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George Zimmerman Fails To Cash In On Murder as Few Show Up To Meet Him at Gun Show

Back at the river, EDITED!

Barry Bonds on whether he belongs in Hall of Fame: ‘Without a doubt’

Probe identifies new suspects over Lockerbie

House cat attacks baby, leads owners to barricade in a bedroom

Papantonio: BP Spills More Poison

TYT University: 10 Words You're Getting Totally Wrong

Feds Withdraw Subpoena Of Top Christie Appointee At Port Authority

rand paul: drill in 'every conceivable place' in america to supply europe with natural gas

Bachmann: Gay Community 'Bullied' Americans And 'Intimidated Politicians'

What is the closest business to where you live?

Nice to see the screamer lose! :-)

WTFlorida ... on All In with Chris Hayes ...

Type 2 here

The main argument against totaling legalizing marijuana is

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: No automated messages from missing Boeing jet, say sources

Colorado makes $3.5M in pot revenue in January

Here Are Some Posters For The Men Who Tell Women What To Do Or What They Think Of Them In The Street

Crimean Tatars fear return of Russian rule

Iranian purchased tickets for stolen passport passengers, paid cash

Wisconsin: Walker uses “Vanna White Veto” To Rob New Public Sector Workers

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

Health law cited as US uninsured rate drops

Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor

Was the Arizona Debacle the Turning Point? - By Josh Marshall

Ukraine may have to go nuclear, says Kiev lawmaker

Snowden hate... I don't understand it... ?

Freedom Highway

Louisiana State Representative Proposes Database Of Women Who Take Morning-After Pill

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! South by Southwest & a new Kitteh gif

Above All Else: Keystone XL Documentary Premieres at SXSW

Third Federal Investigation of the Christie Administration - turn on Rachel right fugging now -

Ohio halts gas drilling near site of earthquakes

I take the L and R on my headphones seriously ...

"Paul Krugman: What can be done about income inequality?"

A few shiny new fractals just for you (Dial-up warning)

BBC: Debris sighted by Cathay Pacific pilot

Detroit Cop Responding to Domestic Violence Call Charged With Raping Victim

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Falls Church Anglican case

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Falls Church Anglican case

Joe McGinniss, author of "Fatal Vision," "Selling of the President," dies at 71.

Did I just hear the F Word on CNN Piers Morgan Show?

13 yr old Dachshund found outside vet’s w/desperate plea. He is sick. Please put him to sleep

OK, there are too damn many open boxes of girl scout cookies in this house!

New kitten moves to Churchill's estate

Search for missing Malaysia Airlines airliner widens after Beijing urges action (new debris sighted)

If this poll is right it just goes to show how out of touch Washington is

Chelsy Handler - no,

Bengazi on TV Tuesday

Corbett brags about PA's remarkable job growth - 46th out of 50 states

Live Stream of Senate Climate Change Discussion

Congressman vs DEA: Rep. Steve Cohen Calls Out DEA Official On Marijuana BS


Christian radio host: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is Satanic tool for ‘indoctrinating’ young lesbians

Any thoughts on how a move to a seven-person jury might affect posts by A&A folks?

Jinko Solar Hits DOE SunShot Target w/ Modules < $0.50/watt

Professional Women:


"The United States is better positioned for economic growth than any other" says Obama

Recent Senate/House votes

Why such low reaction to "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"?

NetFlix considers new policy of airing films during the century in which they're made

Honey Maid ‘This is Wholesome’ campaign features same-sex parents

Photos: Is GE’s Space Frame Tower the Future of Wind Power?

"Republicans Have Found Their Dream Leader and His Name Is Vladimir Putin"

Incredible speech from Senate this evening/night 3/10 going through the night

Crimea's "fait accompli" ...Will the People of Crimea Have a Right to Self Determination? (3/10)

Cosmos repeat showing now on National Geographic channel now and than midnight.

Japan poll: Only 20% of municipalities will OK reactor restarts

Isaac Asimov on anti-intellectualism...

'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies at age 71

PA. Senate Repub Committee buys ads attacking teabagger in Senate primary -civil war in full display

Judge halts plan to destroy NSA phone surveillance records

Venezuela Delays Dollar Supply Boost Amid New Protests

Bernie Sanders would give the White House to Any Republican, including Ted Cruz

There just aren't enough Barry Bonds threads here.

Black Twitter flexing muscles on and offline

The U.S. Recovered From The Recession Faster Than Every Country But Germany

Does Vietnam have large runways?

We need to point to Rand Paul on the right to up Obama's bonafides on foreign policy.

Fiscal Year 2014 Littoral Combat Ship Contract Awards Announced

Gen Dempsey: 'Two years' to overcome Snowden leak

CPAC vs SXSW : Edward Snowden becoming the Face of Leadership in America

U.S. Is Said to Have Sought Port Authority Records Tied to Chairman

Company denies drug to dying child

'Burger King baby' now seeks birth mom on Facebook

Mayor renews calls to let city tax smokers for tax strapped schools


3/10 For 2 hours waves of protesters block Fed Courthouse in PA. NO to Keystone several arrests.

Lockerbie bombing 'was work of Iran, not Libya' says former spy

Oops! Snowden refers to at least 6 instances of reporting to his NSA superiors in Dec 2013 interview

Duluth Alberta Clipper Hearing Enbridge increase TarSands oil. March 20th 6:30pm Public Util. Commis

group is organizing minimum wage $15/hr March 15th 1pm

Smart is the New Sexy

Communities United Against Police Brutality Darryl Robinson passed away. He will be missed.

Is there a way The Top Ten Conservative Idiots can be listed on the home page?

Free Money for Everyone!

House to Investigate Slow Response to Fault in G.M. Vehicles

Teabagger relative of mine sent me this racist e-mail...

Hardball: Chris Matthews' RWNJ roundup

Snowden: Giving his colleagues the "front-page test" was "reporting it"

Senate OKs bill to combat military sexual assault

Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry

9/11: Best Physical Evidence for Explosives (rev 2)

Married same-sex couples in Indiana could pay more for tax filings

Massive search for Malaysia plane yields no evidence; experts speculate on pilot suicide

How is the the right responding to the new Cosmos?

Embarrassing stories shed light on U.S. officials' technological ignorance

Rick Weiland

Poisoned by tear gas in the comfort of their own home

Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Ramallah

The Democrats Stand Up to the Kochs

Big Ed said on his radio show...

Girl Scout cookies?

Witness: Allenby victim shot 3 times in chest

Exclusive: Chinese raw materials also found on U.S. B-1 bomber, F-16 jets

Things cats do that would be creepy if you did them;

Libya key source for illicit arms, fueling conflicts: U.N. envoy

Governor Christie's trustworthiness takes a hit in New Jersey poll

"I am an atheist, out and out. It took me a long time to say it."

"If you suspect that my interest in the Bible is going to inspire me with sudden enthusiasm"

Pool pee isn’t just gross—it’s also harming swimmers


Two Ukrainian Journalists Kidnapped & Missing in Crimea-Reporters Without Borders

Any suggestion on where to download free, public domain street maps?

Marry me

Michele Bachmann: ‘The gay community have so bullied the American people’

Love 'Cosmos?' Then NASA's 'Images Of A Space-Time Odyssey' Will Make Your Jaw Drop (PHOTOS)

Evidently they've identified a mystery passenger on the missing plane.

San Diego police raid strip club, photograph strippers

Shadows of the Weimar Republic: What’s Really Happening in Venezuela?

Hagel Hints He May Utilize Obscure Law To Close Military Bases Without Congressional Approval

15 trains were stalled all day on the tracks.

Supreme Court deals setback to rails-to-trails movement (8-1)

Fukushima: Plan to send residents home 3 years after nuclear accident labelled 'irresponsible'

Supreme Court deals setback to rails-to-trails movement (8-1)

COSMOS Then and Now - by Keith Cowing

NZ flag vote to be held after election

Vlad the Impaler (nsfw-ish)

Sorry because I know this has been asked answered but what is the procedure for starting a new forum

the happiest, and most miserable states

DU is awesome

Twitter posts land 2 Saudi men in prison

The NSA denied that Snowden brought matters to their attention? Well that settles it then.

Mexican archaeologists find a 1,500 year old shaft tomb in the state of Colima

Jurassic Fossil Find Has Feathered Dinos, Airborne Mammals

Maps & State Secrets

Penguins in sweaters

spy glasses

Cheapest Solar Ever? Austin Energy Buys PV From SunEdison at 5 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour


9/11 Conspiracy zodiac theory... IS THE MOON IN THE 7th HOUSE?

Tesla’s Giga Battery Factory Threatens the Auto, Utility and Building Controls Markets

All-Electric School Bus Hits the Road

Greg Abbott Continues His Lack of Support for the Women of Texas

Student leader killed in west Venezuela crackdown

A report on 'Russia Today' by the SPLC (and two more views)

How cellphone photos of a hotel room might combat sex trafficking

Much drama on the Iditarod Trail

Greek god/dess gifs

Plastic bags ban broadening gaining steam in Chicago

the real republican for vets =cuts in benefits

Ukraine crisis: John Kerry rejects Vladimir Putin meeting

NBC investigative report: U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

NRA's model law invites tragedy

Taking DU's pulse on Snowden

Since Newtown Shooting, 15 States Have Strengthened Gun Laws

Sweeney's stance on gun magazine limits is altered by politics

The Pinterest Playhouse

Leak in massive Hanford nuclear waste tank getting worse

Bad weather delays U.S. Black Sea naval drills

War on Christmas

Blonde or Brunette

When Health Costs Harm Your Credit

Article about South Bend Mayor Pete in WaPo

What Happened To The Republican Consensus On Climate Change?

Vermont Votes for Public Banking

Most Interesting Mayor you've Never Heard of... WaPo Article

The War on Terror Jumps the Shark as Everyone in the Mideast accuses everyone else of Terrorism

“Normalizing” Suicide Bombing: What the Assassination of Abu Khaled al-Soury Says about Jihadism Tod

GOP's Blueprint for Destroying Unions Is About Amassing Power for Billionaire Ideologues Like Kochs

Obama’s Rules: US Drones in Yemen – ‘Psychological Torture’ from Above

American gasoline consumption

How Did College Education Become So Ridiculously Expensive?

How Amazon, PayPal and eBay are Financing Hate

RMT union general secretary Bob Crow dies.

Malaysia military believes it has tracked missing jet over Strait of Malacca

Study: 2 percent of Americans have new hips, knees

Matt Stoller: Big Oil Hooked Americans on Credit Cards

Neil deGrasse Tyson Chastises Media For Giving 'Flat Earthers' Equal Time in Climate Change Debate

A real glass act...

Immigrant hunger strikers in Washington state could be force-fed

The Bear's Lair: Tail risks are the ones to watch

Why the GOP Cares About Poverty Now: Poor People are Looking More White

The McCutcheon Decision Hangs in the Balance. So Does Our Democracy

Ukraine parliament delivers ultimatum to Crimea over referendum

Ex-Christie aides face legal showdown over N.J. traffic scandal

Professor Richard Wolff: Enterprise Structure Is Key to the Shape of a Post-Capitalist Future

Malaysia military tracked missing plane to west coast: source

Grammar question: Do I need a "not" here?

Michele Bachmann: ‘Thank God’ for putting the Koch brothers ‘on our side’

Ravitch: "Why Cuomo Loves Charter Schools"

Questions for someone with greater aviation knowledge than I (which I have none).

Western Journalist Is Slain in Afghanistan

Don’t Forget the Origin of the Japan-US Relationship

Dems To Use Rare Maneuver To Save Unemployment Benefits

The South's Stunning Embrace of Gay Marriage

The folly of nuclear armament

Deconstructing The "Oceans Of Oil!" Story (Courtesy Action McNewstime)

What do you think is the reason that many churchgoers are lousy tippers?

What are the best first lines in fiction ?

Record 10.7 Billion Trips Taken On U.S. Public Transportation In 2013

I thought everyone in Florida hated Obama. (sarcasm)

LA Times: Teaching new Metro riders the subway of doing things

U.S. Human Rights Record Undergoes International Scrutiny

Cincinnati St. Pat's parade snubs gay-friendly group, again

Fracking exposes rift between Jerry Brown and Democrats

Man with stolen passport on jet was asylum seeker

Chicago: CTA set to put all fares under Ventra

CNN: "That means half the public either favors Obamacare or

Beyond Ukraine: Russia's Imperial Mess

President Obama talks with Galifianakis. Funny!! (video)

In honor of Dems All-Nighter on Climate Change

Dirty Money: From Rockefeller to Koch {large image}

Help from Germany: Firms Could Soon Provide Gas to Ukraine

" If workers are insecure..." (Motherfucking Alan Greedspan)

IF Bernie Sanders won the nomination as a Dem, WOULD you vote for him?

Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski: 'Moscow Needs Our Money'

The line of the morning ...

The Demographic Underpinnings Behind America's Blue Shift, Illustrated with Interactive Maps

Top 10 miserable states to live in are predominately Red states and in the heart of the Bible Belt

Marco Rubio's Warped Worldview

Ravitch in HuffPo: "The Smear Campaign Against Mayor Bill de Blasio"

Washing Koch As White As Snow

Noah movie too different to our made up Noah story, claim Christian groups

Pregnant great white shark only heading to UK for the benefits, claim UKIP

Two-and-a-half year old Delilah loves Cosmos, and she’s pretty darn good at planets too.

Tonight (Tues 3/11) "Weed 2"

Florida DUers in Clearwater

February Arctic Sea Ice Fourth-Lowest Extent In Satellite Record (1979-Present)

JPL/NASA - Warmer Arctic Basin Rivers Contributing To Sea Ice Loss

Hope You Feel Better Love - The Isley Brothers

The Web at 25: I was a teenage dial-up addict

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- The Stupid Party

Politicos love Charters schools because it relieves them of responsibility and

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Japan marks 3rd anniversary of tsunami disasters

Seriously Cool Computer Simulation Projects Collapse Of Pine Island, Thwaites Glaciers (Antarctica)

Confirmed - Quagga Mussels Found In Thousands From Glen Canyon Dam To Bullfrog Bay

Bank Robbery Suspect Posts Submachine Gun Selfie On Facebook Before Alleged Crime

Max extent reached?

How the UK helped Viktor loot Ukraine.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Reveals Deadly Cost of American Patents

From The "Suddenly Paying Attention" Dept. - NC Residents Angry At Duke Plan To Pay For Cleanup

Re: the repug contest for most stupid

Running out of bullshit isn't the same thing as "being shut up".

Republican Learns Obamacare Won’t Kill Her After All, Refuses to Believe It

Rand Paul’s Plan to Save Ukraine Is Completely Nuts

Ven. paramilitaries assassinate student during a vigil (Spanish)

There have been 69 days in 2014 so far. Congress has worked 28 of them.

Elephants recognise human voices

Texas Debt over $340 billion!

Japan Producing Huge, Lightly Guarded Stockpile of Plutonium

Maduro askes Sean Penn to be spokesman to US

Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific

Snowden Inc. ("The strategy: Attention = bargaining power")

Chief Investment Officer Of Pimco Earns $200 Million Annually

Saudi Arabia threatens to blockade Qatar over terrorism

Chunky Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

20 feared killed as Maoists attack CRPF team in Chhattisgarh

3 shot by police in Zulia on Sunday

Lies, lies, and more lies. The republicants can't help themselves.

Stakes high as ailing U.S. Navy sailors take on Tepco over Fukushima fallout

Ohio County Plans Demolition Of Animal Gas Chamber, public invited to help

Firearms industry benefits from America’s gun violence

Firearms industry benefits from America’s gun violence

Obama Goes Between Two Ferns

Asimov's guide to understanding people...

Maduro will not attend Batchelet's inauguration, Biden will

In Memory of Bartcop: Seedcorn, Pioneer, Patriot

President Obama exposed to disgusting rash on 'Between Two Ferns'

Sailors from Ronald Reagan Battle Group Suffering from Cancer 3 Years After Japanese Quake

Government Wants to Keep Metadata Longer than 5 Years, Court Says 'No'

Joe Biden says Venezuela lacks basic respect for human rights

US Nuclear Agency Hid Safety Concerns After Fukushima

Hard To Believe This Guy Was A Republican, But Once, There Were Lots Like Him

California Proposes Ban of SeaWorld Shows

FreedomWorks Sensationalizes Obamacare Shared Responsibility Tax

Rape is OK if rapist will marry victim

Greenwald: NSA views encryption as evidence of suspicion and will target those who use it

Hey, Colorado… $2 MILLION in toke taxes!

More Body Fat Raises Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study

Eagle Cam - live webcam view of 2 Bald Eagles and their young eaglet

Ship leaves Libya rebel port carrying oil, official and gunmen say

College Costs Are Rising Faster For The Poor Than The Rich

I'm so glad these bigots just can't keep their mouths shut...or their hands off their keyboards:

Printer recommendations

Mass transit ridership grows from pathetically low to just low

Chart o' the day:Koch Spends More Than Double Top Ten Unions Combined

J.S. Bach on Electric Guitar

Obama and Zach Galifianakis trade barbs....cute!

Drones will cause an upheaval of society like we haven’t seen in 700 years

I had to share this re: missing jet

Russian Pilots of the Congo

Chinese Raw Materials Found On US B-1 Bomber And F-16 Jets Despite Ban

Dianne Feinstein accuses CIA of intimidation in effort to block torture report

Checks find flaws in Bangladesh garment factories

Watch What This Make-Believe Girl Means To 1,000 Sexual Predators

Evacuate the Economy (or By the Way, Your Home Is On Fire) {divestment}

Monmouth County SPCA volunteer caught hoarding hundreds of dead birds, police say

Reflections ...

Elderly Collecting Social Security won't Qualify for a HELOC no matter how much Equity in their home

This is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world.

How not to Think about Probability: Malaysia plane edition

Hunt for missing jet widens to distant waters

WV Division Of Culture Commissioner Bans Poem Paying Tribute To Upper Big Branch Widows

The Voice Project: Three years of #WisconsinSolidarity

On Presidential Elections of the Future

Chris Christie's approval rating flips in new poll

The Voice Project: Three years of #WisconsinSolidarity

Feinstein: CIA searched Senate panel's computers

Please DU this poll

The sun in shining in the Pacific Northwest! Flood temporarily avoided!

Two gay women found shot to death in the burning home in Placeville,CA

MH370 detected above Malacca Straits at 2.40am

Some folks are upset that Noah movie is anti-religious because Noah gets drunk

Most PA. State Universities continue to see drops in enrollment (and layoffs)

Bridgegate Scandal -Live Oral Arguments here

Holy crap! If stop and frisk wasn't bad enough, now we have to deal with "Knock and talk"

Taliban warns it will “use all force” to disrupt upcoming Afghanistan presidential election

5 Things I Learned From Helping My Dad Die

Israel 'regrets' fatal shooting of Jordan judge

24 years in a row

Israel PM says no deal unless PLO recognizes 'Jewish state'

Feinstein publicly accuses CIA of spying on Senate computers - LAT

The infamous black list and the wanton destruction of unions...

Oppressed Majority - What it feels like to be a woman

Oxadiazoles: New Class Of Antibiotics Discovered

Pic Of The Moment: If You See An Ad Complaining That Unions Are Spending Too Much On Politics...

Israeli airstrike kills 3 Palestinians in southern Gaza

European Commission proposes temporary tariff cuts for Ukrainian exports to EU

Kansas Loses Fight Against Embattled Abortion Doctor

CIA Lying About its Blackwater Contacts

Poll finds general distrust among Israelis in US-mediated peace talks

DU this poll!

Crowdsourcing the Search for Malaysia Flight 370

Snowden On CIA: 'Suddenly It's A Scandal' When Congress Is Listened In On

How One Vermont Town Tried To Force Out A Lesbian Couple

Feinstein... Back when it was just us having our data collected:

Greatest Pharmacist Ever Prescribes Anti-Monster Spray for 6-Year-Old

Join me in a toast to Bart

Israeli town torn by religion is electoral battleground

America’s Most Content (and Miserable) States

Airport in Ukraine's Crimea cancels all except Moscow flights

Inez Foxx - Let Me Down Easy

A bypass for Everest: Nepal seeks to lure climbers to alternative mountains.

The real reason being overweight is bad for your health:

Ukraine forms new defense force, seeks Western help

Idiocracy: Oregon allows students to leave school for daily Biblical indoctrination

GOP assaults the Constitution: Why they don’t really care about free speech

D*mn our refrigerator just died......d*mn

In regards recent overdose news - Principles of Harm Reduction (Harm Reduction Coalition)

Japanese jingoism won’t help Fukushima’s refugees

Friend: Pistorius shot gun out of car and at cafe

Generations in the Next America

Sex Work is Work

Bill Clinton Lights Up Building Trades Conference, Touts Investment, Apprenticeship

Sounds like Bridget Kelly's wants immunity nt

In your election activism in 2014, consider doing this:

Ukraine Secession Referendum Does Not Have a ‘No’ Option

Ah, the 1970s!! They kind of look like the Partidge family

Today’s Main Event: Banning Abortion in Colorado (Yes, Really)

Syria War: New Push Against Assad Being Planned, Reports Suggest

I'm finally posting VivaMom's obit here, it will be her Birthday March 17

MH370: Did authorities visit crash site today (Tuesday)?

"The mystery of flight MH370: How on earth, with all our technology, do we lose a giant plane?"

Putin’s Man in Crimea Is Ukraine’s Worst Nightmare

Obama's Funny-Or-Die Appearance Driving Top Traffic To

I say no Republican that wants to be President is worth a thing if they don't/can't

New measles cases confirmed in Manhattan, Bronx

The Reckoning- The father of the Sandy Hook killer searches for answers.

Missing jet ‘flew for an hour and changed course after disappearing from radar’

Cancer Patient Who Blamed Obamacare For 'Unaffordable' Costs Will Actually Save Money

Orwell's "Animal Farm" online, for free.

Bill de Blasio Appoints Criminal Justice Team

DiNapoli: Housing costs rising too quickly for many NY'ers

Feinstein: CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers

Feinstein: CIA spied on Senate

The cliff

food rave of the day: sweet potatoes

Bomb Squad Destroys Pressure Cooker On East Boston Street

Congress to constituents: “Show me the money”

Noam Chomsky: From Hiroshima to Fukushima, Vietnam to Fallujah, State Power Ignores Its Massive Harm

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama

Crimea Declares Independence Ahead of Popular Vote on Secession


Why men shouldn’t be allowed to vote (1915)

General's sex charge trial halted as plea negotiations ensue

A Limerick Slam for St. Patricks day!

Carbon Bomb Pipeline Approved through WI, from Superior down to Illinois Border

On 3rd anniversary of devastating Japanese earthquake, Secretary Kerry recalls Japan's 'courage'

Pussy Riot joins the cause of Wisconsin's solidarity singers

Osteen's Lakewood Church Suffers Theft Of Over $600,000, Shocking Texas Megachurch

Democrats Clock All-Nighter With Climate Talk

Daunting Tests Await Admiral Named N.S.A. Chief

GOP Selfie

Anybody elses Yahoo calender icon gone? I usually go thru email and the button to get to the

Guantánamo hunger-strikers endure 'water cure' torture, federal court hears

A new day!

The main problem about Obamacare is that it is associated with Obama.

Libya PM Zeidan dismissed as oil tanker 'breaks blockade'

UPDATED-Koch bros' fake "Obamacare victim" Julie Boonstra made to look even more foolish & exploited

Women in Placerville fire died of gunshot wounds

Construction issues

A quick Instant message exchange with my daughter

Hang on til spring

The Rude Pundit - Newest Outrage: Obamacare Will Help Some of the Most Helpless

Sometimes I feel this way

African gays in U.S. and abroad seek legal help amid spate of harsh criminal penalties

Bad Cop, No Donut - 11 Mar 2014: Cops on Steroids

Former Heinz boss in $110m payday as layoffs continue (BBC)

England 'divided into readers and watchers' (BBC) {you too, huh?}

Pink Hula Hoop owns a Newark public school. Bob Braun asks future of education?

I couldn't stop laughing reading this...

Interesting story and photos about Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue

Do massive dams ever make sense? (BBC)

Cold & Flu Popsicles with Strawberries, Kale and Thyme

Svoboda and the History of Ukrainian Nationalism (TRNN)

A Charter Challenge on FATCA is brewing in Canada

What Happens When 20 Strangers Are Paired Off And Asked To Kiss? Magic

Christians & Cockfield: Submission to Finance Dept on FATCA in Canada

Republicans hit Landrieu over climate change talk-a-thon although she wasn't there

"And what about Naomi?"

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ March 11th

Obamacare Meeting Goal Of Reducing Number Of Uninsured, Data Indicate

President Obama on Funny Or Die - Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Book of Mormon Finally Headed to Utah

Dammit, I KNOW better than to waste my time with armchair rightists, and I still get roped into this

Report: Cuomo and de Blasio need to focus more on city infrastructure

Let's just say for a moment that Republicans win control of the Senate

LGBT community seeks better health care

They be jammin'. Check out this trio playing in the subway.

Who knew dogs could fly.

Wind and rain tempers the receding snows...

Need some help fast

Teacher says he was banned from attending Obama's speech

Iran's finger on trigger to destroy Israel, warns senior Revolutionary Guards commander

Three Cuts can Stop This!!!

Melissa Etheridge Performing Russian Anthem at Toronto WorldPride

Officer, the Devil made me wreck

Exclusive: India to slash Iran oil imports to meet nuclear deal parameters - sources

Lost during WW2, wife finally knows what happened to her husband

Demand states release original birth certificates to adoptees as proof of U.S. citizenship.

really stupid question IRT Unions.

Good Article: How Education Funding Became Corbett's Big Problem

If Bernie Sanders won the presidency in a landslide, it would not make a difference if the House is

Anyone know if there is any news out of the Christie subpoena hearing? nt

Russia says planned US financial aid to Ukraine is illegal

History I learned just last week (re: plutocrats)

Oregon Republican conference endorses marriage equality

Versailles Restaurant Slapped With Whistleblower Retaliation and Defamation Lawsuit

CPAC: Michele Bachmann: Tea Party Is an Intellectual Movement

CPAC: Where Are the Minorities? Where Are the Women?

It hasn’t changed a bit. The GOP is still running on God, Guns and Gays. Every new candidate

You know what cracks me up...and I mean all the way the fuck up?

In the name of the father....

Amid many ‘no’ votes, incumbent Regents are returned

This Is Why We NEED Independent Media

Obama designates Calif. coastline as national monument

Transcript: Sen. Dianne Feinstein says CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers

Darrell Issa's Office Denies Rumor That He's Threatening To Quit Unless He Stays Chair

I have a great niece who lives in another state.

Cuomo touts tribal deal for casino money

If you really want to understand the Ukraine situation

Transcript: Sen. Dianne Feinstein says CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers

The Actor Who Plays Hodor On “Game Of Thrones” Just Came Out As Gay

Foreign trade zone approved for five counties including Ontario

The hunt for Malaysia flight 370 is being crowdsourced. Images to search will be posted.

Angry Charlotte Residents Grill State Lawmakers At Packed Coal Ash Meeting

Game of Thrones star Hodor comes out as gay

Google Adsense experts?

Apel arrested during afternoon protest at Vandenberg

In Illinois, 91 Communities are now Powered 100% By Green Electricity

When's the last time you heard of a Western sponsored "coup" where.....

Here are a couple of links to videos from the Climate Change all-nighter.

Central Labor Council Can’t Talk Bill de Blasio Out of Banning Horse Carriages

CounterPunch: Ukraine: The Sovereignty Argument, and the Real Problem of Fascism

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed - Dave Saldana Discusses KXL Pipeline Lies

Krystal Ball on Krystal Clear is kicking butt.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why He Doesn't Call Himself an Atheist

Couple Attacked by Cat Say They'll Get It Help

Democratic Underground. Digby, Talking Points Memo, Bartcop, Wonkette, Balloon Juice, Media Matters.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Enlightened religious people…don’t try to use the Bible as a textbook”

Couple attacked by cat say they'll get it help

Woolf to face Democratic primary challenge in congressional bid

Ulf Ekman Converts to Roman Catholicism

14,000 Kilos of Gold

Grover Norquist has a plan to destroy the middle class and Democrats in one fell swoop

Stray dog rescued in Quebec almost unrecognizable as an animal

Mystery Malaysia flight may have been hundreds of miles off course

PSA -- First Alert smoke detectors & alarms

Banana Man Ray Comfort: 'Noah' Movie Disrespectful, Not Biblically Accurate

For-profit college group, linked to ALEC, keeps working to harm students & taxpayers RepublicReport

Food Stamps Cuts

Bending the curve on... Wages

What if the Tea Party hounded Obama/Biden out of office - would the new government be legit?

Not exactly a health question, but a question about seeing a doctor

Why Liberals Must Repudiate the BDS Movement

Delegation of U.S. Senators to visit Kyiv on March 14 – Ukraine's foreign ministry

ObamaCare enrollments dip

Papantonio: Income Inequality Endangers Democracy

Tell the USDA: Don’t Approve New GMO ‘Agent Orange’ Crops!

Iranian Officials Accuse Americans, Zionists, and Hollywood of Producing Iranian Arms Ship Carrying

Green Alliance candidates claim primary ballots were missing

Tell the USDA: Don’t Approve New GMO ‘Agent Orange’ Crops!

Colombia must work to end voting abstention: report

Egypt doctor faces trial over fatal female genital mutilation

CounterPunch: Lviv: Ukraine’s Monument to Ethnic Cleansing

President Obama's Proposed Budget: Cuts to EPA and Great Lakes Restoration Fund

This week's goodies-Chocolate Covered Raspberries.

Rockland considers creating its own water authority

With One Month Left To Sign Up For Health Coverage, Obamacare Enrollments Surpass 4.2 Million Mark

will the World stop Assad?: UN: 5.5 Million Syrian Children Affected by War

Tears of Yarmouk: Palestinian experience haunts Syria camp

today in women's herstory-11 march

Mayor Bill De Blasio Touts Crime Drop Since He Took Office

Ukraine Crisis Spurs Fracking-Friendly Measure in Poland

Obama Coming To NYC For Dem Fundraisers

Is a bow a "firearm"?

John Kerry Sits In Shadows Of Kiev Café Awaiting Woman Known Only As Dasha

Ukrainian-Russian Tensions Dividing U.S. Citizens Along Ignorant, Apathetic Lines

Canada will have to apologize to Eritrea

I have received about 5 calls today and 3 visitors since yesterday regarding the election

a biography of the day-leena peltonen-palotie (leading molecular geneticist)

Immigrant tuition bill sent to Senate floor [TN]

When you were a child, did you ride in a child car seat?

Welfare for Walmart

Don't you just love our shitty system??

Welcome to America! Land of the $1 billion giveaway

UN: 5.5 Million Syrian Children Affected by War

Winter Storm Warnings for the north country and western NY.

Can't post a reply

Americans' for Prosperity's Debunked Obamacare 'victim' doubles down on victimhood

Strange Windows Live Mail issue

Medical marijuana and 'the entourage effect' - By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

UN commission on the status of women convenes this week

UN commission on the status of women convenes this week

Putin Actions “Crazy” Says Bill Clinton

Want to know the Gay agenda? Want to see what women can do in politics? Then this is for you!

Infamous George Zimmerman Prosecutor Puts Disproportionate Number of Black Men on Death Row

Hillary is sick. Of the media.

Deadline to get insurance through Nevada exchange may be extended

Yes, I've had it all along. Do you still have ours?

Iranian Lawmaker: US "kidnapped" flight 370 in order to sabotage relationship between Iran and China

Education Snapshot: Student field work combats racism against Arabs over the Internet

Aghast Reporter Asks If FunnyOrDie Interview ‘Damaged’ Presidency'

Cuomo adds GOP operative as special adviser

Malaysia military says missing jet way off course. Flight path has been determined.

Chile's Bachelet sworn in again

Chile's Bachelet sworn in again

Texas regulators issue order against company soliciting Bitcoin investments

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves resolution on Venezuela

US House condemns Venezuela's deadly crackdown

Gitmo detainee challenges force-feeding procedures

We can applaud media's greater NSA scrutiny AND think that Snowden's resume/timing/motives

Trial begins over Ten Commandments monument

Tesla stores may be closed after New Jersey blocks direct sales

How come the Tea Party did not divide the Republicans in 2010?

Congress versus CIA (one question)

New York state financial regulator to consider application process for bitcoin exchanges

Woman remembers breach of security in plane with missing pilot

John Liu to Announce ‘Federal Challenge’ to Campaign Finance Board

Putin, Publicans, and Pusillanimity (WARNING: graphics intensive, slow load) --->

A bit of history: GOPers fund anything to crush libs, even if it means financing lib candidates

It is tough having to soft-pedal discussion of Superstition

The Senate-CIA Blowup Threatens a Constitutional Crisis

U.S. Announces Transfer Of $429 Million To Israel For Iron Dome

No need to trash on you or anyone else for that matter ...

Nassau Dem Chair To Gov Candidates: Reject Indy Party Line

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the GM cars being recalled. My wife and I just heard

Turns out that textbook was RIGHT about Reagan and women in the administration

Tesla lashes out at Chris Christie - CNN

Malaysian military says it has radar evidence showing flight MH370 changed course

For Clarity: The two options on the Crimean referendum

Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening.

Mr. "Double Check": Last Occupy Wall Street Protester..REMAINS

Horrific conditions described in homeless man's death at NJ county Jail

Senate bill would make it legal to be buried with your cremated pet

Exposed: The Dark-Money ATM of the Conservative Movement

What didn't you give up for Lent?

More than 100 marijuana shops shut down, L.A. city attorney says

"Mr. Double Check:" The Last Occupy Wall Street Protester (An Incredible Watch)

Military Judge Halts General's Sexual-Assault Trial

Why can't we have nice things like this?

Peter Dreier: An interview with Bill Moyers (from the latest issue of The Progressive)

Where is Bigtree - President Obama went shopping at the Gap today

Missing Malaysian Airlines jet ‘flew off course for an hour at low altitude’

Silver rallies for public campaign finance in the budget

Science keeps making fantasy harder

Crows exhibit self-control

Mike Malloy - War Hysteria

Turing’s theory of morphogenesis validated 60 years after his death

brown bag brigade - in honor of Paul Ryan's bullshit story at CPAc last week

Fresh Protests Break Out In Turkey After Comatose Boy Dies

Ex-Japanese PM: Fukushima Meltdown Was Worse Than Chernobyl & Why He Now Opposes Nuclear Power

Thom Hartmann: My Role at RT America

Chomsky: From Hiroshima to Fukushima, Vietnam to Fallujah, State Power Ignores Its Massive Harm

Another Storm To Hit Snow-Weary Midwest, Northeast

Tweety - Kelly trying to keep Bridgegate from becoming Bridgetgate

Interesting...from the YOUNG CROWD...Gotta Love 'em!

More Christie scandal documents exist, N.J. lawyer says ("I know it because I've seen them.")

Protesters clash with police across Turkey as thousands mourn 15yo teen death

PEW research: Millenials leaning away from Totalitarian Fascism - uh-oh GOP

Coolest kid's book EVER!

Burglars Steal $600k From Joel Osteen's Church (ONE weekend's collection plate)

Not Good For His Resume: Chris Christie gave pieces of 9/11 wreckage to his cronies as gifts

Welcome To Tucson; 1 Million People, Spiraling Poverty, Dwindling Water & It's Only Getting Hotter

Does the Democratic Party support campaign finance reform?

Thom Hartmann: The Failed Libertarian Experiment in Chile

If the missing plane was detected by the military going in a different direction,

Snowden: Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA Spying

Anyone have a link

Massive Conservation Coalition Calls on Interior Dept. to Stop Wildlife Deaths from Feral Cats

Link for Florida special election results

FL 13 special election results

Im headed out...

Japan's Speaker Speaks Out Against Nuclear Power

Job Openings in the U.S. Increased in January as Hiring Fell

Putin Apologist? Thom Hartmann announces he's sticking to RT.

Obama is Right on Ukraine: It's Not Our War

'Gays Responsible for Ukraine Crisis'

who's running America? the CIA spying on the Senate.

Water carrying apologists for the NSA/CIA are enemies of democracy

"time to cut ties with the so-called anti-imperialism which supports Putin’s regime"

Medical marijuana and 'the entourage effect'

Hamas debates technocrat government in Gaza

George Bush Lost an Entire Generation for the Republican Party

Good Bye - Quiet Revolution

Cruz On CIA Hacking Claims: This Is Totally Something Obama Would Do

Buc-ee’s endorses anti-gay, anti-immigrant, candidate Dan Patrick, leading to calls for boycott


A sandbox for brother.

President Obama Goes Shopping At The Gap

Duck soup!

NY Times Editorial: The C.I.A. Torture Cover-Up

12 of the Scarist places on earth

President Obama Visits NYC, Takes Surprising Shopping Trip To The Gap

Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself

Is Vladimir Putin insane? Hardly

Jeopardy fans - Spoiler

CNN Just Projected Jolly won

More moon shots

Ask Premier Pauline Marois to explain husband Claude Blanchet’s ‘deal’ with FTQ, Liberals tell Quebe