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Uber Calls Woman's 20-Mile Nightmare Abduction an "Inefficient Route"

Honestly people

Chuck Todd on Chris Hayes now

Did Fukushima Cause Ebola?

Yemen rebels take port city, province near capital

As we all know, Halloween is my Favorite Holiday!

Scott Walker just said minimum wage "doesn't serve a purpose"

Norway passes historic bill allowing women to be drafted into the military

It hasn't been long since I posted a tune

Rachel Maddow's show is sinking in the ratings so says politicususa

Want to see a real right wing sleazeball running for congress from Maine? Check this asshole out.

Did you know?

Would you be willing to take a loyalty oath?

The mission against ISIS fails the national interest test

South Carolina Prosecutors Say Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Apply To Victims Of Domestic Violence

Stem cell therapy success in treatment of sight loss from macular degeneration

I will continue to support Allison Lundergren Grimes

Giffords travels to promote tougher gun laws

Wendy Davis explains her decision to air her latest ad on Abbott being a hypocrite

The mother of the Ashoka Mukpo - Lady Diana Mukpo - very interesting family

Bill Moyers Journal - "Capitol Crimes" (Podcast)

Election 2014 Dashboard: Senate Tightens; No GOP Wave in the House; Governships Split

The Wage Gap Makes Perfect Sense When Tech Executives Say What They Really Think About Women

This right here is what ALOT of

Given how conservative the Democratic Party has become, maybe she voted for the

Pressure builds to allow US exports of crude

We could have had Ashley Judd as the candidate

Weird/Unprofessional situation at work---what would you do?

If we ever needed to vote!

Okay. Captain Morgan just ate a hair elastic. It was green and gold.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Rapture Rifles! & a new Kitteh gif

PBS Newshour: Should the terminally ill be able to choose when they die?

Where is the line between

Grimes does not need the DSCC or Majority pac to win. She has 4.4 million on hand.

Japan's Solution to the Global Food Crisis: Eat Whales

How One Man Refused to Spy on Fellow Muslims for the FBI—and Then Lost Everything

The Five Worst Things Republicans Have Promised To Do To Americans

The greatness of Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi

Producer Mark Bell dead at 43

Russia conducting military surveillance flight over Canada

Anyone watch the latest Blacklist? SPOILERS

Aristus- This is for you!

Can someone please summarize what Rachel said last night about Hillary?

Where the Rum GO!?!?!?!?!

Anyone have any experience with a VOIP service? Vonage? OOMA? Phone Power?

Phil Jackson: I have free reign

76ers put Michael Carter-Williams on trade block in June

Obama Weighs Kathy Ruemmler, Donald Verrilli For Attorney General Job

Why a Muslim and an Atheist Are Fighting Side by Side

'The Overnighters' Shows Dark Side Of North Dakota Oil Boom

Real Clear Politics gives Crist the edge right now. Time to

Thom Hartmann: My Feminist Dilemma at the Peep Show

Thom Hartmann: Why Are We Terrorizing Black Children?

Why did Mitch McConnell use the word "rimrack"???

Thom Hartmann: Christopher Columbus Was the Isis of Our Day

"Democratic early vote outpacing 2010"

ADL Decries UN Chief's 'Stunning' Bias

Regarding the Grimes vote:

GOOD for Grimes and GOOD for Davis: BOTH tough women not backing down.

I thought we were past this point in our relationship. Now I'm in tears.

WOW - NY Times Investigative Report: The Secret U.S. Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapon

Tough times for K12 Online Charter School. Many problems despite all the fancy TV ads.

Drop in energy stocks stymies market rebound

UK Parliament's Vote Underlines Israel's Deepening Isolation

Religious Leaders Offering to Take Police Confessions Arrested in Ferguson Protests

Film tells story of solidarity between gay activists, striking miners

China, Russia Cement Partnership With New Cooperation Blueprint

Film tells story of solidarity between gay activists, striking miners

Film tells story of solidarity between gay activists, striking miners

Film tells story of solidarity between gay activists, striking miners

Why is this Hack Smiling?

K12 Online Charter Schools having lots of problems.

At Odds On Ukraine, US And Russia Vow Closer Ties, Including Intel-Sharing On Islamic State

Today in History, October 14th MLK

Today in 1918: Suffragists Occupy the Senate

Big NYT Story: The Secret U.S. Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons

The 88 Percent: The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision threatens all contraception

The 88 Percent: The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision threatens all contraception

The 88 Percent: The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision threatens all contraception

So what size brush should I use?

A Big Data Guide to Understanding Climate Change: The Case for Theory-Guided Data Science

2010/12 polls underestimated Democratic turnout.

Home Care Workers Launch Their Own Fight For $15

Idaho governor says he will not appeal gay marriage ruling

Probe of Bergdahl capture by Taliban complete, under Army review

GOP guide to courting the vote of feeble lady-brains

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour + Mod

U.S. Trade Commission Votes Duties on Rebar Imports

Former Charlotte, N.C., mayor gets 44 months in prison for corruption

Texas No. 1 for uninsured rate, again - Implications for Spread of Ebola?

Art Robinson the Nutjob is Running for Congress Again

Bruce Crawford will host his 35th tribute, a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"

I just used ignore for the first time ever

What was DU's reaction when Fitzgerald had Judith Miller jailed for protecting a source?

Why is Kentucky poor AND right-wing?

Maine Medical Center: No confirmed case of Ebola, patient under observation

Missing Mexican students 'not found in mass grave'

What, exactly, does it tell us about the Democratic Party...

Missing Mexican students 'not found in mass grave'


Feminist cancels talk at USU after guns allowed despite shooting threat

Manhattan renewed for 2nd season.

Oct 14, 1968: First live TV from space

San Francisco Police Dept.: Don’t bother applying if you’ve been convicted of domestic violence

Nick Lowe

Dream Defenders new Vest or Vote ad campaign

Oct 14, 1968: First live TV from space

Happy 30th birthday to me!

Odd Conservative Website Ranking Drop Right Before Elections

Turns out Texas was a really bad place for our first imported Ebola case.

I, for one, am pissed at all the bitching about DSCC...

Did Hillary Clinton receive money from the Koch brothers?

Judge blocks Wisconsin law used in Walker probe

Chuck Todd isn't that bad of a guy. update

Chuck Todd on His 'I Think She Disqualified Herself' Remark: "She Brought It On Herself."

So, I binge watched Broadchurch today....

Damn! The Wilson sisters still got it...

If someone says "Men" and "Whining" in the same post...

from Anthony Brown:

The Most Famous Photo of All

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Ebola Spread in ‘Private Hospital in a Red State’

LBC radio phone in: Listen to UKIP supporter fail to come up with 1 thing that UKIP stands for

Sunset and Gulls at Stinson Beach

Russell Brand and Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word-Good discussion!

Video of Apparent Beating of Protester in Hong Kong Stirs Anger

NYC Coffee Shop Owner Calls Jews "Greedy Infiltrators", Loves Roseanne Barr

A Supersecret Spacecraft Comes Back to Earth After Two Years

If Ms. Clinton is the nominee I will vote for her.

Reflections Lake

Charles Pierce: Eric Frein: Lost in the Woods

Teachers Burn Down State Capitol Building in Guerrero, Mexico to Protest Missing Students

Under conservative assault, the Vatican backtracks on gay comments

Plastic waste killing endangered sea turtles

Bolivia’s Transformation

Can we stop criminalizing homelessness yet?

I wanted to tell you guys that I have seriously missed you...

The DSCC can kiss my ass.

Missouri still processing Medicaid applications from

Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies sued for wrongful death

What Time is the Hillary Clinton, Alison Grimes Event Today ?

Vince Vaughn???? Repub....and actor that plays the same roll over and over....

US Farmers Launch Billion Dollar Class Action Suit Against Syngenta Over Chinese GMO Corn Scandal

Ben Carson was wrong about Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol

'I'm Not Saying That Rape Is Good, But I'm Just Saying ... Can't You Take Care Of Yourselves?'

Investing in Junk Armies

Converting Plastic Into Oil Could Add $9B To U.S. Economy

Black voters in St. Louis County direct their anger at the Democratic Party

October 15

Treatment Facility Construction Continues in Liberia

Second Texas health worker tests positive for Ebola

The Worst Halloween Costume: Ebola Edition

BTW that storm line is still coming.

Damn the Wendy Davis ad has so far 470,000 hits on YouTube

There are times when I hate Micro$haft more than usual.

Some of my favorite French songs of the 1960s.

Keith Olbermann's beautiful remembrance of the best teacher he ever had:

Plutocrats tighten siege around Europe

France deploying test fleet of 50 fuel-cell light commercial vehicles

Up to 42 day incubation period for Ebola not 21

2nd health care worker tests positive for Ebola at Dallas hospital

Go Royals!

Dallas nurses cite sloppy conditions in Ebola care

Joe Madison is taking Stacey Dash to task

Russell Brand (Breathlessly) Tells David Letterman Why He Wants A Revolution

Millennials are kind of boring

We Can't Catch a Break: 14 Depressing Facts About Americans and Vacation

Animal dung can produce electricity & power your car

Cries for 'US Troops Out Now' Follow Soldier's Alleged Killing of Woman in Philippines

Made-in-Canada Ebola Vaccine Tested on Healthy Humans in America

Is Baghdad next? ISIL takes Hit Base in Iraq, loots it for Weapons

Because sometimes we need to take time to appreciate grace and beauty.

Real Estate Agents to the Terrorists: ISIL Steals Mosul Refugee Property to Raise Money

America’s Colonial Armies: Absentee Soldiers, Corrupt Officers and Collapse

Here Are The Ridiculous Things Cops Bought With Cash 'Seized' From Americans

Considering we have Ebola cases in the U.S. now

Notes on the air war

A Caliph in a wilderness of mirrors

John Lydon On Russell Brand Telling Young People Not To Vote: The Most Idiotic Thing I've Ever Heard

Can't see Brokaw for the pile of dropped names on Morning Joe

Intel iMac question:

Drumbeat grows for US troops in Middle East war

Erdogan and Jihad

Koterba toon: Kim Jong Un

Should all flights in and out of Texas be stopped "to mitigate the threat of a future outbreak?"

Why the campaign against Islamic State is doomed

After confessing to some seriously sinful acts — like sex in church — Alabama pastor remains defiant

Shasta atheist wins $2 million settlement over drug program

Peter Tatchell tells Plymouth organised religion is a threat to human rights

It is unforgivable that two healthcare workers are infected with Ebola (with more likely)

All about the clouds this morning at the beach

Ebola: Is the 'Protocol' the Problem?

JFK wedding negatives being auctioned in Boston

Good Morning!

Ankara bombs PKK rebels inside Turkey while Kurds in Kobani face Isis

Ebola, outside the box.. (my friend's near-death experience in 1968)

Cold-weather comfort food

Russell Brand (Breathlessly) Tells David Letterman Why He Wants A Revolution

Is Walking Dead good again or is it just more ponderous bullshit?

Republican Missouri official: I meant ‘no ill will’ calling Obama ‘our domestic enemy’

Does Israel Have to Be Likable?

Losing the War on Coal: One Virginia town's painful decline

The same Republicans...

How do the Repukes get away with it?

Washington Post: GOP crazy is now the norm

Everything You Didn't Want To Know About Hormel, Bacon, and Amputated Limbs

"African-Americans in Western North Carolina" conference set for Oct 23-24

The Modern Violence of Over-work

Amazing New Theory At World's Funniest Climate Blog; Great Pyramid World's Thermostat; We Broke It!

New Evidence Links CIA to APA's "War on Terror" Ethics

2014 On Verge Of Surpassing 2010 As Hottest Year On Record - NOAA

Ebola to Republicans: “Thank you!”

Hawaii - Lethal Sea Turtle Tumors Linked To Nitrogen In Urban, Farm Runoff (Fascinating Story)

In Pictures: The Dome of the Rock

'White boy' Biden calls tea party 'crazy'

SC governor defends Confederate flag at Statehouse: Not ‘a single CEO’ has complained

Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011, Harvard Research Shows

One of the real problems with Ebola and U.S. hospitals is

Crashing Oil Prices could crush Vladimir Putin (CNN)

Anyone want to read about a famous televangelist falling fast from his pulpit?

Second health care worker who treated Thomas Duncan diagnosed with EBOLA

Why Medical Personnel Are Getting Ebola (Nurses' Union Is Begging For Help)

Apparently the DSCC has pulled ad-buys for Mark Udall in CO.

Man treated for Google Glass addiction

Wisconsin: Wanker bad at math, thinks $144,000 / year isn't "real money" but $7.25 / hour is!

Does anyone else listen to Fernando Espuelas on the radio? Very anti republican stuff in Spanish.

Koch Brothers Super PAC Donors Revealed, Are a Lot Like the Koch Brothers

A Pump War? (NY Times Thomas Friedman re: deliberate crashing of oil prices by US and Saudis)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fighting Ebola

Charlies Pierce: "Pulling Up the Ladder"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- GOP and CONgress

The young women of Ohio University take to the streets

Rachel Maddow - Spy concerns on Chinese purchase of US hotel

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

And then some days, you see a 1938 Packard OneTwenty being trucked around Mumbai

SC governor defends Confederate flag at Statehouse: Not ‘a single CEO’ has complained

Very sad how our friends just do not get it in midterms

The root failure that led to the ebola epidemic

Why is a judge the primary spokesman for TX Health Presbyterian???

For pup lovers

Senate 2014

"Walking Dead" fans: We set a record!

Rachel Maddow - Abortion clinics granted reprieve from TX law

Rachel Maddow - US faces Ebola without a surgeon general

How the Donors Saved Hamas

Never Mind, Catholic Church Will Probably Just Keeping Hating Gays Like Always

Nurses from Texas Presbyterian outline what happened with Duncan. Scary !

SC governor defends Confederate flag at Statehouse: Not ‘a single CEO’ has complained

This woman is voting...make sure you do too.

"The Imitation Game" is a powerful statement against homophobia. Here's my personal reaction:

SUSA: Nunn takes 3-point lead in GA Senate Race/Gov race tied.

"I don't know why it is that one generation of Bush after another has to run for office,"

Priests in favor of 'gay marriage' spark controversy in Chile

RWNJ conspiracy theories: ISIS Edition

CDC: Confused Department of Contagions eom

Healthcare professionals all over the country are screaming from the roof tops

Are ISIS' attacks on Kobane and Baghdad just for the sake of boosting morale?

10 Shocking Reasons to End the Drug War (And Consider Legalization and Regulation)

Trump wants Obama to get Ebola?

I don't like the mid term vibes

Pic Of The Moment: SC Gov. Nikki Haley Gives Utterly Bizarre Reason For Keeping Confederate Flag

Yet Another reason to vote...

Los Angeles Extends Deal to Snag NFL Team


Full Show: Plutocracy Rising | Moyers & Company

It appears to me that there's a drift to the right going on in this country

Welfare reform minister: some disabled people ‘not worth’ minimum wage

Democrats to spend $1 million in final push for Michelle Nunn

Two park rangers stabbed on Boston Common

US stocks open sharply lower, extending losses

Facebook is down - big time. DRAT!

"Oil, Recessions and the Hummer Comeback" --Business View of Saudi's Lowering Oil Price

This Girl Cannot Believe She’s Actually Meeting Hillary Clinton

2,500 year old Siberian Princess had breast cancer, used Cannabis to cope

HUFFPOLLSTER: Have Polls Been Understating Dems' Chances In Georgia?

Conservatives Are Clinging On To Religious Exemptions To Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Gonzalo Strengthens to Major Hurricane, Takes Aim at Bermuda

Debunking the Republicans' Labor Participation Rant

Pastors' sermons subpoenaed amid Houston Equal Rights Ordinance fight

Ebola or ISIS ?

Second healthcare worker flew on plane 10/13

Ebola and the US: The American Roots of Liberia's Trauma

Owner Refuses to Pay $20 to Pick Up Blind Dog at Shelter - Tails of Hope

Nunn Leads Perdue By 3 in New SurveyUSA Poll

Pres Obama plans rally for Burke in Wisconsin right before election

GOP Congressman: President Obama Wants Ebola To Spread So He Can 'Take Control' Of Everything

Breaking HBO to launch Internet-only service next year

Is it time for FAA to ground all flights for at least 28 days?

"If Walker voted for Obama, it shows a gross lack of judgment. Walker needs to come clean"

Eugene Robinson: At this point, the war against the Islamic State can only be seen as failing

Beyond Piketty: Putting today’s capital to work to benefit all.

Windows Updates failed today. Did a search, and I am not the only one

Egypt Warplanes Bombing Islamist Militias In Libya: Officials

Iraq war supporters think they were just vindicated on Saddam's WMDs. They're wrong.

Lyrics you must respond to.

What the Kochs want, the Kochs will get - unless we all vote to stop them...

Fuck CNBC. They have been blaming the market drop on ebola. Trying to generate panic much? Except

GA Secretary of State Blocks 40,000 From Voting for No Apparent Reason

Texas hospital on the front lines of "Austerity" fallout...

GOP candidate for MA legislature was convicted in 1991 of threats to kill Pres. GHW Bush

Actual headline:San Jose mayoral hopeful Dave Cortese is tough on crime, but will he spend too much?

Andrea Mitchell: We in the media have been trying to calm the public.

CDC says Ebola patient traveled on flight from Cleveland on Monday

Obama To Blame For Stagnating Wages?!. Now I Know We Are A Deluded Nation.

Should Center for Disease Control (CDC) Director Tom Frieden Be Fired?

Matt Davies Cartoon: Budget Cuts (Ebola)

Welfare minister Lord Freud apologises for disability pay comments

CORRECTION: US Did Find Chemical Weapons in Iraq... The Ones They Sent There

50 years ago today...

Liberia Says It's Going to Need a Lot More Body Bags

New open data portal for U.S. Treasury data -

Tornado warning.

I knew I'd see this sooner or later, "pro-life" group opposes ebola vaccine.

Tornado warning

Obama mishandling Ebola?

Tornado warning

Walmart policy...

Current Events Quiz

HBO to launch standalone streaming service in 2015

GOP Ebola Response Take Away Funding And People's Health Care.

At 113, Woman Lies About Her Age So She Can Join Facebook

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Intentionally Bringing In Ebola To Make America More Like Africa

God is a byproduct of your hard-wired narcissism

Please help me find a cartoon!

One of the most important talks I've seen.

The "New Atheist" movement and the "things it does".

Please help me find a cartoon!

In robbery of 2 Dem legislators near Capitol, one legislator shoots back

Allison Grimes has more cash on hand than any democrat in a competitive race

Airline stocks tumble on fresh Ebola fears

Feminist cancels USU talk after guns allowed despite death threat

1 dispatcher fired, another resigns after mishandling of triple-homicide 911 call

Prop 1 on a collision course with Texas taxpayers

UN Report: Mass Surveillance Violates International Treaties and Privacy Rights

It's as if they're more concerned about public panic than eradicating the spread of the virus

Manhattan Project for Ebola vaccine?

Facebook Alternative 'ReaganBook' Is Back, Now Rebranded As 'FreedomBook'

Oil Slump Heaps Losses on Energy Debt in $50 Billion Glut


from Anthony Brown:

Chickens crash Colorado Springs City Council meeting for political stand

"ReaganBook" is back!

One of our main screening tools is about to become useless

I'm depressed

Budget deficit drops to $483B, lowest since 2008

This may be part of reason the DSCC pulled out of KY...

Second Ebola Infected Nurse is Being Flown to Emory Today.

New Ebola Patient To Be Transferred To Atlanta (Emory University Hospital)

Silicon Valley breeding nationwide schools-for-profit scheme

Pack of pit bulls mauls seniors in Modesto home

FedEx Freight Workers Vote for Union in Pennsylvania

Obama Cancels Trip To Hold Cabinet Meeting On Ebola

GOP candidate for Arizona governor has family ties to organized crime

Does it matter that we don’t have a surgeon general in place right now?

Are We That Gullible? ‘Ebola Zombies’ Panic Spreading Like Wildfire on the Internet

This is how truly incompetent the DSCC and DCCC is

Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

How the Internet, Dopamine and your Brain are Working Together to Screw Your Potential.

WHO - the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth -Privatized Ebola:

The Denver Broncos are now America's favorite team.

A New Nursing Home Population: The Young

We got Rick Scott on the run! (Maybe a little optimistic.)

New Li-Ion Batteries Charge 70 Percent in 2 Minutes, Last for 20 Years

Goodhair & Greg ABBOTT take credit for lots, why aren't they on the scene of the ebola events?

Elephants can sense rainstorms from 150 miles away

Big shift in @Burke4WI's favor among independents in @MULawPoll's # Oct 13

UN Report Finds Mass Surrveillance Violates International Treaties and Privacy Rights

Stand your ground, against hate mongers!

Why not just send all confirmed Ebola patients to hospitals with level 4 units?

The Top 2 Myths Debunked by the Current Ebola Situation in Texas

How the War on Poverty became the War on the Poor: Central Appalachia as a case example

New Marquette Law School Poll: Race for WI Governor 'dead tie' between Walker & Burke

Wisconsin Gov Race Returns to dead heat

Just like I said about Michelle Bachmann...

Canada Leads The Way On Ebola Experimental Drugs: ZMapp, TKM-Ebola And VSV-EBOV

Rick Scott will pay his own legal fees over the GMAIL challenge.

What would you say in response to a Republican who says that the CDC had an ample budget?

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital's CEO made over $5.7 million

Start making calls....

South Carolina Prosecutors Say Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Apply To Victims Of Domestic Violence

Reposted, without the permission of DU poster, Tuhaybey

'Iraq is now like a drowning man'

Never Forget: 4 months ago, before civilian airliner downing, Russian-backed forces downed UKR plane

Corbett announces his big plans for the next 4 years

Poll: Voters prefer GOP-led Congress

The Appalachian Community Fund

Pat Robertson: Hollywood is going to force us to watch homosexuals until Jesus comes back

A tribute to Loukanikos, heroic Greek anti-austerity dog, who has passed away peacefully, age 10.

In light of recent events, how confident are you about flying?

How concerned was the MSM about Ebola before a white missionary got sick?

Breaking: Missing Malasian Airliner was victim of Ebola

Cat4 Hurricane Golzalo has Bermuda in its sights

October 15th is White Cane Safety Day

Ebola–RNs Call for Highest Standards for Protective Equipment, including Hazmat Suits and Training

Afroman's "Because I Got High", positive remix

Hotlines for nurses on Ebola preparedness

Stock market free-fall

Wait, I thought you could only catch ebola if you came in direct contact with fluids....

So at what point does the Retailer's Association pump us up about holiday spending?

Alison Grimes accuses McConnell of providing amnesty and taxpayer benefits to "illegal aliens"

If there are gods on Olympus, I just found out what they drink

If the President had a surgeon general who could bring him direct information and

Study Shows Big Government Makes People Happy, 'Free Markets' Don't

Surprising Statement from Blue Buffalo Pet Food

Iraq war supporters think they were just vindicated on Saddam's WMDs. They're wrong.

Watching The West Wing to feel better.

Can't believe they haven't caught Frein yet.

There is a popular saying in Texas that goes like this:

Presbyterian workers wore no protective gear for two days while treating Ebola patient

Have you listened to CNN this afternoon? Check this out!

Rep. Steve Stockman Wonders If Obama Is Using Ebola To Take Over Government

Pat Robertson: Hollywood Is Going To Force Us To Watch Homosexuals Until Jesus Comes Back

GOP Cut 600 Million To CDC; Louie Gohmert Thinks The Answer To Ebola Is Ending Political Correctness

Ebola patient (Pham) upgraded to 'good condition', friends hold vigil

Bernie Sanders: VA Seeks Personnel Nationwide

Have you seen this?

Need links to articles that report on Congressional budget votes for health care organizations.

In Defense of Nationalism: Civic nationalism vs. ethnic nationalism

WTF? What is with this stupid shit about an ebola czar?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "If they're too big to fail, they are too big to exist"...

12-point shift by independents make Iowa U.S. Senate race ‘too close to call’

UPDATE 3-France ousts pro-nuclear head of power group EDF

Cross Post - new open data portal for U.S. Treasury data

Cross Post - new open data portal for U.S. Treasury data

Chuck Todd blames Alison Lundergan Grimes for his journalistic screw up

Ireland to close corporate tax loophole used by Google and others

Ebola Outbreak Boosts Odds of Mutation Helping It Spread

Records: Presbyterian workers treated Ebola patient without hazmat gear

Ring of Fire: Eric Holder’s Troubled Legacy

Bulldogs shaming their owners:

OPEC Finding U.S. Shale Harder to Crack as Rout Deepens

Pew study: prayer and literalism, actual data.

Alaskans HATE Sullivan- He wrote HB77 "Silencing Alaskans Act" Rove is going to steal election

Is this Good News, or not? Lockheed unveils new (nuclear) energy source

John Lydon on Russell Brand's call for revolution: 'The most idiotic thing I've ever heard'

Do you get Fox Sports 1?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry MIA At Ebola Ground Zero In Dallas......

NFL concussion settlement leaves out too many players, critics say

New Hampshire republican doubles down on his sexism

"Democrats are not unskewing polls"- Wash Post

Commentary: Islamic fanaticism is repulsive - and so is European fanaticism

Florida man hides sausage in pants. (The *edible* kind, people. Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Tonight, we’ll be live streaming as Hillary Clinton campaigns for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Can someone tell me how to send this link to Texas Presbyterian?

Walker, Burke tied in latest poll

Venezuela’s Spectacular Underperformance


Second nurse with Ebola should not have traveled by plane, CDC says

TexasGOP: Federal government is trying to tell OUR Texas hospitals what to do

Repo Man ! ('toon)

Yesterday at the White River Junction, Vermont VA

Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project

Obama has secured 526 months of prison for national security leakers, 20x all previous presidents

Ms. Pat.

Will the Ebola crisis affect the 2014 election?

So this 2nd nurse was told not to fly and uh well she flew anyway

Lane Kiffin's new call-in show will blow you away.

Chuck Todd blames Alison Lundergan Grimes for his journalistic screw up

Who is the greatest fictional President?

Email carpet bombing....where's my cyber bomb shelter?

US archbishop urges both sides to cool down at Vatican

Republican Congressman Publicly Accuses President Obama Of Trying To Cause An Ebola Epidemic To Gain

Wendy Davis slams Greg Abbott on MSNBC ignoring wheelchair ad attacks

'You Think Ebola Is Bad Now, Just Wait!': North Carolina Pastor Warns About Gay Marriage

Crap! she flew with a fever. crap. That means she was contagious on the flight.

Wendy Davis slams Greg Abbott on MSNBC ignoring wheelchair ad attacks

My religious poetry

The Sioux Chef Dishes on Minnesota's First "Pre-Contact" Restaurant

A wild day on Wall Street ends with Dow down 173 (update)

Reading an interview with Glenn Close today, this is brilliant:

General strike on 15 December (Belgium)

Debunking The Media Lie: Democrats Confirm They Are Not Pulling Out Of Kentucky Senate Race

Statement by RN’s at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital as provided to National Nurses United (link)

Kent State Relatives of Ebola Nurse Told to Stay Away

The geniuses at the Pentagon have settled on a name for the ISIS operation: Inherent Resolve

MEHPA:The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act pretty much allows tptb to do anything

No, Bush was not right about Iraq: How conservatives misread new Times bombshell

Are you scared of Ebola?

What are you in for?

U.S. troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011: report

The Dallas events re Ebola are actually weirdly reassuring, and are strong evidence ...

Stothert proposed phasing out traditional pensions for city's civilian employees, despite brighter b

Sir Alan Duncan's 'apartheid' attack on Israel angers Jewish groups

Stothert proposed phasing out traditional pensions for city's civilian employees, despite brighter b

Asshole of the day

Debunking The Media Lie: Democrats Confirm They Are Not Pulling Out Of Kentucky Senate Race

Fox News Analyst: Obama Actually Welcomes Ebola To The U.S. Because His "Affinities" Are With Africa

Nude man slain in Daly City over sex debt

Donald Trump Did Not Actually Call For President Obama to Get Ebola

2014 Synod on the Family: Relatio post disceptationem

Greenpeace activist involved in P&G protest dies

Government's reorganization of the NHS was its biggest 'mistake' say senior Tories

Ann Romney - please be quiet

How Will Latino Voters Respond To Broken Promises By Obama & Dems? Alice Ollstein Discusses

Found what I expected among the Freepers...

New Mary Burke ad: “Red Barn”

Trying to escape cops, Florida man runs right into California jail

Women likely praying before being struck, killed

Do we ban flights from Texas now?

CNN Defends New Slogan

Uribe insists he has evidence Santos used drug money to fund election campaign

Can Ebola survive in the sewer and water systems?

In France, a steampunk park of Jules Verne’s dreams (BBC)

Rand Paul near the top in new Iowa 2016 poll

Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project

Question for the lounge, "Are Dogs Better People than People?"

Can Ebola survive in space?

NY Magazine: U.S. Troops Were Injured by Old WMDs in Iraq, Which Doesn’t Mean Bush Was Right

Study: Americans who are closely following the Ebola news coverage are actually the most uninformed

United Way

The pigeons are back

One program says I have a .dll file that is corrupted. Two say I do not.

Colombian army needs to answer for fake demobilizations: Former peace commissioner

Anti-Gay Benham Brothers Say They're Just Like Victims of ISIS

Walmart Cuts Health Insurance for 30K Employees, Wants to Be #1 Healthcare Provider

What's for Dinner, Wednesday, Oct. 15

Debunking The Media Lie: Democrats Confirm They Are Not Pulling Out Of Kentucky Senate Race

'Sex tourist' arrested, underage girls rescued

'Sex tourist' arrested, underage girls rescued

U.S. Retail Sales, Producer Prices Give Cautionary Signs On Economy

Question for the lounge, "Are Cats Better Dogs than Dogs?"

Delegates brave deluge as One Young World summit gets under way

I, for one, welcome our new Ebola overloads

US Continues Pounding ISIS Targets in Embattled Syrian Town of Kobani

Quakie's at Powder Mountain Resort. Elevation about 7000'.

Atheist jailed for denying ‘higher power’ in Calif. drug rehab gets $2M

The War on Thanksgiving

Not really just about sports

BREAKING: Arkansas High Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law

U.S. appeals court strikes down Arizona bail law for immigrants

Tracers and trackers weren't tracing and tracking the healthcare workers

Measure 89: Women's rights issue before voters (ERA- Oregon)

The Ebola story reminds me of the Fukushima story

David Greenglass, US Cold War spy, 'died in July'

World is ‘talking the talk but not walking the walk’ on women’s rights, according to new report

Don’t dismiss a cat’s purr as pure relaxation and stress relief

Saudi Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr 'sentenced to death'

Why Scientists Say Ebola Will Surge But Then Level Off Before The Disease Takes Over The World

Anybody volunteering at the polls for the election?

Democratic governor candidate Joe Dorman is within 2 pts of Mary Fallin

Guatemala may weigh softer drug punishments in liberalization push

Guatemala may weigh softer drug punishments in liberalization push

Texas College Rejects Nigerian Applicants, Citing Ebola

How do they decontaminate ebola from the rooms, planes, ambulances, etc.

"Poll: Scott Walker's 5 Point Lead Disappeared"

Shep Smith shames Fox: Ebola panic is ‘not worth ratings … and we all need to stop it’

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers involved in shoot-out with would-be robber near Capitol

Another shot from Reflections Lake - Johnny Noshoes, take note. :)

Republican Candidate Caught Red-Handed Lobbying for Convicted Criminal Fugitives

Unless you’re in a setting where you’re a healthcare worker or a family member caring for a person

Companies warn that income inequality is hurting their business

Englishman climbs 1,556 hills named for Marilyn Monroe

More religious nuttery at the Clinic...Now I'm not the only one perturbed

Group moves to force action on TX SC Justice Nathan Hecht ethics fine; asks for Abbott's recusal

Florida Man, 19, Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal Inside Walmart Store

Texas voter ID case appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court

Did you guys just watch the health care worker on Al Sharpton's show demonstrate de-suiting?

Another senate nightmare

What does the US Surgeon General have to say about ebola in the country?

McConnell's Obamacare Lie Is Worse Than Grimes's Voting Gaffe

East Asia is better prepared for Ebola than the West

Live link to Hillary/Alison rally in Louisville

Pay to Prey RELEASED TODAY Governors Facilitate the Predatory Outsourcing of America’s Public Servic

Corey Gardner lies about his football past, hope this bites him in the ass

We Dont Know Everything About Ebola

Who's watching the Royals-Orioles game?

Amber Vinson (nurse #2) called the CDC before she flew... she reported

Republican Jefferson County, Missouri Recorder of Deeds dogwhistles killing of Obama.

As Early Voting Starts, Democrat Michelle Nunn Pulls Ahead by 3 Points in Georgia

Police Bullets Kill People and Truth

Do mosquitos carry ebola?

Atheist inmate settles for $1.95 million over 12-step drug rehab that included prayer

Bo Jackson washes hands of Jameis Winston

Dallas Official: Ebola Hospital Never Warned About Travel

Hazmat suit maker's stock up 50% on Ebola fears



Now six days off.

Royals win!!!!!

Hats off to the Kansas City Royals and their incredible run to the World Series!!

Barbara Boxer says 'It comes down to these five:'

BSA On Lockdown Due to Possible Ebola

Chiquita still fighting to withhold docs on Colombia paramilitary payments

Chiquita still fighting to withhold docs on Colombia paramilitary payments

Outrage Grows After Greg Abbott Insults Millions By Calling Disabled Americans “Props”

Bishop Encourages Voters To Write In Mother Teresa To Show Their Anti-Abortion Stance

How about those ROYALS

In Texas, Bush father and son(dumb & dumber)hit campaign trail

Royals head to World Series after sweeping Orioles in ALCS

I was in Dallas last week end. Now I have a cold.

"Oh yeah, he's seen EVERYTHING."

Quote pending.

Dallas County to discuss requesting an emergency declaration from the state because of Ebola

Selfie Time

Hillary Clinton about to campaign/speak for Alison Grimes

Seen in Los Angeles

Trammell Releases Quarterly Fundraising Report.

Fed judge approves $20M bonuses for Energy Future Holding (formerly TXU) execs in bankruptcy hearing

Tropical Storm Ana Heads for Honolulu

Obama Administration Follows Up On Long-Term Unemployed


"Lynching Charlie Lynch"

Abortion clinics plan to reopen, but women are left in limbo

...Back, with some Guns and Roses.

Maybe a dumb question, but shouldn't Pres. Obama and Gov. Perry be working together?

Montage from "Bowling For Columbine."

Morales Wins: Interviews with Voters in the Bolivian Streets and at the Polls

Is anyone here petrified of Ebola?

This Crist/Scott Debate is Unwatchable

Four charged in Green Acre dog boarding deaths

I am so loving this child! Cory Nieves, 10, of Englewood: 'Regular kid' — who just happens be a CEO

AZ dog kennel deaths - senator's son isn't above the law after all.

Flake's son charged in dog deaths

Rick Scott no show at debate

It's Wednesday, get your dance on!

"Putin to U.S.: Stop the Blackmail"