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Anti-LGBT activist Scott Lively: Gays cause divorce and will legalize pedophilia in five years

Colorado "Personhood" Measure, 2014

#Helpvets a good video about Veteran Bill block

Franklin [NJ] schools: No 'neglect' by our staff when child left on freezing bus for hours

Russia Plans To Add Military Bases In Nicaragua, Venezuela, Other Countries

Homeowner Who Shot Unarmed Elderly Man With Alzheimer’s Wandering His Property Won’t Be Charged

Mike Rogers put out a statement saying Russia now controls the Crimean Peninsula

TSA Agent Questions Passenger Over Status Of D.C.'s Statehood

Obamacare Enrollment Continues To Surge In Kentucky As 265,000 Have Now Enrolled

TSA Agent Questions Passenger Over Status Of D.C.'s Statehood

We're going to be breaking some news about TX at the top of the show tonight:9PMET,MSNBC. Rachel M.

"America Without Unions" by Jeff Faux

I could use some support for these pro-choice threads on GD

FOX News' Roger Ailes has a fetish.

Bernie Sanders has a question for everyone...

Cooking & Baking, the Lounge and GD.

Politico: The search for the real Hillary Clinton

Let's Move!

The dying right: Why Christian fundamentalists are in panic mode

Is the GOP tacking towards the centre? Tax reform that ups rates on Wall Street,

Obama frames populist theme for Dems in 2014

Colombian defence ministry spills secrets in email

FCC cancels newsroom study after backlash from lawmakers

Right-Wing Think Tank Attacks Apple's Tim Cook For 'Caring More About Climate Change Over Profit'

Attorneys: 30 days in prison enough for rapist

God is on Twitter!

Why Can't We Accept That Our Society Needs Its Teachers to Teach for The Test?

The Passion of Pussy Riot

Obama Might Skip Sochi G8 Summit If Russia Intervenes In Ukraine - U.S. Official

Kitchen pendant lighting--weigh in if you know artsy fartsy people.

Luckovich Toon: We Bought The House

Obama frames populist theme for Dems in 2014

Best 2nd songs on a 2nd albums?

"RANKED: The 13 Coolest Buildings By Starchitect Frank Gehry" (so beautiful)

Are you ready for Hannibal's return tonight ?

Carnaval could sap Venezuela protests

Obama Administration Takes a Step Toward Drilling in the Atlantic

President Obama at Democratic National Committee Meeting 2-28-2014

Budget deal set spending levels for two fiscal years.

State Department warns Americans on Ukraine travel

Support the Venezuelan Protesters?

Regulators Are Probing How Goldman, Citi and Others Divvied Up Bonds

Just saw Stalingrad in IMAX 3D!!!!! (showing for one week ONLY)

Beyond the 'Tranny Hooker' Stereotype

The Gox Crater: Crowd Detectives Reveal Billion-Dollar Heist As Inside Job

Tsarnaev allegedly made statement ‘to his detriment’ in visit with sister

The US and the UK have more in common than you think..............

If you like......, try.......

Bus Driver Fired for Helping Hungry Student Fights Back With Lawsuit

Drinking a cabbage smoothie. With cranberries and ginger. I will live forever at this point.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze & a new Kitteh gif

Mike Luckovich's take on the Koch brothers going house hunting

Harris County Republican Party to rally against “sodomite” marriage, “dictator” judge on Monday

Harris County Republican Party to rally against “sodomite” marriage, “dictator” judge on Monday

One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society

Thank god he didn't have a gun. I wonder what the story is there.

U.S. Spies Said No Invasion—Putin Disagreed

A cartoon about a puppy who's missing a leg.

Remember Katrina?

Bill Nye selfie.

Why do we want marriage equality?

Regent blasts university head over assault remark

What happened to the VTV web site?

You know the press is in love with Pope Francis when...

Loaded 9mm handgun found at Riverdale HS [GA]

TV star’s ugly Wal-Mart defense: Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe goes nuclear

No, I Will Not Take the Men's Rights Movement Seriously

New Health Fix Offers Subsidies for Insurance Policies Bought Outside Exchanges

An astrophysicist, an engineer, & the president walk into the Blue Room...

Bill Moyers on Jon Stewart

World Bank’s thirst for hydropower

These Sound Engineers Used One Weird Trick to Bend the Laws of Physics

New Corbett Radio Ad: Tom Wolf will kick your grandmother out of the hospital

A Brief History of Texas' Most Powerful Political Office: Lt. Governor

I'd like to see some experimentation with "micro" levels of residential electric service.

Toronto doctor sentenced for abusing sedated patients

Friday Talking Points (293) -- Republicans' Foot-Shooting Party

My kitty has to glue himself to me I have been gone for a few hours. He has to be in my lap.

International Mountain Bicycling Association lose general liability insurance coverage

Is Bitcoin in any way valuable?

The Gun Report: February 28, 2014

State of marriage equality in the US

February 28, 1986

Inter Campus in Bolivia for the children of Ticti-Norte

"A Dirty Word Gets Clean" Digby's got a good point.

Thinking of a gay cruise? Tips to make it fabbuluz.

Comcast Doesn't Give a F*CK (Funny or Die)

[WV] House defeats 'false claims' bill

[WV] Emergency over, House debate on water regulatory bill continues

Bill, Barack, and Neil. So much brilliance in one picture.

Bolivian rancher convicted in killing of French tourists

Rural Alabama town selected for national AT&T technology trial on ending landline phone service

Bill Clinton video boosts DNC

Thom Hartmann: We Have the RIGHT to Know What's in Our Food

What if the Tea Party was Black?

Thom Hartmann: Stop the Job-Killing Trade Deal

Bill Maher is nailing Bill Kristol on Real Time tonight. Kristol is not doing well.

x-Posted from CA Group: Taste the Rainbow (from Coastal Humboldt)

Explain something to me about Reddit.

Taste the Rainbow (from Coastal Humboldt)

When May I Shoot a Student?

Teeth pulled out of a baby's brain during surgery. GRAPHIC!!!

Today, I got an email invitation to have lunch with Sherrod Brown...

Anti-gay law prompts LGBT Ugandans to go ‘underground’

Crimean Parliament Forms New Cabinet

Venezuela protesters march against security crackdown

Blood thirsty, pro death Georgia republicans want more people to die faster.

Bishop Yvette Flunder

Blowing Up: Tesla's Gigafactory Is Going To Revolutionize The Auto And Utility Industries

Bill Kristol to Maher: 'Total Bullsh*t!' That Tea Party Was About a Black President - video link

Selfie: President Obama, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Neil deGrasse Tyson - photo link

BF had terrible week. Father dies last weekend, he had to fire someone and they ate a bullet.

Under fire, Border Patrol says agents kill only ‘as last resort’

Greatest Gen Xer female actors?

YES!! YES!! YES!! EPA Move Could Amount To Administrative Veto Of Pebble Mine (AK - Bristol Bay)

Slavery In The USA

Religious freedom bills: The latest effort to counter advances in marriage equality

Long Beach Institutes Water Restrictions - Watering Lawns, Water In Restaurants On Request Only

Conservative Outraged Obama Is Addressing Problems They Blamed On Him

Whoopi Goldberg Calls for Global Solidarity with LGBT Ugandans and Nigerians

"Abrupt Weakening" Of Monsoon Ended Indus Valley Civilization More Than 4,000 Years Ago

Sewing machine to vanity

15% Of China Covered In Choking Smog; Respiratory Clinics, Emergency Rooms Full

Environment, Rather Than Corruption, Now Biggest Concern Among Chinese Citizens - Forbes

A Call to Arms on a Vermont Heroin Epidemic

Remarks by the President at White House Student Film Festival

Japan to review lead-up to WW2 comfort women statement

'McConnell's Solyndra': Tea Party Attacks Mitch For Clean Energy Loan Bid

Hey DUers Check This Out!

Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

I give you the only character from science fiction that really fucked with my head

Japanese Babymetal, because of course...

Anybody want to share opinions re ufos?

Almost baseball season!

Group pic

new born lamb

Bill Maher Takes Down Kristol: 'Tea Party Was About A Black President'

Is your trash picked up weekly by a private company?

Keystone Cops

MA Doughnut Shop Opening Inside YMCA Won't Sell Doughnuts

Did Greenwald just get 'Greenwalded'?

The Gerrymander

Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home

Texas Education Agency announces 2013-2014 accreditation statuses

Speaking of our crumbling infrastructure.....

"What the heck are you talking about?"

Asylum offer extended to Ugandans

So you think it's cold?

How One Right-Wing Christian Group Is Leading Arizona's March Toward Conservative Extremism

Crack Found in Washington Dam on Columbia River.

Taxes don’t fund government; public debt doesn’t need to be paid off

Venezuela Marks 25 Years Since “Caracazo” Uprising Against Neoliberalism

hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga

Uganda willing to forego aid 'to save gays from damnation'

Media War Against Venezuela Continues

Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer accused of sexual harassment

Breaking: Man Who Installed Scott Walkers Secret Router Speaking Out; Installed in 2002! + More

Wisconsin Republican Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer accused of sexual harassment

San Antonio police: Man stuck jalapeño into boy's eye

Crimean Leader claims control of military, police

UK Domino's Sued After Man Has Sex With Pizza And Burns Penis

Elderly Mississippi Man Prounounced Dead, Wakes Up At Funeral Home In Body Bag

33% of Young People Left Religion Because of Anti-Gay Policies

At heart of Ukraine drama, a tale of two countries

Let's talk about beer

Exclusive: Russian ‘Blackwater’ Takes Over Ukraine Airport

January in Japan

The Brown Grad Student Who Chased The NRA Out Of Rhode Island

Democratic candidates reserve their criticism for Corbett(teapublican),not selves

How Humans Went From Being One Shade to Many

31 Reasons Philadelphia Is The Most Underrated City In America

I have a very serious question to ask that I've never gotten a satisfying answer to

A story of a hero, in Houston, Texas.

Missouri House Passes Photo ID Requirement For Voting

Three bomb blasts targeting Pakistan polio team kill 12

Turn on your VCRs. Learn it and study it: the words of God

Gunmen from Kiev attempted to seize Crimea's Interior Ministry overnight - Russia

What Does a Soviet Submarine Have to Do With US Government Secrecy?

This puppeh reeeally wants to play with the kitteh:

#BREAKING: Crimea brings forward referendum on region's status to March 30

I got some very scary news yesterday

Interfax - Russian forces are trying to take a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile base in Crimea.

Economic Woes: The Uncertain Future of Ukraine's Finances

Heading for the Margins: Why Is Britain Running Away from Europe?

One National Guard killed by gun fire in Valencia

Who Benefits from Keystone XL?

Carnival in Crimea

I lost my dad to Fox News: How a generation was captured by thrashing hysteria

Toon: Despicable Walker

Finally Cuts to the Military, but not the Right Ones

7 Most Absurd Things Kids Are Learning Thanks to the Conservative Gutting of Public Education

Roundup In 75% of Air and Water Sampled -- Causes Kidney Failure

Chomsky: How America's Great University System Is Getting Destroyed

Georgia Gov. Deal- Cut access to the ER for poor people.

IBTL nt.

TSA Harasses Traveler After 'Seeing Bitcoin' In His Bag

Brit Spooks Get Knickers in a Wad Spying on Yahoo Sex Videos

Cyprus car bomb puts USMNT friendly with Ukraine in doubt again

Move afoot to form 'right-wing' pro-Israel lobby in US

Why Christian Conservatives Love Jesus-Hater Ayn Rand

Military Groups Blast Republicans For Killing A Bill To Support Veterans

No, the Pentagon Is NOT Cutting Army Budget to 1930s Levels: Media's Latest Big Lie Debunked

Adriana Ramirez Denied U.S. Citizenship Because She Is An Atheist

Who's behind 'religious freedom' push? The answer is hard to find

Democrat and Republican Headquarters for sale

Al Franken Points Out Comcast's History Of Breaking Merger Promises

Mad Allen's Hole

Latin Catholic Church to maintain equidistance

Bloody Bones Cave

Creating a 'Living Image' of a Transgender Woman {interview}

Trauma Is Contagious

The squirrel and I thank you

Injured Combat Veterans Are Being Stripped of Their Medical Benefits

Satellite dish

Hidden camera footage surfaces of Supreme Court debate

One Of The Most Important Questions On Afghanistan Is One That No One Is Asking

SC Legislature Moving To Free Duke Energy From Coal Waste Cleanup, Block Citizen Lawsuits

Rate Of Lung Cancer Among Female Beijing Residents Up 50% In Eight Years

NY Mayor De Blasio Chooses Activists Over Managers for City Posts

First They Attacked A Mall, Then They Repelled SEAL Team Six: The Rise of Al Qaeda 2.0

I know the dem party has to be a big tent, but that doesn't make corporate conservative

Administration provides healthcare, opposes environmental cleanup in Camp Lejeune Case

Tell these 10 states: Don't let Medicaid take my house after I die

De Blasio Dismisses Moskowitz Charter Protest as ‘Sideshow’

President Obama challenges Congress to help create jobs

Show Me the Medicaid Money

Countering Israel Boycotts, With Glamour

Charles Koch says he’s trying “to save the country”

Senators ask Homeland Security secretary to boost New York’s share of critical anti-terror funding

Mass transit task force recommends bus rapid transit system on new TZ Bridge

Methodist Church of South Africa condemns Ugandan anti-gay law

Israeli forces bar Palestinians from farming on their Hebron lands


EPA Makes the Right Move for Bristol Bay, Starts 404(c) Process on Pebble Mine

Putin seeks Ukraine troop deployment (approval from Russian parliament)

Report: Jordanian activists launch new Israel boycott campaign

Meet New York's Newly Famous Public Library Crusader

It it time to go get those Ruskies? Sen Cruz and Paul should head for the recruiting office.

One more time: Fracking largely operates OUTSIDE of Environmental Regulation

Major Nuclear Dump Has Leaked, But Does US Gov't Have a Plan B?

World War II vet retires after 65 years with Marines

Watson Coleman steps down from bridgegate investigation committee

Victim advocates applaud Craigslist rape verdict

Putin asks Parliament for permission to use force in Ukraine

Chomsky vs Buckley 1969

Why Are Conservatives So Freaked Out by Gays?

Sunday-Monday Snowstorm Could Now Dump Up To 10 Inches

Biden? Clinton?.. How about NEITHER ?

How far are the Tom Perkinses of the world willing to go? Look no further than Silver Thursday

George W. Bush Paintings To Be Exhibited This Spring...

Saxet Gun Show will not renew contract

The real estate consultancy to see in the de Blasio era

Person dies after jumping from Times Square hotel, officials say

Engineers Allege Hiring Collusion in Silicon Valley

Winter Contest Submissions

(Ret.) Archbishop Desmond Tutu, speaking out against homophobia

Winter Contest Comments

Bill O'Reilly Demands Michelle Obama Tell Teenage Girls 'Stop Having Sex'

US Border Agents Intentionally Stepped in Front of Moving Vehicles to Justify Shooting at Them

Palin on Ukraine: “Yes-I could see this one from Alaska-I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So-but I did"

The NC Ash Spill Was....

Watch: Bill Maher Smacks Down the Spoiled & Entitled 'Persecuted' rich

Pro-Science Selfie With The President...

Bet Ukraine wishes now that it had not given up its nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange for Russia's

The President and the Vice President Show Us Their Moves!

When deciding what to do about Ukraine, we must ask 2 key questions.

Wisconsin income gap widening faster than nation as a whole

Walker Violated Public Records Law: So say former AG and Milwaukee supervisor

Bitcoin Is Apparently A Rich, White, Male Disaster

Alabama Man Convicted of Raping 14-Year-Old Continues to Avoid Prison Time

What do we do if Russia invades Ukraine?

Satellite imagery of the weather system off California:

Group says new evidence in Texas arson-murder case

President Obama Lays Out New Plan for Upgrading Our Transportation Infrastructure

Former prison may become summer camp

Keystone Pipeline: The Chinese will pay us nothing, or next to nothing-So Uncle Sam is Uncle Sucker.

Activist starts hanging campaign reform banners across New York

If Russian invades Ukraine, we'll do the same as they did when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan

The Early Ayn Rand: a selection of her childhood writings.

Some words of wisdom, plus a cutie pie!

###Updated### Group input needed for GC&RKBA policy on allowing self-defense from animals...

Media Matters: Fox's Shep Smith Mocks Media Coverage Of Clinton Documents Release

Anyone know anything about "770" Accounts?

NY state, Kodak cleanup plan gets OK from feds

Guardian: Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels

Should I call this dish choup? Stewli? Either way it was outstanding!

NY steps up rail inspections during state blitz

Freepfuck uses holocaust to advocate genocide of all Muslims. Shocked he's banned

Try to wrap your head around this

We have weather!

Real deputy nabs fake cop along I-95, authorities say

"Senator John McCain: “We Are All Ukrainians”

It's not perfect

Seneca Falls Town Board signals support for casino project

Henry Giroux on Resisting the Neoliberal Revolution

When was "Reform" changed to mean "Destroy"??

We Want to Have a Common Language: Carolina Jews for Justice Stand Out in the Moral Mondays Crowd

Classic Billy creepy cat pic!

NY Attorney General: NRC should revisit Indian Point assumptions

America is turning secular much faster than we realise

Men are suckers for a pretty face

But march ever forward, breaking down bars. Look ever upward at the sun and the stars.

Your Momma's so fat-

NYC Department Of Investigation Chief: Board Of Elections "Hostile" To Reform Recommendations

Bemidji Minnesota: 6-year-old girl found frozen to death

In honor of our Welsh DUer's:

U.S. to Allow Seismic Airgun Testing for Offshore Drilling Exploration, Will kill Cetaceans

Guardian: Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels

Today is National Pig Day!

Streaming Oscars?

Anyone going to stream the Oscars?

Seems like they take all the fun out of Church goin'

Anyone going to stream the Oscars?

Did Democrats Just Put Mississippi's Senate Seat In Play?

When you run into right wing trolls ANYWHERE on the net, show them this:

Free ebooks! Free!

A New Populism?

Alabama and Oklahoma forge ahead with new restrictions on abortion

If TPP is so good for us, why does Wall Street pay negotiators millions in bonuses?

What does bread and a Yogi Mat have in Common?

Relax, it wasn't a komodo dragon Matthew BRODERICK handled in "The Freshman" - however

Soak Up The Sun

I'm a casino dealer, ask me anything!

Webster nuke pills pass expiration date

Black boxes in NYC cabs would shut the toll meter off when a cab goes above the posted speed limit

Economic Update on the air now with Prof. Richard Wolff

Citing stricture on gays marching openly, de Blasio will not march in St. Patrick's Parade on Sunday

Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation

Scott Walker: "Governors should be defined not just by what they do and say ..."

This could work!

'Dozens dead' in China knife attack

celebrating women's herstory month-2014 theme: honouring women of character, courage and commitment

celebrating women's herstory month-2014 theme: honouring women of character, courage and commitment

Curious about how many here have tried or considered wheat-free diets

Viral: Montage on the internet

celebrating women's herstory month-2014 theme: honouring women of character, courage and commitment

Would you stay or would you go?

Human Rights Depend On Courageous Individuals, U.S. Secretary Kerry Says

Do you ever want to know if your pet goes to heaven?

Using ObamaCare to steal from the public

New York Mayor Fills Poverty Post With a Critic

Statement from Sen. Bernie Sanders...

Smack talk? From Baylor!?

Watch out.... Groundloop is learning photoshop

Photo of the Week?

UT Southwestern Medical Center Launches Brain Injury Institute

UT Southwestern Medical Center Launches Brain Injury Institute

Bitcoin Is Apparently A Rich, White, Male Disaster

For the sake of peace, it is time to put an end to negotiations

LIVE RADIO NOW: False Obamacare Ads Will Be Fatal To The GOP.

Check out: Is Net Neutrality Really Necessary? You’re Damn Right!

Senators Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse on Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline

Wisconsin: Republican Assemblyman Bill Kramer: "No, really, that is a gun in my pocket."

Parliament also asked Mr. Putin to withdraw Russia’s ambassador to the United States.

David Brooks on natgeotv...(3/1/14 1pm)

Rand Paul Gets the Math Wrong on the Minimum Wage and Unemployment

Italian photographer journalist detained (charged with international terrorism)

Apple CEO: Climate Change Deniers Should Take Their Money Out Of Apple Stock

Is there really a heroin epidemic in this country?

So I got hit by a U.S.P.S. truck last night.

Just because you don't support military intervention in Ukraine doesn't stop you from recognizing...

crazy horse memorial webcams

Mike Malloy - The Idiotic 1%: Tom Perkins

Another "action star" falls off the deep end...

Mike Malloy - Teabagger Of The Day: Ted Cruz

No Charges in Death of Alzheimer’s Patient Mistaken for Intruder By ALAN BLINDER FEB. 28, 2014

Mike Malloy - Same Sex Marriage Ban Overturned In Virginia

Brandon Daniel gets death sentence for killing Austin police officer Jaime Padron

Mike Malloy - Republicans Are The Origin of Bigotry (very powerful message, don´t miss it)

Maidan and the Jews

Relying on the Russian shuttle only, doesn't sound like a very good idea now.

Would we do anything if North Korea invades South Korea or attacks Japan?

Media is still an important forum for Feminism

Disney to pull Boy Scouts funding by 2015 over policy banning gay leaders

Police warn meth on the rise in Austin, Central Texas counties

I know who the Democratic presidential nominee should be

Cover up the art and shutter the library!

China Train Station Mass Stabbing: 27 Dead

Actor Dr Sriram Lagu inaugurates an online atheist community in Pune

Long-Lost Video of R&B Stars at 1989 Inaugural Is to Air.

Huber Matos Benitez dies at 95; Cuban revolutionary broke with Castro

Mark Twain

Houston woman wins $500,000 in 'revenge porn' lawsuit

FIFA okays religious head covers for soccer players

Influential Texas conservative fights to keep donors secret

This photo, tho.

Are You Tired of Being the World's Policeman?

Most Russians believe the Crimea is theirs – Putin has acted on his belief

Rethugs claim plan to defeat Obamacare in 2014 -- without needing Obama's signature

Thank you Bill Maher for making that slime ball...

Texas State University raises $151 million in donations

New York City issues snow alert for Sunday

Obama Nominates SOPA Lobbyist for TPP Trade Post

NSA spying SOLVED! (no, really!)

Hennessey Venom sets record for fastest production car. Ever.

The Russian Ukraine is all about the gas

NOLA areas for LGBT

I ask all of you... Before the 2008 elections do any of you remember Republicans going after Bush...

reporting glitch

"Doctors on the streets" are helping Cleveland's homeless

Africa: A Look At Africa's Anti-Gay Laws

2014 and Occupy, Harangue the One Percent?

Sen. Cornyn: Oil and gas programs are 'poverty killer'

TV just stopped. No satellite signal. Waiting for electric to go

Okay, reposting now that video is back up

Gay military veterans group to march in Boston St Patrick's Day parade

Career Advancement by Lethal Injection: Prosecutor Lies to Execute Willingham, Becomes Judge

Putin ready to invade Ukraine, troops seize Crimea

Yep- another DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE thread (+ actions directed at targeted individuals and groups)

March 2014 Women's History Month

Ukraine’s EU embassy details ‘Abkhazia scenario’

Ukraine: Far-right armed with bats patrol Kiev (BBC 6:41)

If boycott is anti-academic what do we call its leaders?

The World as it is: Does Reality Count?

GLBT Influx Transforms Bible Belt Georgian Town

The Real Reason SB 1062 Was Vetoed

17 things that would get you accused of witchcraft in 1692

This from the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at TIME. This is what he's up against.

what's for dinner - saturday, march 1st

How many healthy animals do {European} zoos put down?

Former MS Dem Rep, Gene Taylor switches parties and is running for his old seat

Badger culls were 'ineffective and failed humaneness test' (BBC)

Hemp registration opens for farmers in Colorado

'Judi Dench: Why everyone loves her'

We are not going to war with Russia

Pakistan to Launch Offensive Against Taliban: Sources

Should academic freedom protect racist/classist views? This Harvard student says no.

Oh my, "8-year-old turns $20 into priceless gift"

Taking OCD to the next level...

Crude oil tank cars derail near Albany

Passenger rail projects slated for spring

The Left hasn't "surrendered", but HAS taken many "Beat Downs" from the Party Power Brokers.

So an astrophysicist, an engineer and the President walk into the blue room...

Eastern LI deer cull still on after court fight

So you think you can't dance?

Ten Years After the Coup in Haiti, Democracy is Still Under Siege

Sonoran Snowman

Live: Ukraine's prime minister says Russian intervention would mean war

STATEMENT - by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the developments in Ukraine's Crimea

Maine’s Paul LePage Might Just Be the Worst GOP Governor of All

John McCain Wants To Push The United States Into A Full Scale War With Russia

Upper house to demand recall of Moscow ambassador to U.S.

Waco developer spurned by city strips down apartment design

Talk about "business model:" 1300 dollars for a 4 week LSAT prep course?

Sen. Corker: Congress To Consider Targeted Sanctions On Russia

Does It Matter That the Venezuelan Opposition Is Funded by the US?

Breaking up countries into ethnic regions is troubling to the US accord to Steve Clemens

Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones: Democratic Party now the KKK, but ‘with minorities’

Immigration Reform 'Fast For Families Across America' Bus Tour Coming To Texas

"Literary Superstar" Karl Ove Knausgaard, Norway's Proust:

Oy! We dodged a bigger bullet with McCain than Romney

A comment from a message board discussing the Ukraine crisis - the truth hurts.

Deion Sanders says every team he played on, including the Cowboys, had gay players

Deion Sanders says every team he played on, including the Cowboys, had gay players

Report: Glenn Greenwald’s boss helped U.S. fund Ukrainian opposition groups

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere (VIDEO)

Forgot the season primier of "The Vikings" was on Thursday night.

If we had a civil war again here, would Russia intervene?

Strawberry fields forever. :(

Debbie Dingell launches campaign in Dearborn for husband's U.S. House seat

What is your witch name?

Game of Thrones enthusiasts...

Jeju Protest Update: Episode #5 The Spirit of Gangjeong

Ukraine has a right to determine its own future. If Russia uses force, the US should also.


Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus to all Welsh DUers!! Ok, to ALL DUers!

New blood test for schizophrenia

bringing a cat and dog together. i would like as many opinions and suggestions

Big Data Comes to the Farm, Sowing Mistrust

Into the sunset he rode:

Religious Belief = Mental Illness: A More Venomous Response

8000th post!

What is your opinion about Marxism?

Blasts rock north Nigerian city, many feared dead

Apple's Tim Cook picks a fight with climate change deniers

If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake…

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive 2

Do you support the U.S. sending troops to Ukraine?

Freezing Punishment: 2nd Graders ‘Sent Outside’

March 2, 1997 the world lost a hero

Who we protect as a nation should depend on the situation, not simply the countries involved.

How They Easily Rigged the WTC Towers for Demolition

White House readout of Obama-Putin call

Palin on Ukraine-ITold You So

Interesting historical graphic about Ukraine, 1654-2014

RFK, Jr. and Seder: The Super Wealthy’s Social Disconnect

Catholics, the minimum wage, and labor unions

Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia’s side – report

Isabel Allende set to become Chile’s first female senate leader

Summary of 90 minute call between PBO and Putin today

Happy 5th birthday to the Tea Party!

Vets group says EPA should stand up to Big Oil, stand up for US military

New Republic: Putin's War in Crimea Could Soon Spread to Eastern Ukraine, and nobody...can stop him

Tea Party "patriots" would NEVER dislike President Obama because of his racial diversity...right?

Crimea secession likely: Ukraine expert

Fox Host Apologizes for 'Ignorant' Comment About Gender Identity

Why isn't our press giving the full story in Ukraine?

Readout of President Obama’s Call with President Putin

The Ukraine, Russia, UK and US have an agreement to respect the Ukraine's territory.Ukraine has...

New Rule: Maher Rips Persecuted Billionaires...

Gov. Brown signs $687M plan for drought relief in California

Russian troops take over Ukraine's Crimea region

U.S. 'Suspends' Role in Russia G8 Summit After Obama, Putin Speak

National Geographic looks the U.S, Water Supply post W. Virginia

Photo: Pres. Obama talks on the phone with Russia's Putin about the situation in Ukraine

Poll shows increasing support for peace by Israeli 'soft right'

World Leaders Reimagined As Drag Queens

Black History Month Isn't Making Life Better for Black Americans

After AIPAC and J Street, Israel's third lobby: ZPAC?

Church is out on the street in Gangjeong Jeju

No longer loyal to Scouts, boys join Trail Life

A fireman and Navy veteran is kind of upset in Connecticut

just spent the afternoon phone banking for Wendy Davis


"Latvia+Lithuania have invoked NATO art. 4 in response to #crimea"


hope I am not violating any rules by posting this link to GD

Stephen Colbert Delivers Keynote at Controversial RSA Security Conference (highlights)

Looking for some fun entertainment? Prairie Home has Lily Tomlin & Martin Sheen on their show today.

Israeli Apartheid Week is a Soviet creation

Rumor surrounding 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' movie post-credit scene. (Spoiler Alert)

Dolphins, and Whales, and Drones, Oh My!

Five dumb bills just passed by the House would screw the environment

Disgusting! GOP is pulling out all the

What to do with coffee beans when you don't have a grinder?

Assembly leader may resign due to sexual harassment accusations (WI)

Disney To End Funding For Boy Scouts Over Gay Leader Ban

Lets hope this catches on....

Gay British man deported from Uganda urges government to help his partner

Mike gets mad at the Fundies

(X-Post) What to do with coffee beans when you don't have a grinder?

Followed the sign at the intersection "right turn after stop" , the driver behind me went

Distorting Russia; How the American media misrepresent Putin, Sochi and Ukraine.

(X-Post) What to do with coffee beans when you don't have a grinder?

Putin Tells Obama Russia Will Act In Case of Ukraine Violence

Ukraine Finds Its Forces Are Ill Equipped to Take Crimea Back From Russia

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