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Gauntlet Returns This Summer

Brazil says IMF reforms key to helping countries in need

Documents: Christie Port Authority appointees kept campaign manager informed on fallout from GWB....

Jordan condemns Israeli 'escalation' on Temple Mount

Luckovich Toon: Lost and Clueless

Obama tells Abbas risks for peace are needed

South Dakota GOP lawmaker: KKK business owners deserve right to ban blacks and gays

Bassett hound clown car... incredible!

For the love of God, watch for motorcycles.

Bill would let young people pre-register to vote

Who Benefits From Ukraine’s Economic Crisis? (Hint: Not Average Ukrainians)

Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: al-Qaida in 'war of attrition' with US

Grilling high is now legal..


thank God john mccain is not president.

Fox News' Latest 'ACA Horror Story' Is United HealthCare's Fault

What do you eat with your peanut butter?

Orlando home prices rise, along with number of listings

"The Trusting Heart" by Dorothy Parker

"The Trusting Heart" by Dorothy Parker

Which would you prefer?

Netflix CEO Wants To Dump Local School Boards

Designer Scott, girlfriend of Jagger, found dead

Sign petition against priest serving on board of hate group

The DREAM Act Comes Up Two Votes Short In New York State Senate

Koch Group Abandons Obamacare 'Horror' Stories After Fact-Check Backlash

Faux News Explains Temblor in California

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Erin Go Braugh! & a new kitteh gif!

For anyone who doesn't have cable or netflix

"U.S. administration says Obamacare enrollment tops 5 million"

Is there a provision for removing inactive hosts from groups?

Fashion Faux Pas? Free Trade and Sweatshop Labor in Guatemala (US stores)

Fashion Faux Pas? Free Trade and Sweatshop Labor in Guatemala (US stores)


FDR 'Second Bill of Rights' Speech Footage - VIDEO

An extra benefit from my new ACA coverage - I can spend money!

"Americans Stick With Obamacare as Opposition Burns Bright"

US military may hand over Afghan war equipment to Pakistan

Calling all DUers who were children in the 50's and 60's..your expertise is needed

Anti-Semitic "cuddly" animals in NYC?

So much for those Exit Polls in Crimea

Launch of Gender-Based Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative

Nate Silver relaunches "FiveThirtyEight"

Palestinians Split in Gaza as Hamas Blocks Fatah Rally

Foreign Investors in Russia Vital to Sanctions Debate

Backsplash and range hood.

Titles from my personal DVD collection - some of the movies I loved so much I wanted to own them:

This classical thing has always been bad luck for me - Berlio

If there is a Phelp's funeral

Red State Women PAC leader: Woman "Too Busy" For Fair Pay Act

How curbing climate change can prevent Russia from becoming a superpower

Kitchen dancing, of sorts ;-)

A message from the President of the United States

Mob threats aside, Pope Francis will pray with victims of organized crime

Mob threats aside, Pope Francis will pray with victims of organized crime

*Rachel's guest, coming up,

Prosecutors: Former Hialeah Mayor Robaina kept mistress with secret cash

Fox News Employee Admits She Watches CNN For News

Happy St. Patrick's Day DU!

Video of jetpack flight:

Remember this...

If you magically knew the exact location of the missing jet, could you get anyone to listen?

Malaysia Airlines Adjusts Timeline for Flight 370's Final Communication

What is this picture of......look closer.......

DU 2014 NCAA Pool on Yahoo

What if Putin had been drone killing people in Venezuela for the past 10 years?

Lawsuit: Calif. high school staffer asked 2 students to do campus drug sting

Florida man hacks boss to death in front of 20 terrified diners after his picture posted to Facebook

I just wanted to say...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 18 March 2014

lets have a civil factual debate aboug E-Cigs

Get Shaved In The Face!

Law Students At Chris Coons' Alma Mater Slam His Vote Against DOJ Civil Rights Nominee

California Asian-Americans show strength in blocking affirmative action revival

Intresting Take on MH370

Just on the Mpls/st paul peace bridge 3/19 at 4:30pm-5:30pm 11th anniversary U.S. war on Iraq

Tuskegee 2

I submitted questions on Saturday, Mar 15.

The possible landing or crashing zone of MH370 (PIC):

Computers That Know What You Need, Before You Ask

Texas AG Greg Abbott seeks stay of 2 other same-sex marriage cases during appeal of judge’s ruling

Texas AG Greg Abbott seeks stay of 2 other same-sex marriage cases during appeal of judge’s ruling

3/17 thru 3/28 Make a Drone, 3/18 6:30pm Movie about Drones, Fresno CA

Join us on March 20 in St. Paul for "Lonely Soldiers: Women at War in Iraq"

Today in Disgusting: Getting Rich By Locking Up Grandpa

On Democracy and Orchestrated Overthrows in Venezuela and Ukraine

Child organ trafficking ring busted by Mexican police

Family of 'affluenza' teen settles with victims' families

University Park grandmother gets 14 years in federal prison in child porn case

Pit Bull Receives 'Good Canine Award' for Saving Brooklyn Park Boy

If he is bad, we must be.....

Lost Jet’s Path Seen as Altered via Computer

Having watched my cat torture his share of small animals...

Play: "The Things They Carried" by Vietnam Vet author Tim O'Brien.

Hypocrites! Tea Party Silent On 1.2 TRILLION Dollars of Corporate Welfare In US Budget

Recently Declassified USAF Space Surveillance Program Pushes Orion Flight Test to December

The Blind Date

Nick Sagan on 'Cosmos,' Carl, and his "strange childhood"

Maddow on Sanctioning Russia, and the BBC on Russia wanting to sabotage the US economy in 2008

The Plane

I may not have been in the loop enough to have seen this video earlier (may be NSFW)

Will the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ever be resolved?

It's written in the stars above, and in every line in your palm, we are fools to make war ...

Moscow’s Largest Gay Club Closes after Vigilante Attacks

Nights like these, it would suck to be a police officer

What Washington can learn from Colombia’s genius plan to lift millions out of poverty

Only a republican would be this stupid...

Pro-War and Pro-Empire: Media’s Reporting on Ukraine as Terrible as It Was on Iraq

[NY] State Senate Rejects Bill Granting Tuition Aid to Illegal Immigrants

A Canadian, a Texan, and a tea bagger walk into a bar

Medal of Honor for US war heroes denied award by prejudice

North Country Blues

Aaahh! Spider Mites

Mousie wanted me to send you this:

I am at a bar on the strip and let me tell you...

Journalist Tom Ricks believes in 7 degrees of Separation and reports on them ...

But how many can fit in a phone booth?

Income Inequality Soars With Five UK Families Wealthier Than Bottom 20%

Illinois voters to pick GOP governor nominee

Is John Brennan a muslim?

Missing Malaysia plane: Chinese territory searched

Feds: 9/11 mastermind's testimony should be barred

The Very Real Politics of Postmodern White Nationalism

Independence from Rome! Venice floating away unnoticed as Crimea steals show

The scariest speech ever given.

Arctic Methane on Tenterhooks?

Malaysia Jet - Which Theory Seems Most Likely to You?

Norway gets new Arctic spy ship

US congressman celebrates Hemingway legacy in Cuba

Videos posted in tribute to Tony Benn, 1925-2014

Peking Man DID create fire: Soil from the early human's home suggests he could warm his cave 750,000

Please send letters to Senate Finance Committee opposing SB 182

The Ukrainian Revolution & the Future of Social Movements

Anybody else thinking this might be an "EgyptAir Flight 990" scenario?

Should the U.S. spend more time supporting democracy, or expanding capitalism?

Outing the Deep State-yet another major writer picks up on this.

Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War

Calling upon Netanyahu and Abbas to come to an agreement based on the 1967 borders.

CNN’s Don Lemon wonders whether God took the plane to Heaven.

Republican solution to unemployment

Maddow's first 20 minutes last night was a must see. Putin's deal with Exxon.

Are Prison Labor Companies Lobbying to Keep Prisoners in Jail for Nonviolent Offenses?

While US Invests in WWIII, China Builds Largest Solar Plant to Date Powering Many Homes

Libertarians’ Ethical Gap: Why Their Alliance with Christians Is Based on Contempt

Cockfighting in England

Cock Thrashing

How the Unaccountable CIA Went off the Rails on Torture and Kidnapping, and No One Is Responsible

5 Reasons to Consider a No-Strings-Attached, Basic Income for All Americans

My Latest Theory On What Happened To The Missing Plane......

If I lived in Crimea, I would have voted to leave the Ukraine and join Russia.

It's Payback Time for McDonald's -- Lawsuits Could Force Company to Hike Wages

Congress unlikely to act quickly to give IRS regulatory powers over tax preparers

Greenpeace sues Russia over Arctic 30 detention

China finds no terror link to its nationals on jet

Shell shuts down Nigeria export terminal because of oil pipeline leak

Neil deGrasse Tyson Squashes Creationist Argument Against Science on National TV

$5 million bail for $10 million Mass. Lottery winner charged with sex crimes

As Putin recognizes Crimea, his other Client, Syria, Goes on the Offensive

France May Cancel Mistral Warship Contract for Russia

Nancy Pelosi Admits That Congress Is Scared Of The CIA

Moldova's Trans-Dniester region pleads to join Russia

More graffiti

Mousie went across the Rainbow Bridge at 6am.

America Is Too Broke to Rescue Ukraine

Official prophecy of doom: Global warming will cause widespread conflict, devastate global economy

Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War

Meta Data is Dossiers by Another Name

And they seem to be so sweet.

Airlines scale back Venezuela operations: report

Babylon 5 demonstrated how a guy like Putin thinks

Economic War with Russia: A High Price for German Business

Apple, Microsoft Hoard Cash – US Taxpayers Pay the Bill

'No Reason for Concern': Energy Exec Says Ukraine Crisis Not Bad for Business

Paul Ryan Isn't the Wonk of Washington – It's Time to Listen to More Good Ideas

[344] NATO Leaves US Behind in Afghanistan, Debating Ukraine & Cenk Uygur Breaks the Set

Lap of Luxury: German Firms Spruced Up Yanukovych's Villa

NASA: Human civilization will experience major collapse in a few decades

Scandal from old Baltimore’s high society: asylum inmates turned into slaves for the wealthy

Literary Sensation: The Rise of a Danish Immigrant Poet

America Has a Black-Market Problem, Not a Drug Problem

Crimea Sanctions: Europe Should Impose Stiffer Penalties

War-Weariness As an Excuse - By William (Bill) Kristol

Rep. Gerry Connolly Mocks Darrel Issa as the "gift that keeps on giving" for Dems

Madness is when the voices in your head become so loud that you can't afford to not answer them. nt

From Kiev to Beijing … and Taipei

How come prices always go up, year after, groceries,

Abenomics hits the rails

The Seven Things That Make WISGOP's Platform the Craziest in the Nation

The Seven Things That Make WISGOP's Platform the Craziest in the Nation

Bleak outlook for Afghan drug war

This stupid SOB STILL don't get it!!!!

Where is proof that Ukraine's revolution was orchestrated by the West?

Women of These Hills - 3 Cultures of Appalachia (Video)

Romney Blames Obama's 'Terrible Timing' For Ukraine Crisis

Fed Grand Jury Convenes Today On NC Coal Ash Disaster; Duke, DENR, Utilities Commission To Testify

Cartoon for March 17, 2014: American Exceptionally Dumbism

Toxic Fire At Bangkok Garbage Dump Forces Evacuation Of 1,500 Nearby Households

UPDATED: Putin says he has no interest in the rest of Ukraine but stays defiant on Crimea

Tomgram: Lewis Lapham, How "Revolution" Became an Adjective

Freedom Industries President Demands Payment For His Valuable Time During Bankruptcy Proceedings

Mainstream US Media Is Lost in Ukraine

Waterkeepers Photograph Duke Workers Pumping Ash Pond Effluent Into Stream Near Moncure, NC

PA Official: Israel to reopen Kerem Shalom crossing Wednesday

Steve Bell on the crisis in Crimea

"I Find Gates' Access to 80 Senators Very Disturbing."

Starving College Students and the Shredded Social Contract

Why aren't M$Greedia channels showing Putin live

Somerset Flooding Aftermath: Sludge, Balky Insurance Companies, And More In Pictures

Protesters Hit the Streets of Brooklyn to Demand $15 Minimum Wage

GM recalls another 1.5 million vehicles (three new recalls)

Explain this wingnuts; VT rated as one of the worst states to do business in: Unemployment 4%

NE Sector Of Greenland Ice Sheet, Previously Thought Stable, Melting Faster Than Expected

Seattle council votes to limit rideshare firms UberX, Lyft, Sidecar

Russia proposes creating international ‘support group’ to resolve Ukrainian crisis.

Italy considers cutting F-35 fighter jet order

IEA Director: Ratio Of Fossil To Renewable Fuels Unchanged In 20 Years (Still 82% To 18%)

Does Russia still have"Most Favored Nation" status?

UN Panel Identifies War Criminals In Syria

Top Gun takeover: Stolen F-35 secrets showing up in China’s stealth fighter

Does anyone really think that Putin is the 2nd coming of old Adolph?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Ukraine and Putin

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Dumbest of the dumb: Right Wingnuts.

Paul Ryan's Poverty Attacks Hurt Women The Most

Are You A DUer?

Is one of the symptoms of chronic disease being poor?

TV infomercial star Kevin Trudeau sentenced to 10 years in criminal contempt

Atmospheric CO2 Likely Above 400 For About A Month This Year; Perma 400+ "Matter Of Time" - Keeling

if you care to: please check in if you are a happily adopted person.

Westboro Baptist Church’s massive setback — that no one’s talking about

The destructive myth about religion that Americans disproportionately believe

Scalia’s looming fiasco: Obscure new SCOTUS case may be WORSE than Citizens United

US consumer prices tick up just 0.1 percent

Mitt Romney: President Obama, Hillary Clinton ‘failure’

(WV) Environmentalists unhappy with state fracking bill

NGAUS Escalates Guard-Army Conflict Another Notch

Fox Analyst: Putin Is Like 'Game Of Thrones,' Obama Is like 'Downton Abbey'

Another Billionaire Compares Populist Politics To Nazi Germany

Hypersonic Weapons Face Major Milestone In August Test

Toshiba's Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems Make Renewable Energy More Practical

The plane?

Christie's Political Manipulation Of The U.S. Attorney's Office....

"Man attacked after Taco Bell belch"

Typical Minimum-Wage Earners Aren’t Poor, But They’re Not Quite Middle Class

Lost Edinburgh: The Arthur’s Seat coffins

Solar, energy storage can protect cities from power outages, create resilient communities

2,500 gallons of wastewater spills into Des Moines River

Kentucky coal-ash dumping tracked by hidden cameras

Chevron wins round against funder of environmental suit in Ecuador

Christie & The Sex Slave Ring

Ice Energy in Connecticut

Glasgow University researchers learn Blarney Stone origin

50 myths and lies about public schools

Tweak to N.C. law protected Duke's coal ash pits

The myth about why schools get summer off needs debunked.

Va. benefits law won't help same-sex military couples

Another Banker leaps to his death

Va. benefits law won't help same-sex military couples (xpost from NSD)

Dog Robs Dollar General

Wendy Davis Is One Step Closer To Turning Texas Purple

Iowa loses 7,300 jobs in January

Family members waiting for word about their loved ones on the missing flight threaten hunger strike

The Car Industry is Afraid of Tesla. It Should Be.

Pentagon's February contracts plummeted 48 percent

Portland attack cat Lux winds up at animal shelter while owners wrestle with decision to keep him

Papantonio: Spy On Them, Not Us

Tokyo: Ultra-Nationalist Demonstrators Overwhelmed by Anti-Racist Counter-Protest

Proposed Apache cuts worry former Guard leader

Is Trans-Dniester next in line for Anschluß?

West Texas county sues Odessa oil service company for dumping chemicals

Duke Energy Continues...

Narwhal’s tusk is super sensitive

'No immediate danger to public' after Colerain oil leak (note: Cincinnati, Ohio Area)

Putin on the Ritz

Florida Man Keeps Right on Sleeping as Over 100 Teens Party in His House

Anatomy of a Democratic Midterm Freakout

Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare - BY Gareth Porter

Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes, scientists warn

Low Wage Workers Finding Poverty Harder to Escape

Agitated Mark Zuckerberg "seems to have got on the phone to Obama"

Renewable energy will not solve climate change

The Mask Has Been Lifted From Putin's Face

Oil Sands Pipeline Coming to North Dakota

Mitt Romney's Critique of Obama's (and Clinton's) Foreign Policy Focuses on the 'What Ifs'

Religions Can Criticize Each Other, so Why Isn't It OK for Atheists to Criticize Religion?

There is no planet B

Important story unhappycamper has uncovered

Is Coverage of Liberal Religion a Media Fail?

Court rules FBI must explain why it withheld records about alleged assassination in Houston

Israeli Arabs help to debunk apartheid myths

You Go, Michelle: First Lady adds "let's cook" to "let's move", to fight child obeseity

Politico Quotes Anonymous Wall Street Executive Who Thanks Putin For Taking Heat Off 1%

So, it's all about oil, again, isn't it?

Through a glass, darkly: Chinese, American, and Russian anti-satellite testing in space

Millennials Aren't Abandoning Religion — Religious Institutions Are Abandoning Us

Why I Don't Want My Daughter to Work in Silicon Valley

Auschwitz guard suspect, 93, arrested in Germany

“Out of work? Nowhere to live? Nowhere to go? Nothing to eat? Come to Fukushima.”

Officials give up on evicting pythons — big but nearly invisible in the wild — from Everglades

Imagine you're a highly competitive person rewarded with fat checks... then the fat checks stop

Debtor's Prison - Alive and well in the USA

Obama invites G7 leaders for meeting on Ukraine

In 1 day, Obama tackles multiple foreign tests

John Kerry Poses As Masseuse To Get Few Minutes With Putin (yes, The Onion)

A foot of snow yesterday in No. Va. Thought I would post some snow driving tips for the Millennials!

PM tells Ukrainians: No NATO membership, armed groups to disarm

Putin sings to Crimea, 'You're back in the USSR, you don't know how lucky you are, boys'

CNN’s Ratings Surge Covering the Mystery of the Missing Airliner

what should be the minimum wage

European Parliament votes overwhelmingly: USA Stop NSA Spying

Charles Murray Responds To Allegations Of Racism Following Paul Ryan Remarks

45 Religious Orgs Back 'Universal Access To Contraception'

I almost wish someone would attack Frankfurt ...

Seattle News Helicopter Crashes Into Two Cars And Bursts Into Flames

A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Naked Florida man forgets he’s naked, chases burglars

Pentagon review: Navy Yard shooting might have been prevented

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Fourteen)

Do Right Wingers really want a president like Putin?

First tracks!

Meet Mercury, the solar system's incredibly shrinking planet

First tracks!

Ralph Reed: Making divorce harder for women is a ‘better solution’ than food stamps

First tracks!

Pit Bull Receives 'Good Canine Award' for Saving Brooklyn Park Boy

GA Tea Party congressman flees the press to escape questions about $33K campaign coach

NASA: Civilization headed for collapse

What do Hitler, the super-rich and journalistic hackery have in common? Nate Silver on the Launch of ESPN’s New FiveThirtyEight, Burritos, and Being a Fox

Afghan Money Pit

Five of the most radical car-free city experiments (BBC)


No, You Don't Need God to be a Good Person — Why Don't Many Americans Get This?

Isn't it about time for the very wealthy to stop seeing themselves as victims?

The Gun Lobby’s Latest Bizarre Crusade

Question about "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" Spoiler

Pic Of The Moment: How They're Helping America This Week

Fred Phelps is Dying. No One Should Go to His Funeral.

Obamacare countdown: What you need to know about the March 31 deadline

Does being rich in Los Angeles cause autism ...

NBA players wear (Google) Glass to enhance fan experience

Austin Ruse, of right wing C-FAM, feeling the heat after calling for professors to be executed

food rave of the day (3/18): Chinese Hot Pot

Anonymous Wall Street Executive Thanks Putin For Taking Heat Off The 1%

Did you decide if you're going with...

Looking for breakfast.

Do YOU recognize that Crimea is now a part of Russia?

Rick Scott Campaign Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Laws

FYI: Canetoad removed from Host position by Skinner

Putin will imprison any Crimeans who advocate secession from Russia.

NSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls

Were the satellite pings from MH370's ACARS system spoofed?

Kerr v Hickenlooper; 10th Cir. rules legislators have standing

Adirondack Council says biomass a good investment with forests, air quality protected

The most serious "weakness" of Obama's foreign policy,

a family explore!

Judge: Give Record Damages Payout To Woman Who Endured Harassment From Pervy Boss

Collective punishment of Gazans continues: family visits cancelled

can I be a host of this group ?

For people who know about planes. Are there any spaces behind bathroom walls

Satirist Andy Borowitz - CNN Apologizes for Briefly Airing Non-Flight 370 Story

When did giving a Fuck become a bad thing?

about that plane...

Koppell Waiting for Budget Before Deciding on Klein Challenge

Just a thought...

The Eternal Scott Brown Campaign

Don't protest Phelps funeral. Despicable! Disgusting! Absurd!

Women of These Hills: X-post from Appalachia Group


Icicles GROW!

"Do not depend on the hope of results..."

Cuomo’s elite-Republican strategy

'Walmart to Go' Convenience Store a Go - First opens in Bentonville, AR

A hypothetical scenario: Crimea vs Baja California

Interesting map graphic re:MH370

Putin's address today echoes rhetoric of some here at DU yesterday.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is really starting to scare conservatives...

Medicare change.."under observation"..does anyone know

Southern Baptist official: The words ‘zygote’ and ‘embryo’ oppress unborn persons

Al-Aqsa vs. Israel: The Lurking Danger Beneath | Ramzy Baroud

Maldives residents saw 'low-flying jumbo jet' on March 8: report

Ukrainian 'serviceman killed in Crimea'

The Crocodiles of Reality | John Michael Greer

A Real Obamacare Success!

White People Lounge Cafe in Sevastopol, Crimea

Medicare Madness -- How Americans Can Lose Benefits in a Hospital | Joel S. Hirschhorn

Dave Mason - We Just Disagree

Putin’s Motives Rooted in History Remain a Mystery Abroad

Ukraine Tackling Gas Corruption Means Potatoes for Poor

NSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls

Knicks introduce Phil Jackson as team president

U.S. halts Syrian embassy, consulate operations, orders diplomats out

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna Shadowed by Crimea Vote

Texas GOP Chief To Women: Stop Suing For Equal Pay And Negotiate Better Like Man

Civilians Support Venezuelan National Guard amid Media False Claims

Reading a message from Keith Tonkel

Arizona Diamondbacks to sell $25, 18-inch corn dog stuffed with bacon and cheese

U.S. authorities arrest 14 in child porn website involving 251 children

Chick-fil-A CEO Will Not Be Talking About Gay Marriage Again

West’s Drought and Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights

Fred Phelps Excommunicated for encouraging Kindness (Not the Onion)

Hastings-On-Hudson Using Contraceptive To Control Deer Population

Democrat Mark Schauer Narrows Gap On Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder In First Poll Since Ad Push

Former Guatemalan leader pleads guilty in U.S. court

Space station moves away from space junk

Cut carbon emissions now, scientists warn

But did any of this manage to get through to Fox viewers???

Mass Scallop Die Off a 'Red Flag' for the World's Oceans

A Rare Case of Selfie Inflicted Wounds

Daily Fish Oil Supplement May Not Help Your Heart: Studies

Flashback: 'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'

Conservative advice: The best way to run against abortion is to lie about it

Crimean Voters Excited To Exercise Democracy For Last Time

Vietnam vet to receive long-delayed Medal of Honor

ADHD medications tied to teenage weight gain

City Officials Cheer $98 Million F.D.N.Y. Settlement

Not too long ago, somebody posted an article about being poor and

I understand that a lot of people try to eat heathfully these days, but....

Syria conflict: UN reports mass executions by ISIS

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ March 18th

Well, the Peter Principle has shown itself to be extant in 2014

Koppell hits Klein for Dream Act ‘farce’

A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Court approves first-of-its-kind data breach settlement

just watching a local election numbers

4.4 quake a wake-up call on L.A.'s unknown faults

Donald Michael Kraig has passed.

**Wes Clark was on Ronan Farrow Daily today, discussed Crimea etc.

The stunning dishonesty of Charles Murray - By Joan Walsh

Mistreated Walmart Employees Speak Out Against Company

The Rude Pundit - Advice to Democrats Running for Senate, Part 2 ...

The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge

Don't get testy with me

Ukraine officer 'killed in attack on Crimea base'

No, Pesticides Did Not Give Your Child A Tiny Penis - Or Autism

New ‘Working Group’ Being Built to Steer City Council Legislation

Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers

mediocre to marvelous montage of miscellaneous

Senators urge Obama to be tough with Iran

Drone flies into Volcano

"World's most beautiful woman" shouts down female reporter about womens rights in India

Judge Bars 9/11 Mastermind's Testimony in NYC

Chris Cillizza wants you to please start taking Rand Paul seriously!

France Threatens to Cancel Russian Ship Contract Over Crimea Annexation

GOP’er Says Racist Businesses SHOULD Be Allowed to Deny Service to Black People

Cool video of Prof Andrei Linde as he is informed his cosmic inflation theory isn't just a theory

This Was the Gayest St. Patrick's Day Ever, Relatively Speaking

Banker leaps to his death in finance world’s 8th suicide this year

Pulitzer Award-Winning Journalist Thomas Ricks Goes to War Against Greenwald

About that "Should America work towards becoming a gun-free Country?" poll in GD

Illinois GOP voters seek to upend political order

How de Blasio toughened an affordability formula

Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons" being made into a movie

Denver News Station Accidentally Puts A Big Ol' Penis On The Air

Breast Cancer Patient To Wisconsin: Don't Cut Health Program For Low-Income Women

24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

The Day Finally Comes

Massachusetts moves to head off food stamps cuts

Ukrainian crisis may split Russian Orthodox Church (Religion News Service)

Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat GMO Corn Engineered to Kill It

Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought

Moscow's Largest Gay Club Shuts Its Doors

The Appalachian African-American Cultural Center: Building on the Past

Edwin Edwards From Prison to Congress

Ken Langone, Top Christie Donor And Home Depot Co-Founder, Makes Hitler Comparison

Chris Christie town hall disrupted by protesters again

Conservatives - Make divorce more difficult

Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov 'dead'

Rural schools struggle to keep teachers as better pay, bigger cities draw educators away

Ralph Reed: Making divorce harder for women is a ‘better solution’ than food stamps

'Rape Insurance' Law Takes Effect in Michigan

Anti-Vaccine Parents Bring Back Measles to New York City

New York City settles racial discrimination suit against fire department

Teacher, teach thyself: Another idiot shows his homophobic ass on social media and gets

Senate votes 30-2 to approval oral chemotherapy bill---WHOW

Ukrainian officer wounded in Crimea shooting: military spokesman

In Kiev, Armed and Masked Men Protect Parliament

In Sevastopol 123% of the population voted for secession.

'Waves' detected on Titan moon’s lakes

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Really Starting To Scare Conservatives

I propose a .bs top-level domain

Russians laughing at sanctions? Pure bluster

Paul Krugman Blog- High Fallutin’ Nazis

Listen to Mark Levin Throw a Tantrum When Atheist Caller Corrects His Grammar

Edward Snowden: The Biggest Revelations Are Yet to Come

Religious Preschool’s Appeal to the Secular Parent

Free Marissa Alexander - Mariame Kaba Discusses The Horrific Travesty Of Justice

Anwar Link to Pilot Fuels Political Rivalries

"Obama is to blame for the disappearance of that airliner!" :eyeroll:

After years of complaints on poor signal on 1150 am LA

Russia's Lavrov tells Kerry Crimea sanctions "unacceptable"

Greenpeace Storms EDF Nuclear Power Plant in Eastern France

I think annexation of Crimea is a terrible thing. I do not favor USA arming Ukraine.

17-Year-Old Japanese Student Comes Out During Speech Contest

Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger Slams 'Pure American' Gun Billboard In Chicago

Oklahoma Executions Delayed Amid Drug Shortage

Malaysian Plane: What probably happened:

Wendy Davis Is One Step Closer To Turning Texas Purple

Veterans call for end to asbestos lawsuit bill

New babysitter for hire

Papantonio: GOP Lawmaker Pushes for Legal Racial Discrimination

I think I saw racial prejudice today

We haven't had an Oasis thread in a while

Its mine now, will hang it in a bit,

You'd think they would learn.

US ponders military exercises in Baltics in bid to reassure Russia's neighbours

Judge in Denton fracking case has conflict of interest

An oil crash is on its way and we should be ready

Serious question: Are we seeing the build-up to another war - perhaps a "World War"?

Obama's day: Medal of Honor

FFRF to Walker: Delete religious tweet

Another couple of good graphics on MH370 search area (intercestion of arcs and maximum distance)

Christie goon Stepien lands job at ReTHUG Consulting firm FIS Connect

Crude Oil Leak in CA Residential Neighborhood

Investors are fleeing Russia and they are losing billions of dollars

Crude Oil Leak in CA Residential Neighborhood

Repuke Mayor gets utterly pwned by a Democrat state senator, on TV.

Report: NSA Can Swallow a "Nation’s Telephone Network Whole"

Chainmaille Clasp Purse with Shoulder Strap

Israel's opportunity in Syria

Malaysian Disappearance Joins Longest in Modern Aviation

Edward Snowden: "Greenwald! Come Here! I Need You!"

Cuomo Critic Launches Cartoon Series Featuring ‘Governor Cuomocchio’

Should probably change name

U.S. Supreme Court to hear cases relating to employers’ religious beliefs

Wait til she spreads her wings

Zillah Eisenstein: Distinguished Scholar of Anti-Racist Feminist Political Theory at Ithaca College

Who did that?

Should this guy change his name?

I guess this is what they mean by "religious liberty"...

Coolest name ever!

Arrests follow protests at Georgia state Capitol

The good thing is that Putin is not the raving, insane madman that Hitler was.

Finally saw Umphrey's Mcgee:

Shaath denies making 'Jewish state' offer

While I'm at it, saw Main Squeeze too (for the Deadheads):

This guy did change his name

Burbank couple uses mattress to catch toddler as he falls from third-story window

Some evangelicals: Wife crashes into church, stabs husband

Choose the winning name (sorry I can't do polls . . .

Alleged shootings in Crimea

Santos wets himself on campaign trail

Teacher Gets 58 Surprise Classroom Observations.

Chick-fil-A CEO now regrets dragging the company into anti-equality morass

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ to Begin Filming in May, New Details Announced

Video of an education voucher advocate talking about how he boxes in Dems

Cutest ever . . . on Facebook

President Obama hails 24 veterans receiving the Medal of Honor; he says they had been passed over

Crimea: Disappeared Man Found Killed

True love

Does the cockpit of the 777 get recycled

Watching the Medal of Honor ceremony.

What is the US' foreign policy objective with respect to Russia? Do we want them to join the EU?

Democrats need to hear ...

Federal Prosecutors Looking At Bridge Contracts Tied To Christie Ally

Two weeks to deadline, NY insurance enrollment rising

The Ukraine

Why the h*$# would msnbc show some of the nasty tweets at the bottom

Nothing says 'We're classy' like having sex behind a dumpster during broad daylight.....

Stardust, Smoke, and Mirrors: The Myth of the Mad Genius

School tells boy to leave My Little Pony backpack at home (FAIL)

Your out-of-office autoreply is on.

OK, this is a PERFECT example of why I got a car WITHOUT a sun roof.

Paul Ryan's Deep Contempt for His District

Kos: Ten years of political progress. And yes, we've made progress

Secretary Kerry: U.S. To Send Scientists To Discuss Homosexuality With Ugandan President

Reporters Without Borders: U.S. is the enemy of the internet...

Israeli mobile firm takes on Google for top industry award

Is it just me or is everyone missing the "excerpt", "block quote", etc. buttons when posting?

Primary Day In Illinois

Meet Oreo, a Tiny Rescue Kitten Who's an Artistic Inspiration

GM shuts down assembly line after suicide at Flint truck plant

Robot writes LA Times earthquake breaking news article

Sexy Jewish pinup calendars in ‘naughty vs nice’ holy war

(Maan) Palestinian Antisemitism: Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews' plan...

Pardon my French, all good people of D.C....

Two headlines on DU, one after the other from “Christian” leaders:

NTSB identifies location of gas leak in East Harlem

The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains

Crimea's Days as a Travel Destination Over?

Why Didn't Bush/Cheney Attack Iran and Can Obama Make and Sell a Deal? - Gareth Porter

3fer: Pub owner defies gunNutters, Shrub's tyranny of surveillance, & SCALIA's next elections ruin

Will Adele Make You Gay? Show Exposes 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

de Blasio approval at 45%

OK then!

McConnell fundraiser: Wives have 'obligation' to sleep with husbands Read more:

Ancient Earth hammered by double space impact (BBC)

Ed telling the scared democrats how to run on Obamacare

New York seeks curbs on high-frequency trading (BBC)

Photo: Virginia Republicans Won't Shave Until They Deny Poor People Health Coverage!

My Revolution - A Video Diary from Kiev - (full documentary) released on 3-16-14

The Ukraine might want to think about dividing along these lines.

Article advocates focus away from the personality of the Popes

Greg is a bad attorney and is trying a stunt in voter id lawsuit

The Sunni revolt in Syria has given al-Qa’ida more power in Iraq

Rangel Surrogates Target Espaillat’s Re-election Plans

Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers

Has Anyone here played the new online game, 2048?

Livni: Abbas decisions on talks key to prisoner release

This week's dumb word now EVERYWHERE which no one ever heard before:

Fuel spill at nature preserve 'absolutely terrible' (Cincinnati)

Putin Advises GOP Re: Vote Suppression: "You'll Never Get To 97% Like THAT...

Minnesota state rep says wanting equal pay and sick leave makes women “look like whiners”

An example of how the health care system is messed up(not ACA or even insurance related)...

Progressive Groups Call On Gov. Cuomo To Return Ken Langone Donations

A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Israeli Forces Arrest Eight in West Bank, including Four Minors

Will Ukraine Continue to Exist as a Sovereign State? Essay by Richard DeLong (my Former Son in Law)

Flight 370-A Simple Theory - Aviate-navigate & lastly-communicate is the mantra in such situations.

Attorney General Primary

Amid Ukraine Crisis, Key Senator Urges Plan B for Space

Christie campaign manager in the loop on traffic jam plot hired by political firm in Minnesota

Medal of Honor~ Finally

Nature: Human Warming Now Pushing Entire Greenland Ice Sheet into the Ocean

Enemies of the Internet 2014

FitzWalkerstan is still alive and well in Wisconsin...

The Deep State - Hiding in Plain Sight (Bill Moyers and Mike Lofgren)

Fox Affiliate Accidentally Shows a Penis On Air, Anchors Appropriately Horrified

110 year old monorail still working in Germany

Has an image of low flying plane been found? Check this out

I need to vent

States Engaging in Fiscal Madness; opting out of Medicaid expansion (National Journal)

XLNT Charles P Pierce rant re: Warmonger Bill Kristol: "Blow me, you monstrous, bloodthirsty fraud"

Israel Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon Slams Barack Obama's 'Weak and Feeble' Foreign Policy

Digby on Ricks McArthy-ite attack on Greenwald... (

What's going to happen to the LGBT community in Crimea once they fall under Russian control?

All I want for my birthday is..........

ACLU challenges Idaho's Ag Gag Law in Federal Court

Women's heritage honored with all female refueling mission

Tom Toles- The Slammer

Exclusive: Dungeness nuclear power station quietly taken offline for five months over fears of Fukus

Why Putin Did It

The Voluntarism Fantasy

Why Isn't the Fourth Amendment Classified as Top Secret?

Investigators identify gas leak at site of New York blast

Equal Pay For Women Becomes Issue In Texas Campaign

McCain in a Crisis

GWB Scandal - in Peeps

Any legal minds in the house?

Mike Malloy - Wells Fargo´s Fraud Procedure Manual

Texas Restrictions On Tesla Sales Could Keep Out Company’s Lithium-Ion ‘Gigafactory’

A request for hosts locking threads

I just voted Republican

The global Transition tipping point has arrived - vive la révolution

Is Chuck Todd, from MSNBC, sick? N/t

I mean it. I will not do Russian State Media.

Watch Christie being Heckled.. The right way...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kentucky man drunk on whiskey slices up car with chainsaw during argument, cops say

This bill: ‘Paid for by Union Wages’

Wisconsin coaching tree in full bloom for Ryan