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Low Vitamin D Slows Serotonin Production, May Impact Autism

US ambassador calls for deployment of international observers to Crimea

Student data company on the defensive at Assembly hearing

Is it too late for Kiev to woo Russian-speaking Ukraine?

A Headline Perhaps Written By Rex?

Bitcoin hate... I don't understand it... ?

RSA Shorts--The Power of Empathy

Sarah Palin, Wall Street Journal rewrite history of Russia-Georgia war

Global Warming too slow to save Crimea

Time for another game of Obama is _________.

Found on the I fucking love science Facebook page

2014 Gotham Stakes (Derby Prep)

"(Turkish FM) Davutoglu called on world powers to safeguard the rights of the region's Tatar...."

This happened today.

Ukrainian Crisis Overshadows Iran, Palestinian Talks As Netanyahu Heads To DC

Violence in Iraq Killed 703 in February, U.N. Reports

Man who scuffled naked with Dallas police dies hours after his arrest


Mike Malloy - Freak Of The Day: Sen. Steve Martin

Somebody had fun designing this.

Black Like Me, 50 Years Later

More on PA. Atty General's Scrubbing of Emails After They Realized They Had Screwed Up on Sandusky

Save the Whales!

So what is ultimately Russia's endgame here?

I hate it when I plan a conversation in my head and the other person doesn't follow the script ...nt

Ukraine crisis: Canada, U.S. tell Russia to withdraw forces

Paralyzed GOP Representative Opposes Medicaid Expansion

'How Republicans lost their minds, Democrats lost their souls and Washington lost its appeal'

In 1953

USA Highest Per-Capita Healthcare Spending - YET - One Of Lowest Life Expectancies

Can Ukraine Control Its Far Right Ultranationalists?

This may be politically incorrect in certain circles, but...

I am encouraged by the results of the white privilege poll

celebrate women's herstory month with#shedocs

Oh noes. we need a new war.

celebrate women's herstory month with #shedocs

celebrate women's herstory month with #shedocs

"I know there are other families more f@$?ed up than ours but

Just saw an ad for a dating site for those of us over 50, and .

The New Great Game: Why Ukraine Matters to So Many Other Nations

UK asks nationals to immediately leave Ukraine

Canada pulls ambassador from Moscow over Ukraine

Venezuela government says foes seek to slam it at Oscars

Breaking: U.N. Secretary-General calls for immediate de-escalation in Ukraine.

Black is Beautiful ~ Picture Heavy

Just watched "The Butler"

Palin and Russia

Economist says women are the economic indicator to watch

How many forums can someone post the same thread in before it becomes spam

Told my home energy company I'm done with fossil fuels. Going 100% renewable.

I've got about $850 in bids out for collectible coins right now.

Condoleezza Rice to speak in Fayetteville

Don't worry, I'm here

We shouldn't--and we won't--start a war with Russia over Ukraine. But....

US Navy F/A-18C Crashes in Nevada

Time to stop calling them "Conservatives"

World Cup prompted ex-Pope's resignation

What could have been...(Star Wars)

(Japan) anonymous insider reveals further collusion between politicians and nuclear industry

The Koch Brothers’ ‘Obamacare Victim’ Owns Property with the County GOP Party Chair

I don't see how the new leaders of the Ukraine are legitimate. Can anyone argue why they are?

Ecuador President Correa hints at 2017 re-election bid

I have a wonderful life

Resolving Nuclear Arms Claims Hinges on Iran’s Demand for Documents

"They call me Mr. Tibbs"

Russia, West trade accusations over Ukraine crisis at U.N

"Why Playing Football is Against God"

Foreigners and women face Swiss problems: US

Has Tag Romney offered to fly to Russia to help out?

That awkward moment when you feel a paradigm shift...

(13) Workers at Nuclear Waste Site in New Mexico Inhaled Radioactive Materials

A compendium (one stop) Lounge o.p. to save time from uselessness

so what to do about this whole Ukraine business


Obama to Putin: Russia is Clearly Breaking International Law in Ukraine

Newsweek uncovers “Kentucky-Fried Politics”

Anyone else watching the snowy hockey game in Chicago?

"This is foreign policy the Obama way."

IBM laying off up to 25 percent of 'hardware' division

Albertans invited to weigh in on province's employment standards

Little darling, it's been a long, cold snowy winter

This Map Explains Why Ukraine Is So Divided Over Russia

Venezuela gov't says foes seek to slam it at Oscars

WSJ (front page article) - The Facebook Ads Teens Aren't Supposed to See (print title)

today in women's herstory-1 march

Gay rights group okayed to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

from Bill Moyers' website: What best describes Washington? Gridlock? No. Tacit consensus...

Bill Maher SLAM Bill Kristol: Have You Ever Met a War You Didn't Love

There was a dog attack this week at the dog park

Deal could allow gays in Boston St. Pat's parade

Dem Power Brokers kept many "liberals" out of FL races. Bvar22 is right about "beat downs".

Ukraine live: Prime Minister of Ukraine says Russian military intervention would lead to war

An interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan, a peek at the new Cosmos.

What does Fresno, CA, Housing Authority have to hide ? When will the Feds do something about it ?

Old time play. What passtimes from your childhood will never be again?

Klaus Nomi, Countertenor - Hisotrical and Musicological Background

****WCGreen Update -- Saturday, March 1, 2014****

i am sorry i posted a bad thread

What Cold? Earth Had Its Fourth-Warmest January

*The Graduate on TCM NOW!

REPORT: Ukrainian Warship Defects To Russia

Sometimes you get knocked in the head, you get special powers.

Vikings in Russia

Distorting Russia - How the American media misrepresent Putin, Sochi and Ukraine.

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About the Salem Witch Hunts

African Beer Goddesses

Crazy opossum lady

I wrote and recorded this in less than 2 days. Please give it a listen. Thanks.

Christopher J. Christie will you please go now!

Robert Reich's excellent documentary "Inequality for All" is now streaming on Netflix.

I guess there will be another avatar change after OSU beats Kansas!!

Your Sunday (EST) LOLcats (dial-up warning) Arctic Blast Edition

Yesh Atid MK to Netanyahu: Bring Ukraine's Jews to Israel

I think with a lot of these "controversial" subjects it is impossible to make others believe...

Tattoos rule in Israel - despite Jewish law and Holocaust taboo

Militant ambush kills 12 polio worker escorts in Pakistan

Violent Clashes in Kharkiv [Ukraine] Leave Dozens Injured

Florida: It’s not just for old Jews anymore


My AA BD today

Razzies: Will Smith, Jaden Smith 'win' worst actors for 'After Earth'

Okay, I gotta take a break from GD right now.

Rare snow storm hits Southern U S

What 'costs' could Russia face

Robert Parry: Cheering a ‘Democratic’ Coup in Ukraine

The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals

Shocking: Gay man burned alive by anti-homosexual mob in Uganda (Viewer Discretion)

Amtrak's California Zephyr returns to Denver Union Station

Howard Dean on supporting Dems "who may disagree with us on a fundamental issue"

People are really mean on GD...Thought you guys were over reacting but you weren't

"We Only Want the Earth"

The movement toward civil war began on Feb. 22cd

Interview with first president of Ukraine (Leonid Kravchuk)

Did you hear about monorail cat?


Update: "Get A Life You Worthless Bum"

What will it take to stop our government from covertly overthrowing other governments?

What fueled right wingers, fathers rights, mens' rights, gun rights & teabaggers into existence?

Buckle your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy ride

We've never had a deficit of wars

Italian former spy chief cleared in CIA rendition case

BBC News Ukraine: Far-right armed with bats patrol Kiev

IRS idea could end election debates on campus

New Evidence That Agent Orange's Destruction Spread to Peacetime

Springsteen covers Royals

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Russian servicemen confiscate weapons in Crimea region - Interfax

University of Texas announcer Wally Pryor, ‘Voice of the Longhorns,’ dies at 86

What is the deal with incoming emails? How do I make

The problem in the Ukraine is not east and western Ukraine.

Plano’s Baylor hospital faces hard questions after claims against former neurosurgeon

Advances in Thermal Energy Storage and Boat Propulsion

I really can't believe some of what I've been reading here today.

Last call for XP . . .

Steve Grand Funds First Album In Just 17 Hours On Kickstarter

Russia's Most Powerful Weapon Isn't What You'd Expect

Our Milky Way is tiny compared to IC 1101

US wants to send in international observers in Ukraine

Marine mining: Underwater gold rush sparks fears of ocean catastrophe

Diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer: DNA pioneer James Watson’s controversial new hypothesi

Ukraine calls up military reservists

I wish we could hear the conversations between leaders like Obama and Putin in situations

Gay rights group okayed to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

The Toll hike scam, Bridgegate and slush funds - a very good read

Gay rights group okayed to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade (xpost from MA)

Firing Piers Morgan can’t disguise CNN’s wider failings

Robert Reich,: The Real Job Killers

New age of global unrest in full swing as industrial civilization transitions to post-carbon reality

Faced with declining ice cover, U.S. Navy eyes greater presence in Arctic

Black Women are the Most Educated Group in the United States

Ukraine parliament calls for international monitors and for necessary aid to ensure the safety of it

LGBT Bible belt residents relieved after GOP ‘religious freedom’ bills take a beating

PayPal washes its hands of bitcoin scam

Regulators block development on Alaskan Pebble mine to protect salmon population

Ethnic Russian persecution in Ukraine is the new incubator babies.

Sunday's Doonesbury- Tired of being demonized!

Peeping Toms of the Intel World: Recording Bulk Private Yahoo Webcam Chats

Assad Regime’s Drought Response Triggered Syrian War

Assad Regime’s Drought Response Triggered Syrian War (xpost from FA)

Did MaineCare’s crackdown on opiates fuel a spike in heroin abuse?

Chile, US waive visas; unique in Latin America

Rachel doing a documentary for Thursday...

Navy: Fighter jet crashes in western Nevada

Faced with declining ice cover, U.S. Navy eyes greater presence in Arctic

Is the term "White Privilege" a racially divisive term

Smell of forest pine can limit climate change - researchers

Peru's VP says local people still have reservations about Conga gold mine

Will a Russian invasion of Ukraine push the west into an economic war ?

The Real Scientists: CO2 higher than in past 800,000 Years & World is Getting Hot!

Analysis: Limited US, European options in Ukraine

Hanged for Murder

Tie a Red Thread

Best kept secrets of the Dollar

My recent VA experience

World's Oldest Cheese Found On 3,800-Year-Old Mummies Buried In China

Workers Exposed To Radiation At N.M. Nuclear Waste Dump

PolitiFact: When Republicans are wrong, give them a "half-true" anyway.

10 Biggest Right-Wing Idiots This Week (Not Even Including Arizona Homophobes)

Comcast takes lobbying to new heights

McDomination: How Corporations Conquered America and Ruined Our Health

More Americans Than Ever Support Gay Marriage, Leaving Christian Right Behind

You Call This A Middle Class? “I’m Trying Not to Lose My House”

Why the Christian Right Feels Entitled to Legal Protections to Impose Hate and Mooch Off Taxpayers

Be A Dick

In Wisconsin, singers are arrested and charged while child porn cases took years to investigate

Ian Dury - Billericay Dickie

National Black Caucus Of State Legislators Calls For Liberalizing MJ Penalties

Email from Russia: We, the middle class of Russia, don't want any war ...

Look who was visiting the bird feeder this morning

Wisconsin: Tim Russell Granted Work Release to Work for Scott Walker Campaign Donor

Scott Walker campaign is paying for attorney working to fight John Doe investigation

Has the Left Surrendered? The Overdue Conversation We Need

U.S. pessimistic Israeli-Palestinian framework deal can be reached by end of March

The War on Democracy: Art Pope and the Rich Bullies

Dog Whistle Politics: What if Only White People Voted?

(sigh) The second day of Women's History Month and a video post about asking girls for

"Let them secede" European style?

FBI Had Direct Link to Bin Laden — in 1993

Report: U.S. pressures Israel to halt assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists

No Merit Badge for This Scout

Remembering Toni Wells, Democratic activist

Venezuela's Deep Political Education Means Venezuelans Will Withstand Right-Wing Protests

In Texas, a New Law Lets Defendants Fight Bad Science

do people today understand what war with Russia would mean?

The right defends a new Jim Crow: 50 years since the Civil Rights Act, wingnuts still don’t get it

West's puny response to Ukraine will not deter - If you want diplomacy, it only works with force

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Creating a level playing field

Japan pledges $200 million in aid for Palestinians

Even CFR-types are questioning the new Ukrainian regime's legitimacy

What Does the Supreme Court Really Think About the Right to Counsel?

Does the Budapest Memorandum compel us to defend Ukraine against Russia

How do I stop having my membership $$$ charged to my credit card automatically...

Putin invades the Ukraine: Wingnuts blame Obama.

ISIL retreats from parts of north Syria

Lucky number 13

Meet the 11 (!) Democrats Running to Replace Retiring Rep. Jim Moran (VA-08)

Iraq death toll exceeds 700 in February: U.N.

"Russia is invading another country on completely trumped up pretext"

Handbook for Homophobes!

Kornacki is discussing Samson's conflict of interest

Hot days: Change in the Variation of Climate

Help Save an Atheist Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous

I knew I didn't like that guy

Exclusive: McCain Tells Obama How to Punish Putin

Problem with Religious Freedom Restoration Act

What's next in the American Taliban's (GOP) War on Women?

Some Catholic leaders need to follow Pope Francis' lead

Where ARE the Lazy Moochers...Really? Some of them are in...

Updated 2X: Kerry: US Considering Repercussions For Russia's 'Incredible Act Of Aggression'

Forget the gender wars. Let's not forget what's really important.

The reward doesn't match the risk. People make mistakes, and to me, the tradeoff of gun ownership

If you have loved ones living in The Ukraine right now,

To those advocating US military intervention in the Ukraine: I guarantee you ...


College, the Great Unleveler

The United States will not have a military response to what is

What's the difference between Wendy Davis and Brian Schweitzer?

Suit: Red Tape, Disability Stereotypes Mar Path To Driving

A Proper Candidate Selfie

A Proper Candidate Selfie

Here's What Is Going To Happen With Ukraine

Cuba, Cops as Nottingham Sheriffs and Cadillac Dreams - The David Sparks Show

More killing in Nigeria than Ukraine yesterday - "Twin Nigeria blasts kill at least 50 in Maiduguri"

Missoula avalanche going 120 mph when it hit house; hurt people ID'd

Police: Man Shot in Leg in Bronx After Allegedly Pointing Gun at Officer

Krugman in "I was wrong"

Brooklyn Mother Accused of Beating 2-Year-Old Son With Bamboo Stick

Paul Ryan and John Boehner Go Back On Their Word By Demanding More Spending Cuts

New Venezuela protests planned after rare calm

Corrections officers have raped, beaten and harassed women inside Alabama prison for at least 18 yrs

Al Gore: How To Win In 2014: Make Climate Science the centerpiece of Democratic Party's campaign.

The Walking Dead 4.12 "Still" - (Spoiler alert!)

A 45-Year Old Jimi Hendrix Photo Mystery Gets Solved

The surrender of the left? Activism and electoral politics

Marijuana legalization on cusp of mass acceptance

Manhattan's worst landlords force city to foot bill for their crumbling apartments

Will Sgt. Bergdahl be left behind in Afghanistan?

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday March 2, 2014) .

What happened to the Lounge?

Obama has done nothing to help working people-He hasn’t lifted a damn finger

some Sunday headlines links (courtesy of #mepolitics) 3/2/2014

Kerry: "This is a time for diplomacy..."

Group to file ethics complaint against Samson

Obama’s New Political Chief Tries to Reassure Democrats.

George Will: It’s ‘not neighborly’ for LGBT people to ask for equal rights

The hell with A unified Theory of Everything

Former NJ Port Authority Official “They set the governors up to look like heroes-It was all a farce”

Big-Money Donors Demand Larger Say in Party Strategy

This meme sure hits it right on the head...

Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus (Documentary Exclusive)

Rich People Save; Poor People Don’t

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Nerdy Wonka Tweet: And so it begins for Russia.

The IRS Will Get Another Round In The Scandal Spotlight This Week

John Kerry: All Options on the table, including military action

F**k Scott Stantis

Every Crisis Is The 'Biggest Test' Of Obama's Presidency

Supervisors settle on invasive species funding for smaller lakes

Photo attached, what kind of wood floors are these?

European center-left launches election drive, attacks austerity

The American Right's Complicity in the (coming) fall of Ukraine...

Texas Religious-right Politicians Fall Prey to Scam by ‘Godly Man’

NYPD officers save unresponsive baby in patrol car

Retired UNC basketball coach Dean Smith deserves respect & credit for his progressive actions:

California farmers hire dowsers to find water

Philadelphia accent fading out?

Former Gov. David Paterson ‘humbled’ by portrait honor

Ari Melber subbing for MHP this a.m. has excellent panel on prisons and sentencing.

New Jersey Family Relocates To Colorado So Their Severely Ill Daughter

cartoon: women's clothing and feminism

Adirondack rail trail continues to wait on approval

A "Dali-ance" - Our Climate Change policies illustrated. (Toles Cartoon)

Say what you want about G.W. Bush, but he wouldn't have stood for Russian aggression in the Ukraine

Crisis In Ukraine Religious Freedom vs Gay Rights Fox News Sunday Panel Chris Wallace

Inside the Barricades, Kiev - Part 1/4 (Picture heavy)

Inside the Barricades, Kiev - Part 2/4 (Picture heavy)

Inside the Barricades, Kiev - Part 3/4 (Picture heavy)

Inside the Barricades, Kiev - Part 4/4 (Picture heavy)

Why are the Russian troops in Crimea without ensignia or otherwise identifying markings?

Islamic extremists kill at least 90 in northeast Nigeria

Any links for acrylic painting beginners?

Behind the Barricades, Kiev (Photo series)

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ March 2nd

The Secret W.H. Auden. What you should know about him:

Say NO to WAR!

Horrible homophobic oligarchs are invading a tiny country!

Just a personal rant

today in women's herstory-2 march

I am willing to make the following deal with most anti gay business owners

New head of Ukraine's navy 'defects' in Crimea

Seagulls in West Virginia? Umm... okay.

happy birthday, karen carpenter

Mark Shields: Iron Rule of Religion and Politics

This morning it was 75° and humid enough to make you sweat just sitting.

Our invasion of Iraq vis-a-vis Crimea

Why is Putin getting a pass from many?

Herman Cain Cautions on U-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan

Russia G8 status at risk over 'incredible act of aggression' in Crimea, says Kerry

What are you reading the week of March 2nd, 2014?

in memoriam--dusty springfield

Attempt to extend marriage inequality?

Chavez cult no match for Venezuela's crisis

"Putin Goes to War" - David Remnick, The New Yorker

11 Pakistani Soldiers Killed Protecting Polio Vaccination Team

OFERGAWDSAKE ... How can I block that annoying "League of Angels" ad ?

DUer SmileyRose has passed.

Is it too late to buld a bomb shelter

ABC Four Corners on Israel: Evil and deeply untrue

I don't do foreign policy

My response to a truly execrable NY Times Op-Ed by Arthur Brooks . . .

The frontrunner for the GOP for 2016 is

Santa Cruz

Big-Money Donors Demand Larger Say in Party Strategy

Moscow- pro-invasion rally unmolested, anti-invasion protestors arrested

I think November elections affects our Politics

FL: Marissa Alexander's sentence could triple in 'warning-shot' case...60 years?!

Do we have some secret technology that can handle the Russians

Incubators, Burqas, 9-11, Toilet Paper, Democracy Riots, He's a Hitler, whatever it takes

In Surprisingly Bold Move, Scotland Offers Asylum to Gay Ugandans

Lou Reed was born on this date.

MSM (Washington Post) is fucking up the Ukraine story...Big Time...Surprised?

What’s So Social About Social Media?

The Apartheid Smear

House Republican Mike Rogers thinks we missed an opportunity for military action.

Fox News host calls out Darrell Issa for ‘highest level of falsehood’ on Benghazi

UK ministers to boycott Paralympics over Russia's military moves in Ukraine

Crimea has a complicated history, but one thing is certain: It is not a good fit with

Now here is a nice AK-47.

Crimea’s sole rabbi advises Jews ‘not to become targets’


As quakes rise, Texas still seeking answers

American Jews: The true Hollywood story

Hundreds rally in Japan against dropped Fukushima crisis charges

Time for Mark Cohen to go

4 Behaviors the Modern World Is Only Making Worse

Princess Leia hairdo is making a comeback

Trapped: NATO, Russia, and the Problem of Tactical Nuclear Weapons...

Chuck Todd Calls on Obama to Act Against Putin: ‘No More Harshly-Worded Warnings’

About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now (2012)

Is it feasible for a cat to accept his prey as a housemate?

Japan blocked presentations on nuclear effects at 1955 U.N. confab

I’ll just go ahead and say this... John McCain...

God... The Fake Jesus is back!!!

Abe's Cabinet to pursue revision of 10 laws in collective defense push

Let's just send Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, etc... to the Ukraine...

Happy Thought: IF this were to "go nuclear", nuclear weapons are not the worst...

Did you know that Philip Morris is suing Australia over plain cigarette packaging?

Americans' Dissatisfaction With Gun Laws Highest Since 2001

Stupid question: what happened to Edit History?

'You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what in the world do I do all day?'

What will Putin do?

Wonderful lesson

beware the MIC....

Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet (edited)

'moral authority' is not relevant to what happens with Ukraine. Consequences are.

Over 30% of 3/11 kids hit by PTSD

For the Putin-arse-kissers among us:

XL DISSENT: "The Power Is NOT In That Building! It's Out Here!"

photos from XL pipeline protest in D.C. TODAY --

The World Map of Internet Censorship

I hope Putin's decision are not coming out of a vodka bottle.

forty thousand XL protesers in Washington DC this Sunday

ISDS: "A Private Justice System For... Corporations". One the administration is pushing

Great news in Texas...buried at the bottom of the story..."Democrats are heading to the polls"

Leonard Cohen appreciation

Officers in Rialto, CA are required to wear lapel cameras...

Jerusalem completely cut off as ultra-Orthodox protesters amasse against IDF draft

Hundreds Arrested In Protest Of Keystone XL Pipeline

What is your opinion about Marx-isms?

Nascar: "If God is for us, who could be against us?"

New head of Ukraine's navy defects in Crimea

Damn. I thought Russia was a nation of 143 million+ people...

Just heard Marko Pejanovic playing Copin's Fantasy Impromptu. He's 12 yrs old. Incredible! Sounds

Does anyone here need a cpap machine?

Kudzu Calls Grass Green: Right Says Love the Rich, Blame the Poor

From the right: What President Obama should do re Ukraine and Putin

does anyone here live in Tarrant county? tuesday night, we're having a little party...

oh for the love of reason. No one is running around DU praising Putin

Before There Were Stars

History repeating itself, again, and again. The Crimean War to today.

After thinking, my conclusion: Putin has signalled he wants the northern option

I don't want to violate DU rules, but I am SORRY. If you do not LOVE "The Fifth Element..."

Fox's Howard Kurtz Gets Pissy Pants Over Stephen Colbert

We will need a draft if we are going to move on Russia and don't count on the EU for boots

A question: When Pot is legal nationwide...

All this war talk from the Rethugs is crazy

Repubicans you want a war, suit up.

The Deficit Fell Faster Last Year Than Any Time Since The End Of World War II

Who is going to watch the new Cosmos? Anyone know about the new host?

Any Soviet history people? Who put Crimea in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic? Kruschev?

Putin says 'threat of ultranationalists' forced him to intervene

Florida State Attorney Corey Seeks 60-Year Sentence for Marissa Alexander

Hunter Thompson on 'the real pigs''

'US pressuring Israel to stop killing Iran nuclear scientists'

How Should the US Respond to Russia?

Today is "National Banana Cream Pie Day." So get our your bananas.

Russian state television cancels Oscars coverage over Ukraine unrest

Well, that's that. Merkel proposes a "fact-finding commission".

Billings, MT, set a new all-time March low with -21 this morning, surpassing old record of -19 ...

Rare Gene Found to Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes

The ignore feature.

Boko Haram. Again. 90 killed. lots of kids. they particularly like killing kids

Rachel Maddow: A nuclear weapons strategy that’s stuck in the past

Russian TV ratchets up rhetoric on Ukraine

Does anyone here watch House of Cards ... Yes, No ?

Watching a 1976 Wings concert...

Lyndon Johnson's Ambivalent Legacy

Graham: Obama 'Weak And Indecisive' Which 'Invites Aggression'...

Wes Clark a few days ago re: Ukraine

OFFS. Pakistan beats India BY ONE *****ING WICKET

Ukraine Opposition Surprises Supporters by Denouncing Gay Marriage

Manchester Newspaper Guild Files 7 Unfair Labor Practice Charges And Pickets Against NH Union Leader

Kerry to Visit Kiev

Kerry to meet with Ukrainian officials in Kiev

John Kerry to Meet With Ukrainian Officials in Kiev

Breaking: Kerry to Visit Kiev to Show Support for New Ukrainian Government

What's the right saying about Putin now?

Am I the only one having posts from 5 hours from now?

“China’s pollution is at an unbearable stage”

Another Map Fail For MSNBC

I have looked all morning for links to the "pro-Putin posts" here...

Gov. Jerry Brown Smacks Down David Gregory’s Claim that Obama is a Big Spending Liberal

Would Going Green Reduce French Militarism?

Armed soldiers break into Simferopol Parliament - video

Teen's Facebook brag costs dad $80,000 lawsuit settlement

AG Kane investigating huge surprise jumps in electric costs because of "variable rates"

Musk Says Renewable Energy Shift to Bring ‘Strife’ for Utilities

Disney ends funding to Boy Scouts over gay policy

Conflicting reports about explosions and gunfire in central Simferopol

The Cook Political Report Downgrades Walker's Reelection Chances (Root River Siren)

Do these pants make my ass look suspicious?

Two Explosions have been heard in Simferopol Crimea's capital

Video -- Kerry: Economic War, not Ground War

I've been a little upset since Friday because of something I saw.

If you think Putin is bad on GLBT Rights...Check out the New Ukraine Parliament!

So, Russia soldiers are 10 feet tall again

This needs to get out! THIS explains EVERYTHING to your repug Friends and family so they understand

Members of Putin's rights council say no grounds for Ukraine invasion

Orwell on Anarchism

There is a problem in my yard

The Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and Nato must calm down and back off

The NEW American Dream

This is a Disgrace...

Saving Syria First Geneva 2 meet of rebels & govt hailed significant

Cameron Allies Say Miliband is Personally Responsible For Ukrainian Crisis

Ever wonder when to book your flight to get the best price?

World Scrambles As Russia Tightens Grip On Crimea

Josh Miller, Asshole of the Day

Did you take a great photo of Winter in all its glory this year?

Top Christie Port Authority appointees devised toll-hike plan to bolster image of NJ, NY governors -

At Ukrainian Base, Standoff Turns Into Circus

Do people like eating a chemical found in caulk, glue and carpeting?

Great Lakes Approaching 100% Ice Cover – For The First Time On Record

Halacaroidea marine mite (photomicrography)

No coke! Pepsi!

Poland mobilises tanks to its border with Ukraine

Germany: Putin Accepts Merkel Contact Group Idea

Iditarod Sled Dog Race Gets Underway in Alaska

Russia would have never invaded a country if Bush was president.

45 min to first airing of my show this week on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and more!

45 min to first airing of my show this week on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and more!

Child goes on 'bucket list' trip before he goes blind

Kerry on Russia: “You just don’t” invade another country “on a completely trumped up pretext”

Is there any sort of public outcry in Russia against the invasion of Crimea?

Van Jones To Rich Lowery: ‘You Can’t Point To God To Excuse Your Bigotry’

Ellen DeGeneres shares why she supports Farm Sanctuary

new old car

Wrongly Convicted, Two Innocent Men Soon To Put A Price On Years Lost In Prison

Criminal Justice Major Arrested For Sitting At Bus Stop Filming Police, Called ‘Nigerian Nightmare’

Idaho's Gov Signs Into Law: Whistleblowers Who Expose Animal Cruelty Now Face Criminal Penalties

Mary Burke takes the plunge in La Crosse.......

Sec. Kerry to visit Kiev on Tuesday

Russian PM Medvedev Warns Ukraine's New Leaders They Won't Last