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Chuck Todd's ‘Meet the Press’ Hits Sunday Ratings Low

Flashback to 1971

Navajo vote could factor into tight Arizona race

Weird robocall/survey in Alabama.

Israel to reopen Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque flashpoint

What's the first sign of having ebola?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 31 October 2014

Chris Matthews on Hardball talking about what happens if Blacks don't show up and the Dems lose

Even video showing misogyny is racist

Possible wolf sighting in northern Arizona! >>UPDATE confirmed first in 70 years!!!<<<

Bless Mike Lukovich!!

I was taught conservative things in high school

No problems with my posts or the site.

Florida native dressed as Teletubby breaks into home, dumps Chinese food into guy's man purse

Making carrot soup in a crock pot

Remembering MFM on Halloween.

Lindsey Graham: "If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great!"/TPM

BDS Success: Israeli Firm Sodastream Leaves Palestinian West Bank after Boycott

Texas high school student sent home for wearing T-shirt that says, “Lesbian”

Arts funding slashed in Scotland

Casselberry Police Chief Bill McNeil resigns amid investigation

Bad news out of Kentucky on the Senate race

Why Polls Tend to Undercount Democrats

Justice Dept watchdog faults agency grenade probe

Stanford Ebola doc accepts strict quarantine. "It will be nice to hug another human being."

My boss is trying to get me to skip out on jury duty. What should I do?

Voting Against Their Own Interests (updated) --->

Are Wendy Davis' Book Sales That Bad?

The "Rumble in the Jungle" was 40 years ago today, Oct 30th, 1974

Canadian bats facing bleak future

Eight Police Officers Fired 46 Times at My Mentally Ill Son for Holding a Pen Knife

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! On the Show & a new Kitteh gif

For my 1000th post, I'd like to say...

October 30, 1912 mounted police attack... immigrant women and girls

Russian politician says Apple CEO Tim Cook 'should be banned' from country after coming out as gay

Wow! Dan Barker's Clergy Project!

A Canadian's View on Our Disrespect of President Obama's Presidency

Hmmm. Mitch up in polls because of likely voters..didn't the republicans

'Mean McCain' never left

The Making of the Warrior Cop!

High Numbers of Sea Turtles, Whales and Seabirds Die in Hawaii Tuna Longline Fishery

Lepage Maine now saying State Trooper is outside to PROTECT

High Numbers of Sea Turtles, Whales and Seabirds Die in Hawaii Tuna Longline Fishery

High Numbers of Sea Turtles, Whales and Seabirds Die in Hawaii Tuna Longline Fishery

Eric Frein captured in Poconos at old airport hangar

Milw Jour Sen Our View: Smear job on Mary Burke: Consider the source X-posted

NY Magazine: NRA reminds gun-loving voters to fear everything

NY Magazine: My week with a flip phone

Russian dumbass: Apple's Tim Cook should be banned from country

"The Study of Science Leads to Leftward Leanings"

FTC accuses Gerber of false claim on baby formula

Moapa Paiute (200 MW) solar plant blocked

Gratuitous Ebola Panic Video

So, will Oregon or Alaska legalize marijuana next week?

Horror Movie Daycare

Playoff Committee Chairman Explains Why Notre Dame Is Ranked So Low

Snowmen in the tropics; Medellin turns white after torrential hail storm

Murder, mayhem and the case for an early vote: Tim Harper

Airport Police Union Calls For Security Gap Fixes After Last Year’s LAX Shooting

Airport Police Union Calls For Security Gap Fixes After Last Year’s LAX Shooting

Ancient Stone Circles in Mideast Baffle Archaeologists

I knocked a hundred forty doors today, bringing my weekly total to about six hundred.

Honda opens 'self-sufficient' hydrogen refuelling station

Elon College is not just a four letter word in the crossword puzzles. Here it gives NC H*O*P*E

Lounge PSA Alert!

Koterba toon: Rocket explodes on lift off

TIME: Sorry, But Media Coverage of Pope Francis is Papal Bull

WTF ...181

Aqsa reopened to Palestinian worshipers ahead of 'Day of Rage'

TIME: Southern Baptists Strike a Different Tone than Catholics in Conference

Nope, not even Harvard study says millenniels skewing GOP

GOP senators urge Obama to hold off on immigration

File this for later, it might come in handy. Crist responds to Florida Sunshine inquiry.

3.5 percent third quarter growth in GDP exceeds economists' concensus

Trees - and if you would please tell me which you like. I want to enter a learning curve :)

Solution to Gerrymandering?

Looks like Rick Scott is not prepared to commit to improving transparency if he's elected.

Who's watching the chicken house?

America Votes is once again grading me on my voting.


The EBOLA threads on DU

Florida school teaching math for life skills to learning disabled must now teach Algebra I. New law.

Dallas Nurse Who Survived Ebola To Get Dog Back

Election Day Could Bring Raises To 680,000 Low-Wage Workers

Rand Paul Mocks Hillary Clinton Over Jobs Remark

Florida school must now teach Algebra to those who are really in need of math life skills.

Russia and Ukraine agree gas supply deal

Why are our Democratic office-holders such shrinking violets?

Latino ex-lawmaker held at gunpoint for honking

Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens Skyrocket Near Fracking Sites

I wrote a poem for America and you all here on DU.

Nice night for Jeanne Shaheen

Cuba hasn’t earned embargo’s end

Kevin Charles Brown suicide: Police official hangs himself before being arrested

Interesting/cogent discussion of radioactivity from TMI -

Sen. Landrieu's remarks on race anger Republicans

Happy Halloween.

Venezuelan Currency Exchange Control: CADIVI for DUMMIES

Jon Stewart Confirms That NBC Approached Him To Host 'Meet The Press'

Gotta love a president with a sense of humor!

Where's the outrage over racist treatment of Olivia Chow: Honderich

Jerry Brown, weary of agenda questions, dares reporter to 'print half of what I say'

I am shocked, and sorry for my misconceptions:

This has happened to me three times now...

Before Landrieu apologizes, I'd like rightists to apologize for THEIR microaggressions like...

Nevada court says strip club dancers are employees

More than a dozen quit at Cincinnati Enquirer rather than be forced to reapply for jobs

'Treated like cattle': Yazidi women sold, raped, enslaved by ISIS

Time to announce the winner of the 8th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

U.S. quarantines 'chilling' Ebola fight in West Africa: MSF

Gospel singer arrested, charged with domestic abuse

The naked class politics of Ebola

UN assembly (188 out of 193 countries) condemns US embargo on Cuba

The shifting politics of Cuba policy

Vote for Trammell as a moderate alternative.

Get Cuba off the list

Transport Evolved VIDEO: What's it Really Like to Drive a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle? We Find Out

Election Day in the Bolivian Highlands: Local Democracy, Amidst the Contradictions

GOP vote lead over Dems in Fla stays fairly static

WATCH: Antigay Pastor Says 'Upscale Sodomites' Spread Ebola at Starbucks

LISTEN: Edie Windsor's Message for Fla. Gov. Rick Scott

CDC Removed Info On Coughing And Sneezing From Ebola Q&A

Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin, Says Black Swan Author

Hagel Wrote Memo To White House Criticizing Syria Strategy

*sigh* According to the teacher, my Little Angel is no angel.

Interview with the guy who was told by Chris Christie to "Shut up and sit down". Video

Early voting up for Dems by large margin

Report: Turnout is way up in Democratic NC counties.

Remember the Philip Stroh character from The Closer?

The Democrats' Ground Game May Be Falling Short in Iowa

Check Out the Awesome Makeup in this Epic Self-Portrait Project - 31 Days of Halloween

Halloween Quiz

6 things you should know about business in this $4 billion election

Photo of the Day

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

Louisiana (a.k.a. Piyush Jindal) to Top Ebola Reseachers: Stay Away

The Age of Anxiety in the Republic of Fear

Tim Cook and the End of Gay Rights as a Wedge Issue

Erin McClelland vs. Keith Rothfus on Raising the Minimum Wage

An unwitting bit of erotica

Farmingdale Mom Beheading Story, New details. Son Could Not Find A Doctor To Take Medicaid

The Nation: Is Ukraine Slipping Into Illiberal Democracy?

Hard-Nosed Advice From Veteran Lobbyist: ‘Win Ugly or Lose Pretty’

Mike Malloy - Throwback Thursday: Palin Speaking In Tongues - 09/19/2008

October 31

Judge: Sailors' class-action suit can proceed over alleged radiation exposure (Fukushima)

... For All It Is Worth!

Bill to shield veterans services from government shutdown advances

Some Ebola quarantine measures becoming clear, others remain undecided

Report: Familiar, ‘enduring’ problems plague VA health system

Event in DC @ Navy memorial Nov 6 on Wounded Warriors

80-Year-Olds in Prison? Why America's Prisons Are Filling Up With Grandpas and Grandmas

Why the GOP Is Going to Be in Deep Trouble If Their Crazy Tea Party Candidates Get into the Senate

Democrats and Civil Rights Groups Urge People of Color to Vote, Citing GOP Racism Voter Suppression

Gov. Quinn obtains critical media endorsement.

Big Money Is Cropping Up In Small US Elections

CDC Removed Info On Coughing And Sneezing From Ebola Q&A

New VA-Sen Poll: Mark Warner 51%-"Enron Ed" Gillespie 44%

Medicare Advantage Patient Bill of Rights Legislation Introduced in Congress

This Is What Happens When You Criticize Teach for America

Clinton shows Grimes support on Ashland's riverfront

Outside groups make ‘mockery’ of W.Va. House elections, complaint says

GamerGate anger at women all too real for gamemaker

Richest Bullish on U.S. as Family Offices Open Outposts

Judge to Hold Hearing in Kansas Gay Marriage Suit

Last week, my vote flipped on a TN DRE. Three media spins later, I respond.

Male and Female He Created Them:

PA. House's Refusal to Ban Eating of Kittens and Puppies Featured on Colbert Report

Radio Host Calls Campus Rape Culture 'Big Lie' At Rick Scott Rally

Favorite Halloween/All Saints/Dia de los Muertos film?

All of M$Greedia take their cue

Ubuntu 14.10 flavors

Here's a little history lesson for those who think voting Republican is a good idea

Conservatives are trying to claim there's rampant voter fraud in America. Fact check: There isn't.

The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails

Growing inequality is disastrous but not inevitable

Cool Halloween Googles !

Poll on police abuse of power

Well, like Mitt said, the Senate HAS to go red so they can get 'er done.

The Problem With That Catcalling Video

What % of the House and Senate

So you think you know the 50 states

This is monstrous, a clear and present danger to democracy, how can it happen?

GOTV is going full steam ahead!

U.S. Bank tests new ways to fight bias against the long-term unemployed

Reminder for this weekend!

Grace: Omaha woman smart, hardworking and ‘stuck’ in low-wage hole

I'm going back to Rockville next week

Fire forces France’s public radio off air

Lawsuit: Surgical gowns let diseases pass through

Ted Cruz has a really gross reaction to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out

The third way is

Boston Globe op ed re: Tom Menino

US main promotor of war in Colombia: FARC

Saez & Piketty--Why the 1% should pay tax at 80%

Cross post

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Dark Money

Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore ousted, army says

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Out-Ebola'd

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Party of Fear and Loathing

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Colombia Senate approves controversial military justice reform in spite of UN objections

Early Voting Numbers Look Good for Democrats

Time change reminder!

I have a suggestion for all the faux friends who are afraid of EBOLA

NPR This Morning: What we DON'T know about Ebola

Attended a small reception with Uncle Joe last night...

20 charts show a side to America most people never see

Pope meets with Old Catholic leaders, suggests cooperation in 'confused' Europe

Secretly Taped: Hard-Nosed Advice From Veteran Energy Lobbyist: ‘Win Ugly or Lose Pretty’

Happy Halloween!!!

Analysis: Retail's answer to Apple Pay probably doomed

Why a (potential) GOP Senate could be short-lived

Court & Change

It's Oct 31 once again

40 Years Ago Today

An old Irish dish to Appalachian tastes: Kalecannon with smoked ham

Before the "10 Hours" video -- Street Harrassment caught on camera

Wanna hear something REALLY scary for Halloween?

Afghanistan: the war with no winners

Virginia lawmaker targets civil forfeiture

Can we please stop insulting the voters. Senator Landrieu, this means you.

Are you ready for all Christmas all the time ...

How Big Business Buys State Courts

The True Power of Coal: West Virginia Midterms

Billionaire-Backed Group Spends Unprecedented $290K in Minneapolis School Board Race

My thoughts on those who continue to put Republicans in office.

Kochs Approve Plan to Fire Cash from Cannon at Voters

You are going to fail....

I wouldn't say it's windy today... (wind jokes wanted)

So FOX News is suggesting the South has always been a bastion of racial tolerance

Scary sweet stuff

Blacks say atheists were unseen civil rights heroes

Naked Rambler loses at European court over right to public nudity

Corbett approves $2.5 million State grant to Company with multiple unpaid taxes & govt. loans

today i am driving up to help kelly westlund spit in the koch bros faces.

Fundy Christians Want A SCOTUS With All Fundy Justices.

The difference between US vs UK Ebola news coverage - Russell Howard's Good News

Re: The Mid-term Polling; or, rather ...

UN: Foreign Fighters Joining Terror Groups On 'Unprecedented Scale'

L.E.D. Lighting up Masterpieces

Did Parliament Shooting Change Canada's Gun Control Debate?

This is what we are battling against...

cross post

Squirrel Halloween

Pic Of The Moment: Loudmouth Jerk Insults Storm Victim

Artist Creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate

Labour facing complete political annihilation in Scotland

Finish the ballot - vote for the Judges (up for retention)

Now that's weird....

Anyone else remember this Halloween special from the 70's?

Kaci Hickox court ordered to stay 3 feet away from people

Burma considers altering law that bars Aung San Suu Kyi from being president /The Guardian

Court order temporarily restricts nurse's movement

Why a GOP Senate could be short-lived


Monsters from childhood on TV that still kinda scare me!

Completion of nuclear fuel processing plant postponed for 21st time

Arizona DUers...

My babies.

U.S. Gasoline Price to Fall Below $3 for First Time Since 2010

They should have called the game off

Senator Landrieu tells the truth about the south & Obama

Shale Boom Redraws Oil Routes as Alaskans Ship to Korea

DC Sniper vs. Pennsylvania sniper and the midterm elections.

So let me get this straight,

"More children talking to Child Line about suicide"

Fracking Advocates Urged to Win Ugly by Discrediting Foes

Sailors Can Sue Tepco in U.S. Over Radiation, Judge Says

we were talking the grayson issue, and a thread in GD. very much a womans issue.

Young people want to spend money on jobs and schools. The old like war and Social Security

Dorchester Reporter endorses Martha Coakley

I would give just about anything to be the one who thought of this first.

China’s Clandestine Submarine Caves Extend Xi’s Naval Reach


Hey, Jian Ghomeshi, I Call B.S.!

Got a good laugh from a videogame, ebola panic?

With GOP Vouchers For Medicare Most Seniors Will Lose Their Health Care Coverage.

Ha ha ha. Got a call from the National Republican Senatorial Committee last night.

Obama gave the GOP the greatest gift of all

Chris Gibson is running away with it in NY 19

Papantonio: Prison Time Is ONLY Solution for Wall Street Thugs

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises to Highest Since July 2007

There's not a damn thing wrong with Highway 29.

Republicans and evolution (borowitz)

My dentist said, "Eating all your Halloween candy in one sitting...

4 days out, which party is looking probable to win control of the Senate

"Being the Token Black Guy"

Criminalizing Mental Illness, Drug Addiction, Homelessness -Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

Swedish FM to Lieberman: I'd be happy to send you IKEA flat pack

First time in here, so hi everybody!

Fox's Mike Gallagher: Only "Unhappy Women" Complain About Street Harassment

Israeli Cartoonist Stands By 9/11 Image of Benjamin Netanyahu

Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse

Let's play Guess the Movie from the Quote

edward gorey & the gashlycrumb tinies

Just voted for Davis/Orman/Schodorf and against Brownback/Roberts/Kobach

A Halloween Music Playlist.

Very fun. Pics of babies dressed as Rand Paul, Chuck Todd and Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween...

Scott Brown fumbles New Hampshire geography and economy in debate

South American Lungfish Removed From Man's Bowels

Pope Francis'Wealth Made from Financial speculation intolerable-Speculation on Commodities a Scandal

Ruth Baby Ginsberg!

PPP Wisconsin poll Walker 48% Burke 47%

32 Countries Where Global Warming Could Make Violence Worse

I'm finished with my precinct walking and

Will SEVEN MILLION people be prevented from voting this Tuesday? (C. Pierce)

Pat Robertson: this Halloween, give Satan a black eye for legal abortion

Why a Marine dad was banned from his daughter's school for objecting to Islam essay

Why isn't anyone calling for a mandatory quaratine

I'll be heading out later on to take advantage of early voting.

The Surgeon General - what I didn't know.

Autopsy shows Hijazi shot more than 20 times

Easy solution to the nurse quarantine

Thousands march across Gaza in solidarity with Jerusalem

The Roots of the Food Crisis: Starving Central America

The Roots of the Food Crisis: Starving Central America

Published on Oct 31, 2013 White House gets decked out for Halloween

Rachel Maddow - IUD is not an ongoing abortion in your body

I would like to wish one and all a...

Annual plug for "A Night in the Lonesome October"

So I am now actually somewhat nervous around my coworker.

Beating Neoliberalism in Brazil

Wishing everyone a...

Senator Bernie Sanders: "U.S. Headed Toward Becoming Third World Country"

Woman gets busted twice within 3 hours for DUI, once in zombie makeup.

Hillary Clinton Network To Meet For Strategy Session (November 21, 2014)

Papantonio: Jeb Bush -- Just As Crazy As Big Brother Bush

Conservatives are Cowards. Liberals are Brave. Which Do YOU Want Working for You?

Soros vs Koch Brothers

It's HERE!!!!!!!!

No Joke: The Washington NFL Team Is Suing Five Native Americans

Obama's Prediction: GOP Will Stop Calling It 'Obamacare' In 10 Years

Ruth Baby Ginsburg wins Halloween

Wishing everyone a...

Albuquerque shop owner has to let shoplifter go because police wouldn't respond


Why can't we just give the people coming back to the US from ebola zones

Obama support ‘sinks’ ahead of midterms? Maybe not

Maine Judge Eases Ebola Isolation Orders on Nurse Hickox

Some timeless words from FDR

The Rude Pundit - Mary Landrieu's "No Shit, Sherlock" Moment: ...

Ax-Wielding Man Tries to Attack D.C. Police Officer, Sinks Ax Into Cruiser Window

"Deer Tongue" is the phrase of the day. Modify a movie title to include "Deer Tongue."

SpaceShip Two disaster

Militia leader posed with Greg Abbott four days before feds found ammonium nitrate, weapons at hotel

So the judge agreed with Kaci Hickox

Halloween is HERE!

Halloween is HERE... Man!

Halloween is HERE! Yay, cops.

Palestinians will wait until January to seek UN recognition

I don't know about you, but I refuse to shop at stores that are open on Halloween...

Halloween is HERE! Science!

The western media's double-standard on Israeli 'racism'

I give you ---> Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!!

So what kind of goodies are under YOUR Halloween Tree?

Congo crowd kills man, eats him after militant massacres: witnesses

Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash kills one

BReaking - Virgin Galatic's test flight has crashed

Let's polish our defense attorney skills, because this woman needs a good lawyer

Happy Halloween, Mr. President (picture)

Could an Israeli-created innovation end world hunger?

An Unauthorized Appeciation Thread for DUer, Scuba ...

What's happening with the November contest?

bobcat shot and hanged on its football field goalpost

Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse

"Forget all those other votes if you don't keep the Ohio Supreme Court conservative."

Top 10 Cursed Objects

Sanders: Only If 'Millions and Millions' Rise Up, Can Progressive Agenda Win

Child poverty in the U.S. is among the worst in the developed world

No Shit ...26

Kochs Approve Plan to Fire Cash from Cannon at Voters

UNHRC to Israel: Probe Gaza, start working on settler evacuations

Unlikely hero emerges amid dark times for privacy, security (FCC)

The Guardian now has a US edition!

Thom Hartmann tells Dems: Stop Trying to be Like Republicans!

Female Democrats are as ugly as sin and cannot win!

Early Voting Numbers Look Good for Democrats.

New Oil Train Safety Rules Divide Rail Industry

We are organic & we are ONE!

Taibbi Returns To Rolling Stone Days After Leaving eBay Founder's Startup

Possible complete mammoth skeleton found in Idaho

Remember that lady the IRS decided to destroy because she structured her deposits?

Halloween spookery for you....

12 men trapped in Colombia coal mine collapse

How Ebola Quarantine Works (The Onion)

Ghost Map

Mother was told her children were beaten at Mexican military barracks

I just got my health insurance rates for next year....

Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two crashed, killing one person.

Crossposted from the other forum...

Marijuana’s Chances On Election Day

Things could go two ways on Tuesday.

Breeders cup.....who's your favorite?

Glenn Greenwald to Be Awarded the 2014 Lanny Friedlander Prize From Reason Magazine

Kerry phones Netanyahu, apologizes for ‘chickenshit’ comment

Just wondering about Eric Frein...

LePage, "Her (Hickox) behavor is really riling people up and I can only do what I can do."

NASA Surveys Damage from Antares Rocket Explosion (Photos)

Why Are We Still Waiting for Answers on Drones?

Just a short rant, I will be so glad for Tuesday.

Edward Snowden on the Meaning of Patriotism

Mass. GOP Candidate For Governor Busted In Humiliating Fake Story

I DID IT: In reversal, Jeffery Fowle admits to leaving Bible in North Korean nightclub

SICK of hearing about Voter ID... it is ONLY about voter suppression, THAT IS ALL

Cuba takes center stage in extra debate between Miami congressional candidates

KY Mitch McConnell attempts to suppress Democratic Voters......

Magic-Store Employee Not The Same Since Losing Virginity

Scary Stories From My Neck of the Woods:

Fire forces French public radio off air

Canada won't issue visas to residents of countries with widespread Ebola

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 31, 2014

Help request of atheists for my kiddo's research paper

Will Chris Christie remain a New Jersey resident after his time in office is over?

Best signs trolling Giants’ Hunter Pence at World Series parade

Halloween is HERE! Doggie Dress up

The LOGO on Yertle the Turtle's "Team Mitch" jacket is WEAK. DU could make a BETTER one, I'll bet.

AK - Dunbar challenges Young on ethics violations in televised debate


Want to watch a creepy movie tonight?

Mother Jones: Hobby Lobby and "Duck Dynasty" being used to mobilize over wedge issues?

From Putin’s Russia With Love: A Dedicated TV Channel For Britain, RT UK

Cycling with Moliere (or translation actually should read 'Alceste on a Bicycle')

AK - Sullivan, Begich clash on policy in final US Senate debate

Wall Street caps a wild month with a rally

Conflicting stories about Nurse Hicks case?

Always presume that the police will brutalize suspects, if they can get away with it...

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Kal Penn, Eva Longoria,

A Queer Baptist Reflection on the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC 2014 Conference (HRC)

Photo: President Obama dressed for Halloween

After Kaci Hickox wins court reprieve, LePage says he doesn’t trust her

Florida Man Stuffs Chainsaw Up Shirt, Tries To Bicycle Away

Do Republicans have a plan for the country? The answer is ‘no’.

San Antonio City Council approves pipeline to Burleson County

Alex Wagner shows a moment of frustration upon reading teleprompter

Republican control of Senate is not about passing legislation...

I have a new lens!

How the law encourages police brutality

Once in a while, I see guys who really need psychiatric hospitalization...

Washington Post; Antares rocket explosion: The question of using decades-old Soviet engines

Sharyl Attkisson's 'hacking' video? Just a stuck backspace key, experts say

Virginia judge: Police can demand a suspect unlock a phone with a fingerprint

Trammell talks issues with Yellow Jacket.

Are you from Massachusetts? Please send a message to Martha Coakley if you agree.

Weekend Economists in the Children's Hour: Hallowe'en to El Dia de Los Muertos, 2014

If a Republican Senate and a Republican House passed a law to "reform" Social Security...?

What Kind Of Woman Won't Report Sexual Assault?

M$M calls Obama 'Toxic', thus declaring the victim guilty of the crime. What's Toxic is GOP politics

Nuns Roll through Wisconsin!

When it comes to catching Ebola, Republicans haven't a thing to worry about. Here's why:

Meet the Amazon Tribespeople Who Beat Chevron in Court-but Are Still Fighting for Clean Water

THANK YOU OBAMA & DEMOCRATS! The Government Just Posted Its First Four-Month Budget Surplus In Years

Meet the Amazon Tribespeople Who Beat Chevron in Court-but Are Still Fighting for Clean Water

Leaving for the South of France tomorrow and taking with me this book...


Happy Halloween, everybody! ROCK OUT!!!!

Stop Comcast and the other cable companies from getting the keys to the kingdom! (campaign)

Kirk Cameron denounced as ‘pagan’ and ‘papist’ for encouraging celebration of Halloween

Oldie but Goodie: The Monster Mash

Deer gun season opens tomorrow in Texas.

Republicans Have a Math Problem

Some items are cool even if they don't have much value.

Let me show you something...

Ebola- snips from 31 Oct 2014 DoD presser

Justin Bourque gets 75 years w/no parole for murders of Mounties

For your evening viewing pleasure, a Halloween Double Feature

Look who is GOTV for ALL Democrats (extra on KENTUCKY!!!!)

Look who is GOTV for ALL Democrats (extra on KENTUCKY!!!!)

Look who is GOTV for ALL Democrats (extra on KENTUCKY!!!!)

Apple CEO: 'I'm Gay'; Bigots go NUTS

Republican Official Attempts Rape on Live Broadcast

Convicted murderer endorses Republican after appearing in Republican ad (Lee Terry R-NE)

Today in Herstory: One Million New York Women Want Suffrage

"They can't unrape you." Austin Cops joke - caught on tape

rabbit wise on women's suffrage and the "pregnanacy boycott"

rabbi wise on women's suffrage and the "pregnanacy boycott"

The Do's And Don'ts Of Handling American Ebola Hysteria

Today I learned: A leading payday loan CEO sits on the Consumer Finance Protection board.

I am going to have carpal tunnel from hittingnhe mute button.

Stillwater, OK: student stabs acquaintance; had claimed victim 'practiced witchcraft'

President Clinton welcomed in his visit to Ashland yesterday.

How a tech-savvy grandma is trying to lead Kansas Democrats out of the wilderness

Isis Halloween Costumes

A question about Emancipated minors.

It's a cold, wet, snowy, blowy Halloween in Flint, MI

I'm Chip!

Father & Son MechWarrior Halloween 2014

If there are no indictments (state or federal) in the Michael Brown murder, what

Tea Party Populism Is Dead. The GOP Is Back in Bed With Wall Street.

How many times do you have to get up and answer the door before you...

This Dog was Snatched Out of the Hands of the Grim Reaper (graphic photo warning turns out good)

The Nazis Next Door: Eric Lichtblau on How the CIA & FBI Secretly Sheltered Nazi War Criminals

blessed samhain to all

Court spurns Virginia mom's conviction for taking children to school late

I hope you are still watching - American Horror, Freak Show

Earlier today I saw a thread about the pope

is everyone seeing the various google doodles for today? very cute!

Obama has big post-election plans on immigration. Here's what you need to know

Upper East Side Halloween

He killed a state trooper, was armed but was still captured alive....

40kg Of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell’s Father-In-Law’s Boat

OMG! I am watching "Air Disasters" on Smithsonian Channel!

Happy Halloween...and my Weird Hobby comes thru...

Captured Pennsylvania Ambush Suspect Eric Frein is alive only because the

Jon Stewart's response to Koch Brothers bouth ads on his show

Could Politics Trump Economics As Reason for Growing Income Inequality?


October 31, 1891

October 31, 1891

Death Cafe

October 31, 1891

'Subway Diet' Failure Led to Sandwich Shop Robbery: Police

Papantonio: The Hidden Dangers of Fracking

Now THAT'S what a call a CELEBRATION!

"...what if the political world’s approach to the Ebola threat is backwards?"

It Wasn’t Abortion That Formed the Religious Right. It Was Support for Segregation.

Denver’s Immigrant Taxi Drivers Build Unionized Workers Co-op

I am soo damn disgusted with getting over a dozen POLITICAL calls EVERY DAY!

Denver’s Immigrant Taxi Drivers Build Unionized Workers Co-op

Denver’s Immigrant Taxi Drivers Build Unionized Workers Co-op

Early Voting Numbers Look Good for Democrats

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man (Obviously) Arrested Wearing "Go Directly To Jail" Shirt