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Archives: March 10, 2014

Biden says Venezuela 'concocting' bogus stories

Opposition Mob Targets Venezuelan Actors in El Hatillo Restaurant

Yep, he's… Uh, pure… bread.

The Five States Where Teachers Unions Are Illegal Have The Lowest Test Scores In America*

Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country (Rolling Stone)

Ann Coulter At CPAC discusses immigration and decries the "browning of America"

This Week in Killer Robot Tech:

How'd they do this? It's so cool

Russia Versus US: Who is the better/worse/more just nation?

He came from the distant future to tell us that we're fucking up...

'Band of Brothers' vet William Guarnere dies at 90

Forget you're a Democrat, you belong to no party

disenfranchised--can it be used as a term that means the deprivation of property rights?

BBC news said that they spotted what looks like a door

"What are you going to do with that?"

Biden says Venezuela 'concocting' bogus stories

Cosmos starting

oh lovely....keep it up R's....doing a helluva job

NJ Bar Association grabs Christie by lapels over flag pin

True Detective OMG

Jon Stewart & Aasif Mandvi... ~The Best Health Care in The World~

Have to wonder What the Wingers and fundies thinking about Cosmos

Many millennials are skipping church, marriage and political affiliations, study finds

About that cross at Ground Zero...

As a child.....

It's Lent. Let's debunk the author of the "Book of Revelation" John of Patmos (not the apostle).

"Both parties are the same."

I picked a terrible time to start a 24 marathon...

selfish reasons to worry about what happens to Russia

I agree with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren!!

If I may, the good Doctor hit it out of the park with the 1st "Cosmos"

Cosmos - A real scientist explaining real science in terms real people can understand...

Conservative much?


Pastor To Women: Lose The Panties, God Can't Get In

Osprey pic

John L Lewis vs. FDR

87 year old pilot collides with 49 year old skydiver.

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask about setting out tomato plants

GOP Bill to 'Save American Workers' Would Actually Strip Health Care From a Million Workers, CBO Rep

Question: Why not put pressure on the Kiev administration: Re. Svoboda and RS

kansas wants to prosecute teachers who show "harmful materials"--whatever THAT means!

Law Center and Attorney General Harris Defend California Law (CCW License Issue)

Cruz Still Thinks GOP Can Repeal Obamacare In 2015: 'Every Single Word'

Anyone in ASAH watch Resurrection?

Sending up prayers of gratitude to God, The Universe, everyone and everything

ALEC, National Corporate Friendly 'Bill Mill', Going Local

Setting out tomato plants - I'm not a very good gardener

Wave Of Action Into The Light

Are Russia, China, etc. now First-And-A-Half World nations?

"Why Crimea might be worse off under Russian rule"

Singing Putin: 'Fats' Putin singing 'Blueberry Hill' with piano

Neil Degrasse Tyson's Cosmos (spoiler alert)

My wife called me and asked me to post this question: Who owns TLC or controls it because they

"Republicans press Medicare attack in congressional elections"

Time Magazine | Gigapan | 1 World Trade Center

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 11: Carson on TCM

Rick Scott’s ‘awful’ poll numbers make Florida Republicans queasy

Um, er, okaaaay . . .

Setting back and enjoying the evening!

For all of you who said, "f*ck it" to trying to save the rain forest...

Just watched my brand new DVD of "The Egyptian" (1954) tonight.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 12: Star of the Month: Mary Astor

Hannity FINALLY learns about corporate radio consolidation

Israeli teens tell Netanyahu: We will not take part in occupation

Just saw 300: Rise of an Empire, because hubby wanted to see it.

Japan, U.S. differ on China in talks on 'grey zone' military threats

All of the Win is here. There is no Win anywhere else. It is all right here.

Loss of employees on Malaysia flight a blow, U.S. chipmaker says

Two former Christie aides want ‘Bridgegate’ subpoenas removed

LOL, even kids know Fox news is fake

The Original Cosmos by Carl Sagan Part 1:

Interesting - Malaysian Airlines has kept Flight 370 after the disappearance...

9 Palestinians arrested after farming on land confiscated by settlers

BBC News broadcasting news conference on MH 370...

Settlers 'attack' Palestinian families in central Hebron

took myself out on another hot date

Charlie Pierce: Palin at CPAC

Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956

I dunno, for some reason I thought of

" speak all night in wake-up call on global warming"

Dumb Criminals: Australian G-String Wearing Thief Steals Batman Costume

Peru agrees to extradite van der Sloot to U.S.

Real Life Seinfeld: 21 Year Overdue Library Book Returned To Lawrence, Kansas Public Library

Minnesota legislator criticized for NBA tweet

‘Work has just begun,’ says Uribe after landslide victory in Colombia elections

Fuck cancer

Voting closes in Colombia with little violence, extensive fraud reported

beyond that cross at ground zero

Rural FL town writes $600,000 in traffic tickets. Can't account for money. 1 cop for 25 citizens

Tokyo Radiation Less Than Paris’s Three Years After Meltdown

The Fat Drug

M6.9 quake offshore far Northern California; no tsunami threat

6.9 quake centered in ocean hits Humboldt County (California)

"what you won't do for love" song in car commercial

Molecular Biologist Dr. Christina Sanchez Explains How THC Kills Cancer Cells

Voting closes in Colombia with little violence, extensive fraud reported

My sister wants to have my parents declared completely mentally incompetent.

Jailed Venezuela protest leader mocks Maduro's talks

Abstention wins Colombia’s 2014 congressional elections

754 irregularities reported as Colombia elections end

I don't know how people get eaten by sharks... I mean, do you not hear the music? ...nt

N/S Part 02: Neo-Nazi Skinheads in Ukraine

N/S Part 03: MAUP, an Antisemitic University in Ukraine

Cosmos.. a review

An important video

The CIA Has Brought Darkness to America by Fighting in the Shadow

Little-Known Health Act Fact: Prison Inmates Are Signing Up

US network to scan workers with secret clearances

Federal government worked to scuttle New Zealand statement against nuclear weapons

MN. State Rep. tweet: 70 percent fewer NBA teams would lead to ‘increase in streetcrime’

Black lesbian couple found dead in Galveston County Texas

Do Nothing or Do Something?

Survey: Uninsured rate drops; health law cited

El Salvador ex-rebel claims victory in tight presidential election

El Salvador ex-rebel claims victory in tight presidential election

The Original Cosmos with Carl Sagan PBS Part 1

Anti-Union Pledge Card

Ukraine crisis: Chinese president Xi Jinping urges US to show restraint

A question about when.

240 Greenpeace Activists Take Direct Action Protesting Europe’s Aging Nuclear Reactors

Why I Retired At 26

Joe Scum says Sarah Palin is a great performer

Why I Retired At 26

The Chin

The Chincough or Whooping Cough

U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

Who's A Populist? It's Time to Act on the Ingredients of Change Sitting in Our Laps

Japan: Thousands take part in anti-nuclear protests ahead of Fukushima anniversary

Christian Right's 'Religious Freedom' Wants to Elevate Religious Beliefs Above Human Rights

‘Visegrad 4’ want US gas to cut dependence on Russia

4 Frightening Ways We're Reverting to the Dark Days of Our Past

How to make money in America in the 21st century

Ugh. More snow.

Topless feminist at Stormont: 'Indecent and shameful' ... bare-chested speech sparks unionist anger

UK economy to hit pre-recession peak by summer, BCC says

Rick Santorum to GOP: Sell the anti-LGBT ‘far-right’ agenda by talking like the pope

Scientists discover four new manmade ozone-depleting gases

Man claims possible sighting of airliner

Scale of Viking ancestry uncovered

Survey says 80% of Japanese don’t want nuclear plants anymore

In honor of those that lost their lives 3 years ago in Northern Japan

Wisconsin: Rev. Dr. Barber of Moral Monday Movement to speak in Madison Thurs. 3/13

Mexican authorities kill Knights Templar drug cartel leader Nazario Moreno

Homophobia: hatred carried on a westerly wind

Happy Monday, Everybody!

Democrat senators to stage all-night session of climate change speeches

Court Blocks DFO Opening Of Vancouver Island Fisheries; "Fudged The Numbers: Min Ignored Own Experts

US Public Transit Ridership In 2013 Highest Since 1956 - NYT

Australian Summer Records Tumble; Sydney Driest In 27 Years; 156 All-Time High Records Broken

Are Progressives Ready for 'Political Revolution' with Bernie?

In Thailand, watch your passport

Crimea, 1854: The Charge of the Light Brigade...

The Trial That Unleashed Hysteria Over Child Abuse

Charity tells of healthcare disaster in Syria

Preparations for Joining Russia Already Underway – Aksyonov

Any Thoughts, Mrs. Clinton, on the Year After Next?

After Big Bet, Hedge Fund Pulls the Levers of Power

DoD’s $26B Budget Hail Mary ‘Not Going To Happen:’ Rep. McKeon

What It Means to Be Catholic Now

A New Arab Cold War: Saudi Arabia Pressures Qatar on Muslim Brotherhood, American Think Tanks

Monday Toon Roundup 1- repubs

GOP's New Kamikaze Plan: Punish Doctors If Obamacare Isn't Chopped

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Israel’s fallback plan: 'Reducing’ the occupation

GOPer Who Celebrated Low Minority Turnout Now Has Advice On How To Talk To Women

Tel Aviv bus bomber sentenced to 25 years

More sitcom than CENTCOM

Here's A Photo Of Darrell Issa Awkwardly Dancing

Thanks Mostly to Republicans, 2014 Virginia General Assembly an Epic #FAIL on Almost All Fronts

Lives at stake in TPP trade deal

Lives at stake in TPP trade deal (xpost from FA)

Adam Lanza's Father Speaks Out: He Would've 'Killed Me In A Hearbeat'

End of an era for the West

Turkey walking a tightrope over Crimea

Tutu: Israel's humiliation of Palestinians 'familiar to black South Africans'

Ouch! Kerry Roasts CNN With Brutal Joke

I find the display of a torture device (a cross) @ the site of 911 ironic

'Yesterday Stalin, today Putin'

“Absolutely moronic”: Inside the mind of a Tea Party senate candidate

The real enemies of Islam

Ted Cruz’s Obamacare nightmare: House Republicans are preparing to "improve" the law

Holder: Heroin An 'Urgent Public Health Crisis'

Colleges Are Quietly Shifting The Burden Of Tuition Increases To Poor Families

The Pentagon's phony budget war

How white millennials will (temporarily) rescue the GOP

March 8th, 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 Content 398.77 ppm

The Red Faces of the Solar Skeptics

U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

Obama’s All Eisenhower On Russia

GOP's New Kamikaze Plan: Punish Doctors If Obamacare Isn't Chopped

Reflections on American Politics

Masked gunmen installing petty thugs is, like women distributing swords, no basis for a government.

Record number of conservative physicians running for Congress to fight Obamacare

GOP’s Whack a Mole Addiction

GOP’s Strong Field Has No Frontrunner for 2016

U.S. Uninsured Rate Continues to Fall

Latest -The Aviation Herald reports a citing of debris 50 miles off the Vietnamese coast

Dems see healthcare opening on Medicaid

How To Avoid Being Raped

Does something like this belong in the office of a pimp, or merely a gangster?

Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

Is This Really What’s Driving the Tea Party?

The Cultural Production of Ignorance. (Doubt is our product)

Authentic Community-Based School Improvement vs. Privatizers' Phony Version of Local Control

Bush’s Defense Secretary Destroys GOP Talking Points Against Obama’s Handling Of Crimea

I'm not a Disney princesses fan and the Disney corporation

Duke Energy Ordered to Clean Up its Coal Ash Ponds

Jane Fonda will be on Rachael Ray's show this morning ...

Sprint False Claims Litigation Will Proceed

‘Work has just begun,’ says Uribe after landslide victory in Colombia elections

TOM TOMORROW: Sunday Talking About Stuff Show (This Week: Ukraine)

Oooops. At CPAC Panel, Rience Preibus admits illegal campaign coordination in Wisconsin

Uninsurance Rate Falls As Millions Sign Up For Obamacare, Survey Finds

Emails: Walker Administration Knew Key WEDC and DOA Officials Were Incompetent When Appointed

Amazing dinosaur fossil found in garden

Tom Tomorrow Cartoon: Sunday Talking About Stuff Show

In case you're wondering about the supreme leader Kim Jong Un

Anyone "seen" One Grass Root?

Auto Regulators Dismissed Defect Tied to 13 Deaths

Chiquita Brands to Buy Fyffes to Form Biggest Banana Company

Last Chance to support Alex Sink

Playlist for when you are pooping. Feel free to add your favorites

Kim Jong-un Was Elected Unanimously with 100% Turnout

Doors could close at historic NC Dem HQ

"What are (Some) Christians Saying About 'Cosmos' on Twitter? You've Been Warned..."

Congress on track to approve Trans-Pacific Partnership: ambassador

Most of us here were against the invasion of Iraq, correct?

Charles Pierce: What Are The Gobshites Saying These Days?

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ March 10th

What are you reading the week of March 9th, 2014?

U.S. Postal Service IG proposes launching low-fee public bank

Life as an 'illegal' rock star in Iran's Islamic state

One Cat's Delimma

Zimmerman signs autographs at Florida gun show

El Salvador election 'too close to call'

No surprises - Rep Darrell Issa (R) was arrested twice - once for stealing a Masserati

Has anyone pointed out that Crimea is the only warm water port

De Blasio Shifts Tune on Pre-K Funding, Would Now Accept State Cash

Anyone is Tucson know a good leather cleaner?

Ain't it the truth!

Magic Carpet Ride

De Blasio confronts charter-boosting ‘Morning Joe’ hosts

Off to the doc to find out if I am still lossing wieght!

The Sun breaking out in the Sunshine State

After another night of incessant rain, the Puyallup River is close to breaching.

Coal Company Will Pay Millions for Water Polution

TYT: We Told You This CPAC Story Was Bullshit

Obama-Care: Uninsured Rate Drops To 6 Year Low

If Bernie Runs at all, he'll run as a dem. Here's Why

Heroin overdoses pose 'urgent public health crisis': U.S. attorney general

Missing 11-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Found on Subway

TYT: Marry Your Cousin But Watch Out For Mongoloid Kids, Says Crazy Uncle Pat

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine

Democratic NYS Sens. Tim Kennedy And Ted O'Brien Won't Say If They Support DREAM Act

The single most powerful moral statement the USA could make against Putin moving into Crimea

TYT: Christians Upset Over Noah's Ark Russell Crowe Movie

Would you describe yourself as a "huge atheist"?

In Syria, Hostage Nuns Released By Rebels In Prisoner Exchange

In Syria, Hostage Nuns Released By Rebels In Prisoner Exchange

Obituary for Judith Johnsrud

Folks, the state-level Dem org is crumbling...check LBN

The World's Oldest Underground Fire Has Been Burning For 6,000 Years (Coal Seam)

TYT: Are You Afraid We Might Shoot You? Good.

The Best Historical Analogy for Crimea.. look to Cyprus instead of Poland

British Genocide /Winston Churchill

US: why women's history month?

Netanyahu looks to Belgium-Holland border for settlement solution

US: why women's history month?

Any place where you can livestream the new Cosmos series?

Supreme court declines to hear 'I (heart sign) boobies' case

Pic Of The Moment: What A Difference Three Months Make: McConnell Throws Tea Party Under Bus

Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Five

Is anyone else listening to Snowden right now?

Pro-de Blasio, Anti Charter School-Profiteers Rally Today in Manhattan at 4 pm.

Nouriel Roubini: Bitcoin Is a ‘Ponzi Game’

Metro-North worker fatally struck by train in New York City

Man, my daughter is powerful and I am so proud of her.

Ellen and Bic Pens for Her

How do we lose an airplane

North Korea's Kim Jong-un gets 100% of 'yes' votes in election

Abbott Lied in TV Interview on Fair Pay for Working Moms

Happy Times At the Plantation

Russia’s Move Into Ukraine Said to Be Born in Shadows

Look what I just saw in the park across the street!

Gov. Cuomo Takes A Pass On Whether Port Authority Chairman Should Resign

Baby boomer humor’s big lie: “Ghostbusters” and “Caddyshack” really liberated Reagan and Wall Street

Deconstructing God

What Does Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'Cosmos' Say About Religion?

Schneiderman touts gun-show checks at LI event

Pretty good video, a good laugh... Follow The Frog

Democrat senators to stage all-night session of climate change speeches

Comcast is buying Congress as its merger hearings approach

Gay couples petition Amarillo Town Club for equal treatment

Goat Head Found in Brooklyn. Who Cares?

Jason Carter Secures Democratic Nomination for Governor in Georgia

Silliest headline I've seen today...

I met Dweezil Zappa Friday night! How was your weekend

More evidence an innocent man was executed

Can the US gun lobby be made to misfire through social media?

5 Colombians murdered in Venezuela

Black Twitter growing into online force

Karl Rove Hides Behind Front Groups in Kentucky

Ukraine crisis: 'Russian soldiers' seize Crimea hospital

Hydroponics company predicts weed growth in NY

Wildlife photographer pleads guilty to violating Endangered Species Act

U.S. administration pulls back on Medicare drug benefit proposals

US Supreme Court removes school 'boobies' bracelet ban

Couples want equal rights in same-sex suit

Abbott vs Goodhair on the campaign trail

Bazookas and the founding fathers

New York's Health Exchange Enrollment Nears 600,000 As March 31 Deadline Nears

Judge says there is evidence of improper influence in prosecution of Army general on sexual assault

Mitch McConnell Is Crushing His Conservative Challenger

Wait, You're an Atheist AND a conservative?

Supreme Court split on rewriting Ala. Constitution

"Big Pharma conspiracy?"

National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend: March 13-16

National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend: March 13-16

Anyone here seen "Frozen" yet?

Now it looks like Putin has his sights set on East Ukraine:

Richard Branson tells climate deniers to 'get out of the way'

Why Pit Bulls Don't Deserve a Bad Rap

The Data Brokers: Selling your personal information

Nato jets to monitor Ukraine border

Why Pit Bulls Don't Deserve a Bad Rap

When May I Shoot a Student?

SoS Kerry makes the environment top-tier priority at State Dept.

Major shift: CA Democrats’ proposed platform plank calls for full legalization of pot

Major shift: CA Democrats’ proposed platform plank calls for full legalization of pot

Liam Neeson fights City Hall over horse carriages

Should Democratic Underground switch to seven-person juries?

The Rude Pundit: Obama, Bush, and Putin Walk Into a Vacation Home...

Some great comeback lines... (Pic heavy)

Is There Anyway Possible That This Missing Plane Went Down On Land?......

Even Iowa Republicans Are Pretty Lukewarm About Another Santorum Run

If you could choose, to what year would you go?

Paying in advance for nothing at all

Juanita Jean thinks that Bobby Jindal questioning President Obama's intelligence is amusing

GOP Must Confront Dramatic New Numbers On Obamacare

Archery enthusiasts?

Here is why Communism Can't Work

Australia: Drone 'used to carry drugs near prison' (BBC)

Joel McHale will be the entertainment at this year's WH Correspondents' dinner

LA State Representative Proposes State Database Of Women Who Take The Morning-After Pill

Playing The Whore: The Work Of Sex Work - Melissa Gira Grant Discusses Her New Book

To understand the situation we face finding the Malaysian Airlines plane, consider the following:

Tickets linked to stolen passports for missing Malaysia flight were purchased by Iranian man

Food rave of the day: chocolate

Papantonio: Preventable Medical Errors Might Be The Death of You

'Boss Bill' prevents employer's religious beliefs from infringing on women's health care decisions

Oregon Republicans Endorse Gay Marriage

Bill bans electronic sale of academic papers

Ohio's practice of shackling children challenged by ACLU

Jan Brewer's Office Helped Craft The Anti-Gay Bill She Later Vetoed

McConnell: Tea Party Group Is 'Rogue Political Operation'

The Walker Brothers vs. The Righteous Brothers

Oil Slicks Spotted During Missing Plane Search NOT From Airliner

Assembly Dems pass child care, family leave reforms

McConnell’s Tea Party nightmare: He can’t kill them — because they run his party

Rick Scott “oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history," Florida Democratic Party ..

The Innovation Enigma

How long would a liberal last in the Republican Party?

Japanese Ingenuity -- Save your plastic

Sharyl Attkisson Resigns from CBS News (over percieved 'liberal bias')

LSD-laced steak sickened family: medical examiner

Here Are All The Design Tweaks Apple Made With iOS 7.1 [Gallery] Read more at http://www.cultofmac.c


Are libertarians and tea party members closely related?? Sounds like they want to be....

Hey Verizon, we're not as stupid as you think we are

Israeli forces confiscate Palestinian land south of Nablus

The History of Zero (Yale Center for the Study of Globalization)

Colorado barber shop keeps pot-stinking customers out

Netanyahu slams world's hypocrisy in not strongly condemning Iran's arms shipment to Gaza

Reason #43 gun controllers fail: They believe their own PR

Adam Lanza’s Father, in First Public Comments, Says ‘You Can’t Get Any More Evil’

Oakland: Jury finds Tuolumne County man guilty in 2010 gunfight with CHP (plotted against ACLU)

A Brief Synoposis of DU for Those of Us who Need to get our News On the Run -

Steve Benen: Presidential breaks aren’t ‘startling’

Our place in the ‘Cosmos’: Carl Sagan’s Humanism in 5 quotes

Spelling Be Hard for those at Faux:

#NYInequality Urges Legislature To Reject Gov. Cuomo's Plan To Slash Bank Tax

Old people sent "checks to sit on their ass and lay in hospitals all day." - Snowden

Snowden: My Leak Has Benefited 'Every Society In The World'

Oh...THANKS Obama....

Snowden drops 4 New Songs at SXSW / Andy Borowitz reports

My hydroponics thread, 2014

Religious Liberty is For People, Not Governments

Fyffes and Chiquita to create biggest banana firm

What It Means to Be Catholic Now

UN report calls for independent investigations of drone attacks

Missing Malaysia Airline Plane: What We Know Now (good summary)

Why are babies always so happy when meeting President Obama?

Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific

Just got this from James Hansen

In other news . . . .

Democratic primary: Hillary vs Bernie Sanders, who would you vote for?

'Cosmos' dazzles in debut

Still NO reported quakes from solar panels or wind farms ...

Sharpton, 'stand your ground' protesters call Florida 'stuck on stupid

Church drops case against NY pastor who performed son's gay wedding

VIDEO: Edward Snowden and ACLU Panel Speak on Surveillance at SXSW Tech Conference in Texas (3/10)

Elderly couple kicked out of Va. McDonald's for sitting too long

Ex-rebel's lead in El Salvador poll 'irreversible': election committee

The Edward Snowden NSA Story Re-enacted By Kids

Nuclear Test Experts to Check If Plane Exploded

U.S. Subpoenas Port Authority Records Tied to Chairman, a Christie Ally

Fox News Misspells “Spelling Bee”

The United States reaffirms its support for the development of the DRC

Wake Up, Congress.

Syria crisis: Nuns freed by rebels arrive in Damascus

Cool maps

Ukraine and the west: hot air and hypocrisy

There is a renewed campaign to ask Barack Obama to free Leonard Peltier

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: New York City

"Doctor" with a Bible complex...

Fox has last nights "Cosmos" up on their website.

Exclusive-Germany OKs Northwest Bio Brain Cancer Drug, Shares Soar.

Guitar man

The Senate is currently accepting testimony on violence being done to #Native children.

Man gets 14 years in prison for pointing strong laser at Fresno police chopper, hospital chopper

Armalite's Michelangelo Gun Ad Has Pissed Off An Entire Country

Adam Lanza’s Father, in First Public Comments, Says ‘You Can’t Get Any More Evil’

Cameraman Breaks Silence, Reveals Steve Irwin's Final Moments

the idiotic attacks on Snowden show exactly how petty and pathetic those folks are

U.S. Subpoenas Port Authority Records Tied to Chairman, a Christie Ally

Lack of competition depressing vote in Democratic Party?

Barney Frank: "White People From America" Are "Stirring Up" Anti-Gay Laws In Uganda

'Akin 2.0' Leads GOP Pack By Double Digits In Georgia Senate Race

15 Things You Would Only Ever See At America's Conservative Political Action Conference (PICTURES)

Elderly AL woman with Alzheimer's didn't realize she was living with her dead husband for a month

Welcome to the LGBT Aging Project

Adam Lanza’s Father, in First Public Comments, Says ‘You Can’t Get Any More Evil’

But the good news...

Minnesota Republican Lawmaker Sends Racist Tweet About NBA Players

NC cuts 13 percent of water protection agency only weeks after massive coal ash spill

We now have a Diabetes Support Group! It's under "Support Groups"...

Duke Energy to NC Customers: YOU Pay for Coal Ash Mess Cleanup!

The GOP Scientific Method

Seventh Anniversary of the Disappearance of Robert Levinson

Ad Blasts Jindal After State Demands Pro-Obamacare Sign Be Taken Down

Duke Energy wants customers to pay for its $1 billion coal ash cleanup bill

Agree or Disagree - "To believe in the major religions requires bigotry"

I nominate TreasonousBastard as host of this group.

Prosecutors Investigate Port Authority Chairman

Trouble in Paradise

Who Flew? FBI to Check Thumbprints of Impostor Passengers

D'Souza knows why Romney lost in 2012...

Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weaponry? 20 High-Tech EW Defense Passengers

According to Twitter, a lot of praying going on (to Yahweh and Allah) over Malaysian Airlines 370...

California Democrats write marijuana legalization into party platform

Two Of The GOP's Top Presidential Prospects Are Engaged In A Very Public Feud

When Humans Fly High: What Pilots Should Know About High-Altitude Physiology, Hypoxia, and

Poll: Dem Michelle Nunn Tied With Leading GOPer For GA Senate Seat

Adoptable dogs no longer identified by breed in Orange County

PPP Poll: Sink leading Jolly in FL special election. Poised to take down this TeaPublican.

Robert Reich re expected follow-up Supreme Court decision to Citizens United ruling

New Fitness Craze?

Japan fourth-quarter growth, external balance suffer blow in test for Abenomics

Drone Drops Alleged Cocaine Package Onto Săo Paulo Prison Grounds

Pat Robertson really should stop searching for that if he doesn't want to see it....

Sharyl Attkisson resigns from CBS News......and I'm sure she'll move right on over to faux.

Any healthcare navigators here?

A big big thank you to all of you

NC cuts 13 percent of water protection agency only weeks after massive coal ash spill

The first sign of spring.

Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific

Colorado officials report roughly $2 million in recreational pot taxes in January, 1st month of sale

HELP-Need Computer experts savvy

Kitchen Dancing - G. Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue

Gray knew of ‘shadow campaign,’ Thompson prosecutors say; mayor says, ‘These are lies’ [DC]

Dear Local Mall: No wonder so many of your kind are dying off.

I am setting here in the Library and am next to a young man from Egypt!

The Next President Is Getting Some New Wheels

Researchers Confirm "Black Substance" Is Fukushima Reactor Fuel

Greetings from Nome. You want winter?

Transcript of Snowden's remarks to SXSW

Thanks for creating this group!

School bus collides with taxi in Brooklyn

Meter-long sturgeon found in puddle at car wash (BBC)

Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific

How can they be so certain the plane actually crashed?

Fact-checking Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sen. Rand Paul may back Tennessee Walking Horse bill

So cruel!!!! But so HILARIOUS!!! How to wake up someone with a lazer pointer and a Husky.

Conspiracy theories in GD?

Cardinal Dolan Clashes With Teachers Union Over Tax Credit Legislation

CNN: "It's time to break up the NSA"

Gov. Cuomo's Common Core Panel Says Limit Time Spent Teaching To Tests: Sources

50,000 injections later..

The U.S. Recovered From The Recession Faster Than Every Country But Germany

Senate Ukraine Draft Measure Said to Include IMF Change

Snowden recently changed his story because he's still desperate for clemency

Citizens Gather For First Moral Mondays Against The War On Drugs

Does this resolution make my butt look RACIST? (Va.Repubs honor two generations of segregationists)

State Trooper Shoots & Kills Pregnant Wife By....Wait For It....ACCIDENT!!!

Dayton Citizens Gather For First Moral Mondays Against The War On Drugs

Preparations for Joining Russia Already Underway – Aksyonov

Al Sharpton is reporting that the David Sampson subpoena has been withdrawn

Senate overwhelmingly backs military sexual assault bill barring "good soldier defense."

Man Who Treats Women With Respect Asked What His Secret Is

Does Michael Vick make sense for 49ers?

7 Greeting Cards Inspired By Rust Cohle From "True Detective"

Breaking the American Gun Culture Once and For All

NYC Property Tax Overhaul Seen Yielding $4 Billion for de Blasio

NJ Lawyers: Ex-Christie Aide's Subpoena Valid

Getting beyond color-blindness

I hit a bicyclist with my van the other day.

Best predictor of divorce? Age when couples cohabit, study says

Senate Climate Discussion Happening NOW on C-Span

Tesla’s Direct-Sales Push Raises Auto Dealers’ Hackles

US Provokes Russia, Acts Surprised to Get a Nasty Reaction

Qui connait lhistoire du mensonge francais de Tchernobyl?

Atheists can be homophobic and sexist, too

‘Mom, I’m Scared’ As Child Traumas Compound Syrian War Cost

Brewer's staff worked on religious bill

Thank You President Obama for your Courage

OK, you tell me ... what is this song about. Thanks!

It took 5 days to find AF447 that crashed on its flight path. MH370 may be off its path.

Cat terrorizes family

The new LA KISS arena football league uniforms will rock your freakin' face off

Washington Senate Approves Less Restrictive Medical Marijuana Bil

Ukraine Starts Military Exercises as Russia Warns on East

Colorado collects $2M in recreational pot taxes


General's court-martial is thrown into jeopardy

Had a cockatoo fall in love with me today...

Preparing the Ground for NATO (Ukraine) - William Blum

How Can Jet Disappear? In The Ocean, It's Not Hard

Anybody hear any feedback from the Bartcop memorial?

"These 17 Ads From The Past Will Probably Disgust You. Unless You Really Hate Women."

Birthday moon and pink washed clouds

Oops: The Texas Miracle That Isn't!

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Stay classy, conservatives.

This is beyond the pale.

Sen. Joe Manchin Seeks To Block New Painkiller

Europe: Between Democracy and Oligarchy ( New Left Project )

Same-sex couple files for divorce in Alabama

2014 San Felipe Stakes (Derby Prep)

disappointing for hikers and bikers... (Rails to Trails)

Hoping to Isolate Russia, US Woos China on Ukraine

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Snowden is a poopy head

The $33,000 hospital admittance fee. This goes beyond outrage.

So did the aircraft turn back and land in some remote jungle

WTC Victims' Families Attend Terror Trial Downtown

If you can't fly...

changing time-out threshold from 5 hidden posts to 4

Netanyahu’s ‘age of hypocrisy’ fails to convince in Eilat

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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 March 2014

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Police: Wisconsin woman offered man $1,000 and sex to kill her fiance

So I got this card from Sen. Al Franken: "Dear Nice Person Who Gave Me Money"

Ban Bossy. Words Matter.

Environmental Groups Sue Suffolk Country For Diverting Water-Protection Funds

Florida man caves to wife’s demands and removes KKK flag, noose from lawn

An aircraft carrying over two hundred people just disappears from the sky and...

Dexter cancer patient (Boonstra) who called health care 'unaffordable' will save more than $1K