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"...the significance of this is how common the Beltway reversals have become."

Surviving Ebola on NOVA

Chris Mathews Calls for Wartime President due to IsIs Video

Gen. Wesley Clark: Must Know Outcome When Entering War.

500 lb. body causes fire at Henrico crematory

The ultimate test of friendship.

Mary's Medicinal makes a cannibis breakthrough

Netanyahu leaning toward moving up Likud race

The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals

Six employees of late Deputy Robert Serra allegedly involved in his murder

Follow the money - infection protection kits are selling

Cheerleaders generate over $1 million per season per NFL team, yet they don't even make minimum wage

Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals

Aftermath of Dallas County DA debate takes ugly turn

(SCOTUS) Ruling: No same-day registration in NC election

Bill Clinton email to Van de Putte donors takes shots at Patrick

So the Obama's Supreme Court pick Kagan voted with the Conservatives on the court on NC voting issue

Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald (2014) "No Place to Hide"

In case you haven't checked the latest numbers on the 'Drug War'

Study: Voter ID laws cut turnout by blacks, young

Netflix streaming: did I miss a memo or something?

This Veteran Wasn’t Sure How He Felt About Assistance Dogs, Until He Met Chesney

Condoleezza Rice skips Middle East conference to rank NCAA football playoff contenders

Tell Canada To Protect The Great Bear Rainforest! (another proposed oil pipeline)

"Democrats Just Got Some Horrible News From New Polls"

the next eclipse

Here is some mail on how to get involved in the election.

Abbott Campaigns with Fiorina to Reach Women Voters

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Is There a Doctor in the House?

Do you take nutrition supplements?

Dog Abandoned for 5 Months in Dirt Field Finally Gets to Rest

Ebola Fears Are Triggering Mass Hypochondria

Will give WET KISSES for food!!!

Got the strangest letter in the mail just now.

NBC said that it had word of a terrorist plot against a shopping mall in Canada

A Little Girl Doesn't Respond To A Stereotype About Her Dog, But Her Look Says It All

US Tea Party "Justices" Uphold North Carolina's voting restrictions

US Tea Party "Justices" Uphold North Carolina's voting restrictions

Mike Malloy - Bill Donahue: Liberals Defend Islam Because They Don’t Like Jews

Be You - Be With Us: National LGBTQ Task Force

Dear friends, a must see

Addendum to Rachel's bit about helicopters in Iraq

Ebola outbreak: 'No risk' for Dallas deputy

IBEW Solar Jackpot

"Man openly carrying new gun in Gresham (OR) robbed by armed man"

The Seven Most Interesting Things Rick Steves Said Last Night About Legal Weed

Mark Cuban: Max contracts a relic?

I've found another great cat sitter- here at DU. Only the best for my Sweet Pea and Pats

An epidemic of 'fanic depression' is sweeping Michigan

"Powerful Portraits Of Individuals Before And Directly After Their Death"

From the ASPCA (look at that face)

Representing Difference as Pathology by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg - This is a truly moving article

Ebola Panic By Right Wing May Help Democrats Campaign For Mediciad Expansion of ACA.

Billy Bob Thornton's sincere, heartfelt and resonating eulogy for Paul Revere

Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde

Conservatives are changing copyright ads to allow any news content published

Deeper Sanctions Against Russia Could Result In Flat German Economic Growth: UBS Chairman

Anybody here make homemade (not raw diet) dog food?

No matter how hard A.L. Grimes tries, militantly pro-coal voters will not vote for her

Please support Waukegan teachers on strike!

Please support Waukegan teachers on strike!

Dallas County Commissioner says race and no insurance are why Duncan was sent away by hospital

No comments on Rep. Duncan Hunter. I am wondering why.

Nicholas Kristof: "I sided with Affleck." V. Bill Maher.

Latest Iowa absentee ballot numbers (as of October 7)

Court hears dispute over pay for security checks

Implications for Israel: First Sitting Head Of State Appears Before ICC

Land, Peters can’t agree on debate format

Post your Ebola symptoms.

Russian Law Proposes Foreign Asset Seizures To Compensate Those Affected By Ukraine Sanctions

Photos: Russia gives Putin Hercules-themed art gallery for his birthday

Women, Would You tell these Heros You're NOT going to get Out and Vote?

Dallas Morning News endorses Sam Houston (D) for Texas attorney general over Paxton

missing replies?

Saturday November 29, 2014

orion nebula

My new favorite show - Outrageous 911 calls

My friends, do not let your aquaintances do this

Bad news for dems?

US official downplays Cuba's invitation to summit

US official downplays Cuba's invitation to summit

Update on my mom.

Paraguay’s Supreme Court issues ‘historic’ land ruling

Captive orcas speak dolphin

NBC Wanted to Hire Jon Stewart As Host of Meet the Press

Election Projection Update: Governor count gets bluer, House gets redder

Utah Jazz sign 5-year-old JP Gibson - diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012

'Mr. Frackhead' giant puppet appears in Edinburgh in anti-fracking protest

538 throws the Fox News polls out the window.

Deeply Horrifying Halloween Costumes Ca. 1920 (Before Store Bought)

U.S. hopes Israel will contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza

How Venezuela Got No Dollars From $65 Billion Bond Sales

The 61% Devaluation That Venezuela Told No One About

In Case of Missing Students, Hillside Mass Graves Point to a Death March

What Happened When Wisconsin Man Jordan Matson Decided To Take On ISIS

"The Majestic" is running on HBO

Local Cincy FOX affiliate puts a zinger to Mitch's campaign message

Uruguay's Leader to Ask Successor About Gitmo Plan

Oil Price Drops on Over supply. Where is the hoopla?

Republican AG candidates says he would have defended laws agains interracial marriage.

Police Captain In Louisiana Gets Away With Drunk Driving Hit And Run

Anderson Cooper SHOULD be the host of Meet The Press

Roundup the weedkiller used on GMO crops proves deadly to human cells

you know the movie ghostbusters, but did you know the script was inspired by

Fatal officer involved shooting in south St. Louis leads to crowd unrest

For all the armchair experts downplaying Ebola

"We're young, we're strong, we're marching all night long!" and "Fight back, fight back!"

Dumb Cops: Georgia Police Raid Man's Garden Mistaking Okra For Marijuana

Why this old fat white guy in his fifties has skin in the game of cops murdering black kids

U.S. Military: Airstrikes Against ISIS Won't Save Key City Of Kobani

Man who shot an un-armed man over road rage to use Michigan’s “Stand Your Ground” defense

Study: Voter ID Laws Cut Turnout by Blacks, Young

The “Race to the Top” mentality is creating an economy – and society – where only the winners matter

You want listener sponsored radio with new music mixed with THE BEST classics?

Liberia: 'Medical Diplomats' - Cuba's Advance Team Arrive in Liberia

Turkey Catches Fire as ISIS Burns Kobani

Challenge: the holidays are coming: what will you serve the vegetarians and vegans at your

Exploding tractors = fun!

Elliot Stabler - bad cop

Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent of Its Trash. Here's How.

In Soviet Russia, light poles run into you...

Coast Guard releases migrant data from fiscal year

Making mom and dad proud...

Halloween is coming: Taking the costume game to the next level

Instead of banning travel from West Africe -

CDC, Ebola and health insurance:

India warns Pakistan of high price after more fighting in Kashmir

For Ebola victim, US trip followed years of effort

Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign

October 9

Top U.S. general says Ebola outbreak coming through Central America is real threat

Someone spray painted a penis on $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron

Lego, the world's biggest toymaker, ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign


Here we go again-St Louis policeman kills 18-year-old, reviving Ferguson tensions

OpenSuSE 13.2 release candidate is out


Netanyahu's Partisan "Stink Bomb"

Is the new US airbase in Iraqi Kurdistan all about Iran?

Remembering the Muslim Heritage of Tolerance and Hybrid Civilization

Does an off duty police officer working for a private firm have the right to

Chomsky: Thinking Like Corporations is Harming American Universities

Freedom vs. Stability: Are Dictators Worse than Anarchy?

Is "aunt-in-law" a thing?

Here's What Happened When One City Gave Homeless People Shelter Instead of Throwing Them in Jail

Six States Where GOP Voter Suppression Tactics Could Sway The Outcome

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Scare Season

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Rights and Race

Anything that flies on anything that moves

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Why the Rise of India Is a Problem for the US

The Supreme Court is Determined to Destroy Voting Rights, Especially for African Americans.

Proposed Changes to Electric Bills in Wisconsin Would Raise Costs for Families with Low Incomes

Potomac Fever: Washington's Insane Clown Posse Rides Again

The Precise Percentage of Republicans Who Are Certifiable Assholes

Challenging Drone Warfare in a U.S. Court

Cartoon for October 8, 2014: Beyond the “Law”

Prosthetic Hand Restores Touch, Heals Phantom Pain

Last night I walked out of a debate between Congressman Tim Bishop (NY 1)...

All Systems Go: The Elite View of the New Iraq-Syria War

Charity Navigator: Charities Responding to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Mr. President, Here Are Two Outstanding Choices for Attorney General

Notice the latest narrative around the Pennsylvania cop killer


Hi everyone, can you give me any ideas?

Kentucky warns Noah’s Ark-based amusement park over hiring practices

Civilian workers union rejects proposed labor deal with City of Omaha (including OS)

Union Pacific Railroad Recognized as a Leader in Climate Change Transparency

Fighting the wage gap: Sarah Silverman gets a penis to avoid $500,000 vagina tax

Florida Democrat accuses Gov. Rick Scott of not reporting $200 million in assets

US Spy Programs May Break the Internet if Not Reformed, Google Leader Says

Mo. AFL-CIO COPE endorsements for the Nov. 4 general election

Shanghai Tennis

Clayton ‘rape victims should relax and enjoy it,’ Williams is funding TX Gov GOP nominee Greg Abbott

What exactly is this "panic" the CDC, government in general , "they" etc are trying to prevent?

Steve Post....

Justices Will Decide Whether Workers Must Endure Unpaid Inconvenience

New improved, but with a glitch

US Spy Programs May Break the Internet if Not Reformed, Google Leader Says

Bi-Lo/Winn-Dixie closing 23 stores

Watch the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens From Space

EXCLUSIVE: Bank of America’s horrid “customer service” scandal

Ivy League’s rape fiasco: A personal reflection of progress and sadness

Wisconsin’s Voter ID Saga Continues, U.S. Supreme Court Now Involved

GOP’s full-blown panic: Why they’re pushing national security again

WI AG Candidate Brad Schimel's No Good, Completely Rotten, Couldn't Get Worse Week Just Did

One thing I just want to say...

Geez, Joe Scarborough, please don't sing "Jumping Jack Flash" on your show!

“NoVouchers” group forms to stop expansion of taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools

“He had to literally collect pieces of his men from the ground after an ambush”: Joshua Ferris inter

The Obama Egg Basket

The Latest Cannabis Science The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

Record Antarctic Sea Ice? Why, Yes - Thanks To Record Loss Of Antarctic Land Ice - NOAA

Alaskans got a check for $1884 last week. Sarah Palin said ...

Childhood psychological abuse as harmful as sexual or physical abuse

Your One-Stop Shop For "I'm Not A Scientist" Politicians! Visit Today! Paid Hacks Are Standing By!

Fracking company teams up with Susan G. Komen, introduces pink drill bits “for the cure”

Hamdallah: 'Gaza is a symbol of steadfastness'

NSIDC - Ten Lowest Arctic Sea Ice Extent Records All In Last Ten Years

Did Wal-Mart just move us closer to single-payer health care?

Leon Panetta Is What’s Wrong With D.C.

Bobby Jindal’s foreign policy farce: Inside a dopey pre-presidential routine

Reminder: "Conservatives" Sow Discord and Discontent

Dumb and Dumber: The US Public and Congress

"Routine pedestrian stop"

NYPD cop takes $1,300 from man, pepper-sprays him in the face when he complains

Republican War Chest...who the heck are they?

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Islamic State: Iraqi actors parody militants in sitcom State Of Superstition

Why Aren't Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person.

Woman sings two notes at the same time.....

FLORIDA: DCF foster care decision has fatal outcome

Marriott's Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam

Police arrest tar-covered man atop Daytona Beach store

a question about Obama

Millennial poll: Clinton, Democrats by a mile

Dog Prey Drive

Bill Maher Isn’t the Only One Who Misunderstands Religion

Nurse in Australia isolated after showing Ebola symptoms

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religious Philosophies?

How Tesla and New Car Technologies Could Send Auto Dealers the Way of the Dodo Bird

UW fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Floods Will Become Frighteningly Frequent in East Coast Cities, New Report Shows

Police Stop Indiana Woman, Ask If She's Accepted Jesus Christ As Her Savior Yet

Lawmakers consider changes to Secret Service

China Replaces U.S. as World’s Largest Economy, IMF Reports

Why the Right Is So Freaked Out about the Inconvenient Truths of Actual U.S. History

Clarence “Uncle” Thomas Doesn’t want other Blacks to have Voting Rights


Amy Goodman: Texas Strips Women of Their Health and Rights

A cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to carbon capture

How the ape brain assesses risk

On the Ropes in Kansas, Roberts Goes Full Anti-Obama

GOP Senate candidate: Rain shows climate 'changes all the time'

"Congressman: ‘I Am A Scientist’ And There’s No Evidence Of Manmade Climate Change"

Damn. My very conservative friend just nailed it, re: the new shooting in MO

Cute Overload (v)

Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed

Time to Get Real About the F-35

Dinesh D'Souza and slavery.

Red Light States

"Hey, you want babies?" - When women hit on men like men hit on women.

Why are the "Independents" doing better than Democrats in Kansas and South Dakota??

Exclusive: Lockheed to buy European satellite for South Korea in F-35 deal

Rachel Maddow - Deficit defying conservative talking points

Marburg (Ebola-like virus) now a concern in Africa following the

"How the Ape Brain Asseses Risk" - Tom the Dancing Bug

Alison had a nice rally in Newport yesterday, surrounded by women...

"What do you want me to do?"

Rachel Maddow - Tasteless GOP political ad still online


Chris Hedges Describes The Global Corporate Coup D'Etat - Sept 23, 2014

Where in the world is Michelle Obama?

I know it's early, but: about the STL shooting

Question for Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal: Forget Ebola, How many people will die of flu in

I lost a dear friend last night at the age of 49

Rachel Maddow - ISIS-at-the-border fear mongering debunked

Failed GOP Campaign Strategy in Minnesota.


Rock The Vote Presents: #TURNOUTFORWHAT

How the wolf release in Yellowstone 'healed' the lands in less than 20 years.

Rachel Maddow - Missed opportunities examined in Ebola death

The NFL's Pink October does not raise money for cancer research

One High School's Insane Quest to make students print 'Redskins'

A somewhat effective meme against the epidemic of false equivalence propaganda

Rachel Maddow - Democrats see new hope in three-way race

The Fight Against Ebola

Everybody on my Christmas list is getting one of these:

Saudi activists rev up women's right-to-drive campaign

Todays Republicans are 'bullies' the Trolls of the Internet

Interviews With Ohio Student Association Members Protesting The Death of John Crawford

The Problem With Energy Efficiency

Reese Witherspoon Advocates for Women's Rights In Variety's Power of Women Issue

Landrieu fires campaign manager

Happy 74th Birthday, John Lennon!

talk about entitiled assholes

Happy Birthday, John Lennon!

GOP will attempt Thursday to stop N.C. same-sex marriage

Pic Of The Moment: The Mid-Term Elections In A Nutshell

Parmesan Parfait

Discrimination consternation: A state policy is creating major issues for some Cal Poly clubs

Wisconsin: ID required to vote November 4th. Here's what's acceptable.

Josh Beckett says he's retiring

US Senator Involved in the Killing of Hundreds of Pigeons (E petition)

Was the care given Mr. Duncan as good as that given the other patients who have been

Americans should be more concerned about Influenza than Ebola.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 9 October 2014

Puppy Saved from Being Eaten at Yulin Dog Meat Festival

What it's like to be struck by lightning (and survive)

Climate change alters the ecological impacts of seasons

Condition Of Spanish Nurse With Ebola Worsens Thursday: Officials

#CareLikeCrazy: The Hand of Power

Oil and Gasoline futures are testing some lower limits

Islamic State Seizes Large Areas Of Syrian Town(Kobani) Despite Air Strikes

USCCB's latest attack on the HHS Contraceptive Mandate

Paper airplane machine

Kurdish Ammo Runs Low in Kobani as Turkey Controls Exit

Is the GOP Senate Dream imploding? RCP Senate projections: 46 Democrat, 45 Republican, 9 Tossup.

Because some days we just need to tune into the cosmos...

Islamic State Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin

Kim Jong Un Absence Fuels N. Korea Leadership Speculation

An Industrial-Sized Generator That Runs on Waste Heat, Using No Fuel

I'm watching the American Horror Show for the first time.


The kooks are having a snitfit about ebola...

Season photo contest winners thread is posted in GD

Germany on Edge of Recession in Report Critical of Merkel

I am not downplaying Ebola. In the regions affected it is a deadly virus

"CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier calving ever filmed -

Us Wholesale Stockpiles Rise In August By Most In 4 Months As Sales Fall Sharply

Just Leased A Fiat 500E Electric Car

Death row inmate freed after nine years in Texas prison

If Texas Republicans really want to reduce abortions...

Kim Jong-un missing: North Korean leader 'could have fled after attempted coup'

War on Democracy (by John Pilger)

Suit: Cold Burger King onion rings sparked attack

Seemingly excellent studies on Iraq and Syria

Black atheists say their concerns have been overlooked for too long

Komen and the Pinkwashed Drill Bit: Fracking "For the Cure"

Carlos Slim proposes 3 day work week however 11 hours shifts and retire at 75.

Omaha zoo's new rattlesnake exhibit aims to set the record straight

Kentucky Human Rights Commission Dismantles Another Anti-Gay Religious Liberty Story

Growing up with a magnifying glass

Oakland’s shrug-inducing, overstuffed, unexciting mayoral race

Your Brain Might Be a Radio - How "fantastic" stories unlock the nature of consciousness.

Rename a TV show (or movie) and summarize it in one sentence...

Forced cotton pickers in Uzbekistan told to keep quiet about their cotton work

Novato Taco Bell gas leak sends 3 to hospital

Gay marriage appears close to reality for NC

Gay marriage appears close to reality for NC

Why Vote?

PA. State Police accused of spying on anti-fracking groups

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 9, 2014

‘Pride’ looks at gay rights, workers’ woes

Heritage Foundation: Is Vlad Putin Funding Anti-Fracking Activists?

Bald Eagle Exterminators

W.Va. officials won’t release crude oil train shipment data

Plans For Martial Law in Missouri, Journalists & Activists Being Targeted Ahead of Unrest

Update:US Supreme Court Ruling on Wisconsin Voter ID Expected Within Forty-eight Hours

Jesus' response to Huckabee's anti-LGBT tweet.

Anyone here an American Horror Story Fan? Season 4 Epi 1?

current headline 'Have Republicans already won the Senate?'

Laugh of the day courtesy of Pat Robertson...

One in four Wisconsin workers earning poverty wages, says report

Help out a couple of Du'ers (if you can, and no, this is not about helping me)

Honey Locust

Firefighters Save Two Adorable Bear Cubs Trapped Inside a Tree

Some practical information for our citizens.

Day 62: Cost 1.1 Billion. How Will This War Be Paid For?

Philly Students Walkout As City Cancels Teachers' Contract ( Video )

Help out a couple of longtime Du'ers (dolo amber and whoisalhedges)

Question about work prohibitions on holidays

Sex, marriage and the Catholic church

Breaking new ground on climate denialism

Richard Engel is not speaking MARTIAN, for God's sake!

From Polish and Italian to Arabic and Creole

NYPD officer renders teen unconscious for smoking cigarette

has anyone heard anything on wether the ACA

A men-only UN conference on gender equality? If only it was a joke

Republican attorney general candidate says he’d defend interracial marriage ban

If Japan Is Eating Fried Maple Leaves, Why Aren't We?

The Rude Pundit - The Quiet Competence of Barack Obama

New guidelines on child abuse linked to witchcraft as cases rise (Briton)

Trent effing REZNOR nominated for the R&R Hall of Fame in 2015? That's a joke, right?

Bowing to the NRA gets you nothing, if you are a Democrat.

So, speaking of Dinesh D'Souza

If you're over fifty, post your questions for the under 25 members of DU.


Indiana state trooper pulls woman over and asks 'do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?'

If your 'Way of Life' is poverty...

The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus becomes a religion, for tax purposes anyway

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

The United States of Amnesia

B.C. ‘pastafarian’ fights for a driver’s license, and religious freedom, with a spaghetti colander.

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Intentionally Bringing In Ebola To Make America More Like Africa

North Korean Government Reassures Citizens It Has Deep Bench of Brutal Madmen


Hell, I have the answer: put a teacher in the St. Louis Police force

Alabama pastor confesses: I’ve been having sex with church members — and I have AIDS

Ebola crisis: 'British man dies of disease in Macedonia'

New gun rights group formed to concentrate on NFA reform

Texas makes abortion readily available -- for the wealthy

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Neighbors Post Mocking 'Obama Drone' Posters Around Her L.A. Home

Dr. Ben Carson -- Hypocritic Oaf!

Israelis Chant “N****rs Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally

Still very tight in Georgia

Police: Letter Threatens To Behead Elementary School Students In 3 Rhode Island Communities

Study: Voter ID laws cut turnout by blacks, young

Orca whales can learn to ‘speak’ dolphin language, ground-breaking study shows

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

Global Capitalism’s Bouncers

I need to start bringing a camera when I walk the dogs

America's Never Ending Wars In Iraq And Syria - William Rivers Pitt Discusses

Ebola: Foreign Office investigating reports of death of Briton in Macedonia

Miami police case which saw tasered Colombian teen killed will be put before U.N.

Miami police case which saw tasered Colombian teen killed will be put before U.N.

Obama: Let's make high-quality preschool available to ALL low-income and middle-class families

A Conversation With General Wesley Clark, Diane Rehm show full video

Senator wants federal probe of St. Louis shooting

Shell's Deadliest Crude


Police release report on Palin family brawl

Condition of Spanish Nurse With Ebola Worsens, Officials Say

Pressler (I-SD) suggests he might caucus with Dems

How hospitals are avoiding paying Medicare and sticking YOU with the bill.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) to spend 5-days campaigning in NH in October

Beware of

Yet another poll shows a very tight race for Sen/Gov in GA

Uruguay President Jose Mujica welcomes Syrian refugees, guarantees jobs to all

Interviews With Ohio Student Association Members Protesting The Death of John Crawford

Due to current PinkWashing of fracking from Komen, Skinner's 2012 thread on SGK:

If you see a turtle balanced on a fence post...

First Ebola Vaccine Trial Starts in Africa

Whatcha lookin' at?

Palin Brawl Police Report

The Hunt for William Bradford Bishop: Authorities Exhume Body in Alabama

Anchorage police: No charges in Palin birthday brawl

There has to be something wrong with the data.

Just fooling' around

Republicans screaming "Ebola" - While One Of Their Own Withholds Funds To Combat The Disease


My pumpkin eater was back this afternoon

New York Court to Decide if Chimps Are People Too

Union to provide free home heating inspections for needy in St. Louis Area.

CDC: Ebola could be 'the world's next AIDS'

Mexico’s Drug War is Killing Children

I just thought of a nominee for Attorney General that would put the GOP in total melddown....

Mexico’s Drug War is Killing Children

The right-wing attack on tenant protections in San Francisco

GOTV: Pushing for a special tax on the .1% to pay for war would have a very positive effect in NOV.

Conflict Of Interest: Iowa Democrats Hammer Joni Ernst Over Contracts Awarded To Her Father

TransMountain, aka Kinder Morgan sent a flyer to my mailbox

POLL: How should we pay for the war?

Health officials: Test results are negative for Dallas County deputy. He does NOT have Ebola.

Noah's Ark Theme Park Plans To Only Hire People Who Believe Biblical Flood Actually Happened!

Wesley K. Clark with Matthew Bishop: Don’t Wait for the Next War.

October 13 is Indigenous Peoples Day, Not Columbus Day, in Minneapolis

Trooper test negative for ebola

so a horse walks into a police station and

Oakland’s Uptown named 2014's best neighborhood

Fred Grimm: Two more added to Florida prisons’ sadistic legacy

Rise and Shine What kids all around the world eat for breakfast.

Adrian Peterson Admits To Smoking ‘A Little Weed’

Help! What do you do with sous vide skirt steak. makes Faux look like the New York Times

hospitals will save $5.7b?!?! thanks, obamacare

Miami congressional candidates differ on U.S.-Cuba policy

Cave paintings change ideas about the origin of art

RWer David Horowitz: "Thank You, Isis"

The Two Paradoxes of Democracy

Florida Parents: “You’ll Soon Be Told Your Schools Stink” Even the best ones.

Any chemical engineers out there? I've got one Hella idea, but I'm chemically challenged.

South Dakota Independent: I'd be a 'friend of Obama' in the Senate


Poll: Chapman Over Keating; Baker Over Coakley. Enthusiasm Is With Republicans (MA)

Satellite Data Shows U.S. Methane ‘Hot Spot’ Bigger than Expected

Papantonio: The Death of Critical Thinking In America

Under radar Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spending a lot of time in NH

Jennifer Lawrence: 'I like a guy who can fart in front of me'

I like this quote from my favorite Zombie trilogy

Another family pet is shot by police.

Condition of Spanish nurse with Ebola is worsening; Dr criticizes hospitals for inadequate safety

Dow Drops More Than 300 Points as Markets Go Into a Tailspin

Truth Prevails in Iowa (Joni Ernst R candidate for US Senate)

that hopey changey thing is working out great. thanks, president obama!

Pastor Claims Gay People Are Possessed By “Fart Demons” That Can Drive Pigs To Suicide

I voted for Nina Turner today!

Kitchen disaster.

5 Reasons America Can Calm the F#@% Down About Ebola

Archaeologists Uncover Paleoindian Habitation in Upland Area of Tennessee

Peterson ordered arrested

In Defense of Obama by Paul Krugman

Budget Cuts Have Hurt Ability to Contain Ebola

I finally made some black bean brownies today.

US Blockade Of Cuba Intensified Under Pres Obama

England vs. San Marino

Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool Out of Herself on Ebola

In Liberia, one woman's singular fight against Ebola

US Blockade Of Cuba Intensified Under Pres Obama

Marry two movies or TV shows

Oh yeah, I'm in there like swimwear...

Germany Eliminates College Tuition--U.S. Students Drown in Debt

Huckabee: I Will Leave GOP if They Don’t Actively Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Pandemic vs. Epidemic - FYI

TYT: Endless War Is Here To Stay - Thanks Obama!

Ebola in a Stew of Fear (New Eng Jour Med)

Liberty Council Founder: Third Party Needed To Stop Gay Marriage, Just Like With Slavery!

Thom Hartmann: CIA vs.Media…How One Reporter Ended Up Dead

Thom Hartmann: What's WI Gov. Walker spending all that $ on?

Sierra Leone: President Koroma Welcomes Cuban Medics

Ford Field laser culprit caught; Lions ban him

The Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Museum Foundation

Adrian Peterson's arrest requested (and bail possibly revoked) for smoking dope

Is wall street intentionally tanking?

I'll be staying home November 4

Our State is not For Sale.

Ex-wife of Glock founder sues him over millions

From the pen of Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press and Canada's version of Orly Taitz

Colin Kaepernick fined $10K for wearing Beats headphones at press conference

Time for squee

My microwave broke yesterday.

Video: two blasts kill at least 67 in Yemen

Exclusive: Walmart Owners Backing Campaigns to Limit Rooftop Solar Power

Jim Morin toon with the issue of the day. (link)

St Louis Police Issues - throw down weapons, victim buying sandwich

Proof that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce cares only for Big Business, not Main Street!

Life Begins at Erection

Peek-A-Boo Twins

Diabetes Breakthrough: Scientists Coax Human Stem Cells Into Making Insulin

Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions On Whether She Voted For Obama...Says She's a Clinton Dem

Kitchen dancing - It's tango Thursday!

'Saturday Night Live' Star Jan Hooks Dead at 57

"Vice President Biden backs LA mayor's plan to raise minimum wage to $13.25"

Native Americans of the Appalachians -- Resources

Iowa record store owner barters for a Ringo Starr meetup in Omaha

Do I have this right? There are DUers who

What's happening at Fukushima?

Dangerous Mexico part 1

Fired her after 25 years yesterday made her 401K 400 stock shares worthless (1st Data)

Florida Re-opens Michelle O'Connell Investigation

Bristol Palin was "Heavily Intoxicated" at house party brawl attended by her five year-old son.

RIP SNL's Jan Hooks/Tina the Alamo tour guide

Voter registration spikes in Texas’s largest counties

"'I'm Not A Scientist': A Complete Guide To Politicians Who Plead Ignorance On Climate Change"

It's official - No more cancer.

It's official...

Election Night Reporting Software Patches: What are they Really For?

Mom is gone.

He had a valid firearms owner identification card

"As South Dakota Race Breaks Open, Bizarre Turn Of Events Could Save Senate For Democrats"

Rolling Stone offers 55 numbers that show things have actually improved a lot under President Obama

Jan Hooks, as Kathie Lee Gifford - "I Didn't Evolve From You"

I finally had my eye surgery Tuesday morning.

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In Stockton, Calif., Investment House Franklin Templeton Eviscerates Pensions

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