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Archives: October 18, 2014

2 Republican candidates agree to pay Clean Elections fines

2 Republican candidates agree to pay Clean Elections fines

GOP turns to Ebola fears in campaign drive

Israeli analyst confirms link between Israel, “moderate” Syrian rebels

People are / are NOT their religion.

Greek prosecutor orders all Golden Dawn MPs to stand trial

Is it time for both national parties to split and form 4 new parties?

Call & e-mail the White House ..Ask President Obama to Pardon Don Siegelman

This is just unreal: Secret Service asked local PD to "fake" a warrant

Upcoming Webinar on "Understanding Virgo" 10/21

Friday fun video

Prominent Investment Banker Doors Cyclist, Takes Off Running: Report

Nigeria: cease fire may lead to release of schoolgirls

Anyone watching the Foo Fighters residency on Letterman this week?

Unanswered Questions re the manhunt for the cop killer

Friday Rant: History Regurgitates Itself edition

John Grisham is being unfairly pilloried

Who thinks Alison Grimes did not vote for Barack Obama??

For your listening pleasure...

Florida woman arrested for domestic violence after scratching boyfriend in fight over a blanket

Facebook unfriends federal drug agency

The damnedest political ad I have ever seen. Cliven Bundy...

China has sent thousands of doses of an experimental anti-Ebola drug developed by military to Africa

Welcome home Rick Perry

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fundraising Friday & a new kitteh gif!

Peter LaBarbera: America must embrace 'Christian-oriented law'

Simushir, fuel-laden Russian cargo ship, adrift off Haida Gwaii

Very Brave: Ebola-Infected Nurse Nina Pham in Fair Condition

Any news on the friday's debate in Wisconsin

"Our Souls Turned Into Weapons"--A Moral Injury?

The Atheist Community is Dead; Long Live the Atheist Communities

This is what the legacy of ‘white privilege’ looks like in Bill O’Reilly’s hometown

Friday Talking Points (324) -- Don't Panic

Bizarre 'alien' sea creature caught off Singapore

West Wing Week 10/17/14 or, "The Geography of Hope"

Saudi bank's $6 billion IPO ignites religious controversy

General Theological Seminary board offers terminated faculty employment negotiations

Poe's "The Raven" read by Garrison Keillor

let's check in

Appointment Of Ron Klain As Ebola "Czar" Draws The Wrath Of Conservative Media

Anybody near Austin who would adopt this good dog?

Paris, France: plaque to honor last men executed for homosexuality

I'm not letting my kids near anyone who looks even VAGUELY ill.

I enjoy Halloween shows on TV on TV series

Montgomery Co. Local Election Endorsements?

Movies you could watch again and again

The Atlantic:Southern Evangelicals: Dwindling—and Taking the GOP Edge With Them

WTF ...174

Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle

"Love Interruption" - First Aid Kit covers a song by Jack White

Yippie i aye ye ye! Yippie i ohhh ohh ohh ! Is is

Lake Tahoe falls below natural rim; Truckee River flow stops

Arizona gay marriage: Couples get married, celebrate

Ex-Georgia Republican Party worker files discrimination suit

Sometimes you just have to make light of it all: "The Ebola Czars"; GREAT name for a band! n/t

When you learn something terribly upsetting about insurance before the ACA.

So I picked up the candy, a pair of sparkled Devil horns and a matching mask.

Austerity hobbled France gets festive!

Someone needs to explain to Greg Abbott where babies come from

Looks like my wife didn't get the job. She never heard back after the phone interview

What Teabaggers And Fox News Exempt From Brain Matter.....

This is a ...different... Kind of an ending for a musical. (Ending may cause upset)

Ralph Steadman illustrating "Breaking Bad" limited edition Blu-Ray covers

Interesting trade...

Ballot has arrived...

Heifer International

Bpac explained.

Videos that start on web pages really slow up my computer

Do the Beltway/corporate Dems even WANT to win these midterms?

WTF ...175

On the ground in MI and race for GOV is definitely a toss up.

Obama lost the white male vote after the Henry Louis Gates

Because there still seems to be a lot of confusion about this:

Does this talk about fighting "extreme poverty" bother anybody else?

It's a tough campaign...thanks to all the grass roots Dem progressives who haven't given up!

Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle

Awww.. Tweet pic~John Lewis in Mississippi with Travis Childers for US Senator..

"Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe"

Mamadee: The boy who tricked Ebola

Stop the Albert Clipper Pipeline Tuesday Oct 21st at noon Fed building (and call Dayton)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

The conservative's answer to the Daily Show

Heads up, dirty tricks in social media happening here. Watch out for them.

Another conservative Daily Show launches -- and divebombs

Rick Weiland Is Channeling the Ghost of George McGovern in South Dakota

Hulu refuses ad by rape survivor

Thought for the day

Pentagon Readying For Long War In Iraq, Syria

Cubans, U.S. Troops Could Work Side-By-Side In Ebola Fight

CURIOUS ? Can you answer this question ?

MS-13 members charged in 3 killings, attempted murder in Northern Virginia

Washington Post editorial against Ed Gillespie: A health-care plan worse than Obamacare

Paul Begala on the debate: "When the Rick hits the fan". LOL

Brunch with Bernie -October 17, 2014

UCLA is a little better prepared than THP, it seems.

2nd nurse's Ebola case may have been worse than thought

Texan's truck has possibly the most racist decal ever

Howard Dean Slams Rick Perry As Know Nothing 'Ignoramus' On Ebola

Went doorbelling for Shari Song (30th LD) this afternoon, and NOT A SINGLE VOTER--

Santa Marta demands improved public safety after killling of indigenous leader

Seattle leads the nation in microhousing

GMO labeling foes spend big on campaigns in Oregon, Colorado

Santos ‘protected a terrorist': Colombia’s inspector general

Did Congressman Don Young (R-AK) really kill a guy?

Emma Goldman: Still too hot to handle? UC Berkeley set to pull plug on anarchist’s archive

Assassination of Public Health Systems Driving Ebola Crisis, Experts Warn

Borowitz: Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science

I'm a nurse and I've possibly been exposed to Ebola and I think I maybe should be quarantined

Colombia hackers carrying out cyber attacks against Ecuador: Correa

California Bans Genetically Engineered Salmon

Colombia police arrest ‘Torturer of Cordoba’ after 26 years on the run

Louisiana Republican Bill Cassidy: Let's make the retirement age 70!

Honduras boosts air force in fight against drug smugglers

Prosecutors: Suspect plotted to kill 9 witnesses

North Dakota well leaking oil, gas and water

Attorney sentenced to jail in drug-framing scheme

Home ATM is open for business again:

October 18

U.S. Supreme Court Allows Texas to Enforce New Voter ID Law for November Election

Howard Dean in 2016...

Distorted Love: The Toll of Our Christian Theology on the LGBT Community

8 Mistakes We're Making About Ebola That We Also Made When AIDS Appeared

The Right's Sneaky New Strategy to Take Control of Women's Lives

Hurricane Gonzalo blacks out most of Bermuda

Email from meet the press

I am so sick of Democrats running away from issues

How GOP Control in 2015 Will Terrorize a Nation – With No Political Repercussion

If you seriously care about gaming, you better pay attention to #Gamergate and its damage.

Chicago Made Its Yellow Lights .1 Second Shorter And Raked In $8 Million From New Tickets

Stand-your-ground gun laws 'benefit whites more than blacks', experts say

San Diego State student with meningitis dies; hundreds being contacted

Happy 88th birthday to Chuck Berry, one of the founders of rock n roll!

Steyer Deploys Ark, and a Flood of Money Oct 17, 2014 1:14 PM EDT

My Lai Was Not An 'Incident': Seeking Full Disclosure on Vietnam

'Justice for Jennifer': Protests Sweep Philippines Following US Marine's Alleged Murder of Transgend

Investigation: Only 4% of Drone Victims in Pakistan Named as al Qaeda Members

'Unusual' NSA Work Deal Raises Questions About Conflict of Interest

Dear Democrats: Please All and You'll Please None

Here comes the sun...

Does Rising Inequality Make a Democracy More Warlike?

Lebanon pulled into war with Islamic State group

New Jersey vs. China: Guess Which One Gets Infrastructure Right

Dr. Caldicott Tells of Fukushima’s Lethal Toll and Meeting Ronald Reagan

Did You Know Steve Harvey Is a Religious Extremist Misogynist?

The Neocons -- Masters of Chaos

Right-Wingers Angry Obama Won't Cancel Ebola Flights That Don't Exist

Weekly Address: What You Need To Know About Ebola

Latest Pentagon Folly, a $30 million Sanitized, Revisionist History of the Vietnam War

CROSS-POSTED TO LBN: "McDonald's McRib May Be Harder To Find This Year"...the BASTARDS!

In Exodus From Israel to Germany, a Young Nation’s Fissures Show

Cliven Bundy: One Brave White Man

Army’s Message At AUSA: Don’t Cut ‘Foundational Force’

Anyone remember an international atheist organisation set up in the past year or so?

Women’s Rights Groups Mount Online Offensive in Colorado’s ‘Personhood’ Battle

NY Times: In Old New York Shouting Fire with a System of Bells

Cleaveland: Tennessee 3rd in nation for domestic violence deaths

E-2D Hits IOC; Navy Hawkeye Gets Larger, Lethal Role

EW Needs $2B More A Year; ‘Major Deficiencies’ Found By Defense Science Board

Rachel Maddow - Vote suppression in Kansas backfiring

Thousands march for better pay as unions demonstrate across Britain

Steve Kornacki:The woman's vote isn't working out the way the thought it would

Wendy Davis received the endorsement of the Houston Chronicle

Rachel Maddow - Rand Paul stoops low to stoke Ebola fears

Movie version of "Gone Girl"....

GOP candidate Carl Demaio tells his campaign not to identify black people as possible trackers

Weekend Toon roundup!

I see a political problem if and when President Obama institutes a travel ban.

It wasn't until Pham was diagnosed with Ebola that health officials decided

3 ways the Catholic church should embrace gay rights

Supreme Court allows Texas to use voter ID law (Under the cover of darkness)

Rachel Maddow - Anti-czar nonsense gone, GOP wants Ebola czar

Finding healing and acceptance after same-sex love collides with religion

It's Not Fascism When We Do It: Fox News instructs GOP to go all in on fear for the mid-terms.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders fires up progressive crowd in Richmond, Calif.

As Ebola epidemic tightens grip, west Africa turns to religion for succour

safe at last, safe at last...

G.O.M.E.R = Get Out Of My ER

OMG!!! Obama hugged Ebola doctors and an Ebola patient!

Bounce Below... I so want to go there!

5 Confessions of a Female 'Nice Guy'

When the hazmat team decontaminates the apartments, do they just wipe down

Scary Ebola Fun Fact of the Day:

Not the Mama, but a close second.

The right’s Lena Dunham delusion: Anger, misogyny and the dangers of business as usual

The Royals going to the World Series has been so good for KC

From the horse's mouth: an interview with a doc attending the Texas Ebola patients.

EPA - "Little To No Benefit" To Using Neonics With Soybeans - Harvest Unchanged

Sendai reactors vulnerable to eruptions, state-picked volcanologist warns

The sorry saga of a Texan locked in a London bookstore - Kept Twitter on the edge of its seat

The assassination Jack Kennedy was one of the major turning points in our history.

Record cesium level detected in Fukushima No. 1 groundwater; Tepco blames heavy rainfall

The Absurd Illusions of a Shining City on a Hill

Abbott's Ridiculous Response To Divestment "A Raw Ideological Refusal To Face Facts"

How To Saw "I'm Not A Scientist" In Half - Grist

Australia's Fire Season Lenghthens And Intensifies, Window For Prescribed Burns Narrows

Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes In Montana, Not Zoos, To Get 145 Bison From Yellowstone

Murrieta mayor says he wasn't drunk, apologizes to injured teens

PNAS - Recent Boreal Forest Fires Indicate "Transition To Regime Of Unprecedented Fire Activity"

The wisdom that is Peggy Noonan

IBD bronze plan price increase - silver price down.

Someone, maybe, like the SURGEON GENERAL we don’t have because you filibustered his nomination???

Barrow, AK Average October Temperatures Up 7.2C In 34 Years

OK, I need help!

George W. Bush: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Four Corners Methane Cloud Size Of Delaware; NASA 1st Thought It Was Instrumental Error

In perspective-Killers in Africa

Minnesota House

Preach It!


Upgraded to Yosemite yesterday

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 18, 2014

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire: 4 Anti-Choice Politicians Caught in a Lie

Senior NSA official moonlighting for private cybersecurity firm

Air strikes against ISIS in Kobani are just a PR exercise, Turkey says

With the Rethugs it used to be the 3 Gs: Guns, Gays, and God. Now it's the 2 Ds

New medal honors nuclear deterrence service

Transgender Woman Critically Hurt in Bushwick Anti-Gay Attack, Police Say

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pens Scathing Dissent On Texas Voter ID Law

Outstanding article at Plunderbund: Kasich’s Mishandling Of Higher Ed Is A Problem For Everyone

The new poll tax stands: Supreme Court allows Texas to enforce voter ID law in November

'We are living an American Horror Story.'

Why are you a believer and what are your beliefs as a believer?

What makes Israel so hell-bent on lumping Hamas with ISIS?

Container ship towed away from Canadian coast

Nuclear reactor heat turned down to stop boilers cracking

14 Years Ago, He Wrote 'Because I Got High.' He Just Rewrote It In The Best Way Possible.

Russia and Ukraine reach tentative gas deal in tough Milan talks

A top scientist worries that Ebola has mutated to become more contagious

US was prepared 'to use nuclear weapons against North Korea' if troops crossed border

Miss Hitler 2014: Yes, there really is a neo-Nazi beauty contest in Russia

OK, Food Detectives: Help me out on this.

Ebola lapses persisted for days at Dallas hospital

EPA: Those Bee-Killing Pesticides? They're Actually Pretty Useless

Best dust pans ever, esp. for the occasional kitty vomit:

10 Reasons to Love Opossums

"So cute, I wanna kiss myself."

organized, well financed Southern racism killed Single Payer, as Truman discovered

LIVE RADIO NOW: Ebola scare is just the tip of an iceberg

Who's feeling fabulous today?

Domenic Recchia and Michael Grimm Clash Repeatedly in First Televised Debate

Be prepared! How far do you have to walk to get to the ebola hospital nearest you?

Endangered northern white rhino dies in Africa

Downing Street Ebola Panic is a Classic Case of the Politics of Fear


And here I was thinking that they were one in the same.

Supreme Court Allows Texas to Use Strict Voter ID Law in Coming Election

Warriors burn bridge, demand mining company behind Mount Polley toxic spill leave territory(15. Oct)

Senior NSA Official Patrick Dowd is Moonlighting With Keith Alexander's Private Cybersecurity Firm

Abortion Amendment 1 on tennessee ballot november 4, 2014 gives abortion powers to legislature

We’re number 1, We’re number 1, We’re……………

These guys were playing/dancing/fighting outside my kitchen window!

Officer-involved shooting, but investigators haven't confirmed if suspect armed after 4 weeks

More Cop Thuggery: 65 y.o. Phoenix man tasered to death by police

The October Photo Contest--Textures of October--are up in GD!

Gingerbread Story...

Inside China's Secret Churches: How Christians Practice Their Faith Under An Atheist Government

CDC to issue Ebola guidelines for healthcare workers as soon as today

Petrow's owner says giant mud hole represents future of 111-year-old eatery (green energy!)

CDC to issue Ebola guidelines for healthcare workers as soon as today

Picnicking on my yard!

Killed by Cops

Frankly, Scarlett, you weren't just selfish, you were a damned racist, too

Obama urges Americans not to give in to Ebola hysteria

Professor mixes politics with religion

More than 100 monitored for Ebola symptoms in Ohio

Arizona Same-Sex Marriage Deals

Democrats, like mining, may never fully recover in Appalachia

Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome To Gays

John Doe investigation legal fees approach $1 million

Want to help in the fight against ebola?

too bad we can't get michael brown's version of what happened when he encountered darren wilson

This video from Liberia is so poignant.

What Is a Catholic Family?

"Perhaps the life of the mother." Perhaps this is Joni Ernst's (R-IA) Todd Akin moment.

Pope Ousts Top Vatican Judge Known For Incendiary Anti-Gay Comments

Arab Terrorists Try to Burn Jews Alive in Jerusalem


Evo Morales has proved that socialism doesn’t damage economies

Kids of Kobane stop ISIS

California Democratic Party / 2014 Endorsements

Instead of just posting the numbers of people being monitored for exposure to ebola,

Shameless plug for my latest video

Abortion: Not easy, not sorry

Secretary Kerry’s Praise of Cuba’s Ebola Role Trumps Response by State’s Spokesperson

Evo Morales has proved that socialism doesn’t damage economies

Wisconsin: In final debate, Burke and Walker clash over incumbent's record

Just proudly cast my (early) vote for Paul Davis and Greg Orman!

Curry's WSJ Article "Elicited Only A Collective Yawn From Serious Academia" - Michael Mann

Republican's Blame Ebola on Obama Ploy Backfires

Two Related Invasive Ranaviruses Hit Six Spanish Amiphibian Species, Collapse Three

Wendy Davis would have won if the Supreme Court had not stepped in to save the GOP

5000 years of history, useless.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop discusses downing of MH17 with Russian president Vladimir

4-Lake System Supplying Water To Sao Paulo Now At 4% Of Capacity; Svc. Guaranteed To Mid-November

How many posts did you need before you could post in the Announcements forum?

RCP average has Crist now up 1.2% And that doesn't

Former Google lawyer nominated to lead patent office

How did someone as skittish as Ken Rosenberg get the gig?

I wonder if conservatives will stay home on election day?

The ACA: Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor

Omaha police focus on community relations pays off

FL Officials Moved Heaven & Earth On $350M Tidal Flooding System For Last Pre-Election King Tide

Second Opinion: ‘Just Go to the ER’

All 600,000 Texans should

Israel's True Face

Every GOP Candidate Seems To Be A RW Christian Nut Radical.

CDC’s Frieden Reportedly in Good Condition after Brief Encounter with Ebola

Pew Research: young Catholics predominantly support marriage equality

Billionaires are backing Marshall Tuck for CA Supt. of Public Instruction

Repub: I never voted against gas extraction tax (he just voted 4 times to prevent a vote on it)

My wife is Pissed: Poor Nina Pham is trapped in a hospital and CNN is talking about destroying her

To Siri, With Love How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri

My God, I almost can't believe it!


Dog doors: we're babysitting a friend's young dog, but we're having trouble getting

When Holding An Orphaned Baby Can Mean Contracting Ebola

Ebola is such a manufactured panic.


Pope Ousts Top Vatican Judge Known For Incendiary Anti-Gay Comments (New Civil Rights Movement)

Catholic bishops reject welcome to gays in sign of split

Gay-rights group backs use of HIV-prevention pill

Daily Show: Kansas Republican Group opposes Brownback, backs Davis (D)

Question about Ebola's course in Africa from a non-scientific layperson:

Saskia Vermeylen: Who owns the moon?

Donors beware: Ebola fundraising scams popping up

The exceedingly difficult task of stopping the ebola epidemic in West Africa:

Democracy Now: Historic $4.6 Million Settlement for Black Pastor murdered by Denver police

It's obvious that the SCOTUS majority is determined to throw elections to Republicans

Questions about the Paleo Diet

Every year, another right is taken away from us

CNN: News conference regarding Hannah Graham coming up

Will the Real Bruce Rauner Please Stand Up?

Zilpha Keatley Snyder dies at 87; wrote fantastical children's books

My boyfriend and I got a new pup. Meet Buster!

Catholic bishops reject welcome to gays in sign of split

Japan's timid coverage of Fukushima led this news anchor to revolt — and he's not alone (PRI)

In expansive Pakistan, Christians struggle to find space for cemeteries

Remains Found in Search for Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham

The Truth about Israel and Palestine (w/Huey Newton)

Man Decides to Pull a Cop over, Asks for His ID

Question: How does stopping the issuance of visas from W Africa

Contrary to TV station rumor : Sick woman at Dallas train station not on Ebola watchlist

EPA: Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths Don’t Protect Soybean Crops

WTF ...176

Yeah, the GOP is evil and will win, but the midterms are meaningless - Salon Article:

Matt Stoller: Why We Need to Break Up Amazon – and How to Do It (Naked Capitalism)

*Maryland Gubernaturial Debate, MPT, at 7:00

Abbas is inciting jihad, has joined ranks with IS, Liberman says

Considering going to Mass tomorrow,

Rod Stewart and Ronald Isley 1989

The world, mapped by countries’ greatest fears

Toon: Robot Surgeon General

Wow. New report on the struggle between Wilson and Brown

Guantanamo hearing's surreal quality

Fidel Castro Offers Cooperation with US in Fight Against Ebola

Leading gay-rights group endorses use of HIV-prevention pill, urges broader insurance coverage

Today in 1915: Women Overwhelmingly Support Suffrage in New Jersey, But Can’t Vote for It

No quick decision made in S.D. gay marriage lawsuit

Texas Democratic Party Voter Id Assistant Program-How to help voters without voter ids

Meanwhile in England: 0 fatalities by cop in the last 2 years. 4 total shootings.

creepy doll

First US Ebola victim remembered for compassion

joke - funny or offensive?

Protesters demand answers in police shooting of Darrien Hunt

Mr. Baird, how are Saudi Arabia’s beheadings different from Islamic State’s?

Objectifying female fighters

this video made me cry

Ana is passing well south of Honolulu, thankfully.

NY's abortion fight: What to know about 10th Women's Equality point

Lockheed Martin Claims Fusion Breakthrough

say say oh playmate -- a haunting version

I'm a nurse and I took the Nightingale Pledge.