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Archives: October 2, 2014

have you ever heard of anyone coloring their hair with coffee or tea?

Girl missing for 12 years found with mom in Mexico

Tweet study reveals what people in the Middle East really think about the U.S.

Satan was cast out of heaven 100 years ago TODAY!! Hallelujah!

An FBI informant led hacks against 30 countries—now we know which ones

Jordan Davis' murderer found guilty of his murder!

Michael Brown grand jury under review for misconduct: Report

We flew back from London Saturday, and our flight had a lot of folks from Sierra Leone

Dinner with the President

The Butterfly Nebula from Hubble

Corbett brags about 250K jobs on State website - includes "hot mom and daughter combos"

What If Any, Will Be The "October Surprise", & Who Do You Believe It Will Favor?

To prove your wingnut bona fides, bring up pirates

Secret Service didn't like African Americans in 1963. Ask Agent Abraham Bolden.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Mollyday! Encore Malloy

What's the NEXT thing Republicans will stupidly compare to The Holocaust?

US Supreme Court Dismantles Golden Week; Early Voting In Ohio, Hours Before Polls Were To Open...

A while back I raised the spectre of an epidemic of some sort

Ebola and Texas

Female inmate dies during transport; private contracted company being investigated

Quotes from the Greatest Progressive to Ever Live.

Teenager Invents Faster Way to Clean Up Toxic Tar Sands Waste Using Sand and Bacteria

National Mandate to Fire Darrell Issa Poor, Disconnected and Living in the Cloud

Man who sued Portland police for brutality wins $562K verdict from jury

Come Away Melinda - Uriah Heep (war protest song)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 2, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Ghost Stories

2 White Ohio Women Sue Chicago Sperm Bank Over Black Donor

even on a cloudy day...

Group Sues Transit Agency After It Rejects 'Killing Jews' Ads For New York City Buses

Children Among Dozens Dead In Blasts Outside Two Syrian Schools

HUFFPOLLSTER: Rising Approval For Obama's Handling Of ISIS

The Crow name for "greasy" and the Crow name for "lodge" sound very much alike.

Leaked Nigel Farage Selfie Shows Off His Tattoos...

"Online, For-Profit Charter Schools Hit Another Snag"

Jahi McMath: Family seeks to have brain-death ruling overturned, girl declared alive

Netanyahu's Deceptive Discourse Forces Israelis To Ask: What Do We Want?

I highly recommend viewing "History of the World in Two Hours"

October 1, 1918: Senators Weigh in on Woman Suffrage

Please remember our congregation in prayer, as we move to call a new pastor.

Please remember our congregation in prayer, as we move to call a new pastor.

STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts

Loss of smell may be predictor of death in older adults - study

Northern Ireland: service dog fits in just fine at school

GOP Furious Arkansas AG Candidate Removed From Voting Rolls for Multi-State Registration, Voting

Jordan Davis' parents

Has anyone ever watched the series "Borgen"?

So Kissinger and Ford were planning a second-term war against Cuba. Charming.

I have a problem with Foxfire. When looking at my own website, some of my pages

"Lost" Black Egyptian Kings VIDEO

Ten Percent of Female University of Oregon Students Raped: Survey

Bakken oil’s path revealed: Crude on freight trains passes through 11 eastern Nebraska counties

How did the UK grid respond to losing a few nuclear reactors?

Interesting Art on the National Mall

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/01/2014

Ray Lambrecht, ex-Chevy dealer who sold vintage cars at auction last year for $2.8M, dies at 96

Cuba asked for $55 mln, assets to release Canadian CEO -company

Patient in isolation in Honolulu hospital, officials say Ebola a possibility

Venezuela's Maduro accuses airlines of waging 'economic war'

Recession looms over Venezuela, official data under wraps

Shooting just occurred only a few blocks from me!

Argentina central bank chief quits, raising policy uncertainties

Stray Dog Carries Injured Buddy in His Mouth Until Both Are Rescued (UPDATE from July)

The Denver Post endorses Democrat, General Irv Halter, over Republican, Doug Lamborn

"There's Something Happening Here" makes Jury Short List for Artprize $200,000 grand prize

One thing everyone should remember with the Ebola scare

How Corporate Executives Are Purchasing Our States—One Governership at a Time

Is there a master list of all the legislation that todays Repubs, under Obama,

Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back


Report IDs 'weaknesses' at nuclear weapons lab

This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees

"When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout."

A Coup In Camelot: A startling new investigation of America's most infamous cold case - coming soon

Netanyahu's message of unending war

same old, same old....

Where is El Supremo? No snarky comment? Just sayin.

St. Louis Rams Rumor: Team Reportedly Relocating To Los Angeles, Will Announce After Super Bowl

Scientists sneak Bob Dylan lyrics into articles as part of long-running bet

Thankfully I can skip tunes on Pandora!

Corcoran SHU Prisoners Start Hunger Strike for Decent Healthcare; Support Needed Now: Make Calls

Ebola Outbreak/Hunting Boko Haram Video ~56 mins

SF Giants rout Pirates in wild-card game; Crawford, Bumgarner star

And yet, somehow, the taxi drivers are not all dead.

How will the millions taken from PIMCO today be used? Will they be held? What do you think?

The fully-armed Carl Sagan ship!

CD-4 Debate, Meyers v Buck

Ouga Ouga Ouga Chaka. Ouga Ouga Ouga Chaka. Ouga Ouga Ouga Chaka.

I don't do this often, but I need

Kurdish Perspective: NO to Turkey´s ‘Buffer Zone’ in West Kurdistan!

I really had high hopes for "Scorpion".

Denying ISIL Legitimacy and the problem of Radical Returnees

Mr. Duncan knew he was exposed to Ebola. The more interesting question is

I saw this on a church sign today.

Dammit! If there is no chance of contagion why are they contacting passengers for the Dallas flight

Dallas Ebola patient vomited outside apartment on way to hospital

Why there’s no such thing as Islamic State (What's in a name) - Guardian

In for a penny in for a pound, Mary Burke

Ebola Victim's Nephew: I Had to Call CDC

This cartoon says it all.

Marathon Petroleum's Speedway closes on Hess deal

How America Helped ISIS (Prisons created radicalization) - NYT

Any DUers going to San Francisco's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass?

Jokes for Science Nerds

Throwback Thursday video

Beatles Humor...

China-Canada Investment Agreement Locks Canada into Legally Binding Terms

Do we have a Naomi Klein Group? If not, may we have one? Thanks. nt

Stoltenberg Takes Over at NATO With Conciliatory Tone Toward Russia

They definitely don't want us to vote. Cartoon. a good way.

Beijing Warns of ‘Chaos’ if Hong Kong Protests Persist

Boeing VP denounces tea party crazies

Prison bankers cash in on captive customers

Fraternity culture and college rape

NC charter school teachers can't get paid, can't get unemployment. State has no record of school.

After Censorship of History Course, Colorado Students & Teachers Give a Lesson in Civil Disobedience

So now we have the category of "gentle" rape?

I can has conquest?: Stalin kitteh rules with iron paws

University of Lausanne Study:Power Can Corrupt Even the Honest

Hello America, It's Me, Colorado

Yikes: Ebola Victim Thomas Eric Duncan's Nephew: I Had to Call CDC

Why are leaders corrupt?

Harvard Students Ask University to Cut Ties with Teach for America

Hello America, It's Me, Colorado

Report IDs 'Weaknesses' at Nuclear Weapons Lab

Bryan man gets six years for raping and impregnating teen

Subjective List: The Top Ten Universities in the World

Former Texas A&M student bans Muslims from her Arkansas gun range

Former Texas A&M student bans Muslims from her Arkansas gun range

Grand Prairie man sending $2.8 million worth of medicine to Liberia

Long Island High School Football Player Dies After On-Field Collision: Officials

John Wayne's heirs lose 'Duke' legal brawl

George Zimmerman not expected to face civil rights charges in Trayvon Martin death

Ebola outbreak: 'Five infected every hour' in Sierra Leone

Terror in Latin America and the Caribbean

Terror in Latin America and the Caribbean

It's time to shout stop on this war on the living world

Thank you!

Colombia prosecutors order arrest of 4 army commanders suspected of wiretapping peace talks

What 35,000 Walruses Forced to the Beach Tell Us About Global Warming

October 2

The 100th Monkey Effect?

Stop the Political Persecution of Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas Once and for All

Tribal Council members say spending on Taunton casino 'out of control'

American Food not actually that great

Three years later, Pentagon unit still hides Internet voting test results

ISIS Having Difficulty Finding American Recruits Physically Fit For Jihad

Massacre and State of Exception in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Double bombing kills at least 41 children at school in Syria

NPR First Listen: 'Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn' album

Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Three Years Without Trial

US army drops murder charges in slaying of Iraq boys

Bristol County beekeepers await answers as US, state officials look into drop in pollinators

Tab for trucks Pentagon doesn't need could top $100M

Bridgewater State kept two rapes secret

35,000 walruses chill on Alaska shore as ice melts

Lessons from French Morocco: “Fanaticism Anxiety” about Muslims has been with us since the Colonial

New Invented material can suck all the oxygen out of a room

Young ‘Chavista’ lawmaker Robert Serra killed in Venezuela

Young ‘Chavista’ lawmaker Robert Serra killed in Venezuela

Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobun da ze (The World Calls That Love)

Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobun da ze (The World Calls That Love)

Lockheed’s F-35 Stealth Fighter: A $1.5 Trillion Waste of Tax Dollars

Union Accuses Bravo of Unfair Labor Practice

ECB Under Further Pressure as Eurozone Producer Prices Fall

New Orleans Union Membership Set to Double After Hotel and Casino Workers Win

Thank You, Obama, for Joining the Coalition

Trump Entertainment Seeks Union Concessions: Bankruptcy

Vietnam eyes US weapons

A War of Many Years

Australian Power Company Caught Overcharging Customers to Make Up for Lost Revenue Due to Solar

Freelancers Union to stop offering health insurance

Check out what I found eyeing the Republican clown car:

Oil Companies Trying To Use Trade Treaty To Bypass Congress And Raise Prices

Fearing Terrorism, China Gives Rectal Exams to 10,000 Pigeons

We've Spent $1 Billion Bombing ISIS So Far...Are We Winning?

Ameren plans to replace 2 coal plants with gas, renewables

This Judge Sold Children To Private Prisons For Cash, He’s Going Down For 28 Years

An Actor On The Way To A Family Funeral Was Surprised By The Words The Policeman Screamed At Him

Michigan's child-care system is an utter disgrace — and it’s only getting worse

Fukai Mori

Fukai Mori

Dump Hope. It’s Time to Break the Trance!

Who's On First? The War of the Heads

Parnell waited years to take direct action on National Guard misconduct

Study quantifies a century of Yukon-Kuskokwim storm floods

Dance Fire

Next time someone claims he's gluten-intolerant...

The American Family Is a Myth: Why Our National Moral Panic Must Stop

Hightower: GOP Error Reveals Secret Corporate Donors

Why did Micro$oft announce Windows 9 and call it Windows 10?

DOD says it’s saving hundreds of millions of dollars because of joint basing; GAO remains unconvince

Prosecutor obsessed with jailing MN mom who treated son with marijuana oil to stop painful seizures

Madigan shortcomings cited in Pentagon review of patient safety

VA steers $3 million to Tacoma nonprofits helping homeless veterans

Soldier will face charges for alleged cover-up of Iraqi deaths

Portsmouth naval hospital flagged in DoD review

Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart! How to make WH safe. video

Independent study delves into why sailors leave service

Army general retired with demotion after allegation

Laura Ingraham and the people at Politico are idiots. Someone has already

How tone deaf, misogynist, just plain stupid can one Republican be?

Burger King, ex-soldier at odds over needle claim

U.S. Navy says crew member missing in Persian Gulf

300 restricted for nuke training lapses at naval shipyard

Cassetteboy - Cameron's Conference Speech

APK Android Hot Wheels® Showdown™

in dual dx's, drug abuse trtmt reduces violence more than trtmt of mental illness

Great songs you are simply sick of hearing?

Black Leaders: Eric Holder Had Our Back When No One Else Did

Rand Paul: What If The 3K Troops Obama Sent To Africa All Catch Ebola?

Bach: IOC will not reopen 2022 Olympic bid race

Our Overeducated Workforce: Who Benefits?

Risky retirement investing: Thrill is gone

A Giant Friendship -- one of the best broadcast duos in baseball

Miramar colonel under review for affair

Jimmy Carter's Butterfly Garden - what a birthday celebration

Wind power under scrutiny

Dear White Racists...

Greenland calls for early elections next month

Oil, rail industries want 7 years to fix tank cars

An Anti-Gay Marriage Group’s Big GOP Target

Texas GOP Lawmaker Compares 'Spiritual Battle' Against Religion To Holocaust

Now This is a frightening Toon

PA State Trooper shot, killed by another Trooper during firearms training

What the Cree Knew

To sit or separate?

Judge: VA botched handling of suicidal Marine

Texas Officials Say 80 People May Have Been Exposed To Ebola Patient: Report

I had read on the DisC. last night, some guy who had accused Obama of "grabbing guns."

6 implicated in National Guard bribery scheme

Stockton bankruptcy ruling a blow to pensions

Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back

TASS takes Russia's oldest news service back to the U.S.S.R.

Ukraine cease-fire unraveling; 11 killed at schoolyard and bus stop

Anyone else who was around back in 1980 during the first AIDS crisis having deja vu now

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Patient isolated in Honolulu hospital as officials say Ebola case possible

Deal gives U.S. 2 more years to train Afghan troops, conduct strikes

"Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top."

Jane Goodall On The Importance Of Empathy In Science

Could You Live In A Zoo? Hong Kong's Cage Dwellers

Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama's Campaign Schedule

War: Is Instability the Goal?

Re: Hong Kong.. Anyone here NOT see this coming?

What laws of war? We do what we want!: Obama Admits US Bombing Attacks in Syria Pay Little Heed to P

Russia halts Student Exchange program due to LGBT Bigotry. Student ended up in LGBT household

Anyone following the Asian Games?

xpost from GD: Russia halts Student Exchange program due to LGBT Bigotry

ER care and foreign travelers: for comparison:

Thom Hartmann: The Kings Have Spoken On Voting

Pelosi: Dems will take Congress, WH in '16

Hong Kong Citizens Lose Voting Rights and Protest. Ohio Citizens Lose Voting Rights and Yawn.

Stephen Colbert: Everyone On Bill O'Reilly's Show Thinks He's 'Insane'

Thom Hartmann: Why the Web of Life is Dying…

1st cabinet meeting of unity govt to be held in Gaza after Eid

Man in U.S. With Ebola Had Been Screened to Fly, but System Is Spotty

Tab for trucks Pentagon doesn't need could top $100M

DoD IG Criticizes Air Force Reaper Buy

World's Greatest Drag Race 4!

USA Go Home: ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Now Opposing US Airstrikes In Syria

Majority Say Brennan Violated Checks and Balances, and Must Go

Is there anything besides ebola going on in the world?

Unusual Structure off Coast of Malibu

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 2, 2014

85% RN's say their hospital has not provided education on Ebola

Supreme Court asked to block Wisconsin voter Iaw (Breaking)

South America: Ancient man living at 4,500 meters 12,400 years ago

We need to change this policy(law).

Open Letter on Censorship and Google

Amy Goodman: A Force More Powerful in Jefferson County, Colo.

Honus Wagner never did it. Neither did Lou Boudreau, Alan Trammell, Cal Ripken, Jr. or Derek Jeter.

Palestinians with three explosives caught at Tapuach junction

Friends from San Diego have just cancelled their visit to Dallas this weekend! Yes..Ebola

First floating solar farm in UK comes to life in Berkshire

Hospitalized for 9 days, teen charged with assault after 4 anti-gay students beat him

University of Virginia student health plan to allow same-sex spouse benefits

Never mind--figured it out.

Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US

Moon's hidden valley system revealed (BBC)

The Thousand Ship Navy

'Hairy crab' threat to Scottish fish (BBC) {invasive species}

Lehigh Valley Express-Times endorses Republican who co-sponsored forced ultrasound bill

Democrats buy a TV edge in Georgia races for U.S. Senate, governor

Repairing Sandy Damaged Rail Tunnels Could Snarl Commute for Years

Airlines face Ebola fallout

Every GOP Vote Is A Vote For National Suicide Economically & Politically & Culturally.

Folks! It's just Ebola! Now , if it were the STRAIN, then I could understand the

Does job success depend on data rather than your CV? (BBC)

Supreme Court Puts Off Action On Same-Sex Marriage

Long, positive article about Kerry as Secretary of State

Your nose knows death is imminent Losing the sense of smell predicts death within five years,

Israel settlers enter into S. Hebron Hills Palestinian village escorted by army

As a nurse myself, the "nurse didn't pass the Liberia information along" blame bothers me

Fearing Ebola, Israel will not send medical teams to Africa

Kobach Surrenders: Ballots Will Be Printed With No Dem Senate Nominee

Mesmerizing close-up video of Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano erupting

5 Disturbing Ways The Koch Brothers Made Billions

Who is watching The Strain?

Do not walk in the dark and fear of tomorrow..

Trying to eliminate protest and civil disobedience from the history books?

Watch Live debate on Marijuana legalization. Morgan v. Pollara

Severe and chronic understaffing will be the death of us.

DSCOVR/Triana/Goresat Is Ready For January Launch

Japan stocks rattled by $617bn 'fat finger' trading error

There is a huge gender gap in this year's elections and.its widening

Suggestions, please.

Pic Of The Moment: Tom Corbett Touts His Administration's Jobs Gateway Website

Goodbye to the Last of Syria’s Good Guys

Unpatchable Malware That Infects USBs Is Now on the Loose

Obamacare's First Year: How'd It Go?

Allison Grimes ahead of McTurtle 42% vs.40% from her internal polling

The Next Nine Years by Linda Greenhouse

Propagunda vs Truth

SCOTUS is about to do to fair housing what it did to voting rights.

The Secret Service and the Cop Mentality

Looked up Domestic Extremist in the Dictionary

Sulphur crested cockatoos build meter-long nest

US is Hoarding Nuclear Weapons for a Real 'Armageddon'

Hong Kong Chief Executive says will not resign

Venezuela’s Surreal Prices .

What exactly not to do on a date:

George W. Bush Thinks His Brother, Jeb, Wants to Be President

October 1, 1975

Ex-Secret Service Director: Agency Needs To Be 'More Like Disney World'

"Cincinnati" Bill

Did anyone watch "Stalker"?

Charter schools, civil rights and the theft of education funds

After federal suit against Nebraska banking officials fails, Tea Party activist seeks firings

I knew that MI Republicans were despicable, but this takes the cake:

The Rude Pundit: Louisiana's Landrieu May Lose to a Goddamned Liar

The best Pirate player last night:

Another reason to hate Wal-Mart

Workers in Part-Time Limbo Point to U.S. Job-Market Slack

Corporate U.S. Healthiest in Decades Under Obama With Lower Debt

So right now the red flag for Ebola is travel to W. Africa

Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing

April 2014: Only 1 case of Ebola in Liberia. Experts say risk of spread is "very low."

If Rick Perry had accepted Medicaid Expansion would the Ebola patient have been sent home?

This is beyond disgusting

Ebola Patient's Partner Quarantined In Apartment With Family Members

Liberia will prosecute Duncan for lying on his travel form.

War Severs Ukraine’s Industrial Arteries as Economy Sinks

Bill O'Reilly makes a total ass of himself once again...

The Pig Farms May Be Gone....

Turkey approves military operations in Iraq, Syria

Ted Nugent unloads on African-American “thugs” in horribly racist column about Ferguson (Salon)

Tom Hill - running for NC's 11th Congressional district

Bush blames Obama for Bush's decision to pull out of Iraq? wtf?

Unarmed Man Killed by Stray NYPD bullet In Stabbing Confrontation

Texas Ebola relatives now officially quarantined. Up to 100 Duncan contacts being investigated.

Family of Texas Ebola patient ordered to stay home, comply with blood tests

After U.S. Sanctions & Wars Tore Iraq Apart, Can American-Led Strikes Be Expected to Save It?

Are You Sitting on a Cancer-Causing Couch?

More messages of: Men are filled with evil, cause Testosterone!

Surprise! Jeb Bush Wins New Backer: George P. Bush

What are the chances of an Orioles/Nationals Battle of the Beltways Series?

Walmart, Don't Make Your Workers Pay for Uniforms! (E action)

Why Getting Higher Education is a Mistake

The great charter school rip-off: Finally, the truth catches up to education “reform” phonies

Ebola: hospitals have still NOT solved the dangerous medical waste problem.

Cost of living Caracas

It figures, the day I forget my camera

'Left Behind': Film Review

Will GOP Extremists Be Able to Dislodge Boehner From The Speaker's Chair?

Liberia to Prosecute Man Who Brought Ebola to US

Congress Cut $8.7 Billion in Food Stamps in Same Year We’ll Spend $22 Billion to Fight Islamic State

Your an idiot....

A man was dining alone in a fancy restaurant and there was a gorgeous redhead at the next table...

Islamic State Fighting on Edge of Kobani--Monitoring Group


"A Social Worker Advised Me to Have a Baby if I Wanted Public Money"

Our Sheba by Logan and Brady

Road Hazard: Recalled But Not Repaired

It's alive, Alive!

I'm Currently Listening To President Obama's Speech At Northwestern Univ.......

California to Require Breastfeeding Rooms at Airports

1 more day to enter the summer contest

Muslim NFL player penalized for praying after touchdown

Analysis of what really happened with PA. education funding

Papantonio: Step Up To Save The Planet

Interesting paper towel design...

And then there's this . . .

I am starting to wonder about Vice President Biden's security

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Millions of Jobs!!!

Fracking water tanker wrecks historic Pennsylvania bridge

Tweet about Elizabeth Warren...

Woman, 90, locked officer in basement, settles with police

Distraction: Cat walks dog

President Obama is doing it again..

Scum of the earth shoots parrot

Heroin deaths double after painkiller crackdown

'He Cried And Begged His Father, "Don't Do It, Daddy. Don't Shoot Mommy." My Son Said That.'

Just got a push poll type callfrom the Ernst campaign

Parents Face Backlash After Changing Baby's Diaper On Chipotle Dining Table

Abruzzo Resigns as DEP Secretary

this cholangiocarcinoma

GOP Bible:

Foot, meet Mouth. Again.

Ebola : The Global Crisis in Dallas -Charlie Rose

"Kids for Cash"

Uncovering a key ingredient in perfume: whale poop

Fracking claims another victim

Tim Hudson on Nationals-Giants--->

What would happen to the Earth if humans became extinct?

Incomes are much lower than you think

Florida semi driver with naked female passenger rear-ends school bus

Obama Admin Argues Against Considering Climate Change For Energy Projects

Would it possible or reasonable to make a slight modification to the TOS?

Debates announced for 1st Congressional District race

Seahawks' Russell Wilson: 'There’s no excuse for violence off the field'

Days later, officials preparing to clean inside the apartment where Ebola relatives are confined.

Cool: Obama gives Indian PM Modi a rare book as a state gift

New PPP poll indicates that Dems should invest in SD Senate race...

Putin Supports Project to ‘Secure’ Russia Internet

Corporate Tax Reform

There are only 2 planes in the US with the isolation capability for the Ebola virus.

If only ...

GOP to women: elections are like shopping for wedding dresses

A Dictionary Reference to the War on ISIS

New map uncovers thousands of unseen seamounts on ocean floor

Tornadoes in Missouri and Iowa Look out Southern states

Secret Service agent leaked Obama's schedule trying to hook up with Romney staffer

Did you know October is LGBT History month?

In my best taterguy voice, "Best marching song about a newspaper, I'll start."

Terrorism Alert - Poison Gas Threat

Do Republicans support the "common good"?

Were you aware that October is LGBT History month?

Can democracy work in an egocentric society?

Elizabeth Warren Is Now a Jeopardy! Category

PSC orders Duke to refund to customers $54 million for nuclear plant equipment that was never produc

How to solve the NFL and NBA's "bad boy" problem

Godiva The Landmine Detection Rat

Thom Hartmann: Why Michael Savage Freaks Out About Ebola

Abbott Launched An Ad About Wendy Davis Using Her Senate Vote Unethically Even though

Conflict of interest concerns over EDF’s Hinkley nuclear project approval

Thom Hartmann: How important is Reagan's 1981 executive order for NSA spying programs?

Elizabeth Warren Is Now a Jeopardy Category ...

Ebola Freakouts!

Ebola infecting five new people every hour in Sierra Leone, figures show

October 2 -- Happy birthday to: Mahatma Gandhi (1869) and Groucho Marx (1890)

The Similarities Between Mitch and Mitt

Why Women Are Democrats' Last Best Hope to Salvage the Senate

400 more Colombia state agents charged with extrajudicial killings within last year

400 more Colombia state agents charged with extrajudicial killings within last year

The Olympics Desperately Needed Oslo To Host The 2022 Games, And The IOC Is Outraged They Pulled Out

Journalist’s father dies following harassment by Franco-Israeli hacker

The College Republican National Committee thinks this video is a neat-o way to reach women voters.

Colombia worst place to be a journalist after Mexico

Ronald Reagan showing off his tighty whities.

JPMorgan Says Data Breach Affected 76 Million Households

Wisconsin: How many Governors does it take to screw a light bulb user?

Politico: Is Obama’s assassination is the only thing that can save the Secret Service?

North Colombia victims to flee again after return of death threats force

Koch Group In Hot Water Over Misleading Voters With Mailers

Hello there, everybody.

Justice Antonin Scalia: Constitution allows religion to be favored over secularism

St. Louis Metro workers declare victory, secure agreement preserving retirement security

"Meet the (Fascist appointed) IOC, Ideal Candidates for a Perp Walk"

Delay In Dallas Ebola Cleanup- WORKERS BALKING AT TASK

Uribe called to trial for accusing TV network of being terrorism facilitators

Is flying when you know you've been exposed to ebola any different than

California Teens Arrested in 920 Chicken Deaths

Corrupt Politicians

From a friend. If you can help, let me know.

weird, isn't it? Shortly before a HUGE scandal implodes, organizations appoint women

35% of Colombia prisoners not convicted of crime

Paper or plastic?

Hawaiian patient does NOT have Ebola. Possible Utah patient still being tested.

Where has our country improved since 1980??

Nice One, Mr. President!

Tumblr Penalizes Woman for Doxxing Creep Who Issued Rape Threat NSFW

Kennett (PA) Democrats Facebook page hacked

Take the UK citizenship test

Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros: Africans Infected w/Ebola Might “Seek Treatment From A Witch Doctor”

They're finally cleaning up the vomit

Paula Deen Hopes Mentoring 100 Black Youth Will Get People To Like Her Again

WAMU 88.5 Hosts D.C. Mayoral Candidate Debate Live in Studio 1

The tragic similarity between many people in ebola areas and tea partiers and climate deniers.

Curious Baby Owls Investigate a Camera Left Near Their Nest, Cuteness Ensues

Starting to wonder if Texas is any more competent than Africa in dealing with ebola!

Ebola is less contagious than the flu. Fact.

The Destruction of Mecca

When the nephew called the CDC about Mr. Duncan, and the CDC told him how to proceed,

Fairytales and Rumors of Fairytales.................

"Air Monitoring Not Something We Typically Do"

Fine, I'll say it - Ebola guy in TX is a fucking asshole.

Tucker Carlson: Maybe Fans Of 'Say Yes To The Dress' TV Show Shouldn't Vote

Necessary, Yes..but.. North Carolina & Texas working to produce EBOLA Drug ZMAPP

SO...NOW they are after Our STUDENTS being TAUGHT REAL U.S. History! RW MONEY BAGS RULE!

Former Kansas Senator Says FBI Actively Investigating Brownback Ally

Tom and Jerry cartoons carry racism warning (BBC)

Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing

Actual given name

Cuban Exile Militant Claims CIA Meeting With Oswald Before JFK Killing

Long Gen. Wesley Clark's New Book, Short The Yen.

A boy, his dog and atheism: Weingarten talks about new children’s book

70% of inmates in Venezuela havne't been formally charged

Three US student footballers die in a week (BBC)

Appeals court lets Texas enforce law that restricts abortions

Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.10 Beta 2

Supreme court to rule on Abercrombie & Fitch 'religious bias' over hijab

Hong Kong leader's daughter shows Palin levels of entitlement and lack of tact


Google Threatened With $100 Million Lawsuit Over Hacked Celebrity Photos

Rosetta: Date fixed for historic comet landing attempt (BBC)

Colorado judge: State political parties can form Super PACs

Despite our differences, we are one holy, Catholic, dysfunctional family

Who, besides the President, is guarded by the Secret Service and have they

“The war on drugs is not our war”

Novel antibiotic class created (BBC)

Court allows Texas's tough new abortion regulations to take effect.

2024: Barack Obama on the F train to Brooklyn.

MADE in the USA clothing sale 25% off

Liberia signs 'transformational' deal to stem deforestation (BBC)

Ted Nugent Slams 'Ferguson Thugs' And The 'Plague Of Black Violence'

Protest halts Nasa spaceflight plans (BBC) {contract dispute}

In Africa, big plans for bamboo bikes (BBC)

BREAKING: Court Allows Texas To Enforce Abortion Restrictions. Most Abortion Clinics Will Close Down

How a Blonde Tattooed Texas Girl Became an ISIS Twitter Star

Tell FWS Director Dan Ashe to Respect Science and Protect Wolverines

Reddit Group Says Raping Women Is Morally Justifiable,Corrects Feminist Behavior.

Council builds West Bank bypass on Palestinian-owned land, for Israelis only

Washington beats the Giants!

Alison Grimes tells 'Nuns on the Bus' she would 'take them any day over the Koch brothers'

Ain't no sutcha thing as "American cuisine".

Doggy rescued from hot tar pit in India

Eyeing 2016, Clinton calls for female empowerment

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