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Ebola – as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old from Sierra Leone

Weekend of Protests Thousands in St. Louis to protest police shootings

PBS: Frontline 27 min. documentary on ebola

NYT calls for the end of the US Embargo of Cuba

61-58. Has basketball started already?

Human vs. Squirrel: The Battle of Wits Is On

Am I Next?

This Alabama Judge Has Figured Out How to Dismantle Roe v. Wade

Our granddaughters grade school teacher won some contest...

Amazing Canadian Cheerios Ad. Please watch and let General Mills know you like!

Weekend of Action in Ferguson Begins with Peaceful Protests/VIDEO/TWEETS/ACTIONS:

Poster idea for GA dems

St. Louis Cardinals fans chant “Africa! Africa!” at Ferguson protesters

Look what I found stuffed in my mailbox

And suddenly, I can't shift into first with my '97 Saturn SL2.

The most mesmerizing world wind and temperature map you will ever see. Typhoon Vong Fong, exquisite.

Pig farms rebound from virus; meat prices may drop

Let me get this straight...

Did anyone know that there are "professional twerkers"? Seriously.

What Kansas City's chant will be next week:

Native Americans to rally outside Cardinals, Redskins game in Glendale

How Morocco Became a Haven for Gay Westerners in the 1950s

"Taxpayer funds are lifeline for more than 100 for-profit schools"

Scary article - Now you know why we liberals do bad

'Barbie: The Plastic Religion' exhibit in Argentina pulled after complaints.

Bombings Kill 45 In Shi'ite Areas Of Baghdad And Outskirts: Police

Despite Demands, Syria No-Fly Zone A No-Go For US

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

"Austerity has been an even bigger disaster than we thought"

My political comment needs 36 more Facebook likes to reach 1,000

A South Dakota US Senate Candidate Is Making Music Videos, And They're A Must-Watch


"David Ignatius: Obama may be looking to shake-up his White House team"

Thanks to Sen. @elizabethforma [Elizabeth Warren] for joining me in Milwaukee Wisconsintoday -

"A Really Small Slice of Americans Get to Decide Who Will Rule the Senate"

A Spectre Of Bigger War In The Middle East

Cops force man to rap for his freedom: suit

Ferguson: Police Treatment in Arrests

The controversial Wendy Davis wheelchair ad against Greg Abbott

Ebola: 3 more people under observation in Spain

Iranian atheist begs: 'Don't send me back home ... I'll be killed'

Erik Prince sighting (hold your noses)

"I'm a fuckin' actor!"

"Walmart heirs working to kill affordable rooftop solar power"

Has he EVER met a drum set he didn't like?

Refugees charged with carjackings after fleeing Des Plaines (IL)

Marry-go-round: Which religious officials in Oklahoma may officiate at gay weddings depends largely

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Saturday Night Live tonight

Great documentary on the honey badger

Anyone use lidocaine patches for pain?

Reviving an old tale...

Democratic Leader In Hartford To Rally Party For Malloy

"This is your brain on money: Why America’s rich think differently than the rest of us"

Where are these incredible kid drummers coming from?

A Musical Fix for American Schools

"Marshawn Lynch accuser charged with making false statement"

how should i deal with halloween this year?

Aarg. Froze the beer again

Lewis Black positive rant about teachers

The sky was acting dramatic today

I think I posted this miracle cough cure before, but...

Criminals!!! Asset seizures fuel police spending

It's been 2 weeks (14 days) since Duncan started vomiting, no signs of new infections

Inside South Africa's Whites-Only Town of Orania

Neville Goddard? Anyone?

Bumgarner leads Giants to Game 1 win

Mexican drug traffickers using US businesses as fronts to disguise criminal profits

Mexican drug traffickers using US businesses as fronts to disguise criminal profits

Honduran President Wants Upgrades to Military Airport

Saudi support for extremism: "Joe Biden Is the Only Honest Man in Washington"

Ferguson still going on

ultimate racko nonsense: IS ISIS, Hamas, US Muslim Network Trying To Sabotage American Police?

Ukraine crisis: Putin 'orders Russian troop pullback'

can someone tell me how is it that

on, an excert from Bob Herbert's new book on the economy...

Ferguson NOW

Putin Is Like Hitler: Polish President compares Russian leader to Nazi dictator

Dumb Cops: NYPD Officers Force Brooklyn Man To Rap For His Freedom

Police Shooting Protests Continue In St. Louis As Demonstrators Prepare For Widespread Arrests

What the f#ck has Obama done so far?

Email to Common Dreams

October 12

Greenwald, Poitras and Scahill are working with a new NSA whistleblower.

Cop knocks out teen on suspicion of marijuana cigarette

Sirota: How Big Brother Watches You With Metadata

How the NSA Plans to Recruit Your Teenagers

Ed jumps on the "lets all kick the immigrants" bandwagon

I’ve Read the Government’s Arguments to Screw Amazon Workers and I’m Furious

‘Unstoppable’ Homeowners Fight Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud in Los Angeles

There are boots on the ground

Why 'The Economy' Isn't Good News for Democrats

23 people injured when Maine hayride flips

Americans for Prosperity builds political machine

The revolt against the U.S. Chamber's stunning betrayal of Main Street America

Republicans go viral, and Politico is impressed

War against Isis: US strategy in tatters as militants march on

Texas health care worker tests positive for Ebola

Texas health care worker tests positive for Ebola

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Nootrishus Brekfust Edition

The 'unknown unknowns' of confronting ISIS in Iraq

War against Isis: US strategy in tatters as militants march on

Afghanistan: New President, Old Problems

As Long as the Japanese-US Alliance Holds, There Will Be No War With China

Modern film is a hell of referential reboots

Why do Politicians spend $9 billion a year to Jail the Mentally Ill?

Sunday's Doonesbury- Master Plan

California casino is closed after armed standoff

Russia: Why the F-35 is a sitting duck for the Flankers

The Walking Dead 5.1 "No Sanctuary" (spoiler alert)

The Latest On The F-35

KGTV - ABC 10 - Regulators admit failure at San Onofre

Why Everyone is Lobbying on the F-35 Fighter Jet

This Is Your Brain on Money: Why America’s Rich Think Differently Than the Rest of Us

5 Right-Wing Outrages This Week: 'Biblically Correct' Sex Edition

U.S. Navy underscores need for 'lasting fix' for F-35 engine issue

Norway To Invest In Six Additional F-35 Aircraft

Michigan toddler dies of enterovirus D68

Koch Bro's build political machine

Georgia Governor- "Water Kills Ebola"

Infection control is not rocket science

Pumpkin Sun

US Pledges $212 Million for Rebuilding Gaza

Being a Journalist in the Midst of Ebola

The ruling striking down ID/NV same sex marriage bans contains The Best Line In All of Legaldom

California’s war on endangered species: Why its most water-dependent creatures are worth saving

The Safer, More Affordable Abortion Only Available in Two States


Kill The Messenger: How the Media Destroyed Gary Webb. ( HuffPost)

You've Been Peeling an Orange Wrong

Healthcare worker was wearing CDC approved protective gear.

EU to ban dairy products from over the pre-1967 lines as of January

It's Sunday morning...

why aren't we running the following ad in states that haven't expanded Medicaid

Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs in China and Germany

BRICS and the SCO: Let A Thousand Poles Bloom

Elie Wiesel and Amos Yadlin congratulate East Jerusalem settlers

Indian Country: Big Oil and Inter-Generational Trauma

Mobile homes: The 'hidden homeless'

‘God TV’ In Shambles After Founder Leaves Wife For Mistress, Abandons Network

Two Stunning Two parts of BCCI/IranContra Documentary...w/not in good favor towards then-Ark. Gov.

"DeMaio is gay & GOP likes to raise diversity shield where it can. So they'll turn a blind eye here"

TX Nurse tested positive for EBOLA-Treated Thomas Duncan

"Product X saved my life. Would not recommend."

Should parents use e-readers to read to their kids?

WTF?---Greg Abbott: Texas gay marriage ban reduces out-of-wedlock births

DU Prayer or good thoughts thread for TX nurse infected with EBOLA

What A Country --- Steal Your Money To Buy Death Toys For The Boys

The Atheists Who Would Silence You

So 'The Fix' is clutching his pearls over Wendy Davis's nasty ad.

Why Are Teach for America and a California Billionaire Investing in a Minnesota School Board Race?

Another Woman In Gaming Flees Home Following Death Threats

LGBT, religious groups to hold vigil

Dumb letters to the PD Dept: "You guys have it WAAAAAY BETTER!!"

Teen Girls Who Fled Austria To Join ISIS Now Pregnant, Desperately Want To Come Home

Robert Parry: Can MSM Handle the Contra-Cocaine Truth?

On chocolate pudding, religion and secular values

John Denver died on 10/12/97

The Lost Hope of Democracy

Liberia nurses threaten strike over Ebola pay

Texas Presbyterian "has stopped accepting new ER patients."

How will Texans/Americans Pay for Vaccinations For Influenza, Enterovirus-d68, Ebola and Others

JTMP: Lewis Black Helps ACLU Fight Voter Suppression in Video Rant

I sure hope the Schauer campaign and the organizations supporting him ......

Appreciation thread for Fall

Warren on Obama Admin: “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes, jobs"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Mocked By Ebola Expert On Fox News

Cuban Assistance Programs Disprove the Myth of American Exceptionalism

Ted Olson Destroys Conservative Argument That Overturning Same-Sex Marriage Bans Is "Judicial Act'

Boy, 3, stable after fall into jaguar exhibit at zoo

Israel holding more than 470 Palestinians in administrative detention – highest number in 5 years

Well, with cold flu and ebola season upon us, I thought it was time to post this

Sen. Sanders on ISIS: Where are the other countries

Better Make More Cuts To Food Stamps --- Because the money is needed elsewhere.

Nakhwa without Borders: Gaza and the End of ‘Arab Gallantry’ | Ramzy Baroud

Small Plates (A group of children sample a tasting menu worth $220)

Shrub/Ted-CRUZ-lookalike was "cheeky" to the cop when he was arrested for DWI ('76) of course

Dark Age America: The Senility of the Elites | John Michael Greer

Columbus: Buff and Ready for Genocide | Mickey Z.

We’ll Become ISIS | James Howard Kunstler

what Grimes should have said when she was asked about voting for Obama

What if ‘Islamic State’ Didn’t Exist? | Ramzy Baroud

The Buffalo Wind | John Michael Greer

Celebrity Atheists: List of Stars Who Deny Religion and God’s Existence

Must Be the Season of the Witch | James Howard Kunstler

Nobel Peace Prize Creates Important Moment For Interfaith Unity

Greg Abbott: Banning Gay Marriage Reduces Out-Of-Wedlock Births

Greg Abbott: Banning Gay Marriage Reduces Out-Of-Wedlock Births

Awareness = Overrated | Mickey Z.

U.S. Foreign Policy Deceptions Began a Long Time Ago | Mickey Z.

We are now taking submissions for the October Photo Contest! The topic: Textures of October.

Nothing About Us Without Us: The Token Palestinian And Authentic Narrative | Ramzy Baroud

Dark Age America: The Collapse of Political Complexity | John Michael Greer

We are now taking submissions for the October Photo Contest! The topic: Textures of October.

a profound pic...

Wanna learn more about Van Gogh? Theres an app for that...

France to cut nuclear's share of power market to 50% by 2025

Bob Herbert on Bill Moyers - Full Show

The U.S. Soldier Who Killed Herself After Refusing to Take Part in Torture

Is anyone here assigned to watch Chuck Todd so we don't have to?

48 pounds 13ounces worth of peruvian purple potatoes

GOP-backed limits on voting lead to spirited backlash from Democrats

cartoon: "Stop Isis"

Michelle Obama going to Philadelphia to support Tom Wolf.

Who should replace Bill Moyers when he retires for real this time?

Hey Iowans, if you're home Sunday morning and want to watch the Braley Ernst debate, it's on CSPAN1

I'm a little confused on recent replies to some of my posts here recently.

Welcome to Walmart, How may I help you?

Old people behaving badly-and paying the price

What are you reading the week of Sunday, October 12, 2014?

Snowden: Supreme Court will strike down NSA programs

Koch brothers build a ground game

maybe this would have been better?

Mississippi State #1 in ESPN power poll

Currently the top two college football teams in the US are Mississippi and Mississippi State

Rethinking Pedophilia

Georgia Election 2014 Update: Michelle Nunn, David Perdue Tied Among Millennial Likely Voters.

Wendy Davis was wrong to have a wheel chair in her ad about Abbott's hypocrisy

sunny afternoon, ipod with Motown section lined up&dog walk

Republican family photos

Infectious diseases: "Specialists say the greatest risk comes from taking the gear off."

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Praying Mantis vs. Hummingbird

People Carrying Ebola, in Some Cases, May Be Free of Symptoms

(SURPRISE!) Chicago Tribune endorses repub Rauner for governor

Raising this Back.(2013) HuffPost: How Kerry Exposed IranContra/CIA Drug Running.

A list of very religious celebrities.

How Television Sold the Panama Invasion (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)

How Television Sold the Panama Invasion

Wakefield 'MMR mother' fabricated injury story

Should we use Dutch style pension accounting?

Colombia declares Panama a tax haven, seeking to recoup lost revenue

Justice for Stanley Cohen

JTMP: Rick Weiland Using Taylor Guitar to Run for SD US Senate Seat

2nd Texas Ebola case. Stop all Texas flights!

****WCGreen Update -- Sunday, October 12, 2014****

A Jewish call to action against police brutality

Bolivia: Has Evo Morales proven his critics wrong?

anyone have the stomach to watch Fox this morning to see how they are trying to scare the populous?

Very cool. Army skydivers bring game balls to the Yale Bowl for the Army-Yale game on 9/27/14

coloradoan issues no endorsement in the senate race

Two Arrested in Venezuela Lawmaker's Murder

Bernie Sanders reminds CNN host: You can slam Obama, but Bush’s ‘blunder’ created ISIS

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Colombian port city where body parts wash up following screams in the dark

Saw "The Imitation Game" last night. It was AWESOME!!!

So did Fuckie Todd say anything about the NBC crew

#2 creepy Rob Lowe advertisement? Almost as creepy as the first one.....

If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control, Here's How Frustrated Men Would Feel

Ebola-Stricken NBC News Freelancer Ashoka Mukpo 'Turned the Corner'

"Can you send a white driver?"

Cuba leads fight against Ebola in Africa as west frets about border security

Greece archaeologists uncover Amphipolis floor mosaic (BBC)

Help needed with Apple mini-pad and OS 8

Hibiscus still budding

This is what happens when you don't spend the money for quality workmanship ....

Maharashtra just reminded me to vote via text message

Ebola CDC BENGHAZI!! (spot on)

It's a damn good thing Frieden wasn't in charge of Apollo 13

The Doctors & Nurses who treat Ebola. Oct 8, 2014

*sigh* THEY'RE BACK!!!!

30% of EBOLA Fatalities In Last Outbreak In Africa Were Health care Workers

Holding or giving the Senate to 2 or 3 IND will greatly determine who will even try

Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker

Football all day then the ALCS

Billions of pounds pledged to rebuild Gaza wasteland/The Telegraph UK

Badass Teen Pens Letter Against Focus on the Family Sex Ed Workshop

Removed a rotting 3 foot balcony

AP NCAA Football Poll 10/12/14 - A new #1 and only 5+1 undefeateds left

He would have been 38 in a month and a half were it not for murderous homophobes.

The "Art of War" Manipulating Public Opinion With Photographs: ISIS, etc.

Role-player at Idaho corn maze killed by bus

DeMaio Republican congressional candidate accused of sexual harassment

AP Exclusive: California gives no-bid health pacts

I don't want to be a killjoy

An Autism Mom's Plea: Vaccinate Your Kids

Excellent podcast on Ebola transmission from This Week in Virology.

Nice for Texas Presbyterian hospital they won't have to

Has the USA forgotten about Gore Vidal's Member???

Israelis fear the Double Threat of Hezbollah and ISIS

Nothing gets my imagination going like a wind turbine (pics)

Fox News Guest/Defense Attorney: Upskirt Victims ‘Made a Conscious Choice To Wear Certain Clothes'

Breaking: Officials Evacuate Braintree, MA Medical Facility, Isolate Patient Citing Ebola Protocol

Tropical Storm Gonzolo forms east of the Leeward Islands..Tropical Storm Warnings and

The NFL cover-up that started it all

Al-Qaeda terror financier worked for Qatari government

15-Year-Old Dog’s Owner Disappears, But He Has a Happy Ending

John McCain: U.S. Needs an Ebola Czar!

what's for dinner Sunday October 12, 2014?

Key Question: How Did Dallas Worker Catch Ebola?

BOOKS: “An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States.” My Interview with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

What you need to know to vote early in Georgia

A List oF people I met that deny the existence of God and Are atHeists.

Chargers bus egged in Oakland

A mirror universe exactly like ours but opposite.

Alaska Governor Parnell Stonewalls National Guard Sexual Assault Scandal and Lawmakers Refuse to Act

Mechanical problem blamed in deadly hayride crash

Darigold worker denied time off for family emergency (UFW E action)

Jackin' It To Jesus!

LOL ...

Early Voting - Jen Sorensen Cartoon

Fake Snowden Is Russia's Newest TV Star

When you wake up in the morning and can't find your phone ....

Hagel says Colombia to be valuable global trainer

Suspected Ebola case taken from Braintree, MA clinic under police escort

State paid millions to failed voucher schools

Norway FM: Donor conference pledges $5.4 bn for Gaza

Quick, tell me just 1 thing that the Republicans have done for you in the last 50 years!!!

Braintree Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Transferred to Boston

Iran warns of risk to Israel's security should US seek overthrow of Assad


Japan rises to challenge of becoming ‘hydrogen society’

No on 3?

Economists’ long-held beliefs make income inequality worse

White House Whiteboard Shorts: #RaiseTheWage

Impact of minimum wage hike likely a wash, UNL economist says

Minimum wage question on November ballot

ISIS Nearly Made It To Baghdad Airport, Top U.S. Military Leader Says

How about those Browns!

Who remembers the movie Outbreak?

MH17 Passenger Was Found Wearing Oxygen Mask, Dutch Official Says

Key questions for Dallas hospital on Ebola patient; where was the air flow?

Climate change, Benghazi, … The science behind the right’s irrational obsession with conspiracies

International Community Pledges Billions To Rebuild Gaza Strip But Push For Permanent Peace Read Mo

University Education - Tuition Free in Germany

Ukrainian President Fires Third Defense Minister This Year

Cat Owers (or Cat subjects) Does your overlord/mistress play with your cell phone or lays on it?

Because the Nigels of America deserves so much more...

New Simon's Cat video!

"Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks"

50th Pilot Training Class Reunion in Dallas. I didn't visit the W. lie-berry.

And I hope he comes a traveling my way!

Associated Builders & Contractors Members 16 Times More Likely to Be Fined on Public Projects

Tin Foil Discussion: ISIL & Ebola vs 911

Got my ballot in the mail Saturday!

Nurses, Bus Drivers, Teachers: Facing Violence on the Job

Nurses, Bus Drivers, Teachers: Facing Violence on the Job

Why is Turkey hesitant to enter fight against ISIS?

US Says Turkey OKs Use Of Bases Against Militants

Ebola hopefully the scare

Poll reaffirms Quinn's lead.

WWII-era balloon bomb in B.C. blown to smithereens

End the U.S. Embargo on Cuba

Federal judge rules Alaska's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

WTF!! White House names successors to Millennials the "Homeland Generation"

Information on Ebola from the CDC.

Were the Pats & Bills on Fox earlier

Chinese Premier Arrives In Russia For Official Visit

China's State Media Xinhua News Agency To Promote Ties With Iranian Media: Editor-In-Chief


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm feeling like a Star! Can't stop my shine!!!!

The Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama character assassinations...

October 12, 1933

Good vibes and etc. for DU's ms.smiler, please guys.