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Archives: October 13, 2014

The Democratic National Committee website has nothing about Ferguson or police

Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Use in Alzheimer’s Research

GREAT HORNED OWLS RETURN TO THE WILD (Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care center where Cinder the bear is at)

income inequality is bad for everyone

Cincinnati & Carolina matchup 3rd tied game since 2012 overtime rule changes

Tom Toles Toon- We are a roadrunner cartoon

Elderly L.A. woman vanishes, is found alone in Maine four years later

CDC finally admits: most hospitals are NOT well prepared for Ebola.

What the hell are the Eagles wearing black uniforms for?????

Republicans: Drop the pretentious bullshit and admit what VoterID laws are REALLY intended to do:

Sicko sends child porn to a under cover cop to prove that he himself isn't a cop.

A hit and a miss from Senator Elizabeth Warren

Liberalism and Gentrification

Standing Ovation for Snowden Film

Bolivia's President Morales wins election easily: exit poll


In Toronto, mental illness, homeless more important to discrimination than race

Just one way in which we are all corporate prey


Last night's Sit In in Ferguson

RT cuts broadcast on Tetyana Pushnova for telling the viewers: "Don't cooperate with Russia Today!"

Obama gets update on latest Ebola developments

My biggest problem with the story of The Three Little Pigs...

Vigil staged in town rocked by hazing scandal

Halloween is coming: Sanctuary for all

Has anyone else besides me noticed

Ralph Nader on How to Dismantle the Corporate State

“When cop killed Michael Brown & Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama"

NYFF 2014: Edward Snowden Documentary 'Citizenfour' Jolts Film World (Directed by Laura Poitras)

Slave photo from Robert E. Lee's home discovered on eBay

"Ignore the Haters: Obama Helped Save the U.S. Economy"

Survey: Gas prices continue to decline nationally


"Did censoring a 9/11 report pave the way for ISIS?"

Am I still not permitted to fuck with Wu Tang Clan around here?

Glock Family Goes Down, Guns Blazing

"Did Budget Cuts Hamper Response to Ebola and Enterovirus? Democrats Push for Hearing"

People from all over the country will be tuned into the debate tomorrow night.

Dallas nurse's dog will be protected for her

DU sleuths needed

If I may have your attention?! It is now...

"No, Sam Brownback, it’s not the media’s fault you’re losing"

The Barbarians Within Our Gates. (Arab civilization has collapsed).

Greek Mythic Warrior Women Not Purely Imaginary

What do you get out of prayer?

"Obama: Health care is driving down the deficit"

What is the name of the new flu that kids are getting now? My little great grandson is at the

How to tell when an education "grassroots" group is fake.

Deconstructing the Ben Affleck-Sam Harris cage fight

Figuring out which "grassroots" education groups are fake.

Michigan debate: Gov. Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer spar over tax policy and education funding

Gmail and YouTube are being obnoxious!

Dedicated to the Charlie Crist haters who won't vote for him just because.

Venezuela: a land of political killings and gang turf wars

"Ebola Vaccine Would Likely Have Been Found By Now If Not For Budget Cuts: NIH Director"

xmas jammies & xmas jammies pt. 2: not that trendy

"End the U.S. Embargo on Cuba" by the Editorial Board at the NY Times

Blast from the Past Re: Paul Ryan who will be running for the GOP Nomination for POTUS in 2016

I tracked down the dweeb blogger that wingnuts are touting from Rolling Stone's hit on Wendy DAVIS

"As South Dakota Race Breaks Open, Bizarre Turn Of Events Could Save Senate For Democrats"

Acknowledge & apologize for the wrongful imprisonment & torture of Abou ElKassim Sign petition

Help raise money for $ 15.00/hour campaigns in several cities. Tom Morello guitars auctioned

Fox News Host Grills Tony Perkins: ‘What’s The Damage To You’ If Your Neighbors Are Gay Married?

Lousiana tries to block incinerated Ebola waste from Texas.

Please help my campaign!

Stormy Monday, 10/13/14

Krugman: Revenge Of The Unforgiven

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 14: Franchot Tone

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 15: Star of the Month: Janet Leigh

Iraqi officials issue desperate plea to the U.S. for ground troops

Fundamentalist Christians Believe That Wives Should Give Up Their Votes To Husbands.

USS America: The Navy's Newest Flattop Can't Decide What The Hell It Is

Rising anti-Semitism prompts Diaspora Jews to buy properties in Israel

Politicians Complaining About Response To Ebola Are The Most Ardent Budget Cutters.

If anyone is interested, these are live streams in Ferguson tonight

Giants lose back-and-forth NLCS thriller on walk-off homer

Just to Recap: 30 States and DC Now Have Marriage Equality!

What's Going On? - So Far 'The Chicago Tribune' & 'The Daily Herald' Both Endorsed Rauner....

Fox News host freaks out, tells GOP to 'grow a spine' and oppose gay marriage

Arrest made in Penn State shooting threat

Saudi apartheit

The single-payer model: a foundation for professionalism

UPDATED: I-95 is just wracking up the injuries today in SE CT!

October 13

Bolivia’s tenacious indigenous leader


eHarm (ony) Commercials - The critics rave!

African Americans Needed For Study Of Asthma Medications

The Nazis - A Warning From Yesterday For The UK

Zeroing In On Sociopaths: Feds Finally Make Animal Cruelty a Top-Tier Felony

4 Reasons You Should Be Taking America's Inequality Very Personally

Live Coverage of the Oscar Pistorius sentencing

What My Time in America's New Oil Boomtown Taught Me About Our Climate Madness

Gini and Maslow clash with Mao

Why Does Iran Always Benefit from the ‘War on Terror?’

This mean vile bigoted dinosaur just HAS to lose

Marriage Equality comes to Alaska

Records shattered’ at Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” th

Canadian Pacific approached CSX about merger deal

Why I Think Gas Prices in USA Will Remain Low for a Couple of Years...

Pay the Piper: Imperial Evils Bearing Bitter Fruit

Remember trouble doesn't make an appointment.

Why Americans Are Drowning in Medical Debt

The Teacher Gap

Have bike will Skye

Voter suppression: Georgia Secretary of State is caught in a lie UPDATE: Video from Rachel Maddow

Could This Be the Senate Race Where the Koch Brothers Meet Their Match?

Fukushima n-power plant prepares for typhoon Vongfong

4 Reasons You Should Be Taking America's Inequality Very Personally

Ingredients to a Well-Balanced System of Body-Hatred

Absolutely Must Go: The US Military vs. the Exiles of Diego Garcia

Why can't we restrict people from W Africa?

Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India's Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs

An Appeal From Okinawa to the US Congress


Meme of the Week - October 13th

Pentagon Accused of Whitewashing History of Vietnam War Era

For the life of all that is near and dear to you do NOT update your iphone to IOS 8

Here's some GOOD news happening in campaigns around the country. So DONATE, CAMPAIGN, and VOTE !

The renowned physicist who never existed: Stronzo Bestiale.

Have the authorities released the name of the St. Louis police officer who killed

The Kink in the Human Brain-- How Are Humans OK with Destroying the Planet?

The Tragedy of Modern Democracy

Alleged flamingo bandit made rap video about incident

Yes it's been overdone, but if this is even partially accurate, it's stunning...

Bush and Public Health Emergency Preparedness. Interesting read.

Kansas woman, 100, raped in her home during burglary, police say

At the beach

Columbus Day

Toddler critical after falling into Jaguar exhibit -I would arrest the father and grandfather

Why is the refusal of the GOP to confirm the Surgeon General

“The Judge’s House” by Bram Stoker. Great ghost story. **SPOILERS**

Short and bitter

Toon: Woman President

Baby Otter Cam!

Monday Toon Roundup 1

Frenchman Tirole wins Nobel economics prize

Nice response to Christie 's keynote address at the NJ NAACP Convention

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

"Archer" to drop ISIS (name of spy agency) from show

Christian Right-Wingers Love Porn: New Studies Suggest the Bible Belt Has A Kinky Side

The Artist Taxi Driver: We should all be ashamed of UKIP

A horror you can't look away from: Mantis eats fly face-first. (video)


"The nurse breached protocol"

Angry crowd charges Hong Kong protest barricades

TOM TOMORROW: The Counter-Intuitivist

"What monkeys and the Queen taught me about inequality"

Best Wishes on this Native American Day

Report: Climate change poses military challenges

Chris Hedges: Ordained to Write

Seriously, I'm ok with Tattoos but sometimes think before you ink!!

We ended up getting a Lhasa Apso puppy (pics)

"Why We Should Be Seething with Anger over Inequality" --THANKS "Common Dreams"

Need DU help!! Relative's film project on fighting money in politics

Vatican Proposes Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

Our Empathetic Rich: The Rarest of Birds

Dr. Nancy Snyderman spotted at New Jersey restaurant during Ebola quarantine, draws health departmen

For-Profit Hospital Chains See Financial Boost; Fitch Credits ACA

The USA is actually pretty bad at the war stuff..and we have been for a long time

Boston patient does not appear to have Ebola, hospital says

Hospitals See Greater Financial Benefits in Medicaid Expansion States

Columbus Day and the Sanitization of History

Turkey denies new deal reached to open airbases to US in fight against Isis

Baltimore Post-Examiner: Change is coming in Florida

Bachelor of Arts degree now equivalent to a high school diploma

Happy Day of Indigenous Resistance

Alaska will issue marriage licenses to gay couples

Vatican Proposes "Dramatic Shift" In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples

Proudly and Enthusiastically Supporting Gov. Quinn

Atheist Richard Dawkins Tweets: ‘Malala Is Religious Now But Give Her Time’

Saddam Looms Over Our Middle East Policy, or Lack Thereof

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 6

Link to 2nd Senate Braley Ernst Debate link Thanks to DUr RBInMaine

Dickensian US Working Conditions Almost Guarantee Ebola Catastrophe

Coptic Christian landmark church restored in Cairo

Want Mark Begich to Win the Alaska Senate Seat? In Alaska, there is 200% voter turnout!

St Louis protests: Ferguson activists reject religious leaders’ platitudes

Vatican Proposes Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples

Climate Change Can Affect Security Environment, Hagel Says

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."


Treasure Chest comics

GM ignition switch deaths rise to 27

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

I have lost ALL RESPECT for Reza Aslan & Glen Greenwald!!

The murderous Chinese cult that thinks Jesus has returned — as a Chinese woman

The Disgrace of Sacrificing a Generation

Flashback:Republican IT guy set to testify in a case alleging election tampering dies in plane crash

Elderly woman says a father and his sons 'stole' her New York City home by faking the deed

Wales left off EU transport map ... again

CDC training questioned after director blames nurse's Ebola infection on 'protocol breach'

Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio fundraises

Health Texas Newborns Potentially Exposed to TB Awaiting Test Results

Woman finds three-inch leech in nose after South East Asia trip

Pic Of The Moment: When It Comes To Ebola, John McCain Is A Man On Fire

Defining Characteristics Of Fascism: Sometimes Elections in Fascist Nations are a Complete Sham

There are some wild and crazy Ebola theories circulating. What is the craziest that

Why aren't we treating the ebola patients

Today, Oct. 13, I turn 70. (A self-indulgent retrospective)

First same sex marriages performed in Mecklenburg County

Do gamers get carpal tunnel syndrome?

Global Subversion Begets a Question for Ed Snowden: Are Covert OPS Compatible With Democracy?

Climate change is like Ebola – World Bank chief (“…inaction is literally killing people…”)

Now that's a cheap shot...

Europe Forsaken in ETFs as Record Money Pulled on Economy

There is a group of Americans out there...

Do bachelors get carpal tunnel syndrome?

Escargot for marriage equality

Who's in Charge of Ebola at Hospitals? 'Screaming That We're Not Prepared'

Escargot for marriage equality

Las Vegas gay conservatives challenge ‘early’ marriage licenses

Stanford scientists create a 'smart' lithium-ion battery that warns of fire hazard

Happy raping, murdering, enslaving, genocidal pedophile day!

Reza Aslan: Lying for Islam on Female Genital Mutilation

Chicagoans join protests against police brutality post-Ferguson

My political comment just got 1,000 likes on Facebook. That's a new high I believe

Rick Perry Ordered To Appear In Court October 31

I doubt that the game will be played tonight.

Darth Cheney back with more fear mongering

New Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole Calls for Tough Rules for Banks

34 Yahoo Questions That Will Demolish Your Faith In Humanity

Vatican Proposes Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples

Erick Erickson: “Fat lesbians got all the Ebola dollars”

Glitzy Levi’s Stadium hasn’t eliminated potential for fights

Columbus Day

"....she was in trouble, she needed help, she was asking for help and two days later she was dead...

Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not)

Just because we

So I'm reading an article @ huffpost

Wildlife Killing Contests and the Failure of Government

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian DUers...

Arrests of clergy starting in Ferguson right now. Livestream at link below:

The 2030 Vow

Second U.S. Ebola Patient Identified

The Man Who Tricked Chemtrails Conspiracy Theorists

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents

Oklahoma: Be careful this afternoon and tonight. More severe storms ahead.

Ernst closing statement " I am not a Washington Politician"

Putin Deals China Winning Hand as Sanctions Power Rival

New study: Europe's far right - anti-EU, pro-Putin, anti-globalization, anti-immigrant, nationalists

‘God TV’ In Shambles After Founder Leaves Wife For Mistress, Abandons Network

As Israeli Police Lock Al Aksa Mosque, U.N. Chief Denounces ‘Provocations’

Why didn't Grimes turn the "who did you vote for' question around?

CDC: 'Relatively Large' Number Of Health Workers At Risk For Ebola

Top criminals throw lavish parties at Colombia’s high security prison

Top criminals throw lavish parties at Colombia’s high security prison

Judge will not rule on motions until Perry shows up in court

Uribe sent $500K to FARC mediator to appease rebels: Report

Andrew Wakefield, the MMR, and a “mother warrior’s” fabricated vaccine injury story

Ebola patient identified by family

I think that director from the NIH is giving the public bad information about Ebola

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Columbus Day - How Is That Still A Thing

Mexican activist slain during radio broadcast

Mexican activist slain during radio broadcast

Robin Williams! Destroys President Bush

Mexican police shoot, wound German student

Halloween is coming: Just winging' it

The funniest guy in the universe.

Pentagon Propaganda: The War Over the Truth About Vietnam

Help the Pacific Climate Warriors

Bad Cop, No Donut: Why the hell not?

Fox News Deceptively Clips Obama To Claim Panetta Interview Revealed Benghazi Deception

Fusion TV? Anyone watch or know anything about it?

President Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone

Arab MK: Temple Mount not holy to Jews

Abbas: No reconciliation with Hamas before elections

Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay

"Republican Cuts Kill" ....Brutal New Ad Blames GOP Spending Cuts for Ebola Deaths

PA unity government not taking over Gaza crossings yet

Brutal New Ad Blames GOP Spending Cuts For Ebola Deaths (VIDEO)

Turkey Denies Deal Reached With U.S. On Air Base Use In Isis Fight

The free worlds's Biological Defense Industry- another DU collaborative investigation thread.

Danish imam calls Jews ‘offspring of apes and pigs’

U.S. Spy Scandal in Germany Is MUSIC to Putin’s Ears

"My freedom defends yours" - pro-gay banner in Moscow leads to verbal abuse and arrest

Honestly, help me out: What have George Soros and Saul Alinsky done?

True friends of Israel will vote yes for the state of Palestine (Dr. Alon Liel)

Spartacus The Pit Bull Needs 1,000 Stitches After Gruesome Slashing By Unknown Attacker

I think (and urge any who may see this) that black communities in every city

Pregnant women in Liberia becoming victims of the ebola outbreak

Happy Columbus Day! America Celebrates! (updated)

To you, I’m an atheist. To God, I’m the loyal opposition.

AI: Laws to destroy ‘enemies within’ – Russian NGOs tagged as ‘foreign agents’ (McCarthyism

It bloomed :o)

Has anyone heard of BPAC?

In Alabama, the religiously 'unaffiliated' now surpasses this major religious group

Michigan bank hates Ohio State so much it won't close for Columbus Day

Ebola Scare-Mongerer Rand Paul Wants You to Think You’re Going to Die

Catholic Bishops in 'Seismic' Opening Toward Gays

Judge questions DCS workers about paralyzed girl's gruesome death

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh?

Democrat Ann Kuster will lose because

Ernst forced to answer for Koch support in Iowa Senate debate

Rest in peace Prof Ali Mazrui

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly sits in box with Dan Snyder

Anybody hear on CNBC that CDC director "doesn't know how nurse "

Hagel: Climate change will challenge US military

Apparently one Fox news host would be okay with building essentially FEMA camps now so long as they

Marriage equality: couple to file for license today

Papantonio: Obama Goes After Corporate Hyenas

Photo of the Day: Jesse Helms

Floyd Mayweather wins $600,000 off Talib's interception return

Texas AG says same-sex marriage ban reduces out-of-wedlock births

things seem pretty quiet in Missouri

I's that time of year

I don't trust his driving.

Ex-Sen. Wendell Ford endorses Alison Grimes in newest ad.

Turkey denies new deal reached to open airbases to US in fight against Isis

Can Corporate M$M Finally handle the truth Gary Webb Exposed?

My Heart Lives in Ferguson

What is your risk of contracting Ebola?

The United States Has Four Biocontainment Units At Four Hospitals.

Whistleblower Reveals California Cops Get ‘Shooting Tattoos’ To Celebrate Their Kills

What should we do improve the lives of Native Americans?

Here's a link to a free site that will sho you where a drug is cheapest in your area.

A Friend of mine has a $650 a month Insurance Cost

Michigan Election Races

Police Militarization Must Be Halted

It's all so confusing...

London’s 'SuperJews' Praised for Protecting Muslims

Luckovich toon: Boo! (LMAO)

Cash 'n Carry's anti-Brown ad shows drowning boy

Gen X, Millenials, Homelander, Silent, Boomer -- What's in a Generation's Name?

Good grief, I am confused. Medicare coverage, too complicated!

Tenth Annual Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis

An oldie but it needs to be heard every few months...

Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland (BBC)

UK waterways face 'invasional meltdown' from European organisms (BBC)

This, right here, is how you make an anti-GOP attack ad.

Anti-IS protesters blocked M4 Severn Crossing causing long delays for motorists travelling into Wale

Robert Reich explains what would happen to the U.S. under a Republican Senate

Scott Walker is selling out Wisconsin farmers--ad

NY Times accuses SF of "black magic"

It's all so sad...

Top 5 Races Where Independent Voters Will Make The Difference

wut is dis in my yard?

NASA: Earth Just Experienced the Warmest Six-Month Stretch Ever Recorded

Don't really know what to say about this except maybe, how unsurprising?

Haha...just heard Romney call Bruce Braley "Bill"

Now, here's something to worry about with regard to Ebola:

Fox News Host Stacey Dash Proposes Ebola Quarantine ‘Centers’ For Every City In The US


U.S. Stocks End Monday Sharply Lower On Late Selloff

Breaking: Muslims Attacking Christmas Movies, Says Kirk Cameron

Which State has the smallest soft drinks?

Muslim Families Look after Kolkata Synagogues

Another Look at the Mind-Boggling Underwater River Located Inside a Water-Filled Cave

Bill O'Reilly demands that MSNBC be cancelled....says they promote left-wing causes

Columbus Raped the Redskins … Time to Change the Name

CDC head criticized for blaming 'protocol breach' as nurse gets Ebola

Some families affected by Ebola in Liberia pay bribes to keep the bodies

NYT: Fear of Vaccines Goes Viral

Ferguson live streams back up.


Comer Cottrell, Who Got Rich on Hair Curling, Dies at 82

I AM a liberal!!

The right — and surprisingly wrong — ways to get kids to sit still in class.

Florida public records fees must be kept in check – The Independent Florida Alligator

Bumper sticker for right now

If We Only Have Love(from Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris)

Scotland to implement marriage equality in December

And the Prize for Ebola Fearmongering Goes to...

There are consequences to a "government so small you can drown it in a bathtub"

just another monday

just another day...

Journalist killed for refusing to help ISIS

Neil deGrasse Tyson Rips Startup Culture: “Society Has Bigger Problems Than Your Next App”

Apparently it is a Florida issue with no-one showing up to football games...

O'Malley has little support in Md. for a presidential run

Warm in your coat or It's a condition?

What late 80's-90's TV show used a bunch of mini-coopers to escape

Anthony Brown, Larry Hogan trade attacks in 2nd Maryland gubernatorial debate

Florida AG Pam Bondi's failures leave one choice: George Sheldon

Appalachia's Hometown Heroes

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reappears after long absence

How Chevron swamps a small city with campaign money and bogus news

Shit I learned in religion class today.

Did Mitch McConnell vote for Sarah Palin??

While reading about this story, I have the impression that the police won't shoot white people

UK lawmakers pass symbolic motion to recognise Palestine as a state

the Bush tax cuts, did they

Karen Lewis will not run for Chicago mayor

Just finished 13 Days in September, The Carter administration needs to be reevaluated

Sanders on CNN's State of the Union

Another televangelist is in big trouble...

Scandal Hunt.

Heard on local news that Kansas University Med Center has isolated a patient suspicious for Ebola!

Elizabeth Warren had to stand on a table!!

NYC Has Paid Almost Half a Billion Dollars in NYPD-Related Settlements Over the Past 5 Years

Is It True That The Ebola Virus Remains Viable On Surfaces, Clothes & Other Fabrics For 3 Weeks?....

Breaking: Ferguson protestors have in some way occupied Ferguson WalMart

Bernie Sanders on Ed show said what Dem's won't

Thorny Legal Questions At Play In E. Jerusalem

Study: Coffee Is Good For Your Liver

Kuwaitis starting tours to East Jerusalem

Possible EBOLA case in Kansas -PER CNN

So ISIS is eight miles from the Baghdad Airport

Catalan independence: November referendum 'called off'

Lazy tablet user requests a "+1" (or similar) button

Naruto Manga Countdown Site Teases New Project

I rarely think about DU's jury system

Oklahoma seeks to delay three executions until 2015

Russia Begins Controversial Psychiatric Evaluation of Captured Ukrainian Pilot

Mike Luckovich Toon- Is It Contagious?

French economist wins Nobel for tackling monopolies

Bad policies in east Jerusalem

Human fossils from 'oldest Parisian' (BBC)

My wife has a job interview...well she is going for 2 hour testing. the job is a DATA ENTRY/

"Of Course I Don't Advocate Sitting Out the Election!" Some DU'ers Missed This:

U.S. Army says it faces huge equipment, training risks with budget cuts

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Live Blog: Warner-Gillespie "People's Debate" in Virginia

Bionic arm restores sense of feeling (BBC)

Bionic arm restores sense of feeling (BBC) {xpost from Health}

Any Sci-Fi Fans In This Group?

'Raw Beauty Project' empowers disabled women

Alison Lundergan Grimes debates the human-turtle hybrid at 8 PM eastern tonight

Ebola: 5 ways the CDC got it wrong.

Jimmy John's Makes Low-Wage Workers Sign 'Oppressive' Noncompete Agreements

Children’s euthanasia bill signed by Belgium king

Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to 'shirtfront' Russian president Vladimir Putin at Brisbane G20

Good gravy - more fraud / waste at the pentagon

I would like to introduce you to my "baby" brother....I am so proud of him.

Clergy arrested in 'Ferguson October' march