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Archives: March 13, 2014

Drake v. Jerejian

Map: Where Does Marriage Equality Stand Nationwide?

Will This Florida Special Election Foreshadow November?

No WONDER We "LEFT (used to be mainstream) DEMOCRATS" Are Being Screwed!

Sink was sunk with those lying Chamber of Commerce ads

California Hits New Solar Power Record

Leaders Discuss Different Way To Fund A Campaign Public Finance System, Sources Say

"Fake Websites Draw Ethics Complaint For House Republican Campaign Head Greg Walden"

4.58 GW Of Solar PV Added In Japan

GM Criminal Probe of Recalls Seen Complicating Barra Efforts

Sens. Warren & Portman Introduce Bipartisan... “Smart Savings Act” to Strengthen Retirement Savings

Prosecutors Might Again Try To Indict Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade

There’s never a bad time for a hot selfie

Has anyone ever planned an unorthodox funeral?

Metro-North service restored after East Harlem explosion

Hey guys lose power?

Message hidden by jury decision

Is it just me, or is that "other" forum really nasty lately

"What happens to a dream deferred?"

Revis signs with Patriots

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series -Premier Review (spoilers)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Why did FDR set the first Federal Minimum Wage at only $0.25 per hour?...

I am Lemur!

Telecom Giants Drag Their Feet on Broadband for the Whole Country

CBS renews Big Bang Theory for 3 seasons at once

Kruschev's "Secret Speech"

If you would never lose...

The Top 25 Best Countries To Be A Woman

Rural Nevada sheriff defends I-80 drug stops

Progressive pain equals republican gain

Progressives have to step-up or else it's 4 or 8 yrs of you know who.

Democratic Senator Hammers The Lying Koch Brothers With Hard-Hitting Ad

A Man Shows Us A Day In The Life Of An Abusive Relationship

What do these five men have in common? Edited for answer.

Watch an expert teach a smug U.S. senator about Canadian healthcare

Devyani Khobragade: Diplomat row charges dropped in US

Don't Call Beyoncé 'Bossy' - She's 'The BOSS' in New PSA to Empower Girls

China declares war...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 March 2014

Poll: Americans Say Sugar is More Harmful Than Marijuana

Two teen girls arrested in Maryland for torture, bullying, and sexual assault of an autistic boy

"these Panetta Review documents were in agreement with the committee’s findings."

5 C.S. Lewis quotes that may shock you

Rhode Island senator to join Keystone XL pipeline opponents in Omaha

House backs bill to sue president for not enforcing federal laws, such as DOMA

GOP takes aim at Obamacare to fund Medicare

Luckovich Toon: Dictator!

Russian law enforcement drops hate crime investigation on anti-LGBT attack

Supper and a Sermon During Lent

today in women's herstory-12 march

House intel chair (Rogers - R) warns of penalty if CIA searched Senate computers

(Tell us how you really feel about Rand Paul)Free the gas companies, free the world


Dear Mr. President,

This has got to be one of the grossest roommate stories ever!

Climate Change Denying Koch Brothers Are Deemed a Threat to National Security

Look who is forming their own "SuperPAC."

I met the Secretary of Energy last night. He's really cool, and made a Monty Python reference

Sinkhole slows search in East Harlem

Issue: How does one dispose of CFLs?

i'm acting locally. but i find myself at the tip of the spear globally

Thank you DU ...

'Of Many' Film Produced By Chelsea Clinton To Premier At Tribeca Film Festival


Malaysians are letting the USA help organize the search for missing airliner.

"Where do I buy Obamacare?"

Wondering why McCain was in Ukraine?

I think the last guy had a heart attack

The Implicit Politics of SXSW

Saves time

Just saw "Stalingrad 3D"

"Extra Pay for Extra Work"

This is too precious not to share, but THANK GOD (or whatever powers that be) that I didn't

HIV protection gel for women 'comes a step closer'

3 Things That Make Libertarian Heads Explode

Attention: Please Read March Photo Contest

Kathleen Sebelius: No more Obamacare delays

West unfairly 'demonize' Putin, Russian president best partner for US – Stephen Cohen

"3 inconvenient facts that make libertarians’ heads explode"

Echo Park (Los Angeles): Germs VS Don Bolles...

If it's Wednesday, ya gotta BOOGIE DOWN!

UN's Ban Ki-moon strongly deplores heavy rocket barrage on Israel from Gaza

Libya Ousts Prime Minister After Ship Leaves Rebel-Held Port With Illegal Oil

I suspect that PhilSays is a zombie sockpuppet for Pretzel_Warrior. Am I right?

WV spill updates

Rage in Jordan grows over judge’s killing

Gary Kasparov makes Tom Ashbrook's show sound like Sean Hannity's

BREAKING: Eric Decker officially retires from the NFL

Teachers' salaries must be competitive!

Why John Kerry’s peace mission should worry liberal Zionists

The scale of the search for Flight MH370 (Interactive Chart)

Sen. Feinstein Accuses CIA of Searching Congressional Computers

And now some music to _laugh_ by!

Israeli planes hit Gaza in response to rocket strikes

Did someone mention obscure movies...?

Holder endorses proposed drug sentencing changes

Binney: Sen. Feinstein "Hypocritical" For Blasting CIA For Spying

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 13, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - European Auto Racing

Obama presses Putin on Crimea crisis

Remember Webb Hubbell?

Blast from the past

Arguing with idiots is like ...

Never realized James Garner was so liberal

***Teachers' Message To Parents*** This is a Must See. Only Two Minutes -

Daylight Robbery

House passes GOP-backed bill aimed at Obama's 'imperial presidency'

Engine Data Suggests Missing Airplane Flew On for Hours After Radar Disappearance

True love neighs

What are you listening to?

Madagascar tar sands threat

An Idea for a Reality TV Show I Support and I'd Never Miss

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 14, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Food In The Movies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 15, 2014 -- The Essentials - Goldie Hawn

Headcam footage of man found alive in sunken ship...

"You like to fuck with the Russians": FireDogLaker fluffs

President Maduro Is Calling for Peace and Dialogue - It's Opposition Extremists That Want Violence

Honor student who sued parents returns home

The anti-Burke ads have already started...

Mr. Peabody and Sherman: a 3 1/2 year old too young for this?

Jon Stewart Tears Into Dem Sen. Feinstein for CIA Spying Hypocrisy - video link

Seattle ranks high in upward economic mobility, but Washington state’s ranking lags


[Idaho Gov.] Otter signs campus guns bill into law

Report: Missing Airplane Flew On For Hours

How the NSA Plans to Infect 'Millions' of Computers With Malware

New Justice Department Policy Will Cut Federal Drug Sentences

Poll: 57% of Small Business Owners Support $10.10 Federal Minimum Wage

Money, Not Obamacare, Gave the GOP Its Florida Win

High Profile Case Could Revive Military Sexual Assault Bill

Big Oil’s “Sore Losers” Lead the Drive to War

2 Killed, 23 Injured After Car Hits Crowd Outside SXSW Venue in Austin

Jon Stewart on Gay fear

Still storming here in Western, NY...

How Florida Reactionaries Undermine Venezuelan Democracy

How Florida Reactionaries Undermine Venezuelan Democracy

Do you remember Payne Stewart?

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks up on the missing plane

Black NRA.. Funny or Die...Just simply great..

Sen. Dianne Feinstein defends CIA spying, except against senators

Southern Ocean Whales Are Safe for Now - Whaling is Over for 2014

A Manufactured Crisis: Venezuela is Not Occupy

NASA Will Pay You to Help Hunt Down Asteroids

A Manufactured Crisis: Venezuela is Not Occupy

Vandals Deface Holocaust Memorial in Philadelphia

Low-Wage Workers Can't Find Middle-Pay Jobs

Girl Scouts face far-right 'cookiecott'

Sanders Subcommittee Hearing - Access and Cost: What the US Health Care System Can Learn--

Car Crashes Into SXSW Crowd In Austin; 2 Fatalities Reported

Uruguay planning to sell legally cloned marijuana by year’s end

In Defense of Venezuela

So very, very true!!!

New anti-protest law in Australia draws public ire

Any more feedback on this thread in GD ?

#MSMFAIL~2 Ferns-13 Million Viewers-40% Spike in Traffic at

How Virginia last year was different from FL 13 and what FL Dems should have learned.

Malaysian official denies report that missing plane's engines sent data after last contact

10 Tough Truths From Harry Reid About The Kochs’ Lies, Propaganda and Radical Un-American Agenda

The Unbelievable Shift Towards Rational Drug Policy

Ukraine hits back at Russian TV onslaught

Ferrari and Yacht Dealers Rejoice! Wall Street Hands Out Even More Obscene Bonuses Than Last Year`

Student shot dead in Valencia, north Venezuela

Gun policies must be chosen by universities

Acrylic on canvas......mind blown

Why Are So Many Conservative Politicians Brandishing Guns?

Why Are So Many Conservative Politicians Brandishing Guns?

Fox News Has “Angry Grandpa” Freakout

Christmas Trees

EU fear of GM food from US hampers historic trade deal.

The CHP, a right-wing gunman, and Glenn Beck

The CHP, a right-wing gunman, and Glenn Beck

Burning of the Clavie


A few questions as follow-up to Dianne Feinstein's Statment on the CIA

Ukraine, EU to Sign Political Association Deal Next Week

Inside the Most Unregulated Labor Marketplace That has Ever Existed

Today's Non Sequitur

Rep. Barbara Lee Hits Back at Paul Ryan’s Dog-Whistle Politics

Anarchists from Petrozavodsk, Russia were kidnapped and seriously injured by unknown people in masks

itunes users please help this deadhead load up an ipod

It looks like the Arctic Sea Ice has peaked for the year:

Venezuela protests: Three killed in fresh unrest

UFT Rep, Whistleblower, JAILED by NYC For *BLOG* POST.

Why Nate Silver Scares Democrats More Than the Koch Brothers Do

Sharks Are Circling Around Hillary

Barry Bonds Achieves Another Milestone Accomplishment

low-wage jobs unexpectedly a way of life for many

Huckabee: Abortion Like Killing The Elderly

Alan Grayson's Wife Drops Request For Restraining Order

Unarmed airman shot in gut by Alabama police as he lay on ground following traffic accident

The right's poverty plan: shame poor kids and the vaginas that birthed them

Satellite looking into missing Malaysia flight detects 'suspected crash area'

New leak: NSA developed ‘industrial scale’ malware viruses for mass spying

I have no idea where flight 370 is and

The only thing Americans care about less than climate change is race relations

Court confirms death sentence in India gang rape

Dammit, the FBI is putting a lock on a ten million dollar transfer from Nigeria.

Greek unemployment rises to 27.5 percent

The Theater of Conspiracy in the Run-up to Turkey’s Elections

NC GOP Senate candidate says Planned Parenthood and pro-choice politicians are conspiring to murder

Canadian doctor schools U.S.Republican Senator on public health care

The US isn’t a Police State, but it is a Managed Democracy

The US isn’t a Police State, but it is a Managed Democracy (xpost from NSD)

Cole @ C-Span: Egypt and the Birth of al-Qaeda (video lecture)

GOP’s sleazy pickup artists: Why their lame lines will never work on women

Paul Ryan has defined himself...forever...good!!

Then and Now: Forever friends

In Vatican shake-up, Pope redefines role of second-in-command

Election threatens democracy in Indonesia

Climate change links vanish from DENR website (NC)

NC Politicians Suddenly Concerned About Coal Ash Cleanup Costs' Impact On Joe Sixpack

Refund of "membership" fee for

Mars joins forest-friendly palm-oil push

US, Mexico Agree To Controlled Flood In Effort To Revive Colorado River Delta

My knee caps are about an inch too short.

"The question is why?"

Foreign Policy Implications of Mongolian Crony Democracy

PJM Grid Operators: We Can Handle 30 Percent Renewable Energy Integration, And Here's How

Australia's #1 Land Developer Withdraws From Great Barrier Reef Coal Port Project

Woman jailed for microwaving cat.

9 Chinese Cities Had More "Extreme" Pollution Days Than Beijing In 2013 - Capital Had 13 "Good" Days

Triplet Sumatran tiger cubs, born at London Zoo (pic)

African-American Congresswoman Slams Paul Ryan For Racially Charged Comments

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Increases Minimum Wage to $10.25

Greens Leader - Abbot Gov Made Deceptive Photo Selection In Bid To Delist UN World Heritage Forests

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts sign for the new DU Lounge Tea Time ***

"Beyond Nuclear Summitry: The Role of the IAEA in Nuclear Security Diplomacy After 2016"

Here is why Russia wants control of Ukraine: Money and Power.

Nine still missing after Manhattan explosion leaves at least 7 dead, many hurt

'I feel like I’m in House of Cards': an exclusive interview with Abby Martin, the Russia Today prese

Chief counsel for the Church Committee..'We need a new Church committee'

Japan: Local green power advocates to form national association to break away from nuclear

"Why the world is awesome..."

North Korea disowns Libya oil tanker

It's that Obamacare I tell ya

Ukrainian oligarch Firtash arrested in Vienna: sources

Arctic Avg Sea Ice Loss/Decade - 1.8 Million Km2; Antarctic Avg Sea Ice Gain/Decade - 285K Km2

college costs are rising faster for the poor than the rich

Was Your Senator #Up4Climate or In Bed with the Oil Industry?

a modern day 'Harvest of Shame'

Three Years after Fukushima: Lulled into the Myth of Safety?

How the King of Fracking (Chesapeake) Double-Crossed Their Way to Riches

7-Year-Old Boy Raises More Than $750,000 To Fight His Best Friend's Disease

Police find 11 hidden cameras in KC woman’s apartment above Freaks Tattoo parlor

Death toll climbs in New York gas blast

Drifting into Politics: Is Germany's High Court Anti-European?

CBC- The CIA shows its fangs at home

The High Before the Crash: Germany's Crystal Meth Pandemic

"Is Dianne Feinstein a whistleblower or a traitor?"

2 dead, 23 hurt after car hits crowd outside SXSW venue- 5 critically injured

Survivor Cagayan - Episode 3 Discussion Thread - No Spoilers please on future episodes

Chomsky: From Hiroshima to Fukushima, Vietnam to Fallujah, State Power Ignores Its Massive Harm

America's War Workers

An Incoherent Harper's Essay Suggests There's No Difference Between Obama and Republicans

Luckovich: Drastic Measures

Ninety-One Illinois Communities Fully Powered By Renewable Energy

Luckovich: I Spy

Navy bars 151 sailors from jobs after sexual assault review

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- A spy too far? - More Powerful Winds (Thanks To Warming) Key To Expanded Antarctic Sea Ice

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Unhealthy Repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Atmospheric CO2 Content March 10th, 2014 - 399.00 pm

How Chesapeake Energy, the Kings of Fracking, Double-Crossed Their Way to Riches

Former 'New South' Governor Reubin Askew dies at 85

Delayed Safety Recall May Haunt GM As It Continues Its Makeover

Former Florida Gov. Reubin Askew dies

Wonk Wire: Americans Are Sticking With Obamacare

Valerie Strauss- The link between charter school expansion and increasing segregation

Yes! Oregon becomes fourth state to block food stamp cuts and restore all funding (updated)

Chiquita merger reignites fears of a disappearing banana crop

WV Government Willing To Say Anything About Water, Except That It Is "Safe" - RS

Did anyone catch Wednesday night's The Daily Show with the Sam Bee clip?

The US should not resist progressive wave in Latin America (The Progressive)

Senator Accidentally Makes The Case For Treating Gun Violence As A Public Health Threat

FDA Fails to Reduce Antibiotic Use on Factory Farms

C-Span: Senate hearing today at 11:15 on Keystone XL Pipeline

In Historic Protest Israel's Orthodox Break with Settler Right

New York high school student suspended for NRA pro-2nd Amendment T-shirt

New York high school student suspended for NRA pro-2nd Amendment T-shirt

Is anyone else getting a *Twilight Zone* feeling about this missing plane...?

Obama, Navy Lying To Congress On Carriers: Seapower Chair Rep. Forbes

Climate change & Appalachian politics: the clash of party and principles


Ocean Freighting Company Will Pay Over $3 Million for False Claims

DARPA Hopes To Build Plug-In Satellites In Space

Game Over? Another Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill Thwarted

what are these boxes with letters in them on my twitter account

'Homeless Jesus' Sculpture Is Far More Effective At Encouraging Compassion Than Any Sunday Sermon

Rove Cautions Republicans: No, The Florida Special Election Wasn't All About Obamacare

A moral question

A moral question

California's Drought, Man Made? or Natural? or Both?

Give and take in the EU-US trade deal? Sure. We give, the corporations take

Paul Ryan Defends Poverty-Inner City Link: 'This Has Nothing To Do With Race'

Change How We Test, Care, Feed Air Force ICBM Crews

It's a Great Dane! Not a doggie bed!

History lesson simplified: If Word War I was a bar fight - here is how it went down

When does ACA become a "failure"?

A good Floridian died today

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Shows Science And Religion Can Co-Exist In ‘Cosmos’

"Corbett May be Possessed" - Satirical Newspaper Column About Corbett's Death Bed Conversion

Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Have Already Lost The Senate

Outrage On Capitol Hill As Navy Changes Ship-Counting Rules

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Seven)

Christie’s charter school nightmare: “White flight, and they’re bankrupting us”

Amazon raising cost of Prime membership to $99/yr

National Guard Commanders Rise In Revolt Against Active Army; MG Rossi Questions Guard Combat Role

Job fair being held for pot industry

History for those who say that President Obama's weakness allowed Putin to invade Crimea

Obama Continues to Shield Public from Bush's CIA Torture Mess

St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland

How ‘Looking Forward’ Tripped Up Obama

Senate-CIA controversy widens over enhanced interrogation probe

Average US 30-year mortgage rate up to 4.37 pct.

John Hanger drops out of gov race, down to 5 people now

WH should fund ads and mailers to every household to correct the spread of ACA lies. Bush used funds

Even Young Republicans are Going Kind of Progressive

Clarence Thomas - The Most Dangerous SCOTUS Mind

Obama pledges to declassify CIA interrogations report

Kennedy denies request to block gun magazine law

UPDATE Brody the Cat. Took him for another weight check and he is up 4 ounces to 7.7

An Open Letter to Paul Ryan (very good read from

Unending Welfare for Corporations, But Not for Citizens

Washington's Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa: America's New Model for Expeditionary

Watch Live: House Appropriations Hearing with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

ACLU, Gay Couples Seek Fla. Marriage Recognition

Fringe Religions are Truly Out of Hand

Obama’s expected change to overtime rules would make more eligible for extra pay

President Obama (today)to issue executive order expanding overtime pay

Guantanamo Now Calls Hunger Strikes “Long-Term Non-Religious Fasts”

Courts Take A Kinder Look At Victims Of Child Sex Trafficking

Maine GOPer: Maybe Poor People Will Work More If We Reject Obamacare

VW testing battery that could boost energy density 4x

Ted Cruz: Pro-Choicers Chant 'Hail, Satan' To Silence Opponents

In other plane news: Explorers head to S. Pacific to confirm Earhart's plane wreck

Grouchy gripes for the morning: Annoying commercials, medical appointment, e-mails from insurance

7 Dead, 70 wounded, and 1 missing in East Harlem explosion.

Sen. Johnson Blocks Nuclear Cleanup Whistleblowers from Testifying at Hearing about Nuclear Whistleb

PBSNEWSHOUR:Picturing hunger in America

New RASMUSSEN poll suggests Scott Walker may be in trouble...

Lez Miserable: from Russia to Uganda, gay rights are moving backwards

Criticizing DiFi is fine, but calling her a hypocrite due to the CIA thing is dumb.

The presidential race may be where the glamour is, but it's not where liberals can build power.

What Homophobia Costs a Country's Economy

Pelosi Backs Up Feinstein, Calls CIA Allegations 'Appalling'

The Obama Administration Has Been Very, Very Good To Banksters And Wall Streetians

Labor Department releases preliminary January area unemployment rates

Beware the ides of March

Russia Massing Military Forces Near Border With Ukraine

Thursday Mar 13, 2014, another Diamond Dove was born today.

"Your God is too small."

Underpass to Battery Tunnel Still Without Working Lights 16 Months After Sandy

Just a heads up...

Leftist Declared Winner in Salvador’s Election

Fred Grimm: Miami-Dade’s trap-neuter-release program utterly ignores science

Wall Street profits dropped 30 percent last year

U.S. Says One Thing, Does Another on Mortgage Fraud, Watchdog Says

Guardian op-ed on Ukraine:

NY completes plan for Ulster County land

New York to fund flood protection projects upstate

PBSNEWSHOUR:Picturing hunger in America

Yes, There Are Pro-Life Atheists Out There. Here’s Why I’m One of Them

Human rights for thee but not for me

Try not to Throw up

Republican Roulette

The RNC tech bump - they are now up to 21st century speed

Israel to Phase Out Religious Exemptions

Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Obamacare Should Remain Law

125 Exceptional Twitter Accounts Covering Special Needs

In His Second Year, Pope Faces Expectations That Change Is Coming

Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Obamacare Should Remain Law

ABC: Did Darrell Issa Botch Lois Lerner’s IRS Contempt Proceedings?

This sounded scary to me, regarding a different threat from fracking.

UPDATE: It's Come To This: Joe Scarborough Is Officially Being Treated As A Presidential Contender

Sorry, Colin Powell, but that's not even a phone

3 separate issues: CIA/NSA overreach, Metadata/Spying, and Snowden

We Can Change the World!

Ladies, don’t worry about your sexual health, because your man can get a penis pump

The Congressional Research Service Teaches Science to Congress

No more national title game for Musburger … he's now the voice of the SEC


Look who’s selling your voting records

Paul Ryan: when I said "inner city", I meant "rural"

Queen, Elton John and Axl Rose - Bohemian Rhapsody

Japan's Radioactive Nightmare

Holder Endorses Proposed Reduction of Drug Sentences

How ‘Looking Forward’ Tripped Up Obama & How He May Have Gotten Sucked In

Researchers prove the five second rule is real

What do you think about this one?

Megafires Will Be the New Normal in the West

Trucker Kept Sex Slaves, Including Fla. Relative

Free Kindle Book - Obamacare For Smarties: Don't Play Cat-and-Mouse With Your Healthcare

No Hope?

hedge fund manager wants to short Herbalife, gets FTC to probe whether they're a pyramid scheme

Now this is how you go after the Billionaires supporting the rethugs instead of crying

'Shocking' scale of pangolin smuggling revealed (BBC)

The Budget Wars: The Congressional Progressive Caucus is Ready for Paul Ryan

Highway To Hell: Insane Crash Caught on Camera

Putin conquered Crimea and lost Ukraine.

The Audacity of Common Sense: Progressive Caucus’ ‘Better Off Budget’

{fossil remains of} New dinosaur, cousin of T. rex, discovered in Arctic (BBC)

Why We Rescue

White House seeks cuts to USPS services in budget

Paul Ryan: Inner City Culture Problem Remark Was 'Inarticulate' (so I am backpedaling)

Albany bars crude processing expansion at port

Scott Brown Seeking Staff For Potential Senate Run

Paul Ryan and the Inner City Man

Deaths of Quebec women in Thailand may have been caused by pesticide {aluminum phosphide}(BBC)

Marilla residents to fight sludge storage on their land

How many liberal/progressive blogs are now on the sh*t list :)

McDonald's workers file suits accusing chain of 'stealing' wages

TPM: Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Obamacare Should Remain Law

Pic Of The Moment: Media Outraged At President Obama's Appearance On "Between Two Ferns"

McDonald’s Workers in Three States File Suits Claiming Underpayment

Wonkette: Obama’s Universal Pre-K Will Teach Children To Murder Babies And Get Gay Married

Good Luck Amelia Earhart, and Godspeed.

Are you invincible? Find out

Nigeria: Gunmen Attack Katsina Villages, Kill 60 People

Minimum Wage of $10.10 p/h And Unemployment Benefits

The feral hog problem in just NC and SC (They are a problem in many states)

food rave of the day (3/13): tomatoes

ObamaCare is a train wreck alright

Are you planning on working in retirement?

The Rude Pundit-Your State Sucks: Missouri Legislature Busy Debating Laws ...

Mayors share gun law concerns

They got nuttin.'

Desperately seeking re-election: Scott Backs Bill To Grant Undocumented Immigrants In-State Tuition

DiFi Okayed Staffers to SPIRIT AWAY & SECURE the "Panetta Review"...DEFYING the CIA's Own Counsel!

Exploding cannisters rocketing out of a ball of fire in the middle of a busy highway.

Paul Ryan sounds like he is practicing his rhetoric for his run for president. This will be red meat

VW workers file suit to block 'further collusion' between UAW, automaker

Outside Beltway Media, Obama’s “Between Two Ferns” Appearance is a Giant Hit

Which Princess Bride Character are You?

How to Kill a Wolf: An Undercover Report From a Wolf Lover on a Wolf and Coyote Killing Derby, Idaho

This is hilarious...

Chris Christie and the 9/11 artifacts

Aliens. I said it.

Paul Ryan’s worthless attempt to save face: Why he’s still an overrated fraud


How To Run 30 Health Tests On a Single Drop of Blood

How to Get Around Jesus

Depressing How all the lies have worked

Is the posturing about Crimea really all about....oil?

The Constitutional Crisis Of The CIA & Senate, Dianne Feinstein's Spying Hypocrisy

Datawind aims to make $20 tablet computer (CBC)

Deputies: Dad fatally shoots teen boy found in daughter’s bedroom

Brazil's First Gay Church

Pat Robertson: God shut off D.C. power as a ‘fun’ way to punish Dems for climate lies

Merkel warns Russia of 'massive damage' if it persists

Olivia Chow is running for mayor of Toronto

1st website ever restored to its 1992 glory (CBC) {with link!}

Rafael Cruz blames California drought on UN Agenda 21, ‘Mother Earth worship’

The right way to do Kegels. Everyone should be exercising their pelvic floor

World's oldest flowing water found deep in Timmins mine (CBC)

Baal,Egyptians and America

Costa Rica government's presidential candidate withdraws

President Obama on Modernizing Overtime Protections

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke dons tinfoil hat...

If a Malaysian official makes a statement or denies another, take it with a grain of salt

Missing Plane May Be In Pakistan - Fox News Says...

what's for dinner - thursday, march 13

Are There Any Landing Strips Still Around In Viet Nam - Left Over From The War?......

Uruguay says may grow marijuana on military land

Uruguay says may grow marijuana on military land

War Crime Nation: In Vietnam the horrific legacy of Agent Orange

Deputies arrest, charge father of one of the women found dead in Bolivar

A Real Life Happily Ever after Story!!!

Dow falls nearly 200 points

The Arafat precedent

Man in movie theater shooting was also texting

Ukraine: Russia Fired On Plane Over Crimea

More unsubstantiated info about flight 370 to mull over:

Because - whether you know it or not - you NEED some of this!

Doubling Down ...

Led Zeppelin to issue first unheard songs in over 30 years

husband has *finally* agreed to marriage counseling

Rocket fired from Gaza hits Israel despite ceasefire

Here is why the Anti-Abortion Crew are wrong. Completely, totally, massively, stupidly wrong:

Shut the fuck up!

Pussy Riot Founders Set Up Prisoners' Rights Center

Losing Faith: 21 Percent Say Religion 'Not That Important'

Please go to Dianne Feinstein's facebook page and urge her...

"I am bigger than this."


If a large plane went silent in US or European airspace would the air force scramble jets?

Money is ...

Air Force nuke crew failings worse than reported

First Kiss: tentative, romantic, sometimes erotic

U.S. Senate Confirms Wall Street Critic as Treasury No. 2.

Russia Masses Troops Near Ukraine

The Average Low-Wage Worker Is Responsible for Half of His or Her Family’s Income

Need to step back to get the larger picture? Amazing journey through known universe at warp speed

Harry Reid says Kochs blocking Ukraine aid

India Looking for Malaysian Jet as U.S. Sees Air Piracy

Big fine imposed on ex-Goldman trader Tourre in SEC case

The ‘Better Off Budget’

Arizona Congressional Candidate Compares Entitlements To Slavery

Tatar Leader Asks Putin to Pull Russian Troops from Crimea

There's the problem with your government...

Americans Don’t Believe Christie on Jam, Clinton on Libya

Basketball vs hockey

what country do you actually belong in?

So I saw a guy loitering on the street trying to get people to sign his petition to impeach Obama.

Senate Poised for Break Without Ukraine Aid Plan Action

Graham Offers Kerry 'Help' With Boehner On Hot Mic (VIDEO)

Romney's Bain Gets Away with Stealing (he thinks)!

Making my own corned beef for St Paddy's day


Dumb Criminals: Texas Man Caught Stealing Equipment Arrested Wearing Cookie Monster Onesie

Anti-Putin Attacks Flourish on Kiev's Maidan

Been there ... haven't done that ...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Questions Federal Reserve Candidate Stanley Fischer On Citigroup Ties

Why Do We Say “the Plot Thickens”? Is It a Soup Metaphor?

Retail Sales in U.S. Increase for First Time in 3 Months

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level Since November

Number of millionaires in U.S. reaches a new high

DREAM Act Out Of NYS Senate Budget Resolution, Sources Say

Gov. Cuomo Says Protecting Charter Schools Will Be Major Part Of Budget Negotiations

So effing cute. Angelina Jolie & daughter in Maleficent photo.

Gotta love those wild and wacky Bhuddists

Chris Christie to Heckler: 'Sit Down and Keep Quiet or Get Out'

Bats in the belfry a serious matter for the Church of England

Bats in the belfry a serious matter for the Church of England

Amazon hikes Prime membership to $99 per year

So now Malaysian plane flew for four hours off into Indian Ocean (?)

Colin Powell selfie

The gun is loaded ... and it is a hair trigger

Missing Plane may have Crashed in Indian Ocean

Now they are saying 4 to 5 hours ... we are being spoon fed info

College group cancels diversity 'happy hour' after excluding white staffers

C-Span: Senate hearing on KeystoneXL pipeline

Advice on strong fiction

Aasif Mandvi of "The Daily Show" hilariously demolishes Foxbot Koch whore re: Obamacare

Conservative pollster Rasmussen shows Scott Walker and Mary Burke tied in March

The government that wants to hide its secrets is a lot like ...

How do I erase

As usual, speculation is all over the place over

Apparently everyone on the internet became an aviation forensics expert overnight.

De Blasio Urges New Yorkers to Report Gas Smells Immediately After Harlem Blast

To Keep Teenagers Alert, Schools Let Them Sleep In.

With (Facebook) friends like these...

Just got back from my walk at the "Y" What a diff exercise can make.

After long fight, Washington’s ‘ugliest church’ meets the wrecking ball

After long fight, Washington’s ‘ugliest church’ meets the wrecking ball

Thom Hartmann: Time to End ALL Drug Testing

Overheard in a completely sane American living room:

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun or Echoes and why?

High Quality Lecture Are We the Last Neanderthals?

Speak English or make like a tree ... and get out of here.

Malaysia Airline retiring flight numbers 370 and 371

De Blasio celebrates symbolic vote on pre-K

White House: Hunt for missing airliner may extend to Indian Ocean

NASA budget for 2015: Same old, same old......cuts, cuts, cuts

Residents sue Gogebic Taconite over mine sampling without permit

Police: Teenage girls use knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts

SXSW: Suspected drunk driver who plowed into crowd ID'd as 21-year-old Rashad Owens

10 Corporations Receiving Massive Public Subsidies From Taxpayers

Big Bird

FBI Agent Who Questioned Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law Testifies In Terrorism Trial

Gagging Black Athletes

Without Ed Snowden's disclosures,

The Meryl Streep/Hillary Clinton Selfie You Need In Your Life Right Now!

Violence, Poverty, Illiteracy Affect Far Too Many Women.

Fate Of 5 Ex-Madoff Employees To Soon Be In Jury’s Hands

A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas....

"Ukraine's government mulling privatization of energy sector - Yatseniuk"

Sometimes i change the titles of earlier unsung posts

Gambia to stop using 'colonial relic' English: president

Got Milk?

I Got A Bus Earlier, And A Woman Was Being Tortured..GRAPHIC PICS....dial up warning..EDITED info

Kerry: Congress MUST include IMF Reforms in Ukraine Aid Package (to screw the working class)

I voted to HIDE IT, but 3 jurors felt otherwise, so the post stays.

Fox Host Disgusted That States Still Feeding Poor Despite Food Stamp Cuts

Frozen lambasted as pro-gay propaganda by (batshit crazy hateful) Christian pastor

US Demands Russian Troops Withdraw From Crimea

Senate will say ‘no’ to bank tax break

Who coined the term Pro-corporatist Democrats?

ABC & Fox News Ask If Obama's Zach Galifianakis Interview 'Damaged' Presidency

Hospital Warns 4,000 Patients Of Possible HIV, Hepatitis Exposure

The most important quiz you will ever take.

Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Exposes Medicare’s $172 Million Penis Pump Problem - video link

Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers. You Just Brought Back Measles in NYC.

Must-See Late Night Clip: Jimmy Fallon as Vladimir Putin - video link

The Butler... er, the Pilot did it. (Yes, it is my speculation.)

Winter Photo Contest Preliminaries Poll 1

Only in America: Deputy shoots 70 year old man reaching for Cane.


Abby Huntsman proposes reform of "entitlements" today

My string of pearls is blooming!

Most Say U.S. Should ‘Not Get Too Involved’ in Ukraine Situation PEW

Watch what happens when a pug interrupts a standoff between police and an armed robber:

hoo boy. the heated Douhat, Stern, Saletan, Friedersdorf argument about bigotry

Tampa Bay Buzz Blog: Sink: 'Open mind' on November run

Frank Zappa Playing music on a Bicycle 1963

TEXAS: Father Of Victim Arrested In Slaying Of Houston Lesbian Couple

Facebook Gurus: Is there ANY way to get REAL help from them other than their half-assed help section

Senate Reaches Deal on Jobless Benefits Extension

Urgent: Minimum wage bill in Maryland in Danger.

One-Third of Colombia’s Newly-Elected Senators Have Paramilitary Ties

Colin Powell's Selfie From 60 Years Ago - photo link

Winter Photo Contest Preliminaries Poll 2

Halloween cat that gobbles like a Turkey.

Legislation banning discrimination against LGBT workers stalls in Republican-controlled House.

Eagles get Darren Sproles

Real estate scammer says he's too obese for prison

Senators reach deal extending jobless benefits

Two Dogs Share An Ice Cream, And This Is Why Daisy Always Goes First (LMAO)

Chavista paramilitaries murder Guillermo Sanchez (Spanish)

The only political quiz you will ever need.

Sean Hannity & Friend Blame Obama for Malaysian Plane Disappearance

Winter Photo Contest Preliminaries Poll 3

UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Anti-Abortion Activist

From the bookshelf: Appalachian voices

Winter Contest Prelims are up in GD

Holocaust Denial Movement Abuzz Over The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax Film

Wisconsin Senate approves bill restricting early voting

Human Radiation Experiments in the Pacific

"Brand Hand"(?) When I see this, I stop listening

'scuse me while I lick this stamp (USPS pays tribute to Jimi)

So...I've given up Bacon..

This is what happens when states ban gay marriage

Man acquitted of murdering wife on Battered Spouse Syndrome

Gay military widow not getting death benefits

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Open To Senate Pre-K Funding Plan, Not So Much On Charters

Paul Ryan- an overrated fraud

Backdrop to a Coup: Rio de Janeiro in 1964

McCain: "1st time I've been embarrassed about members of my party"

"So sorry, Mr Frost, it's caviar again." - delish article about today's memorial


Police Shut Down Street in Hunt for Man's Missing Penis

Today Obama ordered rule changes to overtime pay. Millions of workers will be eligible for extra pay

Richard Wolff March 2014 Economic report....

Faulty Ignition Switches Responsible for 12 Deaths

Deadly violence in Eastern Ukraine.

One dead in Ukraine clash in eastern city

As Ratings Plunge NBC Considers Dumping David Gregory From Meet The Press

Wonkette: Rep. Tim Walz Dominates Al Franken, Michele Bachmann In Epic Nice Time Hotdish Showdown

Graywarrior payback time

Senate confirms Caroline Krass as CIA general counsel

Congress clears bill to ease flood insurance hikes

Fake GOP Websites Draw Ethics Complaint

The term "Corporatist" or "Pro-Corporate Democrats" are utterly naive terms.

Mississippi man who awakened inside body bag dies

Pap and Seder: Paul Ryan’s “Free Lunch” Lies

Interview with a chavista

Jeff Corzine, Son of Former Governor, Dead at 31

In the US, if we see a female in a burka, without knowing anything about her,

Russia Allowed To Have 25,000 Troops In Crimea Since 1999... & Other Facts You May Not Know

Obama joked about healthcare, Bush joked about WMDs as soldiers died in Iraq

Drone captures scene at East Harlem explosion that flattened two buildings

How ‘Looking Forward’ Tripped Up Obama-- by Robert Parry

Can Anybody Say "Shock Doctrine"?

Russia Massing Military Forces Near Border With Ukraine

Which Presidents Have Appeared On Comedy Shows, You Ask? Try All In The Last 40 Years!

UAW Statement Regarding NRTW Lawsuit

Woman finds video of boyfriend having sex with her dog — on his cellphone

BDS bullies at Galway University

House GOP passes bill to force Obama to crack down on legal weed in states that allow it

Mike Huckabee says abortion will lead to euthanizing old folks to keep the bills down

Hobby Lobby Thinks IUDs Are Like Abortions

House GOP passes bill to force Obama to crack down on legal weed in states that allow it

U.S. lifts ban blocking BP from new government contracts

The Fiesta is over for John Junker - Federal prison for eight months

Court Orders Kairos Healthcare to recognize, bargain with union

If we did, Senator Bernie Sanders, no one would ever see a medical bill again....

Zuckerberg Voices Frustration Over 'Damage The Government Is Creating' With Surveillance

Puts in Boots

A letter to the all-knowing Max Blumenthal: Co-written by Daniel Mael

Bin Laden Kin Knew Of 'Something Big' Pre-9/11

Pelosi: Redskins should lose their trademark

Richard Silverstein Calls Black Supporter of Israel ‘Negro Zionist,’ Says ‘Uncle Tom...

Watch This Doctor Totally School An Anti-Obamacare Senator On Health Care

US Official: Plane Sent Satellite Signal For Hours

Best day ever!

Business Owners Concerned About New Overtime Law Proposal

Comparison of Texas voter id law with the proposed Alabama voter id law

"Conservative Intellectuals Fear the GOP Is Out of Ideas"

Florida cinema shooting: Man who killed texter had been texting, too

Are Americans souring on voting restrictions?

Obama was right: To boost the economy, spread the wealth - This is supposed to be a 'bulletin'???

Death toll reaches 8 in East Harlem building explosion

Morning Plum: Why Dems are tying Republicans to the Koch brothers

Thom Hartmann: Isn't it time education & healthcare were declared rights here?

Kids say the darndest things.

"Democracy Now" Discussion:LATEST DiFI Revelations:Ray McGovern, Mike German, Julia Angwin

Free-Market Cheerleader Chris Christie Blocks Tesla Sales in New Jersey!

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: clarifying conflicting media claims

Dianne Feinstein vs. the CIA

Splurged a bit! Bought a nice French press coffee maker.

Arne Duncan just doesn’t get it: How the media and phony reformers hurt your kids

So it turns out the Better Business Bureau works pretty well against Blue Cross/Blue Shield...

UN: Nigeria’s anti-gay law may harm public health

Malaysia jet sent 'pings' after going missing, sources say

Dahlan, Abbas feud pushes Fatah to brink of crisis

Chris Christie Explodes At Hecklers: ‘Get Out! We’re Done With You!’

Florida Supreme Court tosses out medical malpractice cap on damages

Nuclear Plants and Nuclear Excuses: This is Getting Old

House Speaker John Boehner Invites Pope Francis To Speak To Joint Session of Congress

Suspect in Austin SXSW fatal car crash facing death penalty

Jon Corzine's son dead at 31

John McCain To GOP Senator: 'You Are Dead Wrong' On Ukraine

Almost good.

Israeli hospital cares for Syrian children

Virginia KKK Fliers: We're Not The Enemy Of 'The Colored And Mongrel Races'

The Death of Innocents | Philip A. Farruggio

BP regains ability to do work for government

Pope Francis Marks One-Year Anniversary With A Tweet: ‘Please Pray For Me’

Primary Challenger Says South Carolina Is Tired Of 'Ambiguously Gay' Lindsey Graham

Dear Friend,

March 17th - Happy Evacuation Day Boston!

Much Rejoicing As NH Senate Unanimously Passes Paycheck Fairness Bill

Duncan-CCSS Nuptials Set for May

Interactive on how dark money flows through the Koch network

yep, scottie brown is running for the Senate from NH

So I made some wasabi mustard.

An idea for Democratic candidates in 2014

Pap and Seder: The Republican Cult of Fear

Damn Skippy, Grandma!

New lawsuit calls for Florida to recognize same-sex marriages from other states

BREAKING BAD: Not in America Edition

Papantonio: Finally Feinstein Is Afraid of Spooks