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Archives: October 7, 2014

TRNN: Obama's 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Are Nowhere to Be Found: Defeating ISIS Requires More

Awww! Mr. 47 Percent IS SAD!

Disgusting Giant fans chant:

Wisconsin Sen. Kathleen Vinehout ~ New Studies: Sand Mines Place "Communities at Risk"

"Presidents and Jobs" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Ebolazi? Benghola? Banana-fana-Benghazibola? It needs a catchy name.

Walking Dead reruns on AMC

"Tax Cuts Uber Alles"

NYC ED Bureaucracy *STILL* Coming After Whistleblower Portelos

Ebola: Epidemiologist: Stop the flights now

Mike Luckovich Toon- Congrats!

When is everyone gonna wake the hell up????

Noam Chomsky: "The US created the background out of which ISIS grew"

Report: Teacher has wife phone in bomb threat to get him out of staff meeting

Error costly as Nationals prevent Giants’ sweep

Anyone have a hottub?

Radioactivity in Norway's reindeer hits high

"Here's Everything Wrong With the White House's War on the Islamic State"/Nation Institute

Halloween is coming: Let's get to work

New York Times apologises for mocking India's Mars mission

Alabama: fetuses get lawyers

Iran Orders Elite Troops: Lay Off U.S. Forces in Iraq

Samsung Electronics forecasts 60% fall in quarterly profit

Better Call Saul: The Song


Anyone else have an occasional hard time w/breast cancer awareness month?

Tom Toles: Everything That's Wrong

VA fires 4 senior executives in scandal response.

Watch: Cop Caught on Tape Threatening to Take Baby Away from Interracial Couple for No Reason

Everyone On the Bus: Rider-Driver Alliances

Silwan is changing, to rightist glee and Palestinian chagrin

Everyone On the Bus: Rider-Driver Alliances

"Our infant mortality rate is a national embarrassment"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! First Monday in October & a new Kitteh gif

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Maher on Islam spat with Ben Affleck: “We’re liberals! We’re not crazy tea-baggers”

Commercials that bug you

UK vicar attends Tehran ‘Zionist lobby’ conference

"Great Presidents"

Seattle Boycotts Hyatt while a Boston Boycott Ends

Seattle Boycotts Hyatt while a Boston Boycott Ends

The N. Korean TV Star Standing Up To Kim Jong-Un

"Battle For The Senate Close And Competitive In Latest Polling"

Can Wanting to Believe Make Us Believers?

Twin Peaks is back.

Twitter Data Mining Reveals America's Religious Fault Lines

Clueless Republicans attempt minority out reach with anti-Landrieu commercial.

Time to block another relative from sending me emails.


Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

I'm concerned for the 3000 plus troops we're sending to West Africa

Former whistleblower attacks Florida governor over healthcare fraud

U.S. Ebola patient receives experimental drug from Chimerix

Michael Phelps banned six months, no 2015 worlds

What happened to the NRA ?

Tea-Bola Infects The GOP

A really fine lady passed today. My last great aunt.

Dear Justice Scalia,

Venezuela auto production plummets 82% in 2014

Apparently those orbs in front of Target stores don't like it when you question them

Just heard that Eliz Warren will be in Wisconsin for Mary Burke

Feds probe power steering in Ford midsize cars

America is Truly a Country Run for the Few

WHY are we giving oil companies $10 billion in subsidies while we're closing public schools?

White House rejects Netanyahu's criticism with withering response

Nothing says 'San Francisco' like.....


Did NY Gov's Office Edit 'Politically Inconvenient' Findings of Fracking Study?

Virginia county clerk signs marriage certificate for plaintiffs who sued him

Are the men who power washed the vomit in quarantine?

Wisconsin: The Sierra Club is offering "Move Wisconsin Alliance Transportation Presentations"

Yoga Joes

Kobane: Civilians flee IS street-to-street fighting

I'm lichen this article.

Limbaugh: Obama Letting Ebola Into the US Because He Thinks We Deserve It For Slavery

Getting Real Tired of your Bullshit.

Michigan State fans boo anti-rape PSA shown at football game...because of Obama

Let the Children Play: Schools Must Relearn Importance of Recess

Colorado Governor may have lost re-election with his comments about "reckless" legalization...

"Prisons: The Ins and The Outs" book project from Central CA. Help it get published by 10/22

Incredibly lucky people at a race in Italy!

‘Boots in the air’: U.S. helicopters return to combat in Iraq for first time

Spanish nurse reported in as soon as her temp rose; they sent her away. The threshold is TOO HIGH

My PBS mini-documentary (eight minutes)

when you replace your furnance& AC units

One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025

Israel, PA at odds over water supply for new Palestinian city

did you know that Many prescriptions have changed the way you get them starting today?

No God, No Master

A Debate on School Prayer Between an Expert and an Idiot (featuring Mr. Conservative from Lubbock)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 8: Star of the Month: Janet Leigh

Holes appear in terror allegations against two Australian Muslims

I wouldn't like to be on the bad side of one of these

Foes of Texas abortion law ask Supreme Court to block ruling

Federal judges tosses ’5 second rule’ being used to police Ferguson protests

Spotted on Campus: Up-Armored Mine-Resistant Monster Trucks

What Does the Supreme Court Punting on Same-Sex Marriage Mean For Texas?

Tequila experts - what is a very high quality, but readily available, tequila?

Before Shelter ***Trigger Warning***

Don't obey Arne? WA state schools must declare failure if even one student fails high-stakes test.

Parents sue 2 churches after youth pastor solicits daughter

Low-carbon electricity future is clean and feasible

White poverty exists, ignored

U.S. Working On New Screenings For Ebola But No Travel Ban

VP Biden Apologizes for Telling Truth About Turkey, Saudi and ISIS

Larimer County issuing same-sex marriages

At Tea Party meeting: "You're suggesting that we shoot people." Reply: "But you're in Texas."

Instead of a travel ban on people whose flights originated in Liberia,

Pot, immigration trip up governor, Senate candidates in Denver debates

****Cha Cha Cha 150,000 posts****

Bill Clinton Urges Arkansans Not To Use Midterm Vote As Protest Against Obama

Victoria gun shop owner sentenced to federal prison

Mike Honda, Ro Khanna spar in only 17th Congressional District debate

San Jose cop moonlighting for 49ers spurs internal review for role in Ray McDonald case

Jason Alexander wins Twitter for the day

Sen. Ted Cruz: Amend U.S. Constitution to Preserve Marriage Bans

Reports: Houston-area patient monitored for Ebola

Comcast Told My Employer About Complaint, Got Me Fired

There's a fly in my wedding cake! Marriage equality in Oklahoma.

The facts about buying land in Jerusalem's latest settlement

In your opinion, which is the better way to control an Ebola outbreak in this country?

Former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter Build Habitat for Humanity Homes in Dallas-Fort Wo


Overlooked opponent faces uphill battle in Brazil

So my Blue Dog "No Labels" Democratic Congressman ran a commercial

65 civilians, mostly women and children killed and wounded coalition bombing

October 7

Mexico sends in federal police to maintain security in the massacre town of Iguala

Mexico sends in federal police to maintain security in the massacre town of Iguala

Argentina: UN group condemns vulture funds

What can replace police?

ISIS Has Entered the Key Syrian Border Town of Kobani

How About That Red Sox Pitching??!!

How to talk to terrorists

7 Disturbing Facts About the Koch Brothers' Relationship with Race and Civil Rights

Shocking: New Research Shows Pollution Inequality in America Even Worse Than Income Inequality

Halfords 'We Fit' lorry gets stuck under bridge

Welcome to Coca-Cola Town, U.S.A.: America’s Scary Corporate Naming Problem

Chomsky: U.S. Spawned a Fundamentalist Frankenstein in the Mideast

Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks

VA to fire 4 senior executives in response to wait-time scandal

Don’t vote for what they tell you you have to be against. Vote for what you know you should be for.

Anti-Science Congress cut $600 mn. from Agency Leading Ebola Response

Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Ebola Theory Is Dumber Than He Is

NASA Photo of Sahara: Richat Structure, Mauritania

We're about to get a lop-eared bunny as a pet

The West's expectations of Sunni monarchies

US pact drags India into muddy waters

New VA-Senate Poll: Mark Warner 51%-Ed Gillespie 39%

Coffee Habits Shaped by DNA Variations, Researchers Find

Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, New Silk Roads and an Alternate Eurasian Century

Hong Kong tries talking, not gassing

Better Call Saul(The Song)

1939 Fun fact Map of the Rivers of Physics

Breaking Up Is the New Thing to Do - Larger companies splitting in two

Couple of good ones

Germany's Solar revolution threatens fossil fuel based generation

Nobel prize in physics goes to inventors of blue light-emitting diodes

F-22's First Combat an Overkill for US

Political Wire: New Poll Suggests Democrats May Hold Senate

Georgia deputies raid man's home after mistaking okra plants for marijuana

The Neoconservatives and the Islamic State

A Storm in the Face of the American Ambassador

EXCLUSIVE: Iowa Senate shocker — contracts awarded to Joni Ernst’s father raise conflict of interest

When Obama Apologizes for the CIA’s Underestimation of IS

Three maps that explain Iraq's dilemma

ISIS Using American Made Ammunition

Has North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Been Toppled?

Thom Tillis - Conflict of Interest Real Estate Deal

Bungle Bungle: Italy's Failed Economic Turnaround

Spanish nurse’s Ebola infection blamed on substandard equipment

Systemic Shame: Germany's Woeful Asylum Infrastructure

Today's Non-Sequitur

Rosanne Greco: One Flew Over the F-35 Cuckoo Nest

God Sent Me For You - Giving Rs 1000 Notes to Needy

The Republicans are desperate to win the Senate this year because....

Really, CNN? Really?

A Union County

I lived and worked openly gay in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for 25 years.

An observation on ER's in Florida...and the PROFIT in health care...

Music and nature: Birds on a wire

Boeing to produce 777X parts in its St. Louis factory

New revelations prior to the final attack against Greece in 2010

Morning Joe: "Democrats Surge"

Prof Brian Cox: 'There’s a naivety in saying there is no God’

Carriers Truman, Eisenhower swap deployment dates

A friend of mine sent me this. I thought it funny and thought I would share.

Surplus military equipment is going to ... a coroner?

U.S. Supreme Court affirms firing of teacher Freshwater

U.S. helicopters return to combat in Iraq

Afghan army death rate spikes 30 percent

This ten month sentence is a TRAVESTY. WARNING! Graphic!

German economic outlook dims as industry slides

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone officials in aid row; aid shipment stranded

Photo of the Day

Enterovirus circulating in three regions of the state

Spanish nurse’s Ebola infection blamed on substandard equipment.

I've heard for ages to use hydrogen peroxide to remove bloodstains, but IME it doesn't work well.

Halloween is coming: Some soccer before heading to the Treehouse

For past 32 years, his medicine has been marijuana

Ooh! EBOLA is obviously a Democratic ploy to help win the elections!

Girl, 13, advocate for homeless charity

Bruce Rauner Attorney: My Client Should Be Able To Buy Votes Under Citizens United

ALEC CEO Clarifies Fact That She Is Also "Not A Scientist"; ALEC Flat-Out Lying On Climate Policies

"Raw milk" woo ditwits are trying to get the courts to let them die...

Hundreds fail to report bond-firm meals

A second Spanish nurse who treated him has been quarantined. No fever, but diarrhea.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Silence is Golden

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Be very very Scared.....

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Drought Cuts California's Hydropower Generating Capacity In Half Jan-June 2014

Islamic State militants press assault on town on Syria-Turkey border

1st banker conviction in UK market-fixing case


4 year old took hundreds of packets of heroin to daycare and passed them out

Four-time stroke-surviving veteran making strides to overcome hardships

Leon Panetta, other former Obama subordinates show stunning disloyalty

The only kind of sex conservatives can rally to defend: non-consensual( ie: rape)

Air War Begins Over Afghanistan, October 7, 2001. Drone Protesters in Court in Missouri, October 7,

Juan Cole: Ben Affleck on Bill Maher’s Muslim Problem

Juan Cole: Pan-Mideast War: ISIL and al-Qaeda attack Hizbullah outposts Near Lebanese Border

Rachel Maddow - GOP candidate clings to myth of Iraq WMDs

Rachel Maddow - Fight for abortion access looks to SCOTUS

Panetta: '30-year war' and a leadership test for Obama

Hubbard Said to Have Threatened Superintendents

Charles P Pierce- Reading, Writing, Ransacking

friend or foe?

Eugene Robinson: Marriage Equality: Surrender to the Inevitable

Rachel Maddow - Ebola challenges met with science, compassion

From Loudoun County, Virginia, where Eugene Delgaudio "works"

Folk, We're Losing the War on Gumbo

On - Hating Obama, No Matter What

Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed

Colorado Governor: Legalizing Marijuana Was 'Reckless'

The Late Triumph of the Bush-Bin Laden Dance

For Fire Alarms, Boston Still Relies on ... the Telegraph?!

SOCOM, Allies Buy Lightweight DAGOR Truck; Will Debut At AUSA

Want New, More Progressive Democratic Candidates?

Netanyahu Explains How He Sabotaged The Peace Process When He Was Prime Minister

Wisconsin: Video of Walker Saying He Supports Banning Abortion Even in Cases of Rape & Incest

Genes don't just influence your IQ—they determine how well you do in school

Mobile water desalination units

FBI whistleblower: Florida Gov. Scott ‘was the father’ of fraud at his former company

Jimmy Kimmel ask people on the street who Joe Biden is

Wisconsin ~ Burke's New Ad: Why It's Great and Why It's Exactly What She Needed

World Versus Bank: The Return of the World Bank and the People's Resistance

"Ho-ho-ho, muthafuckas."

LED bulbs are coming down in price - do i want warm white or cool white, and why?

Righteous anger?

Wisconsin: Walker increasingly surrenders his jobs hype in favor of misogyny

"I disapprove of this turkey."

"You ought to consider going commando today..."

Wisconsin Republicans: “Sure. Get voter ID info out. You need money for ads? WHAT?!”

Without a two-state solution, Americans will challenge Zionism itself

"6 weird facts about government-corruption" ( interviewed Jack Abramoff)

"Do I have to remind you about the last time you told me we were out of catnip?"


Attention Next Attorney General

Wisconsin: Have Republicans limited early voting too?

Can we stop pretending?

Serra's bodyguards detained (murdered chavista deputy backed by various paramility groups)

Cardinals Fans Get Ugly In Clash With Ferguson Protesters

Ebola is NOT a threat to the US.

There Are Fifteen Humans, and One Dog, Running for Mayor of Oakland.

Man Infected with Ebola Misinformation Through Casual Contact with Cable News

Should a public school employee be coerced into paying a private company in order to work?

The GOP cuts it's losses in Michigan senate race.

Ebola? Not even in the Top Ten of Deadliest Viruses to Ever Exist

It's Never Been a Better Time to Be Rich in America

Israel leaders say Jerusalem to remain 'state's capital'

Michael Bloomberg meddles in the Michigan gubernatorial race

Support is a two way street Netanyahu.You need to have our backs also

DCCC pulls ads in 12 districts and buys in 6 districts.

Mitt Romney: 'I'm not running' for president in 2016

Yes. I am Fabulous.

Python Massage Complimentary At Philippines Zoo

The Return of the Black Death

Peter LaBarbera calls for civil disobedience re: marriage equality

Job openings increase to 4.8 million in August; hires decrease and separations steady

Remember the child injured in flash gernade episode

Chavistas paramilitaries threaten and beat members of citizens assembly in Catia

Giants catcher Posey directed Bumgarner to throw to third base

Atheist group voices opposition to sheriff's award

"The charges will most likely focus on traders and their bosses rather than chief executives."

Who Are ‘We the People’?

Are my memes, gifs and videos spamming DU?

FDR defines "conservative"

My Theory about the Ebola crisis is that we have seen too many zombie movies

Chronic Pain Harms the Brain

Man Infected with Ebola Misinformation Through Casual Contact With Cable News

Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren agree. So does everyone else Audit the Fed

Famed Catholic priest Benedict Groeschel, 81, dies

Who here has spatchcocked something? :O

Why We Need to Rethink Home-Cooked Meals

Pueblo (CO) starts issuing gay marriage licenses, others wait for go-ahead

My late father's wardrobe

Gay marriage in limbo in Wyo.

Wal-Mart plans to eliminate health insurance coverage for some of its part-time U.S. employees

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll Reveals That Americans Lack Confidence In Government

Jesse Jackson arrives in Dallas

Premier High School Football Team Forfeits Games Amid Investigation into Hazing Allegations

Forbes article: The Accidental Tax Invasion

Stephen Colbert: The Great Ebola Conspiracy

A northwest Indiana family has sued Hammond police, claiming officers used excessive

Venezuelan opposition head seeks 2015 vote gains, and 'Caribbean Norway'

FYI: Veteran Tickets Foundation***" Tickets for Troops Program" is dedicated to giving back..

Disturbing. The Spanish nurse was only in the room twice and had protective gear on.

Homebuilders Offer Freebies as Booming U.S. Markets Cool

Desmond Doss

That damn puppy told me that I could find some zen here. I think he lied.

Just about sums it all up.

Wal-Mart Cutting Health Benefits to Some Part-Time Employees

Putin Has Siberian Birthday as Russians Show Their Love

PPP: Purdue leads Nunn by only 2-points in GA Senate Race

New Mexico debate in Spanish part of growing trend

Halloween is coming: Please keep it real

Spain Isolates Two After Health Worker Ebola Infection

Even an Ozarks coroner gets surplus military guns

Corporate America Complains About High Tax Burdens. However...

The Forty-Year Hissy Fit (Why “Republicanism” is doomed)

R. Reich: "I keep hearing Republicans call Obama & congressional Democrats “anti-business"-BALONEY."

G.O.P. Leader: Five Million Forced Back to Work Under Obama

The second in a rare set of four lunar eclipses will be visible across most of North America.

Feds Stole a Woman's Identity and Made a Fake Facebook Page for Her

How can I use up yogurt?

Army Gives Lifetime Achievement Award to Noted 9/11 and Iraq Fuck-Up

Fake Jerry Jones: Breast cancer awareness?

We’ve learned nothing in the Middle East. That isn’t going to change.


It's edgy, but I like it. Just do it at the polls.

Video Shows NYPD Officer Hitting Teen In The Face With His Gun Despite Teen Raising His Hands

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 7, 2014

Beyoncé Doesn’t Perform for the Male Gaze

No charges for officers involved in raid that left a toddler severely disfigured

Job Openings hit highest level since 2001 - 4.835 million openings

TRMS shows something good in Texas re: Ebola

IL GOPer Allegedly Threatened CEO Over Lawsuit: 'I Will Bury Her'

Experts on disease transmission: Ebola may be spread through the air. Respirators ARE necessary.

Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger during seat belt traffic stop

Eek! Spectres of death are all around me. Is this what connects me to the human race?

Ebola. Tell us how you feel.

Is Coakley going to blow it again?


Mitt Romney on Bloomberg Business "Politics" praising Panetta and Hillary..

Pap and Fred Levin: And Give Up Showbiz?

Turkey calls for ground invasion of Kobane to stop Isil

Seattle to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day On Columbus Day

"Take my hand, not my life"

Alfonso Carlton does The Carlton on DWTS.....

Sometimes we need a laugh up in here...

Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine


John Lewis' inspirational reminder of the day

It's time to prevent public travel from western africa and those originating from there.

"We're the ones who gave ya'll the freedoms that you have..."

In my best Sir David Attenborough impression: "The lone lion takes down an entire giraffe."

One of America's biggest root problems: Scots-Irish culture

No charges for Georgia officers who maimed toddler during no-knock drug raid

Washington Lobbyists Try To Save Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)

Grimes surges ahead of McConnell in poll

Live stream Michelle Obama in Wisconsin...

Words matter. And terms like "Food Insecurity" are ridiculous and trivialize important issues.

Halloween is coming: The Copier Room takes on an entirely different vibe

Harvey Wasserman takes his conspiracy theories to Russia

i got a t-shirt with my name on it

The Supreme Court is playing a very clever game.

Do Libertarians ever support the Democrats?

New nuclear fuel could increase nuclear capacity without building new plants

Get Your Flu Shot, Folks!

Hospitals hit hard by Medicaid refusal

Ebola victim came to Dallas to realize his U.S. dreams

When Squee Attacks...

What if Joseph Stalin was reincarnated?

Secret history: a (virtual) tour of the CIA’s museum

Texas Tech fraternity punished after posting troubling signs encouraging rape at party

Syria discloses four secret chemical weapons facilities, UN says

Actor Stephen Collins of 'Seventh Heaven' allegedly admits to child molestation

The Operating Room of the Future

This is my post 20,000 and I've been here since early 2002.

Dear George: "Take it somewhere else, buster" From the Former Mrs. Will

Ha! I did know that woman in "Million Dollar Arm"

Even if Wal-Mart's total healtcare costs are $500 million this year

Halloween is coming: Pieyow!

Inexcusable Police abuse once again in Indiana

Ikea to sell only LED-based lighting by 2016, wants to be greener than your sofa bed (engadget)

Key breakthrough in the quest to regenerate bones

Ebola Escapes Europe's Defenses; Pet Dog Must Die

John Fugelsang: This guy just called me a 'Commie Jew hippie bastard'

Luckovich toon: I now pronounce thee…

October 6-10 is National Physician Assistant Week.

ISIS in Washington - America’s Soundtrack of Hysteria

WARREN BUFFETT: 'Hillary Is Going To Win ... I Will Bet Money On It'

Miles O'Brien is not amused with the fear mongering

Twitter Sues FBI, DOJ to Release More Info About Government Surveillance

WARREN BUFFETT: 'Hillary Is Going To Win ... I Will Bet Money On It'

Do your part to protect America...

The number of NYC taxicab medallions has not increased since 1937

Just got back from hearing Bill Clinton speak. Got a couple of good

7th Heaven’ pastor-dad Stephen Collins admits to molesting underage girl

See, America CAN Evolve

My elderly father will lose the right to vote in Wisconsin because of voter ID

Central American child migrants

"I has ouch but it's better now": kitteh deals with boo-boo

The Next Blood Moon Will Take Place Tonight!

Fascinating Sunday NYT Mag article: How School Lunch Became the Latest Political Battleground

Help me understand something about the Trayvon Martin case.

Group: Sexual harassment rife in restaurants

Sad, but true...

So, can Mowrer beat King?

Chicken Little

My laptop is dying.

An Article About The Central American Child Migrant Crisis

Looky Looky - IMF says economic growth may never return to pre-crisis levels

Exclusive: Missouri police plan for possible riots if Brown cop not charged

Service dogs are awesome!

Let’s Get Rid of the Obstructionist-in-Chief, Mitch McConnell

Glut of postdoc researchers stirs quiet crisis in science

Wealthy North Carolina Republican Politician Nailed For Medicaid And Food Stamp Fraud

Gays Ruin Marriage...

Rush: Dem Policies Appeal To Women Who Are "Resentful For Whatever Human Nature Did Not Give Them"

Live stream Michelle Obama in Wisconsin...

Wal-Mart Cuts Health Benefits for Some Part-Timers

Remember this? US will send 3,000 troops to help fight Ebola in West Africa

2 NYPD Officers beat 16 y.o. black kid for raising his hands

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

Let's talk street harassment.

TYT: Ban Travel From West Africa? Ebola Fear Mongering Fox News Style

Why the South is the worst place to live in the U.S. — in 10 charts

First step to reining in cop's excessive force

Wonkette: St. Louis Sportsball Fans Chant "Africa, Africa, at Black Ferguson Protestors"

The oligarchs would rather you not organize...

Excerpts from the Hammond Cops use Taser on Passenger during seatbelt stop complaint

"Isis, Ebola, and now Sex and the City 3. The news just keeps getting worse and worse."

BREAKING: Virginia's Racially Gerrymandered 3rd Congressional District Struck Down!

Boehner's Blank GOP Jobs Plan Tweet Leads To Epic Trolling

'7th Heaven' Star Stephen Collins Reportedly Confesses To Child Molestation On Tape (UPDATE)

What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

Lemon Rock Look Out documentary

In the medical response to Ebola, Cuba is punching far above its weight/Washington Post

Ebola Doctor Shortage Eases as Volunteers Step Forward

Right-Wingers In NC Public Schools Indoctrinating Children With Bible Classes

Code Brown! Scottie equates child tax credits, oil industry subsidies

NaturalNews: On Ebola, mainstream media, government and health authorities censoring natural cures

Home prices headed for a triple dip

Our training person did not know what the T in LGBT stands for. In an email that went to everyone

Does Fox Prefer Guns Or Racism? Russell Brand The Trews

Poll puts Sanders on presidential race radar

Exclusive: Missouri police plan for possible riots if Brown cop not charged

From monastery to catwalk: The Miss Tibet beauty pageant

Spanish medical authorities obtain court order to kill Ebola patient's DOG.

Principal found with drugs, passed-out woman, police say

Nebraska traffic-stop case headed to U.S. Supreme Court

BREAKING: Nevada gay marriage ban struck down

Drowning Puppy’s Amazing Rescue from Well

Satanists Beat Christian Right At Their Religious Freedom Game - Amanda Marcotte Discusses

I Am John Crawford - Stop Police Brutality

Major train derailment and fire near Wadena, Sask.

HP Increases Layoffs AGAIN To 55,000, And More Cuts Are Likely

Lois Lerner stalked by right wing a-hole asking loaded questions

Second Ebola patient in Omaha being treated with experimental drug

Ebola Patient's Pet Dog to Be Euthanized as Precaution

Gay Marriage Bans in Idaho, Nevada Struck Down

Ebola Panic: CDC Getting HUNDREDS Of Calls Daily About Possible Ebola Cases. All Are False Alarms

"Little Moe" can destroy the Ebola virus in seconds.

Mother of 3 Killed in Detroit after Rejecting a Man’s Advances

Terror as gigantic Muslim spiders bring deadly Ebola to UK

UN: World Must Act To Prevent Kobane Massacre

NASA funds deep sleep research for Mars missions

Kurds protest against Turkey as IS advances on Kobane

Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket my old high school.

UK Govt Rejected Offer Of Help To Free Hostage

Will Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkeys REALLY Be Humane?

GOP Pulls Plug on Michigan

Study: Majority Of Americans Not Prepared For A Sucker Punch To The Gut

I have a question about age discrimination.

New fish species to be named after Dick Cheney

My father, the Catholic nuns, and Nazis - Chicago, 1961

Meet Dr. Bill Thomas "Nursing-Home Abolitionist"

Colombia’s opposition suing defense minister over illegal army recruitment

Huge Increase In Voter Registrations In Ferguson Apparently Never Happened

Sex tourists exploited 300 Colombian children since start of 2013: Report

Prosecution asks court to convict former Uribe aides over wiretapping scandal

Worries About Global Economy Send Dow Jones Down 273 Points

Haunting portraits of the victims of America’s drone war in Pakistan

This is why street harassment is important to end

This subject needs to be addressed. Your opinion?

Survivor of Mexico Student Massacre: 'It Was Terrifying'

Survivor of Mexico Student Massacre: 'It Was Terrifying'

Question asked by locdlib

Wal-Mart to end health insurance for part-time workers

Learning Patience With An Abused Dog

Morrissey had cancer treatment

Can someone answer this question please?

Congratulations, all my GBLT Du'ers and their supporters for your SC Victory yesterday

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have refrained from telling someone to go fuck themselves

SC  Republican: Execute Anyone Who Might Have Ebola

WMC Drafted Weak Recusal Rules, But Due Process Could Require Justices Step Aside

Justice Scalia is Dangerous, Says It's 'A Lie' That Govt Cannot Favor Religion

Is Carly Fiorina the GOP's answer to Hillary in 2016?

Grace: Disputed AP course is about accepting that history isn’t black and white

Apologies in advance

Anti-Poaching Spokesman and Park Ranger Arrested and Charged With Rhino Poaching

Does Governor Hickenlooper have a conflict of interest by denouncing marijuana legislation....

Larry Klayman can't even answer questions at NewsMax!

Colorado Republican’s Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History

My first documentary!

Germany just eliminated tuition, while Americans are drowning in $1.2 trillion student loan debt.

Rich shoppers seen boosting U.S. holidays, deep discounts likely

"Bible code" proves Obama is the "Antichrist!"

Don't they understand? I immediately deleted the plea from "Bill Clinton."

More on the controversial Sandusky traffic stop: Press conference.

Anyone here from Colorado have any idea if this guy has a chance to actually win?

In case folks didn’t know about Politico’s new labor beat.

In case folks didn’t know about Politico’s new labor beat.

Direct flights from Liberia/Siera Leone/Guinea to USA, by the numbers....

Once again, Rush Limbaugh shows his true colors.

Oh, great. Chuck Todd is the debate moderator

Israeli settlements, U.S. policy: The gap between values and actions

Lawyer behind NSA lawsuit files petition to have Obama deported because ‘he’s an illegal alien’

Sandy Rios, American Family Association: marriage equality means we all gonna die

Tom DeLay self-appoints himself an ebola "expert."

US predicts lower heating bills this winter

We Called It Genocide in Guatemala. Why Not in Gaza Too?

Poor little Mike Huckabee is 'Utterly Exasperated', Threatens To Leave The GOP Over Marriage Equality

Union retirees do not get free health care, they get health care they have pre paid

If anyone is interested in seeing a really large organ...

My first documentary!

Most Are Confident in Government’s Ability to Prevent Major Ebola Outbreak in U.S. (Pew Research)

UCSF researchers find Kershaw’s brain works like a monkey’s

WOO HOO! I just read that the NRSC and other bagger PACs are pulling ads against Gary Peters

Pope gets crash course in joys of sex

Anti-ALEC Activists Pressure eBay to Drop Conservative Group

Pancake flap: Aunt Jemima heirs seek dough

Voter-ID ruling to carry consequences in Wisconsin

Rachel Interviews Elizabeth Warren TONITE

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