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A Timeless California Enclave Fears a City’s Sway

My recipe for the perfect egg

The Jeep Plant Mitt Romney Said Was Moving To China Is Booming In Ohio

Tony Benn RIP

This Vaccine Truther bullshit is becoming real scary...

Catholic Nuns Back Obamacare Contraception Access

Managing Privilege

This is something that I had not thought about

My grandma used to have a saying...

For-profit colleges call new Obama administration rules unfair

You're not going to believe what UPS delivered


I got a car with Sirius radio and listen to many progressive programs as I drive to work

"Empty Bowls" fundraiser this Sunday to help the hungry

The Trump bull comes to an end.

US judge strikes down state's ban on 12-week abortion ban; says viability still key

Lime Prices Explode Due to Drug Wars in Mexico, Leading to Armed Escorts--and Robberies

Louisiana sues over Bobby Jindal billboard

This is better than red laser dots!

Russian scientists: We have a "high chance" of cloning a wooly mammoth

UK - Disturbing truth behind official report that said UK should forge on with GM food giants.

What the media fails to include in their torture report coverage

Cuomo hedges on mayoral control

Russia doesn't *need* Crimea. Russia *wants* Crimea.

Raise Your Hands

Watch the government's WWII pro-hemp propaganda film

It's the occupation and Israeli bigotry that are anti-Semitic

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Finally Friday! & a new kitteh & Doggie gif!

Nassau County Dem Chair asks both parties to ignore Indepence Party line for governor

Doing shots with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

State Department: Russia is Dangerous for All Americans

Windows 8.1 style start button for classic shell:

Israeli soldiers 'shoot, critically injure' Palestinian teen


Gates sees software replacing people; Greenspan calls for more H-1Bs

Settlers uproot 30 trees near Yatta

Heh! Looks like the Jayhawks got plucked naked today in a fucking Cyclone!

Friday Talking Points (295) -- Happy Pi Day!

Sure hope "Hank" can help the Brewers out this year......

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!

Case against mom who refused to give daughter antipsychotic drugs is dismissed again

Sharyl Atkkisson Victim of ‘Liberal Bias’? It’s FALSE NEWS!

LENT. what shall we give up? (This is not about religion, btw)

Social Media Company Uses Monetary Rewards to Incentivize Riot Control from Within

Chin ups with children~

Were you born to be cute or ferocious (or both)?

The New Meet the Press Host

The NCAA said no to these:

Pinkberry co-founder gets 7 years for beating homeless man

Alleged ‘Cannibal Cop’ Co-Conspirators Found Guilty Of Scheming In Macabre Plot

A Christmas Story, on TCM now.

Recent Australian Wikileaks Party News

The Portuguese town where dinosaurs once roamed (BBC)

FBI Storms Sullivan County Town Amid Fears Developer Is Taking It Over

Herbert Hoover was a Commie!

From a small flame.................

Underwear Advertisements. Some of these are gut-bustingly hilarious.

Let's try it a little differently...

if senate democrats force the withdrawal of the nominee for surgeon general

U.S. Senate passes bill to award President Shimon Peres with Congressional Gold Medal

How deep is Ukrainian crisis' impact on China's economy?

Fuck. nt

Mitch McConnell ASPCA Commercial (Parody)

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 16 - TCM Spotlight: Legendary Outlaws

“The Jeep plant Mitt Romney said was moving to China is hiring 1,000 workers in Ohio.”

DOJ says in 2012 6.6% of violent crime involved guns. 6.6%... Think about that for a moment.

Venezuela pres: 'Miami lobby' leads US policy

What would happen to a 777 if the pilot flew it up and up and up?

Rupert Murdoch thinks MH370 was stolen and taken to Pakistan

TCM Schedule for Monday March 17 - Guest Programmer: George Pelecanos

Insurers of flight MH370's passengers have no precedent for policy payouts


Weekend Economists Toast the Apostle of Ireland March 14-16, 2014

Pete Seeger honor: Grandson to organize weekend of events

The Eurasia Foundation, USAID, and US meddling in Ukraine

Texting during a movie gets you killed in Florida

Dole Recalls Bagged Salad

Where can I find info about posting to the Video thread?

Court: Tenn. must recognize 3 same-sex marriages

yoga pants

After 37 years on lam, killer caught in Fla.

"Obama says enrollment is high enough to ensure his health law’s survival"

Outside Political Groups Are Spending Record Amounts of Money To Deny Poor People Health Care

(Brilliant) Jon Stewart rips Fox News again over entitlement obsession (Video)

"US Officials" concerned MH370 plane could "be used for nefarious purposes against us"

4 people shot in Brooklyn

Israelis on edge after heavy rocket attack

White House May Delay Surgeon General Nomination

Ancestry Gives Free Access to Irish Records through St. Patrick's Day.

Israel’s Reality Is Incomprehensible to the World

Southern California pastor held in molestation

There are two sides to every story

VICE, season opener

Sam Adams pulls funding from St. Patrick's Day parade over gay rights

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: Britain is ready for a gay Prime Minister

Learn How You Can Profit From The Ukrainian Crisis (click here).

CIA really out of line this time

U.S. cedes control of key Internet body

Norway: Group of 10 youths sentenced after luring and attacking gay man with fake dating profile

The laptop lives! :)

Gay Propaganda

US Navy surveillance aircraft P-8A Poseidon joins SAR (MH370 Search)

I'll watch my language so the faint-hearts don't alert.

Would flying at 45,000 feet have any effect on the passengers?

Tonight on "Vice": Billions of dollars being thrown away....this show is awesome.

Dear 1%: The Apostle James would like to have a word with you:

Bus Drivers Win $350 Million Lawsuit, By Banning Together

Foraminifera perhaps? (photomicrography)

Los Gatos transgender woman fights to join CrossFit strength competition

Malaysian Officials have concluded missing flight #MH370 was hijacked and steered off course


The Unhealthy Meat Market, NYTimes op-ed

Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Hijacked, Official Confirms

Russian diplomat 'stabbed' in Ottawa fight

Clergy help to pull the pieces of a neighborhood back together after East Harlem Explosion

Clergy help to pull the pieces of a neighborhood back together after East Harlem Explosion

Mitch McConnell summons G.W. Bush #McConnelling

From March 9: Sister of MH370 passenger calls brother and phone keeps ringing

Republicans want to allow states to reject federal laws

This woman could turn Texas purple — and it’s not Wendy Davis

Krystal Ball with absolute clairty The GOP is done

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ March 15th

Video links to Malaysia press conference

LA Times admits errors in Occidental College stories, fires reporter

Recent big news in Malaysian politics: Anwar Ibrahim strongest challenge to ruling coalition

Shelving / Storage solutions in small-ish space?

Greenspan: U.S. needs more H-1B workers, possibly unlimited

I want you to play with

The Unhealthy Meat Market, NYTimes op-ed

"President Obama..."

0k - If It's Conclusive That The Plane Was Hijacked Do You Think That Is Why The Last Few Days .....

Russia Plays the Anti-Semitism Card

The GOP is unhinged with their racism. Ryan's statement is proof positive.

In a perfect world

Malaysia Airlines’ logo, carried on its tails from the beginning, is an indigenous kite known as the

Good night

fyi - CNN now airing live news conference by Malaysian official re missing plane (n/t)

Malaysian Prime Minister news conference just began on BBC.

The New Republic is an unreliable source, but isn't? Who decides?

Fukushima No. 1 workers rally against Tepco

Malaysian presser: Plane either went to N. Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan or Southern Indian Ocean

I have a feeling it was a domestic terrorist group behind the MA 370 flight...

Oakland cops aim to scrap gunfire-detecting ShotSpotter (SFGate)

This would be my pick for #McConnelling

The Poem WV Officials Wanted To Ban: Grace Pritt reciting Black Diamonds by Crystal Good

Edward Snowden is a hero: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 3/10/14

New stratigraphic research makes Little Foot the oldest complete Australopithecus

Scientists to Unveil 'Major Discovery' at Astrophysics Center Monday

Bill Maher Goes There - 'God Is A Psychotic Mass Murderer'

Wind Leaves Nuclear Behind In China

Paul Ryan to meet black U.S. lawmakers after 'offensive' remarks

Pro-Russia protesters tell pro-Ukranian protesters to "get on their knees":

Dems Grapple With Dilemma On Keystone XL Pipeline

Progressive Caucus ‘Better Off Budget’ Plan: 9 Million Jobs in 3 Years

Why Russia calls a limited nuclear strike "de-escalation"

10 Things Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Protection Agency Has Done for You

Pssst ... it's almost dawn ...

World Bank employee survey on whistle blowing

The Pathetic Lives of Putin’s American Dupes

The Right's Crusade to Repeal the 20th Century

NBC Today Show TV interview with Jerry Sandusky's wife an insult to his victims

Meet the Corporate Shill Spending Millions to Keep Workers from Getting the Pay They Deserve

Male and female nudity in culture

I will not believe ANYTHING about flight 370

VPC Research Shows Dangers of Recent Court Decision Weakening California Concealed Carry Handgun Law

Will the Next Giant Oil Discovery Come from the Sky?

Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

Giant batteries: Going with the flow

U.S. Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

Will frackers cause California’s next big earthquake?

Vietnam coffee production suffers from extreme weather

Motley Zoo Saves Kittens in the Cutest Way Possible

What was the point of the Senate’s climate talkathon? Changing the terms of the political debate

10 famous geniuses and their drugs of choice

Beware a Woman Scorned: Sen. Feinstein Finally Goes after the CIA, not for Lying to and Spying on US

Here are 20 essential facts dog lovers must always remember.

Washington legislators reject Arne Duncan’s demand, refuse to force schools to teach to the test

How "Looking Forward" Tripped Up Obama

Furious Virginia Conservative Calls for Operation Chaos 2.0: "vote Democrat this year"

Budding RI pot dispensary gives glimpse of what could be in store for Massachusetts

Four Reasons Syria Refugees are a Bigger Story than Malaysian Air MH 370

Once upon a time the Democratic Party had structure, there were wards and bosses and goto folks. Now

Nuclear Accident at Indian Point: Consequences and Costs

Threatened Sargasso Sea Ecosystem Earns Protections

Mitch McConnell’s Tea Party disaster: How the buffoons he created can sink him

Anti-war march in Moscow:

yahoo comics is rebooting 'Doonsebury'. I recall when this first came out. it was rad and

Enabling The Illusion of Political Change: Bush, Obama, Brennan, Geithner, and Gates

Neocons Have Weathered the Storm

Science Prodigy Creates New Drugs That Fight the Flu

Time for CIA's Brennan to Go

As Nigerians Flee Northeast, Insurgents Gain Ground

Federal Investigative Agency Allegedly Snubbed Audio Tape of Scheme to Destroy VA's Healthcare Recor

Watching America's Imperial Empire Evolving Toward its Eventual Demise

The Midsummer Coal


CBS Fails to Disclose Energy Guest's Industry Ties

House Republicans Want To Sue The President For Not Arresting People For Marijuana

This isn't Ukraine Or Venezuela, This is Turkey Right Now — 11 Pictures Explain What's Happening

THE INTERNET OF SMELLS: Startups Race To Cash In On The Latest Fad

Beer makers drop out of St. Patrick's parades that ban openly gay marchers

Ban 'Bossy' and Reject 'Angry': Why We Must Stop the Mislabeling of Black Women

Helpful image showing last known possible location of MH370

Riches! A page of books on women's history all over the world

Fracking: ''Well Kittens it is""

US responds to Guantánamo Bay and NSA criticisms made by UN committee

Plouffe Sees ‘Screaming Siren’ Party Warning in Florida

Here’s What Two Generations of Women Journos Have to Say about Sexism at Work

Bin Laden capture: Doctor's sentence cut by 10 years

NASA/Goddard Study Models Irreversible Collapse Of Industrial Civilization Thx To Resources, Climate

California Drought Bites, But Any Possible Regulation Of Groundwater Elicits Squeals Of "Freedumb!"

Multiple employees at Milwaukee's VA Center under investigation

Name a B movie w/star power

I'm confused about "Common Core". Are we for it or against it?

Bullshit-Rich Harper Budget Slashes Environment To The Bone, Prattles "Clean, Safe & Sustainable"

Springtime On Dry Plains; Winds Power Dust Cloud 200 Miles Wide, 1,000 Ft High Across North TX, NM

Top 10 Myths About the Romans

Why Congress May Let Air Force Retire The A-10

Garbanzos with chorizo

Rerun of pilot episode of Resurrection on tonight at 8 pm Eastern.

US Criticized by UN for Human Rights Failings on NSA, Guns and Drones

Crete Carrier Corp. boosts drivers’ pay ($2,800 more each year versus the old rates)

The Ukrainian parliament has voted to dissolve the Crimean parliament

WV, environmental wasteland. Legislature passes law enabling fracking pollution. really.

The Crazy Ones canceled

Eric placeHolder. That's what we should call him.

Julius Peppers just signed with the Packers.....

Japan Stands by Apology to Its Wartime Sex Slaves

You know that movie, Sex, Lies and Videotape? "I can't stop thinking about garbage"

L.A. sues Time Warner Cable over past fees

Clean energy created nearly 80,000 ‘green’ jobs in the U.S. during 2013: report

Question for Skinner

GM may recover quickly from ignition switch recall

Told to share some evidence, Crime Stopper Chief, eats it in court

Who is in Charge of the Madhouse?

Kiev claims it repelled Russian troops in south Ukraine - live updates

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday March 15, 2014)

Spreading the Word on the Power of Atheism

Silent thread for passengers on board MH 370 and their loved ones.

Open Letter to a Too Small God

Contrary to some recent claims, the US makes full use of the Interpol passport database.

Buddhist Student, Religious Liberty Prevail In Louisiana

Elizabeth Warren Wastes No Time Campaigning Against Scott Brown

Shaheen wants to limit outside cash in Senate race

Elizabeth Warren reacts to news of Scott Brown's likely US Senate run

Language counts

Who exactly is "all about Putin"?

Irish PM Enda Kenny urged to back gay and lesbian groups in Boston parade row

Obama says enough people signed up to make U.S. healthcare law work

America is About to Lose One of Its Best Public Resource: Public Libraries

America is About to Lose One of Its Best Public Resource: Public Libraries

UN to Vote on Crimea Resolution as Ukraine Says it Repels Russian Forces

Would anyone here support Russia moving into Ukraine?

How do you get video to the front page?

Saw a request for a bartcop avatar

From the Urban Dictionary: TCOT

Ukraine crisis: Russians opposed to Putin

Expanding Medicaid would be 'sinful,' LePage says (Portland Press Herald)

Malaysia Airlines Expands Investigation To Include General Scope Of Space, Time


Iraq may legalize sex for nine year olds according to HRW.

today in women's herstory-15 march

In Moscow, tens of thousands turn out to protest Russian intervention in Ukraine (updated)

Trump Surprises No One By Announcing He Won't Run For New York Governor

Dreamfields-- miracle or scam...

Former New Hampshire GOP Chair Saves $1,000 A Month With Obamacare

Good news, bad news on jobs in state

Federal Report: Safety Wasn't A Priority For Metro-North

“Hide Your Schools, Hide Your Homes, Hide Your Children, ‘Cause He’s Wrecking it All.”

New York City Sanitation Commissioner stepping down

GOP leaders ready to quell states’ food stamp revolt

Are Dems Doomed?

NeoCons Have Weathered the Storm and now Back Shaping US Geopolitical Strategy (Ukraine & Putin)

Judge bars comptroller audit of charter schools

Stupid shit Steve Harvey says

In right-wing delusions, Obama's gun control plan is monarchy

Report: 95 Percent of the ATMs in the World Still Run Windows XP

Co-Pilot lived with his Parents

The Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism

Secret contract for "The Voice" says NBC can ignore fan votes and change rules at any time

Who would be in favor of adding this new feature to DU?

Russia vetoes U.N. resolution against Crimea referendum

Wireless electricity? It's here

Food pantries on the rise at US college campuses

In Defense of Religious Liberty

Out-Of-Control MTA Bus Hits Over A Dozen Parked Cars In Brooklyn

Motive? Malaysian Anwar Ibrahim strongest challenge to ruling coalition sentenced to 5 years 3/7/14

International Women’s Day rally for NYC to raise minimum wage

First Catholic mausoleum to open in Wisconsin Rapids

Russia vetoes UN resolution on Crimea's future

About the father being barred from the delivery room of his ex fiance

Ron Paul slams US on Crimea crisis and says Russia sanctions are 'an act of war'

Which Calvin & Hobbes Character Are You?

China's thirst for milk gives U.S. dairy farms a boost

I'm kind of superstitious about things. Are you?

Taxes, marijuana part of 3-way budget negotiation

The easiest way to incapacitate passengers without warning ...45,000 feet

Transnistria: Europe's other Crimea

Kiruna: How to move a town two miles east

How The Truth Is Made At Russia Today

Gillibrand to USDA: Don't close Farm Service Agency offices in New York

Might have been around 40 degrees here at sunrise,

A murmuration of starlings

The war between the CIA and the NSA.

March 15, 1887

What's the one song that makes you drive too fast?

Time for me to go, too.

For new Loungers, make sure you know what to do in case of fire.

Is this picture of Brit boy bander Harry Styles "Cultural Appropriation"?

Food porn: Wasabi by Morimoto in Mumbai

Saturday, March 15th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Car Dealers Are Terrified of Tesla’s Plan to Eliminate Oil Changes

47 Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World

The "invisible hand of the market" is really an extended middle finger

Boehner questions Senate unemployment deal

"Why I Called Lindsey Graham 'Ambiguously Gay'"

New York charter school "rally" was mandatory.

Another Free Trade disaster, and Obama owns it.

Predictably, WND has tantrum over DeGrasse's "Cosmos"

Howard Buffett (son of billionaire Warren Buffett) charity helps in fight against rhino poaching

Long Island hospital confirms flood of phone calls after insulin scare

Farewell True Detective. Your last episode nearly ruined you for me

Public School Advocates Protest ‘Quid Pro Cuomo’

Russia Vetoes UN Resolution On Crimea

FYI I just self deleted OP about Uighur passenger on MH370

At Women in the World, the Reality of Uganda’s Brutal Gay Ban

Bill Maher: Watch ‘Cosmos’ twice. ‘Once baked and once straight’ because it’s ‘good both ways’

Queen with Adam Lambert tickets now on sale half price and more through Groupon...

Hi, Oregon (especially Portland) residents!

Can someone please explain why ...

Any SF fans recall a short story entitled "A Subway Named Moebius"

Mousie had a seizure at 11:45.

State Senate supports city control of Yonkers schools

1,100 MW Solar PV Project Now Under Construction In China

GOP leaders ready to quell states’ food stamp revolt

LIVE RADIO NOW: Paul Ryan attack on inner city poor affects us all

Need updated info for these Appalachian Summer Music Festivals

I don't drink any more but I'm buying a bottle of Bell's Scotch.

Rand Paul and Berkeley: libertarian and leftwing hotbed find common cause

If I had friends or family on MH370 I'd be furious that authorities waited till now to search

Minnesota Adopts First Statewide Method for Calculating the Value of Solar Power

Appalachian Studies: Web Resources

Kingston gets favorable rating as place to spend retirement years

Pap and Seder: George Zimmerman – GOP Hero

California’s Grid Sets Two New Solar Energy Records in Two Days

I justed wanted to offer a big thanks...

Wind Leaves Nuclear Behind in China

4,000-year-old Dartmoor burial find rewrites British bronze age history

Infamous mass grave of young women in ancient city of Cahokia also holds men....

Pump up your oatmeal with ancient grains.

How to be Taken Seriously Following an Alternative Religion

Why not one more conspiracy theory to the missing Malaysian airplane?

Excess Wind Power Turned Into Gas in Denmark Using Hydrogenics Technology

I headed for SXSW last week

2013: A year of record highs for Danish wind energy

Rabbi Attacked in Kiev

Europe can wean itself off Russian gas

The Mammoth Cometh: Reviving an extinct species-the Passenger Pigeon

Toon: I've Been Fracked!

875,000 names on the 'watch list'

The Answer Is Turnout: Vote, You Jackass

Before Talking About Shooting College Professors, Austin Ruse Wanted To 'Take Out' Hillary Clinton

Just came from the Tucson Festival of Books! Ask me anything!

Crimea: Attacks, ‘Disappearances’ by Illegal Forces

Shit Makes The Flowers Grow.

Is the US using surveillance drones to look for the plane?

Offshore wind power's eye-popping capacity factors

Thousands march in Moscow to protest Crimea vote

DU has almost 213,000 users now. The size of a smallish city.

Russia: Media black-out ahead of disputed Crimea referendum

The other mysteriously missing vessel this week: a North Korean-flagged oil tanker

Putins Biker Gang deployed to Crimea

Pakistan cuts term for doctor who helped CIA find Osama bin Laden

An unhappy anniversary: Why the end of Bashar al-Assad is as far away as ever and how Syria’s rebels

Information escapes black holes?

OK, who did it? Who gave it to him??

Greed After Death- Or Something Like That. Billionaire buys largest life insurance polcy ever

If you haven't seen this Jon Stewart clip, Please watch it! Faux news decries food stamps

When was the Last time you visited San Francisco FISHERMANS WHARF?

France halts Monsanto maize planting by precaution

Leader of Ukraine’s Right Sector,..., rails against Putin, Russian military and Jewish oligarchs

China's geothermal energy could replace coal

Ukrainian crisis may split Russian Orthodox Church

Ukrainian crisis may split Russian Orthodox Church

California’s Geothermal Potential Largely Untapped

Idea for the pet owners allowing you to recycle old jeans.

Shake Your Head And Imagine....

India to US: Devyani Khobragade re-indictment unnecessary, can hurt relations

taterguy gone?!

Rainbow Demon

Russia Wipes Opposition Sites From The Internet

Man who Russian Embassy in DC turned away seeking asylum, held as potential suspect in slayings..


What are the top three things on your bucket list?

World's premier science journal posts article abt dangers of modern day chemicals

In case you missed it..Matt Taibbi leaves Rolling Stone for new digs.

Cell phone experts - important question

Russian Forces Seize Ukrainian Village Beyond Border, Hotels In Crimea Stormed By Masked Gunmen

CDC: Number of teens hooked on e-cigs might be greatly underestimated because many teens don't know

Lonely Boy. Ummm...I'm not sure how to describe this.

Another female scientist whose work was slighted by male colleagues

This is so sad!

Hey! I just had an, an, an epiphany!

Beware the Ides of March, Brutus!

McDonald seeks ban on tobacco displays- in pharmacies

When was the last Progressive Democrat in the White House ...???

The 25 Best Soups, In Order

Anti-police brutality march 'declared illegal', broken up

Colbert on Colorado: 'The Market Has Spoken and the Market Is Toking'

I'm thinking about changing the name of "Bad Cop, No Donut"

China widens currency's fluctuation against dollar

Tiger vs Dog Pack!

Hartmann: What is the White Man March all About?

Ya'alon: No Palestinian peace deal without Jewish state recognition

(Police) Officers' body cameras raise privacy concerns

"The Siege of Sevastopol Threatens War"-- (Crimean Situation, US & Russia)

New Hampshire state rep/tea party loon steps in it -again.

Animals can be so annoying

Birmingham police remove banners stating 'diversity = white genocide' along interstate

Senator Bernie Sanders on the 'New' Republican Party

Digital presence for bishops against gun violence

Digital presence for bishops against gun violence

Shocking racist tweets follow high school basketball win by all-white team

Geese 'lunching.'

Early voting bill is all about voter suppression - Eugene Kane - Journal Sentinel

LOOKING like spring!

2 Pro-Russian Activists Killed in Eastern Ukraine

Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science.

Ceres Report on Stresses on Groundwater Caused by Fracing

Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997 .

The Jeep Plant Mitt Romney Said Was Moving To China Is Booming In Ohio


Scott Brown v Jean Shaheen

Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane

Russian Companies Withdraw Billions From West, Say Moscow Bankers

Snowstorm Set to Sweep from St. Louis to DC

Bigfoot riding a unicorn....hehehe

Neil deGrasse Tyson: If You Don't Believe in Science, 'Just Move Back to the Cave'

Updated: Twitter has people envisioning what WhiteManMarch signs will look like. Funny stuff.

Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane

American philanthropist pledges $24 million to protect rhinos in flagship park

Salon: How did Irish-Americans get so disgusting?

Leader Of Ukraine’S Right Sector, Rev’s Enforcers, Rails Against Putin, Russian Military, Jewish...

Forrest Reviews Rascism

The Rubin Report: Noah's Ark Is Being Rebuilt

Jason Collins signs for rest of season with Nets

Six Egyptian Soldiers Shot Dead In Cairo

Clinton's Hawkish Appraisal Of Crimea Betrays Motives

50 ways to help the planet!

Mass. AG backing gay couple in lawsuit against Catholic Church

Evangelist Franklin Graham: Putin is better on gay issues than Obama

Dragnet Nation: Here’s How You May Already Be Getting Hacked

At one time I had 6 people ignoring me.

North Korea Threatens To Flex Nuclear Muscle

As of Thursday, I am now an Artist!

Hand Embroidered Jade Teapot Ornament

Safety Lapses Criticized After US Nuclear Plant Fire

Cellphone spying technology being used throughout Northern California

I just saw another anti Alex Sink commercial while watching CNN

What if they knew

Syrian forces enter last rebel bastion near Lebanese border

Comedian David Brenner Dies At 78

Stars call on UN to help Palestinian refugees in Syria

AP: South at heart of close fight to control US Senate

The White House Has Been Covering Up the Presidency’s Role in Torture for Years

Comedian David Brenner, ‘Tonight’ favorite, dies


A Couple of view up on Netflix...that are looking Good....

Accused fugitive won't be sent to Michigan (escaped prison in 1977)

How do I change my email address on DU


Really Congresswoman Bachmann?

Bernie Sanders about Working Overtime....

Food pantries on the rise at US college campuses

In Crimea, Russia’s Military Presence Raises Tensions in Ukraine’s Military

BORING sunset, not a cloud in the sky!

Family says brain-dead Jahi McMath showing signs of life

80,000 Medellin rail commuters stranded… again

Bigfoot In Mouth

Lindsey Graham on the future of the Republican Party ...

Actor Liam Neeson sticks up for Teamster-driven New York City horse carriages

San Francisco bans sale of plastic water bottles on city property

What would the end game of hijacking MH370?

Denver Pioneers use big second half to beat Ohio State in men's lacrosse

Anyone have a recipe for an excellent Irish lamb stew?

What I Said ....

nevermind. I can't post anything with out some stalker