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Pump the Movie -- Pricking Petro-Nonsense - Carl Pope in HuffPo

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah this is going to backfire big time on Christie

Phoenix mom misses deadline for kids' trust fund

Rethinking the family on a Catholic time scale

Creighton University to extend health benefits to same-sex spouses; disappointed archbishop responds

Creighton University to extend health benefits to same-sex spouses; disappointed archbishop responds

Windowless Plane Would Let Passengers See World Around Them

Bus ads hitting US aid for Israeli ‘war crimes’ roll in Portland (after ban in Seattle)

Confused about Mike Brown head wound

*Georgia Senate debate 9:00 C-SPAN

Man Of Steel Writer David Goyer, Attached To New TV Show. Its Name? ‘Krypton’.

Just so that you can see this again.

Legal experts cannot erase Israel's history of torture

Two Organizations Call Out th EPA on Corn Ethanol Emissions Modeling, 'Seriously Flawed' (i.e BOGUS)

CDC's new recommendations for Ebola medics: voluntary home quarantines, avoiding public transport

I'm a election judge in North Carolina.

Major Israeli construction company pulls out of settlement industry

Pick a fight with me.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mystery Continues: Dutch don't rule out Flight MH17 Downed by Another Plane: Report

As it should be.

I am voting for Rob Barber for Congress, but I am voting....

I just cancelled my Hulu subscription.

Humanity's 'inexorable' population growth is so rapid that even global catastrophe wouldn't stop it

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Vote For Me & a new Kitteh gif

McDaniel just will not give up!

"McConnell digs a hole on Social Security, falls in"

A few SSDI questions

Latest stupidity from Gomer...

Voter ID problems, Ukrainian style

Easy to follow "Ebola and You" flow chart: Myth versus Reality.

Hillary in CR and Davenport for Bruce Wednesday!

Female Kurdish Warrior Rehana who Killed 100 ISIS Fighters Beheaded?

BBC: Population controls 'will not solve environment issues'

mortage burning party

*Georgia Senate debate on c-span now,

In Some Ways, the Rich Aren’t So Different From You and Me

Paying thousands before health insurance even kicks in

The Blundering Rise And Epic Fall Of The Christie-Cuomo Ebola Quarantine

New York child doesn't have Ebola, initial test shows

Pick a PARTY with me!!

Kitty ripped out a front claw!

Creationist theme park in trouble

NPR: Rare Silent Film With Black Cast Makes A Century-Late Debut

Question about cycling etiquette.

I am DONE with October 27th 2014

Detroit makes final arguments to exit bankruptcy

Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

N.Korea Can Build Nuclear Warhead, USFK Chief Claims

Obama Goes to Wisconsin in Bid to Oust Gov. Walker

Drop In Vaccinations Linked To Spikes In Preventable Diseases Around The World

doctor doom is at boot camp.

For Halloween I give you the bird!

Damn it!

Toronto election: CBC declares John Tory winner

Professors speak on medical marijuana legalization panel on Friday, offer blunt opinions

First-of-its-Kind Carbon Capture and Conversion Demonstration Technology Opening in Texas

even the pigs are envious...

PBS NEWSHOUR: What to watch for in the last week before midterm elections

US Governors, Army Go Own Way On Ebola Quarantines

GE Expands Global Wind Presence with First Order in Pakistan (50 MW)

Democratic Attack Ads Aim To Save Senate Majority

Grace: A backyard find and an obituary brought long-lost wedding ring back home

Should Blacks Join the Gun-Rights Movement?

Democrats Seem Poised to Pick Up a Few Governor’s Seats

Bus Ban On Palestinians ‘Reeks Of Apartheid State’

Krusty the Clown Singing Anthem

Weiland Kicks "Chicken Little" DSCC out of SD Senate Race!

Search For Missing Mexico Students Leads To 4 New Arrests, More Bodies

If any of you live near Tarrant County

Today in 1915: Suffragists Take On Candidates Violating Promises to Support the Woman’s Vote

VP Biden To Travel In November To Ukraine, Turkey And Morocco

New CDC Risk categories for Ebola, Get your Info Here

Ebola Fears Endanger Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Get Your Adorable Kittens Here! :)

Record breaking voter registration (Kentucky)

Ukraine elections say GTFO Putin, We Are Pro-Europe, Pro-West and anti-dictatorship

AIPAC And Congressional Hawks Trying To Kill Iran Deal

User growth, outlook hit Twitter stock after-hours

Ukraine election: Pro-Europe parties win, a big NO to Putin's Russia & ex-communists

A question from an American about events in Ottawa

Pastor Who Performed Gay Marriage Keeps Ordination

Ukraine Swings West. But Could A Divided Parliament Derail Reform?

Ted Olson: 'Point of no return' on gay marriage passed

Baptists Ask If Gay Marriage May Be An Issue ‘Where We Just Agree To Disagree’

Laurie Holden of "The Walking Dead" is a real-life heroine.

Jimmy Carter disappoints on the issue of Texas and gay marriage

Texas gay marriage case arguments set for January

Morocco Presents Its Experience In Protection Of Women’s Rights In Paris

The Real-Guy Serpico Speaks-Out: "The Police Are Still Out of Control - I Should Know"

ACLU Director: Recent Rulings Endanger Women’s Rights

Uber protests take new twist: Its own drivers are mad now

Good news in Leon County! Early voting WAY up!

Michigan AG Race Too Close to Call

Consumer Reports Says Infotainment Systems Are Ruining Car Reliability

Liveblogging Jon Stewart in Austin TX LIVE

Walmart Makes Big Fat Online Mistake and Then It Gets Worse

US questions Netanyahu's commitment to peace

Alaska Pollster: Begich up, Young in Big Trouble

John Spinello, Inventor Of 'Operation' Game, Can't Afford Real-Life Operation

California attorney general's office will ask for Chukchansi casino to stay closed

"Nothing disappears" in the web, so where is it (gmail)?!1

Two months after opening, $200K in taxes kicked back to city, and...

Uhm. I just saw something I never thought I would see.

Chevron is literally buying a new Bay Area Mayor

Hillary Clinton says businesses don’t create jobs. Uh-oh. (+video)

The Dangers of Quarantines: Ebola Policies Made in Panic Cause More Damage

Campos vs. Chiu for CA Assembly: Progressives Raising Progressively More Campaign Money

Can't these LEOs spend their efforts on something more worthwhile???

Second Story Deck...99% done.

Top 10 bad national anthems performed

Movement Conservatism and White Racial Paranoia Killed Michael Brown

Last Week To Stop A Disaster

to my mom on this five year anniversary

Dumb Criminals: California Teeanger Caught With Guns, 500 Pairs Of Women's Underwear

Dumb Criminals: South Carolina Teenager Caught Stealing Penis Cream, Throat Desesitizer

A 3 day Holiday?

Watching The Rachel Maddow Show repeat.

Music from the motion picture "Bright Lights, Big City"

Christian churches, citing Ebola, behind escalating violence against LGBTs in Liberia

US Ebola infection/incubation timeline 10.28.14 (Last day of incubation for Dallas health workers!)

PBS Newshour:Protecting the African lion from trophy hunters

Macedonia: Gay activists hurt in cafe attack

Police chiefs call for expanding gun background checks

George Galloway on RT discussing ISIS

Alaska native woman, whose nephew committed suicide, confronts U.S. Rep. Don Young

Discovery Network Puts Two Rival U.S.Senators On An Island For A Week - Rival Survial....

21 and over please! (added to)


War or not, Israel’s a great place to invest: Moody’s

Good Gawwd. Now they are running pro koch ads.

Sheriff: School shooter invited victims to lunch

Sullivan distances himself from Parnell.

'Run, Mitt, Run' chant greets Romney at raucous Hastings rally for Senate candidate Sasse

Thank You Dr. Salk- Google Doodle Celebrates Man Who Developed Polio Vaccine

Joe Maddon for President!

Still a better...

Perry Calls For "Clean Break" From Obama Era

On "Daily Show," Davis Says a Blue Texas is "On Its Way"

Wendy Davis Hits Abbott at UT, Says Turnout Works in Her Favor

MMMMM...Bacon & Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Controversial Texas Tech cheerleader, huntress kills alligator in new YouTube show

San Antonio Zoo: World's oldest okapi dies

Roman Catholic Seminarians "throw down" in a Dance Off at a seminary in Rome.

MH17 Prosecutor Open to Theory Another Plane Shot Down Airliner: Der Spiegel


GOP Canvassers needed in key districts - $15 per hour!

Solar Power Is Contagious: Installing Panels Often Means Your Neighbors Will Too

People Have Mocked Her Story For Years. Now She's Going Up To The Mic And Taking It Back.

WTF ...180

Militia member to undergo psychiatric evaluation

Palin Family Wannabes? *NSFW*

Hostage In Video Claims Syrian City Of Kobani Is Under Isis Control

Eastern Cherokee Band Forbids Fracking on Its Sovereign Lands

Man in moped leads police on 35-MPH chase

"Zombie Strippers" might not be...

With A Piece of Chalk

USA Today’s Susan Page: Obama administration most ‘dangerous’ to media in history

Janet Napolitano throws her support behind executive action on immigration

Ebola outbreak: US advises against quarantine

Israel Greenlights Plans For 1,000 Settler Homes In Annexed East Jerusalem

WaPo Op-Ed: The government wants to study ‘social pollution’ on Twitter

Canadian Doctors Pioneer Heart Valve Replacements Using Catheters (No Cutting)

Lockheed, Pentagon reach agreement on new F-35 contract

October 28

Hillary backpedals. Again.

Standing near hand sanitizer makes Americans more conservative. So what will Ebola do?

Let me ride on the wall of death, one more time...

Let me ride on the wall of death, one more time...

Ebola the scare- now Baltimore

Six years ago -- October 2008 -- the United States was losing 750,000 jobs a month!!!

60 Minutes show Sunday night with Dallas nurses that took care of Duncan

Ebola- more from DoD

ever wonder why God let Obama be re-elected?

Halloween is coming: The Zombie Apocalypse is kinda nigh...

Naked Man Accused Of Raping Pit Bull In Neighbor’s Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him

Peru families receive 'dirty war' bodies

Peru families receive 'dirty war' bodies

Empathy Deficit Disorder by Robert Reich

Photo of the Day

Brazil's president preaches unity after hard-won victory

The Leather Man

On her campaign bus, Mary Burke reveals warmth, work ethic

WoW! Morning Joe is worse than Fox News...

Could You Be the Next Innocent American to Have Your Bank Account Seized by the Government?

The Polar Vortex Controversy: Extreme Predictions Launch Debate Among Weather Experts

Trans Woman Says Prison Officials Allowed Inmates to Attack Her

Why San Francisco Giants Fans Are Rallying Against Police Brutality

How about those Cowboys!!!

Boehner: Bush would have punched Putin

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay a success

Slowpoke Toon: Trust

Toon: Centers for Deceit Control

10 companies spending million$ to fight GMO labeling

Houses Are More Expensive In Democratic Cities Than In Republican Cities

Dr. Jonas Salk's 100th birthday today! according to Google

In 2008, Baker won an award for OFFSHORING JOBS and promises to expand charter schools.

Energy Companies Are Spending Million$ to Fight Local Fracking Bans Because They're Terrified

The Atheist Atrocities Fallacy – Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot

Fracking’s Slow-Motion Train Wreck Revealed In New Report

... If Not You, Then Who?

The Great Recession Put Us in a Hole. Are We Out Yet?

another "Moran" located

What is the criteria for threads to appear


White children aren't born; they're manufactured.

Chinese giants Baidu, Ping-An invest in Israeli VC

Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.

UK axes support for Mediterranean migrant rescue operation

Amber Vinson is Ebola-Free. So much for the Panic Platoon.

Nicholas Winton honoured by Czechs for saving children from Nazis

Woman sentenced for 2013 Windsor rape hoax

David Gregory "accidentally" follows 'Redbone Booty' porn on Twitter

Scary old movies for Halloween, a list of favorites

I asked before-- number of current Ebola cases in each country?

Republican Insults All Of Wisconsin… On Purpose

Make your own wipes

Autocratic government alert: Egypt’s War on NGOs: 23 Youth sentenced to 3 Years Hard Labor for Peaceful Protests

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this insane OK Go video

AFL-CIO Ad Tells Congress: Listen to Workers, Say No to Fast Track

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Repubs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Quarantined

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Today's GOTV Success is especially sweet:

I've now been inside a Trader Joe's and....I don't get it.

Amnesty International says UK decision not to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean

Sarah Palin compared climate change to eugenics

MH17 investigators still awaiting U.S., Russian intelligence reports

Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro announces police 'purge'

‘God is not a magician’: Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang

This man has a not so secret message he wants to share with you:

"Dark Money and Hardball Politics Turning State Judicial Campaigns Into Auctions"-- Brennan Center

Last day to request an absentee ballot in VA. Know anyone who needs one?

This man wants to stop America’s salad bowl from being fracked

Texas Republicans Are Ashamed of their Statewide Ticket

Please read this advice column (Note: this is an HOF thread)

Naomi Oreskes: A Chronicler of Warnings Denied

Charles Barkley and the Black Community...

Sarah Palin: Climate Change Is The New Eugenics

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 28, 2014

FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect

Quarantined nurse only had a tent, porta-potty and no shower.

Today is National Chocolate Day

Iraq Kurd fighters leave base for Syria deployment

Winger Hiller said this morning that NO ONE know who is going to win the primary, "much as

Rachel Maddow - Oil corporation invests in local candidates

CNN 'Open' To Airing Scripted Movies, Jeff Zucker Says

"Vladimir Putin Is The Leader Of the Moral World — Paul Craig Roberts"

the bully goes on the today show and doubles down

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/27/14

Rachel Maddow - Fear-driven governors make Ebola policy mess

Here's some potentially good news from PA:

Let me show you something...

Murder trial for ex-Phoenix officer begins

An all-nighter 424 meters below sea level

Friends and facebook...

The Myth of the Free Press-- "...the Mass Media are Essential Tools For Conformity"--Chris Hedges

Now Australia has a poor health care system?

Venezuela suspends sale of Citgo due to low offers (Spanish)

The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster - Excellent Rolling Stone Article.

A week from today

PA transfers money for salaries of former Gaza govt employees

Cleveland Plain Dealer removed their video of Gov Kasich not answering editorial board questions

POLL: Are the Koch Brothers running ads in your area telling everyone how great Koch Industries is?

Estonia: teacher shot and killed by student

media ignores good news for democrats: U.S. consumer confidence jumps in October/highest since 2007

Netanyahu: US criticism is pushing peace away

Strong signs of anti-semitism in the BDS movement

The Repubs Plan To Stonewall Obama's Presidency & Dismantle His Legacy.....

Pew poll: People prefer republicans on handling the economy and budget deficit. WTF!

Pew poll: ACA - 88% of republicans disapprove, 74% of Democrats approve, 84% of liberal Democrats approve

"Global warming is a myth"

This Nation of Cowards

Nurse who had Ebola will be released from hospital

Pew poll: 71% support a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants, including even 57% of r's.

Breaking News: Gen. Hendropriyono Admits "Command Responsibility" in Munir Assassination.

Where did the Deepwater Horizon oil go? To Davy Jones' Locker at the bottom of the sea

R.I.P. Hector the Pitt Bull!

R.I.P. Hector the Pitt Bull

Meet Jane Goodall’s Famous Chimpanzees Through Google Street View

WND's Uncle Ruckus shoots off his mouth again, says blacks had it better when they were slaves.

FINALLY. A midterms poll I can trust.

In Florida's early vote wars, Rick Scott leading but Charlie Crist gaining

Midterms Prediction: Billionaires to Retain Control of Government

Martin O’Malley, a Hillary Clinton Loyalist, Is Now a Potential 2016 Alternative.

Why Cats Aren't Republican. :)

Why overweight women are more likely to earn less than overweight men

Hold the Damn Phone, Americans Actually Confident in Gov’t Ebola Response

Pic Of The Moment: John Boehner Engages In Weird Revisionist Fantasy About Bush And Putin

It is good that those few GOPers voted guilty, but is it that good.....

Islamophobic Maryland man goes nuts over daughter's world history assignment, gets restraining order

Researchers identify sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group

Papantonio: Rand Paul’s GOP Makeover

‘Silent revolution’ in biotech farming is overtaking GMO's, says Greenpeace

Some interesting pictures of international borders...


US consumer confidence hits 7-year high in October

The grand failure of the Obama/GOP "free trade" deal with S. Korea

Madame Noire calls Charles Barkley out as a Liar!

Cop in Ferguson shooting faces grand jury in 2nd case

The Horror Movie Music Quiz

Lawsuits: Alabama prisoners died of gangrene, constipation

Very few DAL fans here apparently...

Please cancel my subscription.

Battle of the scandal-plagued GOP titans: Behind the Walker-Christie feud[

I speak English real good

S.F. City College’s accreditation trial opens with future on line

Mitch said it ain't over but...

Opinion: Pass the ACHE Act and Stop Destroying Appalachia

Top UN Ebola official: new cases poorly tracked

Can Appalachian communities influence mine cleanup, create jobs, diversify economy?

Walmart apologizes for 'fat girl' costumes

Vatican Library Making 4,000 Ancient Manuscripts Available Online For Free [Photos]

‘Do you want to live or die?’: Passenger who pulled gun on Uber driver turns out to be cop

Kirk Cameron and His Critics: Is Halloween Christian or Pagan?

Why ebola scare tactics will backfire

Michele Bachmann, queen of the tea party, searches for what’s next

Charles P Pierce- Bridge to Nowhere

U.S. is 65th in world on gender pay gap

Free erections

Tesco Might Want To Rethink The Design Of Its Buttermilk Cartons...

Gov who reversed his decision says, ‘I didn’t reverse any decision’

Late October, distilled.

Nanny of Venezuelan Ex-Minister Arrested in Brazil

Tackling Torture in Minnesota

23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for President

Off-Ballot D8 (SF) Candidate Running On Campaign To Nuke Silicon Valley


Adult science quiz

What do you think about a pinned general 'jury conduct' and 'TOS familiarization' post?

I think it is great that Hillary proved the naysayers wrong when it came to her involvement in 2014.

US stocks rising as investors await Fed meeting

Anybody else keeping track of the cast for the 2nd season of HBO's "True Detective"?

THIS is how Dems can Win. Easily.

After legally marrying, South Carolina DMV preventing woman from getting a license in her legal name

Tampa Bay Buzz: Bill Clinton featured in new Charlie Crist TV ad

First time in 100 years there's no Communist in Ukrainian Parliament: Election in Ukraine

FBI Created Fake Seattle News Story to Catch Bomb Threat Suspect

Jogger runs through security cordon and runs into UK prime minister.

Chuck Todd says Ernst's support of 'personhood' is about protecting 'unborn human beings'

Gulf Oil Spill Left Rhode Island-Sized Oily 'Bathtub Ring' On Seafloor, Study Finds

Very Interesting!! "An Open Letter to Ben Affleck"

Phyllis Schlafly: Immigrants are destroying the American family

Mandatory Ebola Quarantines: Effective? Illegal? Immoral?

#GamerGate: Brianna Wu Accuses Interviewer of 'Hit Piece' Attack

A willful ignorance on Israel

Colbert Took Apart 'History Buff' Louie Gohmert. He was blistering him. It doesn't get any better.

Christie Defends His Ebola Policy as Scientists Condemn It

BP: 2 Million Barrels Of Oil On The Floor

Self-Defense For Radicals | Mickey Z.

NRA's Election Message: "Vote Your Guns" Because ISIS Might Be Right Outside Your House!

National Mix It Up At Lunch Day: students to sit with someone new, break social barriers

Dead babies near oil drilling sites raise questions for researchers (Denver Post)

I Just Received The Coolest Mailing From A Group Called America Votes In D.C........

Wake Up America!! Polls don't vote people do. Our Work Is Not Done.......

For all the fuss, there’s exactly *one* Ebola patient left in the United States

Results Of Ukraine’s Election ‘A Death Sentence To The Communist Party’ – Poroshenko

Cuomo Calls Public Schools a "Monopoly."

Federal Court: ‘We Have Our Doubts That Imprisonment Is An Appropriate Treatment’ For Marijuana Use

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson gives $650,000 to Wisconsin GOP as election draws near

Mercury RX seems to have caught me today!

Indiana State House candidate charged with stalking

Thomas Jefferson quote....

Large rise in Palestinian support for armed struggle against Israel

Common Sense versus Chris Christie

Pope delivers mini-encyclical on poor, environment

Today's Google Doodle Honors Dr. Jonas Salk.

Ebola Panic and Racism

Deal to Lock in U.S. Tax Cuts Is Bubbling Up on the Hill

Police brace for new Ferguson protests by spending thousands on riot gear

Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector (BBC News--Tech)

Crude at $80 a Barrel? No Sweat, Say Oil Producer CEOs

so sayeth the washington post...

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to Lowest Since Early 1995

Scott Walker Runs Ad Supporting Equal Pay After Repealing Wisconsin's Equal Pay Law

Durable Goods Orders in U.S. Decrease for Second Month

Citibike NYC announces new management, explansion plans, 50% rate increase

John Goodman, Houston billionaire polo playboy, found guilty of DUI manslaughter

How Corporations Use Forced Arbitration To Void US Laws - Michelle Schwartz Discusses

Don’t play politics with genocide

Putin Narrative of Abandoned Ukraine East Fueled by Vote

This is what really happened in Jerusalem

Terminal Cancer Sufferer, 29, Ticks Grand Canyon Off Her Bucket List Days Before She Plans To Die

Update (Road Rage)

Thom Hartmann: Election 2014...Apocalypse Now?

Elizabeth Warren To Chris Christie: Show "Science, Not Politics" On Ebola Quarantine

Chevrolet Volt Electric Drive Production Moves To Michigan

Hamas = Haganah? A response to Gideon Levy

Non-Profits Sue To Block New Mexico Governor From Kicking 80,000 People Off Food Stamps

Calif. AG: 18.5 million residents' info exposed

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Count on Americans Being a Bunch of Pussies

didja hear Christie's charming words about the quarantined nurse?

Because sometimes you need to figure out which face

Chrissy Teigen leaves Twitter after gun control tweet

Black Dart is the US' Answer to Drones: War Games


Got AT&T? FTC charges them for screwing you over.

Last of the Crow war chiefs turns 101 in Montana

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 29: Star of the Month: Janet Leigh

Non-Christians Need Not Apply

USW: Contractor-Installed Equipment Involved in Suspected Major Leak at Honeywell Plant

Right-winger at the Tampa Tribune who wanted to create country called "Reagan" is fired...

No Shit ...25

Pope Francis says evolution is real and God is no wizard

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Chris Christie for the Science Behind His Ebola Quarantine (and more!)

Gazans at risk as winter looms

Matt Taibbi Disappears From Omidyar’s First Look Media

Barbara Comstock Adds "Birther" and All-Around Nut Donald Trump to Her List of Crazy Endorsers

"Police Brace for New Ferguson Protests by Spending Thousands on Riot Gear"

First Industrial-scale Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuel Facility Opens

Warning: Contains images of war. - - Jackson Browne - Lives in The Balance

Walker's BadgerCare Stumble

Cook County asks for permission to start counting early

USA Today's Susan Page Says Obama Administration Most 'Dangerous' To Press In U.S. History

Religious fundamentalists serve a vital function in my life.

"You can feel good..."

BP oil spill left a 1/2 inch thick ring the size of Rhode Island at the bottom of the Gulf

Georgia judge declines to intervene in ‘missing’ voters lawsuit

Baptist minister and commentator denounces 'ex-gay therapy'

Silicon Valley's 'Body Shop' Secret:Highly Educated Foreign Workers Treated Like Indentured Servants

Larry Flynt assails Mitch McConnell as running a "voter prostitution ring".

Letter I submitted to the ADN on Don(think they'll publish it?)

Boston Police dog puppy creates surge of Squee when he dresses in bulletproof vest

Sheriff vs Sheriff.


Bombing suspect's friend convicted of lying to FBI

Weekly Address: Focused on the Fight Against Ebola

Fukushima: Causing Polar Vortex

The Weather Channel mocked Mitt Romney, and these conservatives are pissed

FTC sues AT&T for throttling bandwidth of 'unlimited' data customers

Ring of Fire: Sarah Palin -- The Dumbest Climate Criminal Alive

damn it

Latest Alaska polls show surprising shift toward Mark Begich

Do you have a land-line phone?

Chadwick Boseman = Black Panther?

Five Year Anniversary of the Shepard/Byrd Law Act

Democrats see signs of change for Fort Bend

NJ Gov. Chris Christie to Ebola Quarantine Nurse: Go Ahead, Sue Me

Message from Alaska Natives: "It's our time."

GOPer Perdue Attacks Dem Nunn For Father's Panama Canal Vote

Countries urge El Salvador to change repressive abortion laws

This Upsetting Video Shows One Woman’s Street Harassment In A Single Day

MORE stories Snow-wald keep ignoring, Part II

Rick Scott made his fortune on the backs of sick people.

Stop complaining and do something!

WTF! DEA, Denver Police Raid Multiple Marijuana Grow Operations

So I saw my first non-fresh, non-embalmed corpse today.

Japan nuclear plant gets approval to restart

Is New Orleans Trying to Deport Undocumented Workers Now That the Rebuilding Is Over?

Is New Orleans Trying to Deport Undocumented Workers Now That the Rebuilding Is Over?

GA court tells 40,000 new voters go screw themselves

Rick Scott made his millions on the backs of sick people.

Palin: I'll 'Hopefully' Run for Political Office Again, To Annoy 'Haters'

To keep paint from drying in the can

Pope Francis praises exorcists for combating 'the Devil's works'

Can PPRd people still serve on juries? I notice they can still rec.

Christian Bale calls Moses "barbaric" and "schizophrenic"

Took this in 2012

"Can You Get Ebola From a Toilet Seat?"

Colombia and Panama: Warm no more

Snowden decries 'culture of immunity' for law-breakers

Pres Obama landing in Milwaukee WI, Watch Live:

Do You Rec The Thread/Topic

Did you ever read a book that broke your heart?

Oh crap, I forogot to wear green today.

Ebola nurse on defensive gets call from Obama

Things my President believes in completely and unalterably. Do you?


Video Shows ISIS Fighters Talking With Turkish Border Guards


Venezuela’s president promises to revamp country’s police force

Debate streamed tonight.

You can call me visually impaired - but this looked to me like an elephant in deep water

The real-life Indiana Jones on the hunt for lost ancient Mayan cities in Mexico

Malice Behind Putin Misquotations? Russia To Respond With Full Disclosure

LOL Santa Claus endorses Mark Begich

The real-life Indiana Jones on the hunt for lost ancient Mayan cities in Mexico

Court Refuses To Intervene In Case of 40,000 Missing Voters In Georgia

Neck tattoos, dead possums and sick Halloween costumes

Non-Profits Sue To Block New Mexico Governor From Kicking 80,000 People Off Food Stamps

Senior US Official Brands Netanyahu A 'Chickenshit': Report

Alaska's indigenous languages now official along with English

To Help Healing, Doctors Pay More Attention To Pain

‘Dark money’ group puts up $1 million to attack Malloy ( Oct 26, 2014 )

SSI Question

Time magazine is just an embarrassing Internet troll now

Newburgh's Broadway has 10 new businesses! What are they?

Revolutionary Doctors Fighting Ebola: The Cuban Light Brigade

Cymbalta Warning: Discontinuing May Result in Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Revolutionary Doctors Fighting Ebola: The Cuban Light Brigade


Let the sideshow begin...

5 Reasons Not To Indoctrinate Kids Against Religion

How Democrats blew a 38% electoral advantage on Social Security.

Dog fosters kittens who don't have a Mom

The Slow Death of Mexico City’s Public Markets

10th District Debate

Breaking: Pope believes in evolution!

Rubber bullets hit AP photographer and freelancer in East Jerusalem

Why HRC Will Attend Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission Conf.

The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class

Condi Rice is on the committee for college playoffs?

Conservative Catholics conveniently discover collegiality

A question about the bond market to those who


DU Progressives:"Afghanistan drowning in opium, ending Fed & tribute to Ben Bradlee"

LTTE to the Green Bay Press Gazette: How can Walker deny knowledge of staff's crimes?

Fake Jerry Jones - giving medical advice

No commercials, No mail

DHS: Security presence at US federal buildings to be enhanced due to continued calls by terror group

Bill Moyers: “Voter Fraud Vigilantes”

Breaking: Unmanned rocket explodes on launch

Emergency Hotline 911 receives a 'pizza order' from a lady who needs help

Appalled by what is done in the name of Islam.. "Yet my American friends don’t want to hear it"

confiting my first set of duck legs

NASA Antares Rocket Launch Failure - Huge Explosion

Can anyone explain to me how "Twitter" works? ...

Help Marine Veteran Eric Pizer by not voting for Gov. Walker (Pls share-->everywhere)

Help Marine Veteran Eric Pizer by not voting for Gov. Walker (Pls share everywhere)

ACK! Fox asks: will cheap gas hurt the economy?

Brian Jones on: Cuomo, Education, Teachout and the Democratic Party.

RNC fearmongering devolves into self-parody

We outsourced the space program. Guess how well that's turned out.

Midterms Prediction: Billionaires to Retain Control of Government

Braley ahead by one point in Loras poll

from the NY Times (on Trump's role in the insurrection)

GOP Challengers will be at precincts on election day (Kentucky)

Nebraska Women Leaders Support Initiative 425

GOTV GOTV GOTV.. (I don't know about you, but I will be glad when Tuesday is over)

Francis, to-day

Operation Condor: Developed in the North to silence the South

Blame the Weather for Last Year’s Rise in U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions

College Football Playoff Rankings 10/28/14

How to Talk to Your Guy Friends About Not Threatening to Rape and Murder Women on the Internet

MaMaTi's restaurant forced to change its name over ebola fears, may go out of business

Woman walks around New York for a day, is catcalled more than 100 times

Kerry expresses solidarity with Canada

100 catcalls in a day. Experience how much fun this is NOT.

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