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What's your favorite Bob & Ray bit?

By 2030, American Prisons Will Be Filled With Grandmas and Grandpas

Halloween is coming: Beware Walkers...

Who's watching the World Series tonight?

The Broken Record...

Wharton County Election Report

We just watched the International Space Station Fly Over Our House

Man admits hate crime in West Side attack on lesbian couple

5 States Where You Shouldn't Trust the Polls

What's your favorite scene from the movie Borat?

Fever Dreams

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Oyster mushrooms for supper

What's your favorite Monty Python sketch?

Gay supporters flood Indian River schools meeting (Delaware)

Centrists, The 3rd Way, Neo Liberal, "I'm a new Democrat", all

Dumb Criminals: Tennessee Man Arrested For Pot Tells Cops He's Denzel Washington

Amazing Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Remember the 2006 midterms?

Investigator in Prostitution Scandal Quits (U.S. Secret Service)

Real Scientists vs. Movie Scientists

A few from Lexington's Thriller Parade.

FBI says it faked AP story to catch bomb suspect

Gay Marriage Cases Won't Jump Directly to Florida Supreme Court

Dumb Criminals: Woman Twice Arrested For DUI In Same Night Was Wearing Zombie Makeup

It's YOUR Dream! GO FOR IT!

Yay, Cops… They're the best.

#JusticeForMikeBrown needs this (E action to Governor Nixon )

Undercover camera reveals street harassment women regularly face

The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here

UNION job opening in DC

UNION job opening in DC

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Suffer the Little Children & a new Kitteh gif

Activism™ | Mickey Z.

Breaking on LA News Channel - White House Computer system tampered with

Someone forgot to pack the Magic Wandoo ...

When He Tweeted This Picture Of Oysters, He Probably Wasn't Expecting This Sort Of Response

When He Tweeted This Picture Of Oysters, He Probably Wasn't Expecting This Sort Of Response

THE BOROWITZ REPORT - Midterms Prediction: Billionaires to Retain Control of Government


Risky Business by Mike Whitney

A more modern bridge

"Are Our Courts for Sale?"

Voted straight Democratic in Texas today - EXCEPT for one candidate


10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Gordie Howe had a stroke.

I saw a montage of the President's recent appearances.

The Dangers of Eating Late at Night

National teachers union pours $450,000 into Jefferson Parish School Board election

Many of us are alive because President John Kennedy ignored military advice & sought peace

Drunken man who attacked bystander he believed to be gay at Dallas airport won't face jail time

20 CREEPIEST Halloween Candies EVER! Do not watch if you have a week tummy! EUUUUU!!!!

Kerry: US to Intensify Law Enforcement, Intel Sharing With Canada to Counter Terrorism

Two gay teens attacked with stones outside school in Spain

Demarcation Line in Ukraine to Be Set Next Two-Three Days: Russian Foreign Minister

The Protests in Mexico today -

She's voting . . .

Teachers union tries to sway Ohio races with TV ads and mailings

Bradford, PA--A study in what's left when the oil is gone

Today in Herstory: New York City Suffragists Begin Final Election Push Marching by Torchlight

How did this get over 4000 views within two minutes of posting?

West Is One or Two Rounds of Sanctions From Recession: Obama Global Development Adviser

Obama was ON FIRE tonight in WI. It was one of those "He's Back !" kind of things.

Here's The Fascinating Origin Of Almost Every Jewish Last Name

Ah, memories. Ran across this video tonight, late hubby's favorite by Johnny Cash....

Rolling Stone: The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster

GA. early voting turnout could break record numbers with unemployment and Education as the top issue

"Police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, the town where Michael Brown was shot, expected to step down, o

A Halloween Drinking Game!


Wesley K. Clark, Politics and Prose, Oct 30 2014 - 7 p.m.

What's your favorite Bert & I routine?

Venezuela's government recalls ambassador to Spain

Ala. judge's spousal abuse case has some seeking his resignation

Wesley K. Clark, Politics and Prose (DC) Oct 30 2014 - 7 p.m.

BREAKING: Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson expected to step down

Wesley K. Clark, Politics and Prose (DC) Oct 30 2014 - 7 p.m.

I Am A Radical Dem Because I Believe In --- Liberalism

If you missed Rachel Maddow this evening,

Ebola – your questions, our answers (Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF))

President Obama Remarks at Campaign Rally in Wisconsin Mary Burke

"Operation" inventor can't afford his own operation

Royals 9, Giants 0 (end of 6)

How Pro-Choicers Can Take Back the Moral High Ground

How Pro-Choicers Can Take Back the Moral High Ground

Senator Warren was on fire today...guess who she was blaming? No, it was not our President!

How is Clay Aiken doing? I haven't seen anything.

I wish more high schools were like this regarding their star atheletes...

oh my - "Canseco accidentally shoots self"

"God Bless America" is completely inappropriate for the 7th inning

Union bosses investing in Ohio Senate Republicans

Union bosses investing in Ohio Senate Republicans

"Hooray for Liberal Fear-Mongering!"

It's time to bring up my favorite issue, reduce SocSec age to 50yr.

Man goes missing in late August. Found alive in late September chained to a tree.

Help me understand.

Activists Fight to Free Killer Whales Held in Russia

Activists Fight to Free Killer Whales Held in Russia

One Week To Go And Some Modest Hope for the Dems in the Senate


Missiles of October (complete)

Dwight Howard: L.A. exit 'for myself'

A compendium of sarah palin nicknames - feel free to enjoy and/or add your own!

Kemba Walker gets $48M extension

Thom Hartmann: So how common is vote-flipping?

Feds: Engineer's sleepiness caused derailment

Thom Hartmann: Stop State-Sanctioned Murder

Wingers artfully dodge Global Warming

Man Beheads Woman, Jumps in Front of LIRR Train: Officials

Stanford research gaffe: School apologizes to Montana voters for 'election guide'

Is Voter Suppression an American Tradition?

something to think about when you hear those depressing polls.

Chris Hedges & Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist? (pts 1-3 of 8)

Georgia banker who faked own death gets 30 years' prison for fraud

halloween pick up lines

I am truly thankful that Barack Obama is President.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Official Trailer (2014) - Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi HD

If the St. Louis County Grand Jury does not indict Officer Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown,

Royals rock Peavy, rout SF Giants to force Game 7

One of my life list beers made it into NC - Alesmith Speedway Stout.


TSA finds cannon in luggage

spooky songs sung by spooky children

Why hasn't anyone objected to the Military being Quarantined?

happy birthday scorpios

My Wife started to rant again today about various topics and some of her ideas got me thinking

Grimes brings in Warren and the Clintons, McTurdle counters with Jindal and

Dallas GOP county judge candidate Natinsky ripped for 'food stamp' remark

Why wasn't anyone worried May, June, July, Aug about workers returning, people entering

Alison and Elizabeth together!

In tight Senate race, the enemy of Begich's enemy is Begich's friend

Jewels Defeat Guns - support the film: BRILLIANCE

Text of Putin's speech and comments from Valdai conference

70% Voters Say US Headed In Wrong Direction. Look In The Mirror. It's Your Fault.


Assessing the Science of Ebola Transmission (not as ambiguous as media portrays)

Huge Turnout for Mary Burke and President Obama in Milwaukee today.. Pics, 2.. :)

Oh, good lord, Romney and Ted Cruz are coming up here this week


North Carolina Waterfalls

Latin America Provides Alternative Paths to Successful Poverty Reduction


Skip ahead to 7:02 and listen to the magic

US Supreme Court stays Missouri inmate's execution

A parched farm town is sinking, and so are its residents' hearts (LA Times)

In AK, Senate race spending tops $50 million

The Bottle Tree Ranch

"Dems made it easier for felons to hide their records and work with children" -RepubliCONs

If you missed Frontline tonight..

how low will gas prices go ($1.50)

Guatemalan Officers Face Sexual Slavery Charges in Historic Trial

In Federal Court Filing, PG&E and Nuclear Regulator Said to Collude in Secret Decision to Cover up

Verizon launches tech news site that bans stories on U.S. spying, net neutrality

Bexar County officer dies accidentally shooting himself in the groin

Jon Stewart rips Greg Abbott, hosts Joaquin Castro in Austin taping of Daily Show

WV Columnist Sets Off Storm Calling Michael Brown 'Animal' Who Had To Be 'Put Down'

Panama’s Coral Reefs Ringed with Threats

BAE Systems says U.S. halted its work on F-16 upgrades for South Korea

Candidate Obama had some things to say about NAFTA

October 29

Panama’s Coral Reefs Ringed with Threats

My Nanny rocks!

A great cartoon that I cannot find

Government sues Honeywell over employee wellness program

Photo of the Day

GOP comes home for Gov. Corbett - too slow, too late

Do you wear something special while giving out treats on Halloween?

Autopsy: Man killed by Utah police shot from rear

... Where Will You Be Without It?

Just FYI, Georgia refuses to register 40,000 likely democratic voters

DECISION 2014: Biden to visit San Bernardino County

Fed Govt Ala GOP. Only Three Cabinet Members, DOD, Homeland Security, Dept. Of State.

Wednesday TOON Roundup 1: Election Coming Up

Wednesday TOON Roundup 2: GOP

Wednesday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

Marocco, the performing horse.

The Coming Revolution: Evolutionary Leap or Descent Into Chaos and Violence?

Inmate beaten at federal prison in Sheridan suffers life-threatening injuries

Bella in the Wych-Elm

Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It’s Not to Make Loans.

RNC's deal with Koch political operation raises questions about illegal coordination

Michael Hannon dies at 77; LAPD officer joined '60s rights protests

Corporal Nathan Cirillo's Funeral in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

Regimental Funeral for Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

1% doesn't always win - small business owner victorious in Saks Fifth Ave. copyright case

I have limited funds

AIG TRIAL:Paulson, Geithner ADMIT to Lying to Congress about Bailout

The project 2017 the republicans answer to the ACA

GA DA Investigator Resigns Over Racist FB Comments.

Students offered degree course in ‘Wasting time on the internet’

Police: Man Tossed Needles in Best Buy During Chase.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Kaci Hickox Won't Follow Maine Ebola Quarantine Rule, Lawyer Says

Dept. of Environmental Protection in WV continues to prove its name is an oxymoron

Wisconsin Gazette endorses Mary Burke, blisters Scott Walker

In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, low-wage jobs increase while middle-wage jobs decrease

"...a contempt for human life such as the world had never seen" in what would become Nazi Germany.

Critics: '60 Minutes' Ebola report one-sided

Will Feds Issue Protective Respirators to Kids, Families Near Mountaintop Removal Sites?

Uh, You DO Know that Obama’s Not on the Ballot, Right?

Seminar takes Notre Dame Students to Appalachia

Gordie Howe resting after stroke

Red Cross' Secret Disaster: Huff Post, Pro Publica

Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian on beach in northern Gaza

Denied land access, Palestinians miss olive harvest

Today, as it just so happens, I found out that Sarah Palin is worth twelve million dollars

Ferguson police brace for new protests by spending thousands on riot gear

A Queer Film Festival In The Middle of Appalachia? Yes, Please.

A Queer Film Festival In The Middle of Appalachia? Yes, Please.

Reporter Claims Government Hacked Her Computer And Inserted Evidence To Set Her Up

Sunrise today,

For those who use the Absentee Ballots, are your ballots numbered?

Cutler to make announcement at 10:30 AM (in one hour) (independent Goober-natorial candidate)

Luckovich: Rock the Vote

Obama's "Unpopularity"

Nuclear Regulatory Commission resumes license renewals for nuclear power plants

Chris Hedges & Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist? (pts 1-3 of 8)

Chris Hedges & Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist? (pt 4 of 8)

No one can prevent all abortions. You can only eliminate safe abortions

mitt romney. so full of shit.

These Structures were carved from the top/down out of a mountain side

Kurds key in fight against Islamic State group

New book by Norman Finkelstein explores Israel’s assault on Gaza

Missing Broncos fan found safe

Will Israel wage a war against Hezbollah before its elections in 2016?

Cutler to make announcement Wednesday morning

What I hate the most about getting old...

Sex with more than 20 women reduces risk of prostate cancer, according to study

Government Agencies Are Secretly Going Through Your Snail Mail, Too

I've largely been away from DU for the last week, but I'm assuming the "Views" counter ......

Pragmatic Moderation?

The NRA must be really, really scared of Rick Nolan.

Who do we contact if we have a question about a county's absentee ballot procedure?

Norway’s Deadly Export: Whale Meat GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING!!!

Fiat to Spin Off Ferrari

Norway’s Deadly Export: Whale Meat GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING!!!

Ebola Doctor Lied about NYC Travels

Just saw the FEMALE Syrian Fighters

Cop Trap: A Way for Civil Rights Activists to Prey on Bad Police Departments

Fox pundit’s ‘American jihad’: ‘Every tax dollar is tithing’ in our ‘God-given right’ to fight Arabs

Bruce Jenner wears red nail polish and smokes

Stock indexes waver in early trade on earnings

Morning trip west

Heading west!

Does Crying Terrorism Trump Free Speech?

Papantonio: The Republicans Trained Circus Monkeys on Minimum Wage

Orphaned Baby Rhino & Goat Make an Adorable Pair

Share your favorite Living Room arrangements

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, baby rhino Gertjie explores the outside world

Hatch-Vernon bus tour schedule

Quarantining the troops: I'm confused

Young Republicans throw darts at Obama and Wendy Davis posters at voting location in Texas

Canvassing for Schauer/Peters for the last few weeks I've determined 4 things:

I cannot be the only person here who is CREEPED OUT by the new Viagra commercial

Pic Of The Moment: Palin Sums Up GOP: Running For Office Just To "Bug The Crap" Out Of You

A reminder of Third Way policies..words of their leader through the years.

Ark Encounter(s)

I was thinking this morning ...

"Flip the House" Seminar "Real Estate". coming to Chicago. .Saw commercial on Chicago TV station.

Strib's transition to right-wing rag is nearly complete.

Daniel Radcliffe raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

so quarintine is the republican answer to universal healthcare

Bus Driver Badass

Police Brutality can only be Ended when Officers Face Justice

Russian deliver space station cargo after US flop

Ready to throw up a little (or a lot)?

"Flip This House" Seminar...Coming to Chicago. Saw a TV Commercial for this..Never hear of

Happy National Cat Day! Post photos of your sweetiepies here!

Panama demands Venezuela pay their $1 billion debt

Eliot Cutler says victory is a ‘long shot,’ tells supporters to vote accordingly

A message from the Republican Party: Don't Vote

Atlantic Basin Refining to buy Hovensa refinery -Virgin Islands governor

A Tale of Two 'Personhood' Amendments

OK GO newest single take video is out.

The stealth return of Jim Crow: Millions threatened by poll purges

Missing Broncos fan says he had 'fill of football'

2014 Midterm Elections: Early Voting Reveals Senate Race Insights

Antares Rocket Explodes

Another newspaper columnist who is headed for unemployment...

Can plants edge out petroleum as raw material for textiles and plastics?

Rudy Ghouliani is pimping for pRick Scott

Police union representative: "Don't be a rat the rest of your career". Drop the matter.

Giant tortoise makes 'miraculous' stable recovery (BBC)

Glaxo Ebola vaccine trial paying participants $845 to inject modified Ebola virus

Do You Know Somebody Like This?

Stop Celebrating the Pope's Views on Evolution and the Big Bang. They Make No Sense.

Moving San Francisco

Yard signs for R-Konni Burton being donated and posted, to the grass around the sidewalk at the

Arming the Warrior Cop: From Guns to Drones, Inside the Booming Business of Police Militarization

There is NOTHING better than a World Series game seven!

New solar power material converts 90 percent of captured light into heat

Peter King on MSNBC, comparing an ISIS attack to a fart

25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan

Speech for Sale: How Toxic Slime-Fests Can Shrivel Voter Turnout by Jim Hightower

Every time I try to type "safety" I type "saftey"

African Lions Are One Step Closer to Being Protected From Trophy Hunters

African Lions Are One Step Closer to Being Protected From Trophy Hunters

CurrentC - Oh the irony - already hacked

Hagel approves 21-day Ebola quarantine for troops

An important message from the Republican Party

Ebola volunteers and self quarantine: it occurred to me that the people who have

Met police to pay more than £400,000 to victim of undercover officer

Get in here for some great deals!

Supply Rocket to Space Station Explodes-Failure Attributed to Not Quarantining It From Ebola

Ebola crisis: Infections 'slowing in Liberia'

Derek Jeter to Serve as Honorary DH for Game 7 of Royals-Giants World Series

Afghan Watchdog Blames Corrupt U.S. Officials for Botched Prison Project

Substitute Teacher Arrested On 1st Day For Oral Sex With 17 year old Student

Politico extends a bloodied Scott Walker the future has-been treatment

October 29, 1919

The Rude Pundit: The Death of Democracy in One Debate, New York City Edition

How to Talk to Your Guy Friends About Not Threatening to Rape and Murder Women on the Internet

Phyllis Schlafly: 'So-Called Kids' Crossing The Border Just Want Welfare

Get the Hell Off the Beach? Hell No. Why Shore People Don't Get Climate People

Must Read: Here's What Really Happened With Your Red Cross Donations After Sandy

Ambulance drones

Fox News Doctor Calls for ‘American Jihad’

Netanyahu Responds to U.S. Official: I Am Not a 'Chickensh—t'

BREAKING: Court Refuses To Intervene In Case of 40,000 Missing Voters In Georgia

good political news from Oregon

Christie Failing Economic Promise as New Jersey Falls Behind U.S.

The right-wing crazies and ebola...

Safe-Box Stampede Lays Bare Ukraine's Challenge After Vote

So much for judicial impartiality.

Woman Hospitalized To Remove Deer Tongue She Used To ‘Please’ Herself

Offensive Halloween display removed from Ft. Campbell home

The Contras ''are the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.'' -- Ronald Reagan

President Obama's Infuriating Comments On Voter ID And Suppression

Slippery Squirrel

The decline of interest in baseball is a harbinger of waning American power

Do You Know Somebody Like This?

Somewhere, someone is having fun and a fundy is having a snitfit.

Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazi Website, Finds Ron Paul Connection

Black conservative: Black people worse off under liberals than slavery or Jim Crow

Houston pastor: ‘Wicked’ lesbian mayor gives gays ‘superior rights’ over Christians

Obama Continues the Bush Policies of Secrecy

U.S. Oil Output Surges to Highest Since 1980s on Shale

SodaStream Closing West Bank Factory Targeted by Boycotts

British Spy Agency: We Don't Need Warrant for Americans' Data. We Have 'Arrangements'

Report:Red Cross left volunteers at Republican National Convention in Tampa instead of helping Isaac

Halloween for Kids, LFR Style!

Connecticut father sues after Ebola fears keep daughter from school

Ukraine Premier Snubs Coalition Offer, Vows to Lead Talks

Thom Hartmann: The 2014 Voting Nightmare

PBS NEWSHOUR:How third-party candidates could disrupt midterm elections

Quick poll: Is humankind actually getting stupider, or......

Purdue shooter Cody Cousins dead by suicide

Gov. Walker takes the lead in the final Marquette Law School Poll

Playing with new lens - our adopted stray cat was my only willing subject

Ebola appears to be slowing in Liberia: WHO

For Kansas' sake, maybe the Royals should lose.

Thom Hartmann: What has Greed Cost America?

The US Falls Behind Nicaragua, Rwanda, And The Philippines On Women's Equality | ThinkProgress

Will the Republicans' deliberate obstruction win them control of Congress?

The study of science leads to left-leaning beliefs

Nuclear fallout and modern life

Pat Robertson Shames Terminally Ill Woman Planning Suicide For Promoting Liberal ‘Culture Of Death’

The number one obstacle in fighting the Ebola epidemic has been "panic"

China Cuts 2020 Target for Offshore Wind by 60%

Lobbyists, Bearing Gifts, Pursue Attorneys General

Sack Toon: The GOP Before and After the election

Prediction:If god forbid we lose badly on November

Freedumb-loving teabagger Maine governor is attempting to take

The shame of Mississippi, where racism and stupidity killed Obamacare

I think I must be a total mess

Nathan Cirillo-inspired racism 'experiment' ends with punch to face

Don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend

Is it OK that Dr. Craig Spencer, Ebola patient, lied to police about leaving his apartment

Number of Va. students seeking financial aid soars

Seitan advice anyone?

Fed decides to end quantitative easing stimulus program

Post-Fukushima: Seven Billion Deaths Predicted

Cops do 20,000 no-knock raids a year

I voted early today in NC and it was busy!

Papantonio: Shifting Costs To The Sick

Only 50% Full Time Jobs For Available Workers. 25% Of That Pay Less Than 35K Yr. Only 30% Making It

Nikko Jenkins says 'vote for Lee Terry' in court

Malala Yousafzai gives $50,000 to reconstruction of Gaza schools

'Old Faithful' dogs get their moment in the sun

A "Not So Prank" call to nine-one-one.

Toles: Fox News Haunted House

Medicare Changes Could Limit Patient Access To ALS Communication Tools

Ray Rice Halloween costumes are not funny

Living wage represents Silicon Valley's pathway out of poverty

U.S. retailers face charges for food stamp machines

"Nobel laureate Malala Yousafazi donates $50,000 to Gaza schools"

Hold the Elevator | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Georgia gov’s corruption shocker: Right-winger’s shady get-rich scheme could be wildest GOP scandal

‘Atheist creationists’ say their study proves there is no Jesus in your communion wafer

Inmate Sues Prison Claiming His Religious Liberty Entitles Him To Dress Like A Pirate

anyone watch the debate between Al Franken and that mcfadden guy??

The Catholic Supernatural

Cutler staying in race, insists Mainers should ‘vote their conscience’

KOVA, Tucson-Leaders work on Downtown homeless problem

KOVA, Tucson-Leaders work on Downtown homeless problem

Papantonio: Hey U.C. Berkeley, Bill Maher Is Entitled to Free Speech Too

Republicans spend a lot of money to keep you from voting

Maine seeks legal powers to force nurse into quarantine


AP IMPACT: US Health Care Unprepared for Ebola

Now THIS is how to do it right

**Joni Mitchell fans** - color videos of Joni Mitchell from 1966

"What kind of a peace do I mean, and what kind of a peace do we seek?"

Every thing's up to date.

Texas nurse in quarantine after Sierra Leone trip


Crossing Off the Red Cross --Stunning Report Shows Millions Wasted in Hurricane Sandy Aid

Time again for post what you are listening to right now!!

Kansas City Lights

Study predicts Kansas City Royals boost to midterm incumbents

Suspect in anti-gay hate crime at DFW Airport faces $1,000 fine, no jail time

Suspect in anti-gay hate crime at DFW Airport faces $1,000 fine, no jail time

Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters

Cost me $25.62 to fill a 3/4 empty gas tank yesterday. Thanks Obama!


First Nation near here adopting living wage for workers

Is there a totally easy way to delay for eight seconds a "live-streaming" radio broadcast?

Judge grants preliminary injunction to keep Calif. tribal casino closed

BREAKING: Angus King dumps Cutler, endorses Michaud

"'Chickens---gate' Is All About Iran"

Who is dressing up in a thong dress costume this Halloween?

This is how the media spins cost of living - it's always political

Street Harasser Haunted By Woman Who Got Away With Dignity Intact

ISIS vs. Ebola - by Hugh Gusterson

Zambia's Scott becomes Africa's first white leader in 20 years

Buck Owens!

Drudge Claims: Coldest Year on Record. Reality: Warmest Year on Record

Jelly Roll Morton!

Honey Boo Boo Canceled Over Child-Molesting Boyfriend

Braley slightly ahead in new Iowa US Senate race poll:

Shake some action

THere's just something about a good pair of socks.

Charles Pierce on the Bush family

People Think The Economy Is Rigged To Favor The Wealthy. People Think Republicans Will Fix This.

Mystery of Amelia Earhart Solved? Fragment From Missing Plane Identified

The largest city in Brazil is running dangerously low on water

'I wish I'd aborted the son I've spent 47 years caring for'

I was shocked comparing my wife's 401K to my

Out at Home: New York's Response to Airbnb Puts San Francisco to Shame

Ladies and gentlemen... Joan Jett BRINGS IT! (GOTV & stop the Republican war on women)

Earliest police report from Ferguson is released and conflicts with Darren Wilson's testimony leaks

Earliest police report from Ferguson is released and conflicts with Darren Wilson's testimony leaks

"She's so stubborn she'll probably insist on going inside"

The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Is Reportedly Going To Reveal Himself To The World

Does milk do a body good? Maybe not, a new study suggests

Palestinians: Stop the Children's Intifada!

When mentioning Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News here on DU, please...

California issues quarantine policy for Ebola exposure

UN, Colombia government demand explanation over ‘peace sabotage attempts’ by military

Fight for U.S. Senate control may not end on Election Day

China's Chang'e 5 lunar test vehicle captures amazing Earth + Moon image.

Woman Found Decapitated in Farmingdale Was a Popular Farmingdale State College Professor

M$M celebrating their party's taking control of Senate. 'Great achievement' of campaign of Nothing

Colombia military suspends intelligence official amid new ‘spy list’ controversy

Will they start quarantining abusers and the mentally ill?

ISIS has nothing to do with Israel

Well, that only took ten years or so

How American Indians Could Save the Democrats' Senate Majority

Some weird formatting in this thread,


Count Basie!

Human kaleidoscope

Right-wing activist shot during annual Temple Mount event in Jerusalem

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 29, 2014

Kimi Ga Inai Mirai {A Future Without You}

In Omaha, W. Bush's daughters share their recipe for young women's success

How the Washington Press Turned Bad

Post birth abortion? Anybody heard of this?

The Kiss.

America's Ebola Epidemic Currently Consists Of One Person With Ebola | Think Progress

Something is serious screwed up in GD

Dr. Keith Ablow: Let's Invade Everywhere for the Sake of Democracy!

Inventor of 'Operation' game is in need of operation

Strangest freakin thing....


Hundreds of Salamanders Gather on Homeowner’s Doorstep

Joe Maddon is to become Cubs manager, sources say

Possibly Part of The Glitch, Sir

Scott McKenzie!

This link is supposed to lead to my OP about Anonymous hacking a neo-Nazi website.


How did this happen? Upon scanning the Greatest Page:

"Jim Crow Returns"/Trailer - Greg Palast Documentary: VOTING RIGHTS -- Al Jazeera Reports


Gay community hit hard by Middle East turmoil

Yesterday & Today

George P. Bush: 'I'm Not A Scientist' When It Comes To Climate Change

Obamacare isn't just expanding health insurance. It's reducing inequality.

This is pretty cool. Live continuous video from the K.

The Aral Desert: Once a Sea - Now, All Dried Up

The Aral Desert: Once a Sea - Now, All Dried Up

Papantonio: Is Jeb Bush Really A Serious Contender For The Presidency???

OMG! Look! It’s a Positive Ad!

A brand new report says Indiana has the best education policies in the country.

Distant thunder

McConnell claims he never supported social security privatization

Technical Difficulties - update - re: links that do not lead to stories shown

Jim Crow returns, By Greg Palast (This is election theft in action!)

Heads Up: "GOP-led Purge Threat to 3.5 Million Voters"/Greg Palast Documentary Airs on Al Jazeera

Frank Zappa!

Total recoil? Gun simulator targets army and sofa warriors

For Democrats, the right lesson from 2014 is to be more liberal

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

Cuomo will push new teacher evaluations, vows to bust school 'monopoly' if re-elected

So... Is anyone else getting to the right threads under "Greatest threads" on the home page?

Weather Channel Rebukes Its Co-Founder On Climate Change

Tiny Human Stomachs Grown in Lab

Fracking well explosion forces more than 400 Ohio families from homes

Obama Touts Heroism Of Ebola Health Care Workers

"The Most Brazen Attempt at Voter Suppression Yet"

Chilly Record! Coldest Object on Earth Created in Lab

Red flags are flying in Rio and Montevideo -

Stupidest remark I've seen about ebola so far...

Tennis - Paris Masters - Spoilers

Crispie Christie is an uncouth ReTHUG scumbag

Why middle-class Americans can’t afford to live in liberal cities

Why middle-class Americans can’t afford to live in liberal cities (xpost from GD)

Oh no - I have now seen the light - take me off the list as a Republican. HAVIN’ FUN with pollsters.

WTF? Maine seeking court order to keep Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox quarantined (Maine will lose)

Are things as bad as the media is reporting

How come I click on a OP and get something else?

A health alert to horse owners

Orbital, private company that made rocket that crashed yesterday,

Palestinian family claims fraud in settler buy of Jerusalem landmarks

Lawyer for Kaci Hickox shoots down CNN, Lepage, Christie and all the fear mongering...delicious.

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

"Hey, Women!"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 October 2014

Some questions about the mysterious and prolific DU member, Name Removed

**WORLD SERIES - Game 7**

World Losing 2,500 Hectares Of Irrigated Land Per Day To Salt Damage

If we loss badly next week, we may not know until Jan runoff. We will loss

Permission to Play Devil's Advocate Denied

Ebola Q&A Thread

"single issue"

Street Harasser Haunted By Woman Who Got Away With Dignity Intact

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility Completes Initial Assessment after Orbital Launch Mishap

Egypt demolishes Sinai homes for Gaza border buffer

How to Buy Power and Influence

Ok, who broke General Discussion?

I feel good!! Big night Tuesday

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If they can quarantine a visibly healthy nurse with no sign or