I wonder how often the Secret Service actually has close calls?

IACC Meeting (9/23/14): Video excerpt of public comment by parent, Megan Davenhall, with transcript

Nuclear waste tank OK'd to keep leaking for 1 year

Soldier's Heart: Jacob George's Sorrowful Ride Till the End

"Five candidates to replace Holder"

Studies find no link between October 2013 blizzard and climate change

Lawrence O'Donnell does it.

Eric Holder: The Reason Robert Rubin Isn't Behind Bars

Halloween is coming: Get ready to get your pumpkin spice on!

This is NOT the postseason!

Bottom 10 (college football)

"Amazing Images From Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution"

fuck the secret service. bring in the marines.

Holy Crap, I've received over 100 solicitation e.mails from Dems TODAY!

September 30, 1918: President Wilson Speaks Out in Congress for Woman Suffrage

"Paul Ryan Says He Disagrees With Ayn Rand's Philosophy"

September 29, 1906: New York City’s Women Teachers Rise Up for Equal Pay

Strange Incident on C2C

Sarah Silverman. Funny? Annoying? Both? Neither? Inquiring minds want to know.

Obama to move to doorman building

US DOE will offer $12.6 billion in new nuclear loan guarantees

Who Stole Television News?

The Wall of Silence Around Michael Shermer

You Can Trace Every Single GOP Message Back To Race Baiting & Race Hatred.

Phuket up! Religious devotees impale cheeks in Thai fest (Graphic photos)

Instead of a long OP, let me tell the whole truth about how illegal eavesdroppers attack you

Texas senator makes Holocaust comparison in speech

Growing herbs indoors?

Growing herbs indoors

Why are all the secret service failures coming to light now?

Mother Jones: How ISIS Leader Was Allowed to Go Free *>Thanks to a Bush-Signed Agreement<*

So a few Congressmen have been talking to some Generals about resigning?

State Sen. Perry discusses morals in inaugural speech; compares abortion to the Holocaust

Video: Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis Face Off in Final Debate

The "I'm just a bill" character from our childhood just committed suicide

"Pigeon rectal exam" is the Lounge phrase of the night. Dive in!

If the Dallas-Ebola patient knew or at least suspected he had Ebola before boarding that plane to

Paul George remains hopeful he can return for the playoffs

US DOE will offer $12.6 billion in new nuclear loan guarantees

Are You Concerned About Ebola?

In 2012 the US had a $7 million bounty on the guy Greenwald is claiming Obama invented two weeks ago

Villagers Plan to Seize Chevron's $106M Arbitral Award

Villagers Plan to Seize Chevron's $106M Arbitral Award

Chris Hedges Explains Why Bombing and Shooting Everyone Isn’t Working (audio link)

Nearly all SF Bay Bridge anchor rods are at risk of corrosion

Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show

Pinellas Republican state lawmakers say the gloves are off regarding Duke Energy and the PSC

Monsanto to spend $90 mln on corn seed research center in Mexico

only 8 spaces left in the summer contest

GOP’s secret idiot? If George P. Bush is its future, the party’s in trouble!

New Afghanistan Pact Means America's Longest War Will Last Until At Least 2024 And 'Beyond'

The Secret Service has been politicized since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Laser-Guided Sea Monkeys -- Causing Ocean Currents? - VIDEO

Barack Obama Morph

Really Politico?

Sherwin Alumina, employees at stalemate in labor talks

Palestinian official likens Netanyahu to IS leader

TV reporter covering the story of a missing boy finds him hiding in bushes

I didn't know Polly Bergen was such a champion for women's rights

You are wrong, Chris Hayes. You are dead wrong.

post your favorite protest song

The Knucklehead Constituency

James Traficant: One of a Kind, Railroaded Into Prison by Corrupt Deputy USAG Craig Morford

the night sky


Why These Beekeepers Filed a Class-Action Lawsuit

9/11 - The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families - In their own words.

The scariest thing about the Ebola in Dallas? The infected person had symptoms for 4 days before

Gov. Jerry Brown signs California gun restriction

Federal judge won't give Wyoming control of wolves

Journalists threatened with death in three Colombian states

Where Activists See Gray, Albuquerque Police See Black And White

If I ever just want to be depressed all I have to do is check my son's grades.

British Hostage In New Isis Propaganda Video Panning Obama Strategy

‘Take Back Our Tanks’: Police Can’t Get Rid Of Military Gear In Ferguson Aftermath

Flu vaccine

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -

‘Over My Dead Body’: Defiant Ukrainian MP Beaten By Nationalist Crowd (Video)

What? No Royals fans here?

U.S calls them “Khorasan” but document shows Khorasan is in fact “Wolf Unit"

"US hospitals 'unprepared' to safely handle infectious Ebola waste"

Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq

This sure isn't the Secret Service I remember.

Armed contractor with criminal record was on elevator with Obama in Atlanta

Politico: It's Obama's fault if his life is in danger.

Hundreds ironically poisoned from contaminated chicken at the Food Safety Summit

Ginsburg Was Right: Hobby Lobby ruling now opening the door for religious to claim extra privileges

Wendy Davis destroys Greg Abbott in Texas Gubernatorial debate

Simple thought on the Secret Service

AK Senate race - R candidate Sullivan seems to have committed voter fraud in 2008

"Democracy" in Ukraine - Politicians continue to be threatened and beaten

Not enough squee today

Forget about the NFL. The next Bush to be elected to office is a stalker.

Police find two bombs left by 'stressed' Frein

Guess what I'll be doing today?

Media reports Lenin toppling: Did they report this the next day?

October 1

U-M students call for AD Dave Brandon's job at rally

We Spend $68 Billion a Year on Intelligence Agencies—and They Don’t Really Work

It's All Al-Qaeda.

Will you miss free plastic shopping bags?

U.S. troops head to Africa for Ebola mission

Clearly something went very wrong in Dallas re the ebola patient

Senator: POV moving company's problems linger

Jon Stewart & President of the Syrian Nat'l Coalition

Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags Is Enacted In California

Things that could only happen in a Hong Kong protest

New York Boosts Pay For Thousands With Hourly Wage Hike

Preventing Worker Burnout Can Boost The Bottom Line

Court workers authorize strike over unfavorable contract negotiations

Scientists sneak Bob Dylan lyrics into articles as part of long-running bet

Hyatt to pay ousted workers $1m in boycott-ending deal

If the Large Hadron Collider made music, this is what it would sound like: physicists

Private prison worker tried to have inmate murdered: report

Oh, no, not again. Bill Moyers retiring from PBS Moyers & Co.

Older people benefit worldwide from the rise of social pensions

How ISIS is using grain to tighten its grip in Iraq

Exclusive: Schabas’ own colleague, human rights icon Aryeh Neier, calls for him to quit UN Gaza prob

USAID is leaving Ecuador after 53 years

After strip club video contradicts police claims, jury sides with Oregon man beaten by cops

US defense industry cashes in on ISIS airstrikes

Microsoft skips ahead, unveils new ‘Windows 10&#8242; operating system

Krugman: Our Invisible Rich

Prospect of No Water Looms in Over a Dozen California Towns

US Set to Zoom Past Saudi Arabia As Number One Oil Producer

Revealed: The Little-Known Executive Order Behind Our 'Collect It All' Spy State

$22 Billion to Fight ISIL in same Year Congress cut $8.7 bn in Food Stamps

Alaskan rethug candidate Dan Sullivan in some hot water that Mark Begich exposed

$22 Billion to Fight ISIL in same Year Congress cut $8.7 bn in Food Stamps (xpost from Congress)

Failure Is Success: How American Intelligence Works in the Twenty-First Century

Drone Strikes as much an Obama Legacy as Health Care: John Oliver

Happy 90th Birthday President Jimmy Carter

Hysteric POTUS Channels Bushist War Shtick Before UN

FireChat: The internet-free messaging app that's keeping the Hong Kong protests connected

We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War

How many of you are willing to do this?

Eric Holder is the Reason Robert Rubin isn't Behind Bars

Moazzam Begg to be freed as prosecutors drop terror charges

Mary Burke leads Scott Walker by 5 points

Reagan Set Up The Death Of The Middle Class, But China Was The Clincher

Is there a possible wave coming in November of the Governorships accross the country

Obama Reconsiders Attacking Assad

Neocons' Noses Into the Syrian Tent

US Launches Wars and Backs Coups in the Name of Democracy, but Won’t Back Real Democracy Activists i

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: A Few Things You're Thinking (in Convenient List Form)

Dear Mr. President, It's Time to Obey the Law: Release the JFK Secret Service Records and End Other

Results of Obama's Ukraine Policy Washington

Bill Belichick, human Grumpy Cat?

Early voting today to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska!!! (link added)

What's going on in the White House? Or It's competence, stupid.

Chomsky: Corporations and the Richest Americans Viscerally Oppose the Common Good

America's 'Death Instinct' Spreads Misery Across the World

Cartoon: CATS

My front door is always locked. WHY would the White House front door be unlocked?

'Crypto Wars 2.0' Have Begun After Privacy Moves By Apple And Google

Politico says Obama will be responsible for his own assassination.

Dells of the Eau Claire, Marathon County Park, near Hatley, Wisconsin

US Airstrikes In Syria Are Based On Startlingly Little Intelligence

THE major issue of our time...

Koterba toon: Secret Service

The Road to Bamiyan: A Public Works Debacle that Defines Afghanistan

Germany's Disarmed Forces: Ramshackle Military at Odds with Global Aspirations

Bring Back The Sunshine ~Florida~ vote Crist! :)

After 14 Years, Shanghai Introduce "Tough" New Air Pollution Law Blahblah Higher Fines Blahblah

AG hopeful Rutledge not registered to vote in state, clerk says

Scotland: Police to review firearms policy

In Absence Of Ice, Record 35,000 Walrus Come Ashore At One NW Alaska Beach

Runaway Plaintiff: One of Kansas GOP’s last hopes for holding Senate seat goes AWOL

2012 Cuts Of 55/77% For Cod Stocks Not Enough; #s At 3-4% Of Healthy Population

Why not start direct democracy cities?

Met Office - September 2014 Likely Driest On Record For UK

Water Supplier For Half Of CA Residents Has Already Used Two-Thirds Of Stored Supplies

Sad, deluded idiots...

Bus Company Fails at Racial Divide and Conquer

ADP National Employment Report Shows 213,000 Jobs Added in September

Should we subcontract White House security to ADT?

Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Report: 5 Spanish soldiers face trial for torture

Bankrupt Revel Casino Sells At Auction For $2 Billion Less Than It Cost To Build

40 Years Ago---Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show

The pay gap between CEOs and workers is much worse than you realize

Chinese Security

Israeli military vehicles enter Gaza, soldiers open fire at farms

35,000 Walrus Converge On Alaska Beach As Sea Ice Retreats

DoD Steps Forward To Credible Audits

Alaska legalized weed 39 years ago. Wait, what?

ROLLING STONE: Koch Brothers call our story "dishonest and misleading."---A point-by-point rebuttal.

Expedia under fire over membership to rightwing lobby group Alec

UK set to vote on recognition of Palestinian state

4 more counties join Montana county GOP lawsuit to close primaries

Boobytrapping - fun new thing? WTH? Fishing line across the toy aisle @ Walmart?

White House Security - Something That Adapts to Current Conditions

People Have The Power!

Secret Service Stand Down

The NSA is self-deleting books and articles they don't like. Watch out!

A boy was accused of taking a backpack. The courts took the next three years of his life.

Mother Dog Shot After Giving Birth Helped by Hero’s Hands

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Hole in Security

Another stall tactic in John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Club for Growth

"A woman's body...will not make you do stupid things."

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- War, Made in America, Sold to the World

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Pay attention. This is how good ole boy city attorneys operate.

Land Trust celebrates acquisition of Gauley River tract

German Alcoholics Offered Free Beer and Cigarettes to Clean City Streets

I'll take "Shameless Profiting off of Racial Stereotypes" for $400, Alex

The 4th Annual Boone Heritage Festival Held Sun, Oct. 12 Celebrating Southern Appalachian Heritage

Idaho polygamous sect member gets 90 days on child injury charges

Matt Davies Toon: White House Secret Service Detail

Suicide is now the biggest killer of men in the UK under 50.

‘Morning Joe’ Piles On The ‘Politically Correct’ Secret Service

Failure Is Success: How American Intelligence Works in the Twenty-First Century

PA Gov. Corbett: I Wish I'd Gotten A Porn Email — Then They'd Have Stopped

Snotty Scotty Brown Missed All Six Committee Hearings On Border Security

Jon Stewart hammers ‘fat motherf*ckers’ in Congress with ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ update

Halloween is coming: Let's Dance

3 Ways Jesus Read the Bible That Evangelicals Are Told Not to Do

Support local florists, don't use 1-800 firms

German universities to scrap all tuition fees!

Boston Herald: Sorry If We Offended With Obama-Watermelon Cartoon

only 7 spots left and only 2 days to enter the summer photography contest

only 7 spots and 2 days left to enter the summer photography contest

Day 2 - Ebolamania in Dallas

Attend a forum regarding the future of healthcare in Virginia.

Tom Toles on the latest intruder

The Radicalization of Phil Donahue

Ferguson Police Wear "I Am Darren Wilson" Bracelets

How Gary Hart Became the First Political Sex Scandal Casualty

An interesting bug showed up today.

Know your One Percenters...

Action Candidate - Circa 1976

Survey USA Poll: Crist leads Scott by 6-points for FL Governor

Meow (Translated: "Want!")

Woohoo!! Got my KOCH Funded Voter Registration Mailer Ripe with all the Mistakes---Plus Pics

Iraqi Air Force Accidentally Delivers Food And Ammunition To ISIS Militants

inside the atheist church hoping to take America by storm

Story Time: Julia Learns To Disrespect Others (Christian Bigotry in Children's Book Form)

CNN headline now: 11AM EST

Food Insecurity In Rural Appalachia: Gender-Based Violence of Women Affected by Incarceration

Dog Bites, Workplace Accidents and 4 Other Things That Killed More Americans Than Terrorism Last Yea

Can Civilization Survive "Really Existing Capitalism"? An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Food Insecurity In Rural Appalachia: Gender-Based Violence of Women Affected by Incarceration

Former President Carter is 90!

uh-oh...Thompson: Associate of Dallas Ebola patient under close monitoring

Sister of accused Boston Marathon bombers pleads not guilty to bomb threat

Confronting Barbarism: ISIS, the United States and the Consequences of Torture

60 Members Of Congress Urge EPA To Protect Pollinators

This has got to be the funniest political anecdote I've read in years,

Recuse yourself! Conservatives freak out after Ruth Bader Ginsburg slams Texas abortion law

Eric Holder didn't send a single banker to jail for the mortgage crisis. Is that justice?

Fox host to CDC director: Obama lied about ‘things’ so maybe you’re lying about Ebola

Letterman's Top Ten Secret Service Excuses

The South’s victim complex: How right-wing paranoia is driving new wave of radicals

Texas appeals court upholds DeLay reversal

lets call this shit by the right name. assassination attempts.

The Secret Service didn't hesitate to gun down the unarmed single mom with her child in the car

Trump inserts his foot in his mouth - again

Republicans’ New Black Friend Is Either A Stock Photo Or....

Drone Shows Thousands Filling Hong Kong Streets..Wow!

Happy 90th Birthday to President Jimmy Carter

Let's see how this one goes.

Pic Of The Moment: GOP State Sen. Says Being Christian In USA Is Like Being Jewish In Nazi Germany

The Case Against Qatar - Foreign Policy

Glenn Greenwald is missing a great web domain opportunity.

Boston Herald: Sorry If We Offended With Obama-Watermelon Cartoon

Putting Caffeine In Your Underwear Won't Make You Slimmer, Alas

There seems to be a lot of Secret Service apologists here.

Tracy Morgan May Never Perform Again, Doctors Reportedly Say

Kevin Sorbo says we "Don't get his joke about Jews"

To Jodi Hice, not allowing fundys to proselytize and discriminate is "persecution"

Islamic State crisis: New strikes in Syria near Kobane

The Germans are using drones to move drugs to Africa

Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Bullet Train

WTF?!? " Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth"

Dallas EMS crew exposed to Ebola victim tests negative

Sources: Facebook to Apologize For Discriminatory 'Real Name' Policy

UNITE HERE Wins Contract at Ramada MOA

UNITE HERE Wins Contract at Ramada MOA

TSA Apparently Operating as Usual

Bad advice: Share yours

OH GREAT!!! a republican candidate complaining about her right to vote is being taken away

Ukrainian Truce Frays as Rebels Step Up Airport Attacks

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Great Moments in Weatherology Science

Poll: Crist Jumps Ahead Of Scott

U.S. Stocks Decline on Ukraine Tensions, Europe Economy

McCain: "We're gonna run out of targets soon with no boots on the ground to identify new ones"

Threat leads to evacuation of Sandy Hook school

FBI Turns Animal Cruelty Into Top-Tier Felony

Wendys' Hamburgers are doing BBQ

The Atlantic: Searching for the Good Life in the Bakken Oil Fields

VICE NEWS: Streaming Live Now from Hong Kong

Fed Scrutiny of Leveraged Loans Grows Along With Bubble Concern

During World War II, the human population lost 300 of every 100,000 people each year to war.

Help. I don't know where to find the "sarcasm" emoticon

Costs of New War in Iraq and Syria Set to Explode, say Analysts

Walmart Pick-up Grocery Concept Opens

Syrian Kurds: 'We will fight Daesh' - Time for Turkey to shit or get off the pot

John Cleese on stupidity in America in 60 seconds

Dallas hospital screwed up the first time: let Ebola patient go home untreated.

+50% probability the Texas Ebola victim got his infection from someone on the plane.

The president's life was potentially in danger this week

Rachel Maddow - Ebola diagnosis confirmed as first in US

How The Obama Admin Is Keeping Bush's Wiretapping Program Secret

Where income inequality has fallen the fastest in America

Rachel Maddow - Sedition boast backfires on GOP candidate

Banksy anti-immigration birds mural in Clacton-on-Sea destroyed as 'racist'

Romney is Still Buying Houses

DCCC, I’m pleading with you.

Pat Robertson is convinced Obama is Muslim...

Hunting now banned in search area in NE Pa

How Wall Street took over the Forbes 400

Gov. Perry. Now that you have Ebola in your state are you willing to expand on Health Care?

Texas health officials monitor possible second Ebola case

The Rude Pundit - Time to Build a Fence Around Texas

Wolf to Corbett: I'll provide more specifics after I find out how big a budget hole you left me

Are you gonna worry for the rest of your life?

US Ebola Patient Exposed School Age Children, Governor Said

You think you're having a bad day?

'Its our Patriotic Duty''

Pelosi Leans Toward Ousting Secret Service Director, Wants Independent Probe Of Security Lapses

I wasn't the only guy fast asleep at the end of the game last night.

10 Surprising Coffee Facts

Turkey's role in Islamic State fight may hinge on ancient tomb

Systems & Secret Service


Florida officer Tasers 62-year-old black woman in the back as she walks away

Can the ebola virus ride around on money?

Past Giants recall nerve-wracking 1-game playoff in Chicago

How to get away with murder.......

a communication fuckup led to release of Ebola patient

Sister: US Ebola patient said he was from Liberia

Sister: Ebola patient told hospital he'd been in Liberia -- they sent him home anyway.

So if I get this right? "God is calling?"

Conservatives panic over Ebola, blame Obama

US Voices Disagreement With Netanyahu’s Outlook At Un On Political Islam

Politico Piece Says Obama's Assassination Might Be Only Thing That Could Improve Secret Service

For grads, a high-earning major offered little protection from this brutal recession

Time to repost this Onion article from July:

Manufacturing in U.S. Cools as Factories Settle Into More Sustainable Expansion

Florida officer Tasers 62-year-old black woman in the back as she walks away

Chrysler, GM, Nissan Sales Soar; Ford Down

Filming begins for 'The Hollow Crown: the Wars of the Roses' for the BBC

Before the Colorado Supreme Court: Pot is legal, but can you still be fired for using it?

Ebola virus may be spread by droplets, but not by an airborne route: what that means

Meet Einstein

Fed economists: America’s missing workers are not coming back

Ebola (airborne), pigs, primates and people, including that Canadian study

Grow Appalachia: Bringing gardens and fresh food to Appalachian families

Agency Leading Ebola Response Has Had Budget Cut Nearly $600 Million Since 2010

Must See: If you have HBO on demand

In World's Best-Run Economy, House Prices Keep Falling

Did not know that dogs and cats came in...

Keith Olbermann's ESPN sports program is quite good.

Don't you think Brad Pitt's is the worst actor ever ??

Federal appeals court restores same-day voting, but doesn’t expand early voting window (NC)

35,000 Walruses Are All Crowded Together In One Spot — And It Signals Something Ominous

CNBC has an exclusive interview with Birthday Boy President Jimmy Carter tonight

Five children in four Dallas schools may have been exposed to the Ebola virus.

Gaza portraits - the one thing I saved from the rubble

Tea party activists remain wary of Thom Tillis in US Senate race

Troxler says he will enforce gun ban at NC State Fair, despite threat of legal action

Koch brothers freak out in response to Rolling Stone expose

'Tea Party' protests Superman in Bats v Supes? burning Supes in Metropolis

Dallas hospital epidemiologist on Ebola: "We were well prepared to deal with this crisis."

Have our DU experts found any connections between

A man from Liberia comes to the ER presenting Ebola like symptoms

Redneck ALS Challenge

Creating Creationists: Cutting Out the Middle in the Science-Religion Dialogue

This chart bodes very badly for the taxi industry in its battle against Uber

Moving into autumn, this is the season we gather together with family and friends --

Finally the exposure of the whole ZIMMERMAN scurvy crew - GQ interview with Robert

Malcolm Young of AC/DC won't return to band - has dementia

Where is Rush? He is curiously quiet on the intrusion issue. IJS

Why do no candidates for House or Senate want to be seen with Barack Obama?

Processing poultry wastewater “sludge” for use in the pet food industry

Argentina president claims US plotting to oust her

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Is Resigning

A Canadian farmer made the top 6 inches of his soil a "work of art" - thus keeping out oil pipelines

Argentina president claims US plotting to oust her

School Shelling in Donetsk Grave Violation of Humanitarian Law: Russian Foreign Ministry

FCC Ends Rule That Led to NFL ‘Blackouts’

Kansas court says Democrats need not provide nominee for U.S. Senate race

Breaking: Secret Service Director Resigns!

Secret Service Director to Resign

A Hospital From Hell, in a City Swamped by Ebola

PACE 'Should Not Stay Idle' to Mass Graves Near Donetsk: Russian Lawmaker

Boston Herald? Cartoonist shows Obama brushing his teeth with watermelon flavored

Calif. student 'intimidated' into reciting Pledge of Allegiance gets apology

Breaking: Guilty Verdict reached in Michael Dunn retrial

Medellin transsexual ‘stoned to death’

Colombia’s tourist hotspots show high levels of child sex exploitation: UNICEF

You cons better hope none of the gas-lighted friends do not kill the president

Do Republicans or Democrats treat their base with more respect?

Family Research Council President: Gun-Toting Texas, Not 'Liberal New England', Will Stop Terrorists

Geraldine Mock, 1st female pilot to fly around world, has died

Something Wicked This Way Comes (with EDIT)

Preview: Giants at Pirates in NL wild-card game

Criminal politicians fail to repair Colombia’s victims of paramilitary violence

Dunn guilty of first-degree murder for killing Jordan Davis

Preview: Giants at Pirates in NL wild-card game

Ebola, complacency, American health care.

Military and police rob arms to sell to criminals (Venezuela, Spanish)

Republicans Are On The Verge Of 2 Major Defeats In One Of The Reddest Of Red States

did anybody here have a flashback to Nov. 22, 1963 when this latest Secret Service story broke?

Study Confirms: Beer Is Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy!

Take the "Let it Go" test.

4 police arrested for extortion, looking for 3 more (venezuela Spanish)

Records: Kissinger made plans to attack Cuba

Records: Kissinger made plans to attack Cuba

Laura Ingraham Demands To Know Why Obama Let The Ebola Virus Into The United States

A TPM Investigation: Inside the International House of Prayer

Conservative-conspiracy talk show host punked by fake space alien available from

White Lesbian Mother Sues Sperm Bank After She Gives Birth To Mixed-Race Baby

Pumpkin pie spice isn't just for fall lattes

Arkansas GOP candidate's voter registration canceled

Swing voters will vote for factories(bring them home) if the Democratic Party makes it an issue.

Court Strikes Down GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions In North Carolina

UK drops terror case against ex-Guantanamo inmate

JTMP: Maryland and DC both Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana

NBC News: Iraq Pilots Mistakenly Gave Food, Ammunition to ISIS Militants

Elizabeth Warren tweet: Attn regulators: You work for the American people, not for the big banks....

Cuba announces details of currency unification

2,800 Tons Of Sand And Soil Create Giant Portrait On National Mall

Anti-Gay Baker Cries After Closing Bigoted Business

Ex Secret Service Agent suggest Obama should nominate Allan West as the new director

Papantonio: Militia Groups Stage Border Shutdown

SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST---Mother Jones: How The Recovery Left Most Americans Behind

National Geographic: The Sea Turtle and the Captain

Teacher Forces Atheist Student to Recite Pledge of Allegiance, Threatens

Conservative-conspiracy talk show host punked by fake space alien available from

I don't care how 'exceptional' they say our hospitals are....

Netanyahu to Obama: Arab states can have role in Palestinian-Israeli peace process

US Loosening Its Standards for Killing Civilians in Iraq and Syria

AFL-CIO: The Election is Coming!

Elizabeth Warren will be on Bill Maher's show on Friday

Pacific Sea Ice Loss Driving Thousands of Walrus to Northwest Alaskan Beach

Palestinians ask UN: Set 2016 as deadline for ending Israeli occupation

Photos (at link) 35,000 Walruses Gather on Alaska Beach Because They Can't Find Sea Ice

The Secret Service’s Open Secrets

Top Women’s Soccer Players File Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against FIFA

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 1, 2014

Leaked TTIP Documents Reveal Powerful Chemical Industry Wins

Here's how Thomas Duncan, the Dallas ebola patient contracted the virus: Direct contact

Hey Colorado - what is bill 2b?

Lawyer warns of 60 percent pension cuts in Stockton bankruptcy case

Poll shows Greg Abbott with single-digit lead on Wendy Davis

Federal Judge Orders Arizonia Sherif to Stop Putting Prisoner's Health in Danger

Mr. Duncan, a person known to have been exposed to Ebola, shouldn't have been allowed to travel.

What do Muslim women want? Finding women’s rights in Islam

Remember coffee tins? What happened to coffee tins.

Ranveer Singh stands up for women's rights

ELIZABETH WARREN: The Secret New York Fed Tapes Confirm The Game Is Rigged

For Shireen, trudelphi, California Peggy and others: ALMOST there, and what a sendoff!

Rainbow Jews: Celebrating LGBT History and Heritage in the UK

Nick Griffin expelled by BNP

Former Chilean marines sentenced in priest slaying

Former Chilean marines sentenced in priest slaying

Bruges Will Cut Traffic With…an Underground Beer Pipeline

Secret Service chief resigns

Why my confidence in the CDC has shifted (downward)

US Sharply Criticizes New Israeli Construction Project After Obama, Netanyahu Meet

I'm kinda pissed off right now

Obama Administration Eases Policy On Preventing Civilian Casualties In Iraq, Syria

Academics and diplomats contest the Washington Post's propaganda on Venezuela

Pro-ISIS Sympathies Simmer In Jordanian City

Academics and diplomats contest the Washington Post's propaganda on Venezuela

Daily Kos: Albuquerque police officer jokes about shooting James Boyd–kills him two hours later

CO-GOV: Beauprez: "IUDs are abortifacient"

Guatemala ex-police on trial in 1980 embassy fire (murders)

"Moral Relativism" and the GOP. The GOP hate the "Moral Relativism" in

Republicans Are On The Verge Of 2 Major Defeats In One Of The Reddest Of Red States

CalPERS gets dreaded decision: Judge rules Stockton can sever its city pensions

Do you believe money is the "mother's milk of politics"?

Conservatives try to reframe net neutrality by calling it a government takeover- 2.4 million write

Santa Barbara aftermath: how California is breaking new ground on gun control

Georgia Tech to begin accepting Bitcoins to pay for concessions at games and on campus

The New HPV Vaccine Could Be 90% Effective

Head of the "Atlah church" shows just how "classy" he really is...

Former Charlotte pastor's 'If I have gay children' blog goes viral.

first step to fixing the Secret Service: Pull it out of dysfunctional Dept of Homeland Security.

Hedges: "America's 'Death Instinct' Spreads Misery Across the World".

Grand jury considering the Ferguson shooting is being investigated for misconduct

chemo starts tomorrow

Bolivia's Morales on course for re-election in first round: poll

What is the most disgustingly hilarious movie from the 80's?

The original ‘atheist church’: Why don’t more atheists know about Ethical Culture?

Vote for Initiative 425 to raise the minimum wage & boost Nebraska's economy

I'd always wondered how prisonsers survive in U.S. prisons during heat sounds awful:

Kenya Plans to Hang a Nurse for Botching an Illegal Abortion

Argentina president claims the US is possibly plotting to assassinate her

What U.S. Religious Groups Really Think About One Another

The church inside the Catholic Church

At Last Gubernatorial Debate, Davis Outperforms Abbott

Michael Phelps blew a .14 in DUI test

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 October 2014

Scott Brown: People Don't 'Care About' Contraception, Equal Pay

No charges in Council Bluffs teen's death after school fight

Gail Reed: Where to train the world's doctors? Cuba. (TED Talks video)

My absentee ballot arrived today. I'm voting and sending

Latest ad from Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) KY

HuffPo: Paralyzed bride's triumphant walk down the aisle

Mitt Romney's Latest Excuse for His 47 Percent Remarks Is a Doozy

Luckovich Toon- Last!

Official CDC recs for handling exposed persons (ebola):

The Global Culture of Violence: What Is The Path to Peace and Justice?

Happy Birthday, October Babies!.. Let's Get This Party Started with sheshe in the BOG!

Daily Kos: So ugly: Florida officer tases 62-year-old woman in the back just for the hell of it

John Oliver Demands to Know How Ayn Rand Is ‘Still a Thing’

Once Burned and Left for Dead, Susie the Pit Bull Named Hero Dog of the Year

Dear white racists and your fragile fee-fees:

Lifeboat fail? I call it a win!

I am the Frank Luntz of the left....

Ebola Contained In Nigeria, Senegal - US Officials

OMG have you seen the latest NRA for Pat Roberts Ads?