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Archives: October 5, 2014

Naomi Wolfe, tinfoil hatter and good pal of Alex Jones, launches ISIS beheading video trooferism

TRNN: "Is the Islamic State a Tool of the Saudis?" (An Interesting Question)

Ben Affleck Slams Bill Maher for "Racist," "Ugly" Views in Heated Islam Debate

Smoker bypasses security at JFK; flights delayed

13 things about "The Princess Bride" revealed recently by Cary Elwes

Ebola spreads too slowly to be a major threat to a developed country

Juan Cole: 7 Surprising Reasons Turkey Is Entering War on ISIL

In Alaska's remote villages, Begich quietly builds an advantage on the ground

Drone Footage Looks Inside Iceland Volcano

Weekly Address: We Do Better When the Middle Class Does Better

Chomsky: The Crass and Brutal Approach Used to Keep Gaza Mired in Misery

Krugman: Depression Denial Syndrome

West Wing Week: 10/03/14 or "If the Body is Strong"

Juan Cole: 7 Surprising Reasons Turkey Is Entering War on ISIL

No Shit ...19

"I WANT ATTENTION NOW!" Says this "pup".

Talk about your "ODD COUPLE"!

LOL ...

Melissa Etheridge is performing with Huckabee on his show

Lynda Barry and Matt Groening Talk Love, Hate & Comics (with an Alternative Education emphasis)...

Internet Portals Are In Full Pro-GOP Mode

WTF ...166

Animals interrupting news

Something I've not seen addressed about Ebola. Can a mosquito bite a person with Ebola

Steinway & Sons

MJ - How the Kansas governor's red-state experiment could turn Kansas purple.

Man floating in bubble rescued by Coast Guard

Guess What!?!?!?!?!?

College football thread

McKinney High School names lesbian student homecoming queen

McKinney High School names lesbian student homecoming queen

No Shit ...20

Romney promised to bring unemployment down below 6% in 4 years. Obama did it in half the time.

"60 Minutes" really hitting bottom.

WTF ...167

Liberal Favorite Ed Asner, Truther

The mid-term elections are going to be held in just 1 month!

N.Korea says nothing wrong with leader Kim's health

Trigger Warning: This might seriously upset you

Rosanne Barr, Truther

Military Companies Likely To Benefit From Airstrikes In Iraq, Syria

Mike Malloy - Ebola Arrives To America

Mike Malloy - Detroit: No More Clean Water For The Poor

Jet lag.

Mike Malloy - Secret Service Is An Incompetent Sewer

This is what we're up against...

Texas Muslim Group’s Adopt-A-Highway Sign Vandalized

I am watching ...

Shooting of transgender woman in L.A. termed robbery, not hate crime; LGBT community protests

Ebola ruled out as cause of air traveler's illness

Islamic State reportedly on Baghdad’s outskirts after week of victories

KING 5 Seattle Touting Jenny Durkan as AG Nominee

United's sick Newark passenger does NOT have Ebola.

At first I thought this about small children, then I realized my mistake.

Prediction: Korean re-unification will happen soon, and suddenly.

South and North Korea Agree to New Talks

"Income inequality’s sick joke: A rising tide only lifts luxury yachts"

Did Mitch McConnell commit a felony?

Arizona State. WOW!

Wake Up America! This is Domestic Terrorism!

amazing photo from Twitter

Now we finally find out that 10 people in Dallas are in isolation

I'll have Squee to go, please

What's the longest undergraduate paper you ever wrote?

George W. Bu$h: Jeb 'Wants to Be President'

Wacko nut job Larry Klayman files deport Obama petition

Troll your friends...

Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine [ Live 1968 ]

'Beardless Jesus' found in Spain

10/20 at noon. Pack the MAC Lindbergh Terminal 1 for $15/hr

Qatar and Saudi Arabia 'have ignited time bomb by funding global spread of radical Islam'

Sarah Palin? Thank you for showing a little compassion..

Lucas Oil co-founder: "I'm sick and tired of minorities running our country"

Citizen's United. And a good thought about what might have spawned it.

Brandon Belt’s homer gives SF Giants epic, 18-inning victory

The silencing of Muslim women in Australia...

Women allege sexual abuse at Texas immigrant detention center

Historic playoff game ends in Giants 2-1 victory

Yes Yes Yes...

What modern device would like to outlaw?

Chinese Billionaire: If You Are Poor At 35, You Deserve It

Eric Burden and the Animals - San Franciscan Nights (VIDEO)

Brandon Belt Game Winning Home Run 18th Inning - Game 2 NLDS

What would you do?

California Faces A Record-Breaking October Heat Wave

The Marijuana Legalization Votes That Will Matter in 2014

Can we take consolation if we lose the Senate but win key governorships?

Hong Kong police deny using triads to disrupt protests

Nurses to CDC: Wrong. US Hospitals Not Prepared for Ebola

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Anybody here ever been quarantined?

Was the POTUS, VPTOS, or FLOTUS in Denver today?

Begich doubles down on expanding Social Security in tight race

Former Ebola patient, released but now back in isolation in different hospital,

What areas of the country are NOT served by Comcast?

FOX News getting only a fraction more viewers than PBS Newshour

Will women have a huge impact on the 2014 elections?

Maher / Affleck, Islam debate. I think both sides have valid points but side with Affleck a bit more

Michigan Republicans send mailer telling voters to call Democratic candidate's dying mother

As U.S. Ebola Fears Widen, Reports of Possible Cases Grow

I'm a frequent movie-goer

Help, I'm addicted to playing Minesweeper!

Halloween is coming: Let's Party!

Printer stopped printing complete pages and puts 3 pages on 1 sheet of paper in an odd way.

October 5

Why Massachusetts should defect from its time zone

How to make the President safe again

Advertisements with inaccurate data aid foes of wider bottle law

UK Labour Party leader under pressure to back air strikes in Syria

Police, public at risk from State Police cruiser crashes

IS(IS) is clearly making a big push toward Baghdad

Isis militants: Twitter provides a forum in which Saudis can discuss what they really feel

ISIS captive, former ranger and current aid worker, Peter Kassig is a Muslim

After seeing a lot of apocalyptic sentiment, I have to ask: when were things better?

‘Low’ F-35 price tag is too high

Am I too early for SalmonChantedEvening's Sunday LOLCats?

Humans drained the Aral Sea once before — but there are no free refills this time around

Third death of teen in a week renews focus on football’s lethal potential

After Feigning Love For Egyptian Democracy, U.S. Back To Openly Supporting Tyranny

The Surprising Reason that Crushing Economic Inequality Isn't More of Election Issue

Well, we made it official on Friday

Gay marriage debate splinters GOP, Sandoval in the middle

As Supreme Court term begins, prospect of a gay-marriage ruling looms large

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) First Of Halloween Edition

Meet two activists who brought sweeping change to the gay rights movement

Cuomo reinforces women’s rights theme on upstate tour

Women's rights: Will the struggle be forgotten?

Snooping on Everyone While the Big Box Thieves Get Busy

IS(IS) wants 'boots on the ground'. After the election, odds are they'll get them

War and Climate Change: Time to Connect the Dots

War and Climate Change: Time to Connect the Dots (xpost from NSD)

House Candidate Who Called Women ‘Emotional Rollercoasters’ Says No One Cares About Women’s Rights

Promises Broken, Latino Voters Split On Election Day Strategy

Pillars of American Society Are Showing How Incompetent They Are And They Don't Care

Arctic discovery places 118-year-old UAF map in mix of current events

Pillars of American Society Are Showing How Incompetent They Are And They Don't Care

Low-income renters in Anchorage bitten by another problem: Bedbugs

6 Idiotic Right-Wing Moments This Week: War on Science and Knowledge Rages On

Navy: Self-guided unmanned patrol boats make debut

Blacks much more likely to be arrested for marijuana in W.Va.

2,000 Boeing defense jobs leaving Puget Sound region

A Look Inside the Fake Abortion Clinics That Are Greatly Outnumbering Real Ones

The Worlds Greatest Chefs

Statehouse Beat: In election year, politics influences all

Rep. Ad to Young Women Voters: Wolf is like a frumpy outdated wedding dress

How Privatizing Medical Records Will Harm You

Poverty impacts students throughout Athens County, Ohio

Whither the TPP?

A special Venn diagram to pass on to any Islamophobes you may know...

Wisconsin: Police union says Scott Walker has not kept promises about supporting law enforcement

Wisconsin: Is Walker really unintimidated? Walker Campaign Declines WPT Debate

The first space photographers (BBC)

Top enlisted sailor aboard Stout fired for fraternizing

Former Bank of the Commonwealth execs file appeals

Secret Muslim President's Secret Message for Fox News

Cavs to rest LeBron James at times

The Fault in Our Stars

Wake Co. Superior Court Judge Orders Expedited Review of SBOE’s Approval of Local Early-Voting Plan

A terrible philosophical dilemma

BREAKING: Kony building Ebola "dirty bomb"

Robert Parry: Eyes Finally Open to Syrian Realities

August Jobless Rates Stay About Same for Local Counties

Donald Sterling busted at home with V. Stiviano - Shelly calls cops

NYT’s Belated Admission on Contra-Cocaine

Andy Barr sticks with anti-Obama theme in race against lesser-known Elisabeth Jensen

My election day predictions

Locavore Losses: California’s Chefs, Artisans Feel the Drought

Mitt Romney Needs To Apologize To Every American

Israel's former ambassador to Sweden says Europe situation 'grim'

We got it wrong in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Egypt, in Libya, & since the outset in Syria

Remnants of war become art in Gaza

Mary Burke 5 points behind ? What poll is that ?

Settlement organisation entices Jews into Jerusalem settlement for $136 per day

Dropping the "apologetic" language for supporting abortion rights

Oops! Cops raid Georgia man’s home after mistaking okra for weed

The Church’s Gay Obsession

If Warren Sits 2016 Out, Bernie Sanders May be Liberals Only Hope--Let's learn from the Past

du'er kelly westlund hits the airwaves

du'er kelly westlund hits the airwaves

Photo of the Day

Mass grave in Mexico may hold bodies of 40+ student protestors missing since last week

Pig steals 18 beers, gets drunk, starts fight with cow

NAACP and Boston herald to meet after Obama cartoon outrage

A Christian Apologist and an Atheist Thrive in an Improbable Bond

Heads up: First Coakley-Baker debate Tuesday, 7 pm WBZ

Ben Affleck in passionate defence of Islam on Bill Maher show

Hong Kong protesters make apparent concessions

Mass grave found as Mexico probes town's violence

Islamic State group publicly kills 6 Iraqi troops

Bernie Sanders: Longterm Democratic strategy is “pathetic”

"if i were a woman over 50"

Dentyne Ice Peppermint Sugar Free Gum "purifies your breath."

Noam Chomsky: Resisting Empire for More Than Four Decades

Goochland County Chamber to host political forum Oct. 23

Election Day is Less than a Month Away! GOTV NOW!

Upcoming session of the Supremes could be a set back to 1950.

Venezuela leader implicates Uribe in killing

The difference between your gun and your vote...

Venezuela's deliveries of diluted crude to Citgo fell 57 pct in Sept

Stairway to Hell

Bianchi moved to ICU following brain surgery as more details regarding crash emerge

Immigration Controls, Capital and Producing Illegality

Well look what the Mayo Clinic just told me about abortion. Please spread this very well concealed

Maybe Joe Biden Was Too Quick to Apologize to Turkey...

‘Pro-Life’ Sociopath Todd Kincannon Has Simple Solution For Ebola: Execute All Patients

Paul Revere has died

Gotta love Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! .......

MSNBC - "T minus 1 month: The battle for the Senate"

and now... Weaponized drone boats: US Navy unveils fleet of unmanned patrol boats

what's for breakfast?

Can This 35-Year-Old Math Teacher(Amanda Curtis D Montana) Become the Youngest Member of the Senate?

Fall Confetti Pasta

FUN FACT: More net jobs have been created under Obama than both Bushes combined

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial Dedication

reinventing the bicycle.

Independent Greg Orman Holding A Lead In Kansas, Polling Shows

Re Dallas: There is still ONE contact who is running around (Updated: found him)

INFO: 2014 voter registration deadlines in all 50 states.

The Solution is to abolish elections and just do perpetual war:

Ugh. Major arrogance: Israeli leader: White House criticism un-American


It’s Official: President Obama Is The Best Economic President In Modern Times

Woman caught burglarizing cars said she was was looking for members of ISIS

Postal Worker Smashes Van Multiple Times While Laughing Hysterically.

United States Police, What?

Sarah SILVERMAN *killed* on SNL!1

One U.S. Airman Dead, Two Missing After Typhoon Phanfone Slams Okinawa

Do you favor or oppose travel restrictions to and from West Africa?

DuPage County Clerk Candidate Says Opponent Used Government Resources for Campaign

PBS science correspondent slams Faux "news" on ebola...

Religious rites for the dead in Japan changing with the times

County Clerk Candidate says Opponent Used Government Resources for Political Campaign

The Pope vs. The Church on Family Values?

Duncan is only receiving supportive care.

Where should I post this?

Public service to Lounge cat-ophiles: "Stop petting your stupid cat, it doesn't like it."

OMG! For the second time a woman has passed out at my nail salon!

Keeping that half of the avocado green...A New Method!

Not a Secret and Not Much Service

man, I love Peaky Blinders

Alison Grimes meets with coal miners in Eastern Kentucky

Kurgman: Presidents and Jobs

5.8 million Americans can't vote because of their criminal records

The End of Pluralism (The Case for Intervention in the ME)

What about the extended family exposed to Ebola in Dallas?

Rep. Lynch (D. MA) quizzing then head of the Secret Service

Obama dedicates memorial honoring wounded veterans

ISIS, Kurdish forces battle near strategic town of Kobani on Syria-Turkey border

Not All Democrats Are Progressive Enough. But All Republicans Are Non-Progressive.

Well that's not helpful. Marburg in Uganda now

Ignorance is a Virus

So people in the faith community are providing housing for those moved from Duncan's apartment.

Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher on Islam: Bill's right.

Lawyers move: jailing mentally ill (while awaiting court ordered assessment) unconstitutional

WTFU ...1

Childhood Memories...

Water is the new oil: How corporations took over a basic human right

What are you reading the week of Sunday, October 5, 2014?

Corbett's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (newspaper column)

Your organs do NOT liquify, contrary to popular literature. Why do you get sick, die? Details here..

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 5, 2014

The last thing I suspected was the keyboard.

Feds Override NC On Draining Coal ash Dumps

A Poetic Warning About Police Brutality in Ferguson and Elsewhere—From a Black Father to His Son

OMG! Why did no one tell about Galaxy Quest?

No Obamacare sticker shock in 2015? Here's why

Why war? It's a question Americans should be asking.

“Hands Off Goddard College!” - Head of Goddard on CNN next (3:30pm)

2014 MA Candidates and Ballot Questions: Sec'y of State's Office.

Researchers Have Identified The Origin Of The AIDS Pandemic

When An Officer Asks For Your License And Registration, I Bet You've Never Thought To Do What He Did

Putin Among The Surprises On Nobel Peace Prize List

Bernie Sanders giving pro-Clinton Democrat ‘nightmares’

GOP Imposes Harsh New Voting Restrictions On Voters

Dallas Newspaper Picks the Wrong Week for its "Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas!" Cover

Excellent LA Times article about contact tracing.

Popular Oahu beach could soon be named after President Obama

Chuck Todd attempts to twist guest's words to bash President and fails

PBS science reporter: Fox’s Ebola coverage is ‘a level of ignorance we should not allow’

Baby elephant takes a tumble. Two adults rush to its aid - sweet and remarkable.

Well this is a load of bullshit, just had someone exceed benefit maximum for prescription coverage..

AP NCAA Football Poll 10/5/14 - TCU moves up 16! - And the week of the state of Mississippi

Marta and I have seen Paul, tonight we will see Ringo & friends in concert

Manning ties Farve on the all-time touchdown pass list

Ottawa police officer, injured in 2012 crash, runs ultramarathon

Beware of Shifting Options Within Medicare Plans.

Beware of Shifting Options Within Medicare Plans.

How was your summer?

Cheerios commercial(Canada)

Paul Revere of Raiders rock band dies at 76

The Rude Pundit retweeted our own Steven Leser!

trending on gave me a huge laugh

Alleged desecration of U.S. flag case held over for court

Alaska to Help Democrats Gain Seat in the House- Don Young to thrown out due to mental issues

Japan: Surplus green energy eyed for fuel-cell cars


In a quest for economic environmental justice, a lawyer went off the tracks: Soiled Justice

Projections show Ebola likely to pop up in UK and France by end of the month

From facebook, source unknown

More than 500 anthropologists join academic boycott of Israel

A recent Facebook conversation relating to Bush and IS.

Help me out, Loungers: "Blues Brothers" or "Trading Places" ?

'In 1976 I discovered Ebola, now I fear an unimaginable tragedy'

Republicans Just Got Some Really Bad News In One Of The Reddest Of Red States

Biden apologizes to Turkey’s Erdogan

Fight Fire with FIRE...

Ebola Patient In Dallas Struggling To Survive, Says CDC Head

The B-52s: Band vs. Bomber

ISIS does not represent Islam no matter what anyone thinks.

Someone's cooking bacon with the windows open

Cat Thieves Caught In The Act!

Dog named 'Lazarus' survives euthanasia attempt

Protesters interrupt St. Louis Symphony w/ "Requiem for Mike Brown."

Trauma surgeon on CNN is mad as Hell...

Ferguson flash mob interrupts St. Louis Symphony with Requiem for Michael Brown

did Glen Greenwald and/or Snowden impact DU participation?

The LibDems attack...

Redbox, Verizon Shutting Down Streaming Service

Hong Kong Protesters Remove Some Key Barricades

Poll Finds Americans Lack Confidence In Government's Ability To Protect Them

Meet Custer.

Southern California: Heat Wave Peaks, With Record Temperatures Reported In Some Areas

Muslims really aren't any different from anyone else.

ISIS Front Page In Independent On Sunday Is Exactly What They Deserve

Updates on Polywell Research

Tea Party "Restore The Dream 2014" TShirt with Dr. King

'US Won’t Decide Our Policies' – Sweden On Palestinian State Recognition

Federal Officials Cast Doubt On Ebola Travel Ban

From Guinea to Dallas: Tracing the Ebola threat (Great Narrative)

Well Punta Eugenia Mexico and Baja California Simon says he's coming

In Brownbackistan, oppo researchers include the Sheriffs' offices

23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for President

Netanyahu: For Palestinian State To Emerge Everyone Needs To Adjust Concepts Of Sovereignty

US women rout Spain for second straight gold medal

Netanyahu: White House Criticism Of Israel Is Un-American

Frost advisory tonight.

Brazil exit poll: Rousseff to face Neves in runoff

Brazil exit poll: Rousseff to face Neves in runoff

Silicon Valley Giant Hewlett-Packard To Split In Two: Report

Hotel group sued by US for racial discrimination

PM: For Palestinian state to emerge everyone needs to adjust concepts of sovereignty

A mining company's $300 million attack on El Salvador's water

A mining company's $300 million attack on El Salvador's water

In Brazil, Amazon voters paddle canoes to floating polls

Creating "sit down jobs at community centers for self-entitled minorities" (FB: not hate speech)

Mitt Romney Accidentally Commits Misdemeanor Voter Fraud While Leaving The Republican Party

The World’s Longest Aerial Cable Car System

Another Defense Contract Scam

U.S. Considering Tougher Ebola Screening at Major Airports

Wherein my darling daughter attends last night's SNL cast party...until the wee hours.

I'm sorry Detroit.

Rick Scott is the worst governor ever...

Just binge- watched Transparent...WOW!!!

If Warren Opts Out of "2016" Bernie Sanders May be Liberals Only Hope--Learning From the Past

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 October 2014

Former major airlines that don't exist anymore:

I could stand to eat a slice of german chocolate cake.

Fighting a valiant battle...

5 reasons to not panic over Ebola virus

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Movies that you watched once, and will never, ever, ever see it again because they hit their mark.

60 Minutes is doing a good story about Cancer drugs price fixing