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No Matter How Bad GOP Is. Don't Think Voters Have The Sense To Throw Them Out ---

Paul Krugman economic prediction 2014 - Business Insider

Clinton Blasts 'Inequality' and 'Climate Change' Before Inaugurating NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Pastor Unloads on the 'Plantation Called New York City' At New Mayor’s Inauguration

How the Republicans view the New Year:

Wisconsin: Even More Walker Headaches Over BadgerCare

Slate: Climate Change Vastly Worse Than Previously Thought

We need this in all 50 States

Crazy! Just crazy!


Man deemed criminally insane arrested with van full of guns

Edit: Some groups here at DU with lots of info for us frugal types

World's First Legal Recreational Marijuana

Reddit User Posts $55,000 Hospital Bill for Appendectomy

Save your holiday greens to help the birds!

Michael Moore: Obamacare is awful

Message for the New Year, from Senator Bernie Sanders

Pioneer Fund: "subsidizing race science and eugenics research"

52 passengers trapped in Antarctica to be rescued

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 5 - TCM Spotlight: Betty Grable

Nations jockey for Arctic position, US not in lead

TCM Schedule for Monday January 6 - TCM Spotlight: Robert Osborne

U.S. House to Consider Again Drug Testing Itself-drug testing of Representatives is unconstitutional

$20M wire fraud Banker who vanished in apparent suicide then declared dead arrested

Area C Immediate threat of eviction of a Palestinian community in the Jordan Valley

List your cities' neighbourhoods.

Israel, Palestinians face hard choices as John Kerry returns to region hoping to outline peace deal

Canada bans incandescent light bulbs.

Democrats and Republicans agree on need for more Ethanol.

Love the stranger as yourself

Israel Must Seize the Day

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Israeli military gets first female combat-battalion commander

My Spartans win the ROSE BOWL!!!

Those Michigan State Spartans aren't half bad.......

"Stunning new report undermines central GOP Obamacare claim"

Terri Schiavo family joins Jahi McMath family in life support fight

"I've never understood . . ."

Lieberman: Israel must give Kerry's peace efforts a chance

At Adventist restaurants, meals are good for the body and the planet

Palestinian ambassador in Prague dies from injuries after explosion

Bring on the wussification!

Michigan State wins Rose Bowl. Try not to burn down E. Lansing, kids.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Happy New Year!

Occupy’s Top 10 of 2013

Are you going to hire an intern to help with the holiday backlog of ATA questions?

Stunning new report undermines central GOP Obamacare claim

Actress Juanita Moore dies at 99

Which of the following is closest to your preferred approach to smoking bans?

Dolphins like to get high.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 January 2014

I had the oddest dreams last night, like I didn't care anymore.

Ars gratia artis

The article I'm posting is truly important, but it makes me sad to post it...

Governor Cuomo Activates State Emergency Operations Center to Monitor Winter Storm

Next Time Use The US Postal Service

Minimum wages as of 1/1/14...

Why Are So Many Redditors Obsessed With Uncompetitive Nuclear Energy?

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Five Tips for Living In a Surveillance State

"Scott Walker Makes Wisconsin NUMBER ONE...In Jobless Claims"

The Facts About Benghazi - NY Times Editorial


2 members of Idle No More activist group arrested at Mall of America, MN

Indigenous Canadian fracking protesters refuse to back down

In photos: Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners

Man Smears Excrement on Church Door, Masturbates on Steps in Sacrilegious Act

5 million Scottish trees felled for wind farms

Fukushima news sources -some reliable ones.

Hamas rejects terror label of Egypt Islamists

How to properly use a knife!

The First Fam of NYC Taking the 4 on Their Way to City Hall~ Pic

Poll: What should the minimum legal age to marry be in your opinion?

How to expand your mind

1st snowstorm of 2014 descends on New England, NY

“Mall of America” to Native Americans: Happy New Year; You Are Under Arrest

The Credible Hulk

The release of killers is not a cause for celebration

North Carolina Home Schools to Get Public School Money

Witness: Gas Container Discovered After Gay Nightclub Arson

Historic FDR Bible Went Missing for a Few Hours after NYC Mayor’s Swearing-In

NYT Editorial:Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower

Woman Suing Over Amputation Following Arrest

Why the State of California is responsible for the public defense crisis in Fresno County

Tennessee Man Suing A&E, GLAAD, and OBAMA over Duck Dynasty Suspension

High School Hockey Goalie Quits In Epic Fashion

The Gill Grown Family

Words about liberals the past years...why I speak out still and so should you.

Lynne Stewart has been released from prison.

14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Voucher Schools

Happy 2014!!!

High School Hockey Goalie Flips Off Coach And Scores Goal In Own Net, Then Quits

A rant from DiabeticMan's Wife: We shouldn't be so eager to replace people with technology.

A moment for HIV awareness in the new year...

NSA Carols Sung by The WAMM Singers (Women Against Military Madness)

Giant Inflatable Duck Explodes During Taiwanese New Year's Celebration

Fiat to buy full control of Chrysler

With Clintons in His Corner, de Blasio Bolsters Ties to His Party’s ‘Gold Standard’

I'd say we've got ~25 years...

Working my way through the loss of my Dad

Gender pay gap largely depends on having at least one child

Another view question...

NISVS: An Overview of 2010 summary findings

Smarter, Deadlier Drones Mapped Out in Defense Plan

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom - Saw it tonight

Jesus died on the store's doorstep in Fresno, CA on Christmas Eve

Israeli-Palestinian talks: perpetual motion (Guardian editorial)

Mogadishu hotel targeted by bombs, at least 11 killed

The world's blatant double standard - in Israel's favor

How far has PBS fallen?

Man steals brains, sells them on eBay

"The Affordable Care Act is leaving my children uninsured as of January"

From Facebook (of course) Need help debunking and anti-ACA blog post

Al Jazeera TV is airing a show(segment) about Chantix. On now...

How is it possible that my flight was delayed for not having a crew?

3 reasons why Fukushima has nothing to do with Starfish Wasting Syndrome

DU Weird-o-Meter off the scale lately.

Thousands march in Hong Kong in escalating battle for democracy

GOP Has No Concern About The Fate Of The Vulnerable.They Are Convinced They Will Stay In Power.

Rich doing quite well in Obama admin - sales of luxury cars soaring

Justice Roberts renews call for court funding

Two-woman ticket in Texas goes for history in 2014

Two-woman ticket in Texas goes for history in 2014

Sunni militants storm Iraq police stations to free prisoners

Jihad Jane: Despite cooperation, U.S. seeks 'decades' in prison

Buccaneers name Lovie Smith as head coach

I'm going to say something that will label me crazy, foolish or misinformed.

Marketing efforts to uninsured youth ramp up

Beloved Catholic priest found slain in California church rectory

Capitalism in Crisis -- Who are the REAL "Takers"?

Virginia Tech researchers find novice teen drivers easily fall into distraction, accidents

Chicago police: Crime down 16 percent, homicides down 18 percent

Breakthrough: One Step Closer to Nuclear Fusion Power Station

ANSWER: 210,000 to 440,000 - 3rd leading cause of death in America

Cost overrun clash endangers huge Panama Canal extension project

Preview for Rurouni Kenshin 2

Abe says Japan's pacifist constitution may be revised by 2020

There's no escape

Rolling Stone - On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on Themselves

Japan risks threat to global peace by rekindling militaristic spirit of Second World War, senior Chi

Fukushima Cleanup Plan details

Stonehenge and Easter Island explained:

if i could be where you are

My Osechi Ryori today (New Years Day)

The best laid plans...

Up with a sick dog

I've decided to give up not drinking for the new year.

DUI checkpoints in Los Angeles, now include a saliva test for drugs...

What is your favorite smoothie like

Venezuela, Moving Forward! US Will Take Action

Michael van Gerwen wins PDC World Darts Championship astroturf group - anyone know who's behind it?

Indian teenager gang-raped and burned alive: police

Kelly: Assemblyman says order for GWB traffic tie-up came from outside Port Authority

Overpasses for Impeachment

Post your top 10 favorite movies.

And now here comes the revisionism re that war criminal

Iraq War vet denied medical marijuana for PTSD first to buy legal pot in Colorado

Federal judge asks: Why haven’t any top executives been prosecuted for financial crisis?

What a pain in the ass.

#Obamacare exchanges identify 32,000 people eligible for BadgerCare Plus

Chilean lawmakers submit mandatory mining desalination bill

Chilean lawmakers submit mandatory mining desalination bill

Sign petition to #Wisconsin State Legislators to accept federal funds for BadgerCare

Surveillance network built to spot secret nuclear tests yields surprise scientific boon

Chinese Wal-Mart allegedly tries to pass off fox flesh as donkey meat

Brazil’s ethanol sector, once thriving, is being buffeted by forces both man-made, natural

‘Jailbreaking’ Apple devices is becoming a hot underground industry

Adoptee Restoration Project

Erdogan's Endgame: Corruption Scandal Threatens Turkish Leader

The 6 lucky states that’ll shape the future of drone technology

Julian Assange rails against surveillance in Thought for the Day

Hospital: Former Israeli PM Sharon is critical

Judge upholds search of passengers’ laptops

10 Signs Religious Fundamentalism Is in Decline

Panama Canal contractors warn may halt work

Cat owners: any of you do this?

The Real Reason the Middle Class Is Dead

Why Is the IRS Fighting Efforts to Unmask Karl Rove and U.S. Chamber Political Money Laundering?

Why the American Intelligence Community Is Strikingly "Dumb"

Egyptian Military Junta Jumps the Shark, Interrogates Islamist Muppet

Solar Ascendancy: Minnesota Court Ruling for Solar over Gas a Harbinger of Things to Come

Street Kebab Chef in Mosul, Iraq, 1903 (Photo of the Day)

German road, railway infrastructure is decaying, with harsh economic consequences

Cambodian troops quash protest at factory

The Year Ahead in Court Battles

HP confirms higher layoffs expected

(Pics) Sights from opening day of Colorado recreational marijuana sales

Ga. banker accused of losing millions due in court

When Will Genomics Cure Cancer?

(military) Sequestration continues, but cuts not as deep

Norway tightens law after late abortions revealed

Swiss Greenpeacer: I'd do it all again

The Democratic Vistas of 2014: Five Reforms to Make Our Politics Matter

OpenDesk: a revolution in furniture design - video - Very interesting

An interesting article from Collectors Weekly

Federal judge asks: Why haven’t any top executives been prosecuted for financial crisis?

Thursday Toons

At Spirit on Lake, Gay Seniors Find Safe Haven

Michigan says children need to be protected from seeing 'WAR SUX' on a license plate

Fiat stock soars after deal for rest of Chrysler

Second high-profile defendant turns to Norment

The ‘secret Capitalist cabal’ behind austerity

Britain CAN still stop impending 'wave of immigration', Tory activists claim

Cameron backs 'life means life' sentences for murderers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to hire Lovie Smith

Blizzard, sub-zero wind chills and foot of snow ready to hit Northeast

(Korea) F-35 purchase to set off air power vacuum

Bluegrass Uprising

Will the F-35 Dominate the Skies?

The All-in-One F-35 Fighter Jet Costs More Than Three Separate Planes

Venezuela inflation hit 56.2% in 2013: Officials

Crime rates rise in Venezuela

From ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ to ‘Abortion Barbie’: The Year in Sexism

Have you ever made it through a George Will column?

Mechanical malfunction caused fuel leak that downed B-1B

Cross-posting from Kentucky forum - article about proposed NGL pipeline

Here Are The Things Americans Want The Government To Focus On In 2014

A MISSION GONE WRONG Why are we still fighting the drug war?

Hawaii Senate primary is dividing Democrats along ethnic and generational lines

The Pope

An Illustration of Just How Expensive Military Jets Are

Busking with Bella Tricks

2013: Assessing the Conflict in Syria and Egypt – The War Continues | Ramzy Baroud

"Authorship is Censorship" - Shia LeBeouf

Nice Shirt Ya Got There. Care To Find Out A Little About Who Made It?

Killing Me Softly

This is where i go for information i cannot find on Open letter re: "Obamacare"

Fractal Enlightenment - 13-Year Old Replicates Fibonacci Sequence to Harness Solar Power

Shocking: There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real ––– Pope Francis Exposes

The Beginning Of The End Of Prohibition

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Top 6 Ways to Burn Taxpayers' Millions in Afghanistan

5 Tips for Living in a Surveillance State

Phil. Mag looks at PA. Dem Gov. candidate Allyson Schwartz

Understanding Time: A Long Term Perspective

A Christmas Speculation | John Michael Greer

GOP’s 2014 horror strategy: Exploit Americans’ misfortune, drum up fake outrage

US manufacturing expands at solid pace in December

10 signs that religious fundamentalism is going down

Tea Party challenger to primary (Ohio Governor) John Kasich

14 Best White House Photos of 2013

McCain warns Karzai, but confident on Afghan deal

A New Year's gift: 101 Household hints, some of them new and simply brilliant

Top Religion Newsmakers, Game-Changers And Prophets Of 2013

Donald Trump: Researchers trapped in Antarctic ice prove global warming is a sham

Daily Kos Toon: Ghost of the Middle Class

Just noticed that Marianne Williamson is running for Congress.

math reflections

Former Obama Official Agrees With Call For Snowden Clemency

2014: Good Year for a Great War?

A Speck in the Sea

Kick and recommend if you want the Politics 2013 forum brought back!

2013 Was a Bad Year for Wall St. Lobbyists

Go Walgreens

Warming Climate May Cut Cloud Cover

Chicago Bears Decide They Can Go 7 Years without a Super Bowl

U.S. to China: We Hacked Your Internet Gear We Told You Not to Hack

Yes, That Picture of the Moon and the Andromeda Galaxy Is About Right

From silence to savagery, pain for the poor intensifies in NC

US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing

Military (?) weapons of the future

New Illinois Gun Laws In 2014: Mandatory Reporting Of Lost Guns, FOID Checks On Private Sales

2016 Poll has Toomey leading in PA for reelection by just 5 points

My one real complaint about the Obama Adm.

Space Dandy

"60 Minutes calls Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson a philanthropist ..."

OMG: Payday lender collecting tolls in El Paso

Challenge, Counter, Defy

Toronto mayor Rob Ford to run for re-election

There's a reason the Powers That Be want women to be unhappy with themselves

Why punctuation and font are important.

"The lesser evil is still evil" by PZ Myers

Can You Pass A U.S. Citizenship Test? Try it and find out!

Death-defying Norwegian cyclist rides down curvy mountain road... backwards (video)

Creationists Once Again Threaten to Make a Mockery of Texas Science Education

2013: Atheism’s 10 defining moments

Rojava: Syria's Unkown War

If you itemize your deductions

The CIA's Lawyer: Waterboarding and Memory

£2m: average pay award for JP Morgan's top staff in 2012 revealed

Is Linux your only OS

What's Up With All The Corporate-named College Bowl Games?

A Big Question About Little Sisters of the Poor

It's Time To Raise This

Obama Chastises Keith Alexander For Trying To Befuddle Him With Tech Jargon

BBC Comedy Sketch: The Israeli Embassy’s Extension

Dolphins Puff away

Bowl names are an embarrassment to college football

NJ Catholic diocese buying new home for bishop

So it begins: Self-replicating 3D printer

Copy and Give this out

Afghan Street Children Beg for Change

Boehner Is Said to Back Change on Immigration

Prisoners w/ Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal *spoilers*

What's up with the view counts in this forum?

U.S. Northeast Threatened With Blizzard, Travel Delays

Pope's sharp words make a wealthy donor hesitate

Detroit Gains Ground in 2013 as Ford Fusion Sets Growth

Exxon Russia Ambitions Show Oil Trumps Obama-Putin Spats

Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage: A chart

Garbage truck crashes into scaffolding in Midtown

The Mumbai zoo and city museum (pic-heavy)

Pic Of The Moment: A Happy And Healthy New Year!

What kind of society is our student-loan mess producing?

Common fears.

Growth in Manufacturing to Help Propel U.S. Expansion: Economy

USA Hockey announces men's Olympic roster

It’s Going To Be Really, Really Cold In Green Bay On Sunday..

New Fox Motto: "We're gonna f--- s--- up!" - Revealed In Live Moment On New Years Eve

Dogs poop in line with Earth’s magnetic field, says study

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level in a Month

American Consumers in 2013 Most Upbeat Since Before Recession

Name this infamous person!

The Adventures of Tobin: Snow Day

MS Gov to Constituents: my personal ideology is more important than you & your children's health...

Airport Delay at the Fresno Airport - Outraged Passenger

This is how far the NSA has fallen:

Are people still afraid of advocating wealth redistribution?

Boo's & Buddy's favorite pics from 2013!

20 years after NAFTA, Mexico has transformed

Interesting tidbit WRT legalized marijuana and how it is purchased

New York Times And Guardian Editorials Say Edward Snowden Deserves Clemency

Al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters Control Parts Of Two Iraq Cities

Cuccinelli looks back on tenure’s dramas, accomplishments

That this is seen as revolutionary is nothing more than a measure of where the country's politics...

Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China after fox meat scandal

FDA Weighs Restrictions, Possible Ban On Menthol Cigarettes

Virtuoso’s flutes destroyed by US Customs

Those of you on in this Storm on the East coast--I hope you are all safe. My wife made a

Smith's Cloud - Change of Days

Funniest Political Memes of 2013

Dogs poop in line with Earth’s magnetic field, says study(not the Onion)

Ready for the snow?

Russia’s 2013 Oil Output Highest In Post-Soviet Era

Richard Thompson - Good Things Happen To Bad People

Woman Abandoned Apartment in 1942. What They Just Found Inside is Incredible.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney: Ice in Antarctica proves ‘global cooling’

Man creates just one piece of art

Manitoba Museum reports Winnipeg's temperature as cold as surface of Mars

Oh my God!!!! Everyone in Colorado is going to get high!

Senate Democrats Plan Fast-Track Fix To Reinstate Lost Unemployment Benefits

Crist Apologizes For Backing Same-Sex Marriage Ban: 'I Was Wrong'

Blutengel "You Walk Away"

Over the last year, Kerry has initiated a move to lead on climate change in the State Department

Happy New Year! You're fired!

Kerry wants to become the lead broker of a global, legally binding climate treaty in 2015

'Controversial' Talk Radio Host Bob Grant Dead At The Age Of 84

Plea Bargain Possible For Ex-Sen. Alexander Aide Facing Child Porn Charges

Bombing Aimed at Hezbollah Hits Southern Beirut

Shut Up In The Mines at Coal Creek

DOW Up 153-percent since 2009. Wages up 2-percent.

Fare ye well, old Ely Branch

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Opposes Medicaid Expansion In Case Obamacare Is Repealed

BOOM! I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot by Chris Kluwe

Death of Harry Simms

Lament For Barney Graham

Pat Robertson's 2014 "prediction!"

Poor Boy

Little Luke Russert on the The Jimmy Dore Show

Is your glass frack full or frack empty?

WND birther wants to throw Obama in jail...

Penn & Teller's Bullshit - Vaccinations

Bon Iver - The Wolves

Texans Will Die For Governor Rick Perry’s Sacrifice For His Ideology

Go Down Old Hannah

State Policy Network, or SPN, "an $83 million web of right-wing think tanks " in every state . . .

Why all the PR? The Duck Dynasty guys are selling their line of guns now.

When the train come along

Kale? Juicing? Trouble Ahead

Car Parking Using The Spare Tire

The RW Obamacare talkingpoints have gone from...

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Never Go Back

Good Afternoon

What'd I Say

WaterWheel to ease burden on women

I am on the phone with a caller claiming to be

Some cell phone pics

Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower speaks on his own ordeal & Snowden.

Dogs poop in line with Earth’s magnetic field, says study

"Duck Dynasty" launches its own line of guns

More Jawjuh nuttiness...

Two Americans detained by Libyan army in Benghazi

Ford to unveil solar-powered concept car

Military Sex Assault Reports Jump by 50 Percent

jingly jangly

CREW: Who Counts As a Whisteblower?

Pope Francis nearly triples Vatican City crowds in 2013

My Old Man Said Follow The Van

Hezbollah Bomb Blast Interrupts Lebanese TV, Broadcaster Blames Israel

Replace Mitch McConnell with Conservative Matt Bevin – Send A Veteran to Washington

Twice As Much - Is This What I Get For Loving You Baby

California court lets undocumented immigrant practice law

Israel lawmakers appeal to Obama for spy's release

Bakken Crude More Dangerous to Ship Than Other Oil, U.S. Says

Derailment point located

Ex-Sen Joe Lieberman demonstrates how the "revolving door" game is played.

First guy to buy legal recreational pot in Colorado

Company makes good on leaving Colo. over gun laws

Dumb Criminals: Man Cons Wife Into $750K That He Spends On Mistress

Sarah Palin: Making Government ‘Irrelevant’ Is Goal of 2014

Lawmaker: Sell MUD to pay debts (Another R wants to privatize a public utility success)

America's Worst Charities

The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

Right-Wing Facebook Page Calls For National Lynch President Obama Day (IMAGE)

Steve King Compares Himself To 'Duck Dynasty' Star

Dinosaurs, monkeys and the Burden of Proof for the Extraordinary

From Phil Robertson To George Zimmerman: The Cult Of The Right-Wing Folk Hero

The good, the bad, and the squirelly.

Chris Kluwe: "I Was Fired By Two Cowards & A Bigot"

Why Is the IRS Fighting Efforts to Unmask Karl Rove & U.S. Chamber Political Money Laundering?

lol my account was suspended for a few minutes. I always knew I was bad influence.

We’re The Good Guys; Especially at Christmas by Philip Giraldi

Truthdig: Stanley Kutler--‘Israel Can Do No Wrong’: Jewish Dissent, Jewish Repression

NSA Intercepted Children’s Letters To Santa

Jahi McMath family spends first day of 2014 searching for doctor to help get teen to New York facili

CNN Disgraces Journalism With Hit Piece That Tries to Get Melissa Harris-Perry Fired

This is why Health Care Matters

Utah Rep. Pushing For Religious Exemption To Gay Marriage

Ever been afraid of a child's toy? I am.

Rape culture is real. I was born into it.

“She Used 80 Names” The Real Story of Linda Taylor, America’s Original Welfare Queen , by Josh Levin

RIP Juanita Moore (Imitation of Life)

WTF!!!!! Obama nominating 3 Conservative judges

NJ Lawmaker: Documents Show Bridge Closure Was Ordered From Outside

Woman’s toe is bitten off at New Year’s Eve party

Potemkin village voting machines?

Drivers should have to stop before turning through a crosswalk with a "WALK" signal active

Extreme summer weather in northern mid-latitudes linked to a vanishing cryosphere

Republican attacked by primary challenger for vote against ‘In God We Trust’ resolution

Hey, Bill Nye, Why the Hell Would You Agree to Debate a Creationist?

If you are keeping a tally, please add my voice to those who say alerts shouldn't be anonymous

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at crunch time, Kerry says

What should have been the "REAL" controversy about the whole Harris-Perry thing.

Russell Tice, NSA Whistleblower: Candidates, Pols, Judges, Journos, all subjects of spying.

Company makes good on leaving Colo. over gun laws

It's time to make holiday leftover soup!

You have any stats on how many posts get hidden vs how many are alerted on?

Young Viewers Avoid Fox News Like the Plague as Ratings Drop 30%

Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown? Anthony Gucciardi

Free Stickers to Celebrate Pope Francis

Had many errands to run this morning

Koch Brothers Launch $2.5 Million Ad Blitz Against Democrats, Obamacare

What happens to people in WA and CO serving prison time for non-violent marijuana offenses?

Why are European powers (and Oxfam) funding a radical Israeli group?

Why Aren’t Big Bankers in Jail? Why ask why, say their enablers in financial press

The beginning of the New Year brings an important personal milestone with it.

The Twitterverse reacts to the Jay Cutler deal

Ok who sent me the "name removed" PM?

The Conservative March Toward a Society of Sociopaths

U.S. Senate sets Monday vote on Janet Yellen to head Fed

“Phase Zero” Development

I am officiating a wedding on Saturday....

Re: alerts and hidden posts.

After son's fatal accident, father fights to make weapons safer

Behind the Scenes, Kerry Makes a Pact on Climate a Priority

A profile of Chris Kluwe: Vikings' Kluwe marches to his own tune

Big Chill Could Freeze 49ers, Packers In Wild Card

It's my birthday.

How did cbayer get my password?

Alan Greenspan has been reading my posts

Edward Snowden Clemency: The New York Times, The Guardian Urge Obama To Help NSA Whistleblower

New Jersey neo-Nazi alleges discrimination after ninth child taken away

Rep. Peter King slams New York Times: 'Apologists for terrorists'

SFGate: Liberals find comfort level in 'NPR of gun clubs'

KTLK 1150 Los Angeles gone?

Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization

Conservative group calls to lynch Obama and make it a ‘national holiday’

Marines Delay Female Fitness Plan After Half Fail

This car just passed me at the intersection of Colorado and Washington!

Hate Speech Should Be Regulated

Dammit. I can't find the Politics 2013 Forum.

I recommend "Enough Said", Gandolfini's last film.

Watching the de Blasio press conference

Yet another boring phoning/texting while driving A$$holes thread:

"That Kind of Girl" - On Netflix

Long Lines At DMV Offices In Las Vegas For Immigrant Driver Authorization Cards

I love it when two posts display next to each other.

Arrest made in slaying of Catholic priest

Jury duty

I would love to see an option to sort by number of recs.

Early Stages Of 2016 Presidential Election Show Big Contrast For Democrats, Republicans

Hercules is knocking at the door here in the NYC Metro area.

Good gawd. Et tu California?

Exclusive: Dying Lawyer Lynne Stewart’s Jubilant Return Home After Winning Compassionate Release

After Train Fires, Feds Warn Bakken Oil May Be More Flammable Than Traditional Forms Of Oil

Democrats Need to Watch Out: "White Feminism" = Memetown 2014

BREAKING: GOP Committee REFUTES Beatles claim that we all live in a yellow submarine

Russian, Chinese Warships To Provide Security In Mission To Get Chemical Weapons Out Of Syria

Alex Sink (D-FL) Stomps Republican Competition Fundraising

The truth about Bill de Blasio: Ignore the Clinton “marriage” hype

WTF!!! South Carolina Democrats back bill calling for mandatory daily prayers in public schools

Fox News: Marriage died in 2013

Elderly Palestinian Man Dies After Alleged Tear Gas Inhalation

Original Cheerios to go GMO-free

In West Bank Settlement, The State Is Legalizing Lawlessness

Would you like to see the First Amendment modified so that "hate speech" could be banned?

'This Is Not A Life': A Journey To Israel's 'Open' Detention Center

First Snow, Then 'Brutal' Cold For Millions In Storm's Path

Audit Questions Use Of Hurricane Katrina Recovery Money In Mississippi

We are in this for you

Benjamin Netanyahu Downbeat on Peace as John Kerry Jets in for Talks

A day late

Obamacare news from the field:

Kristol’s 2014 Prediction: Israel Will Take ‘Real Action’ And Attack Iran

Book TV

Dumb Criminals: Breaking Bad Contest Winner Wanted On Narcotic Possession

Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn's speech "The Problem is Civil Obedience"

Dried Christmas Cactus flowers. Macro

How very sad

HR question for those with experience