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New Poison Frog Species Evolving Before Our Eyes, Study Says

MIT Thinks It Has Discovered the 'Perfect' Solar Cell

Michael Nugent - Misrepresentations & Smears

How Technology Traced HIV to Its Very Beginnings

Stupid Stuff on Steroids – Syria and Comic Book Thinking

Chicago ARTCC fire suspect appears in court

NC asks US Supreme Court to restore election rules

Judge: Quarantined relatives of Ebola patient should be moved out of contaminated apartment.

Trader indicted for manipulating commodity prices

And a really bad Sandra bullock movie.....SPEED

Anyone have any good critiques of Bernie Sanders?

This is a steep learning curve.

Russia cutting gas deliveries to Slovakia

Michele Bachmann "looking to burnish her credentials as a foreign policy expert" for 2016 run

South Korea Constructing Bolivia's Longest Bridge To Be Delivered In 35 Months

Oh the Hell With It! Here you Go... An Interesting Read...Whatever! "Stupid Stuff"...

We have an emergency of Squee

Boobs on the Ground? Pissed some veterans off

Watch: Pres. Obama Rips FOXNews and Republicans for Their Silence on Obamacare’s Success

Where Did HIV Start? Virus Originated In Democratic Republic Of Congo 90 Years Ago

The Paleo diet? Are you kidding me?

People Want Pluto as a Planet Again

That's not the Tomahawk chant in Baltimore, is it?

NBC freelance cameraman diagnosed with Ebola now...

MLB to test out speed-up rules; sounds like a train wreck in the making

Look for misandry/misogynist war as a new phenomena since Hillary Clinton is so

A quote from 1936 by H.P. Lovecraft.

NBC News cameraman in Africa Diagnosed with Ebola

Found a pic of an old car I bought in '74

Would your feelings about Ebola entering the US be different

Heart breaking reality of what dumping in the Reef's World Heritage waters really looks like

WOMEN WHO FOUGHT FOR THE VOTE. Will You Vote for them in 2014? Poll.

Winter isn't far away... can you spare a coat?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Doublethink & a new Kitteh gif


Thank You!!

Oops! JP Morgan says 76 million households affected in largest ever data breach



LOVE Rachel!

No global warming? San Francisco was 90 earlier TODAY ...

George W. Bush on ISIS: America has learned its ‘lesson’ on Iraq

The National Mall looks different today.

Senator Alexander Needs to Read the NLRA

Rory Alec, head of 'God TV,' resigns due to marital scandal

Senator Alexander Needs to Read the NLRA

OK, Oreos,

JPMorgan Says Data Breach Affected 76 Million Households

Daily Kos: North Carolina GOP Senator/Candidate Accused Of Welfare Fraud

I feel that I should explain something

Uh Oh, welfare fraud allegation against Republican candidate, Senator Wesley Meredith-NC.

Protesters pack meeting on education changes

NBC News cameraman diagnosed with Ebola virus in Africa

Anti-Zionist Jews Desecrate Yad Vashem With ‘Blood Bucket Challenge’ (VIDEO)

Former 'ex-gay' activist renounces PFOX, tells story

Together, two sight-impaired friends see the world

Short video of dogs eating peanut butter.

Kentucky National Guard sends 60 airmen to Senegal to help fight Ebola

Sam Nunn condemns ‘shameful’ attack on daughter, says Harry Reid wanted her out of Senate race

governor perry's administration handling of the ebola case in dallas

October 2, 1918: Suffragists Vow to Elect Allies and Oust Enemies in Senate

So "Being within three feet of a patient for a prolonged time, without wearing protective gear, is..

13 more abortion clinics to close immediately in Texas per Rachel.

Can you give me advice about driving with a J-gate

Soon, It Will Cost Less To Sequence A Genome Than To Flush A Toilet — And That Will Change Medicine

Gun Control Groups To Match NRA Spending In Midterm Elections

Huge Study links Aspartame to Major Problems.

Here are some very happy blissed out dogs!

Brooklyn cafe rants about ‘greedy’ Jews

Put Down That Pineapple: Farm Runoff Is Killing Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Anyone watching the beat down of the Vikings?

Hey Floridians for Yes on 2 (Medical Marijuana) weeks rallies around the state.

Dutch teen claiming to be part of ISIS threatens to behead Jews


Israel's counter-terrorism bureau warns: ISIS may target Israelis, Jews abroad

This is NOT the postseason!

When Mom ran the Secret Service

"This Is What's the Matter With Kansas"

Ugh. So a few Republican friends have "liked" Republican-leaning youtube videos on Facebook,

Ebola detainees finally get their food

Egyptian Anti-Semitic Activist Loses Sakharov Prize Nomination

Arctic sea ice extent has bottomed out for the year

How Germany's Free Healthcare and College works...

Hey Anti-Vaxxers, Watch NOVA: Vaccines--Calling the Shots

Dog rescued in India after falling into a tar pit video

The nearly forgotten 40 year-old BBC mini-series, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ reminds us why the

The nearly forgotten 40 year-old BBC mini-series, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ reminds us why the

The nearly forgotten 40 year-old BBC mini-series, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ reminds us why the

Clinton says new granddaughter Charlotte “has just as much God-given potential as a boy..."

Australian cabinet approves air strikes against IS in Iraq

"Cat Watch 2014: what's it like being a cat?"

Account from Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol

all you people who were not there, are so square.

Yikes, just yikes! (trying to bleach history in Colorado)

Voter Registration Soars In Ferguson Since Death Of Michael Brown

Elgin officer fired over Facebook posts

Taj Mahal, Tedeschi / Trucks, and Jerry Douglas

Ex-Kansas Senator: Top Brownback Aide Being Investigated By FBI

GOP Gov Wants Personal Meeting With Obama On Medicaid Expansion

UPDATE: Controversial Colorado History Plan Still Alive

Local Voter Awareness Question

Australian warplanes to launch air strikes against Islamic State targets.

For Throw-back Thursday, me and my mom on my first birthday...

WTF ...163

WTF ...164

The Fight Against Ebola (Part 1/3)

Blah blah blah, ebola is not a threat…

Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck

That $1,200 Machine for Making Untraceable Guns Just Sold Out in 36 Hours

Houston VA employee manipulated claims

If anything, racism breeds blindness...

How the USDA’s new ‘chicken rule’ could change what you eat, and how it’s inspected

Antiwar Activists, 9/11 Truthers Gather In Tehran For Anti-Zionist Conference

Democracies abandon hosting of 2022 Olympics

Michigan had a long tradition of moderate Republicans, but ...........

Top Doctors: Ebola May Become Airborne … And May ALREADY Be Transmissible Via Aerosols

Victims participating in Colombia peace talks receive deaths threats: UN

Dressmakers, Tailors, Dress designers - Looking for advice

Australian mining is poisoning El Salvador. It could soon send it broke, too

Australian mining is poisoning El Salvador. It could soon send it broke, too

WTF ...165

Let's assume for a minute that some people are correct in saying that "they"

English metal legends Judas Priest told to keep mum about gay rights in Russia

U.S. Eases Arms Embargo to Vietnam Amid China Sea Spats

"Lipstick on a pig!" should be our cry

Why Ebola is very unlikely to go airborne

Level 4 protocol in Dallas

Warren will be on Real Time tonight

There was a very disturbing thread posted Sunday.

The NSA and Me. By James Bamford

Racially bullied student says teacher fired for sticking up for him

We Don't Have To Worry About ISIS Destroying The USA The GOP Will Do It For Them

Çatalhöyük excavations reveal gender equality in ancient settled life

October 3

NY Times Editorial (and my comment): "The Fundmantal Horror of ISIS"

McAuliffe aide suggested job for senator’s daughter if he remained in his seat

Australia's Stateswoman

More Hurdles for Home Care Unions

Hong Kong chief vows to remain as tensions deepen with pro-democracy protesters

New ‘Yelp’ for Guest Workers in U.S. Challenges the Employer Power Dynamic

Lena Dunham Decides People Should Be Paid for Their Work

Stewart, Colbert Save the Day:

"Pavlov's Cats" (Eddie Izzard)

Sacramento shelter for the homeless.

Evidence Found Of A Particle That Is Its Own Antiparticle

Texas hospital and patient are both to blame officials say

Obama heckled for immagration delay

Delay in Dallas Ebola Cleanup as Workers Balk at Task

A Flower Called "You"

Kimi To Iu Hana (A flower called "You")

Strut, pout, put it out...that's what they want from Jebby. I can't stop laughing.

Video of interview with Ebola patient's half-brother

"I mean, is Harry Reid being hypocritical here? I mean, is Harry Reid being hypocritical here?"

Global income equality now back at 1820s levels: OECD

Smily Live

Walgreens in Tanzania with Shot@Life (Get your flu shot and help others)

7 Surprising Reasons Turkey is entering war on ISIL

Hitomi no Naka no Meikyuu (The Labyrinth Inside My Eyes)

Hitomi no Naka no Meikyuu (The Labyrinth Inside My Eyes)

35,000 Walruses Can’t be Wrong about Climate Change: Crowd beach b/c “extreme retreat of sea ice”

Prescription for avoiding Ebola airport screening: ibuprofen

The Merkel Effect: What Today's Germany Owes to Its Once-Communist East

The Sand Thieves: World's Beaches Become Victims of Construction Boom

Bridge to Nowhere: Are EU Subsidies for Andalusia Well Spent?

It's not just Texas

980,000 deaths in Africa from Ebola...

Alabama’s Insane New Abortion Law- lawyers for the fetus

***Breaking News*** Crabs on airplane delay departure.

Has Neoliberalism Turned Us All Into Psychopaths?

The Billionaire Who Stole a California Beach, and the Surfers Who Are Winning it Back

Fall is my favorite time of year.

Looks like the old Austin crazies are coming out for Halloween

10 Factors That Will Determine the Future of Progressive Urban Politics

To Stop Police Brutality, Take the Millions in Settlement Money Out Of Cop Budgets

Three years later, Pentagon unit still hides Internet voting test results

Ebola Quarantine

My cat loves Fridays a bit too much...

Observed 'White Guilt'

Once targeted, Global Hawk drone now hidden weapon in U.S. airstrikes

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Vicious Duck That Beats the Crap Out of Anything That Moves

jon burge the infamous Chicago torture police commander just got out of prison early

In Tulare, CA, Bottled/Tanked Water For Everything - Showers, Flushing, Cooking

State, BLM schedule back-to-back Arctic oil lease sales in November

ConocoPhillips tanker carrying Alaska crude oil headed to S. Korea

Montpellier, France: 10 Inches Of Rain In Three Hours On September 29th

Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US

Va. gov.'s aide spoke of job for kin if senator stayed

World Bank Finally Retrieves Head From Ass, Makes $500 Million Loan For Solar To Morocco

Airbus insider trading trial opens in Paris

As other states contemplate legalization, marijuana sales top $9.2 million in Washington

JPMorgan breach heightens data security doubts

Payroll employment increases by 248,000 in September; unemployment rate declines to 5.9%

Walruses Beaching again in Arctic

Sunday October 5 will be the 38th anniversary of the bombing of Cubana Flight 455

Enterovirus 68: What Experts Are Learning

Jobless Rate in U.S. Falls to 5.9% in September, Payrolls Jump

Wake Up, Democrats, and Start Working, Republicans Now Lead Senate 52-48

Republicans Now Lead Senate 52-48

The New, More Patriotic AP History Test

Former Bush administration official guilty of assault

Hey you guys want to read some 'critical thinking' from a Reddtter?

At the car show!

Catholic archdiocese performed exorcism at Oklahoma civic center

Greenland Ice Sheet more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought

Global income equality now back at 1820s levels: OECD

Ukraine: The Unspeakable Horror of Poroshenko's Peace

Who’s afraid of Sherrod Brown? Big banks are

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Service Failure

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - GOP and minions

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Hong Kong Protests

The Dissenter

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest




seasonal contest-summer preliminaries are posted

Biden Commiserates with Harvard Student VP: ‘Isn’t It a Bitch?’

Official Washington's Syrian "Fantasy"

Underestimating ISIS: An Indictment of Decades of Failed US Policy in the Middle East

Letting go of people in your life who are making you crazy.

The word "extremism" makes me uncomfortable

School Apologizes After Atheist Student 'Intimidated' Into Standing For Pledge Of Allegiance

A Dictionary Reference to the War on ISIS

Caltech again ranked world's top research campus by British magazine

Rachel Maddow - Less abortion access in Texas as court rules

Baker Hughes starts disclosing frack chemicals

Attention, American Students: Tired of Prohibitive Debt? Germany Has Now Abolished ALL Tuition Fees

New drought tool: pay farmers not to irrigate

I have this great app for my phone it's called "health map" if you don't already have it, get it....

Ex-Indiana Guard officer charged with bribery

How did the Republicants convince the masses things have got worse under President Obama?

Fire at offshore gas platform prompts evacuation

Elephants and rhinos 'could be extinct within two decades' because of ivory poaching

Condensate export numbers hidden from view

Wisconsin: Open the DMV, or no voter ID!

Roots grow out of vagina after woman uses potato as contraceptive

"But not matter how necessary, it is always an evil ..."

Adam Levine's creepy new video glorifies stalking

The IOC Demands That Helped Push Norway Out of Winter Olympic Bidding Are Hilarious

TRNN: Whistle Blowers, Dissenters, and Progressives are the Patriots - Phil Donahue

Police: Worker Hid $1,200 Worth Of Meat In His Pants

Batteries Included: A Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power

Satellite images reveal shocking groundwater loss in California

Miami Bracing For Annual King Tide October 9th; City Expecting An Additional Foot Of Seawater

80,000 vets with PTSD could gain discharge upgrades

80,000 vets with PTSD could gain discharge upgrades (xpost from Veterans)

Bungle, bungle, bungle. Sanitizing crew turned away at Ebola patient's residence in Dallas

Pennsylvania Porn Scandal Prompts 2 Top State republican Officials To Resign!

Giant Clams Use Iridescence to Create Living Greenhouses to Grow Algae

Did you know hearing aids cost $5,000?

Queen of Transparency not so Transparent – More on Mayor Teresa Jacobs – The Florida Squeeze

Given The Seriousness Of Ebola Shouldn't Any Clean-Up Be Performed By A Haz-Mat Crew....

Rachel Maddow - Texas Ebola response marred by missteps

The Return of the Corporate Court

Sweden (to Become First EU Country) to Recognise State of Palestine

'The real objective of the 9/11 attacks was to prompt American overreaction: to goad Washington....'

After Feigning Love for Egyptian Democracy, U.S. Back To Openly Supporting Tyranny

Why I Prefer The Word “Feminist” Over “Equalist”

The Rude Pundit - Why Hong Kong Is Massively Pissed (A Primer from Big Lychee)

Robert Parry: Official Washington’s Syrian ‘Fantasy’

What a quiz tells us about US news habits (BBC)

Catalans vow to hold referendum on independence from Spain

So if none of the people in quarantine have symptoms

Bogus Congressman Said to Get Backstage at Obama Event

Agency Leading Ebola Response Has Had Budget Cut Nearly $600 Million Since 2010

Europe Is Crumbling Into Collapse

Wesleyan, Temple Among Colleges Scrapping Admission Tests

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh thrives in chaos and difficulty

Islamic State Leads Mideast Into Warlord Era as Nations Dissolve

Rolling Jubilee Buys And Abolishes Close To $4 Million In Student Debt

The Puleo diet? Are you kidding me?

Ohio boy takes unloaded cap guns on school bus

Arizona Wildcats shock No. 2 Oregon on the road

The Future of Work, Leisure, and Consumption...In an Age of Economic and Ecological Crisis

Noam Chomsky: Keeping Gaza in a Stranglehold

Which College Football Team Does Your Hometown Root For?

Drop in U.S. Labor Force Difficult to Pin on Discouraged Workers

GOP Sends Out Mailer With Phone Number Of Dem's 91-Year-Old Mom

Gold Erases Its 2014 Gains After U.S. Employers Add Jobs

More Proof: Birth Control Access Reduces Pregnancy & Abortion

Isn't it so wonderful that we don't have socialized medicine in this country like all those other

Excellent tennis news (spoiler)

Ebola: the communication mishap had to do with information system setup. very informative article.

Dick Morris Hangs Up After Contradicting Himself

MICHIGAN: Latest Poll Shows DEM Gary Peters Widening the Lead in Senate Race

Satan now promoting Nicolas Cage’s movie about the rapture

Man donates $21K in coins collected on daily walks to animal shelter

Lindsey Graham: Marco Rubio 'Not Quite Ready' To Be President, But I Am

No one knew these famous people were spies

Ebola Situation: Where are these Texas State biohazard experts right now?

Phil Donahue: Whistle-Blowers, Dissenters and Progressives Are the Patriots

An Open Letter to My Democratic Spammer

UN Says Nine Peacekeepers Killed in Mali in Deadliest Attack Since 2013

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton plans midterm blitz

Patient Hospitalized in D.C. With Possible Ebola Symptoms

A remarkable account by NSA whistleblower James Bamford in The Intercept. "The NSA and Me"

Ukraine Conflict Kills Red Cross Worker as Battles Rage On

Any Turkish Action on Syrian Territory to Be Interpreted As Aggression: Foreign Ministry

Kim Jong-Un's Sister Takes Control in North Korea

Pic Of The Moment: Ark. Republicans FINALLY Uncover A Case Of Serious Voter Fraud...

New WNN editorial: Time to get real about the F-35

Cockroaches temporarily shut theme park restaurant

Army Analysis Cautioned Troops And Their Families To “Be Vigilant” In Light Of Terrorist Threats

Patient Hospitalized in D.C. With Possible Ebola Symptoms

I joined a walking program at work.

Colombia’s highest court to investigate Uribe over peace talks wiretapping

Involuntary manslaughter charge dismissed in cop shooting of Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Uribe delivers evidence of Colombian senator’s alleged ties to Norte del Valle cartel

Crimes against Colombia women continue to remain in impunity: IACHR

Veteran robbed after death (Albuquerque)

It's Pinktober people!

Biden: International Order 'Literally Fraying at the Seams'

You can help. shameless plug for the magnificent Medecins Sans Frontiere

Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Being Treated at Howard University Hospital in D.C.

Antonin Scalia Says Constitution Permits Court To 'Favor Religion Over Non-Religion'

Ebola waste clean-up: the CDC and the DOT have conflicting regulations. That's the current problem.

I am sick of reading the Ebola blame casting here on Texas


Huffington post is so fucked up their bashing the new unemployment numbers

Looky what mr. froggy bought me!

Scottish Independence: Darth Vader Music Chases Labour MPs Around Glasgow

Dammit! I just learned that my employer is heavily involved in funding tar sands projects

Dilma Rousseff in poll position as Brazilians set to vote for their wallets

Lights! Camera! Jesus! How Christians Are Building Their Own Hollywood

Two senators call on USDA to analyze grain-by-rail delays; 30 ag organizations call on USDOT to reco

UK citizens, riddle me this. Does anyone in RL

Atheism’s shocking woman problem: What’s behind the misogyny of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris?

The Best Text Reply Ever. This Is Gold.

What Your Favorite Playoff Baseball Team Says About You

Marriott Pays $600,000 for Blocking WiFi at Nashville’s Opryland Hotel

what's for dinner - friday, oct. 3?

In This Changes Everything Naomi Klein provides accelerant to the re-ignited Climate Change Movement

Michelle Obama on The Chew today at 1:00 p.m.

Need some healing vibes...

Political Typology Quiz

Its nothing but "crap" the whole thing.. the Obama administration

Report: Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama Locations To Romney Campaign In 2012

Dominant Male Atheist Leaders Seem to Have a Problem with Women

Think about this for a second. have until Monday to check in.

Book Review - Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba Are Changing the World’s Conception of H


Chinese fascists about to break up Hong Kong protests

Update: Cobb Co. Jail inmate tested negative for Ebola

Cobb Co. Jail inmate has tested negative for Ebola

Updated CDC Guidance Regarding Ebola

'What the hell is th....ooooooooooh yeah' KITTEH LOL

Escaped crabs delay flight

**October's Contest Theme: The Textures of October**

‘Sovereign citizen’ tells traffic court he doesn’t exist: ‘My mom never gave birth to me’

Teachers arrested for threesome with student

Breaking kitteh

Marriott Pays $600,000 for Blocking WiFi at Nashville’s Opryland Hotel

America's Continuing Empathy Deficit Disorder

Heads up: M. Obama in MA today to campaign for Coakley.

Comforting Fact Regarding Ebola in the US

As Ebola Spreads, U.S. Still Without a Surgeon General, per GOP/NRA Obstruction.

Rubio not ready. Graham is. Fear Fear Fear!!!!

The Seeds of Bias in the Michael Brown Case: Who Killed Prosecutor Robert McCullough’s Father?

Don't blame Bush!

COL State Board of Ed member: ‘U.S. ended slavery voluntarily’

installing WOW on budget laptop w/ linux installed

So what about this? Khorasan fake?

Papantonio: Citizens United Has Ruined Democracy

This upcoming traffic apocalypse will be the end of Chris Christie

Cat Watch 2014: What’s it like being a cat? (BBC)

Fox And Friends: America Loves And Misses You, George W. Bush

How are Texans handling the Ebola threat?

Ebola Quarantine question

Come on Down! You're the Next Contenstant on "The Price is Right Wing!"

Dressmakers, Tailors, Dress designers - Looking for advice

Crazy ANTI-VAXX stie NaturalNews is telling people their supplements treat Ebola, among other nonsen

BBC from the Paris Motor Show: Toyota's plans for a fuel cell future include UK, Germany and Denmark


Teacher fired for defending student against bullies

GOP Mailer Asks People to Harass Suffering 91-Year-Old in Hospice Care

Anarcho-Capitalists and the Exponential Growth Question

Anarcho-Capitalists and the Exponential Growth Question

Check out this tweet about the Sunflower State...

The Constitution Favors Religion Over Nonreligion

Hey Harry Reid, President Obama has 212 unconfirmed nominations and appointments!?!

Twitter to give all tweets, $10 million to new MIT social media lab

This is a British Ted Cruz wannbe.

FBI: U.S. now has one active shooter incident every three weeks...

WOW Amazing backstory of Ashoka Mukpo (NBC Cameraman with ebola)

Lindsey Graham May ‘Just Jump in’ the 2016 Race

The New York Times Blasts Home Care Right to Work Lawsuit in Minnesota

Amazing background of Ashoka Mukpo

Cop Who Oversaw Torture Of More Than 100 Black Men Is Released From Prison After Less Than 4 Years

R.Perry & the poor state response in Tx

Matt Prater released by Broncos

Profits From Syrian Airstrikes Will Churn Your Stomach, TYT

A GOP playbook against HRC


Have you ever been tempted to burn down a house

I could start to like the Tigers. Why?

As the election draws near.... can we talk about local issues on the ballot?

My Heart goes out to

Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS

Breaking news: a video showing the killing of Alan Henning, the British man being held hostage by Is

timeline question re: Duncan and ebola

The other day ...

Marine lost at sea after bailing from Osprey aircraft during near-crash

Colo Ed Bd Member: Give U.S. Credit For Voluntarily Ending Slavery

"What is the price?" - As poignant now as it was then

U.S., anti-Assad rebels in Syria remain at odds over role of al Qaida’s Nusra Front

White House to Detail Ebola Response Plan in Briefing.


Medellin human rights leader barely survives assassination attempt

Missouri judge orders state to recognize 10 same sex marriages

Windows 10 preview lets Microsoft collect private data in frightening ways

Missouri judge orders state to recognize 10 same sex marriages

Australian women fight Islamophobia with scarves

Who is Jack Schitt?

Weeds for dinner: Vegan man finds solution to weed problem by eating them

I Refuse To Watch ISIS Snuff Videos

Revealed: How CVS stores have ripped off customers.

Just heard Isis beheaded another person

Robert Serra was the colectivos (paramilitaries) guy

Eyes on the Road.

Is "Gone Girl" depressing?

Bernie Sanders: Isn't there a lesson here that we should be learning from Germany?

Anyone have advice on LinkedIn?

DUer Required Viewing: Elizabeth Warren Exposes Citizens United for What It Is

ISIS Claims to Have Killed Another Hostage

Criminal case behind him, Tom DeLay ‘coming back’ to DC to expose ‘radical Marxist’ Obama

So the hazmat team arrives with its respirators and cleans AROUND the unprotected family

Kaka earns recall to Brazil squad to face Argentina and Japan

Florida woman arrested for DUI, moons cops

Advice from Snopes

Police seize ambush suspect's food supplies

Woman Used A Potato For Contraception And It Grew Roots In Her Vagina

Peter Kassig, former U.S. soldier and current aid worker, threatened as next ISIS victim

Mike Luckovich Toon- Rebranding

4 Recent Cases of Unarmed Black Men Shot by Police

4 Recent Cases of Unarmed Black Men Shot by Police

Call of Duty Director Says U.S. Should Station Soldiers in Schools

Minneapolis City Council takes steps to ban offensive nickname from U of M stadium

No rules in Texas. Blow up a town, powerwash ebola barf, whatever because freedom.

What can be done to change the financial situation of the dominant culture?

Scored Big at the Fair This Year!

Hiring rebounds in September; unemployment rate falls to 5.9 percent

I need a recommendation for a book on English colonization

Ebola Patient's Sequestered Relatives Moving to Undisclosed Location

BALLSY MOVE: Thomas Cantley Pushing Giant Testicle Across US To Raise Cancer Awareness

Republican Pig of the Day

"Why Wall Street is betting on Republicans to take the Senate"

White Pumpkins--anyone ever used them?

Liberia, the United States, and Ebola

New Alabama Law Puts Teens Who Need Abortions on Trial. That's Dangerous and Cruel.


A gem from the 80s, courtesy of Sinbad on "A Different World"

Why Republicans love the American media?

Can't help wondering if Joan Bramhall had something on Chris Christie.

In 12 days I will be 50.

The U.N. General Assembly Speech They Don’t Want You To See. Argentina President Cristina Fernandez

My friend Todd did this

My friend Todd did this

Nicolas Cage has hit bottom. Left Behind:

Why do Americans believe bombing is the answer when experts say “there’s no military solution”?

forgotten women of film herstory--alice guy

Banded Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

I'm sure everyone has noticed how there are no commercials on TV to let women know about

British Aid Worker Killed By British Jihadi

October 3, 1950: Eleanor Roosevelt Praises Women’s Rights Victories Around the World and Asks for

State of Play: John Kerry’s High-Stakes Year

At Texas Abortion Clinic, Staff and Patients Grapple With Court Ruling

Wonderful photo album: four sisters, forty years

Pyongyang in lockdown, reason is unknown but may possibly be a coup attempt

Noooo! Leave my bag balm alone: Vermont's Bag Balm Ointment Goes Corporate

It is time for a global discussion on Public Health

REMEMBRANCE OF A LIFE LIVED by Robin Dorman (warning intense dog rescue in Korea)

Weekend Economists Celebrate Chinese Birthdays October 3-5, 2014

Tough Texas abortion law may head to Supreme Court

Read this and tell me again how Ebola in the environment/on fomites isn't anything to fuss about:

"Suicide, Unemployment Increasingly Linked, Paper Suggests"

The black mask

"Mitch McConnell on climate change: "I'm not a scientist""

I fear I just broke laptop hard drive :(

Any polls on Al Franken and Mark Dayton?

Phone forward madness?

Michelle Obama backs (Martha) Coakley at Dorchester stop

GOP Cut $600 Million To CDC But Louie Gohmert Thinks The Answer To Ebola Is Ending Political Correct

Upper West Side New Yorkers Attempt to Ban ‘Internet People’ from Neighborhood Restaurant

Civil Administration destroys power grid in Khirbet a-Twayel, the Jordan Valley

David Perdue: ‘I spent most of my career’ outsourcing

My very own ghost picture taken on my cell phone camera


Hidden messages: just your imagination?

Migrating pelicans

After watching the TV series "The Killing" I asked what piano piece

It's Really Weird We Don't Know Who The Leader In North Korea Is

Giants 3, Natinals 2

Mitt Romney: It’s Time For President Obama ‘To Apologize To America’

Hillary bounces back in latest presidential poll

New book. New trailer.

A perpetual state of Republican rebranding

Data breach at J.P. Morgan exposes 76 million households to cyber risk

Giants’ familiar formula carries day in Game 1