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" night alone"

Did the nurse with ebola get on the plane because she has learnt to shrug off scientific

How a CP Rail-CSX Corp merger could kick off a wave of railroad consolidation.

"Nurse Called CDC Before Boarding Plane, CDC OK'D"


Fear the coming plague that is...

Have they frightened you enough yet?

Health workers need optimal respiratory protection for Ebola

Because seeking peace in the world may just mean stopping to sing

Heads up CSPAN debate LIVE: Pat Roberts is yelling at clouds!!!11

Exclusive: Ebola didn’t have to kill Thomas Eric Duncan, nephew says

One stitch closer: The Empowerment Program

CNN says CDC doesn't have jurisdiction when they visit

If Captain Morgan wrote a book it would be called "Sleep, Play, Love"

NDP thinks big with national daycare plan

Rick Scott Refuses to Debate Charlie Crist Because of a Small Fan

I hereby resolve

Ebola has kicked the stuffings outbid the NFL

Live Dallas Town Hall on Ebola.

having a cool crotch would have obviously given Crist an edge in that debate.

National Nurses Union Calls on Obama to Protect Health Care Workers

Democratic Senators who helped kill the Sandy Hook gun bill are getting stiffed by the NRA:

Colbert analyzes the republican message to women.

Christ Hayes: Mary Burke doesn't set the world on fire

The nurses who fear retaliation: Why work for such a crappy employer anyway?

Meet Emanuel's new foe at the teachers union

Meet Emanuel's new foe at the teachers union

Updated model shows Mary Burke with a slight lead over Walker (50.6 to 49.4)

14 OSHA violations in March 2014 at JFK's Terminal 8

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Bathroom Politics

Eden Reforestation Projects

Ebola becoming a airborne transmisson vs direct contact?

The ultimate anti GOTV scam, worse than voter-ID will be Ebola checks at the polling sites.

The Most Insane Moment In Political Debate History; Crist-Scott debate

I heard on the radio that the Royals won a record 8 games in a row in the "postseason". Bull!

State OKs Christel House Academy appeal to boost grade (school tied to Tony Bennett)

FAN-GATE: The Most Insane 4 Minutes You'll Ever See At A Political Debate Just Happened In Florida

Former Omaha Ebola patient says caregivers need extensive training

Charles Chilton Moore: The father of American atheism


Charlie Crist's Fan now has its own Twitter account

Houston subpoenas pastors’ sermons in gay rights ordinance case

Florida Governor Scott Walker refuses to come out on stage to debate Charlie Crist because of a fan

"The Amazingly Two-Faced Mitch McConnell"

Do I say it here or in the political area.....I'M DONE.....CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE....

Senate Candidate Claims People With Pre-Existing Conditions Were Better Off Before Obamacare

Appreciation thread for the health care workers who are on the front lines

Hey Texas -- still want to secede?

Analysis: It’s conscience vs. authority as Catholics weigh changes at family synod

Seventh-day Adventists to decide in 2015 on women’s ordination

Former ACLU lawyer to lead US Justice Department civil rights unit

Presbyterian's Nurses Are Pushing Back on the CDC and Hospital Over Handling of Ebola

The potential spread of Ebola into Central and Southern America is a real possibility

ISIS Explained: Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

How Not to Be Fooled by Odds

Luckovich: "D-do you think it's contagious?!?.."


ColUmba BUSH is on board for a Jeb Crow Shrub presidency, so we're F***ed!1

OMG did you watch the Orman vs Roberts Kansas Senate debate?

Venezuela Needs International Help to Tackle Crime

The New Christy Minstrels

Today in 1915: Suffragists Set Their Sights on Eastern States

The last time you felt unwell, how good was your judgment?

There's a better way

There's a better way

Why I left Catholicism - the Cold War

NRA's Ted Nugent Calls For The "Evil Carcasses" Of Obama And Other Democrats In Gun Group Pitch

Perry heads to Europe despite Ebola situation

Outsourcing Public Services: Governors Push Privatization, With Disastrous Results

It needs to be pointed out that the GOP has stopped the appointment of a Surgeon General

Walker says not sharing Act 10 plan w/ the public was a mistake


DSCC Still Polling Kentucky Race...

Per Capita Vehicle Trips Americans 16-34 Declined 15% From 2001 To 2009

Official Fans of Charlie Crist Thread

How America Punishes People for Being Poor

Venezuela: Colombia paramilitary aided in killing

I'm a meat eater & animal lover, this is for my vegan friends

Both infected nurses treated Duncan between Sept. 28 and Sept 30.

Abbott, Multiple Ministers Slam "Stupid" ANU Divestment; Fmr Lib Leader Slams Right Back

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 October 2014

here are the PPEs worn in the Ebola ward at Emory and Nebraska

Would you have a problem being in a public bathroom with someone who is transgender?

On the night of the 2000 Presidential election, Nov. 7th... (My 20,000+ post)

AJ - The Modern GOP Has Completely Abandoned Climate Science, Any Chance Of Action

Ending The Walmart Scam

'Modern Family' Actress Elizabeth Pena Dies

Renton high school student sues over ‘F’

Something Happening Here by Linda Greenhouse

Republican Cuts Kill

Soccer Team Taunts African Student with ‘Ebola’ Chant

Islamic State 'retreating' in key Syria town of Kobane

As an MD, I'm starting to question whether the CDC knows what they're doing...

Ristorante Buon Gusto


High-speed rail: California Supreme Court eliminates hurdle

Ristorante Buon Gusto

Baseball peer pressure

YES YES YES! Charter schools lose school board vote! Despite Corbett's puppet's efforts!

Cannot wait until I don't have to see this as my governor....

Fire Issa Hire Peiser donations map

Venezuela detains 6 police over shootout with colectivo (Spanish)

Conservative Media Turn To Serial Misinformer Betsy McCaughey To Stoke Fears About Ebola

Jack White stops tour after keyboard player Isaiah Owens dies

Best part of debate was Rick Scott's explanation for his delay. LOL

Sleeping whales.

“We are deeply sorry”: Top official at Presbyterian to offer mea culpa to Congress on Thursday

Central Calif. casino to remain closed at least another couple weeks, judge rules

Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth nurses on flight with Dallas Ebola patient, on paid leave

Wassup with Harvard?

Mars mission: Could US girl, 13, be first on red planet?

SF Giants come back to beat Cards, now a win away from pennant

I'm a fan..

Can you make an EBOLA forum for all Ebola threads?

So somebody is after richie rich in AZ

At the University of Squee

Reports: LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy To Resign

Chris Christie is a Cowboys fan???!!!

Mike Collier for Comptroller Ad: Pokes fun at opponent's ag roots

Parrot Disappears for Four Years, Returns Home Fluent in Spanish

The Senseless Rick Scott Meltdown over Charlie Crist's Fan. Great post at Sunshine State

Colorado's 'personhood' Amendment 67 more ambiguous than partisans say

As It Fights Ebola, Presbyterian Sends Medical Students and Non-Essential Workers Home

Ferguson activist calls to confront cop who called her boss and got her fired.

The Hill - "CDC funds 'moving in the wrong direction,' Casey says"

Da Horruh!

‘Natural labs’ a magnet for Ecuador’s city of knowledge

US calls for swift probe into Hong Kong police brutality

Since St. Louis has decided against releasing a report, here's the timeline of Mike Brown's death

Opinions on Frontier as an internet provider

Frontier gets OK to buy AT&T landline business

Obamacare rate shock? Not for 2015.

Presbyterian workers wore no hazmat suits for two days while treating Ebola patient

Guilty pleasure, but I like Alaska:The Last Frontier

Susan Cain: The power of introverts in a world just that just can't stop talking

Why 4.4 Billion People Still Don't Have Internet Access

#Fantrum #Yes We Fan.. Trending..

Obama Cancels More Travel to Oversee Ebola Response, Urging ‘Aggressive’ Action

Frontier Jet That Carried Ebola Patient Made Five More Flights

Read excerpt from James Risen's new book

I'm gonna get that fly...

Giants are going to the World Series!

Australia: "Family Feud" show under fire for sexist questions

Stamp Money out of Politics overtakes Where's George?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 16, 2014 -- TCM Special Theme - Ghost Stories

..and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Obama Intentionally Wants "To Infect The Nation With Ebola"

Rich Lowry equates "legitimate rape" with not discussing presidential voting choice

Mark Fiore: Voter Fraud Vigilantes

Thai soaps trigger outcry over romanticizing rape

Jerry Springer hits the road for Ohio candidate

At The Gates Of St. Peter (Picture Heavy)

What is a classic movie?

Peru's glaciers shrank 40% in 4 decades from climate change

Peru's glaciers shrank 40% in 4 decades from climate change

3 Texas schools close due to Ebola concerns

Bill Nye the Scinece Guy on GMOs

A Trip to Kuwait (on the Prairie)

Socialst city council member Kshama Sawant on organizing for single payer

Study Links Hundreds Of Ohio Quakes To Fracking

Rick Scott explained why he deleys debate over a fan.His answer is damn right NUTS!!

Krugman: Revenge of the Unforgiven

With all the Ebola topics, I feel this is a needed reminder...

Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters

2nd school district cancels classes (TX and OH) - Solon closes two schools Thursday as a precaution

Republicans cannot get ebola.

Ferguson - More Police Intimidation

October 16

CDC: Ebola patient may have had symptoms on Frontier flight from Cleveland to Dallas

Upton, Murphy Comment on Ongoing Ebola Outbreak Ahead of Thursday’s Hearing

America needs a surgeon general to help fight Ebola fears

Video of police stopping peaceful march in St.Louis County & trying to intimidate marchers:

Some DEM support in Texas... Pics and Wendy Davis signed arm

How to Peel an Entire Bag of Potatoes In A Few Seconds

Ebola fears are similar to early HIV-AIDS myths, and just as unreal

Gotta LOVE this anti-xenophobia sign in a shop window....

One of the rare moments that I watch Mornining Joe and there is more hysteria there with

To win in November, union members, families need to show up at the polls

Not many SF Giants fans here apparently...

Joint Staff names campaign against Islamic State 'Operation Inherent Resolve'

Find the Boss’s Weak Spot, Or Make One

Two more of the new puppy's pics

VA secretary: I'm 'aggressively' firing problem employees

Vermont releases draft GMO labeling rules

ISIS attacks Kurds, gets its ass handed to it.

Chuck Todd makes yet ANOTHER idiotic comment, gets roundly (and rightly) mocked

I wonder if the people don't want their dog back.

When Women Become Men at Wellesley

White House eyes switch to microchip cards for paying out benefits

Ebola Is Scary, But These 6 Things Are a Lot Scarier

Democratic Fundraising Gets Shriller And Shriller As Party Abandons Candidates

The People v. Goliath$

The Absolute Weirdest Thing to Happen at a Political Debate

10 Shocking and Wildly Depressing Facts About Being Homeless in Uncaring America

With all the Ebola threads I feel this is a needed reminder

How Economists With Bad Ideas Wreck Your Life, America's Economy, and the World

Viewpoint: The Argentines who speak Welsh

Jon Stewart To Bill O'Reilly: Just Admit White Privilege Exists!

Who is this idiot?

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized FUSION reactor breakthrough boast

Pregnant Iowa woman in labor forced to ground at gunpoint by cops for speeding on way to hospital

Dallas Ebola infection/incubation timeline 10.16.14

CDC apparently has lowered the temp threshold to 100.4, and may lower it again

Marshall University's family medicine students stay in Appalachia

Changes to Ebola Protection Worn by U.S. Hospital Workers

Marshall University's family medicine students stay in Appalachia

Has the CDC idiot, who ok'd nurse with ebola to fly, been identified ?

The CDC's big mistake re: Vinson's flight was its reaction to the media

'Dear White People' Creators Talk About Race

Why is Jeb Bush endoring Rick Scott in television ads

David Cameron floats ‘emergency brake’ on EU immigration (because he's losing votes)

Nepal snowstorms trap trekkers as death toll rises above 20

ReTHUGs if you're terrified about Ebola

Appalachian transition: Why coalfield residents need to help themselves diversify their economy

New Climate Solutions Video: The EV Revolution

Appalachian transition: Why coalfield residents need to help themselves diversify their economy

UPSET ALERT In NJ: Roy Cho(D) w/in striking distance Scott Garrett (TEA) - NJ 5th

Every sunrise has been different at the beach

A talk by Hannibalthevictor on the real driving force of #Gamergate

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Fear and Incompetence

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Politics and Voting

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Illinois pet dubbed world's tallest cow

Thom Hartmann: Is Detroit the New 3rd World America?

Thom Hartmann: Is the GOP the Cause of the Ebola Outbreak?

Let me show you something...

Judge Clay Jenkins (Dallas, TX) for President?

No rebuilding of Gaza without removal of Israel's blockade, Palestinian PM says

US Govt awards contract for Ebola vaccine 100% effective in animal test

'His Penis' Is Pretty Much The Best Worst Answer Ever On 'Family Feud'

In Pictures: The toll on Gaza's children

Kicking down and kissing up: Signs of a classic authoritarian

Why Are We Celebrating? The Catholic Church Still Hates Trans People

Does this NY Times' headline bother you as much as it does me?

40,000 registrations still not processed in Georgia

Obama can gain credibility as a leader by firing CDC Director Tom Frieden.

Saudi Arabia Sentences Cleric to Crucifixion

ABC News article from Sep. 30: "How The CDC Will Make Sure Ebola Doesn't Spread in United States"

How a group of neighborhood kids reminded some wealthy grownups of playground rules.

Justice Scalia admits it! Religious beliefs are not reasonable!

Elvis the Coati

Rachel Maddow - Jobs boast deflated by outsourcing award

Cameron: "One last try at renegotiating the UK's terms of EU membership"

Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science - Andy Borowitz (cowering)

GOP is dumping even MORE millions into NC right now to defeat Hagan.

Obama promises Ebola 'SWAT' teams

Rachel Maddow - Close races raise risks of dirty tricks

Tony Blair is wrong: teaching children to respect religion isn’t the answer to radicalisation

Ebola: At this point I would trust the nurses union before the 'authorities"

How about if you have a fever....

I wouldn't know, since I don't watch it… But others have said as much

European Parliament's anti-EU coalition collapses

The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet

Obama monuments rile the GOP

Grab yours from the link and share

Ebola on the air = ratings = ad revenue

Time for the Thursday Get Down

The victims of Andrew Wakefield

Watch Out, Kangaroos: Poisonous Cane Toads Are Evolving Into Even Deadlier Invaders

Sarah Brightman ~ When It Rains In America

as much as i think the ebola scare is over-scare-mongered in america,

Point of reference: We have 50 states who may or may not accept CDC guidelines.

When people panic, they become totally useless. Just Useless Rant!

Google: We'll make you smarter ... if you share your data


Macy’s To Cut Workers’ Thanksgiving Dinner Short

Halloween is coming: You're doing it all wrong

Cellar slave girl: Salford couple must pay victim £100,000

"annual funding for the CDC’s public health preparedness & response efforts were $1 billion lower

Halloween is coming: Cocaine is a hellava drug

The Fan......!!!

"A banana for my birthday present?"

Izmir provincial education authority pledges to expel ‘communist, atheist teachers’

Good articles on Ebola

Paul Ryan: Yes, I Am a Nut

If creators could see their characters now...

US steps up response as Ebola worries grow

Ohio, Texas schools close amid Ebola scare

The Yale-New Haven Hospital has confirmed that it a patient with Ebola-like symptoms.

On homosexuality: Uganda's religious leaders

Rochester TV Station: " We're not going to pimp his (Cuomo's) book."

George Takei Talks Arizona, Rush Limbaugh, And Business. He Doesn't Hold Back, Either.

ZAP! Spacecraft discovers Saturn’s moon Hyperion is charged

Question for DUers, especially doctors and nurses.

Yale-New Haven Hospital evaluating student researcher with Ebola-like symptoms

Hi...I'm back with a few thoughts.

To All the A**holes who are Insulting the Flying Ebola Nurse: Shut Your F***ing Faces.

Don’t worry, gays are still horrible sinners

FireFox is going cray on me! It is like

Helping People in “Coal Country” as the Nation Divests from Carbon

Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science

The Catholic Church Explains Sexual Mores—With Economics

Dining on Dogs in Yulin (graphic image/video)

Today Is The 10th Anniversary Of Jon Stewart's Epic Rant On CNN. He Hasn't Been Back Since.

CNN cancels Crossfire again

Ebola Poll...

Ancient fossils of bizarre figure-eight water creatures confirmed among our strangest distant cousin

Dems pull out of McConnell race???

Debate moderators call out Gardner on his lying about a personhood bill

The Many Faces of Capitalism: humour

Just got a poll call from PPP about the Senate race.

Instead of teams racing around to SWAT the Ebola bug, there should be training teams

Ann Romney sez.....

Rick Scott is like an evil parody of James Carville

Clips of stunned news anchors on Rick Scott's refusal to debate because of a fan. Great video.

Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola to Be Transferred to NIH

Toon: News from the mideast

From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

These are the folks that many DUers have called incompetent:

Please donate to help fight Ebola in Africa

Ebola Spreads Rapidly Amoung the Poor; Medicaid Expansion Needed To Immunize Everyone In America.

Tennis-Former world number three Davydenko ends career, aged 33

President Obama needs to do a News Conference on Ebola with head of CDC.

Senator Schumer Was Regular Visitor to Madoff Offices


An Ebola "SWAT Team"

Ebola: "Our biggest challenge is hubris." (And lack of insurance?)

Where the Tea Party Rules

C-SPAN -- CDC -- House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee

How doctors respond to chronic pain

A brighter design emerges for low-cost, ‘greener’ LED light bulbs

TSA administrator Pistole to retire

Oh lookey! The rwnj's are chastising this admin

Ebola-Stricken Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Expected to Be Moved to Maryland

When this guy gets Ebola, can we call him an idiot?

It's time for Allison

U.S. Ebola Cases May Exceed Two Dozen by November, Researchers Say

Churches go green by shedding fossil fuel holdings

CDC admits protocols for hospitals were too lax and finally changes them.

The right’s Georgia disaster: How outsourcer David Perdue could really blow it

Pat Robertson: "You can get AIDS from a towel."

Yale grad student admitted to Yale-New Haven Hospital with ebola like symptoms.

Are You More Homicidal Than This Alabama 5 Year Old?

DWI suspect bribes cops with Mountain Dew

MSNBC is carrying a congressional hearing on ebola now.

Not another GOVT thread. OK, so it is.

Watch Jon Stewart slam GOP Mitch McConnell as architect of government failure

The Harrowing First Report From Dachau Concentration Camp, in 1934

Venezuela, New Zealand Join UN Security Council

Ring of Fire: Rick Scott's Fan Freakout

Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Eggs

Pic Of The Moment: Florida's Second Gubernatorial Debate Goes Poorly For Rick Scott

Confidence Among U.S. Homebuilders Declines to Three-Month Low

Americans’ Outlook for U.S. Economy Soars on Hiring and Gasoline

CDC, NIH budget cuts affect Ebola response

Heard on Tom Hartman show Rick Scott did the same trick in 2010 in a debate with Alex Sink

Welcome to the United Drones of America

WCPT live radio "Get Out the Vote" rally 2-5 PM Saturday 10/18, Berwyn,Ill. Paisan's Restaurant

Vatican alters draft report translation about gays.

Any rallies going on next week in the Green Bay/Door Co area? (!9th of October to 24th)

Flood Insurance: Worth it? Or a Rip-off

Charles P Pierce- The Real Contagion

John Hagee Says Ebola Is God's Judgment On America Because Obama Is Trying To Divide Israel

Peace Prizes and Muslims

Since an ebola patient traveled to Ohio, we learn Ohio's Department of Health is not lead by a Dr.

My work environment sucks and it affects my productivity.

We again have Republicans trying to claim there were WMD in Iraq

Obama May Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola: Sources

Latest Intellectual Property Chapter Of TPP Agreement Leaked: Would Be A Disaster For Public Health

Bob Beauprez just lost the governor's race in Colorado.

Ebola Fears Grip Cleveland: Two Schools Shut, Nurses on Paid Leave

I am starting a humorous computer help site called Saint Spock's, help me pick a logo

Larry Klayman says Obama is using Ebola against whites.

Us Jobless Aid Applications Fall To 14-Year Low

Democratic fundraiser emails

On Ebola and the Media Panic Industry

Scientists Say Ebola’s Transmission Route Unlikely to Have Changed

Johns Hopkins professor: There Are Plenty of Reasons to Worry about GMO Food

Reject candidates 'bought’ by the rich

Are there any western Pennsylvanians here who are dropping Highmark?

Majority of Americans believe Ebola spreads through air: poll

Religion Of Peace again...

The elites; the administrators, the managers, the big wheels completely blew it in Dallas

The secession of the Confederacy

WATCH: Russell Brand Gets Kicked Out of Fox News Headquarters

Ebola funding won't get a hearing from House Republicans, but Ebola panic will

Privatization Of Public Services = 40% Cut In Service Dollars.

Reza Aslan: If ISIS Says It's Muslim, Then It's Muslim

Is It Just Me Or Is Everyone Getting E-Mails From Prominent Dems Begging For Money?......

Dallas Hospital Staff Had No Ebola Training, Official Says

Islam and the Mother Lode of Bad Ideas: In Defense of Sam Harris

Healthcare workers must accept responsibility for the choices they make

Supreme irony if

Can Ebola survive underwater?

Turkey fails in bid to join UN Security Council

Russia's Defense Minister Bristles At Hagel's Comments About "Revisionist Russia"

Charles P Pierce- Fan Dance

Governor Scott refuses to debate Crist in Daylight

Red Dawn: The GOP’s Growing Monopoly on State Government

When CFB teams last ranked #1 in the AP poll:

"Spanish lady come to me, she lays on me this rose..." HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one & only BOB WEIR.

US Jobless Claims Down to 14 Year Low

FBI Director: Cellphone Encryption Has "Very Serious Consequences"

Civil Rights Groups Appeal Dismissal of Ethics Complaint Against Judge Edith Jones

'Kerry Air' Grounded Again, This Time In Vienna

Yale Doctors: Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Stable, Tests Results Within A Day

Holder AND his 2nd in command are leaving Justice Dept.

Flawed Justice System For NY Sex Workers - Melissa Gira Grant Discusses

US Meets With Syrian Kurds Linked To Terror Group

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 16, 2014

Deputy Atty. Gen. James Cole To Quit As Exodus At Justice Continues

Woodbury state house race?

Satanist and Wife Killed Men and Buried Them in Yard

Assault lawsuit against Jerry Jones dismissed

Africa Largely Stems Ebola Via Border Closings, Monitoring And Luck

Latest victim of Kevyn Orr in Detroit: The Joe

Just Look at What We've Done - 30,000th. post

How to Restrain a Woman

Hospital Infection Preventionists Have Been Trying To Get Health Professionals To Wash Their Hands..

Bangladesh police foil plot to kill ‘atheist’ academic

WikiLeaks/Open Med: Leaked Draft Confirms TPP Will Censor Internet, Stifle Free Expression Worldwide

Give 'Em the Finger & VOTE!!!

Southwestern College building cordoned off after student becomes ill

Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

Ann Coulter Rails Against 'Free Medical Treatment' For Ebola Victims

Poll: Weather is to Climate as

Ebola funding won't get a hearing from House Republicans, but Ebola panic will

Our country is being run by a bunch of dumbfucks.

I can't understand Rick Scott's "explanation."

Will the United States end up with a travel ban on West Africa?

My husband just solved the Ebola crisis: get Republicans in Congress to retroactively

Will we be shutting down schools now every time a little kid barfs?

Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science

Anyone watch the ebola hearings from DC?

While you were distracted by Ebola, ISIS, and political ads...

TX Rep. Louie Gohmert: Nurses infected with Ebola are part of the ‘Democrats’ war on women’

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 17, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Africa

The Great American Bank Robbery - William K. Black

Bernie Sanders: “If I were to run for president, do you know how much money the Kochs would spend?

New ad against Joni Ernst

‘The towels could have AIDS’: Pat Robertson issues scientifically false Kenya warning

No-talent, failed actress Stacey Dash says Dems have plantation mentality, wants quarrantine centers

Hot dog! Fired Dublin worker wins $25K over snack

Atheists win fight over high school football team’s religious monument

Pre-contest texture,

Greatest danger to the world: by country. Pew

Nature Is Speaking – Behind the Scenes with Harrison Ford as the Ocean | Conservation International

Sorry! Three more puppy pics: the all-important belly rub

Irony on display in my Facebook feed.

Jon Stewart:"You-Bill O'Reilly-can lead the flock of Fox fearful to a better place-I believe in you"

TEABOLA Strikes Texas, Quarantine Suggested:

Patient with 'Ebola-like symptoms' admitted to Connecticut hospital UPDATE: Tested neg

No Ebola - Lubbock hospital official says state won't test; will be released, monitored

Voting for or against judges - it's important!

AFA's Bryan Fischer smears Shepard Smith...

but then i got high....

A killer sunset

Michael Dukakis testifies in Tsarnaev friend trial

Oh this IS good. "tis the season of the witch" by Kunstler

The "Inconvenient Truth" That Disproves The BUSHCO Chemical Weapons Revisionist's LIEs

The 2nd nurse flew to Ohio to meet her family and fiance.

BENGOLA - New GOP term developed to attack Obama simultaneously about Benghazi and Ebola

Saturn moon may have 'life-friendly' underground ocean -scientists

Ohio Senator Writes Off 'Stumbling' FitzGerald Campaign For Governor

Canada Post court challenge launched to save home mail delivery

7 people quarantined, being monitored for Ebola in Ohio

Dark Money Hits $100 Million, Set to Double In Weeks.

They obviously didn’t bother to speak to a single nurse on the front lines.

Tom the Dancing Bug: The 'R' Word

ReTHUG Cuts Kill

Proposed New Constitution Article 7- Ending Colonialism (Finally)

Holy cow gas prices!

Apple unveils new iPads, Macs, announces Apple Pay launch date

Email From Howard Dean: "Real Democrats don’t use “liberal” as an epithet"

My wife, an APRN, now doesn't want to fly at Thanksgiving.

Is Ebola the real ‘World War Z?’ (Spoiler alert: It’s not)

Rick Scotts Fan Gate

So I guess Rand Paul hit back on the whole defunding of CDC, NIH, etc.

Hero Cat Saves World From Another G**d** F*ing Ukulele Cover

Iraq crisis: 'At least 50 killed' in wave of terrorist attacks across Baghdad

I agree with Sam Harris and Bill Maher

Obama expected to send National Guard to Liberia to fight Ebola

Outrage Grows After Greg Abbott Insults Millions By Calling Disabled Americans “Props”

This Norwegian Preteen Is 'Marrying' A 37-Year-Old For One Important Reason

New Zealand Cops Raided Home of Reporter Working on Snowden Documents

Supreme Court Allows TX Abortion Clinics to Stay Open

Some lazy-ass pics of the most astonishing Autumn foliage season I've ever experienced.

Obama authorizes Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola


Ann Coulter: The CDC wants to infect Americans with Ebola

Ebola epidemic may not end without developing vaccine, scientist warns

Glenn Beck Face Book yesterday goes viral 15 times normal traffic for him

UN Warns: 60 Days to Beat Ebola; 2nd Transmission in TX

Did you know it’s ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’?

On-Duty Cop Shows Up Plastered Drunk For Target Practice, Will Not Face Any Charges

Finally the Alaska National Guard scandal is starting to bubble up into the national press.

John Grisham apologizes after troubling statements about child porn

Ready for Hillary raises $2 million in 3rd quarter

Gay NY Chef Awarded $1.6M After Restaurant Owner Forced Staff to Attend Anti-gay Prayer Meetings

Where is Rick Perry? All of a sudden he has gotten quiet.

Committee votes to subpoena Gov. Heineman on miscalculated inmate release dates

"You wouldn't attack a man in a wheelchair, would you?"

Does OSHA have legal leverage over hospitals?

Immediately convene a session of Health Care Directors from every state with

"I Still Unload": This Man Is a "Nullo" Who Removed His Penis and Balls (mildly NSFW)

Petition to CNN: Please Reconsider Cancelling Jane-Valez Mitchell's Show

What's the procedure?!

Again, Corbett blames failed drug tests for unemployment

Let's not Sacrifice one more Nurse on Profits Over Public Health!

Louisiana Threesome Kid "Feels Really Bad" About Getting His Teachers in Trouble

36 Hours in Athens

Scott's Answer Regarding His Delay Has Been Translated!

RELEASE: Ebola Outbreak Shows Need for Stronger Protections

Tea Republicans are concerned about Ebola, but kill thousands by rejecting Medicaid expansion

Drunken Zombie Santa Bursts Into Minnesota Home, Terrifies Teenage Residents

Share THIS!!!

CDC says Ebola-infected nurse Vinson's illness may have begun Friday

Why Weren't The People That Run Dallas Presbyterian Hospital Grilled In Today's Hearing?.....

Dallas County's Top Public Health Epidemiologist Being Monitored for Ebola

Town Of Davenport, Iowa Descends Into Hell Following Gay Marriage Ceremony

Fourteenth Amendment Question for DUers who have access to University/College databases.

Signs of classic fatuity: The inability to distinguish between criticism and blame.

The Problem Is Our Media Enables & Protects These Crazy Wingnuts.

ebola vs. hepatitis c

Fox News Doc's Racial Rant: Obama Welcomes Ebola Because His "Affinities" Are With Africa

A Surgeon General nominee ‘tied up in politics’

Nation panics: Southwestern College Evacuates Students

Fundy Christians Are Against Cures For Disease Because Life Is Supposed To Be Miserable.

Can someone explain to me what's going on in the Lounge?

How should I react to Ebola?


Teen Who Bragged About Threesome With Teachers Feels Really Bad

Republican-Candidate Konni Burton Lies About 2013 Budget Funding Public Schools

Cannibal Corpse Concert Stopped Mid-Show by Russian Police

American Christians stand with Pope Francis for a welcoming church (LGBT E action)

Panicked cows join a stampede and stampedes are dangerous

After California decriminalized marijuana, teen arrest, overdose and dropout rates fell

More Bad News For Don Siegelman

Otherwise right-thinking people are considering voting for the repuke for Secretary of State.

Snowden Gets Job Offer From Russian Nationalist Party

Brazil man 'confesses to 39 murders'

In A Shocking Endorsement Family of Republican Candidate Endorses His Democratic Opponent

John Bircher fundy is still around...

State Senator Taunts Laid-Off Reporter: 'So, Do YOU Have Any Comments Now?'

RELEASE: Joni Ernst's Role in Sexual Harassment Suit Raises Questions About Her Leadership, Prioriti

Heard geese, they flew over, and then these guys settled on the river!!!

Elizabeth Warren: The choice in IA is clear: Bruce Braley

NBC just interviewed an exotic dancer on the Nightly News about Ebola... Really?

Wait, where is Gov. Rick Scott?

Senate’s inquiry into CIA torture sidesteps blaming Bush, aides

Argentina Launches Its First Home-Built Satellite

Whistling Past the Graveyard

National Union of Students fails to condemn ISIL

Harper Cons hate bees

Protect workers from infectious diseases like Ebola (SEIU putting info in workers hands!)

Toon: EBOLA!!

In A Shocking Endorsement Family of Republican Candidate Endorses His Democratic Opponent

Meet the candidate who can’t legally vote for herself

I have said for years cons would someday BEG LIBERALS TO SAVE THEIR ASSES, that day is here

Yale Responds to Swastika Drawn on Campus

Parisians freak out over giant inflatable butt plug

Facebook Deleted Accounts of Native Americans On Columbus Day For Having ‘Fake Names’

Arrest in shocking S.F. road rage shooting

So if you have Netflix or some other way to get Dr. Who 1963

SeaWorld Myth Debunked: Yes, We Can Release Captive Dolphins Safely

How Liberia's Government Is Using Ebola to Crack Down on the Media

Democrats Demand Investigation Into Republican Budget Cuts To Ebola Preparedness

Fact or Fiction? Freedom Socialist Party Webmaster Ad

Now for important stuff: AL Cy Young winner?

Toon:GOP 2016

How long before some nitwit writes a computer virus called Ebola?

NASA captures first images of frozen water on Mercury

Please spare a thought and send some good vibes for the people of Bermuda

My apologies to any and all DU members

A lonely job. One that I would not want. So a question to the BOG.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 17 October 2014

Rightwingers suffering another freakout!!

Who's a good boy?

Ann Coulter Slams ‘Free Medical Treatment’ for U.S. Ebola Patients

Ebola outbreak: How Nigeria is beating the killer virus

Thom Hartmann: A Red State Privatization Horror Story

IA State Senator Joni Ernst: A Whole 'Generation' Relies On Government For 'Absolutely Everything'

Nick Hanauer: If income inequality continues to rise, it will be Ferguson everywhere

I expect some people to try to disrupt the election by throwing up at polling places.

Horrors! Panic!! Gay Terrorists With EBOLA!!!1!

Second story deck rebuild *update*

Hello everyone! It's been a while...

Peru glaciers shrink 40% in 44 years: government