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Resource Curse and Post-Soviet Eurasia - Oil, Gas & Modernization

CrossTalk: Crimea Votes! with George Galloway, Michael Hughes and Dmitry Babich

Don't be fooled by this bad argument in defense of the NSA

Know your BFEE: CARLYLE Group 'bound by the thread of turning government secrets into profits'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 March 2014

this is a great interview

What are you watching tonight at 9?

Barack Obama - Company Man, pt. 2: Obama’s Pacific Deal Would Deepen Income Divide

A few Sunday evening fractals (Dial-up warning)

I confessed my deepest darkest secret on Facebook today...

Mainstream US Media Is Lost in Ukraine

State TV says Russia could turn US to 'radioactive ash'

A sad motorcycle ride today

Share your ideas for stopping tornados

Port Authority killed 20,000 animals over 2 years

Colombia closes in on a peace deal that could end world's longest civil war

Bill Maher mocks GOP science deniers: ‘How much do we really know about facts?’

Neocons Have Weathered the Storm

Cosmos series on Fox

Seriously: When will we see a vote passing a raise in the min wage?

Paris restricts driving as pollution hits danger level

Biased US Media Attacks RT ‘Bias’

Italians fight drinking craze with books

Regarding Phelps.

FAIR: Will Twisted History of Georgian War Facilitate a Repetition?

CNN Don Lemon going live at 10 Sunday night, re: missing plane

Can someone fucking explain to CNN what it means to be "breaking news?"

For Sale -- NOT

(Buy American) Saving money and getting the right products

Greece protests over government plans to sell off historic national buildings

Surgery at home Graphic warning

16 killed in stampedes for jobs in Nigeria

Maya Angelou Poem~ The Mask

Should women who need maternity coverage pay more for insurance than those who don't?

Just mistook a damp napkin for a Pillsbury bisquit & almost broke a tooth n/t

If the airplane landed, could the "Black box" be removed and destroyed?

MY first snow at the cottage,

Look at the flowers.

Dennis Rodman won't return to North Korea if people don't want him to.

Florida man dressed as Rambo disarmed inside bar

Walking Dead - SPOILERS

World's first cyber hijack: Was missing Malaysia Airlines flight hacked with mobile phone?

Full court press to attack Attyn Gen. Kane -did she refuse to charge Black Phila. politicians?

Funny prank :) " just to make you laugh in this crazy world"

Fred Phelps was a Scam Artist.....Who was all about the money.

Eating is probably my favorite steroids and no humongous muscles ...

Louisiana Files Suit Against For Billboard Criticizing Jindal

Puppy: "People let me tell you about my best friend."

Michael Moore, Fred Phelps, and the Sodom-mobile. How not to fight hate with hate.

Oh no... who will protest at Fred Phelps funeral?

Is Fred Phelps dead yet?

Nevada Nuclear Test site flyover.

$5.8 million pistols?

"The Imaginary Epidemic of Envy in America"

Texas Gov. Perry throws support behind McConnell

Women pilots of WWII

Women pilots of WWII

MoveOn to be sued over its Billboard against Jidal for not expanding Medicaid.

Christine O'Donnell claims she was 'preyed upon' in Senate race

Japan does not recognize Crimea vote: government spokesman

Are there any Republican Politicians who are a) libertarian and b) pro-choice?

I'm only able to see page 1 of "My Posts".

20 Jokes That Only Intellectuals Will Understand

Exit polls: Crimea votes to join Russia

Attacks in central Nigeria claim more than 100 lives

Center-right Vucic emerges as Serbian election winner

Immigrant Activists Interrupt John Boehner's Breakfast (Video)

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob - Pareidolia

Maybe CNN'ers read DU

Mike Malloy - Crazy Pat & The Outage God

Mike Malloy - The KKK Is Misunderstood

California cop acquitted of murder now coaches little league baseball

Arne D. lets Pearson, others make and grade tests secretly to publicly grade teachers. Unfair.

Anyone ever had chia seeds before? I had 3 tbsps in a smoothie and I feel like

Is Bridget Kelly going to make a deal? Discussion on Up with Kornacki

Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch

A new poem, and some philosophy.

Name the movie

Great Infrographic from WaPo on MH370

Why not help Jamaica back to prosperity?

US Accelerates Delivery Of Weapons, Ammunition To Iraq

"Davis Closes the Gap to Single Digits in First Post-Primary Poll"

I have concluded bitcoin is a scam

LGBT Rights are Universal Human Rights

Wrinkled Mercury's shrinking history (BBC)

GOP zeal to avoid money frenzy could boost Dallas’ convention bid

GOP zeal to avoid money frenzy could boost Dallas’ convention bid

Paris car ban set to start after pollution hits high

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Best McConnelling Yet!

What is Fred Phelps in Hospice for?

Three siblings die in Beaumont shooting

Speak out: Time for a new Church Committee

Dumbass comment of the day: "I miss the old days when people were expected to be self-reliant..."

If The Plane Landed And Is Being Equipped To Be Used As A Weapon......

Could The Missing Plane Be Somewhere In China?.....

Had a doctor's visit on Friday.

Dog lovers campaign to save Phoenix pit bull who mauled 4-year-old

Study suggests too much is being spent on airport security

Stormy Monday, 3/17/14

In all honesty, to me, whether Fred Phelps lives or dies, is a moot point.

Hard Evidence!

Snowden was charged under the Espionage Act. Statute of limitations = 10 years.

Dr. Roger Leir, researcher of alleged alien implants, dies

DoD Statement on Boarding of Commercial Tanker Morning Glory

Obama Administration Cites 'National Security' More Than Ever To Censor, Deny Records

They are NOT like the "Patriots" of 1773

El Salvador ex-rebel's presidential victory confirmed

World’s most pristine waters are polluted by US Navy human waste

I can't stop teasing

U.S. Army General in Sexual Assault Case to Plead Guilty to Lesser Charges

Watch 3.1 Million People Get to Work in 60 Seconds

FEMA Agrees To Extend Housing Privileges For Sandy-Displaced NJ Residents

still image posted for future use (popcorn hoodie)

Navy Seals take over oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels

British army hails Afghanistan withdrawal as 'historic moment'

The Aldworth Giants

The Glorious Sport of Cockfighting

very nice st. patrick's day greeting from google!

10 Shameful Ways America Abuses Its Own Citizens

12 Facts You Need to Know About Retirement Crisis as Battle Over Social Security Is Far From Over

Why Income Inequality Is Going to Get Catastrophically Worse

By Lewis Lapham: How America's Spirit for Revolution Was Crushed

Crimea applies to be part of Russian Federation after vote to leave Ukraine.

The Town That Turned Poverty Into a Prison Sentence

Our DIY euthanasia: Letting go of the dog who rescued us

Are You Pooping Wrong?

Defense: Army general's deal drops sex assault charge

Guinness pulls out of New York's St Patrick's Day parade over gay rights

Thoughts on MH370 theory that it trailed another 777's shadow undetected?

Internet control. Big Mistake

Reince Priebus: Paul Ryan demonized ‘inner cities’ to help them

Crimea parliament declares independence after vote

Peace Parade marchers hope for a unified event next year

Peace Parade marchers hope for a unified event next year

At markets, Chavez successor falls short (toilet paper crisis worse)

Malaysia: Kazakhstan joins search for missing jet

George Herbert's poetry: Christian calling, struggle and self-doubt

Chavista beating woman with pipe

Dogs love us, says science – so we have to love them back

Crimea Vote provokes fear of Domino Effect in Eurasia: Turkish FM

Paul Ryan’s race flap even worse than it looks

Iraq’s Freedom Agenda shouldn’t Include Child Marriage and Summary Divorce

(in response to "Kiss me, I'm Irish") "F#ck me, I'm French"

Libertarians’ core ethical gap: Why their alliance with Christians is based on contempt

Eyes on Crimea, China makes its move

The Grotesque Ban On Gays In New York’s St Patrick’s Day Parade

Food for your Inner Leprechaun

Russia 1, Regime Changers 0

Democrats Must Run on Obamacare in November

Ukraine Readies to Resume Buying EU Gas

Chance of Wage Rise So Remote Lobbyists Pay Little Heed

Ron Paul Is Supporting Russia’s Illegal Occupation of Crimea

Strategic impatience on North Korea

Pork processing workers stand up for health care, fair contract

Hillary Deploys Iowa Army

Today in History, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day! )

Where GOP Can Strike Obamacare If It Takes Senate

Myth: Mostly teenagers work minimum wage jobs

Find something to be happy about today (Monday March 17, 2014)

All Secrets of Sibel Edmonds, or: Who Manages World Terrorism?

The Untaxed Americans: The Speculators, Hustlers, and Freeloaders of Wall Street

Crisis without World Police

Contaminated Water Supplies, Health Concerns Accumulate With Fracking Boom in Pennsylvania

Okinawa: “Windshield Falls from F-15” Would Have Been a Serious Incident in a Civilian Area

The gay ban of New York's St Patrick's Day parade is un-Irish

US expected to announce sanctions against Russia

The French way of cancer treatment — it's entirely humane

Hmmm, did I miss a new reveal from the Snowden cache?

Co-pilot spoke last words heard from missing Malaysian plane

Missing Malaysia plane flew at 5,000ft and used 'terrain masking' to avoid radar detection

Navy seals seized the North Korean ship full of oil

Matters related to Ukraine have nothing to do with either democracy

First photo ever taken

Half Of New Yorkers Are Paying Rent They Can't Afford

Rutgers Profs Protest Condi Rice As Graduation Speaker

10 years, almost to the day

House GOP fights for food-stamp cuts

8 Sneaky Racial Code Words and Why Politicians Love Them

Scarborough Fueling Speculation Of A White House Bid, Just Like The Last Time He Had A Book Out

SEALs take oil tanker from Libyan rebels

Earthquake in Los Angeles 06:26:15 AM, 03-17-2014.

Army folds a JBLM Stryker brigade after eight years and three tours

More good news: Polygamist Sect Leader Warren Jeffs Hospitalized

Topic Upworthy Readers Chose As Most Deserving Of More Coverage Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

America is NOT like Russia. Obama is NOT like Putin.

QUAKE! 4.7 almost directly underneath me

Britain's five richest families worth more than poorest 20%

4.7 Earthquake hits Westwood (Los Angeles)

What if all the lights go out?

Keynes, on how society will eventually view excessive wealth acquisition as a mental illness.

question about electric air and heat (combined unit)

On the Wrong Side of Globalization By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

Pap and Seder: Why Republicans Shouldn’t Use Twitter

Daily Beast Hog-Wash: Obama has four days to stop Putin.

Obama, EU impose sanctions on Russian officials after Crimea vote

Philip Pullman condemns the "terrible things" Islamic extremists have "done to young girls"

TOM TOMORROW: The Woman Who Took Birth Control

Corned Beef and Cabbage. I am looking for a good recipe.

Europe imposes first round of sanctions on Crimean, Russia officials

Fred Phelps’ Death Prompts Westboro Baptist Church To Protest His Funeral

Subway snafu sparks anger in Mexico City

Wyoming High Court Rejects Ruling that Protects Fracking Secrets

USA's Revolutionary Spirit Crushed -Today's 'revolutions' aimed not at liberating but controlling us

Abby Huntsman wants to lead her own generation into poverty

State of Iowa made secret settlements with workers

Saw this cute toon on FB

Jim Irsay arrested for DUI, possession of controlled substance

My view as a resident of Kiev Ukraine - 3/17 edition

Philip Mudd: Sitting Across from KSM Was Useful So Waterboarding Him 183 Times Was Too

The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Of Them Crazy

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Officials

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Nine)

Kunstler has an epic screed up

Tell your kids to vote!

It's rare that I can tolerate the sight of blood (health care 'toon)

Rupert Murdoch Has Had Enough Of 'Gay Orgs' Bullying And Taking Over St. Paddy's Day Parades

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Ten)

Bill Maher: GOP Foreign Policy Is About 'Whose Dick Is Bigger'

Philpott: Documents show Hagel's plans for commissaries

Florida Has NEVER Executed A White Person For Killing A Black Person

Delta Jet Loses Wing Panel During Orlando-Atlanta Flight

Tune in at 10:45am ET to see President Obama deliver a staetment from the Briefing Room on Ukraine

Google patches $310K worth of Chrome, Chrome OS bugs

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Eleven & Twelve)

New Survey Suggests Science & Religion Are Compatible, But Scientists Have Their Doubts

Editorial board: Time for Wyoming to say yes to gay marriage

Rangel ‘surprised’ at Sharpton comments

Obama has been clear: the U.S. will impose costs on those who undermine the sovereignty of Ukraine

Anita Hill's still standing 22 years later. I watched every minute of the proceedings, did you?

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Party of no responsibility

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Unwanted spy

Monday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Judge accepts plea deal in Army general sex case

Something that bothers me about the Ukrainian situation

If MH370 crashed in southern Indian Ocean it wouldn't be seen or heard (average depth 11,000 feet)

Firefox is still the least secure web browser, falls to four zero-day exploits at Pwn2Own

Here's what is really important about the accusations against PA. AG Kane

Soaring Brooklyn rents have tenants searching for more affordable apartments — in Manhattan

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Thirteen) (THE REFERENDUM VOTE)

Ukraine: a local crisis with global repercussions

KS Dem gubernatorial candidate wants to expand Medicaid.

Mainframe Brain Drain Raises Serious Concern

KTLA anchors dive under a desk live on TV as an earthquake hits (pic)

Dan Patrick, David Dewhurst To Debate For Wealthy White Men Behind Closed Doors

What's Really Offensive About Paul Ryan's Remarks

Taliban issues comical statement re: MH370

What happened to basketball in Illinois and Indiana?

Letterman to O'Really: “We don’t go calling people thugs” receiving audience applause."

Stiglitz: On the Wrong Side of Globalization (TPP, TTIP, FTAs)

The Hightower Report: The Flim Flam of the Employment Policy Institute

Texas Tea Party Leader, Version 3.0

Is Alaska's Pebble Mine the Next Keystone XL?

It’s Sad Seeing How Much My Hometown Has Changed Since That Level 7 Nuclear Accident

FEINSTEIN: 'There's a drone facing me'

Opening Day in 12 days and look at this:

Frank Zappa's prescient tribute to our NSA NATIONAL SECURITY STATE

South Texas Has Dozens of Adult Day Centers - and Austin Has Just One

Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed

First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment) | First Kiss Video

SXSW Crash Update: Capital Murder Charge for Rashad Owens; Victims Remain Hospitalized

GOP Lawmaker Thinks Businesses Ought To Be Able To Deny Service To Black People

Everything I Learned About Life I Learned From The Current House Majority

Koch Group Abandons Obamacare 'Horror' Stories After Fact-Check Backlash

Taxation, Texas

Americans are the loneliest, most isolated people

Paul Krugman Shreds Paul Ryan's Remarks On Poverty

Hurley Town Board sets public hearing on proposed fracking moratorium for March 19

Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed

Religion Kills Two More Children

Puking Isn't Just for St. Patty's Day

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Western Pa. nuclear dump may have more waste than thought

John McCain, cranky, warmongering madman, again: Why does the New York Times print these lunatic rav

Cuomo: Skip your taxes, lose your license

“Code words for race”: What’s really behind GOP’s poverty and welfare obsession

Buc-ee's owner shifts to reverse; stresses support of LGBT community

Calls for gay rights protest at Fred Phelps’ funeral

Why Is non-ALEC Member Texas House Speaker Joe Straus Hosting An ALEC Party?

Who will go to Fred Phelps’ funeral?

Heart-breaking ad showing woman suffering from Obamacare is B.S.

Questions about cell phones aboard the Malaysian plane

Louisville, defending champ and #5 ranked team in the country...

Australia: Solar PV to replace coal as “incumbent” technology

Manufacturing Production in U.S. Rises by Most in Six Months

Pension privacy case on top NY court’s docket


Did missing plane fly in the shadow of another 777? A very interesting theory about the MH370.

Sanction Russia? Reagan Tried It With No Luck

today in women's herstory-17 march

The Rude Pundit-Advice for Democrats Running for Senate, Part 1: Stop Cowering from Obamacare

Paul Krugman Shreds Paul Ryan's Remarks On Poverty

Fannie Mae Wind-Down Deemed Threat to Home Recovery

KTLA anchors hit the deck when an earthquake strikes while they're on the air

In case anyone is interested - here is a good explanation of why we remember St. Patrick:

New Panel Will Consider Port Authority Reforms

Why Abbas thinks Jewish state is a ‘delusional myth’

The New Republic Of Veneto? Venice To Vote On Seceding From Italy

FACT SHEET: Ukraine-Related Sanctions (updated)

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend: Racism Edition

More Lubbock Lunacy

Danny Boy ..... Happy St. Pats DU

Is Obama to blame for the Crimea crisis?

Louisiana Suing For Billboard Criticizing Bubba Jindal!

I just cracked the DU lack of analysis code

Argentina currency crisis is no joke

(Bill) Clinton: Say What You Want About Putin, But He's 'Pretty Transparent'

Russian Pol Snarks At 'Comrade' Obama After U.S. Slaps Him With Sanctions

Not yet...not yet...not yet...not yet...

Mick Jagger's girlfriend L'Wren Scott dead in apparent suicide

the Ven Guardia Nacional making an arrest


Let's not give Phelps and his incestuous band

Russian government is amused at White House 'sanctions'

Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed-Smoking gun proof found of key Big Bang process

Another request for the group:

6 percent of NY school budgets seek cap override

Foreign lands are not Cartoon Monoliths

House/Senate votes 3/17/14

Edwin Edwards will announce run for Congress on Monday, sources say

Secrets inside an airplane’s black box

Want to see the sort of people who read WND faithfully?

Murdoch wants a boycott of Guiness?

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/17/14

The steady drumbeat of the DEMS losing big in the midterm has started ...

Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers

For those wondering if Duke won...

Lawmakers vowing to fight for DREAM Act, driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 3/17/14

The Little Protest That Could

Debunking the Top 10 Most Egregious Republican Lies

Here's some Chieftains for your St. Paddy's Day!

A History Of The Republicans In Three Campaign Pins Or Less

Crimea votes for Russia; World Markets rise. What's going on?

Statement by the President on Ukraine

I hope y'all appreciate that I stayed here so I could take pics like this for YOU!!!

Journalist Tom Ricks 'Beginning To Believe The Worst' About Greenwald And Snowden


VOTE TOMORROW! Illinois primary time.

Just wanted to let you know I survived the earthquake

100 serial rapists identified after Detroit finally processes untested rape kits

Judge rules against creationist teacher who called Buddhist student’s faith ‘stupid’

Why taking over the Senate may not do Republicans much good

Guardian editor receives European Press award for Edward Snowden story

Journalist Tom Ricks 'Beginning To Believe The Worst' About Greenwald And Snowden

Saint Patrick's Day Star Trek style

L’Wren Scott, Fashion Designer, Mick Jagger's Girlfriend, Is Found Dead, Official Says

Head Of GOP Women's PAC:-Women Are "Too Busy" For Equal Pay

Iran Says It Foiled Sabotage Attempt On Arak Reactor

Paris car ban stopped after one day

Sex and the Startup: Men, Women, and Work

Report: Many Americans Intend To Stay Without Health Insurance

Whats wrong with the "N" word? nothing, it appears

DiNapoli nixes bridge painting contract

The Chieftains: Up Against the Buachalawns

Sen. Whitehouse Ties Republican Inaction, Denialism on Climate Change to 'Citizens United'

The Huffington Post's Predict-o-Tron

The poor neglected gifted child

Judge Accepts General’s Plea Deal in Sexual Assault Case

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others question lack of prosecutions for mortgage fraud

U.S. Navy SEALs Take Control of Diverted Oil Tanker

Fuzzy, wuzzy cuties!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others question lack of prosecutions for mortgage fraud

On Democracy and Orchestrated Overthrows in Venezuela and Ukraine

100 serial rapists identified after Detroit finally processes untested rape kits

St. Patrick's Day Sheep Dog Trials

If the plane is found on land, how will the public find out?

Something You Don’t See Very Often: Self-Sacrifice

Arizona jury to consider again death penalty for Jodi Arias in September

Oregon Attorney General Rules Against Backers of Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Ballot Measure

Soldier shot in head is latest Venezuela unrest death

Happy Birthday, Alice Greenough Orr !!

Flu risk 'cut by vigorous exercise'

McCain On New Russia Sanctions: Only Weaker Response Is 'Doing Nothing'

How to Pee Outdoors

Warm, Wet Climate Likely Helped Genghis Khan Conquer the World

An Inspired Lunch Puts Brunch to Shame.

Meet Hollywood’s Awful Anti-Vaxx All-Stars

Oh, Crimea River!

Ruddy to 'Morning Joe': Newsmax Ready For Major TV Launch

The NRA Versus Public Health

My Love - Westlife

Boeing 777 used low altitude 'terrain masking' manoeuvre practised by fighter jets...

California man arrested near US-Canada border on terror charge

The new normals come fast these days (snow edition)

TWO crew members of mystery plane had flight simulators at home: Now steward on board

Leticia Van de Putte As LG Better for GOP State Senators Than Dan Patrick - And They Know It

FitzWalkerstan strikes again...

Richard Dawkins Highlights US Atheist's Video on Agnostic Atheists, Agnostic Theists

China: No whining about hijackings

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 18: Carson on TCM

More than 100 lawmakers support pay raise for direct caregivers

Want to see just how stupid World Net Daily is?

Ten Years of Religious Discrimination in France

Shanghai's 'underground' Catholic leader dies

Fred Phelps is Dying

Crimea Vote: 83% of Eligible Voters. Salaries & Pensions (SS) to Double. Retirement Age Drops:

The U.S. doesn't suck at hockey after all!

How Progressives Need Answers From Hillary Clinton On TPP, KXL, Wall St & More

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 19: Star of the Month: Mary Astor

City Council Proposal Would Give Unpaid Interns Right To Sue For Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ March 17th - Happy St P's day!

Debate: Is ACA helping or hindering US Healthcare. Me vs. Dee Dee Benkie at Healthcare Conf in April

Debate: Is ACA helping or hindering US Healthcare. Me vs. Dee Dee Benkie at Healthcare Conf in April

We live in Western PA. My wife wants to get her CNA since she is basically doing the job of a

On air earthquake.

Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs hospitalized

Well now. Finally. Demons it seems, and their cruel possession

Toyota halts car production in India amid labour row

Federal judge approves profit-sharing agreement and land claim settlement between Oneidas and NYS

(Russian) Billionaire Fridman’s L1 Buys RWE Unit for $7.1 Billion

The ADD/ADHD group is now up and running...

The ADD/ADHD group is now up and running...

Rocky Road to Dublin

If you want loony republicans, just look to state legislatures.

Pat Robertson: Horror Movies Cause Demonic Possession

Opposable thumbs are overrated.

Here's something to remember...

And so I said to Rupert . . .

The lengths some will go to defend religious wingnuts is appalling.

Dan Bern fans check in here

Russia's Putin decrees Crimea 'sovereign' and 'independent'

Top Liberal Scholar Calls On Justice Ginsburg To Resign

I have the Irish music channel on Pandora...

The Forgotten Coup

If you could play a professional sport at its highest level, what would it be?

More bullying of bronies. :(

the Internet Slam Dunk

Sen. Graham's Campaign Ad Is All About Sticking It To Obama On Benghazi

CNN asks whether maybe God stole Flight 370

Food rave of the day (3/17): pasta

Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA [amateurism]


The President's Sanctions on Russia:

I Will Not Picket the Funeral of Fred Phelps

"I wish they'd find that airplane so cable news can go back to focusing on other stories they have

You wouldn’t ask your doctor for acting lessons…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others question lack of prosecutions for mortgage fraud

Science is Hard, but it is easy to see it is right

Defying Sanctions, Putin Declares Crimea Independent.

New Semtex used in Belfast bomb attack, claim dissidents.

Priest: 'Pure American' billboard with assault weapon 'disrespectful'

iPad mini price in 2013

Pisssssss off Murdoch and Happy St Pats to DU

Marching Out Of a Dictator's Nightmare: Student Movement Paves Way For Chilean President

More graffiti

U.S. reviewing Ukraine military aid request.

Bill de Blasio Hails ‘Win, Win’ Paid Sick Days Legislation

Watch Jim Harbaugh do push-ups with a giant walrus

So what happens if Russia continues to trek westward?

At 11 years old, my cat just now figured out The Most Important Cat Rule.

Mormon church tells women's group not to protest

Old dog, new tricks

Senate Investigation of Bush-Era Torture Erupts into Constitutional Crisis (The Nation)

A happy 7th-year anniversary for me and my girlfriend

Sitting out the 2014 election is a vote for the GOP

I have 2 questions that no one has asked about the missing plane...

Icicles, anyone???

Senator Sanders: Immoral Income Inequality

My Latest Rant Against the Machine

Republicans unbeatable; Joe Scarborough proves just how dumb he is

Request to Alex Wagner...

US Media Ignores 7 US Drone Strikes On Yemen In First 12 Days Of March

On Democracy and Orchestrated Overthrows in Venezuela and Ukraine

On Democracy and Orchestrated Overthrows in Venezuela and Ukraine

Keeling Curve -- Climate change's most iconic research project is in danger

Isn't this considered "creepy" cyberstalking behavior?

Legislators taking steps now to reduce gun violence this summer

This is why organizations like Planned Parenthood Action are important...

So I decides to play with my food last night.

Walmart and more business owners need to understand this....

Brazil President's Appeal to Poor and Unschooled Voter Bodes Well for Her Reelection

Odd Things Other Countries Warn About Travel in the USA

Politicians Discussing Global Warming (scuplture by Issac Cordal)

Green skyline greets St. Patrick’s Day dawn over Dallas

Texas makes final push for insurance enrollment

Boehner fact checked on Obamacare: Yeah, he lied

Came face to face with a poisonous spider today and didn't get bitten

Lawmakers worried about new painkiller drug

Obamacare officially hits 5 million enrollees

I don't like a mystery where the story is told in first person, SPOILERS

Obamacare Enrollment Has Now Reached 5 Million

Why is a Republican victory in 2014 unstoppable, inevitable,a sure thing

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here are three songs and pic to celebrate!

Economic War with Russia: A High Price for German Business

NSA likes Cookies as much as Cookie Monster -

McCain Would Be 'Honored' If He Were Banned From Russia

Convicted sex offender wins 10 million, re-offends for the 7th time.

Grumpy Cat met a Leprechaun once...

Tight on the Right: Germany's NPD Maintains Close Ties to Svoboda

Suspect sought after SC man attacked for belching

Canada defends seal hunt in appeal to ban exports to Europe

Here's my hangup about the missing Plane...

Christian chiropractor’s ‘commune’ of women part of discount massage ‘cult,’ parents say

Man rents out his home, comes home to find orgy featuring plus-size women and stuffed animals

L.A. Subway Was Target of Wannabe al-Qaeda Terrorist, Feds Say

Here's why we are going with Covered California

Wisc. lawmaker blocks cancer treatment bill after insurance lobbyist brother opposes it

EU statement on Crimea

Moscow Agrees to Ukrainian Aerial Inspection of Russia

AP source: US Navy ship quitting search for plane

One of many from Irish Abroad .com!

Obama's Response to the Crimea Vote Is Measured, So Far

Awkward: GOP women’s PAC leader says women too ‘busy’ to need equal pay laws

MSNBC Host Touré Backs ‘Electable’ Hillary over ‘Inexperienced’ Elizabeth Warren

Intense talks continue over Crimea observers

Former ‘economic hitman’: U.S. ‘death economy’ brought world to brink of destruction

Which Star Trek:Next Generation character are you?

Fred Phelps' Funeral Will Not Happen, According To Westboro Baptist Church Member

Which Place Is More Sexist: The Middle East Or Latin America? Very interesting read...

Austin is Texas' Drunkest City

FOX: "Still no word on how Obama is to blame"

Larry King to Interview Steve Grand (Gay Country Singer) on RT America Tonight!

Rollin down

President Of Company That Tainted West Virginia’s Water Wants To Be Paid During Bankruptcy

Starving College Students and the Shredded Social Contract

John McCain, cranky, warmongering madman, again: Why does the New York Times print these lunatic rav

Everybody knows that Putin is BAD,

The Missing White Poor

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau gets 10-year sentence

"There’s no moral difference between a stealth bomber & a suicide bomber. Both kill innocent people"

Skin-tight space suits 'support astronauts' bones' (BBC)

Exclusive: Russia Will Sanction U.S. Senators

What/who is "The West"?

A little history - When the Soviets liberated Auschwitz - an account by one of the Soviet officers

WBC excommunicated Fred Phelps after daughter lost power struggle with male elders

Green screen closeup....

Stem cell 'breakthrough data inappropriately handled' (BBC)

Marijuana study for PTSD treatment in veterans wins federal backing

For your St. Patrick's Day pleasure...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, comrades.

To XP or not to XP . . . ?

Pensiongate? Christie Campaign Donors Won Huge Contracts While trumpeting “pension reform”

McCain Calls U.S. Military Support For Ukraine "Right And Decent"

Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat Biotech Corn Engineered to Kill It

Putin to Address Russian Parliament on Crimea Accession

Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat Biotech Corn Engineered to Kill It

First the gay camel's nose under the scriptural tent, then...?

Did you guys see what launched today?

Federal Government Signs Off On Study Using Marijuana To Treat Veterans' PTSD

Fast-Food Protests Planned For Several U.S. Cities Tuesday To Spotlight 'Wage Theft'

I took Mousie to the vet at 8am.

Head Of GOP Women's PAC Flubs Equal Pay Question

Charles Pierce talks good sense about Obama M.O. on Crimea

Dumb Criminals: UFO Conspiracy Theorist Arrested On Child Porn Charges Claims Government Hoax

Obama desperately needs a Plan B

Former Catholic Diocese of Scranton priest, named as a child abuser, now is a vicar in Paraguay

Detroit-Area Man Accused Of Supporting Hezbollah

As an Irish Decendant...CAN'T WE HAVE BETTER FOOD????

I have a question about planes "Transponders".....

Do you believe the United States of America is currently primarily a force for good in the world or

Pregnant Minivan Mom Has Been Beating Her Stomach: Officials

The Things You Learn When You Give a Dog an MRI

You guys are going to LOVE this! My Ex, the one that threw me away came up to me a moment ago...

Putin using Crimea to pander to simple

I want to thank Fred Phelps........

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue (MH370)

NFL needs to step up and help one of its own (Irsay)

Why doesn't the Long Island Medium meet the MH370 families?

Former employee comes out against gas and electric company Palmco

So, When does the GOP connect the missing airliner to BENGHAZI?

Flyers fans had hockey jerseys censored at Penguins game

My niece's reaction to having health insurance:

Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions

Apparently, CNN is calling Fred Phelps death too close to call...

“The whole British argument in the famine was that the poor are poor because of a character defect”

Appalachian Mountain Music & Dance Videos

WARNING! Happy St. Patricks Day....But "The Carnival is Over"...from "The Dead Can Dance"

Bill lets special-ed students opt out

Alabammy politician objects to school curriculum, he says McCarthy was right.

Sen. Graham: President Must Side with Openness About CIA and 9/11

82 Senators Sign AIPAC Letter To Obama On Iran

Russia's Eleven: Who Are the Officials the U.S. Has Sanctioned?

Another adoptee commits suicide: Fashion designer L'Wren Scott,girlfriend of Mick Jagger, found dea

Church Committee staff: NSA 'dwarfs' past spying scandals

Weekly Address: Rewarding Hard Work by Strengthening Overtime Pay Protections

Weekly Address: Rewarding Hard Work by Strengthening Overtime Pay Protections

Israel's War on American Universities

The Fragile Promise of the Pan-Orthodox Council

The Fragile Promise of the Pan-Orthodox Council

On The Beach

Boeing 777-200 Somali Pirate "chop-shop" theory

President Obama's 2015 Budget

Our De Facto President: John McCain Returns to Kiev

White House White Board: President Obama's 2015 Budget

LGBT Ugandans tell us how to be helpful advocates for them

TECHDIRT: Will Cheese Derail TAFTA/TTIP?

Rich people taking all their profits off the top-leaving nothing for the 99%—We've heard this before

Soviet Era Tupolev TU-195 Bomber Listed On eBay For $3 Million

Oops!Christie Port Authority appointees kept campaign manager informed on fallout from GWB

Wow, the women's bracket is as full shit as the men's...

Seriously, how awesome are polar bears?

Heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon Has Died

Church Hill police: Wife stabs husband in chest, claims he was "worshipping the NASCAR race"

Climate Change and the Roughest Iditarod on record ....

Londongrad Dealmakers Face Sanctions Hit After $180 Billion Boom

Defense Opens In Trial Of Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law; Judge To Rule If KSM Testimony Can Be Used

TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Gets 10-Year Sentence

This is Joe McCarthy

NYC Comedian Returns To Find Sex Party In Apartment