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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 October 2014

Lemme try to explain the distinction between "reality=based" and "pragmatic"

October 26, 1905

Just voted.... Had a discussion...

"Just because an old prune is wrinkled . . .

Fuckie Todd and NBC deliberately let ReTHUGs continue to run that disgusting

Gov Cuomo clarifying Ebola protocol: 21 day home isolation, not institutional

Let me show you something...

Mother wins right to end disabled daughter's life

13 Europe banks flunk test, must find 10B euros

ReTHUGs know more than scientists, teachers, doctors

WTF ...179

Middle Eastern leader blasts israel as "sick society"

What's behind boom in Indiana union assets?

What's behind boom in Indiana union assets?

PBS Newshour: Nigerian schoolgirls remain in captivity

It's over.

Man Who Smashed Oklahoma 10 Commandments Monument Says Devil Made Him Do It

Actress Marcia Strassman Dead at 66: Starred In ‘Welcome Back, Kotter,’ ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’

Book features photos taken by pets worldwide

WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

Attorney: NFL, Ravens not helping union Rice probe


Peace Prize Laureates Urge Disclosure on U.S. Torture

Cardinals OF Taveras killed in crash

Trammell supports compromise in congressional bid.

gratuitous kitteh pic - my cat is so effing cute edition

Dilma Rousseff is reelected president of Brazil in bitterly fought runoff

Op Ed: Ebola City: Why New York Can Handle It

RIP Oscar Taveras

Survey: Gas prices drop 18 cents in 2 weeks

Oscar Taveras Dies In Car Accident

FoxTV Anthem Screw-up - Tea Bagger with 'Don't Tread on Me' Tattoo on his neck? Hmmmm

This is what I think will happen in regards to the Senate

"Trickle Up" ~ Major Corporations Losing Money Out the Wazoo

Breaking News Consumer Handbook - Infectious Disease Edition

While blistering Obama, Christie praises George W. Bush’s leadership

Billie Holiday

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

If there is a god, god bless nurses who come back to America to live in tents.

How can this be true? Texas made up 43% of total gain in jobs in the country?

See? I told you so. By not letting NSA proceed with the implants, how will we ever track Ebola?

Nurse plans to sue over Ebola quarantine

Link to interactive graphic: geography of mental illness and mental health service by state

"Economy on track for best growth in nine years"

Saw an ad for Dannel Malloy during the World Series

There was a gun in my house

Watch the ACLU video and sign on...

"The Democratic Panic"

"Should the Poor Be Allowed to Vote?"

Roy Cho for Congress in the fifth district: Editorial

Does the 4th amendment protect you from surveillance or the results of surveillance?

Full Time Life Sustaining Jobs Disappearing. Job Searchers Reduced To Begging Anymore.

Ottawa shooting: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau made video, police say

non-citizen voting


I BLAME OBAMA! 2nd Edition for the BOG!

LMAO - Monster Mash 2014 Edition

Oh wow. How many of these movies will you admit to seeing? 100 "best" B's of all time

Rifle-Toting Huey P. Newton Gun Club Delivers Report on Police Shootings to Feds

Nurse in NJ quarantine has no shower, little furniture and a portapotty

Four World Series career starts, 31 innings, 0.29 ERA

Pumpkin-Gate: Old Story Destroys Obama!

Portman To Chuck Todd: Even You Said Grimes 'Disqualified Herself'

Volunteering in Guatemala: A Life-changing Experience

CERN is Asking for Your Help in Figuring Out What These Archive Photos Show

Georgia Senate Candidate David Perdue Wants To 'Prosecute' Democrats

SF Giants a win away from championship after Bumgarner gem

Colo. GOP state Senate candidates caught using doctored photo, stolen logo

The economic consequences of a Republican Senate

"Can Ferguson Swing the Election?"

Vladimir Putin's Tangled Stance on Israel

Could someone give me those great graphs of Republican vs. Democratic spending?

Senate Battle Looks As Competitive As Ever, But GOP Holds The Edge

Kobane Diary: 4 Days Inside the City Fighting an Unprecedented Resistance Against ISIS

Happy Halloween

Goldman Cuts Brent and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Forecast By $15 For 2015

Why is the Obama administration siding with meat packers over the rights of U.S. consumers . . .

The Bolshevik Who Thinks ‘The Nation’ Is Too Left Wing

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 28: Horror Anthologies

Under Pressure, Cuomo Says Ebola Quarantines Can Be Spent at Home

Renee Zellweger's Face: What Should We Think? Russell Brand

Music For The Soul - Xavier Rudd - Come Let Go - Follow The Sun

Recommended new MLB rule for the 2015 season

Gia Soriano, wounded in WA school shooting, has died

My favorite Halloween-time story will always be the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Vote Early. Vote Often. Let's get the dead people to vote.

Tunisia: Women's rights fail reality check despite advanced laws that promote equality and freedom

Let's list some questions we'd like Christie to answer at his next Ebola press conf.

'It was a fight over a girl': Washington school shooter targeted girl who rejected him

Women's rights groups hail conviction of Afghan cleric in young girl's rape as a watershed moment

Gunman in Canada Attack Prepared Video of Himself

Star-Ledger endorses Roy Cho for Congress in the fifth district

Man drops cigarette, runs over own head

How A South Dakota County Is Suppressing The Native American Vote

ECB's vicious cycle mechanism

Gustavus Adolphus, you *&#$ing #*$hole!

Chuck Todd's journalistic fail comes back to bite him (VIDEO)

Photo of the Day

Ebola- the latest from the Pebtagon

October 27

Why People Vote Republican

Senator says he'll 'get to the bottom' of vehicle-shipping problems

Coral Reefs Bring US and Cuban Experts Together

Coral Reefs Bring US and Cuban Experts Together

Alaskan voters angered about letters revealing voting records of friends and neighbors and

Washington School Shooter Joins Long List of Killers Seeking Vengeance Against Women

Muriel Volestrangler: Exit polls: Uruguay's presidential election goes to run-off

Senator McCain Calls Admiral an "Idiot" – Why Do Media Promote That?

Buy Union-made Candy For Halloween. Here's a List.

Guess what's this is all about:

Gay marriage won't go direct to Fla. Supreme Court

Navy falls behind on maintenance, deployments

Prisoner death rate in Massachusetts jails tops national average

Veterans group highlights issues for November midterms

I think I will buy this book tommorrow

'60 Minutes' Just Broke New Details On The Dallas Ebola Case. Here's What They Revealed.

Hungarians stage Budapest protest against internet tax

The Boston Globe has endorsed Baker.

Morning Joke just said "I LOVE JEB BUSH" twice in a 60-second span

Obama taking action to push manufacturing

Homeowner in rich neighborhood tired of passing out candy to ‘poor kids’

My son told me that he would not vote

Study: Fear of Ebola Highest Among People

NYC boy being observed for possible Ebola symptoms

Yes...yet another thread about Ebola....

At the risk of repeating myself: go see "Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain" when it hits your area

The Stark Facts of Global Greed, a Disease as Challenging as Climate Change

9 Events Which Created the Environment for America's Emerging Police State

FiveThirtyEight looks at Ebola's 21-day incubation, critiques study suggesting longer incubation

Would you be more inclined to vote for someone that agrees with you on 100% of the issues?

Suspected Burglar Calls Tulsa Locksmith For Help

Meme of the Week - October 27th

Pigeon shoot bill got buried by frightened PA legislators - Columnist Bill White

Jamie Dimon: U.S. Must Create a “Safe Harbor” Where JPM’s Corruption Is Not “Punished”

1 Month+ Before Summer, Australia Breaks All-Time October Heat Record Going Back To 1910

Climate Denialist Patrick Moore Visits Amherst, Compares Students To The Taliban

CBC fires Jian Ghomeshi over sex allegations (host of NPR's "Q")

No negatives! My stepdaughter and her guy and my grandson came over yesterday.

The EPIC Of GILGAMESH ~ Audiobook and study pages

You can lead a person to a ballot but you can't make them vote.

A simple and smart way to fix climate change

The BOSTON GLOBE endorses Baker for Governor. WTF

David Cameron shoved by protester in Leeds

Toon: What if the Rapture actually happened?

All Mine!

Halloween Comes Early This Year...

Cuban doctor dies of malaria in Africa

Support Your Local Foodbanks and Soup Kitchens

Campaign Interception: GOP Blasts Dems for Threatening Social Security

Halloween came early this year..

Yes. This is how racism begins. Parents passing on their hate to their children

Dear Mom, I Am an Atheist for Good

How Boston is rethinking its relationship with the sea

At 85, ‘rebellious’ Lebanese matriarch embraces chosen life in America

US Embassy in Moscow Faces Cold War-Era Harassment

Summit on racial issues to be held next month

Rauner shows solidarity with Brooks after alleged threats

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Elections

Martin Sheen makes ad for Alison Grimes.

Monday Toon Roundup 2-Ebola and Other Diseases

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Cuban doctors won't be repatriated if they are infected with ebola

That’s Not My Wife: Alleged Drunk Winds Up in Wrong House—and Bed

Eugene Delgaudio Joins White Supremacist Opponent of Public Education in Filing Amicus Curiae

KRUGMAN: Our Inability To Invest "Reflects Destructive Ideology That Has Taken Over Republican Party

BREAKING: Christie just backed down: will allow home isolation "if CDC approves policy"

And they wonder why people are afraid.....

Nurse in Newark to Be Allowed to Finish Ebola Quarantine at Home, Christie Says

Jim Carrey spoofs Matthew Mcconaughey’s Lincoln commercials

CNN Host Hits Megyn Kelly's Ebola Hysteria: "Spencer did not have a 103 fever, he had a 100.3 fever"

Revolting times: Our ruling class needs to pay heed to its fed-up subjects now

Colors Of Virginia

9 Places That Will Freak You Out

The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ‘45’

Bumgarner takes ownership of World Series

... It Doesn't Work Without You!

TOM TOMORROW: Other Dangerous Epidemics in America!

I support everyone's troops

F.R.:"#Ebola Nurse Complaining About Quarantine is Left-Wing Democrat, CDC Employee"

Dead babies near oil drilling sites raise questions for researchers

What's Next? Ebola Colonies?

Mean spirited question posted on 'Dear Prudence' that elicited the perfect response ..

NJ releasing quarantined nurse

Top Methodist Court Officially Reinstates Pastor Defrocked For Officiating Son’s Gay Wedding

First 'big heat event' melts Australian temperature records

U.S. paying to upgrade TV sports coverage in Afghanistan

Rapture of the derp...

Chiropractic manual from the 50's is still relevant.

How Smart Is President Obama? Very Smart.

Dr. Gavin MacGregor-Skinner is now encouraging his colleagues to lie about being in Ebola hotzones

Remember in the 80's when Haitians were not allowed to donate blood? It sure sounds similar to how

Now even the Secret Service dismisses the rights of citizens

I was going to post pictures of today's trip to the park.

International Forum on Globilization--"Techno-Utopianism & The Fate of The Earth"

I think Ca and Kansas pretty much highlight the two parties

The Japanese had comfortable accomodations in the internment camps, too.

Medical mystery: Iowa boy, 12, has no urge to eat, drink

Charles Barkley rants about Russell Wilson being called ‘not black enough’

Shit. New Poll Gives Maine’s Governor a Commanding Lead

Is this ad playing in Kentucky

Rocket Launch From NASA's Wallops May Be Visible In Mid-Atlantic

Rocket Launch From NASA's Wallops May Be Visible In D.C.

My laptop w Windows 7 is operating very slow.

Peekaboo, I See You: Government Authority Intended for Terrorism is Used for Other Purposes

Escaping Boko Haram: How three Nigeria girls found safety

A Few Good Trolls

Taxpayers may be spending $1 billion to reward Steve Ballmer for buying a sports team.

Do guns kill more people than ebola?

Gun Control Rally Planned For Kroger Annual Meeting

Heard on the Joe Madison show that over 7 million people have voted early so far

Quarantined Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox to Be Released by New Jersey

US pending home sales rise modestly in September

Need help identifying a punk/feminist poet

South Korean prosecutors seek death penalty in ferry trial

Ancient gladiators drank a tangy "sports drink"

SNL - Lincoln commercials

Third Student from Washington State School shooting dies

The Toxic Legacy of Ronald Reagan and his "Time for Choosing" Speech 50 Years Ago Today

(Australia) Federal Government to stop processing visa applications from countries affected by Ebola

"Plague Ship": Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Charles P. Pierce

HuffPo: Quarantined nurse filing federal lawsuit challenging confinement

Cerberus said it would stay out of the gun debate and sell their gun manufacturers. They lied.

I don't get why the shooter is being portrayed as a "happy kid." His twitter says otherwise.

No need to worry about Ebola. Homeopaths are on the case!

My new book cover! Protector of the Alpha

It seems at times some of the people who accuse Bill Maher of broad brushing Islam are the same...

Sundance Doc Club in celebration of Citizenfour, is showing Poitras's My Country, My Country

Pic Of The Moment: Kentucky Newspapers Endorse Grimes

Elizabeth Warren strongly endorses Martha Coakley -- great video!

Homelessness In The World’s Largest City Just Hit A Record Low

WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

WOW !! I didn't see any announcement about this ... am I the only one that missed it ?

Without Borowitz we would not know this: Chris Christie was sworn in as medical doctor

South Korea to seek death penalty for ferry boat captain

Oil slips below $80, energy stocks fall

Mary Burke seeks to broker 'an end to divisiveness': Scroll down>Scott Walker and Mary Burke on the

Fellow Nobel Peace Laureates to Obama: Stain of US Torture Your Job to Repair

WOO HOO! The latest NYT/CBS/YouGov Poll shows Schauer leading The Dictator

If Solar was subsidized like Fossil fuels

"Pink Mimosa"

A Monday glide, on the river.

Re: Ebola Panic: "Hello, remain indoors, and welcome!"

Well, you just know it had to happen

Grace: Dog trained in prison offers solace for girl with disabilities

Good old cost-cutters, not even the Ebola virus can deter them.

Our Planet's Primal Scream -- Is Anyone Listening?

Democrats Seem Poised to Pick Up a Few Governor’s Seats.

Boosting Biogasoline Production in Microbes

Army troops isolated after Africa duty tour

Why cats aren't Republicans

How Rich Are the 400 Richest Americans?

Heh. A winger reaches out with his bony hand from the very grave to Attack Shaheen In NH Senate Race

Here is a little video clip of my friend Chef François on Guy's Grocery Games last night.

LAX flight delayed three hours because of WiFi hotspot name 'Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork'

Georgia GOP candidate, pastor Jody Hice: Penn State abuse due to church-state separation

Georgia GOP'er Jodi Hice says Separation of Curch And State caused Penn State abuse scandal

Derp Singularity, Observed in UK

Laura Ingraham lies about Obama again...

Anita Sarkeesian points out an obvious and undeniable truth, receives death threats.

Hillary is right. Businesses don't create jobs.

Reforming pot laws is a "liberal plot!"

Comforting the NSA and Afflicting Its Dissenters

Fast food jobs in Denmark pay living wage

Surprising late rose!

IRS seizes woman's entire savings because she deposits less than $10,000 at a time

Late rose today

I probably already know the answer....

What's a Dad to Do When His Daughter Wants to Dress Up as Han Solo for Halloween?

Employees of DEP-certified lab conspired to violate Clean Water Act

Tiny Virginia college preps for big-stage debate.

This cartoon character look familiar?

Texas Election Judge Had To Turn Away 93-Year-Old Veteran Due To Strict Voter ID Law

Larry Klayman is revolting!

You Can Still Eat This Corgi In Pennsylvania, Thanks To The NRA

Illegal mining is destroying Canaima National Park (Spanish)

Big Retailer's New Clunky Attempt To Kill Apple Pay And Credit Card Fees

‘Religion more likely to result in conflicts than in peace’

A complete surprise to me...........

Ever wonder what could be worse than a colonoscopy?

David Perdue also proud that 'less than 2,000' women sued his company for pay discrimination

Religion’s role in state affairs

The Road to Dystopia


It's here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MrScorpio! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pat Robertson: Oil Investments Are Biblical Because They Dont Send ‘Condoms Through Pipelines'

Mitch McConnell finally confirms he wants to repeal health insurance for 500,000 Kentuckians

Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie’ Is a Privacy-Killing Machine (My ATT phone doing it too!)

Unique Galaxy Shows a Stellar 'Circle of Life'

Upside of Affordable Care Act: Health care costs down Savings estimated in billions of dollars

What's in your fantasy garden?

Grandmother gets punked by Ultrasound Technician

Pap and Sam: Democrats VS. Republicans

The middle-income jobs lost from 2008 to 2010 have been replaced by low-wage jobs.

Judge Says Donald Trump’s University Is Fake

They got ole Lumpy! Florida Man catches alligator with tackle material.

Walmart's Website Features a Section of 'Fat Girl Costumes'

RICH: Yacht Big Enough To Play Basketball-If A Ball Bounces Over Rail-A Powerboat Will Retrieve It.

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Duh) On Unfilled Jobs: Businesses Can't Find Enough 'Sober,' 'Drug-Free' Workers

Mexican citizen, Dr Fuentes has her own murder posted on her Twitter account

"At this point it is like watching I Love Lucy reruns over and over again."

Prosecutors To Appeal Oscar Pistorius Judgment, Sentence

Christie-Cuomo 2016

CA17: Honda blasts firm fined for wage theft

Orbital Antares 'Go' For Today's Launch to Station

Aw, poor Sam "Justice Alito Denied Brunch By Hostess Who Didn't Recognize Him"

State police using helium balloon to find accused cop killer

Liar liar pants on fire (Gov Christie)

(VIDEO) Okay, I've seen crazy but this cranks it to 11...

My four year old got us tickets to see Biden today.

So who thinks that only about 1,000 Nazis were "employed" here? There were many more than that.

The Mission’s Lexington Club announces closure, cites ‘a neighborhood that has dramatically changed’

Papantonio: Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption

Stay-at-Home Mom Facing Divorce? Don't Expect Alimony - Forbes article

Catching some rays.

(Possible spoiler)Anyone else underwhelmed by Boardwalk Empire's finale?

How far they've fallen...

Nobel Peace Prize Winners to Obama: Release the CIA Torture Report

Preliminary Counts Show Secular Party Leading in Tunisian Parliamentary Vote

Benedict Cumberbach to Play Dr. Strange

DUers where can I find a link that shows the educational background of

This is the way a Democrat fires up a crowd!

America's No. 1 airborne killer....

I can't wait until November 5th!

I was "warned" today. IE: Voting

Berkeley Students Call On University To Cancel Speech By ‘Bigot and Racist’ Bill Maher

Where did the Deepwater Horizon oil go? To Davy Jones' Locker at the bottom of the sea

"Chris Christie is everything Obama is not" Jennifer Rubin

Anyone seen 'Fury' yet?

The Myth of the Free Press (Chris Hedges)

Happy Birthday Dylan Thomas

How Daniel Coronell became one of Alvaro Uribe’s biggest headaches

APNewsBreak: Poland to move 1,000s of troops east

Ultra-nationalists are big losers in Ukrainian parliamentary elections

The Berkekely-Maher controversy

Apple CEO challenges home state on LGBT rights

Official: Unilateral Israeli actions will lead to 'explosion'

Harvard Study: More guns == more gun violence and more homicide.

Harvard Study: More guns == more gun violence and more homicide.

Some of the Atheists Who Mock Christians Believe in Ghosts

Poll: Only 6 percent of hospitals well prepared for Ebola.

Pentagon Report: Climate Change Immediate Threat To US Security- Emily Atkin Discusses

Religious leaders seek clemency for Missouri man set for execution Wednesday

A magician and his apprentice making planets, asteroids and comets.

WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

Utah man shot and killed by SWAT team after calling suicide hotline

The Chicken Little Ebola Club Med

Not Your Mascot protest Nov 2

Dilma Rousseff pledges unity after narrow Brazil election victory

Guitarists: Recommend a looper?

Biden in Iowa: 'Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play'

Question for dog owners

Palestinian prime minister pays rare visit to Temple Mount

David Corn: How a Top Conservative Strategist Ended Up With More Than $200,000 in Shady Money

U.N. vote on Cuba embargo again pits U.S. against world

U.N. vote on Cuba embargo again pits U.S. against world

My Russian clients are all trying to escape: Russian Brain Drain Saps Talent as Sanctions Hit

David Cameron's security nearly breached by a jogger

Where do these idiots come from?

Cell phone help needed.

Mr. Kotter tells his lovely wife a joke

What’s So New About Cuba’s Medical Internationalism?

WTF?! Jimmy Carter flip-flops on marriage equality.

'In 2014, violence against black women is seen as nothing more than a joke."

American University Professor, Co-Author Details 50 years of Secret Back Channel Negotiations with C

The definitive discography of police protest songs with videos and lyrics

Finally . . . a Geico commercial I actually like.

Smart phones make you more idiotic & worsen yr life but you're too addicted to the phones to notice

Finally! Someone finally uploaded the spitting and scratching scene.

Elizabeth Warren and H.Clinton heading back to Kentucky to finish off McConnell

PPP: GA Senate race tied--Governor race Deal leads by 3

Toon: Desperate people

Post #500 - Because of the controlled substances act (CSA)

US Embassy in Moscow Faces Cold War-Era Harassment

Interstate highways!! Thumbs up

Tucson News Now: Should e-cigarettes be taxed in Arizona?

Why San Francisco Giants Fans Are Rallying Against Police Brutality

Charlestown Indiana mayor wants to use eminent domain to transfer 350 homes to developers

Feds identify suspected 'second leaker' for Snowden reporters

Dear Kentucky DUers - I want to make a trade

Cuomo jokes that people under Ebola quarantine should sit back, relax and read his book

Cost of isolation and treatment for Ebola. Who pays?

Will Ebola Finish Off the US blockade of Cuba?

Will Ebola Finish Off the US blockade of Cuba?

What's for dinner? ~ Monday, Oct 27, 2014

Re: Road Rage

Election trivia

Putin Wants To Invade Ukraine Soon Because Of His Falling Health: Reports

The Great Wall of Ukraine

Drug case dropped over Ferguson officer no-show

Hillary Clinton’s Continuity Government Versus Elizabeth Warren’s Voice for Change

Video: Russian ambassador calls for 'illegal' Putin Pub in Kyrgyzstan to close

Man didn't think gun was loaded when he shot boy

Westboro Baptist Church files bizarre brief against marriage equality in Kansas

Ex-judges seek to stop upcoming Missouri execution

Wendy Davis on w/Jon Stewart tonight

Filming Cops: No Conviction For Cop Who Threw Dog Down Concrete Stairs and Then Shot It to Death

The GOP is Paying for My Opponent’s Smear Ads

GOP Senate Hopeful: "Less Than 2,000" Women Sued My Company For Pay Discrimination

Philadelphia's plan to sell gas utility is dead

Six of the most unbelievable Republican statements about voter suppression

Don't just blame the Republicans and the Rich, Democrats and Liberals must take responsibility

Rubber bullets hit AP photographer and freelancer

In New Hampshire, dead men tell some tales

Jets to start Michael Vick vs. Chiefs

Should a Child Offender Be Treated as an Adult?

28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Human excrement thrown at protesting Ven political prisoners by guards at Ramo Verde

The meeting with Michelle Nunn here made the NY Times!

Five-year-old boy tests negative for Ebola

My first election that I was able to vote was 1968

Will the Cowboys have the best record in the NFL after tonight's game?

Vermont Newspaper Reporter Laid Off After Refusing to Reapply for Job

Keep the Senate...The "Big 5"

Do you remember all of your votes for US President?

Well, I just watched another Blab-N-Drive nearly run over a child

Creighton University (Catholic university) extending benefits to same sex couples.

Antares launch scrubbed for today

Sierra Vista Herald ="OUR VIEWS: Doing what he was hired to do"

BP Oil Spill Left Rhode Island-Sized 'Bathtub Ring' on Seafloor

NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All: The Program

Biggest sun spot in 25 years releasing x-class flares

Giving them an offer they can't refuse.

Halloween Handouts (toon)

jury enhancement idea

Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It's Not to Make Loans.

Anyone have a good recipe for cabbage soup?

Tibetan monk sentenced to 12 years in Sog

North Korea to Bar Tourists Over Ebola Concerns

Something about this song. I don't know why I like it so much.

Bill Maher Is Gross

I keep saying it and saying it


Dog plays dead when someone he doesn't like holds him.

I'm an election judge here in Illinois.

"...a more glaring problem: the author of the op-ed has been dead for several years."

pre paid cremation., anyone ever

Say NO to Voter Suppression

Puppy in Boston Police Department Bulletproof Vest Melts Internet

CMD Files IRS Complaint Against Wisconsin Club for Growth

The Times They Are A'Changin' Bob Dylan 1964

Women of the Early 1900s Rallied Behind Beautiful, Wartless Witches

Ole Miss fan weeps, smashes milk jug after loss to LSU

Jebreal debunks Netanyahu’s ‘American values’ claim in NYT piece on ‘hate policies’

Cowardly Cops. The shooting of Milton Hall

October 27, 1951 (look what they did to the National Negro Labor Council)

October 27, 1951 (look what they did to the National Negro Labor Council)

October 27, 1951 (look what they did to the National Negro Labor Council)